Mere days after the battle of Ramalivua, the HoloNet was filled stories and reports about the valiant defense of one of the Rambo protectorates. Together with the increasing rise of prominence of the recently return Ramirith, people were confident that the Hutter Kingdom would not dare to strike again. With the recent victory at Ramalivua and the continuing strengthening of the Navy, Rambo Command increased her patrols and hold over the Ramsoria Run, though also began enforcing her threats to block any unauthorized operations within their own space.

At court, many nobles were pleased with the current events, though the Sinleri Prince was not so easily forgiven and none could imagen what they were about to do!

Battle of Ramar ShaddaEdit


The leaders of the Hutter Kingdom pressed their secret infiltration of Quadrant 82, forging secret shipyards within Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel territories, located east of prominent Rambo Nation colonies like Ramar Shadda. Warlord Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer managed to elude capture after their defeat at Ramalivua and were left stranded at the recently conquered Thelliria, now the prime target of Rambo Nation to remove the Hutter presence within the Unclaimed Territories.


Holographic Kael'Thalas gives new instructions to Liandra

Back in the Heer Stekeveel territories, War Lady Liandra was contacted by her liege Lord, Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing by hologram.

  • Liandra: "Your highness, what an honor!"
  • Kael’Thalas: "Spare me the niceties my Lady, I have need of your cunning! Warlord Gaitonius and Bloodhammer have failed in securing Ramalivua but managed to get the artifact and my sister, though are now stranded at the Thellirian homeworld."
  • Liandra: "That is far to the east of the Heer Stekeveel territories, it will be difficult to bypass the Rambo securities with a fleet."
  • Kael’Thalas: "You will not go to Thelliria my lady, you will strike at Ramar Shadda! Secure that planet and threaten their precious home world! That will delay their plans to attack Thelliria and give us more time to act. "
  • Liandra: "As you command your highness."

Liandra smiled, she was to become part of the opening battle of the war against Rambo Nation!

Part 01Edit

The lord of Ramar Shadda, Ramannis Le Rambo was abruptly awakened from his sleep by the alarms, indicating danger. Confused, he was convinced the hail storm season had already passed. Suddenly one of his guards entered his room.

  • Guard: "My Lord! Doom is upon us! The warriors of the Journey of Salvation have arrived!"
  • Ramannis: "What? The Hutter dare to attack us?"

The guard acknowledges and aided the Lord of Ramar Shadda with putting on his armor. Grabbing his sword, Ramannis was ready to defend his home.

  • Guard: "My Lord, we already have received word that the listening station has fallen, Ramsterdam is under siege as well."
  • Ramannis: "By the Gods, where did the Hutter come from? And how did they evade our defenses?"
  • Guard: "No idea my Lord, they dropped out of warp west of us."

Ramannis faces Lady Liandra during the Battle of Ramar Shadda

Ramannis raised an eyebrow, west did he say? Ramannis followed the guard through the hallways, pondering about the guard words. He did know rumors had it that west were territories of the ancient Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel. Could it be they survived and thrived and joined the Hutter Kingdom? Much was still unknown about the recent aggressive motives of the Kingdom. Going outside, his fears were confirmed, the Heer Stekeveel fought with orcs side by side with Sinleri and Hutter, the Kingdom had united others under its banner. Rallying his guard, Ramannis stormed into the enemies ranks, felling many to his sword until he met the enemy commander in personal battle, the Sinleri Lady Liandra.

  • Liandra: "Lord Ramannis of House Le Rambo, a pleasure to meet you."

Ramannis noticed Lady Liandra’s battle stance and radiating staff and eyes with dark and fell energies.

  • Ramannis: "I can’t say I agree, Sinleri Witch. Withdraw yourself from this planet and leave us be."

Liandra smiled viciously.

  • Liandra: "I beg to differ."

That being said, a massive energy surge hit Ramannis dead on, paralyzing his arms and legs as he fell on his knees. Liandra approached, touching Ramannis his beak.

  • Liandra: "I like it, a Serindia Lord kneeling for me."

Ramannis world turned dark shortly afterwards, waking up the other morning in a cage as a prisoner of the Hutter Kingdom.

Part 02Edit

The normally quiet and serene halls of the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana were now filled with cursus, shouts and a very angry Ramashe stampeding through the hallways.

  • Ramashe: "How is this possible vice-admiral. An invasion of the Kingdom by the West? What is west of Ramar Shadda?"
  • Ramcard: "We do not know your highness, it is uncharted…"
  • Ramashe: "I don’t care! They have taken Ramar Shadda, threatening our capital and holding my uncle as a prisoner!"

Vice-admiral Ramcard remained quiet and followed Ramashe into her war room. To his surprise Ramashe replaced her nightgown with her rather unseen battle armor, Ramcard dutifully helped his Empres putting on her armor.

  • Ramashe: "Rally the fleet, first Ramalivua and now an invasion within sovereign Rambo territory? The Inner Core? They certainly lost their minds this time."
  • Ramcard: "My Lady, it might be advisable not to take rash decisions."
  • Ramashe: "Rash? I will crush their occupation before they can take hold or dig themselves in."
  • Ramcard: "I totally agree your highness, but why do you have to go their yourself?"
  • Ramashe: "Because the attack at Ramar Shadda is an attack at House Le Rambo holdings. I will hear no more of it, prepare the fleet and send word to my uncle!"

Ramcard nodded with a frown, he never totally understood the morale and honor of the noble houses, he himself being born in a common house. Half an hour later a rather angry Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and Ramashe’s daughter, Ramanei Joy Feather talked with the Empress.


Ramashe prepares for War!

  • Rambarth: "Your highness, this is madness. Let me go to get my brother."
  • Ramashe: "No uncle, you will remain here as Regent, lecture my daughter how to rule and keep the Nation running while I and my household, admirals and officers will send the Kingdom reeling for safety. Rule my Nation with care uncle, and please treat the Cyrannians fairly, and trust Apollo like I do, he is a brave and great Libertus."

Rambarth shook his head in disbelieve, claiming her presence at Ramar Shadda could endanger her life if she was on the battlefield herself. His words didn’t reach Ramashe senses, and she said her goodbyes to both of them. Before she could turn around, Rambarth grabbed her lower arm.

  • Rambarth: "A noble act to go into battle, please be careful my dear. And fear not, Apollo is one of the few Cyrannians we can trust blindly."

Ramashe smiled at the sudden kind words of her uncle, who normally was quite stern in most things. Placing her other hand at his side of his head, she noticed how old he actually became in recent years.

  • Ramashe: "I will uncle, take care."

Ramashe turned around, gave a swift kiss to her daughter and marched with her Royal Guards towards the landing platforms. Rambarth laid his hands on Ramanei’s shoulders, patting them for comfort.

  • Rambarth: "She is now heading towards battle my dear child, our Warrior Princess shall strike fear into the hearts of our enemies."

She just had on other thing to do, to say goodbye to Apollo.

Part 03Edit

Apollo sat his ambassadorial desk, reading some reports given by Rambo Command about the recent aggression of the Hutter Kingdom, after all they destroyed dozens of Cyrannian vessels on the Ramsoria Run, disrupting trade between Cyrannus and the Quadrant Galaxies. Suddenly two Serindia Royal Guards entered the room, surprising Apollo. Behind them strode in Ramashe, clad in an armor he hadn't seen before.

Apollo stood from his desk and bowed his head slightly.

  • Apollo: "Ramashe... nice get-up. What's the occasion?"

Ramashe kisses Apollo before departing for battle.

Ramashe smiled, and sighed.

  • Ramashe: "We just received word Apollo, Ramar Shadda has fallen in hands of the Hutter Kingdom, my uncle taken captive."
  • Apollo: "That's horrible, I wonder what has provoked the Hutters into walking the path of conquest. If you need Republic support, I'm sure Fleet Command will agree with back up your forces. The Hutters must learn that such blind aggression will not be tolerated."
  • Ramashe: "Thank you my friend, but I cannot wait. Holding a Le Rambo seat will weaken my position among the noble houses. I wanted to say goodbye efore I left. I will lead the assault myself to take back what is ours. Though I fear the New Republic has to fear for their safety as well if things continue."

Apollo appeared shocked and nervous.

  • Apollo: "You don't mean to say that you will actually be fighting!? Y-you are the Empress... this Nation needs you!"

Apollo's voice changed to a quiet whisper.

  • Apollo: "I-I need you too."

Ramashe walked forward towards Apollo and placed her hands at his snout, with a small kiss she replied.

  • Ramashe: "I need you too, but I have to do this, they attacked a holding of House Le Rambo, to keep the nobles in check, I need to defend my own house. And you know I can defend myself a bit. No need to worry Apollo. Watch my daughter, she is not used to the Palace, and please don't give my uncle a hard time. Take care Apollo, until we meet again."

Apollo sadly watched as Ramashe left the room. Feeling deeply concerned for Ramashe's safety as well as conflicted about her kiss

Chapter 04Edit

25th of january, two days after the taking of Ramar Shadda, RN-2052, Clone Marshall Mortar looked annoyed behind his helmet, though he was happy to leave the peaceful plains of Carnthedain and trade them for battle at the snow fields of Ramar Shadda, he felt nothing for the presence next to him. Supreme Empress Ramashe looked amazing in her shining armor and a true boost of morale for his troopers, but her presence endangered her life, something Mortar was supposed to protect above all. Within the weather station near Ramsterdam, Mortar informed Ramashe of their current progress, their advance was halted by Hutter fighters and QHeer Stekeveel forces that buried them in behind the walls of the grand city of House Ramglover.


Morar, Ramashe and Ramantas discuss their plans to retake Ramsterdam

  • Mortar: "B-but your majesty, without covering fire from our walkers, we cannot breach their walls! Our advance is halted and with a snow storm coming our way, we need to get into the city before it hits us."
  • Ramashe: "Nonsense, I will not bombard that city while the citizens are still within it trooper. You will have to design a new plan. Understood?"

Mortar sighted, he knew the Rambo valued their home, but sometimes collateral damage could not be prevented and he saw no alternative. Watching an holographic projection of the city, captain Ramantas Ramgrath (their navy liaison) stepped forward as he suddenly entered the weather station.

  • Ramantas: "If I may your highness, I might have a suggestion."

Both Mortar and Ramashe nodded, eager to hear an alternative.

  • Ramantas: "It is quite controversial, but perhaps that might give us the advantage we need."

Ramantas pointed towards mountain hills surrounding Ramsterdam, indicating they should attack from above the city. Mortar immediately dismissed the suggestion, claiming the hutter fighters would shoot down their drop ships and fighters before any could land or start an assault. Ramantas simply smiled, he did not mean to attack from above with fighters and drop ships, much to the surprise of both.


Battle of Ramsterdam!

The next morning on the 26th, Ramashe stood atop one of the walkers, the wind freezing cold while she overlooked the city of Ramsterdam. In the distance she could see Mortar and his troops assaulting the front wall, distracting the Hutter forces below. Ramashe notified the walkers commander to begin their descend, as the walker arrived at the top of the mountain, it began scaling down the cliff, all the while firing its cannon at the Hutter installations below. Next to it, troopers scaled down the cliff with ropes as well. The Hutters were taken by surprise, a two front assault left their ranks scattering for cover as the Rambo tanks reached the walls they crashed through it, followed by deploying troopers who began securing their perimeter.

Within two hours, Ramsterdam was secured and the Hutter forces that were unable to escape were rounded up and taken captive by the clone troopers. An excited captain Ramantas approached the empress.

  • Ramantas: "Your highness, that was quite impressive. If I may be so bold, well done."

Ramashe smiled, placing a hand on the shoulder of the Serindia captain she told him it was his idea and it was nice to be among the people once more, remembering her times as a captain herself. As night approached, the snow storm was increasing in strength, the Rambo forces and citizens of Ramsterdam would remain the night in the city before pressing on the following morning.

Chapter 05Edit


Frozen victims of the Rambo march!

The following morning at the 27th, most of the Rambo forces left Ramsterdam and began crossing the snow fields of the planet, walkers, tanks, buggies and drop ships began their slow advance to the fortress bastion where the Hutter forces kept Lord Ramannis Le Rambo captive. During their march, the Rambo forces found the bodies of the fleeing Hutter forces that were caught in the storm, frozen to death and stiffened by the cold. Mortas kneeled next to a frozen QHeer Stekeveel warrior.

  • Mortas: "They did not have a chance, caught in the frozen storms they froze to death in seconds."

Ramashe looked down with sorrow in her eyes.

  • Ramashe: "They should have surrendered marshal, their fate is their own the moment they decided to invade this planet."

Mortas shook his head in disbelieve, the empress forgot that it were the monarchies, the generals and lords and ladies that send their own forces towards their doom, the soldiers simply followed and obeyed. After a few hours the outskirts of the fortress came in view. Mortas noticed Ramashe looked grim, the final battle for Ramar Shadda was about to begin, with the fate of her uncle in the balance.

  • Ramashe: "Marshall, I do not wish to damage the structures, understood?"
  • Mortar: "B-but your highness, that is near impossible!"
  • Ramashe: "You will do as I command, that fortress is ancient cultural heritage, understood!"
  • Mortar: "As you command……"

Pinned down by fire from above the walls, Ramashe and Mortar discuss a change of approach

Mortar began relying orders to his troopers, the walkers took position but did not fire at the fortress yet. Instead the clone troopers marched towards the outer borders of the city, with the walkers covering the tanks. The Hutter forces were slowly driven back, though the clone troopers took casualties as well. After three hours of fighting, the Rambo forces were still pinned down at the outskirts of the city, while the Hutter ground forces kept them there due to their position from up the walls of the fortress. Standing near the saloon, Mortar approached Ramashe, who was slightly injured due to an incoming mortar impact a few meters from her position. Various bleeding scars were visible where there was no armor protecting her body.

  • Ramashe: "Marshall, we have to do something about this situation. Suggestions?"
  • Mortar: "None your highness, none that will spare structure of the fortress. I suggest to bombard the walls with the walkers."

Ramashe sighted, tired of combat and the screams of the citizens within the walls.

  • Ramashe: "We can’t, the Hutters keep the citizens hostage within the walls. We could sneak in around it?"

Mortar looked at a paper mini map of the fortress, and nodded, there was a chance to get within the walls without being noticed. Taking a platoon, Ramashe and Mortar arrived at the other side of the fortress near twilight, it took them a long time while the others Rambo forces kept the Hutter forces occupied. With the coming cover of darkness, the troopers and Ramashe began climbing the mountain wall towards the outer lower walls.


An alernative route into the castle

  • Mortar: "Why are we going to take this route your highness?"

Ramashe smiled,

  • Ramashe: "Because, dear trooper, a family escape route has been constructed near here and I have the reserve key with me! I grew up here when I visited my uncle when I was a child myself, I explored almost every inch of this castle."

Mortar nodded in agreement and used a hand sign to pick up the pace of the fellow troopers. Within moments Ramashe found the secret door and managed to open it, the troopers went in first, securing the lower levels including the dungeons.

Ramashe flung herself in her uncle’s arms, who looked tired and worn, but with a fierce desire for vengeance in his eyes. With aid of the other troopers they managed to free the imprisoned guards and armed them. One of the guards went outside and blew the horn of danger, the sign for the troopers below to march upon the walls. The Hutter forces were taken by surprise as Rambo troopers and guards emerged within the castle walls, their commander, Lady Liandra looked furious but she and her guards were soon surrounded.


Ramannis, Ramashe vs Liandra!

Ramashe and Ramannis approached the Sinleri sorceress, her eyes glowed with a fiery flames of pure red.

  • Liandra: "You will never get me alive Rambo scum!"

Ramannis suddenly spurred forward with is sword though was hit by the magic’s of Liandra and send back, crashing hard into a nearby wall. Ramashe readied herself and launched a bolt of lightning at the sorceress, who managed to block it.

  • Liandra:"Impressive your highness. But far from enough to stop me."

Another bolt of magic hit Ramashe who was send to her knees after the magic of Liandra showed her terrible visions of fear and agony. Mortar has seen enough and ordered to open fire, though Liandra’s magical shield protected herself from harm, it distracted her long enough for Ramashe to counter attack Liandra’s spell. A powerful blast of pure magic hit Liandra, who was send to the ground as well. Hissing and cursing in ancient Sinleri the fist of Ramannis made an end to her muttering. Standing over the fallen sorceress Ramannis booming voice sounded over the city.

  • Ramannis: "Ramar Shadda is liberated! We are free!"

Ramannis turned to his niece and kissed her hand with a bow, the other Ramar Shadda citizens cheered and bowed as well for their Empress. Ramar Shadda was liberated and Lady Liandra was a candidate for the orbital prisons of Ramghatulk.


With the victory at Ramar Shadda, the Hutter Kingdom licked their wounds, though all still was planned by their ruler, Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, the threat of invasion and increased agression of the Hutters meant that Rambo Nation took a more military approach once more, something that could threaten the cooperation between the Lianna Initiative members and their trust with the New Cyrannian Republic.

Now that the Rambo were send on the edge, the Prince needed to await its next move, that could prove disastrous for Rambo Nation and had the potential to shatter the peace in the Quadrant Galaxies.

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