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Umbra du Elen'nanthien
Dawn of Divina


Stardate 15 october 20 AQF, over one year after the raise of the Gorge the political situation within the Quadrant Galaxies was tense as both Rambo Nation and the French Empire where unable to come to terms. A summit initianited by the Draconid Imperium resulted in failure and actually made matters worse. Rambo Nation cut off all diplomatic relations with the Neutrality Zone Treaty Organization using the Gorge exactly for what the inhabitants of the NZTO feared, a full blockade of the Neutrality Zone. Longtime allies like the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation and close allies of France became weary as well.

As hostilities and mistrust increased, somehow the various nations and empires refused to give quarter but avoided any reason to cause an armed conflict.

Quadrantia enters low orbit of the sun in the V'rta system

As fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea, onboard the Quadrantia-Class, Quadrantia made his way deeper into the Serox Nebula he wondered how long the peace will hold. Though his king, Rambert Ramveral only wished to increase the security and protection of Rambo Nation, the increased military might of Rambo Nation wasn't met with much enthusiasm by parts of the First Gigaquadrant. And the project Sauleius was to inspect could make matters even worse.

  • helm officer: Fleet-captain, we are approaching the sun of the V'rta System."

Sauleius nodded and ordered his Libertus operative helm officer to enter a low orbit of the sun, raise the shields, sound yellow alert and full power to the deflector dish. The display of the view screen was breath taking, as the Quadrantia dived deeper into the sun clear solar flames became visible, such destructive power that threatened his ship and crew. None the less, he was ordered to inspect the construction they approached, though classified those with the right clearances knew it as Project: Interdimensional Warp Gate. Though he read the report Sauleius was clueless as the report didn't reveal much.

  • helm officer: "Sir, we are approaching the construction site, coming to a full stop......now".

Sauleius looked at the view screen, the construct dominating his view, a most disturbing and horrible appearance. A female Operative lieutenant informed him that their "guest" just beamed over from the construct and was making her way to the bridge. Her way, Sauleius sighted he always felt a bit uneasy around "her".

10 minutes later their guest arrived on the bridge and the Ancrevialicia smiled when she noticed the Libertus fleet-captain.

Sauleius and Aur'Shivania witniss the portal being opened

  • Sauleius: "Welcome onboard Lady Aur'Shivania, a pleasure to meet you again. I am pleasently surprised by the swift progress of this project of yours."

Aur'Shivania waved her hand as dismissal at the obvious compliment.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Thank you fleet-captain, I am glad you made it on time. We are making another test run. I am pleased you can witness. The Project is a grand success, before long we can actually send physical objects through and receive."

Sauleius raised an eyebrow in surprise. Aur'Shiviania noticed and laughed, padding the fleet-captain on his shoulder she smiled and proudly explained.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Yes fleet-captain, messages were received and now we advanced so much that we hope to receive our first shipment soon. After all, we have been working on this project for over 15 years, though former Empress Ramashe was against it, the late Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo wished to continue to research its potential."
  • Sauleius: "I know, but I was not aware we ordered a shipment?"

Aur'Shivania smiled again and explained that the "other side" was far different that what they ever encountered. Both had read the reports of the USS Enterprise-A and its adventures of the Cyrannia's Legacy, this project allowed the Rambo to actually benefit it. Yet it was not without risk, as the Rambo technology was difficult to implement with copied Taldar and Xhodocto technologies, both harvested and collected during the time of the Tigris War. Suddenly their sight was drawn to the appearing portal, as energy readings increased something seemed to materialize and pass through the portal.

Clapping her hands Aur'Shivania made a quick prayer of thanks to the Rambo Gods. Looking at Sauleius she wondered aloud how Rambo Command managed to keep this classified project classified. Sauleius simply shrugged his shoulders and replied that if other powers discovered the energy readings it would probably be a side effect of the nebula. They did inform the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus amongst others that this was a weapon testing side and as such those readings could be traced to torpedo testing’s. Aur'Shivania nodded pleased and ordered the matirilization to be beamed onboard the station.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Well fleet-captain, if the object is what I think it is, the next time we do a testing we need one of our Typhon-Class vessels so we can actually receive our shipments!"

Sauleius watched Aur'Shivania, the greatest weapon designed of Rambo Nation and the clone trooper army leaving the bridge. He sighted and wondered if it was wise to temper with such dangerous things.

Chapter 01[]

20 october 20 AQF, five days after the successful test of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea looked nervously at the assembled party at the bridge. His fellow operative bridge officers had been dismissed by the High King, Rambert Ramveral who closely followed this project and wanted to be present during the arrival of their first shipment. The project’s main scientist and designer, lady Aur'Shivania was present as well and in deep conversation with the Monarch.

The first "shipment" arrives from the other side!

  • Aur'Shivania: "Fleet-captain, inform the crew, we are ready! Your majesty, I hope the energy releases and disturbances will not draw unwanted attention?"

The High King turned his attention towards the girl and nodded.

  • Rambert: "Not at all m’lady. I personally informed the surrounding nations of our plans to do weapon testing today."

Aur'Shivania smiled and ordered the crew of the Warp Gate station to initiate the sequences. As the structure drew energy from the sun, flames rose up as an interdimensional gate was opening nearby it. Rambert sat down in the captain’s chair and waited with high anticipation, if the plan worked he could improve Rambo Nation’s standing and power within the Quadrant Galaxies to unseen levels before. Every great empire within the Gigaquadrant would have second guesses to thwart him and his policies.

Suddenly a massive tear of energy was seen in front of them. It seemed space ruptured as four Caradhras-Class carriers emerged from the rift in front of them, soon followed by a massive vessel that thwarted anything Sauleius hoped for. The massive ship was to be the first super star destroyer in service of Rambo Nation, designated as the Paragavatus-Class, a vessel named in honor of Uriel Ultanos, the former paragon of the Draconid Imperium and a great supporter and friend of Rambo Nation.

Rambam arrives on the Quadrantia and meets with Rambert

Sauleius inform the party in front of him the commander of the super star destroyer was ready to beam over. Rambert nodded and a Rambo Serindia materialized on the bridge who was warmly greeted by both lady Aur'Shivania and Rambert.

  • Rambert: "Welcome onboard the USS Quadrantia, fleet-captain Rambam."

Sauleius was shocked, an alternate Rambam had arrived through the portal.

  • Rambam: "Greetings your majesty, I am pleased to finally meet you in person. In my reality we do not face the problems you face these days and I am honored to be able to stand by your side, by the true Rambo Nation instead of what they have become in my reality."

Rambert nodded and placed a hand on the officers shoulder.

  • Rambert: "So am I sir, so am I. I welcome thee to my reality and hope you will find yourself more at home here than you were in your own reality."

Rambam smiled and crossed his hands in front of him.

  • Rambam: "If you have enemies to fight here, I am will have a joy of a time here."

Sauleius looked worried at the fleet assembled in front of him, as the shadow of the super star destroyer passed over him he could only wonder who would be the first to bear the brunt of the weapons of this mighty vessel. Looking back at the Warp Gate, he saw the rift collapsing as it would take another five days before another shipment could come through. Providing the Rambo could use the Warp Gate enough times before someone would grow suspicious.

Chapter 02[]

Marscalcus Sinhai and rear-admiral James in coversation about the Interdimensional Warp Gate

22 October 20 AQF, rear-admiral James Rambo approached the highest flag-officer of Rambo Command in the halls of its headquarters, the Zazane Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis.

  • James: "Sir, do you have a moment?"

Sinhai turned and smiled, revealing a row of teeth that always send shivers through him.

  • Sinhai: "Ofcourse rear-admiral, what can I do for you? Please follow me when I walk to my next meeting, my time is spare as marscalcus."

James nodded and handed him the datapad James recieved this morning containing new orders involving the experimental Interdimensional Warp Gate.

  • James: "Sir, I understand the fast proceedings for using the Gate, but I must advice caution. Such energy readings are difficult to hide, even in the Metruia Nebula. The next step you purpose might reveal our intentions and plans to the rest of the Quadrants."

Sinhai stopped in his tracks and sighted, placing a hand on the shoulder of James he replied stern and direct.

  • Sinhai: "Listen rear-admiral, these orders come straight from the High King. You and I will execute them according to his wishes as is demanded from us. You will be present on the USS Typhon to oversee operations to open a rift large enought to send the rest of these super star destroyers through. Is that understood?"

James nodded, smiling again Sinhai clapped his hands and continued his walk through the halls of Rambo Command HQ, leaving a rather disturbed James behind. He felt nothing for using the time weapon on the Gate, the Typhon-Class was unpredictable and dangerous to use. Sighting he leaned back against the wall, fearing that deployment of these super star destroyers could lead to a new war.

His thoughts were interrupted by an approaching young female Chinawkya, and James smiled broadly.

Riyo encounters her father together with fellow diplomats

  • James: "Goodday my dear Riyo, you look breathtaking today!"

The girl smiled shyish and made a little bow. She hugged the rear-admiral and looked a bit dreamy at James. She noticed the rear-admiral's attention being drawn to something behind her and she giggled.

James looked surprised and made a little bow for the assembly in front of him.

  • James: "Welcome to the Rambo Capital your your excellencies."

The diplomats made a slight bow with their add in appreciation and continued their walk. Riyo turned around again and waved a hand.

  • Riyo: "Sorry dad, an important diplomatic meeting awaits me. See you soon, say hi from me to my half brother and sister!"

James crossed his hands in front of him and sighted, he knew he saw her too little and didn't deserve the admiration she gave him, but he was proud on her. At the mere age of 17 and already a gifted beginning student diplomat in her own right. He wondered though why she had a meeting with such important figures, as galactic relations were a bit tense between the Draconid Imperium and France since the failed summit last year.

Chapter 03[]

A very nervous and affraid Riyo Apanoida stood alone in a seperate room within the Royal Palace of Tirithsilliana. A mere two hours after the conclusion of her meeting with Viceroy Aurestor Beldrin Savenium and French ambassador Belle Lorraine she was literally lifted from her chair by Ramveral Knights and escorted to the Royal Palace, dumped in this room to await whatever.

To her right, a door opened with High King Rambert Ramveral emerging from it. The King looked stern at Riyo and she bowed for her King. He beckoned her to stand and look at him, to her surprise she noticed the King was still clad in his armor, including that imposing helmet of his.

Rambert faces Riyo who answers for her diplomatic "mistake "

The King studied Riyo top to bottom, something that send shivers down her spine.

  • Rambert: "Well well, do you know why you are here ambassador in training?"

Riyo gulped and bowed her head again.

  • Riyo: "Your majesty, I am clueless why I am here. But I can take a guess with your permission ofcourse."

The King waved his hand in dismissal of her suggestion and snorted.

  • Rambert: "You are here to answer for you actions today lady. Tell me, what in blazes did you expect after your failure today."

Riyo looked confused and raised and frowned.

  • Riyo: "Your majesty?"

Rambert suddenly strode forward, standing at mere inches from her he stood over her, intimidating her with his presence when he roared.

  • Rambert: "You take me for a fool humanoid? How dare you to undermine my authority to allow French military vessels to cross the Gorge again after they have permission from Rambo Command? Even worse, you conducted a diplomatic meeting with a French representative without my consent."

Riyo was shocked, the High King was not happy with the outcome nor the resolution she made today. Looking stern at her King she replied with determination in her voice.

  • Riyo: "With all due respect your majesty. I was authorized by the Government to conduct this meeting and offer a first step of goodwill to the nations of the NZTO. With this step, we show them and the rest of the Gigaquadrant of our goodwill and..."

Rambert roared again and spat his next words.

  • Rambert: "Goodwill? I do not care what others think of our actions girl. I wanted that arrogant Terran dog of a French Emperor to crawl and beg us on his knees for reconciliation. Instead you bend your knees for them and showed weakness on our behalf. I expected a diplomat in training would keep to her orders instead of making comprimises around that. This is a bad day young one. I should have thrown you into the dungeons for this outrage and display of disobedience. You failed your Nation today!"

Riyo was shocked and felt tears in her eyes, none the less she kept her composure.

  • Riyo: "I will let history decide that your majesty."

Rambert turned and shot a glare of fire at the young girls. Snarling he waved his hand in dismissal.

  • Rambert: "Get out, before I harm you."

Riyo bowed again and turned, to her credit she did not cry though at hallway she was unable to prevent her snobbing, bursting out in tears she dropped to her knees and wondered she turly was a failure and that this meeting meant the end of her carreer, and perhaps that of her life. Rambert watched the girl leave and smiled, though young and inexperienced she did well in the meeting with those two heavy weights of diplomats. Though he wasn't pleased with the outcome, the girl might prove useful later. Crossing his arms behind has back, he looked at the star chart at the wall, the coming days would decide the fate of Rambo Nation in the dark days to come.

Chapter 04[]

Rear-admiral James Rambo looked surprised at the Feolhviaeria captain, Shivrt who just informed him that captain Rambas II had resigned his command of Lianna-station and became the official ambassador to the New Cyrannian Republic. In return, the Lianna Initiative three year rotation command of Starbase 08 came into effect, with a New Republic officer taking command of the station.

James and Shivrt onboard the Typhon ready to deploy its temporal beam

  • Shivrt: "Probably a sign to show the willingess of Rambo Nation to cooperate with other forces to the NZTO."

The Feohlviera captain muttered. James raised an eyebrow in surprise, well known that Shivrt opted to remove the entire NZTO with aid of her Typhon-Class, the USS Typhon. Ignoring the comment he returned his attention to the viewscreen in front of him, the dimensional warp gate had already powered up and a small wormhole was visible deep within the sun's orbit.

Nearby the station, one of the massive Caradhras-Class supercarrier was guarding the station, though James knew various other ships including a Delphator-Class were patrolling the Serox Nebula as well. Shivrt looked at him, narrowing her eyes and well aware of the digust the rear-admiral held for temporal weapon.

  • Shivrt: "Sir, we are ready to deploy the Typhon's temporal weapon. It is aimed at the womrhole to create a rift large enough to let the rest of the fleet pass."

James sighted and looked directly at Shivrt, who to her credit held his gaze. Sighting, he wondered if such a display of power would be recored by other nations and empires throughout the Quadrant Galaxies.

  • James: "Very well captain, fire the temporal weapon at your pleasure and keep me informed about the progress and dangers."

Shivrt nodded and smiled, ordering the weapon to be deployed James witnessed a massive pure beam of energy hitting the wormhole, creating a massive rift that seemed to swallow the solar flames and trembles were felt througout the vessel.

Two Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyers arrive from the other reality with aid of the Typhon

Rear-admiral James Rambo watched in amazement at the sight before him. As the rift stabilized two massive Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyers emerged from the other reality. Next to him, captain Shivrt gasped in amazement as well, certainly impressed by their massive sizes. However she neglected to keep track of the energy levels and was too late to inform the crew of a back surge of energy into the USS Typhon. As the red alert sounded, sparks flew from the consoles and the Typhon-Class trembled heavily as it was drawn towards the rift.

  • Shivrt: "Admiral, we are losing control of the rift! Energy readings are of the scale!"

James struggled to keep his footing as the Typhon rocketed again by a violent tremble, sending bulkheads down.

  • James: "Contact the station, cut off the energy and close the rift. Emergency shut down on the temporal weapon, now!"

Shivrt looked angry at James, he was willing to close the rift even though the last shipment was not yet through.

  • Shivrt: "B-but sir.."

James narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to ignore her objections. Working together, the Warp Gate and the Typhon-class shut down their weapons and the rift closed, with only two super star destroyers on their side of the reality, manned by a skeleton crew. James sighted and slammed his fist at the console as he reviewed the readings on his view screen.

  • James: "Blast it, the rest of the Quadrants will probably have noticed the massive temporal energy readings from the Serox nebula as well captain. You neglected your post and endangered the mission. The USS Tyhpon is disabled, the temporal weapon overloaded and our shields and warp core are down. Contact the super star destroyers, we shall leave this system on propulsion before anyone will investigate. Inform the station to start repairs and prepare themselves for unwanted visitors."

Shivrt gulped, and looked defeated as the rear-admiral left the bridge to contact Rambo Command, one can only wonder how it would all play out now. She just hoped the use of the weapon didn't have any side effect on the Quadrants as it did during the Torments.

Chapter 05[]

Lady Aur'Shivania was furious, everything was proceeding well until the USS Typhon neglected to recalibrate their energy beam, all of a sudden rear-admiral James Rambo ordered an emergency shut down of both weapons as they suffered major damage. The Warp Gate batteries and cores were fried and would take hours to get back online. Worse, the dimensional scanners were down as well, she was now unable to scan for any side-effects of the temporal weapon. To worsen her mood, the rear-admiral warned her to expect unwelcome visitors due to the failiure, how was she suppossed to do that with both shields and weapons down!

Hegemony arrives in the prime reality!

Suddenly, a massive tear of space appeared a few kilometres away from the Warp Gate, seemingly distorting space time around the anomoly as it grew larger and larger. According to the Rambo sensors, the anamoly was similar in most respects to those which allowed the Paragavatus-class super star destroyers to enter the prime reality, though it was clear that it was a gateway to another reality entirely.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Want in blazes? Contact the Rambo vessels patrolling the Serox Nebula, we have uncontrolled rifts appearing! Hurry!"

Aur'Shivania and the crew worked franatically to repair to shields and weapons but their efforts were in vain as the rift stabilized and matter came through. A massive wedge-shaped vessel appeared through the rift, followed by two more. Their energy signatures identified them as Cyrannian vessels, though it was clear that they were more advanced than any vessel found in Cyrannus, with shields and weapon systems unrecognised in the Rambo databanks. Aur'Shivania looked in awe and fear at the massive vessels. Checking her consoles she could only find one possible solution, they were not of this reality! She transmitted the visual straight to Rambo Command, in hopes they could find a solution to this new problem. Suddenly, she received a transmission from the lead ship of the small flotilla.

  • Unknown: "This is Grand Superintendant Willelmus Cretacea of the Star Destroyer Aretenus, flagship of the Great Gigaquadrantic Hegemony! Identify yourselves, or we will fire!"
  • Aur'Shivania: "This is Lady Aur'Shiviania of the Rambo Nation space station in front of you. State your matter of this incursion in our test zone. This is a restricted area of space."
  • Willelmus Cretacea: "We detected an anomaly and were sent by Empress Consort Ramashe, queen of the Hegemony to investigate."
  • Aur'Shivania: "R-ramashe, she still is with consciousness? A-a miracle! But what of this Hegemony?"

A Goldianius scientist approached her and informed the lady that they were from another reality after all.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "Her Majesty sits at the right hand of my son, the Imperial Sovereign Aedanius, First of His Name, Protector of the Gigaquadrant and the five known Galaxies."

Aur'Shivania looked confused but bowed her head in respect.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Well, be welcome then in the Quadrant Galaxies sir. How may we be of help?"
  • Willelmus Cretacea: "You will surrender this construct to the Hegemony. Be grateful. Your... Rambo Nation will be the first in this universe to bend the knee."

Aur'Shivania and her crew looked confused but were powerless to do anything as boarding parties were launched from the star destroyers and they were taken captive.

chapter 06[]

25 october 20 AQF, mere hours after the disaster at the Interdimensional Warp Gate and the disabling of the Typhon-Class temporal weapon, an emergency meeting was held in the Intelligence Room. The room, specifically used by Rambo Command and the Government to track or discuss covert operations and from where you could contact most foreign intelligence agencies.

A covert operation meeting!

Gathered in the room were Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis, Judge Magister Ramhis of Rambo Intelligence, chancellor Fleur Inviere and Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard. The Marscalcus opened the meeting by addressing all present.

  • Sinhai: "Gooday Lord Hand and Lady Chancellor, we have a troubling report in which we require the permission of the government to proceed."

Sinhai pressed a button and the various screens behind him flared up with images of ships what seemed to be in orbit of a sun, massive star destroyers and firing Kingdom vessels. Sinhai gave word to the Judge Magister who gave the report.

  • Ramhis: "As in the report in front of you, a project known as the "Interdimensional Warp Gate" has been sieged by an enemy force. From what intelligence says a force from another reality."

Ramseph looked up in shock.

  • Ramseph: "Another reality? What do you mean?"

Fleur busted in as well in anger.

  • Fleur:"What kind of dealings have you been tempering with? How come they have arrived here at all?"

Ramhis simply looked at them both and explained that by orders of High King Rambert Ramveral they were tasked to experiment with exploring the possibility of contacting or exploring other realities. Needless to say, it has succeeded but backfired upon them due to a malfunction.

  • Ramhis: "The question in front of us is simple, I require you permission to attack these unknown enemy vessels to retake the station. From this room we can contact the vessels in the Serox Nebula and keep track of their progress by the various probes in the nebula."

Fleur and Ramseph looked at each other and nodded, getting the station back in their own hands was of vital importance lest it could become a public embarrassment for Rambo Nation.

The Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate is about to start!

Two hours later, a Delphator-Class carrier and the Constitution-Class, USS Constitution under command of captain Ramickon Ramglover.

  • Ramickon: "USS Fier Le Ardèche, hold you position and launch fighters. We are going to scout the area. Hold position to keep out of firing range of both the contruct and the unknown vessels."
  • Unknown Officer: "This is the Le Ardèche, affirmative, holding position and launching fighters!"

Ramickon looked at his viewscreen, the construct was surrounded by three massive ships resembling star destroyers. He gave orders to his bridge crew to scan those vessels as the three dagger vessels were probably aware of their arrival as well. When Ramickon recieved the transmission from Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard to investigate, he feared something had happened within the area they were currently patrolling.

  • Officer: "Sir! A ship is decloaking behind us!"

Ramickon looked furious and surprised as a Hutter Bird of Prey appeared and opened fire at the Le Ardèche, whose shields were down as it launched her fighters. The Hutter torpedoes impacted the Delphator-class starboard side who began evasive maneuvers and returned fire. Meanwhile three D-5 class cruiser appeared from the Nebula as well and passed underneath the Constitution as n ordered his crew to begin evasive maneuvers as well.

As the D-5 cruisers passed underneath, Ramickon looked in agony as more ships emerged from the nebula at differant points. It seemed the Battle for the Gate has begun with the Rambo heavily outnummbered and outgunned.

Chapter 07[]

The Hutter vessels passed by the Rambo Nation vessels, taken by surprise they were unable to mount a proper offensive allowing the Hutter vessels to approach the Hegemony Star Destroyers.

Emerging from the nebula were more vessels, surprised Anjulius looked at his sensors and realised that Lizardian star destroyer were approaching as well, weapons locked and launching fighters they wanted to siege the weapon for themselves as well. To his horror, the Infernal of Commander Mortikran emerged as well. Mortikran looked surprised and smiled, it seemed that temporal waves emerging from the Serox Nebula had some surprise!

  • Mortikran: "To all vessels in the vicinity, withdraw. The Great Star Dominion claims this construct!"

Within minutes the Lizardian vessels engaged the Hegemony star destroyers and the Hutters joined the frey as well. Around the construct, in orbit of the sun madness erupted as all sides began firing on each other, hittnig whatever target they could find.

The Infernal under command of Lizrawn and Mortikran engaged one of the star destroyers of the Hegemony at point blank, aided by three Ifrit-class star destroyers and fighters on both sides were swarming and engaging each other. Meanwhile, the Delphator-class repaired its damage and began engaging one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers as well. Onboard the USS Constitution, captain Ramickon Ramglover looked in awe at the chaos erupting in front of him. Well he himself engaged various Hutter Bird of Preys, phasers, torpedoes and lasers were seen everywhere as the four sides engaged each other in combat.

  • Tactical Officer: "Captain! Decloaking vessels at port side!"

Ramickon turned angrily, and wondered if it were Hutter reinforcements. To his horror, the officer informed him that it were vessels hailing from the Regellis Star Empire! Almost simultaneously, a flotilla of Imperial vessels dropped out of hyperspace over the fray, led by Captain Delin Lassiter of the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, Devastator.

  • Delin Lassiter: "This is Captain Lassiter of the Star Destroyer Devastator. We will aide our Rambo allies, though we lay claim to this construct in the name of his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Tyrómairon. All enemy vessels, withdraw, or face his displeasure."

Ramickon smiled, at least someone was on their side, but to hand over the construct to the Imperials, not over his dead body. Joining formation with the Imperials, he continued opening fire on the enemies of the Nation. Ordering a full turbolaser spread, Lassiter watched from the bridge of the Devastator at the chaos consuming the battlefield. She doubted that there was a time in the history of the Cluster that so many powers fought over so important an object. To her frustration however, a new set of signals came erupting out of hyperspace, three Venator-class Star Destroyers, a Fortitude-class Star Battlecruiser, several Aether-class corvettes and the lead ship, the Teihu'rhe, a Legacy-class Star Destroyer under Captain Nexul Tohon.

  • Nexul Tohon: "This is Captain Tohon of the New Republic. We are responding to a Rambo distress call. Apologies for being late to the party."
  • Ramickon: "Yes, the Republic heard our call! Welcome to the party captain Tohon!"
  • Delin Lassiter: "It appears we find ourselves on the same side, Tohon, but I will not tolerate subterfuge."

Battle of the Warp Gate

Lining up with the Imperial and Rambo vessels, Captain Tohon ordered his flotilla to open fire on the closest enemy vessel. The entire battlefield erupted with lances of blue, red and green energy as the different civilisations unleashed their full force in the fight to claim the construct. The Hegemony vessels, utilising technology beyond that even of the Empire, unleashed the full force of their cannons, though their small numbers prevented them from immediately gaining victory. Their initial assault disabled if not destroyed most of the Hutter vessels, the Lizardian forces themselves suffered casualties as well as two of their Ifrit-class destroyers went down. The Delphator-class of Rambo Nation began its assault at the construct itself, hoping to disable the weapon as it was powering up its main weapon to re-open the rift to get Hegemony reinforcements on this side of reality. The Republic Aether-class corvettes, designed for blockade running, were ill equipped to deal with the larger Hegemony and Star Dominion vessels and instead focused on chasing down the smaller Hutter and Regellian vessels, while Devastator utilised its tractor beams to stop enemy vessels in their tracks, before blasting holes in them with its massive turbolaser batteries.

The Si-Ri-Mo utilised its experimental sphere-mounted hyperlaser array to destroy enemy vessels, with the combined firepower of the Republic, Imperial and Rambo vessels managing to disable one of the massive Hegemony vessels. Losing its engines it plummeted down into the sun and exploded violently. Meanwhile the Hutters started to retreat as they were outnumbered and had too many casualties. Cloaking and decloaking in and out of the battle, the Regellian vessels too began to take heavy casualities, with a mighty D'deridex-class warship exploding under the combined firepower of the Devastator and the Silencer under Captain Nirndal, which dealt the final blow with a blast from its hangar-mounted superlaser.

On the bridge of his flagship, the mirror Admiral Cretacea scratched his chin. He had not expected so many disparate powers to flock to the power of the gateway. Nevertheless, he had a mission he was determinated to finish. With only two of the original three Hegemony vessels still in the fight, Cretacea ordered his remaining ships to flee from the battle, but not into the wormhole. Instead, they shot off into the void of hyperspace, with ambitions to establish their own power within the Gigaquadrant. Nevertheless, the portal remained open. Captain Ramickon Ramglover saw his change and fired all weapons on the station, to weaken its shields, however the protal kept forming and was soon to be stable. Making contact with the Rambo crew, he beamed them onboard the Constitution to give them a medical check. At the bridge, Lady Aur'Shivania approached the captain and ordered him to reclaim the weapon but to both their surprise the Imperial star destroyer Devastator blocked their path as it began its approach to the construct.

On the bridge of the heavily damaged Devastator, Captain Lassiter ordered her crew to the escape pods, before taking the helm of her Star Destroyer herself. The engines of the Devastator erupted to life, causing the Star Destroyer to rush toward the Construct, ramming into three Regellis vessels in the way before finally slamming into the construct, splitting it in half and causing the Devastator to explode into large chunks of debris. The construct was rocketed by explosions and broke apart as well, the remains plummeted into the sun below, drawn by its gravity. However, to Lassiter's shock, instead of going down with the ship as she intended, she was beamed out at the last minute by Captain Tohon.

Onboard the Constitution, Aur'Shivania looked furious at what happened before her. Ramickon placed a hand on her shoulder and informed the Republic and Imperial vessels the Rambo vessels would withdraw to escape Regellis or Lizardian retalliation. Though the Lizardians left the nebula as soon as the ship rammed the construct, realising their goal was taken from them.

Ramickon welcomed captain Lassiter onboard the bridge as well, approaching he extended his hand and whispered in her ears:

  • Ramickon: "Thank you for doing what I couldn't do in my position. You saved the Cluser from a terrible weapon, one we perhaps should never have tempered with."
  • Delin Lassiter: "It was the only way. I-I just cannot believe that the New Republic saved me."

Smiling he bowed his head in respect and returned to one of the consoles when the crewmember informed him the rift was collapsing.

Epilogue (1)[]

Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard sat uneasy in the intelligence room, awaiting his arriving guests. After the disaster and the battle within the Serox Nebula and the Rambo's tempering with portals to alternate realities, he had to do something to contain it before it would become a political disaster as well and risk the wrath of High King Rambert Ramveral. As the door opened, Ramseph rose from his chair and bid those welcome within the room, including ambassador Riyo Apanoida, Proconsul Athan Apostila and senator Ramdard Ramthrace of the New Cyrannian Republic. Senator Donaró of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was present as well, being drawn from a holiday at the Rambo Capital to solve the matter. As the invitees took their seats, Ramseph answered a hail and behind him appeared Potentate Aeresius and Ramseph expressed his grattitude for being present by holovideo.

Cyrandia powers meet to discuss the incident in the Serox Nebula

  • Ramseph: "My dear and honored guests, I welcome you to this classified summit to resolve the matter at the Serox Nebula. First of all, at behalf of the Rambo Government and his Majesty the High King, I bid thee grattitude for aiding us in this periculous matter."
  • Apostila: "This is a matter of grave importance to all within the Cluster, we are honoured to represent the Republic in this summit."

Senator Donaró nodded in agreement.

  • Donaró: "I look forward to what the Rambo have to say in this regard. Such a devastating battle..."

Both Riyo and Ramseph looked a bit uncomfortable, as it was a bit of a delicate adn most embarissing matter. Riyo looked at the Lord Hand, who felt even more uneasy as the entire room looked at him. He was used to it, but not during intergalactic meetings. Though, with the King ill it was his duty to do now.

  • Ramseph: "Yes, well the construction site was a weapon testing zone. However, its creator, the Lady Aur'Shivania stepped out of line and tempered with things she shouldn't have. A severe crime, which your excelencies probably understand puts us in quite an uneasy position as we are still involved in the most untasteful Gorge Dispute. None the less, I can admit with permission of Rambo Command that we were researching ways to open portals within the space time continuum for swifter travel. Again, at behalf of his Royal and Esteemed Majesty the High King I thank you for your swift intervention and aid to stop this madness in the Serox Nebula. A clear sign that the three major powers within the Cyrandia Cluster can form a front against any threat for the safety and security of the Cluster."

The holographic representation of Potentate Aeresius frowned, brushing away Ramseph's compliment.

  • Aeresius: "As a loyal protectorate of the Empire, I would have expected a notification of such an experiment, at the very least."

Ramseph narrowed his eyes but remained polite.

  • Ramseph: "Well it seems Rambo Command failed to inform you of this. You can trust me that the Marscalcus and I will have a conversation about it. I will personally ensure you have the report later this evening."
  • Aeresius: "I should very much hope so, Lord Hand. After all, the Empire is here to help our Rambo friends. Perhaps such a disaster could have been avoided, if we were involved. Doubtlessly, the High King's two immediate predecessors would have seen the wisdom in benefiting from Imperial might, rather than suffering our displeasure."

Ambassador Apanoida her face turned blank at the comment, though a warning glance of the Lord Hand ensured she kept her mouth about it.

  • Ramseph: "You are correct Potente. I shall advise his majesty on this matter as well though I doubt the King was aware of what was fully happening within that Nebula."

Aeresius raised his brow in disapproval, though did not wish to press the issue further. Senator Donaró broke the awkward silence.

  • Donaró: "... Yes, well, tell us more of these... experiments."

Ramseph nodded and gave the word to Riyo Apanoida, who began explaining the construct was drawing pure energy from the sun in the V'rta System, deep within the Serox Nebula. The energy was to be conducted into a portal so the Rambo vessels could travel farther and faster. In simpler terms, creating an artificial wormhole for quick deployment within Rambo Nation space. A side effect turned out to be that it openened not only a portal within the space continuum, but within an alternate reality. Causing the disaster that was prevented with aid of both the New Republic and the Empire. And again expressed her grattitude on behalf of the Rambo Goverment.

Senator Ramthrace of New Capricaerón, already annoyed by the presence of Imperials, not to mention the new Rambo regime, raised a questioning hand.

  • Ramthrace: "There is more to this than meets the eye, I suspect. With all due respect, on the lives of those lost in the fight, we need to know the full truth."

Ramseph looked intense at the New Republic senator, already tired of this charade of a meeting.

  • Ramseph: "With all due respect your excellency, this is the truth. A weapon testing went out of control due to its creator who is currently in Rambo custody to await trail and judgement. I hope this satisfies your suspicion your ecellency. Are there any other questions?"

Potentate Aeresius smirked slightly at the argument.

Senator Ramthrace, a scion of House Ramthrace, loyal bannermen to the deposed House Le Rambo raised his voice.

  • Ramthrace: "Several questions, in fact! What of the reports of new Super Star Destroyers? Where did you get the resources to build such titans in such a short amount of time, hrm? Surely not from your Imperial lords!"

Riyo gasped for breath in surprise and humiliation.

  • Riyo: "My lord, with all respect. Rambo Nation is not required to share such sensitive information with the New Republic."

Ramseph smiled, the young ambassador had tact and guts, like the King said. Athan was about to try and defuse the situation, though was interrupted by Ramthrace.

  • Ramthrace: "How very telling of your new regime! Even after hundreds of Republic lives were sacrificed to defend Rambo Nation against these invaders, you cling to such empty words! If Ramashe sat on the throne, she would have been open with those proven to be friends, in rare supply in these dark times."

The entire room fell silent, Riyo turned pale at the harsh words and accusations as Ramseph was searching in his mind for words. Aeresius remained silent, keen to see how the Rambo explained themselves to their allies, while Senator Donaró, a noted Republic sympathiser in the Senate sadly remembered his service to the Republic in the Great Cyrannus War, when the Cyrandia Alliance reigned. Ramseph rose from his chair again, putting his papers back into his folders.

  • Ramseph: "Well, perhaps such matters can be discussed on a later date and in private. For now, Rambo Nation has shown the proper dignity to inform those that were involved about what happened. If that was all your excellencies, I have a very busy schedule and ambassador Apanoida will be delighted to answer any questions or collect them and present them later this evening to me."

Ramthrace scoffed. Riyo looked shocked and wished to be somewhere else.

  • Ramthrace: "Bah, how sad, the son of the great Ramcard delegating to a child."

The Proconsul turned to face Senator Ramthrace.

  • Athan Apostila: "Please, Senator. Now is not the time for insults."

Ramseph ignored the insult and nodded to the delegations before leaving the room. Riyo Apanoida sat uneasy and scratched behind her ear and said with a lot less confidence than before.

  • Riyo: "Well your excellencies, I will try to answer any questions you still have.........it seems."

Ramthrace irritated by what he considered to be lies by the Republic's closest allies, said nothing for the duration of the meeting, while Senator Donaró merely explained his fears about the escape of the mirror universe Star Destroyers into the unexplored reaches of the Quadrants. He felt that they posed a threat to all three civilisations should they desire expansion. Additionally, reports that Mortikran, in service to the Great Star Dominion towed away a large chunk of one of the vessels worried him, as it could be used to create frightening vessels for the Dominion. Ambassador Apanoida ensured that later this evening the Rambo would release all the intel about the unknown star destroyers and are willing to cooperate to hunt them down with both the Republic and the Empire. Pleased, both the Imperial and Republic officials expressed their gratitude to the other side, though through gritted teeth, for while glad that they could collaborate with one another against a mutual foe, they clearly disliked being in the same room as the others.

Epilogue (2)[]

Stardate 01 november 20 AQF, Aur'Shivania stamped onboard the bridge of the recently launched Caradhras-Class carrier and demanded an audience with its commander. The Ortella, who wears a custom clone trooper armor turned and looked at the Ancrevialicia unimpressed.

Malagras informs Aur'Shivania to await his decision

  • Windsor: "The Commodore is at the moment in his ready room Lady Aur'Shiviania and does not wish to be disturbed. You can return in an hour or so my lady."

Aur'Shivania snorted and shoved lieutenant Windsor aside as she made her way to the ready room. Stamping into the office she raised her voice at the figure who stood at the window.

  • Aur'Shivania: "Captain, what in blazes in going on? We are at the system for over three hours and still I get no clearence from the bridge to enter the second construct. I demand..."

Suddenly the commanding officer turned, his black cape whirling behind him as he approached the scientist. Aur'Shivania swallowed, the officer was more cyborg than anything else and his eyes were frightening cold.

  • Malegras: "My Lady, first of all it is Commodore not captain. Secondly, we have to make sure the system is clear and that we are not followed. It would be a shame to lose the second construct after your failiure in the Serox Nebula is it not?"

Aur'Shivania narrowed her eyes and looked furious at the cyborg commodore.

  • Malagras: "That was all my lady."

Malagras made a slight bow and returned looking outside the window with his arms crossed behind his back. Aur'Shivania temper boiled and stormed out of the captain's ready room. Malagras simply looked at the construct out of the window and simply coughed, such constructs were dangerous to temper with and he wondered how long Rambo Nation could keep it a secret after the recent destruction of the first one now that the others were keeping on eye on the Rambo as well. On the other hand, Malagras would love fighting those who would try to besiege this construct within the sphere of influance of the Nation.


  • The name of the construction was designed by Techno!
  • The story reached its conclusion with aid of Cyrannian.
  • The remaining star destroyers of the Hegemony are stranded in the Gigaquadrant and might be up to no good!

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