Follow the crew of the Falcon on their new adventures through the Cyrandia Cluster, meeting new and old faces alike, facing dangers like never before as the Tertius Bellum rages on!


After the Falcon was launched from Aecor during the start of the Right Behind You storyline, Claire as a secret and classified Rambo Operative sought a crew and travelled the Cyrandia Cluster, among them places like Sanderhal and Orbispira, gathering her trusted and often joyful crew leading them into dangerous endeavors and adventures while seeking Scions and executing jobs for money.

Their latest endeavors led them the besieged planet Vasuband, where the allied forces; Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation ended the threat of the Cyrannian Imperial State once and for all. After the crew of the Falcon succesfully aided Claire in getting her Scion, the mysterious and powerful Benavylsaur! Now the crew of the Falcon started their return to the Quadrant Galaxies after celebrating the new year of 08 AQF at Mou'Cyran.

Point of View CharactersEdit


Chapter 01Edit

Claire was pleased, smiling behind the controls of the Falcon, their endeavors at Vasuband were rocky, but successful as she managed to acquire the Scion she came for, the powerful and large grass-scion Benavylsaur. She was sure her mentor, professor Kjac would love to study the creature and she decided to set a course for Terra Prime to return for the Quadrant Galaxies.


Tironus Manition and Claire discuss the old transmission

While cruising towards the Saxhleel-Quadrant 82 wormhole in the Coru Secundus Sector of the Cyrannus Galaxy; Claire and her crew didn’t want to take the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus wormhole near Yudumarth due to their unpleasant encounter with the Imperial officer, Gaius Prentus earlier on their adventures and flight from Orbispira. As they approached the wormhole, navigator and weapon-specialist, Tironus Manition picked up a strange transmission while he listened for wave signals, something he found enjoyable to do, Crecklorin thought it was a pointless thing to do.

  • Tironus Manition: "Claire, I pick up an odd emergency signal, its predated but the computer clearly recognizes its Rambo origins."
  • Claire: "Strange, here in the Cyrannus Galaxy? Perhaps a left over from the Great Cyrannus War. From where?"

Tironus Manition checked the navigational computer, sighting he replied.

  • Tironus Manition: "It hails from a planet east of Rihanae and Khaidev, from within Regellis space."

Meanwhile Corva entered the bridge as well, together with the Creckel warrior, Creckathor.

  • Corva: "Regellis space? You must be joking!"
Spore 2015-09-29 19-18-21

Discovering Riphar-facility!

After some discussion, the crew of the Falcon decided to investigate the matter, though at the sight of danger they would not engage and simply run. Tracking the signal, Tironus Manition found out that it was hailing from a planet bordering Regellis-New Cyrannian Republic space, with no clear threat in sight, Claire landed the Falcon on the planet and issued a surface investigation. Stench remained behind while the others travelled towards the compound, after a night over in the wild and a long marsh they finally reached a hill, allowing them a great view over the compound and out of sight from the watch towers. The massive stone arcs took their breathes in amazement, but too their surprise, the compound was in fact a prisoner camp, various species were laboring under the whips of the Vulrulan, most of them were Rihanae but various other Cyrannus species were seen as well.

  • Crecklorin: "Now this is not going to be an easy walk in the park ladds, look at those defenses, guards and fences!"

Tironus Manition looked through the scope of his weapon, easily identifying over 65 Vulrulan guards. Corva looked at Crecklorin, who was sharpening his axe for battle.

  • Corva: "Well, we could also sneak in and find out first who send the signal instead of bursting in right?"

All looked at each other, surprisingly nobody seemed to thought about it and as such the rest agreed Corva would be the best choice for it. Sneaking into the compound at night, Corva hated such a stealth mission at her own, none the less she was determined to acquire her goal. Walking past the shelters in stealth, she saw the poor conditions the prisoners had to live in, and imagined the horror how a torture chamber would look like.


Corva encounters a familair face!

Corva eventually found out who was responsible for the pre-dated Rambo emergency signal, it turned out to be captain Ramikku Ramoval, commander of the Constitution-Class USS Eagle before it’s destruction at Regellis hands within the Quadrant Galaxies. Though Corva did not know the Serindia, she once heard of her reputation and was surprised to see one of the Tigris War veterans still alive, though she wondered for how long if the Serindia woud remain at the planet, she looked worsed, worn and starved.

  • Corva:"How did you get here? What happened to you?"

Ramikku looked with sad and hollow eyes to the Alavar woman, chronicling her tale from her capture by the Regellis while trying to escape the doomed vessel onboard an escape pod and her tortures to eventually her relocation to a processing camp within Cyrannus. Corva placed a hand at Ramikku’s shoulder and told the broken Serindia that her salvation was near.

  • Corva: "I will get you out of here, captain! Now follow me!"

Passing through the corridors and pathways of the facility, Corva and Ramikku maneuvered themselves between the patrolling Vulrulan guards, eventually finding their way to the exit and the fence. Ramikku looked afraid, she knew what happened to those that tried to escape. Running to the fence, still in the cover of the darkness they found themselves trapped in the sudden light of a nearby watch tower and the alarm ringing over the camp, guards stormed out of the complex and surrounded the duo while they were trapped in front of a prison shelter!



  • Vulketh: "Well well, you really didn’t believe your signal went unnoticed, did you captain Ramveral?"

Ramikku looked in awe and fear at the Vulrulan camp officer while Corva sought her chances, though she admitted to herself they were slim.

  • Vulketh: "Siege them!"

Before one of the troopers could lay a hand on Corva, he was sniped down by Tironus Manition from upon the hill shortly followed the exploding fence from where both Claire and Crecklorin appeared. While Claire gave the Creckel cover, Crecklorin swung his axe, burying it deep in the chest of the nearest guard.

  • Vulketh: "Take cover! Kill them, shoot them! Kill all of them!"

The Vulrulan officer yelled to his trooper, though taken by surprise, Crecklorin and Claire managed to secure both Corva and Ramikku as they escaped through the hole of the fence, all the while being covered by Tironus Manition.

  • Crecklorin: "Now quickly, we must get to the Falcon, this place will swarm with Regellis any minute now!"

The group managed to reach the Falcon without trouble, walking through the night with no rest and only stops to drink. Tired, the group reached the Falcon which was already prepared for lift-off. Behind the helm, Stench piloted the ship into orbit while Tironus Manition and Claire entered the bridge as well. Corva remained with Ramikku and activated the EMH.

  • Tironus Manition: "Well, this was fun!"
  • Claire: "Just watch for Regellis ships, I would hate to run into a war bird."

Persuit of the Falcon

Suddenly two Regellis Bird of Prey de-cloaked behind the vessel as the Falcon left orbit and entered space. Claire looked angry at her console screen and slammed her fists at it.

  • Claire: "Darn it!"
  • Tironus Manition: "Targeting weapons! I am ready to blast them into oblivion!"
  • Claire: "Execute evasion patron Delta-Omega, and give me helm control!"

As Stench set in an evasion course, Claire piloted the Falcon as she tried to evade the two bird of prey’s while Tironus Manition manned the guns. The two bird of prey’s pursued the Falcon relentlessly, mostly trying to target its engines to prevent the Falcon’s escape.

  • Tironus Manition: "We must reach the border of Regellis space or w’re doomed!"

Claire bit her under lip, sweat rolling over her face while she tried to evade fire, taking the Falcon into a twister roll over. Tironus Manition, now also aided by Crecklorin fired at the two bird of prey to no avail, the shields of their foes were holding. Crecklorin grumbled to fly straight, as he felt sick during those stunts. Crossing the border of Regellis space, the two bird of preys continued their relentless hunt and crossed the border as well, straight into New Cyrannian Republic space. Suddenly a massive war bird de-cloaked in front of the Falcon and with a single shot of its dorsal phaser array, disabled the engines of the light freighter. From within the meeting room, Corva look outside to see the two bird of preys closing in. Readying her weapon, she informed the bridge she was ready for a fight. Ramikku stood next to her, still weakened but she confirmed it as well, readying her own phaser pistol as the Regllis vessels closed in!

Suddenly the Falcon was rocked by a violent shock after a well-placed shot at her engines, leaving the vehicle drift less and defenseless. At the bridge, Claire looked at a grim looking Tironus Manition.

  • Tironus Manition: "We should prepare for boarding parties Claire".

The Endeavour intercepts the Falcon and the pursuing Regellians.

Suddenly, Tironus Manition could see a massive wedge-shaped vessel shoot out of hyperspace directly in front of the adrift Falcon. The Paladian immediately recognised it as a New Republic Star Destroyer, Praesator-class. Behind the Star Destroyer, four more Republic vessels emerged from lightspeed, the new Aether-class corvette. The alien voice of Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol addressed the attacking Regellians, though it was clearly heard through the Falcon's sensors.

  • Vinchauk: "This is Republic Admiral Vinchauk of the Star Destroyer Endeavour. Regellis vessels, you have entered New Republic territory in clear violation of the treaty signed by your Empress. Cease your aggressive act against the civilian ship or your ship and your crew will be forfeit."

Onboard his ship, a furiated Vulrulan overseer responded to the message.

  • Vulketh: "These are prisoners on the loose, stay out of our affairs, Republican insect or we will obliterate you!"
  • Vinchauk: "This is your final warning. You are outmatched in this bout. Turn back and return to Star Empire space immediately."

Overseer Vulketh grinded his teeth, he knew the Republic admiral was speaking the truth, it was one thing to lose a prisoner of war, to spark a war would surely ensure the wrath of the empress. Without another word, the Regellis ship turned and headed back towards Regellis space. Onboard his ship, Vulketh swore it would not be the last thing they heard of Vulketh the Overseer of Riphar-15JD! Sighing in relief, Vinchauk opened a connection with the Falcon.

  • Vinchauk: "What, may I ask, compelled you to enter Regellian space? A foolish thing to do."
  • Tironus Manition: "Our business is our own admiral, but we thank you for your aid."
  • Vinchauk: "As you wish. I would advise against antagonising them again. You almost started an interstellar war."

Suddenly one of his officers approached, scans indicated a Serindia was onboard the freighter.

  • Vinchauk: "We are detecting a Serindia aboard your ship. Are you aligned with Rambo Nation?"
  • Claire: "No, we are free-folk. Though she is the reason we were chased sir, and she might need medical aid."

Coming in view, Ramikku looked directly at admiral Vinchauk, smiling at a friendly sight of a Republican.

  • Vinchauk: "Oh, but of course. Please dock with the Endeavour and we will provide for your needs."

Vinchauk meets the crew of the Falcon and Ramikku

Coming onboard, the various crewmembers of the Falcon were screened and had to deliver in their weapons, much to the dismay of Claire and Tironus Manition. While Ramikku had her medical screening in sickbay, admiral Vinchauk confronted the crew of the Falcon. Claire crossed her arms and leaned more on her right leg, putting her hip in a defiance gesture.

  • Claire: "Greetings admiral, I appreciate your medical attention for our resqued friend."
  • Vinchauk: "Think nothing of it, miss...?"
  • Corva: "Our name is of no concern sir, we just want our bounty for the bird and we will be on our way!"

Both Claire and Tironus Manition looked surprised and fell silent. Vinchauk narrowed his eyes slightly.

  • Vinchauk: "You are a mysterious bunch. Bounty hunters, I suppose. Nevertheless, you have broken no laws so I see no reason to detain you once your friend here has been healed. We can take her to Rambo Nation and pay you for your trouble."

Vinchauk glanced at Ramikku across the room.

  • Vinchauk: "She looks to be a figure of some importance. Do you know who she is?"
  • Corva: "She is some captain named Ramikku or so."

Vinchauk looked at Corva in surprise.

  • Vinchauk: "Ramikku? The captain? I thought she died during the Tigris War of old!"

The three just shrugged their shoulders, even Claire wasn't really into Tigris War lore, she always found it to be a bad nightmare stories with lots of cruelty and horror.

  • Vinchauk: "In any case, we will take her to the Rambo. As a token of our appreciation, please stay as long as you'd like to benefit from the amenities on board the Endeavour. Good afternoon."

Vinchauk nodded his head toward the three freefolk and walked off toward the bridge. The crew of the Falcon remained onboard the Endeavour until it approached the Rambo territories in Quadrant 82, they thanks the admiral and gave their best wishes to the Serindia captain. And the crew of the Falcon? They embarked on new adventures!

Chapter 02Edit

February, 08 AQF- approaching the swamp planet Nal Amroth, criminal headquarters of the Syndicate, the crew of the Falcon grew nervous. They were informed by Rambo Command that some kind of criminal gathering was taking place and they were tasked to investigate and report their findings.


Crew of the Falcon at Nal Amroth Keep

Changing her outfit, Claire dressed herself in her new bounty hunter outfit, with a large hat and double pistols. Next to her, both Tironus Manition and Corva readied themselves as well. The crew came to the conclusion that both Stench and Crecklorin should remain inside the Falcon, as a Greendion and a Creckel were not a common sight in these parts of the Unclaimed Territories, and Creckels weren't really loved by the outlaws.

Stepping out, the trio felt the warm and dense temperature of Nal Amroth, the heavy air and the stench of the swamp.

  • Corva: "Wow, this smell is even worse than at Sanderhal."
  • Tironus Manition: "You rather be wet?"

Claire and Corva looked at the dry comment of Tironus Manition, who simply shrugged his shoulders before swinging his weapon over his shoulder and began walking towards the bridge that allows you to enter the Yodian Keep, trailing behind were Corva and Claire gossiping and giggling.

Two massive green Orcs stood guard at the gate, though the entrance was small due to the size of its constructors, the mysterious Yodian; Tironus Manition had to bend a little to pass underneath it. The outer ring was filled with stands, cages with Scions and slaves for sales. The second ring featured the arena, where cheers could be heard from. Corva grabbed a flyer and read it.

  • Corva: "Wanna watch the arena fight? A new one will start any minute now!"

Tironus Manition looked concerned, something he wondered if Corva enjoyed this way of living a bit too much. Finding a seat in the lower ring, the three watched the announcement by the Thellirian weapons smuggler, Thellma.

  • Thellma: "Welcome gathered associates! Today’s match will stunning! Give a great applause for out contesters, in one corner the fierce and powerful, brutal and undefeatable, the Saurdoshan Hunter! In the other corner, the challenger and trainee of Reghzul, the Sinleri girl Idris Vanguinar!"

Idris vs the Saurdoshan Hunter

The crow busted out in applause and yells of enjoyment as the two gladiators drew their weapons. Among the crowd, Tironus Manition recognized various dangerous criminals, including Zevracence and Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate. Whispering he told the others to mind their tongues, there were some high profile persons present. The fight was intense, with the young Sinleri elf evading the slashes of the Saurdoshan Hunter and trying to find an opening, though the odds were against her as the Hunter was taller and physically stronger. Out of nowhere, the girl landed a kick at the snout of the Hunter, who roared in anger.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "You will pay for that!"

Launching himself at the girl, she used her agility and evaded the Hunter’s fist while driving one of her knifes in the side of the Hunter, sputtering and hissing in surprise and agony, the Hunter fell to his knees and spit up blood. Suddenly he found himself with two knifes at his throat, looking to three figures standing together at the upper ring, she awaited their reply of the Board of Masters.


Board of Masters decide to spare the Hunter

The Sinleri girl narrowed her eyes and looked angry, her victory was taken from her by the Board of Masters, looking behind her at her master, the orc Reghzul who simply nodded, she stood down and raised her arm. The crow went crazy, the Hunter defeated by a mere young elf. Reghzul himself smiled, he was getting rich after this battle.

  • Reghzul: "Well done, well done!"

From a distance, the Falcon trio looked in disgust as the Saurdoshan Hunter limped back for treatment and looked at each other, confident that the Yodian Keep was growing to become the Syndicate its new main base of operations. Finding a stand to get some drink, the trio tried to integrate within the criminal society, claiming they were searching for employment. Among those present were smugglers like Thellma and bounty hunters in the presence of Zevracence. They learned that the Syndicate was growing once more and stood at the brink of reaching its former glory and strength once more, only now this time within Quadrant 82. After a night over within one of the houses within the keep, another gladiator fight was about to take place. The young Sinleri girl against a mysterious challenge designed by Xidan and the slavers of Sanderhal. As the arena gathered more visitors, Xidan approached his fellow Board Master, the slug Gorubla.

  • Xidan: "The girl will pay for her disgrace and humiliation of one of our best associate’s."
  • Gorubla: "I wonder what you have in mind, the Hunter simply underestimated the elf."

Xidan cursed under his breath but assured the slug that the girl would lose this challenge.


Fighting Behemoth's!

Xidan rose from his seat and raised both hands, a signal that the fight could begin. The young Sinleri girl removed her cape and readied her weapons. To her surprise something materialized in front of her, a slave Barbobrian that swung his club at Idris. Evading the first blow by diving under it, she launched herself in the air, back flipped on the brutal ogre and slammed her two daggers in the Barbobrian its neck sending the warrior to another world as his lump body fell to the ground. Raising her two knifes the crowd cheered, though half of the crowd scolded her. To her shocking realization they didn’t want to see her win, they wanted to see her torn to pieces. Looking at Regzhul, she saw her orc master viewing the crowd with disgust and knew he was tricked. Suddenly more creatures materialized behind Indris, reading her knifes she was sure to prove the crowd wrong! From within the crowd, Claire, Tironus Manition and Corva looked in disgust how the young Sinleri had to fight Behemoth after Behemoth, exhausting herself and postponing her own fate while obtaining injuries and bite marks.

  • Tironus Manition: "We should do something about it, this is cruel!"
  • Claire: "B-but we can’t, we will blow our cover and if we save her, someone else will take her place anyhow."
  • Corva: "So you will just watch? I did not expect that from a Rambo officer."

Claire narrowed her eyes and looked stern at Corva. Lowering her eyes and head, she admitted they shouldn’t watch helpless while an innocent was in danger. Tironus Manition smiled and readied his weapon.

  • Tironus Manition: "Let’s do this!"

That being said, Tironus Manition threw both Claire and Corva into the arena before jumping down himself. Entering the arena the trio opened fire at the Behemoths, drawing their attention from the now pinned and wounded Sinleri girl. Breathing heavily from exhaustion and wounds, Indris looked in surprise when the large Paladian came to her aid, followed by an Alavar and a Quadrantia humanoid.


Tironus Manition comes to aid Indris in the arena

  • Tironus Manition: "Stand up little warrior, today isn’t a good day to die!"

Indris reached out for the hand of Tironus Manition who lifted her up. Standing unsure on her feet, she felt a burning pain in her left thy, a visible cut was seen with her blue blood dripping out of it.

  • Indris: "I am wounded and exhausted, I don’t know how long I can hold warrior."
  • Tironus Manition: "Fear not girl, a warrior never gives up!"

Turning around Tironus Manition fist hit the snout of a charging behemoth, who went down in a miserable growl of pain. Claire and Corva focused their attention at the large approaching green orc guards that were trying to arrest them.

  • Corva: "Claire, Tironus Manition, we have to do something quickly! We can’t take upon the entirety of the Syndicate."

Smiling, Tironus Manition fired a grenade from his precious weapon, Shiela. The explosion send the orcs crawling for cover as well as the remaining Behemoths, allowing Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition to slip away into the hallway. Running from the arena into the streets of Nal Amroth, Tironus Manition led the charge to open a way while Corva and Claire supported Indris . Arriving at the entrance of Nal Amroth, Tironus Manition knocked down an Orc guard single handed and managed to hit the second one as well, with Corva following up with a high kick, the large brute fell to his knees.

The sudden shadow above them signaled the arrival of Stench onboard the Falcon, dropping the mooring ropes, the four took hold as the Falcon ascended and brought them in. Running to the bridge, Tironus Manition and Claire took the controls and managed to escape orbit without interference. Using their navigational computer, the three decided to head for Terra Prime while the Sinleri girl lost her conscienceness due to the sudden fever of her wounds!

Chapter 03Edit

The crew of the Falcon reached Terra Prime without delays, landing at the surface air field of Pallarian Town in the middle of the night, the crew was eager to meet with professor Kjac again, hoping he could provide medical care for the injured Sinleri girl. Tironus Manition, physically the strongest of the crew took the Sinleri girl in his arm and followed the others towards the house of professor Kjac. Ringing the bell, a rather sleepy Kjac in sleeping gown opened the door.

  • Kjac: "Claire! What a pleasant surprise! What brings you to my house at this time of night?"

An injured Sinleri is brought within the house of Kjac

Looking past Claire, he saw Tironus Manition and his cradle, shocked he beckoned the others to enter and shut the door, he didn’t want the others of the town knowing he aids strangers in the night. His appearance was already a topic of debate as he was a non-humanoid, lest they start talking about his affairs. Tironus Manition gently laid down the Sinleri girl at a couch, with Kjac examining her at once.

  • Kjac: "She looks worn, what happened?"
  • Tironus Manition: "Injured in battle."
  • Claire: "Please professor, can you help her?"

Kjac looked concerned, but nodded.

  • Kjac: "I will do what I can."

While Kjac barked orders to Tironus Manition and Claire for supplies, at the others side of the room Corva and Crecklorin were in conversation, with Crecklorin spitting out the next words in disgust.

  • Crecklorin: "I recognize that armor from stories Corva, the girl is a Sinleri."

Corva looked with surprise at her Creckel ally.

  • Corva: "And what is that supposed to mean?"
  • Crecklorin: "Trouble."

Corva frowned at the darkening mood of the Creckel and both went outside to enjoy the still warm but gentle temperatures of Terra Prime. Corva soon fell asleep in one of the comfortable chairs while Crecklorin lit up his pipe, smoking and at guard the rest of night.

Inside Tironus Manition and Claire eventually fell asleep as well after Kjac did all he could for the young Sinleri girl. He went to bed as well, as all they could do now was wait and see if the treatment would succeed.


Claire leaves her Scions with Kjac for safe keeping

The next morning, while the crew of the Falcon were still asleep, Kjac and the recovering Sinleri girl had a conversation, Kjac learned she was a slave and trained as a gladiator, a dangerous adversary against those she saw as her enemy, though naïve, full of anger and distrust, Kjac found it difficult to get an understanding of the complex young girl, and wondered whether she would be an addition or danger to the crew of the Falcon. While the crew of the Falcon remained for breakfast, Kjac and Claire talked about her Scion training. To his disappointment Claire did not train them a lot, though was intrigued by her capture and discovery of a Scion hailing from the Cyrannus Galaxy.

To Kjac’s delight, Claire summoned all her Scions in front of her, allowing Kjac to study and meet them at close. He was impressed by her progress so far and checked their health and nutrition. Before leaving, Claire left all of her Scions at Kjac's place, believing they would be safer with him than where they would be going. While the crew of the Falcon took their leave, the young Sinleri girl remained behind at Kjac's to gather her strenghts. Crecklorin left the crew of the Falcon as well, to search for means to liberate his home city.

Chapter 04Edit

After months of ferrying cargo and doing minor stuff, the crew of the Falcon recieved a new mission that involved the mysterious planet Arcaniox!


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