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The senate scandal involving Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria and the subsequent merging of all outer colonial sectors into one governed by Ramirith caused civil unrest among politician in those areas though the civilian population were pleased, as it made travel from sectors easier and creating a large colonial sector meant more work and a stronger position within the senate and a heavier vote on Rambo Command presence. One of their own, Fleur Inviere after all was scheduled to become the new Chancellor of the Royal Crown and promised progression and a new income of wealth into all colonial sectors.

However the scandal reached other less savory ears within the Quadrant Galaxies as well, and those saw the scandal as a weak point able to be exploited!

Chapter 01

Commander Mortikran and Lizaconda walked the halls of Galvarus, a super-structure build by the Lizardian in ages past. Still the structure was maintained and its existence kept a secret. As the use of the weapon could tip the balance of power within the Cyrandia Cluster though a single use would alert others as well, marking it a target for all.


Lizaconda and Mortikran in discussion at Galvarus

The growling voice of Lizaconda snapped against Mortikran: “Please Mortalitas, our weapon must be kept secret longer! If we use it at this time retaliation will be swift and brutal and we will lose our possession over the weapon” the lizardian hissed in fury. Motikran snorted, he grew impatient with the Lizardian commander. “Still, the Rambo senate is occupied, now is a good time to strike and re-open hostilities against them!”. Lizaconda narrowed his eyes and looked at the disgraced Mortalitas commander. “I do not believe it is in the best interest of the Lizardian to start hostilities once more, I want to use this weapon as a leverage to cement peace and commerce with them.”

Mortikran was perplex and froze at the words of the Lizardian, he growled in anger and left the unimpressed Lizardian commander behind. Things went the wrong way, peace with the Rambo would prove disastrous for his own plans. Standing in a narrow alley he opened a secure channel to Yudumarth and bowed in front of the holographic images before him. “Hail Supreme Commander Zillum. I bring wrong tidings ser!”

The large holographic guise of Zillum sat before him, his arms outstretched in the lofty throne of his flagship, the Benevolent. The Supreme Commander's crimson eyes made Mortikran appear most uneasy, seemingly staring directly into his soul. Zillum's voice was deep and as cold as space.

”Speak, Mortikran. Do not waste my time.”

Mortirkan nodded and gulped, the fury of the greatest of Mortalitas kin was well known, even his queen was still missing. Rising to his feet he tried to speak with all his dignity; "My lord, the Lizardians seem to be turning down our offer of glory, they rufuse to use Galvarus and rather seek peace."

Zillum growled, quickly standing to his full height overlooking Mortikran. ”Are you incapable of... properly motivating them?” ”N-no my Lord. But the Lizardian outnumber myself and the forces you provided. It is the Lizardian Commander, Lizaconda himself that refuses aid our cause!”. Mortikran awaited the reply of his commander, but he knew it would probably result in the use of force, deadly force he hoped.

Zillum folded his arms over his chest. ”Perhaps I will succeed where you have not. I will set course to Galvarus immediately. Tell our old friends to prepare for my arrival... and that I am in no mood for obstinance.” Mortikran bowed again and closed the transmission. Sighting he decided to meet with Lizaconda again who looked anything but happy.”Sorry to disturb you Lizardian Commander Lizaconda, guess who is coming for diner?” The facial expression of Lizaconda turned from anger into disbelieve, growling again he slammed his fist in a nearby console, swearing he promised Mortikran would pay for this.

Chapter 02

Lizaconda watched the shuttle touch down in one of the many hangar bays that Galvarus calls home. Next to him stood his adversary, Mortikran whom he grew annoyingly at by the hour. At first, in days past he supported the Mortalitas joining the Imperial Alliance and valued their strenght and cunning through the Great Cyrannus War. Afterwards, things changed. Lizardian kin needed progress to advance, their territories were reduced by more than 90% and the bloodthirst for revenge grew tiresome upon the Lizardian, who felt they were used as mere minions or slaves. Worst of all, the greatest turncloak of Mortalitas kin (-or at least in his eyes) was now visiting Galvarus, in vain believes he could order him around.

The doors of the shuttle opened, revealing two large Mortalitas honour guards, behind which stood Supreme Commander Zillum. The honour guards departed from the shuttle and took up position behind Zillum, who approached Mortikran and Lizaconda. The massive Mortalitas nodded in greeting toward the two feared commanders, first addressing Lizaconda.

"Lizaconda. It has been too long."

Lizaconda bowed before the Mortalitas legend and replied; "How unexpected to visit us Lord Zillum. What brings you to Galvarus may I ask?"

Zillum returned the bow. "I am here to cement our renewed partnership and to see to it that the Lizardians become a power for all in the Cluster to fear." Lizaconda beckoned the Mortalitas Lord to follow him though the conversation didn't turn out the Mortalitas expected. "Benefital in wich way my Lord? I doubt the Lizardian benefit from another conflict. I'd rather like to believe that we benefit from peace and trade, to prosper once more." the Lizardian Commander replied in bold defiance. Mortikran narrowed his eyes again, he didn't like what the Lizardian commander told his lord, a person Mortikran feared as well.

Zillum furrowed his brow as he spoke, curiously being far more diplomatic and concillatory than usual. "The words of a defeatist! Do you not wish to recapture your glory days from the talons of the filthy blue birds? You cannot do so with peace. Utilise this world's destructive power. Smash all those who would dare stand in the way of the Lizardian people!" In turn, Lizaconda looked doubtfully at Zillum. "We shall see my Lord, we shall see. I have to discuss this with the other Warlords. I will speak to you in the morning. Enjoy your stay." That being said, the Lizardian officer simply walked away, leaving two annoyed Mortalitas behind. Mortikran followed Zillum into the reservated luxary suite. Mortikran decided to make his move and decided to set forth his own plan. "Lord Zillum, if the Lizardian do not wish to cooperate, I perhaps have a plan to force their hand, and it will hurt our mutual foe greatly and shake them to its foundations." Mortikran held forth a datapad, revealing this plan and test site for the weapons of Galvarus, though he required the use of the Mortalitas troopers brought by Zillum.

"What is it that you have in mind, Mortikran?" The Mortalitas commander handed over a small paper, containing coordinates. Mortikran watched Zillum reading the paper with increasing interesst and caution. "So what do you say my Lord" Mortikran eagerly asked.

Zillum smiled deviously. "Proceed."

Chapter 03

Mortikran looked at his own hands, covered in blood and the pieces of flesh of the dead Lizardian in front of him. His plan, adorned by Lord Zillum meant an end to the alliance with Lizaconda, a threat to their plans for the Cyrandia Cluster.


Mortikran removes Lizaconda from the command chain of Galvarus

Commanding the elite guard of Zillum, they blasted the door that gave them entrance to the control room of Galvarus. Mortikran strode inside, taking note of various dead Lizardian guards. Powering up the weapons system, he inserted the coordinates and awaited the arrival of his guest. Thrown into the room, lifted from his office was Lizaconda, who looked furious and about to explode into rage.

“How could you, Mortalitas slime! You will bring ruin upon us all!” the Lizardian commander bellowed in rage. Mortikran remained silent, smiling sinister he approached the Lizardian. “Tell me, Commander, please give me the codes before I am unforgiven”.

Lizaconda looked unimpressed and refused to tell, before he could react Mortikran grabbed Lizaconda’s arm and brought his knee up, breaking the arm and splintering the bones within. Lizaconda fell to his knees, cursing and in agony. “Argh, so you would betray us all?” the injured Lizardian cursed. Mortikran brought his fist down, breaking the lower jaw of the already injured officer, before grabbing his throat. Smiling sinister he replied; “You are ignorant as always Lizaconda, luckily I do not need your security codes.” Shocked, Lizaconda yelled in agony when Mortikran ripped out an eye of the Lizardian, blood gusting out the wound. Mortikran approached the console again and inserted the codes, verifying it with an iris-scan of the eye ball. The system approved and the weapon began powering up, soon followed by a count-down that rang across the halls of Galvarus. Lizaconda looked defeated and sad, he knew war would be upon his people once more upon the firing of the weapon. The last thing he saw, was the end of a gun held by Mortikran, a single shot ended the life of the once proud and promising Lizardian Commander.

How Zillum would react to this unexpected death remained to be seen. He probably wouldn’t gave his consent if Mortikran had told him, on the other hand the imminent damage the weapon would make would probably aid Mortikran’s defense for it.

Chapter 04

Ram'Trandeal and Ram'vindalë notice the Fury of Galvarus!

Stardate 29-03-08 AQF, senator Ram'vindalë and Ram'Thrandeal were in discussion within the Executive Office at Anummiae, one of the moons of the Rambo Capital. They discussed the recent increasing influence and wealth of senator Aviaratyal, who sat two offices down the hall. “It is incredible, he represent just a moon while the recent proposal to change the Eastern Colonies is being forced upon me Ram’Thrandeal”. The Goldianius senator looked concerned at the Pantorilisea senator. He was well aware of the influence and positon of Shipyards of Rowar, though there was little to do about as they were an important contractor and asset of Rambo Command. Suddenly the two felt the ground shaking and a blinding red light appeared at the horizon. Walking towards the window the two senators wondered what it was. Ram’Thrandeal was the first to realize something was wrong. “My dear Ram'vindalë, that is not a natural light!”

It would be the last thing both of them could remember as the next instant the entire moon of Anummiae was disintegrated by the energy beam shot from Galvarus. Seconds later the realization came; the Rambo Capital-system was struck by a disaster when communications and relay systems came back online after the initial black out due to the massive energy release that disturbed almost everything. Things were to get worse as well. Both the other two moons, Väeressëa and the shipyards of Rowar were disintegrated and gone from the star charts.


Amnuvallionia is hammered by falling moon debris and tsunamis!

Chunks of the moons were soon drawn into the atmosphere of the Rambo Capital by its gravity pull, smaller parts disintegrated by the heat of entering the atmosphere, while the larger debris of rock crashed like meteors on the surface of the Capital, causing havoc and chaos on the planet. Cities like Amnuvallionia and Luthrionicae were swept away by tsunamis or shock waves by the crashing debris. The following earthquakes of the impact with the surface caused tremendous damage inland, mountain sides collapsed and certain land masses were split in two, changing the geographic lay-out of the planet. Locations like the ruins of Minas Vuliaroronth, Khaza'Drimiaerh and Ramerodaras sunk into the depths of the sea when the grounds collapsed underneath it and fell away. Locations like and Vulmiartari were simply damaged and had to be planned for repairs.

One of the impact craters was even visible from space, a scarred reminder of the disaster. With the shipyards gone as well, many ships in orbit, including space dock and various shipyards were either damaged or destroyed, weakening Rambo Command and their navy- their promising recovering interrupted by the cataclysmic disaster.


Space Dock and ships in orbit didn't escape the fall out of debris

In the following hours, with aid of the Government and Rambo Command, casualty list were made and relieve efforts provided aid to areas in need. Sadly, the large amount of damage meant more citizens lost their lives as the scale of the disaster was far larger than the relieve efforts could cover. Within an hour after the destruction of the moons, the following government officials were confirmed dead with the destruction of Anummiae:

  • Senator Aviaratyal of Rowar
  • Senator Ram'Arathon of the Q89 Colonial Sector
  • Senator Ram'Gwalrorir of the Badlands Sector
  • Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal of the Inner Colonial Sector
  • Senator Lady Ram'vindalë of the Outer Colonial Sector
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal of the Yunilliage Sector.

Rambo Command’s first priority was to aid the planet in need, though ordered a science team to track the source of the disaster as images provided by civilian freighters showed the impact at the moons, confirming the energy source had to come from space. The next day, the first estimates of the damage revealed over 6 milliard people lost their lives in the destruction of the moons and the subsequent fall-out, estimates predict that over 4 milliard people still risk death due to the large scale of devastation.


In the chaos after the destruction caused by Galvarus, Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo removes Chi Chodecra from office. He managed to pursue the remaining senators and the high council that Chodecra was incapable as Hand and as such both government departments issued his removal from the office of the Hand. They reinstalled Rambarth much to the favor of the civilian population who saw him as a trusted, reliable and experienced Hand.


Fleur and Rambarth renewed cooperation!

One of his first acts was to reorganize the colonial sector with less sectors the senators could now discuss daily matters among them, while the planetary representatives and rulers could address senators in person before they would bring it before the senate itself. An act that was easily accepted due to the recent destruction and loss of so much experienced government officials.

New appointed senators included Ramikku Ramoval-; senator of the Inner Core including the Rambo Capital and the Fire sorcerer, Saugneto Ramgrath as the new senator of the Outer Colonial Sector. For the moment only the Senator of the Badlands Sector remained vacant. Fleur Inviere becomes the new Chancellor of the Royal Crown, her chief of staff becomes her friend Rambert Ramveral and her vice-chancellor becomes Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria to ensure the loyalty and support of theChinawkya. Though controversial, the people accepted her appointment as she was one of the few senators still active of the original Government. It also strengthened Fleur her position within the government, and gave her an experienced and publicly a well-liked and popular person at her side.


Fleur entered the officer of Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, now reinstalled as the Hand of the Monarch the newly appointed Chancellor of the Royal Crown congratulated the Serindia Lord. Rambarth rose from his chair and gave Fleur a glass of Serindia wine. “Thank you Fleur, now I look forward to cooperate with you on the political scale once more. Though I must say, I am surprised you took the Chinawkya girl as vice-chancellor?” Fleur smiled and laid a hand at the shoulder of Rambarth. “Through her my position is much stronger with the backing of the Chinawkya, she in return thinks you supported her to this position, as such both of us gained the unwavering loyalty of the girl. Within the arena of politics, it is important we surround each other with persons that are loyal to us, that support our ideals and course of action without questions or remorse” Fleur replied in firm resolution. She continued, “I even have the son of the Proconsul, Laoi Cretacea as a pupil underneath me, strengthening our position with the New Republic”.

Rambarth smiled and both raised their glass to toast at their new cooperation and plans for Rambo Nation. A new dawn was rising for Rambo Nation, though things were not to get simpler or easier in the coming months.

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