Tash Hannity is a female Quadrantia Humanoid born at the Rambo Nation colony known as Javan. After graduating from the Acadamy, she became part of the bridge crew of the USS Enterprise-A as junior tactical officer, taking care of defensive and offensive systems like shields, phasers and torpedoes. Due to her translating skill of alien languages, as well as speaking them she often joins captain Rambo on diplomatic missions.

In 2820, after serving for years at the Academy she took command of the USS Harakaze when it was relocated during its maiden test flight. Leading it for a few months she was eventually killed in August of the same year by the notorious and brutal Gorgorian Gorzask with a spear after encountering him on Gorga III.


Early History[]

Hannity was born at 2778 (20 BQF) at the Rambo colony of Javan. She went to the same school as Walter, though was a few classes higher then him. After graduating she was allowed to join the Rambo Acadamy at the Rambo Capital and she joined the command division. Though not great in leadership skills, she proved herself to be a very capable translator of alien languages and dialects, as well as a keen tactical officer. Furthermore this skill allowed her to become a great hacker into enemy ships, as she could shut down enemy shields and weapons if she could by pass their fire walls.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

Investigating destroyed ships at the hands of the Q-Grox

After graduating from the Acadamy in 2798 (0 BQF), shortly after the devastating Second Galactic War she was assigned to the USS Enterprise, under command of captain James Rambo. She began serving onboard the Enterprise upon her launch in 2802 (04 AQF) from the drydocks.

First contact with the Andormaru

During her early service onboard, she was present when the crew of the Enterprise investigated the destruction of Rambo and Imperial ships at the hand of the dreaded Quadrantia Grox. During the explorations of Quadrant 21, Hannity was present when the Enterprise made first contact with the Andormaru.

Later on, she served on the bridge during James' search of his daughter Claire, during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull and the following discovery of the Atlantica planet, Aecor. During the Hunt, she visited the Goraurien station in Quadrant 21, but was unable to track Claire down, allowing her to escape. After saving her from the hands of Thel'Vicliquam they brougth the seriously injured Claire back towards the Capital, where Claire recieved medical care. There she was officially introduced to Claire by James, and the two became aqaintances after various nights of partying and going out.

After the Enterprise was assigned to a new mission, to explore the NX-region and investigate the dissapearance of New Cyrannian Republic captain Helo Roslia, Hannity was thrilled to do so. After they encountered Roslia, who just returned from an adventure form the future they had a diner celebrating his return. Afterwards, the crew of the Enterprise faced a Congregation cruiser that attacked the Enterprise. They luckily managed to escape when the Destroyer halted it's attack.

Encountering Mortikran at Gaskhan

After the attack, the Enterprise was drawn into a wormhole leading to the future timeline as well. The Enterprise managed to return safely, eventually arriving at the Rambo Capital Tash contacted Spacedock for docking procedures. After the Enterprise was relaunched into service during the 12th month 06 AQF, Tash joined the captain and Windsor on a ground mission at the homeworld of the Gaskhan to buy supplies. During the mission they encountered the dreaded Mortalitas commander Mortikran who had killed ensign Walter. Horrified by the sight of her dead friend at the bridge, she needed sleeping pills provided by doctor Bob Chioaik to ensure she had a decent night rest without to much nightmares.

Diplomatic talks with the Chavelli

During the first month of 2805 (07 AQF) she joined her captain and doctor Bob on a diplomatic meeting with the mysterious Chavelli. Nervous at meeting them, it turned out to be a fiasco in her opinion. The diplomat that they met, Valchi informed them they occupied at the moment. Not even able to translate due to his Scion with psychic abilities, the three of them were stunned and surprised. She returned to the ship with the captain and Bob, wondering what the plans were of the captain.

She eventually reached the rank of commander during her service and left the navy for a position at the Rambo Academy.

Academy Tutor[]

Tash with Volerx inquiring about piloting the Butterfly-class (2820)

Main article: Academy Adventures & Harakaze Exploits
Using her experience, knowledge and set of skills she accepted a tutoring position at the Rambo Academy around 2818 (20 AQF). Tash lessons involved linguistics;, the scientific study of language, and involves an analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context. By 2819 (21 AQF), she was assigned mentor to the class 2820-F. Amongst her students were the cadets Jenna Lenissa Rambo, Jimmy James Rambo, Sia, Solana Cholia Stefani and Volerx Ateeshe. Tash was pleasantly thrilled about having the Cogsangui Volerx in her class after she warned Jimmy about his remarks and jokes.

Commander Hannity, Jenna and Volerx on the bridge of the Harakaze, march 2820

At January 15 of 2820 (22 AQF) she was horrified Cadet Volerx wasn't given an internship by the Imperials who conquered and subjugated Rambo Nation after the demise of High King Rambert Ramveral. Tash took Volerx to the docked Butterfly-Class and asked if the Cogsangui cadet was interessted in piloting the new vessel. After the test ride, Tash continued her duties at the Academy but at the same time became a secret informant for the Rambo Loyalist.

By the end of March 2820 she took command of the USS Harakaze to perform a test flight as well. She ordered Volerx to take the helm while Cadet Jenna Lenissa Rambo acted as her trainee XO. Mucht to her own delight, Jenna took the Harakaze out of drydock at one quarter impulse, neglecting the regulations of using thrusters only. It reminded her a lot of her former tutor and Jenna's father, admiral James Rambo.

Gorzask recognises Rambo within his estate on Gorgorthrond, 2820

In May 2820, almost finishing her test flight Tash recieved orders from Rambo Command, while the ship still suffered major technical faults it was dispatched to the Metruia Nebula to investigate the dissapearance of the Fortunate- an Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser. During the voyage into the nebula the ship was hit by a displacement wave and was relocated to the Argoroth Sector in the Endless Space- 126 years away from Ramboidae borders. Upon relocation the ship was entangled by the Argoton space entities but the quick thinking of the cadets saved the ship from destruction.

Jenna and Dil are present with Tash' last moments

In June the Tash and her crew stumbled upon Gorgorthrond and managed to rescue lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli from slavery. Ordering crewman Velinde Autumnlight to patch her up and warning the crewman of her attitude it was to no avail. The enslaved girl was still drugged and would take some time for it to wear off. Afterwards she led the repairs of the Harakaze in conjunction with the Crockagator of the C5 space station and learned more of the sector and the missing USS Elgorodaurl. After the repairs the Harakaze continued her way home though in August discovered Gorga III after recieving an Imperial signal. Locating the crashed Unfortunate and encountering Corbar Tash led her team to save the Imperial from the Gorgorian. During the battle she encountered Gorzask and managed to stun him, bringing the brute to his knees. Just moments before being transported he plunged a hidden spear into her abdomen.

Beamed to the transporter room of the Harakaze Tash managed to hang out long enough to field promote cadet Rambo to commander and hand over command of the Harakaze to her.

Personality and Traits[]

Hannity is a kind and gentle person, eager to learn new things and very enthusiastic. Hannity is well aware she looks fine for human standards and sometimes makes use of this, secuding males to get what she wants. However she is very gentle and kind and many crewmembers find her a person to count on. However her wild hair dress often annoyes more stricter officer, including the captain of the USS Enterprise-A, but their are no regulations to forbid this kind of hairdress.

She often escorts James Rambo on diplomatic missions, due to her skills in translating and speaking alien languages.

As a commander, she wears the newly adopted uniforms and her hair featured two long braids.


Ensign Hannity


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