We are Terridor. If you don't like our allies then get out of here.

- Commander Voret of the Terridor Federation

The Terridor Federation (Terridan: Teridas Kantun, KUL: Teridak Kolnerikraan) is a Federation composed of 3 races, the Terridans, the Hakonians, and the Shargash. They live together and in unison in a fairly large empire.

The TF are basically Neutral, and prefer Diplomacy to war, but they can also enter wars if it must happen to help their allies. They ally who helps them economically and defensively - Such as the Iteok Khereg.

The TF absorbs empires into the Federation through diplomacy. The Shargash entered the TF for protection, and the Hako Empire also entered due to extreme poverty. Though Kraw Galaxy Laws say that every empire deserves to be independent, if they really wish to join another empire, that does not infringe the Laws.

The TF have few allies because of their trust policies, but the TF gains allies through their absorbed empires's allies. (Ex: The Iteok allied with the TF because they were already allied with the Former Hako Empire)

History Edit

The Story mostly follows the Terridans, as they formed the Terridor Federation.

The Terridans entered sapience in -908 KRE, and they were a peaceful tribe, but constant attacks from other beings caused them to be watchful of who they befriend. They eventually found the H006E Monolith in -678 KRE, which transfered knowledge to the Terridan's brains, thus evolving them much faster. Everyone was uplifted because of the monolith, and they automatically advanced to the late Civilization stage.

The country of Terda had the monolith in its territories, which caused anger to their enemies, the Empire of Terronia. They went on a major war, until another monolith was dropped on Terronian territory in -599 KRE. Both nations came together in peace, and sought whoever dropped those monoliths...

Eventually, The Terridans developed space travel, but their planet was heavily polluted, and people could barely breathe. They made a colony ship, called "Areos", and left to the closest habitable planet they could find, they called it Terka. It was already inhabited by a peaceful non-spacefaring alien species called the Terkans, who could breathe hydrogen, which was poisonous to Terridans. But a corrupt leader sought to terraform the planet, and so they did, at the cost of half the Terridan soldiers. The Terkans died due to the terraformer, and so did all previous life on Planet Terka. They renamed it Terrida, and built cities in it. It is seen nowdays as "The worst thing the Terridans have ever done in their history." It is their current Homeworld.

5 Years later, in -290 KRE, they built more ships, and they colonized more planets, making sure they were empty. In 37 KRE, they met the Shargash, who were then being attacked by an Empire known as "The Kraxic Empire". The Terridans helped the Shargash with the Kraxids, Diplomatically. They ended the war in exchange for 1 Billion "Krax Units". (1 KU = 396.3 §) the Shargash asked the Terridans to merge their Empires, and the Terridor Federation was formed.

In 401 KRE, they met the Hakonians, and they discovered that the Hakonians were the ones who put the Monoliths on their Previous Homeplanet. The Hakonians requested to join the TF because they were very poor because of them fighting too many wars, which cost Trillions of Kron for each war. They joined the TF, and the Hakonians renamed their Homeplanet from HAKO to T3R1.

The Terridorians have been briefly in the Great Cyrannus War, where they stole some CAS Technology, and have helped to end the Asgord Genocide, though they enslaved numerous Asgord afterwards, as part of a harsher plan to re-educate the Asgord race. In 407 KRE, during the FRA ressurection, the Asgordian State was liberated by then-Commander Kies, and Asgord freedom has been restored - at the cost of a possible war with the ULE, though the ULE's interests are more in the Kraw and Tyrek Empires.

Terridorian Culture Edit


From Left to Right: Terridan Male and Female, Hakonian Male and Female, and a Shargashian Male and Female.

Since the TF is a Union of 3 Empires, their cultures are a bit mixed up.

Characteristics of the 3 Races Edit

Terridans Edit

Hail our Race! Hail Terrida! Hail the Federation!

- A common patriotic Terridan

Terridans are Creatures who are extreme patriots, but are actually a bit peaceful besides all this, and like alliances. When in a hostile stance, they often call themselves "Warriors", even though they do not know the meaning of honor. 40% of Terridans are peaceful, and the other 60% can be quite mean.

Terridans are also good allies, and will help their allies at any cost. Though Terridans are not as fond of Iteok as Hakonians are, they believe that helping them gives the Hakonians and Shargash "Hobbies".

Terridans are 4 Legged short beings with hands, thus to control ships, they usually place their frontal feet in a bar, and control ships with their hands. This is usually how they get their hands into high places.

Hakonians Edit

If you start attacking us just because we are Half-mechanic, like the Grox are, then we will destroy you, because unlike them, our skin doesn't peel off and rust when we come in contact with oxygen.

- Commander 4TH01

Hakonians are Half-Mechanic, thus they have odd names, such as 80KK4, and they barely eat and drink. They are Very Technologically Advanced, and they use their High tech to help their Allies, such as the Iteok. Hakonians have terrible economy, which was their reason for joining the Federation.

The Hakonian Poverty started with the Hakonian-Kraw war in 199 KRE, in their expansionist days. The Hakonians would end up losing badly, firstly in 280 KRE, and to repair the damage, they used nearly all of their money, but constant warfare made them never to be able to recover economically. The Iteok then arrived, wanting to purchase their Technology and weaponry, which earned the Hakonians Trillions. This is how they became allied. But the poverty didn't stop, as they restarted their expansion in 375 KRE, and ended up being defeated in 389 KRE by Kies Kortograa. They were incredibly poor until they joined the TF.

Hakonians don't eat and drink much, but it is necessary for survival. They usually clone themselves, but breeding is possible, though Hakonians live for only 45 years without implants, so Hakonians who are born through breeding get their implants placed at Age 17.

Shargash Edit

We love to fight. It's a Shargash thing. In this Federation, we will gain our former strength.

- A Common Shargashian

Shargash respect brute force above all, and are generally hot headed. They love to fight, but they have weak technology, which puts them in a disadvantage. They are best useful as Infantry. Shargashians were nearly destroyed by the Kraxians, which was their reason for joining the Federation.

Shargash like Violence, but the Kraxians nearly destroyed them and made the Shargash more humble, but now, Shargash think they can defeat anyone as long as they're in in this Federation. Shargash and Terridans usually become friends often in the community.

Shargash are 4 armed strong individuals, but are Omnivores.

Main Part of their Culture Edit

In Terridorian Schools, classes contain people of all 3 Races, and they are usually taught Basic subjects, such as Terridan, KUL, Math, Astronomy, and other things. Terridorians have jobs depending on their talents and grades in school. The Terridorian Majority age is 17.

In the army, Terridorians are trained a bit roughly. Each Race has a style - Hakonians fly ships, Shargashians are infantry, and Terridans can do both things.

Terridorian TV is like Kraw TV, only Terridorian TV works through Analog rather than Digital signals. Terridorians have 302660 Channels, 72% of them are channels of Planets, Cities or Towns.

Their Internet has some Analog Elements, but it's mostly digital.

Terridorian Music is usually up-beat and danceable, and Terridorian Movies are usually Action movies with spectacular endings.

The Terridorian Population is 401 Billion People, 215 Billion Terridans, 71 Billion Shargash, and 115 Billion Hakonians. There are people from all 3 Races in each planet.

Evil Terridorians are sent to a Jail where their Greatest Nightmares play repeatedly for 12 Hours in a row every day. The other 12 Hours are resting hours.

Warfield is a popular Terridorian Sport. It involves 2 Teams of 17 People who play the game like a Strategy Video Game - Each team takes one turn and moves their players from 1 square to the next of their choice, and the team who destroys the other team wins. there are 6 Soldiers, 5 Mechas, 4 Tanks and 2 Generals in each team. they vary in strength and range of combat.

Terridorians are Irreligious, though only a few people are either Majorly anti-theist or Majorly Tolerant. They are in between. Tox, a Kraw Galaxy Reality show winner, is a famous Terridorian Anti-Theist. Emperor Valxarx of the Terridor Federation is a Famous Tolerant Terridorian.

The Current Leader of the Terridor Federation is Emperor 1V407, an Hakonian Iteok Loyalist who serves the Iteok best and will do anything to please them. However, he is a bit less diplomatic than Valxarx and can get a bit more angry.

Empire Size Edit

The TF has 316 Colonies in the Kraw Galaxy, near the Iteok Borders. They wish for their borders to join the Iteok Borders, but the Kraw Defensive Colonies make this Impossible for now.

Future Empires in the Terridor Federation? Edit

The Terridor Federation absorbs empires as long as they're willing to Join. If they ever absorbed an empire against its will, they would automatically be at war with the Kraw and Tahar Empires. The TF usually chooses Dystopian Empires to absorb.

Here is a list of Current Empires that could one day be part of the TF.

  • The KGGC - The KGGC announced right before seclusion that if they got massively damaged again, that they would join the Terridor Federation.
  • Vilxarx Empire - An Empire of ex-warmongers that was almost erradicated by the Iteok. They are near TF Borders, but they haven't had any contacts yet...

Military Edit

Main Page: Terridorian Military

Relations with other Empires Edit


We are a Team! Hup!


We can be good friends.

  • N/A


We need to talk to them more.


They are beggining to scare us...


We will show them who's boss!

  • N/A

Quotes from other Empires Edit

What does your Empire think of the Terridor Federation?

A race of warriors with no honour. Lezia now knows why I hate them!

- Tyraz Breek of the Zazane Empire

A strange alliance. We must know more about them...

- Radeon


- Zr'Ahgloth of Da Loronz

Mortals...they just keep coming. Always...more of them...!?

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Trivia Edit

  • Don't get Confused! Terridan is a Creature, But Terridorian is a Citizen of the TF!
  • This Empire was created by Irskaad for them to fight alongside the Iteok in their wars. They respresent Loyalty.
  • Shargashian language is similar to Portuguese, the diffrences being 23% of the words, the fact that c is replaced by either s or k, and the existance of w, y, and k.

Archaic Flags Edit

Irskaad's Fiction
Nice to have you around here to one of the most diverse Galaxies in the Universe.
At last, everything is back to normal...
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