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The New Cyrandia Wars have ended, the conflict that raged and threatened the Cyrannus Galaxy seeing its conclusion in the crimson skies above Vasuband. While the cluster still smothers, the political geography threatened by the defeat of the Primercer, the fall of the Cyrannian Imperial State and the subsequent capture of Tyermaillin, it seemed the Cyrandia Cluster could finally enjoy a new age of peace.

However, the visions of Tyermaillin and the Primercer told of the coming of danger, the war machines of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic were tested, giving others who awaited their time new opportunities, among them the Cyrandia Resistance, the Regellis Star Empire, the Jenassian Regency and the Hutter Kingdom. The new tensions seem to be the build up to a new conflict threatening the Cyrandia Cluter, though the major powers try to prevent another conflict at all costs, others continue to struggle within their own borders like Rambo Nation as more and more voice their opinion to break open the Nim-Glaré Concordat. Meanwhile, Emperor Tyrómairon prepares for the rise of a grave new threat to his power, one that will require all of his strength to overcome.

Welcome to Tertius Bellum, a new saga in the Galaxies at War!


Subplots will run along most or part of the Tertius Bellum and will focus on various characters and their adventures and problems they encounter.

The logs will feature short stories with various characters, though will be chronicled on date and starts on 20 AQF.



The Hutter Kingdom makes its move!

08 AQF/06 NE, the New Cyrandia Wars has finally ended. The Cognatus Empire has been left shattered after the defeat of their leader; the Oikoumene entity known as the Primercer. The Cyrannian Imperial State has been smashed with a crushing defeat at Vasuband and the capture of its leader, Tyermaillin. As dawn rises in the new year in the Cyrandia Cluster, many were relieved the war was over and a period of peace shines upon the Cluster. However new threats awaits the heroes and villians of the Cluster as others who awaited their time began moving their pieces!

  • General Prologue
    Various events are set in motion as the Hutter Kingdom starts their carefully planned incursions of Quadrant 82, starting with the invasion and occupation of Thelliria!
    The incursions start unpredicted events and raises tensions amongst the native Quadrant 82 powers, though one can only wonder where it will all lead to.

Part I: Threat of the TormentorEdit

Sub plots

Hutter ships engage Cyrannian ships at the Ramsoria Run

After the first days of the new year had passed, troubles were far from over. The Hutter Kingdom were causing troubles at the Ramsoria Run with their bird of preys, targeting ships hailing and native from the Cyrannus Galaxy, shattering the safety of the largest and most used trade route of the Quadrant Galaxies.

The frequent assaults of the Hutters at civilian vessels meant political pressure was send against the send against the government of Rambo Nation, who were meant to protect the Ramsoria Run, though the Rambo didn't feel much to go against the Hutters. Elsewhere, the mythical entity Gorf took Apollo and Dané Elenya at An Unexpected Adventure!

Troubles of the Jenassian Kind

Jenassian and Rambo first contact

Main article: Troubles of the Jenassian Kind
First contact between the Jenassian Regency Quadrant Colonial Sector and Rambo Nation turned out to be a disaster. The USS Grissom, an Oberth-Class under command of captain S'aur goes missing just outside the borders of the Rambo Badlands Colonial Sector. Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl tries to play out his own plot against the wishes of the colonial Central Command wich forces Rambo Command to investigate the matter. The investigation is led by captain Venullius of the USS Brittain, a Miranda-Class battleship.

Tension arise between the Jenassian and Rambo due to the engineering of two people though could they avoid a war between their nations?

Battle of Ramalivua

Bolgrash vs General Varian

Main article: Battle of Ramalivua
After the Hutters consolidated their hold over Thelliria and held the Ramsoria Run in fear, they set their eyes upon their next target, with warlord Anjulius Gaitonius spear heading the assault against Ramalivua by systematically testing the defenses of the Ramalivua fleet, starting the first major conflict of the Tertius Bellum, the Battle of Ramalivua. During the battle, Ser Ramjon Martin Ramelzen pledged for aid of Empress Ramashe herself, who ordered her troops to aid Tirithian Lord. As Rambo Nation arrived in orbit and began deploying troops, Warlords Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer searched Orcgrubad for the Bloodwing sister, Finduliaë Bloodwing. Under command of Inquisitor Chi Chodecra the Rambo forces besieged Skull Temple, where a massive gathering of orcs was going on. Though the battle was led by Rambo walkers, general Tyrius Varian, lieutenant Valeeria Stormcarver and captain Ramantas Ramgrath, the battle turned against the allied forces after Bolgrash attained unimagenable powers from an Atlantican artifact and forced the allied troops to retreat. A last valiant stand of General Varian allowed most of the troops retreat unharmed, though the General went missing after personal combat against Bolgrash. Later on in orbit, Chodecra was unable to prevent the escape of the warlords though learned that the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and the Brown Orcs of Ramalivua were now servant of the Hutter Kingdom.

Battle of Ramar Shadda

Battle of Ramsterdam!

Main article: Battle of Ramar Shadda
Shortly after the Battle of Ramalivua, the Hutter Kingdom retalliated against Rambo Nation and attacked Ramar Shadda during the Battle of Ramar Shadda at the 23th of january. Hutter forces under command of Lady Liandra invaded Ramar Shadda and took Lord Ramannis Le Rambo captive. Rambo Nation retalliated and came to aid the ancient seat of House Le Rambo with Empress Ramashe personally leading the assault together with captain Ramantas Ramgrath and RN-2052. After taking both the listening station and Ramsterdam, the Rambo forces continued their march towards Ramar Shadda City but were pinnend down and had difficulties to advance into the city. Due to a plan made up by Ramashe they managed to infiltrate the castle by hidden passages and liberated Lord Ramannis, who rallied his guards and attacked the Hutter forces from within the fortress while the clone troopers pressed their assault beyond the walls.

Eventually both Ramashe and Ramannis faced Lady Liandra in personal combat, at first it seemed Liandra woud gain the upper hand, but the fist of Ramannis ended the battle. With Liandra taken down, the remaining Hutter forces soon surrendered and Ramar Shadda was liberated.

Concordian Liberation

Concordian Liberation starts with the arrival of the allied fleet in orbit

Main article: Concordian Liberation

In february diplomats of the New Cyrannian Republic hosted a diplomatic meeting on Lianna-station. Various delegates met with representatives of the Lianna Initiative to issue an assault at Concordia. The meeting saw some troubles and mistrust but eventually all parties agreed and the first joint operation between the New Republic and the Initiative resulted in the Concordian Liberation.

The battle against the Cognatus Empire was harsh and gruesome, as the proud warriors were difficult to defeat.

Eventually the battle was won in favor of the allied forces, and many saw it as the first steps in rebuilding the once grand Cyrandia Alliance!

Senate Scandal

Dennis George Voltar caused a major scandal within the Rambo Senate

Main article:Senate Scandal

The 12th of march 08 AQF, the young Balaseara reporter, Dennis George Voltar has a meeting with Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. His meeting ended without gaining any useful information to publish an article. However, due to machinations by Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior, who met with the report at Koerband in secret gave him the means to publish an article about corruption within the Rambo Government. Dennis sought out the facts and at the 17th he published his article in the morning news paper, resulting in the senate scandal! The media attention brought a lot of unwanted attention, eventually forcing senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria to resign her position.

Lord Rambarth, with aid of Chuinaylia sought to benefit from the current situation and sought the aid of Fleur Inviere, whom he wanted to elevate to the position of Chancellor of the Royal Crown in service of Rambo Nation.

Fury of Galvarus

Cities were destroyed by incoming debris

Main article: Fury of Galvarus
At 29-03-08AQF, Mortalitas commander Mortikran kills Lizardian admiral Lizaconda after his refusal to support Zillum and wage war upon the Cyrandia Cluster once more. Mortikran uses the superweapon Galvarus and destroys the three moons of the Rambo Capital after firing its main cannon.

The destruction of the moons killed millions of citizens and even more perished when debris of the moons crashed on the surface of the Capital, destroying entire cities and changing the capital's geographic lay out. Countless lives were lost, remaining cities damaged or destroyed by tsunami's and earthquakes, certain wildlife went extinct due to the destruction of their natural habitats. In the aftermath, with the destruction of the Shipyards of Rowar and a large part of the senatorial Government, Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo appointed the Libertus politician, Fleur Inviere and re-organized the political structure and removed Chi Chodecra from office and replaced himself as the Hand of the Monarch.

Da Reckoning

Areshkova taken under fire by the pirate vessel

Main article: Da Reckoning Quadrantia Front
April 08 AQF, still shaken by the destructive power of Galvarus and its subsequent chaos and fall-out, Rambo Nation faces a new threat as Da Rogue Boyz sieged control over the Unified Nation of Ottzello and launched a major campaign against the First Gigaquadrant. A lone Quadrantia Loron pirate, by the name of Nra'inja Metalfoot travelled to the Borealis Galaxy to ally Da Rogue Boyz and siege command over the Quadrant Galaxies. Meanwhile, the Loron invaded Rambo Prime to siege control over the Wormhole Plataeu.

The Loron later managed to hold their blockade over Rambo Prime and even managed to conquer Liothrica II, another planet in the Inner Core.

State Visit

Republic One escorted by Rambo ships for a state visit

Main article: State Visit
The President of the New Cyrannian Republic decided to visit Rambo Nation in the aftermath of the destruction at the capital. Onboard the Republic One, the Trucinex president Nexarón Valkistair had his mind set upon meeting with empress Ramashe and the new chancellor of the Royal Crown, Fleur Inviere.

Welcomed at the royal palace by a large Rambo envoy, Ramashe and Valkistar dicussed polital matters during a large banquet, something the Rambo were well known to organize upon state visits from foreign empires. When Valkistar suggested the Rambo and Republic join forces against the growing threat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the meeting took a turn for the worst. Ramashe got furious and claimed the Rambo will have no part in hostile engangement with the Empire as long as both of them are at friendly terms.

Ramashe refused to listen more of it and the banquet continued without political debates. In secret, Valkistar met with Lord Hand Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and promised the Republic president he would ensure that the Rambo aided the Republic in none public ways, among them offering their own intelligence upon the Empire.

Torment of Arcaniox

Main article: Torment of Arcaniox


Tormentor awakens at Arcaniox

05-07-08AQF, the conflict between the Hutter Kingdom and Rambo Nation ceased without reasonable explanation. Meanwhile the Kingdom made incursions into the Jenassian Regency colonial space, attacking ships and destroying convoys. By chance, Gul Arritzia and captain Venullius of the USS Brittain met eachother again after the Jenassian commander aided the troubled Rambo vessel. Together they came to the conclusion that the Hutter Kingdom had a lot of activity around a planet called Arcaniox. Rambo Command agreed to send the crew of the Falcon on a covert mission to investigate the matter and if possible to sabotage the Kingdom operations at Arcaniox.


Ramashe's rule comes to an end

Meanwhile, one of the Ragashota, Elder Chen Whitesnout travelled towards Ramaakota and asked formally to aid. The Government was first hesistant but when an Atlantica artifact was involved the dire situation became clear. At one they dispatched the Typhon-Class time weapon to combat the awakened Tormentor, aiding the crew of the Falcon. Together they managed to stop the Tormentor to destroy the Quadrant Galaxies, though the entity changed the geographic lay-out of the entire Quadrants and placed most of known space into Q82.

During the celebration, Empress Ramashe was attacked and rendered comatose, sending Rambo Nation into a political and fragile position.

Part II: Rambarth's RegencyEdit

08 AQF - 12 AQF


During the early days after Ramashe's fall, Rambarth worked hard to keep the Government together and tried to send a strong signal to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant that Rambo Nation was still a force to be reckoned with. In the following years, Rambarth ensure the growth and ensured the safety of Rambo Nation, improved relations with both the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though his years of regency were not without problems and three major events marked his short lived regency. However, part of bringing Rambo Nation back into the fold he tasked Rambo Command to reclaim former colonial territories in the Mirus Galaxy now that the Tralor were subjegated by the Empire. Policy in Mirus included to remain in rather seclusion to avoid being drawn in events while their strenght and position was still unsure.

Neraida War

The Neraida War is a large scale conflict fought in the Cyrannus Galaxy between a Republic-led coalition against the invading hordes of the Neraida Gigamatrix. As the New Cyrannian Republic was under siege, Rambarth complied with president Nexarón Valkistair request and Rambo Nation joined the battle. Due the current situation of Rambo Nation, a task force was send instead of whole fleets, though spear-heading and acting liason was the dependable captain Garan Andarch.

Battle of Dark and Light
Battle of Light and Dark

Battle of Light and Dark

Main article Battle of Light and Dark
At the beginning of 12 AQF, the unfolding events of the Battle of Light and Dark arrive in the Quadrant Galaxies. Ambassador Apollo, at behalf of his daughter Kara requests safe passage to the mythical Atlantica bastion Aecor, to study the Zevian Skull. Lord Regent Rambarth at first is hesistant but trusts Apollo when he is convinced that it involves the safety of the entire Cyrandia Cluster. Rambarth complies, at one condition, the both of them travel to Aecor as well. At Aecor the young girl Aoirtae Valaeris activates the Skull that transports them all to another mythical planet, Aldár. There they discover that the Temple of Light is under siege by the forces of darkness, Phaedric Lord Venatorius, the Sorceror Morgandaûr and Meketanor. When all seems lost, the timely arrival of Du'utahrovin keeps the forces of evil at bay. In the midst of battle, Aoirtae managed to defeat the sorceror of Carnthedain, saving Aldár and removing one of the biggest threat within the Cluster.

Decumbo Regno

Rambert makes his move against Ramanei and the Le Rambo Dynasty

Main article:Decumbo Regno
On 09-05-12AQF, Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo speaks one last time with his niece, Ramanei Joy Feather to give his blessing for her upcoming crownation. Old and tired, Rambarth is on his death bed and dies somewhere during the night. Unknown to all, Ser Rambert Ramveral plotted against House Le Rambo, as his pride forebids him to serve under a Feather. Instead he send Ramanei into exile and usurpes the crown from House Le Rambo by marrying Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo. He uses this to enforce his rule over the other noble houses and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation!

During the following weeks and months, Rambert introducted changes, amongst them a new appearance of the clone troopers who were stationed at all Rambo Nation planets to keep the peace. Rambert's actions ended the House Le Rambo Dynasty and introduced a new dynasty.

Part III: Reign of RamveralEdit

Consolidating Power

Rambert Ramveral as High King

After usurping the throne at 10 may of 12 AQF, now High King Rambert Ramveral formed his cabinet. His most trusted advisor, Ramseph Ramcard was named Hand of the Monarch and together they set in motion an increased military awareness. As part of the project, the Caradhras-Class recieved a massive upgrade, both in systems, appearance and lenght to join the arms race as an Intergalactic Supercarrier. Rambert also ordered the production of a "next"-generation figther, the RNSF Darkarg. To further strenghten his rule, he married Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo to ensure his claim to the throne. At first their marriage was loveless, though the two eventually growed more together and the two concieved an heir to the throne in July 15 AQF. To the great surprise of Rambert himself, most of the noble houses did not rise against him, accept for Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda, a person Rambert decided should eventually be dealt with in due time.

Thelliria Massacre

Battle of Thelliria (15 AQF)

December 15 AQF, under orders of High King Rambert Ramveral, Rambo Command launches an attack at Thelliria, in an attempt to liberate the Thellirian from Hutter Kingdom occupation. As a perfect testbed for the newly Caradhras-Class ship, the USS Caradhras, the first of the newly produced Rambo Nation Intergalactic Supercarrier. The ship, under command of Han'Ateeshe proved fundemental in overpowering the strong Hutter fleet. With aid of the USS Intrepid under command of Aur'Luthiaen and various Delphator-Class and a Miranda-Class victory was near. Yet the Hutters fought fierce, managing to cripple the Miranda-class and causing serious damage at the large Caradhras-Class after they broke the Rambo lines when sudden reinforcements arrived. Still the Rambo fleet seemed to get the upper hand until the Hutters made a drastic and unexpected move.

They started bombarding the planet, firing at Thellirian settlements and threatened to totally annihilate the Thellirian population on the surface if the Rambo fleet would not withdraw. An emergency transmission with vice-admiral Ramcard was opened and Han'Ateeshe asked for orders how to proceed. Ramcard, not willing to sacrifice the Thellirian population to be sacrificed ordered the Rambo fleet to withdraw. A decision that cost Ramcard his position as the High King blamed him for the loss of the battle.

Fear of corruption in the New Republic

Adelheidis celebrates her victory on Pheobao.

In 16 AQF, the people of Rambo Nation were shocked by the democratic elections for the position of praesator for the Republica Elen'Nanethia.The elections were won by Adelheidis, a known corrupt and scheming politician that brough the Republic in Exile and the Rambo into conflict at Angforst shortly after the Great Cyrannus War.

High King Rambert Ramveral issued the citizens of Rambo Nation to accept the choice of the people of the Republica, though warned President Nexarón Valkistair that the Rambo Government would not consent any corruption nor abuse of her power if it threatened the safety of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Other powers in the Quadrants chose to either ignore it or take precautions, amongst them the colonial sector of the Jenassian Regency that began enforcing its borders.

Jatooine Incident

Diplomatic meetings turn sour

February 19 AQF, High King Rambert Ramveral travelled onboard his Quadrantia-Class to Jatooine, attending a secret diplomatic meeting with the Lizardian officer Lizrawn. An attempt to cease hostilities between the two longtime rivals. Upon meeting the Lizardian envoy things turned sour soon. Before anything could be discussed the lead Ifrit-Class, the Galvarus Fury suffered internal explosions after an illegal beaming transmission occurred, whereas 15 photon torpedoes were missing from the USS Quadrantia’s arsenal.

When the Lizardians began firing back, Marscalcus Kya entered the bridge with three Ortella security guards and held the king and fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea at phaser point, claiming that his rule was at an end and that he would be taking the Rambo into conflict no more. Kya her plans sky rocketed with the arrival of the USS Areshkova, a Kelvin-Class under command of the Quadrantia Zazane captain, Sinhai Kakharis who targeted the Lizardians who soon retreated after their lead ship fell into orbit and crashed in the desert of Jatooine.


An attempt to remove Rambert from rule by Kya!

Meanwhile at the bridge of the Quadrantia, the two parties held each other at phaser point. The king was furious though Kya held her stature. Fleet-captain Cretacea tried to plead for diplomacy but unknown to the Marscalcus opened a transmission to the Areshkova who could listen as well. Realizing his king was in danger, Kakharis opened fire at the USS Quadrantia and beamed the king out. Kya, knew her plan had failed and opened fire at the operatives on the bridge while her security guards did as well. In the ensuing fire fight Kya escaped by using an escape pod and managed to escape as both the Quadrantia and Areshkova as they took damage from the retreating Lizardians.

In gratitude, the King names Sinhai the new Marscalcus and introduced the new uniforms at the beginning of january 20 AQF, signaling a more regal and military look for Rambo officers and crewmembers. The new uniforms are more formal and regal appearance and shows the continued military build-up under Rambert. The Senate fears Rambert is gearing up for war, but against whom they do not know, a situation none really desires. Kya meanwhile eluded capture, probably aided by allies and acquintances and managed to travel to Lianna-station. There she managed to take a ferry to the Cyrannus Galaxy and tried to seek out the Cyrandia Resistance.

Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone Crisis

The Logo of the "Gorge"

Main Article: Gorge Dispute and Crossing Line

July 19 AQF, tensions with France and the Drodo Empire reach uprecedented levels due to internal conflicts in the Neutrality Zone and the rising threat of the Heer Stekeveel States. In response to send a not so subtle message Rambert Ramveral ordered a ring of starbases constructed around the Neutrality Zone, resulting in the Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone, a contingency plan to protect Rambo Nation interessts and containing those that inhabit the Neutrality Zone within. Over 15 starbases were constructed and act as border control points, ingoing and outgoing traffic have to pass by space station for inspection and request visums. Though they also act as defense perimeter stations and listening posts it allows the Rambo to dominate the Area of Total Control.

Amongst the personnel of Rambo Command the corridor became known as the "Gorge" and became the topic of the infamous and disastrous Franco-Rambo Summit of 2815/19 AQF. The disastrous meeting led directly into the Crossing Line-incident, a year later after the summit in 20 AQF.

Paragon Maxios of the Draconid Imperium wrote an article in the We and Then: The Mechanisms of Fear and Unity, knowns as Of Galaxism And Division about the a probable reason of how the Gorge Dispute came to be. The events known as the Preserving the Peace storyline that revealed the rise of the Rambo Loyalist and the Creeper Cabel rebel movements. Eventually these events were the prelude of the difficult and challenging Second Gorge Negotiation Process.

Second Great Cyrannus War
Mou'Cyran Cataclysm

Mou'Cyran is destroyed by the Cyrannic Battlestation

Main article: Second Great Cyrannus War
December 20 AQF, High King Rambert Ramveral dispatched vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria on a diplomatic mission to the New Cyrannian Republic capital, Mou'Cyran. Meeting with Vos. President Nexarón Valkistair, Chuinaylia and Rambert hope to set up a dialogue to prevent war between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

At concurrent times, unknown to the Rambo the Aldárae Order and the New Republic conduct a secret mission to disable the Ecimaex Wall that might threaten the peace as well. While Chuinaylia prepares to meet with the Vos. President Mou'Cyran is struck by the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm. The Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroys Mou'Cyran, killing billions including most of the New Republic government and the life of his own vice-chancellor. With the peace shattered, the First Gigaquadrant threatens with repurcussions against the Empire, Rambert fears the entire Cyrandia Cluster faces an inevitable conflict for survival and the challenging decisions he and his cabinet have to make!

While the Second Great Cyrannus rages on, drawing the Cyrandia Cluster once again into open war, two side stories take place. Setting the foundations of a new generation of heroes and vilians as the war will influence their destiny:

Other events include the short stories:

  • A Serious Summons: High King Rambert Ramveral faces the political consequences of a drastic event.


Chronicling the most important data during the Tertius Bellum.

Rise of the Tormentor and Rambarth's RegencyEdit

Timeline of 08 AQF - 12 AQF

Reign of RamveralEdit

Timeline of 12 AQF - ongoing


  • The Tertius Bellum will follow the lay out of the Second Galactic War a bit, with cross-overs being welcome!

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