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Senate ScandalEdit


Stardate 12-03-08QF. Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo sat in his office from where he once performed his duties as Hand of the Monarch. The new hand, Inquisitor Chi Chodecra had his office elsewhere, in the tower of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in the city of Tirithsilliana. Looking at his agenda in front of him, he sighted. He missed his position of power, but hated his inability to aid his niece, Empress Ramashe and his short sightless to suggest the opening of the Nim-Glaré Concordat even more, after all it has cost him his position as Hand.


Danny tried to get an interview with the former Lord Hand

A beep at his desk informed the Head of House Le Rambo that his visitor had arrived, a reporter for the Quadrantia HoloNet. Rambarth rose from his chair and invited the young reporter to sit down.

“Good day my Lord, I am Dennis George Voltar, in short Danny and a Balaseara reporter for the Quadrantia HoloNet, I am grateful that you allow me to interview you!”

Rambarth looked surprised and replied: “Really? My agenda says nothing about an interview mister”. Taken aback, the young reporter sought for his next words but instead of a solid answer, it turned out in a muttering, “W-well….eh you see, I-euh..” Rambarth rose from his chair, irritated and raised his voice. “I know what you press mosquito’s want, information and news that can shed members of this government in a bad light. “ Danny rose his hands in defiance but Rambarth dismissed it with a single wave of his hand. “My intelligence report on you tells me you are fresh, new and have little experience”, the Serindia lord replied with disgust in his voice. The reporter rose and bowed his head, “I am sorry for the deceit sir, I will take my leave at once”. As the reporter left, Rambarth sat again in his chair, folding his arms in front of him he looked as the young man left when a sudden thought came up in his mind. Smiling he checked the credentials of the young reporter again and a sinister smile formed on his beak, he liked bold moves by the young as it showed a certain degree of promise.

Chapter 01Edit

Three days after his embarrassing meeting with the Head of House Le Rambo, Danny looked out of his window from his Quadrantia HoloNet office at the Rambo Nation colony, Koerband. Checking his paper post he noticed a small note between them, without a postal stamp or anything, with a single sentence on it:


Danny arrives at the Cardolast Mermaid Statue

Cardolast, 15-03-08AQF, 23:45 across the Mermaid

Raising an eyebrow Danny became intrigued, checking the web for travel orders he booked the next shuttle towards Cardolast, he would remain there one night so he wouldn’t be late.

The next evening, Danny walked the boulevard avenue and stopped at the location of the mermaid statue. Looking at it he noticed that is was quite beautiful, sadly across the city the ruined west-bank, destroyed by troopers and the dreaded creatures known as virals that still plague Koerband. Danny soon grew restless, he was alone and it was already 23:45. Turning around he saw a lone restaurant that was still open, raising his shoulders he decided to enter the small estate. Inside, he noticed the bar was empty, and only a Rambo Serindia was enjoying some late diner.


Lord Ramcelsior and Danny meet in a closed bar

“Please, sit down mister Voltar”; the Serindia told Danny. Recognizing the voice, a surprised Danny took a seat next to him and noticed Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior, the elderly Serindia known for using a walking stick and his large eyebrows. “You see, this small restaurant has some fine Serindia Wine, from a good year, 210 BQF! You have an excellent taste if you combine it with a dish of salads, and a good portion Karpraid Fish Dish”.

Danny looked confused, taking his seat he decided to confront his adversary. “I do not believe you invited me to talk about dishes and wine my lord?” Lord Ramcelsior cleaned his hands with a napkin, taking another sup of his wine the Serindia replied gently and more kinder than he did at his office. “True, I did not and you are to the point I like. I know of your fruitless meeting with our former Hand, as such I would like you to take a look at this. See for yourself if you want to do anything with it, if so perhaps we can continue this kind of cooperation we are starting. If not, no hard feelings.”

Danny took the envelope and opened it, wondering how the noble lord knew of his meeting with Lord Rambarth. It were some classified files over something called the Border Patrol Schedule from a few years back, and some other documents and a small data disk. Danny felt shiver down his spine, Ramtterson wanted him to find out certain facts. Narrowing his eyes, Danny decided to ask what Ramtterson wanted in return. The Serindia Lord simply smiled again and rose from his seat, placing his hand at the Balaseara's shoulder the man replied with a confident tone in his voice; “I want to know what you learn, in return I will allow you to publish your story. Though I require your discretion, my involvement will be left out of all of it”.

Danny looked the Serindia Lord in his eyes and nodded; “You will have it my Lord, how can I stay in touch?” Ramtterson placed a cell phone at the table, with one contact in it so the two could contact each other beyond the use of their own phones, thus difficult to track if someone would be after them. Ramtterson nodded and padded the reporter’s shoulder and left the bar. Danny smiled, taking the envelope to his hotel room he began reading the files and data to deep in the night so he could publish it the following morning.

Chapter 02Edit

Stardate 17-03-08AQF, senator Or-Ana couldn’t believe his eyes, he had read the news flash of the Quadrantia HoloNet Morning News Flash about corruption within the Rambo government. Taking the newspaper with him he strolled through the halls of the Senate Executive Building until he found the one he wanted to speak. “How could you! How could you have been so careless!” the Venatioa senator roared in desperation.


Or-Ana turns his back to Chuinaylia and Gorubla in anger

The two senators in front of him looked surprised, both Gorubla and senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria were actually shocked to see an angry Or-Ana, a rarity. Chuinaylia took the paper and read the head article, her blue skin turned white at what she read there. Gorubla took the paper as well and looked furious. The large and fat senator muttered and pointed an angry finger at Chuinaylia. “How is this possible? You promised me to be discrete”. Chuinaylia in turn raised her hands in defense, replying with fear in her words; “I-I didn’t reveal anything! What is going on?”. Or-Ana shook his head in disbelieve and asked if it was true. Both senators nodded in confirmation, shaking his head once again he sighted. “You stand alone my dear friend, I cannot help you in this”. That being said Or-Ana turned and left the two speechless. Gorubla made his way out of the senate within the hour while Chuinaylia sat in her office, reading the paper once again. Somehow, this reporter by the name of Dennis George Voltar had found out that in the past, Chuinaylia made a shadowy deal with the crime lord Morglûkia, in return for the Rambo senator gave the crime lord a disc containing fleet patrol movements so his crime vessels could escape inspection. Chuinaylia had made this deal to keep her promise after bounty hunters employed by Morglûkia aided her in saving her world after the Confederacy of Allied Systems conquered her home world. Now it had all come back to her and seemed to threaten not only her career, but her credibility as well.

Chuinaylia approached her assistant and ordered to schedule a flight to Ivalaë at once, she had to speak to her governor first before replying in public.

chapter 03Edit


Chuinaylia arrives at Ivalaë

Two days after the news was published, Chuinaylia arrived at Ivalaë at the 19th of march. Exiting her shuttle she was approached by the governor of Ivalaë, chairman Capioa Chioaik. The chairman looked worried at his prized senator and comforted her by placing both his hands at her shoulders. “I am happy to see you senator Pantaria, I am so sorry that you are involved in all of this” his wise and gentle voice told the distressed senator. “I-I, all my efforts will have been in vain chairman. I will lose my senate seat, bring disgrace over Chinawkya kin and my reputation as trustworthy and promising is gone due to an article” Chuinaylia told in a voice heavy with sadness and desperation.

The Chinawkya chairman simply looked at his pupil, who he still had faith in. “Now then we must turn the wheel into our favor do we not my dear? Stay at Ivalaë for the night, tomorrow you will return to the capital and find means to turn things back into your favor. I would advise speaking with Lord Le Rambo, though not the Hand of the Monarchy any longer, he still holds influence within the government”.

Chuinaylia pondered the words of the aging chairman and nodded, together they entered his house and had diner, with lengthy hours of debate how to react to this scandal and the media attention.

Elsewhere, in the harbor of the Rambo Capital, Lord Ramcelsior met with Danny again. Out of sight and hearing, Danny approached the Serindia lord and offered his gratitude. “Thank you my Lord, I am suddenly well known in the news business, have interview after interview thank to you!”. Ramtterson smiled and nodded, replying; “I perhaps have more interesting information to increase your story. The Senate is in uproar”. Handing over another envelope, he made a gesture with his hat, Ramtterson disappeared into the shadows of the ally leaving a happy reporter behind, he had another story to make for the morning news!

Chapter 04Edit

20-03-08AQF, Rambarth sat in his office, reading another news paper, this time chronicling the relation between Chuinaylia and senator Guolivian of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, partially held responsible for the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the rise of the Empire. The two had a healthy working relation and according to the article, the Imperial senator had made contact with Chuinaylia hours before the invasion of the Empire of the Rambo Capital to warn her friend of danger, yet still the Rambo Navy was still unprepared.

His thought were interrupted when Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior entered his office, the old Serindia needed a walking stick to support him in walking. Rising from his chair Rambarth shook the hand. “Welcome Lord Ramcelsior, I am honored by your visit!”.


Ramtterson and Rambarth make a deal!

The elderly lord nodded in agreement and took a seat in front of him. “Things are getting out of hand Rambarth, these petty published articles disabled the senate! The nobility is concerned they lose their hold over the people. Unless you have plan we have to do something before everything escalates out of control”. Rambarth raised his shoulders, expressing his concerns as well though claimed his hands were tight due to not having an influential position anymore, he was simply the Head of House Le Rambo these days, not the Hand of the Monarch anymore. Ramcelsior sat uneasy, he knew where this conversation could be going, he knew Lord Le Rambo far too well, he was after all a gifted, pragmatic and experienced politician and eyed him wearily. Taking a sup of his Serindia Wine, Lord Ramcelsior gave in, “Very well Lord Le Rambo, I have something in mind, interested?”

Rambarth smiled, rising from his chair he looked outside, at the towers of Tirithsilliana. He replied with a deadly calm voice; “To keep the nobilities hold over the Senate my friend, we need to place certain people in certain positions. Like we always do”. Turning around Lord Ramcelsior handed over a data pad with his suggestion, Rambarth in turn read them with great interest and a little concern. “I understand some of people you propose, but others? The Lord of Ramirith as the new senator of the Outer Colonial Sector, that is merged with the Chinawkya sector and the other eastern sectors to create a large and influential sector, with Ramirith as its capital? I am afraid they will never accept that? Nor the fact that Ser Ramgrath is a fire sorcerer.”

Ramtterson replied calmly, “They will if the nobility supports it, and with your support my friend. Your voice is listened to, you’re respected by all, not only due to your title and heritage but due to the accomplishments you made and your unwavering loyalty for our ideals and Nation”. Sighting Rambarth claimed it were dangerous games they wanted to play, but had sense none the less. If the nobility aided the lord of Ramirith to a senatorial position, Ramirith would owe both of them his loyalty. And for one, the shipyards of Ramirith’s strategic position and loyalty is important for Rambo Nation at whole. Ramtterson was pleased when Lord Rambarth gave him and gave him his consent, though Ramcelsior had one more card to play. “I will publicly support the suggestion to merge the colonial sectors and place Ser Ramgrath as a senator over it, at one price. My granddaughter will be the princess her new hand maiden, and you will take this suggestion to the Senate yourself”. Rambarth narrowed his eyes, if there was any blame all would fall to the already embarrassed Head of House Le Rambo who saw his position taken from him by outsiders. Realizing he didn’t really had a choice, he shook hands and the two most powerful and influential nobles set their plan in motion.

Chapter 05Edit

22-03-08AQF, Rambarth took another sip of his coffee like every day and enjoyed his breakfast while reading the newspaper of HoloNet Courant, the newspaper distributed by the Quadrantia HoloNet. The headline indicated the Chancellor of the Royal Crown and senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria had laid down their positions due to the revelations of reporter Dennis George Voltar, leaving senatorial positions vacant and a warrant was issued for Senator Guolivian of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus for his role in the invasion of the Rambo Capital by public demand. Rambarth knew it was pointless, Ramashe would never risk damaging the Nim-Glaré Concordat.


Chuinaylia and Rambarth converse

His next schedule appointment would reveal if Rambarth could benefit more from this scandal than the initial plan agreed with Lord Ramcelsior. The light on the door indicated someone wished to enter his office. As expected, now-former senator Chuinaylia confronted the former Hand of the Monarch. “Good day Lord Rambarth, might I require some of your time?” the young Chinawkya asked politely. Rambarth opened his arms in a welcoming fashion and beckoned the young woman to sit. “Well, it seems you have an awkward situation at hand?” the Serindia Lord asked Chuinaylia, who replied with a bit of hesitance and sadness in her voice. “Yes, I cannot imagine how the press found out? Somebody must have tipped them”.

Rambarth raised an eyebrow. “You are guessing foul play?”. Chuinaylia nodded, she expressed her concerns one within the senate might want to have her removed, or even the Chancellor of the Crown. She notified the Serindia Lord that Ser Ramgrath was proposed as a new senator for the Outer Colonial Sector, that would include all of the eastern sectors and dispose of three colonial sectors to make them easier to govern. She was unsure what motives or who could be behind such an act.

“Rest assured my dear Chuinaylia, I will try to find out what I can with my resources at my disposal, but I cannot guarantee anything.”

The troubled Chinawkya woman smiled, rising from the chair she shook hands with Lord Rambarth and expressed her thanks. “Thank you Lord Rambarth, I am sure something like this wouldn’t have happened if you were still the Hand. Many would like to see you return though. “

Rambarth smiled at the comment and return the hand shake, as he watched the Chinawkya leave Rambarth sat down in his chair. Pondering what he should do. Things went a little bit too fast and unpredicted, the current Hand, Inquisitor Chi Chodecra now could appoint a new Chancellor, a position he wanted to regain himself so he could expand his influence again but another look at his desk interrupted his initial thoughts. It seemed Chuinaylia left behind a data stick, using his computer to access it he was pleased to learn he now had the material to launch a full scale attack to gain back his former position, and he would not forget the young Chinawkya her aid in all of this.

Chapter 06Edit

25-03-08AQF, the media attention about the scandal continued though less frequently as the news was getting old, using their positions and wealth various senators and individuals began campaigning to gain senatorial positions, something Rambarth wanted to prevent if he was to regain his position as Hand. Suddenly a touch down at the ground interrupted his thoughts, he had arrived at Fornaeria. Exiting his executive shuttle, he saw a female blue skined Libertus approaching him. Rambarth smiled and waved a hand as welcome.


Fleur and Rambarth meet at Inviere estate at Fornaeria

“Greetings Lady Inviera, I am pleased to see you!” The female Libertus returned his gesture and smiled as well, replying with a soft and friendly voice: “Hello Lord Le Rambo, pleased to see you again my old friend.”. Rambarth smiled and both shook hands, “Shall we skip the pleasantries Fleur?” the Serindia lord asked. Fleur in returned laughed as well, “Of course Rambarth, please follow me, I have tea ready for you! With some chocolate biscuits, though I think you should be careful with them.” Rambarth shot an annoyed look at Fleur, he knew he was heavier than the first time they met, upon the time Rambo Nation first encountered the United Republic of Cyrannus, Rambarth was instrumental in cementing the alliance and often had private sessions with the former Libertus president. Taking a nap of his tea, Rambarth told him that he might require Fleur’s aid though she had to make a sacrifice for it. Surprised and intrigued, Fleur asked what Rambarth desired of her, as the two were old friends she would see what she could do for him. Rambarth chronicled the tale of the current Senate scandal, it was no secret the senate was disabled by it and some positions were vacant. Rambarth than expressed his wish, and with the support of the Rambo nobility that Fleur would take upon the mantle of Chancellor of the Royal Crown, signaling her return to politics and importance. Though the nobility demanded Fleur would give up her double nationality and would become a full citizen of Rambo Nation. Fleur pondered, it was a tempting offer but she had to think things over. Rambarth assured her she had time to think things over. “Take your time my dear Fleur, but don’t wait too long, we allow you to assign your own staff. And keep in mind, if you accept this new position Rambo Nation could secretly support your friends in the Cyrandia Resistance.”. Fleur looked shocked: “H-how did you know?” Rambarth in turn smiled, “I know many things, I have been in the office of Hand for a very long time.” The Serindia Lord explained.

As Rambarth wanted to say his goodbyes to his old friend, the young ensign Ramikku Ramgrath ran towards them. Her face told something terrible happened and Rambarth feared for the safety of his niece. Rambarth remained stern and barked: “What is it ensign? Speak!” The young Serindia ensign, working at the Fornaeria recruiting officer gulped and replied with sadness in her voice.


“My lord, lady Inviere, a disaster struck the Rambo Nation!

End of story

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