For the past year after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars and the fall of the Cyrannian Imperial State, the Cyrannus Galaxy has enjoyed a time of uneasy peace between the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though peace has been maintained on the large scale, subterfuge and deceit weave through other empires and nations by unknown figures obscured by darkness which hope to topple and destroy them, leaving Cyrannus empty and ready for what their ascension to their rightful place on the throne of the Cyrannus.



21 Novemex, 06 NE, Location: Usmilia

It is a normal day on the Bastnliues homeworld of Usmilia, and the streets hum with the usual movements of the everyday people, going about their business, oblivious to the fox in the hen house. A figure, though visible to the naked eye, goes unseen by the passing by Bastnliues, they blend in but are not the same. For this is no Bastnliues, rather a Bisistar known as Máazoga, assigned to infiltrate the republic to make way for the coming of the Domain to claim their lands. He has taken under many forms, many people, and he has infiltrated the Lord's palace, in the Capital city of Verduan. Under the guise of a dead maintenance worker, the original body of whom was incinerated in a fusion turbine a standard kilometre away. His current task is to topple the top branches of government, and he is preparing to assassinate the Lord of the Republic. He walks to the maintenance room and asks for a security guard to come examine the log, as there is a "supposed" error.

From here, Máazoga murders the guard and stuffs his body deep within the room, and shapeshifts into, looking identical to the now deceased Bastnliues. He then continues on his "normal" routine, patrolling the vacant halls of the large palace, while looking to find an open moment to kill the Lord and slip out, allowing for the Domain to come in and destroy the disorganized nation. He walks up the central stairs and sees Lord Applon pass him by, and sees him flanked by his two personal bodyguards. He whisks one away, saying that some noise was heard in the bathrooms on the third floor. As he attempts to kill the Bastnliues, the bodyguard puts up a fight, slamming the Bisistar into the wall, and creating a ruckus. The Bisistar eventually overpowers the guard, by slamming his skull into the duron-steel floor. The bisistar scoffs, as this is the first time that any inferior managed to put up any considerable amount of resistance. As he morphs into the guard, the door bursts open, with the Elite Royal Guard placing their guns through it, aimed at the Bisistar.

Máazoga was informed by the Ri'nanov herself, that if seen, he must escape at all cost, and if captured, he must dissolve into nothingness, for such a failure would be deeply unwelcome on Daehhrex. In response to this, the Bisistar dives out window adjacent to him, falling over 30 feet to the ground. As he lands, he immediately morphs into that of a random Bastnilues that as yet to see him and then runs off, and manages to bend into the crowd, while the Royal guard shift through the crowd, but alas, do not find the subterfuge agent. Máazoga rushes to escape to orbit, and he borders his cloaked ship and warps to the Bisistar fleet two light years from the Bastnliues system.

The Nature of EvilEdit

Novemex 25, 06 NE
Location: The Cloaked Bisistar Fleet bordering the Bastnliues Homesystem

Travelling to his flagship, Máazoga entered one of the World Eater's seemingly limitless hangar bays and disembarked his shuttle. Encountering a trio of his fellow Bisistaran, the infilitrator bowed his head in greeting.

  • Máazoga: "I have failed the i'anasai'bisistaran. My task was hindered by the natives of this world, whose foul eyes perceived the grace of a true Bisistar. Stories of their encounter with me with surely be spread and their government will no doubt enact security measures to prevent further infilitration."

Máazoga's superior, the Tabornok Naticodoga was filled with a cold fury belied by the ever emotionless expression etched on his reptilian face.

  • Naticodoga: "Unacceptable. Once again we will be compelled to lower ourselves to the base expression of conflict when a more deft touch could be applied. I am disappointed Máazoga."
  • Máazoga: "A thousand pardons are not enough, my lord Tabornok. Upon the resolution of this matter, I will retire from the mortal coil, for the shame of my failure brings shame to the i'anasai."

Naticodoga placed his hand on Máazoga's shoulder, though his face remained without emotion.

  • Naticodoga: "The Ri'nanov would not desire that outcome, Máazoga. And we have larger concerns then your little life. Due to your failure, we must strike now before the interlopers come to the aid of these... "Bastnliues"."

Chaos in OrbitEdit

Novemex 26, 06 NE, Location: Orbiting Battle Stations on the Heliosphere of Bastnliues Homesystem

After the infiltration from the Bisistar agent only less than a day prior, the entire Republic has been set on high alert, prompting the entire defensive systems of the Bastnliues to be raised in preparation of a possible attack or invasion from a unknown assailant. This is however, will not been enough to stop the Bisistar from their goals, and the fate of the whole republic lies on the quick thinking and cunning of the Battle Commander on the last battle station bordering the end of the system.

  • O.B.S AI: "Battle Commander, I am detecting a hyper-warp signal closing in on our position, all attempts at communication have so far failed."
  • Battle Commander:" Train weapons to their entry point, if they do not hail, open fire."

The battle station waits, as the clock ticks down, and the fleet comes of out hyperspace, surprising and mortifying the crew of the Battle Station.

  • Battle Commander: "By The Gods! What are those things?"
  • OBS AI: Checking records...By all details gathered from the Archive we gathered from multiple sources, they are the Bisistar Domain, rulers of the Cyranai Galaxy."

As the Bisistar fleet begins its movement towards Usmilia and the Battle station sends out an emergency broadcast across all channels, to alert anyone they can in or outside the Bastnliues Republic of the impending threat. The Bisistar fleet then takes down the communication lines in and out of the system, but not before it reaches the Ambassador of the Republic and the Republic's Navy.The Bisistar then take aim at all the battle station in the system and destroys the, ending the lives of those who may have started the doom of their invasion.

Later, on the New Republic's capital planet of Mou'Cyran, Ambassador Verainok Spulnisk rushes to see President Apaltar in Republic City. She boards her ambassador motorcade and speeds to the Presidential Chateau a few miles away. When she arrives at the gate, the security stops her and requests her to state her business.

  • Ambassador Spulnisk: "If you do not allow me inside now, the fate of your ally lies in the hands of the Bisistar Fleet currently orbiting our Homeplanet."

The Guards wave her through, and the Ambassador runs in, heading to go inside of the Chateau. When she arrives at the doors of the house, she forces them open, and runs into the very man she was looking for, President Apaltar, pacing around his foyer, with a book in hand.

  • Ambassador Spulnisk: "President Apaltar! I apologize for meeting under such circumstances, uninvited *pants* but I have important news concerning the Republic and the Bisistar.

President Apaltar had a look of concern etched on his face.

  • President Apaltar: "Speak, my friend. What has happened?"
  • Spulnisk: "The Bisistar had infiltrated our Capital on Usmillia to likely assassinate Lord Applon, when he failed, the Bisistar launched a surprise assault on the system, and they completely wiped out our offensive capabilities in the system only, but from I can tell, the Prime Defense Fleet is inbound to attack the fleet. I beg of you and the Republic, mobilize your fleets and send them to support my people in this time of crisis, as if Usmilia falls, the Bisistar may be able to rip through our systems as they are still in disarray."
  • Apaltar: "Dire news indeed, Ambassador Spulnisk. The Bisistar are an enemy to the entire civilized cosmos. We must not allow them to bring ruin to your civilisation. Fear not, help will be sent."

The Ambassador thanks the President and asks to stay in the loop with the conflict going on light years away. He agrees and asks her to follow him into the situation room as a Republic Fleet prepares to support the standoff in the Usmillia Prime system in favor of the Bastnliues.

Exchange in OrbitEdit

Only Minutes later, around the orbit of Usmilia-

The Bisistar move their way close and closer to the planet of Usmilia, and they continue to wipe out any defense that the Bastnliues attempt to impart upon them. As they arrive to low Usmillian Orbit, a signal reaches the hostile fleet forcefully, opening up all lines of communications between the sender and receiver, in order to relieved a message. To the Bisistar's surprise, the communication is from the Bastnliues Prime Defense Fleet, and the leader of that fleet responds to this Calamity.

  • ???: This is a message from the Leading Fleet Admiral of the Prime Defence Fleet, Caitius Holmina, If any movements are made, any harm done to the innocent people down on Usmilia, the fleet currently occupying our space illegally, will be engaged with the might of the best ships in all of the Republic."

At that moment, multiple hyperspace signatures are detected a short distance away from the Bisistar Fleet, surrounding it on all sides. The Bisistar look to see thousands of ships appear infront of them, circling the entire planet in an attempt to back the Bisistar into a corner. Caitius, aboard his Flagship, Liberty, hails the Bisitar once more.

  • Caitius: "Surrender, Bisistar and we may discuss terms, if not, then we obliterate you and your fleet."
  • Naticodoga: "Ignorant fool. Do you not know the face of your doom? Your world will fall as a testament to the might and majesty of the i'anasai'bisistaran. You have not a prayer against our might."
  • Caitius: "Look around you Bisistar, Do you not see your situation? You are surrounded, for every ship you may destroy, we will destroy more, You stand no chance against the onslaught."
  • Naticodoga: "I laid low foes the likes of which your kind have never seen. Prepare."
  • Caitius: "Liberty A.I. cut communication and scan their ships, find any weakness in their hulls and direct all ships to target them, if we cannot completely break them, we must at least even the odds."
  • Liberty A.I.: "Scanning all vessels...Weaknesses discovered on three vessel classes. Target Exhaust Ports on Dahut Class Frigate, Target Base of Tri-Wings on Vila Class Destroyer, and Target Hanger Ports on Nicor Class Battleship."

The Prime Fleet moves into position and launches the first barrage, sending hyperspace missiles, Lasers, Particles and other weaponry barrelling down to strike the Bisistar fleet. The first of this volley strikes the destroyers and frigates outlining the fleets flanks. Multiple Bisistar ships are registered as being damaged by the volley, with the weakest taking catastrophic damage. The Bisistar respond in kind, launching their own advanced weaponry to tear apart the Bastnliues fleet.

From this counter attack, the Bastnliues sustain multiple damaged and destroyed vessels, whilst the Bisistar are holding strong, but they may not have the numbers to continue a prolonged engagement. The Bastnliues continue to maneuver and twist apart the Organized Bisistars. They use their quicker, but less powerful ships to bait and surround the individual ships and destroy as many of the opposing fleet as possible. This is not enough however, as the Bisistar manage to destroy more ships than the Bastnliues can recuperate.

  • Caitius: "Hold the line, brave Bastnliues! we will prevail! All ships divert all power to the Weapons and Shields, we must not allow them to attack the Capital!"

Admiral Kaedar during the Calamity of Usmilia.

Thing begin to look bleak for the defending party, as the 2,000 ship fleet is reduced to 1,300 ships, and the Bisistar lose only 200 out of their 750 strong fleet. However the Bastnliues push on with great resolve, and they refuse to admit defeat in the face of these aggressors.

  • Liberty A.I.: "Admiral Caitius! We are reciving a transmission! From the New Cyrannian Republic!."
  • Caitius: "Onscreen now! *Mutters: By the Thirteen, help us in our dire time!"
  • Gialu Kaedar: "This is Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar of the Republic dreadnought Star of Cyrannus. President Apaltar sends his regards, and with it, the full might of the New Republic. Form up along with our flotilla and we will take the fight to these shapeshifting cowards."
  • Caitius: "Thank the Gods! Prime Defense Fleet, adhere to the New Republic's formation, Lets end this fight once and for all!"

The two fleets form up, bolstering the Bastnliues fleet to completely outnumber and outgun the Bisistars and their irreplaceable numbers. Ship after ship of the Bisistars attempt to take on the mixed forces of the flotilla and each are destroyed and left to drift among the ruins of the previous casualties. The Bisistar Captain, Naticodoga begins to worry, as his fleet is cut down one by one, even as he attempts to direct maneuvers and strategies to his underling commanders.

The battleground soon becomes a firework display, as the Bisistar fleet is destroyed, filling the sky above Usimilia with light of varying colors, green, blue, red, all representing the same objective and result, the destruction of the Bisistar fleet, and the end of the Calamity of Usmilia.

In the end, but one ship remains of the Bisistar fleet after a full day of chaos, fighting and intrigue, and that is of the Bisistar commanders, Naticodoga. A pinnacle of the Bisistar Domains technology, A World Eater, destroyer of entire worlds and species, lies surrounded on all sides. Attempts at forcing an Unconditional Surrender end in futility and the entire combined fleets of the New Cyrannian Republic and the Bastnliues Republic are given the order to fire, destroying the flagship of the Bisistar invasion fleet completely, thus ending the life of the once powerful Tabornok Naticodoga.

The Two Republics RejoiceEdit


Apaltar and Applon discuss the Bastnliues joining the Mou'Cyran Accords after the battle.

Three days after the end of the Battle, on Mou' Cyran

The battle between the illusive Bisistar and the unwavering Bastnliues has drawn to a close, but tensions between them may still run high. This invasion has only come to strength the resolve of the nation rather than destroy it, and the New Cyrannian Republic and the Bastnliues Republic have become closer in relations as a result. Lord Applon himself, has visited the Capital of the Republic, Mou'Cyran, to personnally thank President Apaltar for his assistance in their dire time.

During his visit to the capital, Apaltar took the Lord to the Mou' Cyran Accords Council Chamber, to introduce and possible entice the leader to join him and many other nations in promoting their message of Peace throughout the Gigaquadrant. They exchange conversation as they proceed down the halls to the main chamber.

  • Applon: "President Apaltar, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance only a few days past, but why have you taken me here? "
  • Apaltar: "I would like to formally invite the Bastnliues Republic to join the Mou'Cyran Accords."
  • Applon: ""President Apaltar, it would truly be an honor to join the Accords, but i must ask, why us? We are but a fledgling in a galaxy long since colonized
  • Apaltar: "Do not underestimate your people's resiliance in the face of adversary. Even civilisations which may seem small can change the course of the galaxy. The Accords provide hope for trillions across the Gigaquadrant. We would be honoured if you would join us."
  • Applon: ""You speak of truth Apaltar, we cannot refuse such an offer, the Bastnliues Republic will gladly accept your offer, and we hope to help in your mission of Intergalactic peace
  • Apaltar: "Welcome to the Accords, Applon. Together, we will surely accomplish much."

The two then walk into the main chamber of the Accords, and Apaltar introduces the new member of the Accords to the rest of the Council, an act that will help lay the foundation for future prospects and alliances between many accquaintances and many friends in an uneasy galaxy and a dangerous Universe.


In the Cyranai Galaxy, the Ri'nanov - the Queen of the Bisistar Domain - emotionlessly overlooked the endless expanse of space from her lofty tower stretching beyond the confines of the homeworld of Daehhrex's atmosphere. Approaching her from behind was a large armoured Bisistar adorned in the biotechnological armour indicative of a high rate within the Bisistaran Fleet.

  • Ri'nanov: "Speak, Serecarcataes."
  • Serecarcataes: "Defeated, Ri'nanov most powerful, by the vile natives of Usmilia and the fell interlopers. The Tabornok is a burning carcass in the void."

The Ri'nanov remained emotionless. Unfeeling. And yet the cold fury in her voice was unmistakeable.

  • Ri'nanov: "His death is fortuitous. For if he returned, he would bare witness to my... disappointment."
  • Serecarcataes: "By your word, Ri'nanov."

The Ri'nanov finally turned away from the expanse of space, toward Serecarcataes.

  • Ri'nanov: "You... Serecarcataes. You will be his successor. Ensure that this defeat by the inferiors is not repeated. On your head be the future of our presence in the galaxy of the unclean. Leave immediately and ensure that our plans face no more impediments."
  • Serecarcataes: "In'azh i'nba notezem i'anasai'bisistaran, Ri'nanov.

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