In the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, Proconsul Apollo is enjoying a brief respite from intergalactic diplomacy to travel throughout the New Cyrannian Republic. Unbeknownst to him however, a familiar friend has other things in mind. What will occur in this Unexpected Adventure? And will romance bloom amongst the stars?


Chapter One: Journey to RainerudhEdit

Apollo's personal corvette, the Consular travelled silently through the endless voids of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Since leaving Capricaerón, little in the way of anything interesting could be said about the journey to the Republic world of Rainerudh, where scientists had recently discovered an ancient Oikoumene database providing information into the primordial history of this region of space. As the Consular was a fully automated craft, Apollo was the sole passenger and was contently lounging in his room watching his favourite holofilm Planet of the Dvotties. Just as the film reached his favourite part in which the Dvotties finally conquer the world, Apollo heard a familar voice from a corner in the room. It was Gorf.

  • Gorf: "Out of snacks. Always happens when Gorf visits the ship."

Jumping from his seat, Apollo sighed deeply.

  • Apollo: "Gorf!! Remember our discussion about jumping out of nowhere!? About how it's not okay?"
  • Gorf: "Yes."

Apollo looked at Gorf expectantly for a moment before finally sighing from excaserbation.

  • Apollo: "...Nevermind..."

Apollo sat back on the sofa and patted the adjacent cushion for Gorf to sit on.

  • Apollo: "Come on and sit, there's still an hour left before the ship reaches Rainerudh."
  • Gorf: "Yes, greetings, dad Apollo. Rainerudh. What's that?
  • Apollo: "A planet in the border regions. A couple of scientists discovered an Oikoumene artifact there. I think they expect me to make a speech or something... One of the less fun parts of this job."
  • Gorf: "Gorf knows of Oikoumene. Adjunct never shuts up about them."
  • ???: "Correction! A mere 78.9% of my verbal utterances involve the creators!"

The Adjunct had appeared, casting the room in a blue light. Once again, the unexpected sound of another's voice caused Apollo to jump in his place, knocking over a bowl of mays-var snacks.

  • Apollo: "Bloody inferno! Both of you really need to understand the meaning of the word "privacy"!"
  • Gorf: "Gorf understands. He simply chooses to ignore it. Plus it is always good to have Gorf around."

Apollo smiled and tousled Gorf's fur as he picked up the snacks from the ground.

  • Apollo: "Though I suppose I should have expected you, Adjunct. This seems right up your alley."
  • Adjunct: "Indeed. My narrow passageway between two structures includes Creator relics, as you say. However, I confess that I am unfamilar with this world. I will however endeavour to be of assistance."
  • Gorf: "Gorf's creators are better than yours... Gorf thinks. He never actually met them."
  • Adjunct: "The fact that the creators created the construct before you undermines your argument quite severely, Thoi Themek lifeform."
  • Gorf: "You are just a jar with an eye in it. Gorf has arms, and legs. And a second eye. Gorf has five things better than you. Is that not right, dad Apollo?"

Apollo, who had tuned out of the conversation and was in the midst of watching the holofilm looked over at the Adjunct and Gorf.

  • Apollo: "That's great, Gorf, always follow your dreams."
  • Gorf: "... Yey."

After an hour of travel, the ship finally reached its destination, with the blue orb of Rainerudh spread out before the viewscreen against the backdrop of a beautiful crimson nebula. Upon entering orbit, the Consular was contacted by a planetary official, a male Cavaneu known as Alletous.

  • Alletous: "Good morning, Proconsul. This is Senator Alletous of Rainerudh, welcome to our planet."
  • Apollo: "Thank you, Senator. Where can we land?"
  • Alletous: "There is a landing pad near the excavation site. We're sending the coordinates now. Doctor Dané Elenya awaits you there."

Apollo appeared taken aback.

  • Apollo: "... Dané Elenya?"
  • Gorf: "Doctor. Dad Apollo is getting examinated."
  • Apollo: "She's not that kind of doctor, Gorf. We went to the same school when I was small."
  • Gorf: "Ah. An old companion. That makes introductions easier."
  • Apollo: "Here's hoping. We haven't seen each other in a decade or two."
  • Gorf: "We land now before the Adjunct becomes too eager and starts smashing into things. Including Gorf."

Chapter Two: Meeting with the Good DoctorEdit

After several minutes of hurtling through the atmosphere, the Consular finally set down on Rainerudh. When the ship's hatch opened, Apollo stepped out, followed closely by Gorf and the Adjunct, who floated contently behind them, humming a couple of musical notes. Gorf scratched his teeth with one claw, a bored expression on his face as he followed Apollo. The excavation before them stretched to the very fringes of the horizon, while in the distance Apollo could see the leaders of the science team which discovered it, including Doctor Dané Elenya. When they reached the science team, Apollo nodded his head in greeting.

  • Apollo: "Hello there, everyone. This is truly an impressive discovery."

Despite the stature of Apollo's reputation, the science team largely ignored him in favour of the Adjunct.

  • Dané Elenya: "Is that... an Oikoumene artificial intelligence construct?!"

Full of intellectual enthusiasm, Dané rushed forward to inspect the Adjunct, who happily bobbed up and down in the air.

  • Adjunct: "I like this Libertus!"
  • Gorf: "Just a jar with an eye in it!

Apollo cleared his throat and approached the Doctor.

  • Apollo: "He's been with my family since Amemoriam... It's Dané Elenya, right?"

Dané look up at Apollo and appeared somewhat embarrassed about her behaviour. Rising to her feet, she composed herself and held out her hand.

  • Dané: "Sorry about that. Yes, I'm Dané. Never thought I'd see you again, Aedanius. Or do you prefer your lofty divine title?"
  • Apollo: "You can call me whatever you want, Doctor."
  • Gorf: "This is dad Apollo. Not to be confused with kid Apollo. Or Apaltar's hat."

Apollo and Dané smiled at one another.

  • Dané: "Anyway, it's nice to be so highly regarded by the Republic's government. Turns out you only need to discover a vast Oikoumene installation for the Senate to devote any attention to you."

She rose from her feet and walked with the trio along the periphery of the excavation.

  • Apollo: "Funny that, though I hope you realise it's not my doing."
  • Dané: "Ahh, politicians. Who is your little blue friend? I don't think I've met one of his kind before..."
  • Gorf: "Gorf is Gorf, both in name, and in what."
  • Dané: "He's cute. So Gorf, are you enjoying your time here?"
  • Gorf: "No. Too boring. Nothing new."

Gorf suddenly reached his hands to the legs of both Apollo and Dané, gripping them surprisingly tightly despite his much inferior size.

  • Gorf': "Let us go someplace interesting."

Before either could react, the scientists and the Adjunct watched as Gorf and the Libertus duo disappeared in a flash of light. Apollo and Dané found themselves overwhelmed by what looked like a corridor of golden light, a feeling the Proconsul had already felt before. Most specifically, the day he met Gorf.

Chapter Three: New DrakaEdit

The tunnel of light dominated Apollo and Dané's views for several moments until they found themselves in a completely different landscape, one that Apollo could recognize. They were standing at one of the balconies of the Imperial Palace of the Indoctrinate Collective. Gorf let go of them as he begun walking around almost aimlessly.

  • Dané: "W-what the-"

Apollo placed his hands on his hips and glared at Gorf.

  • Apollo: "Gorf..."
  • Gorf: "This place. Smells much nicer. You are welcome."

Dané's eyes widened as she looked around, she had never been here before, but recognised it from holoimages provided by her involvement in Project Exodus several months beforehand.

  • Dané: "New Draka, I believe. But how did you transport us here? For you, my little friend, distance is not a universal invariant! I'm amazed!"
  • Gorf: "Dream magic. Gorf used dream magic."
  • Apollo: "No doubt you have plenty of rational theories, Dané."

Dané smiled at Apollo.

  • Dané: "I always do, Aedanius. Plenty of 'em."
  • ???: "Well, hello."

From behind Apollo and Dané, without making a second, appeared another individual wearing a familiar mask. It was the Ermitant known as Errr, who stared at the two of them from the holes on his mask. Apollo took several steps back, remembering his last encounter with the formerly demonic Errr during the Second War of Black Fog.

  • Apollo: "Y-you... what are you doing here?"
  • Errr: "I did not know you had an appointment with the Empress today, Proconsul."
  • Gorf: "Aaaaah! Aaaah! Scary face!"

Dané was quite confused, but stepped forward.

  • Dané: "Hello, my name is Doctor Dané Elenya. And you are?"
  • Gorf: "A scary face!"
  • Errr: "... I am not a "scary face". I am Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn, royal scientist of the Indoctrinate Collective and one of the minds behind Project Exodus. The fact you are not aware of it shows how much attention you lack, Proconsul."

Apollo's brow furrowed.

  • Apollo: "When last we met, you threatened to annihilate your own people and caused immeasurable damage to the Republic and its citizens. Clearly you have been redeemed but I hope you'll understand my... initial unease."
  • Errr: "... No, I am not redeemed. I did all you stated and much more, and I now wear this mask and serve the Collective as penitence. If it makes you feel any more tranquil, being a head of Exodus was... pleasant. Helping all those worlds relocate themselves."
  • Apollo: "I understand. Doctor Elenya here worked on the Project on the Republica on behalf of my people. But I digress, our companion here has transported us to New Draka without our foreknowledge."

Errr glanced at Gorf, his eyes narrowing as he became somewhat unsettled by his appearance.

  • Errr: "I do not believe you understand what you have in your grasp, Proconsul. That entity is no mere companion."
  • Gorf: "Gorf is not that ugly!"
  • Apollo: "I don't care about what power he has. He's my friend. That's the important thing."
  • Errr: "... I see. He will make for a good bodyguard at least."
  • Gorf: "Gorf no like this man. We leave now."

Gorf ran over to Apollo and Dané, grabbing their legs again as they vanished in a flash of light, blinding Errr for a few moments. As he regained his composure, Errr groaned to himself as he noticed they were gone.

  • Errr: "... Blast. I wanted to ask him what had happened to my people."

Chapter Four: YudumarthEdit

With a faint "pop", Apollo, Dané and Gorf arrived in a desert-like environment covered in red sand and bathed with the yellow light of the system's primary star. The small blue entity looked around before raising a leg and scratching his ear as sand breezed against him.

  • Apollo: "... So, Gorf. Not the best tourist destination. Where are we?"
  • Gorf: "Gorf does not actually know where Gorf goes. He simply goes at random. Have been through truly horrid places."

Apollo nodded, vividly remembering his last... adventure with Gorf. Turning to Dané, he smirked.

  • Apollo: "Hey Dané, imagine if we were stuck in this desert with no way to leave and no food or nutrition... As a matter of interest, do you think you could ever cannibalise someone?"

Dané gazed into the distance thoughtfully.

  • Dané: "Well the idea of it is of course absolutely abhorrent to me, though I suppose under the circumstances, all species are pretty much hard wired to do whatever is necessary to survive."
  • Gorf: "What in hell's name is happening? Dad Apollo suddenly is acting like Tigarlu's mind."
  • Apollo: "It's good to know these things, Gorf. By the way Dané, you've lost weight since our school days, haven't you?"

Dané smiled appreciatively.

  • Dané: "I have actually! Thanks for notic-"

She stopped as she realised Apollo's meaning.

  • Dané: "Funny."
  • Gorf: "Heh. Heh heh heh...? Gorf do not get it."

As Apollo was about to reply, he noticed a ship looming in the sky. A shuttle by the looks of it. As it touched down nearby, the trio kept low to the ground as the hatch of the shuttle opened, revealing two hulking figures. The new arrivals stepped from the shuttle onto the sand, and it soon became clear to Dané that Apollo knew who these figures were and by the sound of a faint whimper, they were not friends.

  • Apollo: "... Z-zillum and Tyrant..."
  • Dané: "The warlords?! They look so much bigger in real-life!"
  • Gorf: "Gorf thinks he has seen these folks before."
  • Apollo: "Keep down!"

Though far in the distance, Zillum's booming voice could still be heard.

  • Zillum: "And thus we arrive at the throne of our new order, Tyrant. From here, our strength will grow to consume all those who defy my designs. We will lay low the Empire's greatest warriors and break the back of the Republic's citizenry until all of Cyrannus realises that the only true power worthy of their devotion... is my own."
  • Tyrant: "You mean our own."
  • Zillum: "I do not recall stuttering, Tyrant."
  • Tyrant: "We are allies and battle brothers, Zillum, but I am not your servant."

Zillum sniffed the air.

  • Zillum: "Yes, this world will do. Though its history of rebellion may prove troublesome in the future. The sadist will have a role to play yet."
  • Tyrant: "We shall see."

As he continued to sniff the air, Zillum's head suddenly cocked to the side, like a hunter in search for prey. Igniting his sword, he growled deeply as he slowly walked toward the trio's position.

  • Zillum: "I recognise the smell of you, Libertus. Come now, step into the open. I wish to welcome to the world of vermilion sands, soon to be graced with the crimson of your blood."

Instead of his expected response, Zillum was met with Gorf emerging from where they were hiding, the creature holding on his hips non-chalantly.

  • Gorf: "Gorf is impressed. Your head is almost as big as Gorf's."
  • Tyrant: "... What is that? Some sort of cat-like primate?"
  • Gorf: "That is prejudice."
  • Zillum: "I have felt your presence before, have I not? Tell me, entity. Where are your Libertus friends, hm?"
  • Gorf: "Gorf has no idea what you are talking about. Gorf has never seen you before."

Still hiding behind a sand dune, Apollo whispered to Gorf.

  • Apollo: "Gorf! Teleport us out of here! Now!"
  • Gorf: "... Woah! Watch out! It is the Ryderallo Monster!

Gorf pointed at the opposite direction in an attempt to distract Zillum, with little success, though he could hear Tyrant scoffing in a distance. Zillum's ears picked up Apollo's voice, causing him to bellow in rage.

  • Zillum: "You!"
  • Gorf: "Gorf did his best, eh?"

Vanishing before Zillum's eyes, Gorf grabbed into the legs of the two Libertus again and they all disappeared in a flash of golden light. His eyes bulged with sheer fury, Zillum roared.

  • Zillum: "No! I had him in my grasp!"
  • Tyrant: "... This was all extremely odd. You will have your chance to kill him later."

Zillum snarled viciously as he returned to the shuttle.

Chapter Five: Charming CountrysideEdit

Suddenly, the trio reappeared on a grassy plain bathed with a golden sun. Panting from their encounter with Zillum and Tyrant, Apollo and Dané looked around apprehensively to ensure that no more unpleasant surprises awaited them beyond the rolling green hills on the horizon.

  • Dané: "So, that was scary."

Apollo sighed and gestured to Gorf.

  • Apollo: "Don't worry. With Gorf around, we aren't in any danger."

Dané scoffed.

  • Dané: "Oh please, Aedanius. There was a definite moment of panic on your face when that Mortalitas charged."
  • Apollo: "You've never seen me panic, Dané. When I panic, I make this face."

Apollo's expression remained impassive as he stared blankly into the distance.

  • Gorf: "Yes. Have seen dad Apollo scared once. When we saw the woman Ramashe who was not actually the woman Ramashe."
  • Dané: "Oh really? I'm pretty sure I also heard a scream..."

Apollo raised his brow.

  • Apollo: "Maybe I did scream. But... eh... it was the scream of someone who just had an epiphany."
  • Gorf: "You scream like little girl at mosasaur man, dad Apollo. Very embarrassing."

Apollo was quite indignant.

  • Apollo: "No... not a girly scream. The scream of someone having an epiphany that being confronted by a murderous warlord is a pretty crappy thing to happen!"
  • Gorf: "Scream like when mother Gianne saw Gorf putting Tigarlu in blending machine. Was just showing it the insides. Not even turned on."

Dané lowered her head to Gorf, speaking conspiratorially.

  • Dané: "... totally a girly scream."
  • Gorf: "Justified but girly scream. Cannot blame. Gorf would do the same... maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. Where are we now again?"
  • Apollo: "I really have no clue."
  • Gorf: "Looks better than desert place at least. No mosasaur man for dad Apollo to scream at here."

Apollo rolled his eyes in jest.

  • Apollo: "I wouldn't continue barking up that bush, Gorf. I have Tigarlu on my side."
  • Gorf: "Tigarlu would sell dad Apollo for a few pieces of bread. He is second most evil thing Gorf has ever seen. Loses only to Apaltar's hat."
  • Dané: "Come on guys, we need to figure out where we are..."
  • Gorf: "You do that. Gorf is busy imagining hat fighting Tigarlu."

Dané placed her hands on her hips and looked around.

  • Dané: "Don't you have some... device thing that can triangulate our position on a galactic map?"
  • Apollo: "Erm... I'm a politician, not an explorer. Anyway, it's not like I'm the one with magical powers."
  • Gorf: "Dream magical powers."

The trio are covered in a monster's saliva.

Kneeling to the ground, Apollo inspected the soil for a moment in an attempt to ascertain what region of this unknown planet they were on. However, he quickly noticed that the grass was covered with an unusual gooey residue. His brow furrowed, he called to Dané.

  • Apollo: "Well this is unexpected..."

He held some of the residue up with his finger.

  • Apollo: "Any idea what it is?"

Dané inspected it closely.

  • Dané: "Well I don't have any of my equipment with me, so I can't say for sure, but it looks a lot lik-"

Her eyes bulged and an expression of disgust appeared on her face.

  • Dané: "... Aedanius, I think it's saliva..."

Gorf, who had his tongue sticking out and nearly touching the substance, quickly put it back on his mouth as he heard Dané speaking. Swallowing hard, Apollo looked up to Dané.

  • Apollo: "Is there any way I can get up as quickly as possible without betraying my cool exterior?"

Retching to himself, he rose to his feet and tried to shake off the saliva. Suddenly, the ground shook violently, with the hills in the distance suddenly morphing into the chest of a slowly rising monstrous lifeform. As the lifeform lifted its gargantuan head, it shook its mouth, spraying the surrounding landscape with its saliva. In shock, the trio remained quite still, with the only sound to be heard being a high pitched "eep" from Apollo.

  • Apollo: "G-g-gorf!"
  • Gorf: "Not-Ryderallo Monster just spit at Gorf. Gorf does not like this place!"

The monster noticed the trio nearby and roared as it got to its feet. Reaching the legs of the two Libertus, Gorf teleported them away, all while shaking himself in disgust.

Chapter Six: OrbispiraEdit

Another transition and the monster was nowhere to be seen. As he continued to shake off linguring remnants of saliva, Apollo looked around the empty corridor they now found themselves in.

  • Apollo: "This looks familiar. Very familiar."
  • Gorf: "... Gorf has bad feeling on his gut."
  • Apollo: "It reminds me of the Presidential Palace on Orbispira. But everything feels out of place. Different... and not in a good way."
  • Gorf: "Orbispira. Ah yes. This where Gorf met dad Apollo."

Dané appeared quite nervous indeed.

  • Dané: "If it is the Presidential Palace, you do know what happened to it right?"

A feeling of dread fell over Apollo.

  • Apollo: "It's now the heart... of the Empire..."
  • Gorf: "That bad, eh."

The trio continued to walk down the spacious corridors of the Palace. Though clearly the same building as the one Apollo and his family occupied during the Great Cyrannus War, the cultural opulence and bright, warm displays were replaced with stark walls occasionally interupted by Imperial regalia. As they walked, Dané heard a figure approach from an oncoming intersection between two corridors. Grabbing Apollo by the shoulder, she tossed both him and Gorf into an adjacent room as the figure walked past. A Libertus adorned in Imperial robes, Apollo recognised him immediately as Potentate Tereyn Aeresius - the leader of much of the Empire's day-to-day concerns.

Aeresius was followed closely by a cadre of aides, who could barely keep up with the Potentate, who spoke incredibly quickly as he passed the room the trio had found refuge in.

  • Aeresius: "... the uprising in Cirith Beleg is unacceptable... inform Grand Mandator Covaitan to hunt down the leaders and make examples of them..."

When the Potentate and his aides were out of earshot, Apollo shook his head.

  • Apollo: "Charming fellow."
  • Gorf: "That not where nightmare people attack you a while ago?"
  • Apollo: "Mmhm. I wouldn't be surprised if there are uprisings against the Vartekians in Andromeda that we in Cyrannus never hear about. The Empire is particularly adept at hiding their dirty work."
  • Gorf: "He speaks like Dvottie on caffeine. Also smells like it."

Apollo and Dané smiled as they continued to walk carefully down the cavernous corridors of the Imperial Palace, at times hiding out of sight as a group of Imperial Guards passed by. Eventually, they reached a large room overlooking an impressive panarama of the spawling and endless city below. Slowly walking to the window, Apollo sighed heavily.

  • Apollo: "I miss this place. The shining beacon of democracy, they called it. Now... this."

He pointed in the distance, where an Imperial Star Destroyer loomed threateningly over the dome of the Senate Tower. Throughout the city below, the red and black flags of the Empire hung from the spires while on the platforms below, Imperial warmachines kept a close watch over the city below.

  • Gorf: "If miss place, then get it back. Not that difficult."

Apollo wistfully looked into the distance, as if considering it. Noticing his demeanor, Dané placed a comforting arm around him, cheering him up somewhat.

  • Apollo: "... Someday."
  • Gorf: "Find guy in charge. Punch his face. Shirtless melee combat. Shoot gun if too hard."

As Apollo was about to respond, they all suddenly felt incredibly cold, to the point where Apollo had a foolish first thought that Gorf had transported them to an ice planet. The room seemed to darken noticably,as all three felt a dark presence approaching the room.

  • Dané: "Don't just stand there! Hide!"

Darting to a small enclave of the room, Apollo and Dané just managed to get out of sight when the doors to the room opened, revealing the Galactic Emperor himself. Though momentarily relieved that they weren't seen, Apollo noticed in horror that Gorf remained standing with his back turned to the door, drawing pictures on the window's condensation.

  • Gorf: "Who turned air conditioner on? Too cold here. Close all windows."
  • Tyrómairon: "Well then... an unexpected visitor."

Gorf's ears twitched and he turned his head to Tyrómairon, and as he took sight of him, his fur raised as he let out a high-pitched scream. It was the first time Apollo had seen Gorf display fear.

  • Gorf: "Oh, by the realm of dreams! No soul! No soul!... Erm... Gorf means, hello, horrifying person."

The Emperor appeared amused by Gorf's actions. Though not in a way that displayed any mirth or happiness. It was an unnerving display. With a serpantine motion, he moved around the desk until he was standing directly in front of Gorf, his dark eyes scrutinising him closely.

  • Tyrómairon: "What brings you to my office... my little blue friend?"
  • Gorf: "... Oh, so you are man in charge... Urm, Gorf got lost on the way to the... erm... bathroom, yes. Please do not eat Gorf, he is not nutritious."
  • Tyrómairon: "Gorf, is it? How interesting. And are you alone, may I ask?"
  • Gorf: "Yes. Alone. No one else here. Gorf is by self. Except you also here. By ourselves. Would rather be by self."

Tyrómairon, who had sensed Apollo and Dané the moment they arrived in the Palace, continued to play along, circling Gorf like a shark.

  • Tyrómairon: "Now, now, my little friend. Let us not prevaricate. How is our dear Proconsul, hmm?"
  • Gorf: "Do not know what that is. Gorf just a lost little... erm... Alavar baby! Yes. Gorf just a lost Alavar kid who needs bathroom."

Tyrómairon lifted his arm, all the while continuing to stare into Gorf's eyes. Both Apollo and Dané levitated from their enclave into view behind Tyrómairon's back. Without turning from Gorf, his voice remained cold and emotionless.

  • Tyrómairon: "Ah, there you are Proconsul. Hiding in the shadows, were we? And Doctor Elenya, is it? I do not believe I'd had the pleasure."

Apollo struggled in mid-air.

  • Apollo: "Unhand us immediately!"

Tyrómairon finally turned from Gorf and wagged his talon-like finger disapprovingly.

  • Tyrómairon: "Temper, temper, Proconsul. It is you who is trespassing."
  • Gorf: "Hey! Leave them alone! Gorf brought them here by accident!"

Tyrómairon's eyes narrowed dangerously as he regarded Dané and Apollo, aware that he could end their existences at any time.

  • Tyrómairon: "I am almost tempted to- but no."

Tyrómairon released his grip, sending Apollo and Dané to a heap on the floor. Gorf gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he looked at Tyrómairon in anger.

  • Tyrómairon: "Such a pleasant visit. But I really have no time to accomodate you all. Do leave from whence you entered. If you encounter any of my guards, I recommend speed. They will not tolerate intruders. Now. Off you go."
  • Gorf: "Yeah, you better leave dad Apollo alone! You would not want to see Gorf angry!"

Apollo nervously beckoned to Gorf.

  • Apollo: "Come on Gorf, quickly. We have outstayed our... welcome."
  • Gorf: "Grrrrr..."

Growling under his breath, Gorf walked over to Apollo and Dané and teleported them in a shining light before Tyrómairon's eyes, causing them to vanish entirely. As they left, however, a new arrival appeared from the shadows of the chamber and bowed to the Emperor. It was the assassin Meketanor.

  • Meketanor: "My lord! That blue animal with the mortal... it had the energies of the Corruptus, but in reverse! I would advise hunting it down!"

The Dark Lord sat at his desk and templed his claws.

  • Tyrómairon: "Hunt it down, you say? Surely you are aware, my loyal Meketanor, that not all mysteries can be solved through mindless violence?"
  • Meketanor: "But... I could bring it to our power, and I could also kill the mortal! I long for a chance of revenge for that time where he humiliated me."

The Dark Lord smirked sadistically.

  • Tyrómairon: "All in good time, Meketanor. All in good time."


A faint "pop" and the trio arrived back on Rainerudh, the ancient Oikoumene dig-site having replaced the spacious office of Tyrómairon in an instant. With a sigh of relief, Apollo looked around, thankfully that they were back where they began rather than another world with either monsters, murderers or emperors.

  • Apollo: "W-well... that was interesting."
  • Gorf: "... Back home! Huzzah! Gorf is saved... and so are you too, yes."

Dané patted Gorf on the head.

  • Dané: "Thanks, little guy. For a day I'll certainly remember... You aren't going to grab my leg and transport me half way across the Gigaquadrant again while I'm not looking, are you?"
  • Gorf: "Gorf is done travelling for a day."

Apollo and Dané say their goodbyes as Gorf and the Adjunct look on.

In the distance, the Adjunct detected their arrival and started to float toward them.

  • Adjunct: "Ah, greetings. Your disappearance caused quite a stir. But I was confident that you remained functional, the whims of the Thoi Themek lifeform notwithstanding."
  • Gorf: "Arguably. At least they are still walking."
  • Apollo: "Anyway, I suppose we'd better say goodbye, Dané. It was good to see you again."

Dané shook his hand and winked.

  • Dané: "Yes sir, Mr. Proconsul, sir."

She saluted him as though he was a military general before bending down to Gorf.

  • Dané: "And thanks for the memories, Gorf."
  • Gorf: "Gorf can give you more of them when he is not frozen in terror."

Standing up again, she nodded at Apollo.

  • Dané: "See you 'round."

She turned and started walking back toward the dig-site. Apollo's crown of feathers lightened slightly in a Libertus expression similar to blushing before hoisting Gorf up onto his shoulders and returning to the ship.

  • Apollo: "See you 'round, Doctor."

Gorf gave Apollo a rather mischievous look.

  • Gorf: "Gorf can feel dad Apollo's feelings and they are of the warm and fuzzy kind."
  • Apollo: "I-I don't know w-what you're talking about."

Apollo became quite flustered.

  • Gorf: "You have warm and fuzzy feelings for the doctor woman, do you not, dad Apollo?"
  • Apollo: "I like her, if that's what you mean..."
  • Gorf: "You want her to take mom Gianne's place."

Apollo's face sank from flustered to deep sadness and guilt.

  • Apollo: "N-no. N-nobody ever will."

He regained his composure.

  • Apollo: "Come on, let's go home."
  • Gorf: "Do not worry, dad Apollo. Gorf and Tigarlu will make sure to banish her vengeful ghost when the time comes."

Apollo gave Gorf a weak, and forced, smile as they returned to the ship.

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