We are the servants of the Grox! Through lightning and storm, we have endured in their name, and will continue to crush the heretics and mutants that threaten us and our families!

- Supremius, God-Emperor of the Grox Followers

The Grox Follower Hierarchy is a massive empire of beings lead by the famed Tarmealox and turned into wicked servants of the Grox and a mad scientist, Dormuncka. Once a proud, young race, raised by the Ugandalorians to take up a similar mantle, the Tarmeal where experimented on and twisted by Dormuncka, and became the soulless, twisted abominations they are now. Horrified by what they experienced, driven to insanity by their genetic memories, and fearless, the Grox Followers rule a decadent society, yet it is one they never want to lose. Everyday, thousands of their warriors die, and millions more are produced to fight for their Supreme Prophet, a God-emperor to them. It is this fanatism to him, and their own indoctrinated minds, that make them immune to any mind control or indoctrination.

While their society has fallen on tough times, they refuse to give out, and will fight for their supposed "Gods" and their "God-Emperor" until the last of their worlds are dust. This belief, however, has twisted, into a new, more powerful ideal, of Shared Racial Glory, all for the greater power of their Hierarchy. In their new state, the Tarmealox see all as worthy of sharing in their glory and becoming Tarmealox, and have sent their agents and political officers to contact any groups connected with the Grox, even just slightly, and bring them into the fold, so that their vision, and the Grox's can now survive through the Tarmealox.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

The Tarmealox where born on a watery world of Odinoax. Found by the Ugandalorian Crusaders, they intended to take the then Tarmeal under their wing and raise them as their "Descendants" and uplift them into warriors to help protect the galaxy. However, the Ugandalorian tasked with overseeing the uplifting, was killed by the fugitive Dormuncka, who took over and used mass experimentation to turn the Tarmeal into his servants, with the help of an Alpha Grox Overseer, the 2 agreeing to make the Tarmealox the Grox's new servants.

With the experimentation, the Tarmealox where developed to survive in any environment, to have greatly enhanced strength, increased intelligence, and the ability to pass down genetic memories as well as regenerate at incredible rates. They where cloned in mass, and Dormuncka soon had a personal army to fight his war against his own people.

With their new technology and numbers, and decreased insanity due to what their race had been through, the Followers spread out without thinking, conquering worlds and expanding without thought to what was right.

Grox Follower War Edit

However, the Ugandalorians where made aware of their former protectorate's new presence in galactic affairs, and made attempts to stop them. However, the envoy they sent was executed, and the Ugandalorians readied themselves for war. The 2 sides clashed in a long, drawn out conflict that consumed many worlds. The Grox Followers, while numerous and dedicated, lacked marshal experience or organization, and where slaughtered. During this time, the Tarmealox captured Phase-Hunter, a mercenary who they had enhanced and modified, and his Ugandalorian wife. After trying to break him back to their side with torture, they killed his wife brutally in front of him. Fully enraged now, Phase escaped and butchered the entire ship they where held on.

After both the Ugandalorians, and later the Tarmealox, discovered what he had done, both where shocked and horrified to see the bloodshed Phase had left behind, with the Ugandalorians exiling Phase, and the Tarmealox swearing to pay back Phase for his bloodshed. They sent many bounty Hunters after Phase, though all of them failed, Phase, sending the mutilated corpses back to taunt the Hierarchy. Even all these years later, the normally goofy and lighthearted human can be thrown into an absolute rage at the sight of the Tarmealox, and become focused on killing them above all else.

Finally, The Meta Prophet dethroned Dormuncka, killed his supporters and entered seclusion, ending the war. For the next years, the Grox Followers would avoid contact, only accepting alliance with their masters, before remaining in isolation for years to come.

Cult of Attzerry Edit

Andromeda War Edit

Inner Core Order Edit

With the defeat and destruction of the Grox Empire, the struggle of the Alpha Cyber Collective against attacks by the Brotherhood of Darklings, and the loss many of the races that made up the Cult of Attzerry to the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, it seemed the Hierarchy would be doomed to follow it's masters and pawns alike into death. Instead, quite the opposite occurred. After a period of tumoil, the Hierarchy managed to stabilize itself, enabling to concentrate it's energies to fixing it's many internal issues and preparing itself. When the Alpha Cyber Collective went into the Eastern Sphere in search of more resources, the Hierarchy stayed behind, projecting the image that it was on the brink, lulling the Collective into the belief it was still in command, that it could still control the Hierarchy.

With this, they merely waited, eagerly waiting for the Collective and other Grox remnants to fall, before they went and picked up the pieces. After all, if the Gods where threatened, it was only "right" someone "protect" them from the outside, inferior races. And, if the Tarmealox Hierarchy just do happened to become the supreme faction among the Grox remnants, so be it. As such, their religion, one once born of serving the Grox, was subtly turned to "protecting". For, the Tarmealox now wished to not only protect their gods, but outright command all of them, in their own unique way. The power of the Grox had made countless galaxies kneel, brought planets to ruin. Why should that change? To help in his goal, Supremius, one day out of the blue, called a council meeting.

There, the various Prophet-lords gathered, eager to wait his words, when he sat in the Sacred Throne of The Undying Emperor himself, effectively insulting the Meta-Emperor's position among the Tarmealox. Enraged, every Prophet, except Disdain himself, rose, drawing their blades and weapons. They charged in a bloodlust, eager to execute the Golden-Skinned heretic, but, their rage, was all for nothing, all of their attacks merely denting his armor and flesh, and he, within seconds, had slaughtered each one, destroying several warriors with but a thought. Disdain, having watched, bowed to Supremius, and was elevated to Supreme Commander, before Supremius set out the order for all the Houses except Disdain's own to be disbanded, by force if needed. With that, he cemented complete command of his race.

Be they the twisted hellish abominations of the Alpha Cyber Collective, the ever resourceful and tenacious Meta Grox Empire, or the pragmatic Kraw Grox, all of them held views the Tarmealox felt could be better served together, but under their guidance. The Grox had grown complacent, too sundered to fight. As such, Supremius and his warlords began a new plan, one that involved the infiltration and absorption of the Fallen Ones into the Hierarchy. With all that power, a new crusade could begin, one of unimaginable consequences. To begin his plan, Supremius had his Tarmealox residing in other factions, such as the Alpha Cyber Collective and Kraw Aligned Fortress, to begin subverting leadership, and try to weaken them from within, to pave the way for eventual Tarmealox domination.

Traits Edit

Society Edit

At one point, the Hierarchy was devoted to the Grox, seeing them as Gods, saviors or angels, and beyond mortal comprehension. To them, to die for the Empire was a most worthy ideal, and sought it at all times in their life. The Meta-Emperor was a God in machine form, his various Kings Divine Massagers to follow. To question the order of things, to go outside the established norms, was to invite death upon a family. Not wanting to dishonor their family with such a date, the Tarmealox accepted their lot as servants, never complaining to their feudal leaders, or their distant masters, though always felt bitter towards the Marinox, the Tarmealox declaring that they where shown too much favoritism.

No race is beyond bitterness, however. The losses and defeats, the humiliation around other powers, the fact that other Grox factions, who the Tarmealox could easily make slaves of, such as the Kraw Grox, saw them as mere servants, has started to chip away at their once stoic resolve. Now, it is replaced by a bitterness that consumes everything. They wish to tear down and destroy everything the other races have built, turn them to slavery, burn their planets to glass, and make them suffer. Even their respect for the Grox, once that of a child towards a distant hero figure, has twisted into a perverse need to "protect" them, in other words, turn their former masters into servants to help them achieve immortality and further power.

Although most follow the Grox, many have abandoned the religious rhetoric from before, though some more zealous members keep it, most are privately atheist. They only really serve the Grox out of the habit, and some, even out of pity for their pathetic statue in galactic affairs as of late. Some, however, have turned against the Hierarchy, and, with the help of the Multus Esse, removed their biologic tampering and "gifts", and begun a war of independence against the Hierarchy. These survivors, during the formation of the Covenant of Mirus, where captured, killed or sterilized. Much of the Hierarchy has adopted a new ideal, that, while the Grox are not gods, their presence helped the Tarmealox attain a new status, and that the race itself is divinely inspired.

Species Edit

Like the Collective, I stand before you offering a chance at something new. A new Phoenix of sorts, to rise from the ashes of the Grox, and take what should be ours by right. Tarmealox, Conqrix, Grox, it matters not. In this Hierarchy, all who stand with us will have the same chance to gain power and bring purity and perfection to all, if they will stand with me.

- Supremius

Language Edit

Justice Sytem Edit

Grox Followers have a strict code of Law. While Crime is low, they take care of crime very strictly. In their mind, killing, murder and drug dealing weakens and destroys the followers of the gods and allows their enemies to gain the advantage. In their desperate circumstances as one of the few allies of the Grox, the Followers need every advantage they can get, including being a little harsher on crime to keep their civilians and line, and keep them healthy.

Goverment Edit

The High Imperial Prophet Council is the Government of the Hierarchy, and made up of 19 seats, each representing a major House and it's leader. The last seat, was said to be reserved for the Grox Meta-Emperor, and to sit upon it warranted instant execution on the spot. The 18 High Prophets would discuss politics, plans of war, weapons development, and sabotage of enemy planets and supplies, in order to speed up their attacks. Based on what House they hailed from, could effect how one of the 18 High Prophets would act in the Council. Supremius became the Supreme Prophet, and ruled with an iron fist. However, a change would occur with the years after the fall of the Meta Empire, and formation of the Covenant of Mirus.

Supremius, seemingly out of no where, began a Council meeting by sitting on the Throne meant for the Meta Emperor. Shocked and horrified at this heresy, all the gathered Prophets, with exception of Prophet of Disdain, all attacked him at once. In only a few seconds, Supremius murdered all of them, and scattered their bodies all throughout the room. He destroyed their minor thrones, and elevated Disdain to the position of Supreme Commander, while keeping the Emperor's throne. It became a strong symbol of his reign. The Meta-Emperor was dead, long live the Supreme Prophet. From hence forth, the voices of the 19 Lords would matter not. It was only one voice that mattered now.

Under him, are various leaders and masters of war he relies on to carry out his work. Disdain, as Head Executor, is second to him in power, and position, and beyond question in military matters. With his essence abilities combined with great power, Zartan Minrish is a fearsome and bloody foe to face. After, are the Hands of the Supreme, assassins and personal servants who act to remove targets without the need for Disdain to get involved. Beneath them, are the Mages, the legacy of the Prophets, who use their abilities to see into the future.

Cast system Edit

The Tarmealox follow a caste system of the three pronged path, putting and educating students and children onto one of the many paths in accordance with their physical and psychological traits. These make sure every Tarmealox is put into the job that best suits them, and maintains order and structure within their society, regardless of birth right. Species who join the Hierarchy are subject to the same Caste system. Of note, is the fact that inter-caste fornicating is not banned, as Caste is based on body and personality, not on birth right.

  • Prophets -
  • Warriors -
  • Laborers -

Royal Houses Edit

The Hierarchy was once ruled by Royal houses, made up of large Clans, or Shuti, of each Caste, every House having at least 5 Shuti of each Caste within their area of control. From their various Caste members, the Ludesh, or Sacred Leader Caste, would be chosen and elected by the leaders of every caste Shuti, each Clan leader acting as his or her advisor. The leaders, however, over time, came to encompass more birth-right then actual merit, and lead to the Hierarchy becoming weak from leadership being decided by blood purity then merit. The truly deranged would even have harems established, to maintain as many pure-blooded heirs as possible. Disdain was one of the few to rise from another family, beginning as a low-ranking Kilsai Caste, before being elected ruler, due to the last Prophet being unable to produce many strong heirs.

After many years, Supremius liquidated the House leaders, except for Disdain, and reinstated the process of electing the Ludesh among the Caste, choosing candidates among the Houses from those who demonstrated the best skills of leadership, engineering, military skills and political knowledge.

Religion Edit

Grox Followers are devotely dedicated to their grox Gods, having been engineered to worshipe them as Gods. The Meta-Emperor is seen as the Supreme god, and all the Kings are seen as Major gods. The Diffrent Houses act as their servants. For example, Disdain is meant to serve King Grochius in Andromeda.

They worship the Grox daily, and see their military service as religious service to their lords. They are noted for their scornful attitude towards most other Grox servants, finding the Criii barbaric, if useful, and the Marinox inflexible, but never the less work with both.

Astrology Edit

THis is the break down of the Grox Follower's Interest in other Galaxies, and their expanding influence there.

THe Plazith colonies hold 90,000 star systems under their fist and counting. Their capital is the all-water planet of Darkastral.

The Mirus holds the most colonies, at 6,000,000 systems. It is their home territory, with theri capital being Odionaox.

Andromeda formerly was a Hierarchy stronhold, until the Followers they entered exile in the Milky Way.

Technology Edit

Technology must always be ahead of your proplems.

- Grox Follower Saying.

The Tech the Followers have is shared with their masters, and thier rivals in the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and the Federation of Glory.

Because of this, they extremely advanced. They use speiclasied nano-metals for construction, and Atom Distrubution tech.

This Tech as an energy source, takes a highly energy-filed substance of gas, liquid, or solid, and uses a fine-tunned atom spliter to break apart it's atoms, while also creating some radiation. The Radiation is used to send the atom to diffrent devices, which power diffrent things.

They also carry advanced versions of the Planet Buster. Since many Empires now have Planet-wide shielding to counter such out-dated weapons, the Tarmealox have developed a weapon that goes straight through shields, and reduces the planet to a ball of slag. It is terraformed, after a substaicial amount of Slag is taken away to power starships and the like, and make some money.

Biology-wise, the Tarmealox where ahead of the Stem-cell game before most other empires. Stem-cells have been so intergrated into them, that they can regenerate limbs, damaged organs, or even a new body with extreme concentration. This is now part of their DNA, and they can pass it on from father-to-son and the like.

Tarmealox also have stolen DCP, Andromedan Commonwealth, and many other empires' tech.

One example is a version of the Divinarium's own Fanatical Frenzy. It was this weapon that helped form the Cult of Attzerry.

Due to their constant genetic upgrades, it is near impossible, for synthetic groups, to assimilate a Follower. Their biology is literally changing every second, in some minor way. The Alpha Cyber Collective only got a group of Followers after they willingly joined.

Military Edit

The Grox Follower military has gone through several "edifications" since it's birth, becoming more organized and more advanced, as well as better managed and having better leadership.

Despite this, they still have several logistics and tactical issues.

Royal Army Edit

The Royal Army is a massive organization, taking up millions of personel and spread across Hierarchy bases and colonies. Made up of Cult of Attzerry Scions and Tarmealox elite warriors, as Grox Conqrix forces, The Royal army maintains constant vigilance over their territory, is also seen aiding Grox Forces, and even attacking on their own. Often under-staffed, the Royal Army commonly conscripts civilians to assist their combat units, or use criminals and "misfits" to help their legions.

Another common tactic is to take over minor Grox and other such factions, and take their technology, weapons and gear onto themselves, be they Grox or another cybernetic group. They care little for where they get it, so long as it lets them destroy their foes all the faster. They also incooperate their Conqrix, assimilated and others into their forces, boosting their numbers further with every conquest and every absorbed faction. Their goal, quite simply, is to become the dominate faction, and take over where the Grox left off; The Assimilation and devastation of all life in the universe, in their own, twisted way.

Fleet Edit

Another massive organization, the Fleet of Domination is used to ensure Grox/Tarmealox control over territory and to ensure that no race escpes their notice. Commonly attacking other empires, or using their tech to bully other races into submission, the Tareamlox Hierarchy depends heavily on their Fleet to conquer new territory for their expanding empire.

Captains Edit

Relations Edit

Despite their xenophobic ways, and alliance with Grox, the Followers still enjoy a wide sphere of influence with other races, weather it be postive or negative. They also have the odd habite of adding enemies of other Grox factions onto their enemy rooster, even if they have yet to contact them.

Blue face Allies Edit

Remember your place, and we shall maintain ours.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

State your business.

  • Nexus Grox - not fear you.
  • Marinox - Effective instruments, but little else. Their lack of ambition leaves them empty little toys.
  • Alpha Marinox - Hellish abominations!!

Orange face Hated Edit

You've made a mistake, rectify it.

Red face At War Edit

Death will be a mercy! Let your pain go without end!

Quotes Edit

You shall serve intill your use runs out, and then you will be exterminated.

- Grox

Serve us, and we will return the Grox to glory.

- Goxis

I used to laugh at the idea. My first encounters with these blokes was in Plazith, where their influence was weakest. They seemed too ineffectual to be a threat. After getting home, and fighting wars against mind quickly changed.

- Barda Clett

Our arch-enemis since we arrived in Mirus, one day, we will redeem you for the good of the multiverse!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

A great threat to Uff'Wuj. Nothing is secondary to the emptying of the Grox and their mad servants. They are no longer just outsiders, they are obstacles! Obstacles deserve greater attention than outsiders!

- The Crystalline Hive

Those who follow the Grox are nothing but fools! We shall destroy you alongside your pirate allies!

- King Glynn

I will burn your empire to the ground. I will exterminate every last one of you.

- Phase-Hunter

Notes Edit

  • The Tarmealox were among the first antagonists ZF created, and were designed to be a hate-sink of sorts, being zealous, loud-mouthed, aggressive and almost mindless in their approach to things. ZF decided to give them more depth and make a sympathetic foe to face.
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