The Chinawkya Lt. Commander Tatsu Irana serves under command of Claire Rambo . A capable operations officer and kind person, she was recommended to serve under Claire by Rambo Command, a position she enjoys.

During her carrer she served under Claire Rambo, involved in the Hunt for the Zevian Skull, a mysterious Atlantica artifact of great power, under direct orders of vice-admiral Ramcard on the Proogency facility and onboard the USS Excelsior under Chianwe Apanoida. After the death of her captain she discharged from Rambo Command and decided to join the Cyrandia Resistance, blaming them for the death of her captain. She became a gifted pilot and became part of Recon Squadron.


Early History[]

Tatsu Irana was born in 18 BQF at the Chinawkya planet, Ivalaë. Born in a hard working family, Irana and her family had a good, though not always an easy life. Though never facing starvation, they sometimes had to ration their food supplies. During high school, Irana dreamed to explore the starts and upon 03 AQF, when the Chinawkya joined Rambo Nation after signing the Treaty of Fornaeria, Irana joined Rambo Command. During her Acadamy years she enjoyed her study and soon found herself studying star charts. Upon her graduation she specialized within the yellow shirt wearing Operations Department- though was not given an assignment onboard any vessel. Instead she was assigned to a ground duty at Ivalaë, monitoring incoming and outgoing ships and managed to reach the rank of Lt. Commander quite fast.

Service under Claire[]

Meeting Stench

Finally, in 06 AQf, shortly after her 25th birthday she was assigned to serve onboard the Suiliagothrond II- her very first onboard assignment under Operative Claire Rambo. As the chief operation officer she became in charge of monitoring and plotting courses of the station and controlling her helm. As this is her first onboard assignment she is eager to prove herself to her commanders and superior officers. While exploring a temple in the western forest on Zevia, Irana met with a Greendion named Stench. The Greendion was weakened, hurt and underfed and smelled as well. Irana was moved by the creature and developed some sort of liking for the creature she took him onboard after Claire gave her permission, though Claire reminded Irana that the creature would be her responsibility, though later on Claire accepted Stench as well and often began taking him on survey missions with little danger.

After the party discovered Aecor, an Atlantica planet she joined Claire during a ground mission to locate the Skull. During the search the Cognatus arrived and surrounded the party after critically injuring Claire. Luckily the timely arrival of captain James Rambo and Shiplord Rtas'Shagili prevent her demise. Afterwards she remained at Aecor for a while, wrote quite some letters to Claire and was pleased when she was allowed to join Claire in her new mission onboard the freighter Falcon, involving a travel towards Yudumarth and Orbispira. When Claire was send to Sanderhal to save Xora from slavery, Tatsu was ordered to remain behind and assigned other duties. Rambo Command didn't want any ties leading back to them when the mission should fail.

Ramcard sends Irana and Ramiron to Proogency

Service under Ramcard[]

Apanoida informs the crew of the Proogency facility

Near the end of the 12th month of 06 AQF, Tatsu was summoned together with commander Ramiron to vice-admiral Ramcard's office where they recieved a new position, both were send to the remote listening facility at the astroid belt of Proogency, to monitor transmission within the Quadrant Galaxies and to monitor Quadrantia Grox acitivity. Tatsu was displeased and saw it as the end of her social life and perhaps her carreer within Rambo Command as well.

However her time on the facility was short, as the USS Excelsior under command of Chianwe Apanoida arrived and took the three of them on the Excelsior Endeavors to hunt down the Infernal. A massive star destroyer formerly belonging to Mortikran. Tatsu was pleased to leave Proogency and was the first one to have her bags packed.

The Excelsior arrives at Lianna-station

After reaching the Metruia-Nebula, she was given command to enter the nebula under guidance of her friend, commander Ramiron who had taken the route years earlier. She was unable to see something in the nebula like lieutenant Ramickon Ramglover, allowing the Infernal to attack the Excelsior by surprise. Tatsu sat behind the controls to take the Excelsior to safer grounds, out of reach by the Infernal. She later changed coördinates at orders of Inquisitor Akagêlth after he took command of the Excelsior and eventually they arrived at Lianna-station. Due to the actions of the captain and Inquisitor Akagêlth the girl Rayria Mary Ramelzen was saved from the pirate Zkhan. Afterwards, to his own regret Ramiron and his crew were send back to Proogency.

She eventually returned to the helm during the Desolation of the Bisistar that took place during the fourth month of 07 AQF. Joining a Mou'Cyran Accords fleet against the Bisistar that were invading the Coru Secundus sector in the Cyrannus Galaxy. After surviving the battle, she remained onboard the Excelsior when it returned to the Quadrant Galaxies. She served for a while onboard until the Excelsior Incident that resulted in the death of captain Apanoida. Blaming the Empire for it Tatsu resigned from Rambo Command.

Recon Sqaudron[]

Leading Recon squad against an Imperial patrol near

She found a new purpose in life to avenge her captain and rid the galaxy of evil by joining the Cyrandia Resistance as a fighter pilot. She first flew a X-15 Nychus-class Starfighter but was eventually handpicked by Colonel Perreri Ackdool to serve within Recon Squadron as Recon Leader and third in overall command of the fighter squadron. She attained the rank of lieutenant and gained a reputation of being bold and reckless though with a gentle hart and a fierce distaste for the Empire. She flies the blue Reconassaince-class starfighter into battle.

Jimmy and Swain are dragged before Tatsu

She joined most of the Resistance forces to set up a base at Andustar. There Tatsu and her squadron made various succesful attacks on Imperial patrols though she grew annoyed with Colonel Ackdool when on January 6 of 2820 (22AQF) ordered her and the squadron to go on another ghost hunt for the missing Rambo Loyalist faction. Arriving two years away from Ozdudrahk and the corridor leading into the Space in Between they engaged a cargo freighter convoy of the Saurien Sector Corporation. Disabling one of the two Kounotori-class heavy freighters and two of the three Gozanti-class escorts her leadership skills added another victory to Recon Squadron. Boarding the disabled Kounotori-class, she met to her surprise captain S'aur who lectured her on attacking and stealing from civilians were not fit of former Rambo officers. To her horror, her fellow pilots dragged Cadet Jimmy James Rambo and the half naked Legatus officer, Swain Tavira from their quarters. S'aur prevented the execution of the young Legatus officer and Tatsu ordered her squad to finish securing the ammunition and finish the refueling of the Château before leaving again.

Personality and Traits[]

Irana is often described as friendly and eager to learn new things. However she is also known to be stubborn, not affraid to make her opinion of things clear and sometimes found a burden as she has a tendency to complain about many things. However she is eager to explore, loves to meet new species or daring adventures and likes the mysterious. As such she is also often described as being dreamy.


Tatsu's original appearance


Green face.pngMy dear friends!

  • Claire RamboMy dear friend, who is very skilled in acrobatics
  • S'aurA saurian friend!

Blue face.pngOh they seem kind as well!


Orange face.pngUgh!



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