Tavira Earthbound was a female Carnthuendi who held the rank of Mandator and served as the Governor of Carnthedain and its surroundign secotr under the Legatus. Deceitful and oppertunistic, Tavira rose to political power and gained the position of Mandator trhough underhanded tactics and power plays while exploiting her people and planet. Under her governorship, Carnthedain became a strategic fuel refining center for Legatus expansion and industrialization of nearby sectors. The industrialization of Carnthedain and the unbalance it creature within the harmony of nature gave rise to a small rebellion on the planet, and her subsequent failures to foil this uprising gave way to a larger rebellion against the Legatus.


Early History[]

Tavira Earthbond was born at an unspecified date within an outlying village within the Woods of Carnthedain. During her youth, Tavira was described as "a wild, arrogant little girl" who often got in trouble and was considered unbalanced in harmony with nature. Instead, Tavira showed interesst in the tinkering and creation of things, and as such took her oppertunity to leave the planet while given the oppertunity circa 2818.

Mandator of Carnthedain[]

Three years later, in 2820 (22 AQF) Tavira returned with the Legatus, an Imperial Remnant that was expanding into the Space in Between and in search of resources to fuel their warmachine. Tavira took control over Carnthedain and began the slow industrialization of Carnthedain by setting up a Legatus base and various Fuel Refining Platform that slowly polluted local regions. In addition, Tavira used her knowledge in aiding of the occupation of Carnthedain and battle against it resisting forces.

By early 2850, Tavira and her forces managed to capture rebel leader, Anessa Ravencrow who was often displayed once a week in torment to remind the Carnthuendi who were in control of the planet.

Personality & Traits[]

Tavira Earthbound is often described as a complicated person, enduring a harsh childhood due to her different and progressive ideals. Tavira was driven by a fierce desire to protect adn guide the citizens of Carnthedain into a new age, persistent on achieving national unity through the use of military force. As an ambitious individual who looked down on her roots in the Woods, she was often seen as unbalanced and not in harmony with nature. Most of the people that she interacted with considered her to be a helper, champion and sometimes even a mother figure, all perceptions to hide her true and more cruel intentions.

Tavira could be relentless in her goals and justified all the means she deemed necessary to achieve them, which included forcing citizens into slave labor, removing dissenters and the torture of rebels. Though she usually possessed a calm and serious composure, she was shown to be short-tempered and became agitated and hostile when provoked or threatened.

Tavira donned a dark green outfit with light green markings, metal shoulder pads and leg binders. On her chest, she displayed the rank insignia of a Mandator. She had dark tattoo marking surrounding her eyes.


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