The Battle of Ramalivua is the first major conflict fought in the Tertius Bellum, a significant turning point in the already detoriating relations between Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom. The conflict threatens to tear the peace apart within the Quadrant Galaxies!

Battle of RamalilvuaEdit



The Hutter Kingdom starts their assaults against Ramalivua

Stardate 15-01-08AQF, two weeks after the Hutter invasion of Thelliria, at behest of the war council of the Hutter Kingdom; warlord Anjulius Gaitonius was tasked to find Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing his younger sister, that was hiding on Ramalivua. The planet, however was a protectorate of Rambo Nation and an invasion or threat would surely result in a Rambo intervention. None the less, Gaitonius complied with the orders of his liege lord and assaulted the patrolling Ramalivua ships at the borders before starting an incursion at the planet. To find his prey, he enlisted the aid of fellow warlord, the fearsome orc leader, Bolgrash Bloodhammer.

The Hutter vessels outmachted and outgunned many of the older, slow and large Tirithian vessels, the so called protectors of Ramalivua, an attack at the space station in orbit was imminent.!

Chapter 01Edit

Ser Ramjon Martin Ramelzen, the young leader of Ramalivua Tirith read the reports of the space fleet with dread. For the first time in the history of Ramalivua, the planet faced an invasion by an alien force, notable a kingdom they never encountered before. Sighting, he had already send his sister, Rayria Mary Ramelzen to the Rametru Nui for safety, though he feared for the safety of her and his people that remain on Ramalivua. Rumors were the northern orcs had allied themselves with the Hutter Kingdom, threatening both Ramalivua Tirith and the orc bastion, Orcgrubad. The commander of the Tirithian forces, General Tyrius Varian sought to join forces with Orcgrubad to protect their planet, though the young Serindia lord felt nothing for a cooperation with orcs. Instead, he had another idea, there were some that pledged their support and protection when his house pledged fealty to the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation. Opening an emergency channel, he was ready to demand an honoration of the treaty his ancestors signed years ago.


Ser Ramjon informs Ramashe and asks for aid!

  • Ramjon: "Hail your majesty, supreme empress Ramashe of House Le Rambo! I, ser Ramjon Martin Ramelzen request an emergency audience with you!"

The Empress looked surprised and send various people away before replying.

  • Ramashe: "Greetings Ser, to what honor?"
  • Ramjon: "I bring bad tiding your majesty, aliens threaten the safety of Ramalivua, an invasion is imminent and my fleets cannot turn the tide of this zealous Journey of Salvation.

Ramashe looked concerned, she had read the reports of the aggressive expansion of the Hutter Kingdom as well and their so called Journey of Salvation."

  • Ramashe: "Fear not Ser Ramelzen, House Le Rambo will honor your pledge of fealty! You can expect Rambo reinforcements within two days. We shall protect Ramalivua, if the Hutters want to cross swords with us, so be it."

Ramjon bowed but looked surprised as well.

  • Ramjon: "Forgive my curiosity your highness, does the Senate not to improve an armed intervention?"

Ramashe rose from her chair as Ramjon’s transmission became blurry, the Hutters had arrived within the Ramalivua System. Her voice was one of determination and resolve.

  • Ramashe: "By the Royal Authority bestowed upon me, I bypass the bureaucracy of the people’s elected. Hang on Ser, aid is on its way."

As the transmission fell away, Ramashe eyes narrowed in anger. Once again someone dared to challenge the might of Rambo Nation, though months earlier she declared a less militaristic road while on Lianna-station, it seemed galactic events demanded otherwise. Pressing a button at her desk, her she relied her orders to her Rambo Command- liaison officer.

  • Ramashe: "Get me the admiralty at once, the Rambo are gearing up for war!"

Chapter 02Edit


Anjulius and Bolgrash find and corner their mark!

At the 17th of January, the Sinleri princess in exile, the adventurous Finduliaë Bloodwing walked the balustrade of the Orcgrubad arena, deep in though after her recent visit to creepy and abandoned Creckel city Creckabad, she found nothing but an empty ghostly city.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by someone blocking her path, she had grown accustomed to the rude and brutal orcs and their contempt of humanoids, but the creature in front of her was something different. Narrowing her eyes she politely asked if she might pass, keeping her courteously in mind that always seemed to please the orcs. To her surprise the green reptilian simply smiled and readied his axe-weapon.

  • Finduliaë: "W-what do you want from me stranger?"
  • Gaitonius: "Greetings your highness, I bring warm words of your broth, Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing."

Rambo reinforcements arrive at Ramalivua

Finduliaë froze at her place, did her brother finally located her, the one true threat to his might and rule? Before she could reply a large shadow appeared behind her, a massive brown orc with a sickening smile and awful stench.

  • Bolgrash: "So this is the sister of our Prince? You are coming with us girl, before my green brothers are starting to ask questions."

Before Finduliaë could react, she was knocked at her back head by Bolgrash and her world went dark when her knees fell underneath her. Bolgrash threw the young Sinleri princess over his should and together with Gaitonius they made their way out of the city and were transported to Gaitonius D-5 cruiser that was landed miles away. At the cruiser, the two warlords were unhappily surprised by the news the crew had for them. It seemed problems had arrived, as in orbit two Caradhras-Class carriers, the Excelsior-Class USS Intrepid and the Constellation-Class, USS Hathaway had arrived to aid Ramalivua.

Chapter 03Edit


Chi Chodecra onboard the bridge of the USS Intrepid

Onboard the USS Intrepid, an Excelsior-Class under command of captain Aur'Luthiaen, Inquisitor Chi Chodecra was pleased. At his own request, he asked Empress Ramashe if he could aid in their effort to defend Ramalivua. Ramashe was surprised and as anticipated complied. The Serindia Empress agreed with any chance and opportunity to improve the relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, partly of course to his own dark influence over her as well. Chodecra did not aid the Rambo efforts at Ramalivua out of the goodness and concern over the people of Ramalivua, the intelligence gathered over the last few weeks about the Hutter Kingdom, indicated that their new leader, a Sinleri by the name of Kael’Thalas Bloodwing was in search of his sister, who appeared to be hiding at Ramalivua. If he could secure her for the Emperor, the Empire would have a powerful asset or bargain against the Kingdom.

  • Chi Chodecra: "Captain, scan the area for Hutter activity, an attack is imminent with our arrival in the system, signal the carriers to deploy their troops near Ramalivua Tirith."

The Ancrevialicia captain looked with disgust at the Inquisitor, her first mission and it was under an Inquisitor of the Empire. None the less she nodded and began issuing orders for the task force to ready themselves.

As the ground forces of Rambo Nation deployed themselves near Ramalivua Tirith, many found it odd there were no clear signs of a Hutter invasion force. Instead, the Brown Orcs launched hit and run tactics against the Rambo clone troopers. The defenders of Ramalivua Tirith, with aid of the Rambo troopers pushed the Brown Orcs back towards Skull Temple, a holy place to all Orcs of Ramalivua.


Allied forces ready to besiege Skull Temple

Days later, at the 19th of January, standing near the edge of the plateau for Skull Temple, lieutenant Valeeria Stormcarver, general Tyrius Varian and captain Ramantas Ramgrath looked at the few Orcs defending the temple, while their walkers took their positions.

  • Tyrius: "It is almost unfair, our advanced weapons against the orcs."
  • Valeeria: "Hmpf, we should have eradicated them long ago sir."

Ramantas looked surprised towards the two bickering Tirithian officers.

  • Ramantas: "We gave them a warning not to take up arms against House Ramelzen general, their disobedience is their own. Warlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer is hiding in the temple is he not? Capturing one of the Hutter Warlords will give us a great advantage."
  • Tyrius: "It would, but still."
  • Valeeria: "Nothing can change their fate now general!"

Ramantas nodded in agreement, raising his hand, the walker began firing at the fortified positions of the orcs who immediately sought shelter. Deep within the caverns underneath the temple, Bolgrash felt the impacts of the Rambo mortars, as dust and rocks fell from the ceiling. Growling in anger he returned his attention to the Bloodwing Princess, he had to make haste.


Bolgrash urges Finduliaë to activate the artifact

  • Bolgrash: "Come on Princess, activate the defenses of the artifact!"
  • Finduliaë: "I-I, do n-not wish to."

Bolgrash laughed, he was given a mind control stone and even the Bloodwing Princess was unable withstand it. As Finduliaë succeeded, Bolgrash made a small cut in her hand and watched her blood fall upon the artifact, glowing and radiating with power. Smiling again he handed the princess over to one of his officers while he held the artifact and his hammer.

  • Bolgrash: "It is time to strike back against these Rambo scum!"

As Bolgrash found his way out of Skull Temple, his booming voice was heard over the battlefield.

  • Bolgrash: "Flee! Flee you wretched souls! The Unspoken Terror lend me his powers!

Raising his axe in the air, a sudden rain and whirlwind crashed down upon the Rambo assailers, whose walkers became stuck in the mud, allowing the orc to regain a momentum." Bolgrash strode down the stairs of the temple and marched straight into battle, smashing Tirithian and Rambo forces aside with his hammer, stronger than ever it seems as he pushed his enemies back. Smashing his hammer into the ground, an earth attack destroyed one of the walkers that was stuck.


Bolgrash faces Tyrius in personal combat

  • Tyrius: "That damnable orc is stopping our advance. Ramantas, regroup your forces and fall back. I don’t know what Bolgrash has done but we need to regroup. I will hold the line, get your walkers out of here. Valeera, take our forces as well! I will remain with the vanguard to hold our retreat."

The two others officers nodded in acknowledgement, though Valeera looked concerned as she saw Tyrius reforming a line to slow the advance of Bolgrash. In the midst of battle, Tyrius and Bolgrash faced each other in personal combat. Circling around each other, Bolgrash seemed to be in blood fever, growling and breathing heavily. Suddenly he launched forward, swinging his hammer at Tyrius, who narrowly managed to dive underneath it. Tyrius managed to wound the massive orc’s right knee with his sword, bringing the might orc to one knee, growling in pain.

  • Tyrius: "Surrender you filth!"

Looking straight in the eyes of the human general, Bolgrash simply laughed, taking the general by surprise as his fist send the general flying in the air. Getting to his knee, Bolgrash fist hit the general in the face, breaking is lower cheek.

  • Bolgrash: "Your time is over old man, I will enjoy breaking your little girl protégé.

The last thing Tyrius saw, was Bolgrash raising his hammer in the air his words, closing his eyes Tyrius made peace with himself."

Chapter 04Edit


Anjulius' D5 cruiser intercepted by the USS Intrepid and USS Hathaway

The defeat at Skull Temple was a blow to moral, a quarter of the Rambo forces were either disabled or wounded, leaving the remaining forces to defend Ramalivua Tirith and the fate of general Tyrius Varian was a mystery. A day after the battle, at the 20th of January, Anjulius Gaitonius was still grounded on the planet surface, he was hesitant to leave the planet onboard his cruiser though he knew he had to leave soon as the Rambo forces retaliated after their defeat at Skull Temple. Bolgrash was present as well, with the artifact and the princess, their goal completed they had to leave while space was not yet locked down by the Tirithians.

Charging engines, his D-5 cruiser rose from the surface and headed into space, entering orbit the ship was at once intercepted by both the Hathaway and the Intrepid, their combined fire power enough to disable the D-5 cruiser.

  • Aur'Luthiaen: "Inquisitor, we have disabled the D5 cruiser."
  • Chi Chodecra: "Could, beam me onboard!"
  • Aur'luthiaen: "Sir? That is highly irregular and…"
  • Chi Chodecra: "I did not ask you opinion girl."

With a stern face, Aur Luthiaen nodded in acknowledgement and beamed the Inquisitor aboard the D5 cruiser.


The Hutter Warlords face the Inquisitor

Anjulius was furious, his ship disabled and his plans thwarted for the moment. Holding the Bloodwing Princess in one of the hallways, he looked in horror at the approaching Inquisitor. Bolgrash on the other hand simply smiled, he did not fear humanoids.

  • Chodecra: "Hand over the girl warlords, and you might leave unharmed."

Anjulius readied his axe, though was stopped by Bolgrash.

  • Bolgrash: "Leave this to me!"

The large orc launched himself at the Inquisitor who simply ignited his vibro-sword and blocked the hammer of Bolgrash, sending the hammer out of his hands.

  • Chodecra: "Ignorant!"

With one swift stroke, he impaled the orc’s right lung, spitting up blood and coughing the large orc fell to his knees. Holding his hand to his side Bolgrash was defeated. Anjulius simply smiled and laughed.

  • Anjulius: "You are too late Inquisitor, till next time!"

Anjulius, the princess and the artifact were beamed off the ship, together with Bolgrash when a Hutter D-8 de-cloaked and jumped into warp. Chodecra looked annoyed, the Battle of Ramalivua was won in favor of the Rambo, though he had failed in his objective. The Emperor would be most displeased.

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