Seeking support for the Gorge[]

Preserving the Peace storyline is a collection of that prelude the Second Gorge Negotiation Process where the peace is attempted to be preserved to solve the Gorge Dispute. If negotiations would fail it would mean another conflict within the Quadrant Galaxies that would mean the end of Quadrantia and Xonexi relations.

Target Gaivel[]

November the 3rd 20 AQF, the wanted Stekius Gaivel arrives at the planet Gaskhan to escape authorities and find a way out of the NZTO. Walking through the streets of the desert planet of traders, Stekius felt uneasy and hoped his contact kept his words. The ones that sought him out almost caught him yesterday within Heer Stekeveel space. And even on Gaskhan, a Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel was an odd and not often seen sight. Turning a corner he suddenly he bursted into a young female Qhumanoid. Feeling a blaster in his side the girl looked into the face of the Heer Stekeveel and told him to follower her. Fearing captive, Stekius tried to reason but the girl, obviously some kind of smuggler or bounty hunter refused to listen and beckoned him again to walk in front of her while she kept her blaster fixed on him.

Using the massive overhanging bridges Stekius and the girl managed to reach the other side of the canyon city where she brought him to a ship. Confused and fearing captive he turned and faced her.

Stekius and his contact meet at Gaskhan

  • Stekius: "Show me the dignity of knowing your name, of the one that captured me and brings me back into captivity?"

The girl looked amused.

  • Girl: "I am Aubrie, a smuggler and I have no intentions of bringing you back into captivity m’Lord. I am here to get you beyond the Gorge and into Kingdom hands."

Stekius eased a bit when she holstered her weapon and extended her hand.

  • Stekius: "So why did you hold me at gunpoint instead of telling me you were my contact?"

Aubrie raised her shoulders.

  • Aubrie: "I always wanted to do that. Ready to embark to freedom?"

Stekius nodded in agreement though wondered how she planned to cross the Gorge. Aubrie smiled again and explained they she had a small yet old vessel and though the fortifications known as the Gorge were raised, it would take another month before everything was tightly closed. She was going to get them past the Gorge near star base 32. Placing a hand on her shoulder he certainly hoped she would succeed, and silently prayed that they would. Though death in space at Rambo hands was a better prospect of spending another term in a NZTO jail.

Elsewhere, in the Rambo Intelligence room rear-admiral James Rambo and Judge Magister Ramhis awaited their next two arrivals, Chancellor of the Royal Crown Fleur Inviere and senator Adar as they were the only two politician of the Government present in the absence of the High King the Lord Hand as both were off planet on different locations. Fleur and Adar entered simultaneously and looked uneasy and weary, it was late at night and both didn’t like being in the Intelligence Room as it meant Rambo Command was conducting a covert operation and needed political clearance to execute the mission.

Taking their seats James opened his laptop and opened a secure and decoded channel with starbase 30, confirming the connection Judge Magister Ramhis took the word and turned on one of the screens, showing a desert planet.

  • Ramhis: "Your Excellency’s, on the screen the planet Gaskhan is seen. Currently we are conducting a covert operation on the planet as we have sight and eyes on the wanted Stekius Gaivel, the notorious and eluding Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel.

Both senators looked at each other with intrigue, it seemed they had a chance to catch a highly wanted and tactical important figure to court.

  • Ramhis: "However, we do not have arrest team on the surface as the trading guilds of the Gaskhan forbid us to do so. Instead we have another option, drastic but it ensures us that Stekius will never join the Hutter Kingdom and rise against us. I don’t need to remind your Excellency’s that with the current ongoing Gorge Dispute it is not desirable to act against the NZTO, though in this case to eliminate Stekius we might have to."

Difficult decisions are to be made if Gaivel is to stopped

Adar rose from his chair in anger.

  • Adar: "Eliminate? You mean execute Stekius Gaivel? How! What did you have in mind that you required my presence here and pull me out of bed eh?"

Ramhis extended his hand towards James Rambo.

  • James: "Well senator Adar, we have no ground arrest team on Gaskhan as local law forbids it. Currently Stekius is being escorted by an unknown person through the city to a transport to get out. To stop him from leaving the planet and posing a threat Rambo Command suggests we use star base 30's long range quantum torpedoes to bomb the shuttle area."

Adar looked shocked as well as Fleur.

  • Fleur: "You can’t be serious rear-admiral."
  • Ramhis: "We are Chancellor, Stekius will be another cause of war and has a severe hatred against Rambodiae Kin, if he would gain a seat on the war council of the Hutter Kingdom my intelligence department believes war is inevitable. If the Hutters attack, we are powerless against NZTO attempts to break or destroy the Gorge as they will attempt to invade sovereign Rambo space."
  • Adar: "A drastic action in drastic times it seems. What are the casualty estimates?

James and Ramhis looked at each other uneasy"

  • James: "As we don’t have long range photon torpedoes, a quantum torpedo would probably destroy the entire canyon city. Casualty estimates are over 100.000+. We have 30 minutes to decide, the window for the shuttle leaving orbit is closing. We will lose track if the shuttle is equipped with a stealth mode."

Adar and Fleur looked at each other uneasy. Firing quantum torpedoes at Gaskhan, a planet within the NZTO and at the other side of the Gorge would surely be a declaration of war. An act the French Empire would use to wage war and break the Gorge.

  • Adar: "I-I am just a senator. Though a strong proponent of military interventions I do not believe this should be allowed to happen. For one I don’t care for the reaction of the NZTO, if they want to assault Rambert’s Wall, I would like to see them try. But the casualty rate of the Gaskhan, an innocent species is wrong."
  • Ramhis: "Your Excellency, I must ask you to reconsider. If we lett Stekius escape and if he instigates another war like we faced in our history against the Heer Stekeveel. Millions more will die, and they will all be our citizens. Sacrificing one city for the safety of the Quadrants is a small but terrible price to pay."

James looked at Fleur and Adar as well, looking tired Fleur realized the rear-admiral wished to be somewhere else as well and didn’t fully support the Judge Magister of the Rambo Intelligence Department on this matter.

  • Fleur: "Out of the question, no matter the dire times I cannot condole genocide whatsoever. It is immoral, though Gaivel is dangerous…"
  • Adar: "‘mam, I leave this matter totally in your hands and will submit to your decision."

Fleur looked at her fellow Libertus with disgust, a true politician like Adar didn’t want to have blood on his hands, as it could threaten his re-election. Instead it would be her vote and he could hide behind her supremacy as Chancellor.

  • James: "Chancellor, we have 10 more minutes to decide. Star base 30 inform they have locked their weapon on Gaskhan and are ready to fire. The fleet is ready to respond and protect the Gorge within 20 minutes as well."

Adar sighted, taking another nap of his wine. Ramhis remained standing, awaiting the political decision.

  • Ramhis: "Chancellor, in the absence of the Lord Hand and the High King himself you are the highest authority."

Fleur pondered and placed her hands on the sides of her head, massaging to find a solution. She knew, as a Ramboidae herself she would go far to protect the Nation against any threat, hence her secret support of the Interdimensional Warp Gate Project that turned into a disaster. But this? If she would consent this it would mean the Rambo would take a path from no return.

  • Fleur: "I am sorry, I need a bathroom break."

Fleur rose from her chair and went to the bathroom, leaving her rather baffled companions behind. Splashing water in her face, she looked into the mirror and wondered if she would agree if she could ever face herself again in the mirror. Exiting the bathroom, she noticed rear-admiral Rambo standing there as well. He informed her they had still two minutes before Stekius would be air born and they had lost their chance. Fleur leaned against the wall and looked at the famous rear-admiral, former captain of the USS Enterprise-A. She noticed he looked tired as well.

  • James: "Chancellor, we await your decision. Though if I might be free and blunt, I hope you follow your heart in this."

Fleur smiled, and followed him back to the Intelligence room. The other two looked at Fleur with anticipation.

  • Fleur: "No matter the threat Stekius poses my assembled friends. Such an act would be against what Rambo Nation stands for and leads us into a dark path. As such I cannot condole this action and I demand the termination of this covert operation. I will personally inform the High King of this upon his return. Goodnight gentlemen."

Fleur left the room, James smiled as they kept the Rambo conscience clear of stain though Ramhis was furious. Adar sighted as well, happy that the mission was terminated. Such a price was way to high, even for Rambo Nation.

Creckel State Visit[]

USS Quadrantia and escorts arrive at Creck-Ornost

Still feeling a bit ill, High King Rambert Ramveral conducts a state visit to the Creckel Kingdom on the 4th of november. The Kingdom of the Creckel are honored and pleased that the new Rambo Monarch takes time to conduct a state visit to their Kingdom as a sign of unity and friendship.

The Rambo Monarch was received with parades, where line after line of Creckel warriors greeted the High King upon his disembarking his royal shuttle. Joining the king on the state visit were ambassador Riyo Apanoida, fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea and ambassador Rambas II. On the surface the Rambo delegation were welcomed by Lord Creckathor ambassador Ramckel and Lord Crecklorin.

  • Creckathor: "High King Ramveral, welcome to Creck-Ornost your majesty. It has been too long."

Rambert bowed his head in respect and spread his arms.

  • Rambert: "My lord, it is an honor to meet with you in person again. Especially on this magnificent planet."

The two rulers gave each other a brotherly hug before walking down the path towards the city. Passing by the other two delegates, Rambert shook hands with both the ambassador and Crecklorin. After a large and long banquet with delicious food, music and a food throwing party (something of Creckel custom) Rambert met with Lord Creckathor and Crecklorin in person.

Rambo state visit to the Creckel Kingdom

Rambert nodded, folding his hands on his lap he rose from his chair and leaned near the fire hearth. Feeling the warmth of the flames and the monarch sighted.

  • Rambert: "Yes, it seems the NZTO reacted differently to my actions and plans than anticipated. They threaten me and my Nation by war and seem to refuse to accept our expanded borders and annexation of the Unclaimed Territories."

Lord Creckathor grumbled and coughed. Looking stern at the Rambo Monarch, as the most influential Lord of the Creckel seemed to get furious.

  • Creckathor: "Refuse? Refuse eh?"

The elderly Creckel sat uncomfortable in his chair while Crecklorin fell silent.

  • Creckathor: "I don’t care for their refusal. They can either accept the current situation or choke on it. Rest assured Rambert, I do not tolerate any military actions of the NZTO within the Unclaimed Territories nor a free travel within that unlawful area of space. The major empires of the Quadrants allowed the Rambo to take matters into hand there, and you have my promise that you have my support. My wish for you is that you remain strong and stern, and not give in to the wishes of colonial sectors of foreign powers. The Creckel don’t need nor want NZTO involvement in managing the region and keeping it safe from pirates and smugglers."

Rambert looked surprised while Crecklorin smiled.

  • Crecklorin: "Indeed, any breach of the Gorge will be seen an attack or hostility against the Lianna Initiative. We know the Andormaru think the same way, and we respect the neutrality of the New Cyrannian Republic in this. We believe peace and cohesive relations with our neighbors are in the best interest for the Quadrant Galaxies. But if they refuse to acknowledge your authority in the region, and by extension that of the Lianna Initiative, the only recognized organization within the Quadrants that can dictate policies to a certain degree. In our eyes they are left with only two options, they can find a solution or remain on their side of the corridor. If need be, we shall patrol the border as well if the NZTO is preparing to take arms against you. Though preferly they stay on their side of the Gorge with their military forces, though we would like to resume trade with the NZTO though Rambo customs should remain responsible for clearances and inspections."

Rambert bowed in respect, taken by surprise of the resolve of the Creckel who grew tired of the situation but did not want to relinquish their influence in the Unclaimed Sector as well, a sector the Creckels exploited and patrolled even longer than the Rambo. The rest of the evening was pleasant, with even more alcohol and food and music.

Grand Lord of the Hutter Kingdom[]

The next morning, onboard the USS Quadrantia fleet-captain Sauleius informed the king, who had a bad headache after last days state visit that they had encountered the Hutter Kingdom. Two D5 class and one D7 had de-cloaked in front of the vessel.

Hutter delegation meets with the Rambo delegation in secret

High King Rambert Ramveral looked concerned as the fleet-captain issued a red alert, raising shields and charging weapons. The Hutter vessels replied in kind though to their surprise hailed the USS Quadrantia by audio channel only. Intrigued, the king and the fleet-captain answered and were shocked to learn that the Hutters wished to negotiate with the Rambo Monarch, as they have never been so close to the new Monarch to get a chance to meet with him in person.

  • Sauleius: "Your majesty, do we accept and lower shields? Or open fire and find a way to escape?"

Rambert narrowed his eyes and crossed his hands behind his back. He only had two Delphator-Class escorts, though the Caradhras-Class carrier under command of Malegras could arrive within mere minutes as well and could easily overwhelm the ships in front of him. On the other hand, since the Rambo are unable to detect cloaked Hutter vessels, many more might be in the vicinity.

  • Rambert: "No, this is a chance fleet-captain. An opportunity that we should take. Lower shields as a sign of good will and inform them I can be ready to meet with them in an hour onboard my ship. Inform the kitchen to prepare a lunch as well."

Sauleius hesitated for a moment but complained and lowered shields. The Hutter vessels lowered its weapons and awaited their summon. Rambert left the bridge, though informed the fleet-captain to awaken the ambassadors as well.

An hour later, Rambert, ambassador Riyo Apanoida and Rambas II sat in the conference room and stood frozen in place when Stekius Gaivel entered the room. The three Rambo delegates stood perplex as the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel sat down in front of him. He bowed his head in respect for the Rambo Monarch and spoke.

  • Stekius: "Hail your Grace, the noble and fierce High King of Rambo Nation. An honor to meet you in person your majesty, High King Rambert Ramveral."

Rambert nodded and sat as well, signaling his fellow diplomats to do the same.

  • Stekius: "As a Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel I realise, our races have been on bad terms for hundreds of years. Something that cannot be undone overnight. Though I have a proposition to make your majesty, if you are willing to hear it of course. Alone if you prefer."
  • Rambert: "Speak your terms your excellency. I will listen."

Stekius smiled, the proper title of his took some effort and dignity for the Rambo High King to admit and use. He was pleased to see the ambassadors leave the room as well, now they could speak frankly to each other.

  • Stekius: "By right of the Kingdom, I am the new Grand Lord, replacing Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing as ruler of the Kingdom. As such, by my government I am tasked to conduct this secret diplomatic meeting with you your Grace. My terms and demands are simple."

Rambert snorted, while both ambassadors remained silent, unsure what this new change of balance in power might mean.

  • Rambert: "Demands? You are going to demand things of me?"

Stekius raised his hands in apology.

  • Stekius: "Perhaps a bad choice of words your Grace. Please let me explain.

Rambert nodded and allowed him. To his surprise, Stekius admitted they had a mutual adversary in France and their Xonexi Allies." The raising of the Gorge saw an increased military presence within the NZTO colonial sectors, that now border the Hutter Kingdom thanks to the Torments. Stekius expressed his fears that if hostilities would break out between Rambo Nation and France, the Xonexi would rush to the aid of France and overcome Rambo defenses, not even his own Kingdom could stand against the might of the Xonexi Allies alone. Rambert admitted the situation was tense, though there was still a little bit of diplomacy going on between their nations. Stekius understood but he feared if France and the NZTO were done with the Rambo, either by force or by diplomatic rules they would turn their attention to the Kingdom. Both agreed they didn’t feel much for an increased military presence of the Xonexi in the Quadrant Galaxies.

An uneasy and unofficial agreement between the High King and High Lord

  • Stekius: "I propose, an unofficial agreement to you your Grace. If France and the NZTO would either attack Rambo Nation or the Hutter Kingdom unprovoked or by pre-emptive means, by violating sovereign state rights the Nation and Kingdom would set aside their differences and join forces against a Xonexi invasion. In return the Gorge cannot be breached and will remain in place."

Rambert pondered for a moment at the proposition made by Stekius. While Stekius smiled sinisterly, he was playing and betting his cards on the fears of the Rambo Monarch of a Xonexi or SSA invasion force. To convince the Rambo Monarch of his good will and sincere meanings, Stekius decided to play his last and final card.

  • Stekius: "To show our good will and our sincerity your Grace. If you agree we will at once withdraw from Thelliria and give up its occupation.

Rambert gasped and leaned backwards into his chair. Smiling he rose from his chair and extended his hand. Stekius did the same and rose as well, returning the gesture."

  • Rambert: "Though our kingdoms might have their differences, and perhaps continue to skirmish over matter as long as we do not go to war your Excellency, rest assured that we are united against our mutual adversary. Though if I might be blunt, I do wonder why you make this gesture. "

Stekius features turned sad, as memories returned to his mind.

  • Stekius: "They conquered my people and turned them into weak puppets. Imprisoned me twice and succeeding to turn my people against me. I have no love for the NZTO, nor do I have wishes to return to a NZTO jail. My people were proud and strong, something we are under the Kingdom. I guess you can reason or understand my reasons."

Rambert nodded and both shook hands again. As Stekius left and returned to his ship, Rambert sat in chair and smiled confident. It seemed France had overplayed its cards and lost the momentum. Though sincerely feared a Xonexi invasion, the stance of France against the Rambo seemed to unite the Quadrants behind the Rambo banner. Pressing a button on his chair he opened a channel to the bridge.

  • Rambert: "Fleet-captain, set course for Thelliria!."

Rising Rebellion in the Quadrants[]

Yurrus Home deploying its fighters in orbit of Yudumarth, flagship of the Creeper Cabel

Chapter 01[]

The automated door slide open, revealing the bridge of the Yurrus Home, flagship of the small Creeper Cabel. Knight Janice Ross of the Aldárae Order, a group of individuals affiliated with the Light; stationed at Aldár sighted. Janice entered the bridge and took her position at the head of the table, facing the two Yudumaran leaders, Lady Syria Achyriona and Chief Yudran. The two red skinned humanoids clad in white armor looked suspicious.

Janice meets with Yudran and Syria onboard Yurrus Home

She couldn’t blame them after all, Janice was recruiting members across the Cyrandia Cluster for the Cyrandia Resistance and just jumped out of hyperspace to talk with them. Cautious as fearing a Imperial or Rambo trap, as they after all attacked their respective convoys.

  • Syria: "Welcome onboard Knight of Light, or so you claim. I have no knowledge of this Order you claim to hail. You have, on the other hand my utmost attention of how you located our location."

Janice smiled and nodded.

  • Janice: "I understand your concerns, rest assured I mean no harm. As for how I tracked you, the Order is quite resourceful. But it means if the Rambo and Imperials want, they can find you as well. And you are drawing their attention quite well."

Yudran narrowed his eyes while Syria pondered her next words. Before either could speak Janice resumed.

  • Janice: "I have an offer for you my Lady. I might have a possibility to enlarge your cell if you would consider to join the Cyrandia Resistance. They fight against the oppression of the Empire and resist the support of Rambo Nation for them."

Syria and Yudran looked surprised though wished to inquire more about her offer. The both looked disgusted when Janice informed them they had to travel to the Cyrannus Galaxy, giving them a chance to escape the hunt by the Imperials. Suddenly the red alert sounded and one of the crewmembers ran towards the table.

Chapter 02[]

anice, Syria and Yudran looked shocked at the ship that jumped out of hyperspace in front of the Yurrus Home. An Imperial star destroyer emerged out of hyper space and launched its fighters. Syria looked shocked, the Empire had found them at last. Chief Yudran began shouting orders as their carrier raised deflectors, targeted its weapons and launched its own fighters.

  • Yudran: "My Lady, this is madness, we cannot stand against an Imperial star destroyer!

Looking behind her she noticed Janice frantically working on a computer console, the knight of light it seemed has lost her senses."

  • Syria: "At least we can die trying Yudran. We can’t keep running from them. Engage the enemy, I will lead my men into battle myself."

Yudran protested but she ignored him as she rushed down to her own fighter and joined her fellow pilots.

Inquistor Chodecra and his accomplishments onboard the bridge of the Relentless

Onboard the Imperial star destroyer Relentless, Inquistor Chi Chodecra looked pleased. Finally they had found the rebel pests that were raiding convoys of both the Empire and the protectorate. Looking behind him at fellow Inquisitor Akagêlth and fighter pilot lieutenant Zule Grunzar, he gave his orders to engage the rebel vessel and destroy it.

  • Chi Chodecra: "Inquistor Akagêlth and squadron leader, destroy these rebel pests. There is no room for failure isit that understood?"

Both saluted and departed the bridge, soon after both fighters were locked in combat while the star destroyer loomed in at Yurrus Home.

Back onboard both Syria and Yudran looked in horror as their own fighters had difficulties driving off the Imperial squadron. Both sides took casualties as the assault continued Yurrus Home started to buckle as the star destroyer relentlessly fired its batteries. A sudden explosion send most sprawling, Yudran looked in horror as the star destroyer captured Yurrus Home in a tractor beam. Yudran looked back, and saw the knight of light being calm and meditating on the ground, she truly lost her mind. It didn’t spark much hope if these knights were the hope of the Cyrandia Cluster. Yudran shook his head in disbelieve again and opened a channel.

  • Yudran: "Lady Syria, we lost four fighters. Shields and weapons are disabled on Yurrus Home. They have us in a tractor beam my lady. It is over."

Onboard the Relentless, Chodecra’s grin grew broad. An easy and simple victory for the Empire. The end of rebellious forces in the Quadrant Galaxies were swept away within less than an hour.

  • Imperial Officer: "Sir! More ships are about to exit hyperspace."

Chodecra looked surprised.

  • Chodecra:"What! I didn’t order any reinforcements."

Chodecra looked outside again from the bridge and saw in genuinely surprise the arrival of a Munificent-class frigate and various civilian looking vessels. To his horror he realized that the vessels were launching fighters of unknown design and the Munificent-class' weapons arsenal was more powerful than anticipated.

Loyalist One and its frigates engage the Relentless to save Yurrus Home

Onboard the Loyalist One, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo barked orders at his fleet and crew as they launched fighter. Sitting in his chair he felt excited, the Rambo Loyalist were making their first public appearance. Though forced Ramannis decided it was for a good cause.

  • Ramannis: "This is Loyalist One for Yurrus Home. Relieve efforts are on his way. Prepare to jump to hyperspace on these coordinates when we break you free of the tractor beam. All Loyalist vessels and fighters, target that Imperial Star Destroyer!"

Around the star destroyer chaos erupted as the two Sundered-class vessels targeted the tractor beam while the Loyalist One opened fire directly at the Relentless. Taken by surprise and overwhelmed, the Relentless took damage when its tractor beam generator violently exploded, releasing Yurrus Home. With rebel fighters returning to its hangar bay it launched into hyperspace, shortly followed by the rest of the rebel forces. Chodecra growled in anger. He opened a channel to Orbispira and informed his superiors that they encountered unexpected resistance. Their failed their objective but in turn learned a lot, it seemed rebel forces were active in the Quadrants now as well. Whether or not they were involved with the Cyrandia Resistance would become his next objective to acquire.

Chapter 03[]

Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, the Rambo Serindia royalty entered the bridge of Yurrus Home. It was empty of crew members besides those assembled, for security reasons. He was welcomed onboard by knight Janice Ross and took a seat. Next to him sat his second in command, Ramniels Ramcelsior. Across the table stood Chief Yudran and Lady Syria Achyriona. The situation was tense, it was well known that the relations between Rambo Nation and Yudumarth were tense since the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF. Janice smiled forcibly and took her position at the head of the table, getting the attention of those assembled.

Creeper Cabel and Rambo Loyalists meet!

  • Janice: Greetings my assembled friends. A joyous moment to see the Rambo Loyalist and the Creeper Cabel meeting each other. We have little time, lest the Empire discover our whereabouts."

Janice looked at Syria, who rolled her eyes. Turning her attention to the Lord Serindia she smiled even more forcibly and proved to be a bad actress.

  • Syria: "Thank you for saving us from our perilous situation Lord Serindia."

Ramannis snorted and leaned his head on one hand.

  • Ramannis: "No need to thank me Lady Achyrionia. To break this icy situation M’Lady, I propose we are honest with each other."

Syria raised an eyebrow and smiled.

  • Syria: "Very well bird. Though I appreciate you and your little mob of insurgents rescue I have little love for Ramboidae. I remember what you did to my people, my planet and my…"

Ramannis looked insulted and raised his hand to silence the raging Yudumaran girl.

  • Ramannis: "With all due respect M'Lady. For one of your standing I expect a little more courtesy and manners. None the less I am willing to overlook this and put the past behind us to move forward."

Syria and Yudran looked surprised at each other. Turning their attention to Janice she smiled and nodded her head.

  • Janice: "He speaks truth, he is a royalty after all. Lord Ramannis is willing to put the past differences behind and work together to drive the Empire away and overthrow his majesty, High King Rambert Ramveral."
  • Ramannis: "The usurper!"

The Serindia Lord muttered. Syria looked intrigued but kept silenced.

  • Ramannis: "Indeed, we could be part of the Cyrandia Resistance without knowing of each other’s whereabouts and locations. Working together in different locations and on different objectives to keep the Empire of our trail."

Syria looked sceptic and eyed the Serindia Lord wearily. Ramannis features turned gently and shocked Syria when he proposed he would vow the Rambo helping the Yudumaran regaining their home world and rebuild their infrastructure if they would succeed, no matter the time it would take. Heartened by the gesture, Syria felt her eyes turn watery.

  • Syria: "I-i. I don’t know what to say My Lord."

Ramannis smiled and rose from his chair. Bowing his head in respect he extended his hand towards the girl. Confused Syria returned the gesture and shook his.

  • Syria: "A new dawn is rising it seems. Let us aid each other in mutual trust and understanding, united in purpose and heading."

Ramannis made preparations to leave when Syria folded her hands around his right arm. Surprised he looked at the Yudumaran girl.

  • Syria: "Aren’t you going to take the knight with you?"

Ramannis eyes turned into a childish joy. He confused her when he replied she was to join her on their next objective as he had no time nor patience for the knights presence. Bowing his head again Ramanins left the bridge and returned to Loyalist One, that together with the fleet jumped to hyperspace shortly after. Syria took her seat again and sighted. Though the damage wasn’t repaired they needed a place safe to do so. Frowning Syria turned her attention to the knight.

  • Syria: "So Janice, where to?'"

Janice simply smiled and entered the hyperspace coordinates into the navigational computer.

Chapter 04[]

The crew of the Yurrus Home looked surprised at the sight in front of them, the Um2k9 station laid in orbit of the gas planet. Janice send their clearance codes and were permitted to dock with the old repair station.

  • Janice: "Well M’Lady and Chief, lets enjoy some luxary time while the crew of the station repair our damage. Hope you have the credits ready."

Syria smiled and nodded towards Chief Yudran who handed over the suit case with the credits. Grumping he replied.

  • Yudran: "Better hope this endeavor is worth all of it."

Janice smiled and rolled her eyes, not appreciating the sarcasm of the Yudumaran chief. She turned and exited the bridge, to meet with the chief of the station.

The chief ensured he asked no questions due to the high amount of credits and his crew began the reconstruction. It would take a day or three and would allow the crew some time to repair internal damage while the stations crew repaired the external damage. It also gave them an opportunity to stock their fuel, medical, food and water supplies.

Three days after their arrival, Syria looked at the repaired Yurrus Home. To her surprise, the crew of the station managed to increase the efficiency of the engines and deflector shields. Chief Yudran approached her and handed over a datapad.

  • Yudran: "Lady Syria, we are ready for departure. We should recommend this repair station to the rest of the Cyrandia Resistance."

Syria narrowed her eyes, and turned without saying a word. She still was a bit hesitant and doubtful to consider herself part of this cluster wide Resistance.

  • Syria: "Let us first complete our objective, prepare the ship Chief, I want to leave within the hour."

Yudran nodded and left, signaling the crew to prepare for departure.

chapter 05[]

Lady Syria sat heavily in her chair. For two days after leaving the repair station they were unable to find their target. She was growing tired and angry at knight Janice Ross who had left shortly after the repairs were finished and send them on their way. Syria was distrustful of supernatural references and rather liked solid evidence. Something that was missing in their search for fellow rebels. Approaching an asteroid belt Yudran walked towards the front screen.

  • Yudran: "M’Lady, we are approaching the asteroid field. Instruction?"

Syria motioned to enter the belt after being reassured by Janice. The engines roared as Yurrus Home changed course to head into the asteroid belt.

  • Crewmember: "Something is coming out of hyperspace in front of us!?"

Blocking their view was the Relentless, a modified Imperator-class Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. At the bridge, Chodecra smiled as the Relentless launched it fighters to engage the carrier.

  • Yudran: "Red alert. All available power to the forward deflectors! Launch fighters!"

Syria rose as well, shocked by the apparent trap. A sudden tremor send most crewmembers to their knees after the turbo lasers of the star destroyer hit its target.

  • Syria: "Chief! Power the engines at maximum power! Instruct the fighters to clear a path, we will fly past this monstrosity."

However, the Relentless shot two precise ion pulses at Yurrus Home, temporarily disabling its engines and propulsion systems.

  • Yudran: "‘Mam were dead in the water! They are approaching us!"

Syria looked outside, the star destroyer looming in closer and closer. Suddenly the star destroyer veered off as three large vessels came into sight, firing its forwards weapons at the star destroyer. Syria wasted no second and ordered her fighters to aid those two light destroyers. It seemed they hailed from the asteroid field and managed to drive the star destroyer off. Onboard the Relentless, Chodecra was furious. This was the second time these rebels bested him and he did not look forward to inform his superiors about this second failure. Though a valuable lesson was learned, he needed a victory soon to remain in favor within the Inquisition. He ordered his crew to take the star destroyers into the asteroid field as the rocks would cover his escape. Perhaps he could use this situation to his advantage yet.

Chapter 06[]

Syria and Gokyvax meet onboard Yurrus Home as the Relentless returns in the background

The three light destroyers surrounded Yurrus Home and hailed it. Syria took the transmission and upon the activation of the view screen saw to her shock her adversaries were bugs. Insect looking creeps native to some dust ball somewhere in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Muttering she wondered what kind of trouble the Order of Light had brought upon her now. The lead insect, that wore some kind of blue clothing pointed his finger at her, though the audio channels just reflected his clicks. Syria pressed some buttons and the universal translator kicked in.

  • Gokyvax': "...Of the Nosiso Exiles demands your arrival! You betrayed our position to the Empire!"

The lead insect said his words furious and identified him as Autarch Gokyvax. Syria apologized and confessed she was actually looking for them. Startled the Nosiso leader accepted Syria her invitation to meet onboard the bridge of Yurrus Home.

As the Nosiso arrived onboard, with guards and their leader, who introduced him as Autarch Gokyvax, leader of the Nosiso Exiles who lived onboard the three modified Resucant-class light destroyers. The following meeting was difficult as the Nosiso leader refused to join the Creeper Cabel, not trusting humanoids. The Nosiso leader turned more sympathetic when Syria and Yudran explained their reasons and current state of Yudumarth. He grew even more interested when she said there were Nosiso sighted in the deserts of Yudumarth but in the end refused to join and tried to leave. Syria rose as well and made her last plea.

  • Syria: "Please your excellency, we need your help".

The Nosiso leader shook his head and replied harshly.

  • Gokyvax: "No you require our ships and personnel. Our modified Resucant-class light destroyers that can repair and produce fighters that you require."

Creeper Cabel runs from the Relentless

Syria rebuked and looked actually insulted.

  • Syria: "That too your excellency. But if we succeed. Imagen, we might live together in peace and prosperity on Yudumarth."

The Nosiso leader looked confused and moved his wings nervously.

  • Gokyvax: "Y-you offer us a home?” he asked wondering."

Syria nodded and promised him they had the support of the Rambo Loyalist as well, a faction devoted to remove King Rambert Ramveral to make it possible. Gokyvax was unable to answer as the red alert sounded and the Relentless exited the asteroid field behind them and opened fire. One of the Resucant-class light destroyed exploded in a bright burst of flames as its main hull exploded.

  • Gokyvax: "It seems M'Lady, the choice has been made for me. Signal my ships to follow your lead."

Syria nodded and Yudran contacted the other ships as they entered hyperspace, escaping the star destroyer.

Onboard the Star destroyer Chodecra smiled, the hunt continued. However one of his crew informed him he was to return to Imperial Space to meet with Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur while the Creeper Cabel headed for the Battle of Ambar

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