After having fought alongside one another for several months, the Drodo Empire and the United Free Peoples Coalition prepared in December of 2792 to sign a formal alliance that would bind together in solidarity the powers of the Katar Sector against the Drakodominatus Tyranny. This alliance would spell doom for Dominatus commander Mortrig Malevon, who had relied until then on the disorganization of the forces that opposed him. Just as the Katarian leaders met aboard the PLN Aegis to ratify the alliance's founding documents, Malevon used his shapeshifting spies to manipulate dissent within the People's Liberation Army Expeditionary Force.

The result––the massive uprising that nearly killed the Katarian leaders, threw the PLAEF into chaos, and paved the way for a massive Dominatus offensive on the Drodo Empire––came to be known as The Tasan Crisis.

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