The Grox are an abomination which destroys entire species purely because they feel like it! They have no sense of respect or empathy and are a threat to the peace of the Republic and its allies!

- Chancellor Emma Schmidt on the Grox's hostile behavior

The Technocracy of the Grox is a technocratic dictatorship from the Galaxy of the Grox and one of the four remaining hyperpowers of Starrlin. They have the largest standing navy and invasion force in the universe, with 450 trillion constructs active in their navy, army, air force, etc.

They are unique for their ideology of Groxologism and are the only species in the known regions of the universe to have naturally lacked a sense of empathy or sympathy. The Grox are proud engineers and scientists, having developed most of the advanced technology and megastructures along with the Sucrelians. They pride themselves in scientific advancements and technology, having become more machine than Grox.

The Grox once controlled vasts regions of space, with thousands of colonies near the core of hundreds of galaxies spread across Starrlin. However, with wars waged by Germania and the Sucrelian Empire, the Grox has been reduced to a few galaxies scattered across the Isolation Cluster But with the collapse of Germania and the near extinction of the human race, the Grox have remained the second most powerful empire in the universe only behind the Sucrelians, which they respect greatly due to their civilized attitude towards tech & machines.

The Grox have became the most feared empire across the universe, known for their destructive behaviors towards other species, and with their massive technological advancements towards medicine, biology, and AI.

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