The Grox are a horrifying foe to fight against. Their population is more than double ours, they have an army designed and produced only to kill... They could appear at any of our systems in days! Should we declare war on them, it will only result in a pyrrhic victory.

- Emperor Erobern on the past war that the Enlightened Republic of Germania fought against the Technocracy of the Grox with their allies, over a cost of 4% of their population and many of their colonies in Starrlin

The Technocracy of the Grox is recognized not only as a technological superpower but the universe's sole military hyperpower. The Grox have not only one of the most advanced militaries in Starrlin but the largest amount of active-duty personnel at 450 trillion.

The Grox hold a steady grip over their influence across the 5 galaxies they remain in by the force of their military; as a matter of fact, the military is the most important subject to the Grox as it is the only reason why it exists in the present day. Should the Grox have not began their development of such a large and powerful navy and army, it is unlikely that the Grox would survive Germania's conquests of the Grox.

After the fall of Germania, the Grox have remained a sole military hyperpower, surpassing their competitors by a large margin. The Grox also share most of their technology with the Sucrelians due to their technological pact and rivalry with them.

Constructs Edit

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Military Readiness Edit

total mobilization time: 1 year</small></small></center>
total mobilization time: 6 months</small></small></center>
total mobilization time: 3 months</small></small></center>
total mobilization time: 1 month</small></small></center>
total mobilization time: 2 weeks</small></small></center>
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED</center>


<center>MILITARY INDUSTRY</center>
<center>CONSUMER ECONOMY</center> <center>FOREIGN ACQUISITIONS</center> <center>PRIVATE PRODUCTION</center> <center>MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX</center> <center>ECONOMIC MOBILIZATION</center> <center>WAR ECONOMY</center>

<center>POWER PROJECTION</center>
<center>NO MONOPOLY ON FORCE</center> <center>SOVEREIGN BORDERS</center> <center>REGIONAL</center> <center>GALACTIC</center> <center>CLUSTER</center> <center>GIGAQUADRANT</center>

<center>WAR TOLERANCE</center>
<center>NO ENTANGLEMENTS</center> <center>SELF-DEFENSE</center> <center>PEACEKEEPING</center> <center>MILITARY INTERVENTION</center> <center>LIMITED WAR</center> <center>TOTAL WAR</center>

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