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Ramanei and Rambarth talk one more time about her upcoming crownation

09-05-12 AQF, two weeks before Ramanei Joy Feather turns 19 years old at 23th of May, she approached her uncle, Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Her uncle, known to be stern, proud and difficult was on his death bed. His advanced age, being well over 227 years old and being Hand of the Monarch for over a millennia has taken their toll upon the old Serindia.

Ramanei entered his office, her uncle was still in his decorated armor, something he would probably die and be buried in. Looking at her uncle, she felt sad and her eyes turned watery. Her uncle shot an annoyed look at her. “Don’t give me your pity my dear, I lived a life full of adventures and my time will end soon, it is as the Gods decide.”. A forced smile of her uncle set her a bit at ease, though she knew he was in a lot of pain. He padded a pillow next to him, indicating he wanted her to sit down next to him. Doing so, he placed a hand on her shoulder and breathed heavily. “You know Ramanei, my only regret will be my inability to see you crowned as our Empress in two weeks’ time. I would have gladly served you.”

Ramanei smiled and hugged her uncle, a single tear rolled over her cheek. No matter what many thought of him she loved him dearly and over the past 200 years he served Rambo Nation faithfully. Without her uncle, the stability of Rambo Nation was at risk, a difficult task awaits her. The two talked for hours afterwards, though at one point Rambarth asked for peace and quietness as he felt too tired. Ramanei left and tried to get her sleep.

Chapter 01Edit


Rambert makes his move against Ramanei and the Le Rambo Dynasty

04:00 am in the morning, 10-05-12 AQF Ramanei awoke in shock. Someone broke open the door of her bedroom and entered her room. She was surprised to see Ser Rambert Ramveral, dressed in full armor, including his antler helmet flanked by two of his personal guard. “Ser Ramveral, what is the meaning of this?” Ramanei asked surprised. Rambart raised his head in arrogance and said without remorse: “Your Grace, as acting Hand of the Monarch in the past few days, I sadly have to inform you that you uncle, Lord Rambarth has passed away this night.”

Ramanei sobbed and placed her head into her hands, so her uncle had lost his final fight. Ser Rambert approached Ramanei and sat on the side of her bed, placing a hand on her shoulder he said: “I am sorry my lady. Guards, siege her!”

Ramanei was shocked when the guards lifted her from her bed, she tried to fought her capture but the guards were too strong. They dragged her from her bed. Before they exited her room, Ramanei had one more look at the one who betrayed her. Ser Rambert was smiling victoriously and crossed his hands behind his back while he watched her be taken away.

As the guards dragged the screaming girl away, the Rambo Founder approached the hallway as he wondered what was going on. The sight surprised him as he saw Ramveral knights dragging away the girl. Behind him Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo called for him. “Founder, what is going on?” The Founder turned and raised his shoulder in confusion. Suddenly he felt a cruciating pain and Ramtalia screamed in horror before she fainted. The Founder fell to his knees, feeling the life draining from him he managed to get one more look at the one who betrayed Rambo Nation. “A Feather will never rule our noble Nation old one” Ser Rambert said as he removed the blade from the Founder’s back.

Chapter 02Edit


Rambert speaks before an assembled court of Nobles

10-05-12AQF, 10:00 am. Ser Rambert Ramveral looked at the assembled Court in disgust. He noted a few he really disliked. Many travelled to the Rambo Capital when they heard that the noble Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo was dying to pay their respects and pledge their support for Ramanei Joy Feather, as if a bastard would ever rule Rambo Nation. However, not all of the Great Houses assembled at the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana which could prove problematic later on.

The elderly Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior approached forward. “So Lord Le Rambo has passed away? May the Atlantica have his soul and watch over him.” Some of the other assembled nobilities nodded in agreement, including Lord Asparex, Lord Argathon Froramsilia, chancellor Fleur Inviere and Lord Andaurl Ramdorian. Lord Ramendil Ramoval remained in the back, confused why they were called before Ser Rambert Ramveral and why the High Council was absent.

Rambert raised his hands to silence the assembled court and began speaking. “Lords of Rambo Nation! Our Nation faces a new Dawn!”. His first sentence gave some confused looks amongst some of the nobility. “Lord Rambarth has passed away, with Ramashe in comatose we do not have a legate heir to the throne!” he said in a solid voice. At once Lord Andaurl Ramdorian raised his voice; “That is treasonous talk Ser! Her daughter, princess Ramanei is due to be crowned in two weeks!”

Rambert shook his head in dismissal. “I am sorry, the princess vanished in the night as well. To ensure the stability of Rambo Nation, as Hand of the Monarch I decided to Crown someone else with support of the High Council. As Ramashe’s sister, Ramtalia laid down any claim to the throne, but to ensure House Le Rambo’ presence we have decided I shall marry her in a fort night. To ensure the safety of our Nation, I resign as Hand but accept my new position as High King of Rambo Nation!”

The room fell silent, most of the nobility present, including the Chancellor of the Royal Crown stood perplex. Suddenly the doors of the throne room opened and Ramveral’s Guard entered the room, his proud sigil embedded into its chest armor they all noted the unicorn had a golden crown. The first who clapped his hands was Ramkilia Barthan Balidurun. Other followed as well, though some were hesitant. Lord Ramtterson and Lord Andaurl glanced at each other in fury, they knew Ramveral usurped the throne in a political maneuver, a lesser house as royalty? From the back of the room Lord Ramannis Le Rambo roared. “I will never bow to you usurper!” That being said Ramanis stormed out of the room and left the Capital as swiftly as possible.


In the following hours the news was released and met with mixed reviews. In the following days, Rambert cemented his rule by assigning various associates to important positions. His new Hand of the Monarch was his trusted aide, the newly appointed Lord Ramseph Ramcard and his Grand Maester became the Ancientia; Ramthas Coldbreath.

Over the following weeks, Rambert introduced a new appearance of the clone troopers. Clad in regal armor like ancient knights, large numbers were stationed at all planets to enforce loyalty to the new King. One planet though, Ramar Shadda openly refused to acknowledge King Ramveral as their rightful King and dispatched their private defense fleet in orbit. Meanwhile, the son of Ramannis Le Rambo who was Senator in the Cyrannus Colonial Sector began defying Ramveral as well, though more in secret.


Rambert as the Monarch of Rambo Nation, with the support of the people and part of the nobilty

25 June 12AQF, Rambert approached Ramtallia Le Rambo who was locked up in one of the towers. Smiling he said: “Hello my dear, ready for our wedding?” Ramtallia looked furious, she was forced to marry the usurper to satisfy reluctant houses and planet governors, after all she was a Le Rambo and this way Rambert’s rule was legime and would prevent civil uprise against his rule!

To ensure House Ramelzen’s loyalty to the crown, he ordered Rayria Mary Ramelzen to be send to the capital as a ward, something Ramjon Martin Ramelzen begrudgingly accepted. He trained her to become his captain of the guard. At the same time, he used his knowledge about the covert operation of Rambo Nation to find and blackmail Idris Vanguinar, effectively making her his personal assassin.

The biggest concern for Rambert’s cabinet and court remained Ramannis Le Rambo at Ramar Shadda and his son, Ram’Lindillia within the Cyrannus Galaxy but he dared not to make a move against them as it would certainly set the people of Rambo Nation against him. Though on the other hands, the same counted for them though only Ramannis openly defied Rambert’s rule but doesn’t dare to actively act against him yet, fearing for the safety of Ramashe who was still in comatose at the Capital and for the safety of Ramtallia as well.

Ramanei instead spend her days at Pauvenris before she was frozen in stasis, as more and more prisoners were send to work in the terrifying salt mines.

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