I propose that we attack Concordia immediately. After their defeat at Cognalorilos, the Cognatus Empire is in tatters. A victory there would be another sizable leap toward their extinction.

- Morin Ehtar

In the months before the Concordian Liberation, the Cyrandia Cluster has been experiencing an era of uneasy peace after the Siege of Vasuband, though many threats remain to hound the free people of the Cluster, namely the Jenassian Regency, the Regellis Star Empire and the slowly recovering forces of the Cognatus Empire, weakened from the defeat of the Primercer during the Battle of Cognalorilos. Despite vast swaths of the Cognatus Empire falling to the Cruentus Battlefleet of the Cognatus Order, a large fleet of vessels loyal to the tenets of the Cognatus Empire has begun to gather over the former neutral planet of Concordia seeking to bide their time and strike back against the forces which have laid them low.


Meeting at Lianna StationEdit

In the Quadrant Galaxies, New Republic diplomats sanctioned by Proconsul Apollo have successfully commissioned a meeting on the covetted Lianna Station to discuss the potentially dire situation on Concordia, the inhabitants of which managed to send an emergency tranmission through the Cognatus blockade of the planet to the nearby Republic world of Coruanthor, requesting aid for the liberation of the planet from the nefarious claws of the Cognatus warlord Toras Pargo'jakun. From the New Republic, Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Order, various diplomats and military commanders had gathered to discuss the situation.

Their host, captain Rambas II was well used to organise and held meetings onboard his station, though he felt a bit nervous with the Cogsangui around him, he didn't trust them at all due to his experiences and battles in the Intergalactic War. Though he was relieved to see the Chinawkya senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria, ambassador and senator Creckbo and rear-admiral Ramtorrian Ramricus, who represented Rambo Command. Standing next to him was his trusted yeoman, Shjrn who provided the dignitaries with drinks and snacks. Representing the New Republic was Senator Aneen Daerethal of Arnópalagira, Senator Rodyctor of Lacertia and two Republic naval officers, Commodore Monoud and Captain Onon Vebbar, while Morin Ehtar and Voron Valna'leh attended under the command of Primarch Voro Acetenus.

Though he took clear notice of the suspicious eyes in the room watching him and his compatriot, Morin Ehtar rose to the head of the table to address the gathered delegates.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Gathered friends of distant and powerful empires, I come before you all with dire news from your former Cyrandia capital of Concordia. As the Republic clan leaders present will no doubt confirm, our dishonourable brethren in the shattered remains of the Cognatus Empire seek to consolidate their strength on this peaceful planet. By the will of the Primarch, we seek to rid Concordia of the parasite which day by day devours the innocent peoples who call the planet their home."

The Andormaru ambassador, AnPthak looked curious at the Cogsangui and rose as well.

  • 'An'Phtak: "Honoured fleet-master, what do you propose?"
  • Morin Ehtar: "I propose that we attack Concordia immediately. After their defeat at Cognalorilos, the Cognatus Empire is in tatters. A victory there would be another sizable leap toward their extinction."

The delegates meet on Lianna to discuss the situation.

Senator Daerethal spoke up.

  • Aneen Daerethal: "A victory at Concordia would do much to provide stability to the region. Though I must impress on all here gathered the severity of the threat the Cognatus under Vos Adamae represent."
  • An'Phtak: "An attack would mean a declaration of war to the Cognatus."
  • Morin Ehtar: "They are no longer the stable empire involved at Aecor, Ambassador. It is my hope that the leaders of the Quadrantia faction join us under the guidance of the Primarch."

The Andormaru sat down uneasy, grumbling under his breath that the Cyrannians would cause another war. Rear-admiral Ramricus on the other supported the motion.

  • Ramricus: "Rambo Nation will support the Initiative's decision, though we motion to send in a peace keeping force to protect the citizens of Concordia while not openly engaging the Cognatus, thus keeping the peace."

Voron Valna'leh huffed under his breath, dismissive of the other's desire to avoid honourable combat. Senator Rodyctor however, spoke his mind.

  • Rodyctor: "We must press our advantage against these zealots while we can. Cut the head off the snake as it were."
  • Chuinaylia: "Zealots or not, the citizens of Concordia and those citizens of the Cogsangui deserve protoction. Are we not oblidged to sue for peace first, to come to a mutual agreement instead of a full invasion force? There can be peace with them, Aecor proves that!"
  • Daerethal: "I quite agree, Miss Pantaria. However - the citizens of Concordia face such a degree of oppression and cruelty that I dare not repeat the particulars in polite company. But suffice it to say, public executions for those who do not accept the Cognatus religion and other horrors are the norm. The planet and its people must be liberated. The Republic shall not deal with terrorists, which is precisely what they have become."

The Initiative delegates sighted, it was clear to the others they were hesitant to send in combat forces so soon after the conclusion of the New Cyrandia Wars and the recent rising problems with the Hutter Kingdom.

  • Morin Ehtar: "We do not ask you to wage war with the Cognatus Empire, noble delegates. They do not have the capacity to do so. Not yet. After the loss of the Primercer, they are in disarray. It will be time yet before the self-promoted "Archon" reels them into a cohesive force. Even then, they shall not risk the ire of the Quadrants, nor the New Republic. However, their occupation of Concordia must end immediately, lest more innocent people die by their hands. Surely you agree with that?"

The delegates nodded in agreement and complied with the New Republic wishes. Republic Captain Onor Vebbar smiled.

  • Onon Vebbar: "Perhaps a quick liberation of the planet could be a stepping stone to the rebirth of the Alliance? Concordia was after all, the capital after the destruction of Ramaprica."
  • An'Phtak: "Let not rush ourselves on that captain, you were after all unable to prevent the rise of the Empire was it not?"

Ramricus laid a hand on the shoulder of the Andormaru ambassador and told him quietly to keep himself out of that matter. Daerethal gave An'Phtak a piercing look, but like Vebbar, held her tongue lest she cause an intergalactic incident.

  • Morin Ehtar: "It is decided then?"

The BattleEdit

Arrival at ConcordiaEdit


The fleet arrives at Concordia.

The darkness of space above Concordia was brightened slightly by a nearby--though distant nebula--which bathed the system in a purple glow, doing much to earn the planet its reputation as one of the Cyrannus Galaxy's most beautiful planets. On the bridge of his Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Concord, Captain Onon Vebbar sighed as the massive ship and the other vessels of the fleet shot out of hyperspace and warp. The glistening planet of Concordia hung before them like a blue marble in the void, surrounded by a small though heavily armed fleet led by a dreaded Melkón-class Dreadnought. The fleet was soon joined by ships dropping out of warp, native to the Quadrant Galaxies.

As he listened, the voice of Commodore Monoud, the commander of the Republic forces, sounded in his com.

  • Monoud: "All Republic ships, be ready to fire on my mark. Order and Initiative vessels, please respond with your status."
  • Morin Ehtar: "This is the Endurance of the Hallowed Star, flagship of the Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence. The Fleet of Radiant Splendour is also ready to begin our attack."
  • Trabl: "This is fleet-captain Trabl, the Initiative-fleet is standing by."
  • Morin Ehtar: "All ships accounted for. Open fire on the flagship but take heed--the Melkón-class is a dangerous foe."

Space between the Cognatus fleet and that of the allies erupted into flame as turbolaser and phaser beams lanced across space before impacting against the mighty shields of the Melkón-class Dreadnought, lighting it up but failing to damage the vessel's hull. On the bridge of the dreadnought, Warmaster Toras Pargo'jakun growled as he watched the allies fire on his fleet. "Unacceptable. I have no interest in prisoners, brothers. Burn them all!" Suddenly, hundreds of fighter craft were launched from the Cognatus fleet toward the Order's fleet as well as the ships of the Initiative.

The Quadrantia vessels, comprised out of Rambo, Andormaru and various Creckel vessels opened fire at the oncoming fighters, forcing them to face the unrelenting cannons of the Republic star destroyers who managed to flank them. Lighting up like fireflies, the Cognatus fighters were no match for the relentless firepower of the Order, the Republic and the Quadrantians, which all turned their cannons onto Pargo'jakun's mighty flagship. Frowning to himself as the shields to his mighty flagship began to fail, Pargo'jakun turned to his officers.

  • Pargo'jakun: "For the memory of the Primercer, we fight and die! Do not abandon your posts!"

Roused by their Warmaster, the Cognatus officers on the bridge failed to notice him sneak from the command birdge and toward the escape pods as his ship came crashing down around him.

Against the LineEdit

As the Cognatus blockade was falling apart, the allied ships was chances to land their ground forces to open a second front against the Cognatus occupation. In the distance between the planet and the allied fleet however, a flotilla of Cognatus Empire battlecruisers began to amass in defence of the planet, despite the loss of the fleet's flagship and the apparent death of Fleetlord Toras Pargo'jakun. On the bridge of the command ship Endurance of the Hallowed Star, Fleetlord Morin Ehtar slammed his fist on the arm of his hover chair.

  • Morin Ehtar: "What fools to face our cannons! They live in dishonour, but must they die with dishonour?"

The voice of Voron Valna'leh was quick to respond.

  • Voron Valna'leh: "Fear not, brother. The Primarch's victories and the loss of the Primercer has forced these fools into desperation. They shall be easy prey."

Onboard the Apocalyptor, fleet-captain Trabl his Constitution-Class looked in fear at the approaching Cognatus reinforcements. Outflanked, the Apocalyptor took direct hits from the relentless plasma cannons of a Cognatus Angelós-class destroyer. Other Initiative ships were breaking formation when they saw the Rambo ships in trouble, though the Andormaru Sh'Ran classes gave covering fire for the An'Ru class light cruisers that were rushing to the aid of the Rambo vessels, the Creckels abandoned their posts and ran their ships along the Republic ships and headed for the surface of the planet.

Seeing their allies in danger, the Order's Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence bounded toward the Cognatus destroyers, with the Endurance of the Hallowed Star leading the charge.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Full shields! Ramming speed!"

The hull of the Endurance glowed bright blue as the engines erupted with energy as the massive assault carrier shot through space toward the attacking Angelós Destroyer. With a massive, rapturous explosion, the Endurance carved through the smaller destroyer like a hot knife through butter, bisecting the destroyer.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Good... good! They have been gutted!"

One of the larger fragments of the destroyer shot outward from the explosion and impacted against a smaller Cognatus frigate, causing it to blister and burn before finally exploding. The remaining Cognatus line blockading Concordia was soon smashed by the combined firepower of the fleet, opening the way for the land invasion.

The Land InvasionEdit

In the blue skies above Concordia, the Concord slowly descended from the heavens before touching down on a large plateau several kilometres away from Concordia's capital city. When he arrived on the surface, Captain Onon Vebbar was greeted by the other leaders of the Initiative task force, including Morin Ehtar, the Creckel leader Crecklorin and fleet-captain Trabl. The four commanders stood near the edge of the plateau as Republic war vehicles were unloaded from the Concord. Captain Vebbar pointed to an outline in the distance.

  • Onon Vebbar: "Cynaserine. Capital of Concordia and former home to the parliament of the Cyrandia Alliance after the Fall of Ramaprica."
  • Crecklorin: "All great and all, my kin will take these Cogsangui warriors head on. We shall leave none of them standing after we hammered them down".

That being said, the Creckel leaved them all behind and began issuing orders to his kin, who readied there weapons and marched out of sight. Commander Corvexa, the decorated leader of an elite Republic army specops group led the Republic charge on the city of Cynaserine. In the distance, the allied generals and soldiers could see Cognatus airspeeders in the sky above the city while on the ground below, large attack walkers prowled the streets. Near to where the Initiative landed, Morin Ehtar and his honour guard readied their blades, with the Fleetlord bellowing orders to the others.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Today marks the end of the Cognatus Empire's hold on this world! With me, my brothers and sisters!"

Igniting his sword, Morin motioned toward the city and roared as the army began to march on Cynaserine. It was not long before the Cognatus ground forces began firing on the invaders, with the large Republic walkers firing their turbolasers at enemy positions as soldiers fired from long distance. Supported by Rambo walkers and tanks, the allied forces gradually advanced towards the city. Joining Morin Ethar were the knights of Crecklorin, though small they fought fiercely against the Cogsangui warriors. Eventually, the overwhelming numbers of the Rambo, the Creckel, the Republic, the Cognatus Order and the other allied nations were enough to finally reach the very heart of the city, where the Parliament building of the Cyrandia Alliance stood in ashes, destroyed by the vengeful Cognatus as a gesture of defiance against the invaders. With innocent civilians still inside at the time. When the fighting had died down, Morin Ehtar sank to his knees in front of the charred remains of a dead Mon Nahdar, with sorrow on his face he said an ancient prayer.

  • Onon Vebbar: "The city is secure. We have won the day."
  • Morin Ehtar: "And yet the price is dear for the inhabitants of this world. I fear that it will take many cycles for them to recover."
  • Crecklorin: "The sacrifices they endured will be remembered in stories and legends for the people of Concordia. We should celebrate their resolve and honor!"

Morin Ehtar rose to his feet and patted Crecklorin's back.

  • Morin Ehtar: "And an honour it was to fight alongside you, friend. Your people are formidable warriors."

Crecklorin nodded and admitted the same for his. With the battle of Concordia over, the planet's provisional government decided to join the New Republic, an act that angered the Imperial government, as such a symbolic victory so close to Imperial space made the Empire appear weak and indecisive in some corners of the galaxy. Nevertheless, the battle increased relations between the Republic and the members of the Lianna Initiative, though only time will tell if the rebirth of the Cyrandia Alliance is even possible in such trying times for the Cluster as a whole...


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