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He Calls Edit


Alearenthumend speaks to Shu'wokerama

At an unknown location of Inferno, Shu'wokerama and Arrtkar watched the Corruptus' demon hordes. He was planning what to do next with them, but was still unsure. From a distance, a large black and golden figure was watching their actions. Shu'wokerama nor Arrtkar recognized the shape or appearance.

  • Arrtkar - What is that? I've never seen...
  • Shu'wokerama - Keep your head down, fool. We can feel great power in that being.

The figure kept walking towards the group, catching the attention of the servants. The demon hordes all became very agitated and kept their distance. Shu'wokerama's eyes shined and caused his other servants to appear next to him. The summoned servants were all startled, as they had never been in Inferno before. The figure kept walking towards them, reaching out his arms in a friendly gesture.

  • '??? - I see that Inferno is not doing it for you.
  • Arrtkar - Identify yourself, creature.
  • ??? - In due time, Arrtkar Crowart. In due time. As you well know, the Legion has fallen into...disarray in the last few years. Let's just say i'm here to pick up the pieces and turn it into a piece of art.
  • Shu'wokerama - Hmm. Indeed, the demons seem to have gone very unruly lately. They have no direction.
  • ??? - My point exactly. I am here to scrape off the uneven edges in Inferno. As we speak, His demonic creations are amassing. And I am here to tell you, that we they say...setting a path.
  • Vouinas - One second there. Who are "they"?
  • Geltastra - Do you mean...the Xhodocto?
  • ??? - No one in particular. But if you want to say the Xhodocto, then the Xhodocto it shall be.

The figure began to pulse a powerful golden aura.

  • ??? - As for myself, you may call me Alearenthumend.

Shu'wokerama immediately bowed. The servants stared at their master, then bowed right after.

  • Alearenthumend - Now, what to do with your servants and yourself?
  • Shu'wokerama - We are at your service. Whatever you wish, we shall accomplish.
  • Alearenthumend - Sounds...pleasing. I have a few tasks that need be accomplished indeed. Firstly, your servants.
  • Varugr - I though the master was beautiful look even more perfect.
  • Mordati - Give us these tasks. It shall be done.
  • Alearenthumend - All of you. Send yourselves across the Gigaquadrant in search of what is left of the Devourer's Chosen. Bring them back to the Andromeda Galaxy. Do not let yourselves be seen.
  • Geltastra - The Chosen...Understood. I shall not fail again.
  • Alearenthumend - No.

Alearenthumend's voice began to distort into a voice far more Xhodocto in style.

  • Alearenthumend - You shall not fail me again.

The servants all covered their heads for a moment.

  • Alearenthumend - Now, leave us. Time is much of the essence.

The servants all disappeared.

  • Alearenthumend - As for you, Shu'wokerama...

Alearenthumend walked closer to Shu'wokerama.

  • Shu'wokerama - We listen.
  • Alearenthumend - Find your master. Awaken him. Tell him that He calls. Once you are finished, amass your demons here.
  • Shu'wokerama - We have waited a long time for this. It shall be done shortly.
  • Alearenthumend - Excellent. Now go. We do not have all eternity.

Shu'wokerama dissolved himself in a swarm of Shu'olerthae which departed away.

  • Alearenthumend - Hm...

Alearenthumend then disappeared in a golden bolt of lightning, leaving the landscape of Inferno bare.

The Fate of the ChosenEdit

Following Alearenthumend's orders, Shu'wokerama's servants turned their eyes to the vacuum between galaxies, where the remnants of the Devourer's Chosen were drifting. Since Emperor Marigrax's destruction, the Chosen had been chasen out of the Borealis Galaxy and were reduced to only three fleets worth of population. The entire universe was hunting for them. With nowhere to go, these men and women would eventually run out of resources and die out. And probably the worst of all: their god cared not for them anymore.

The servants teleported to the flagship of the fleets, where the cultists soon noticed their presence. The leader of the fleet, a female Radeon captain, approached Geltastra with narrowed eyes.

The Fate of the Chosen

The servants and the cultists

  • Radeon - ...Dark Apostle? Is that you? We thought you were dead!
  • Geltastra - Death means little to me, girl. I am here to take you back to where you belong.
  • Radeon - What for? To have us all die?

The crew of the ship were all visibly angered at the servants, and started to corner them.

  • Radeon - We have no reason to go with you to anywhere!
  • Arrtkar - Know your place, child. You have no choice in this.
  • Radeon - No! Since our god fell, we have been hunted down like plague! We tried to call for our god to help but he does not answer our prayers anymore! We could hear his whispers, his commandments...but now it's nothing but silence! Shu'ualthoi has betrayed us all!
  • Geltastra - Enough blasphemy. You will know your place!

Geltastra blasted the Radeon with a dark bolt of energy, sending her flying into a wall. She turned to the rest of the cultists and aimed her enemies at them.

  • Geltastra - Listen to me, you all. You failed the master once, but he's giving you a second chance. It is time to redeem yourselves. To prove your worth in the eyes of not only the Devourer, but to the Allied Gods.
  • Radeon - have said that earlier...
  • Geltastra - I can see how you feel. You ahve lost your powers. You hunger for power. Follow me once more, and I will satisfy this hunger. I will make you feared and respected once more.

The cultists cheered, and made room for the servants. The Radeon captain got on her feet and approached Geltastra.

  • Radeon - Where shall we go, Dark Apostle?
  • Geltastra - You will make your way to the Andromeda Galaxy and will submit to the Allied Gods. You are no longer the Devourer's Chosen. You are now the Dominion's Chosen. And when we get there, mass-cloning must begin. I will not disappoint my master due to your pathetic numbers! Now move!

The fleets tured their direction to Andromeda. The Chosen had new gods to please...

Meeting of the Madness Edit

A strange shadow appeared in the Hell. Having no consistent shape or even colour, this shape slowly moved towards the realm's deepest circles, twisting the hellish landscape of the infernal Xhodocto domain into something even more insane. As the shadow flew, screaming faces appeared from the Inferno Realm's ancient rocks, which stone was now corrupted and resembled human flesh, and twisted, bloodied hands started to protrude from the sands of Hell. The faces sang in horror, their voices distorted as if their throats were mutilated and burned, and they all chanted the same name. Divin-Ra! Divin-Ra! Divin-Ra! Divin-Ra! As the shadows reached the bottom of the realm, they finally materialised and turned into what seemed to be a huge raven, its feathers seeping with blood.

Following the shape were Shu'wokerama's servants.

  • Mordati - You. Twisted being. The masters have returned, and demad your attention.
  • Divin-Ra - ...What do you want?
  • Arrtkar - It is time to rally your forces. The next great war is about to commence.
  • Divin-Ra - War... war... WAR...

Divin-Ra perched upon a tower of the Xhodocto fortress and turned to the Corruptus servants, apparently interested. Numerous other dark shapes appeared around Divin-Ra.

  • Arrtkar - Yes. War. Gather your Mali'nar for the war.
  • Divin-Ra - Tell us more...
  • Arrtkar - The Xhodocto are back, and will wage war upon the mortal realm once more. They want all the Legion to follow them in this.
  • Divin-Ra - A war to destroy... again...
  • Mordati - Yes. We shall destroy everything who dare stand in our way.
  • Divin-Ra - Nothing left in reality... NO FLESH TO DEVOUR. NO MIND TO BREAK. NO INNOCENCE TO CORRUPT.

Unbeknownst to any of them, a dark figure watched their discussion. Divin-Ra flew into the air. Blood started to rain from the skies of Hell.

  • Divin-Ra - WAR MUST NEVER END.
  • Vouinas - Lady, you're pretty damn weird.

Divin-Ra flew to Vouinas and forced him on the ground, starting to tear his entrails; black blood seeped from the wounds.

  • Divin-Ra - YOU... DID NOT... SEE IT...
  • Vouinas - Get away from me!

Vouinas teleported away and healed himself. All of a sudden, a dark, forbidding and insane voice could be heard through the skies - the rain of blood turned black, and the twisted structures Divin-Ra made began to crumble.

  • ??? - Why...lack conviction?
  • Vouinas - Huh? It wasn't me.
  • Arrtkar - ...Stand back, fools! This power...I recognize it.

Hell's heat began to fade into blistering cold as a figure familiar to Shu'wokerama's servants formed out of the dust. Except, this being did not look much like Alearenthumend.

  • Divin-Ra - The Shadows of Chaos...
  • Varugr - What is this cold?
  • Arrtkar - are not Alearenthumend.
  • ??? - Alearenthumend? no no no no no no. Too serious. Too...happy for my liking.
  • Mar-Júun - I have a bad feeling about this...
  • Divin-Ra - Famine.
  • ??? - But what the...uh...*pointing at Mordati* blue lollipop-looking guy says is right.
  • Mordati - Wait what.
  • ??? - YOU HEARD.

The figure unleashed a white bolt of energy at Mordati, hurling him across the landscape.

  • Divin-Ra - Yes... yes... YES...
  • Vouinas - Oh for my master's sake what's going on here!
  • ??? - Alearenthumend is not my name. My name is Ormenthdraverang.
  • The Dark Purger - To their will all flesh succumbs...
  • Arrtkar - Hmm. The God of Madness.
  • Ormenthdraverang - You see, that mortal is right. He has returned and indeed, armies shall re-amass.

Divin-Ra hissed at Ormentdraverang.

  • Divin-Ra - WAR... MUST... NEVER... END.

In the blink of an eye, Ormenthdraverang had Divin-Ra pinned under his talons.

  • Ormenthdraverang - And are you going to stop us?
  • Divin-Ra - ...Just give us flesh to corrupt. Minds to break.
  • Ormenthdraverang - No. no no no no no no no no. I need your armies, your...cult.
  • The Dark Purger - My... playthings shall do their part.

Ormenthdraverang lifted his talons off Divin-Ra.

  • Ormenthdraverang - ...Well, what are you waiting for? GET THEM!
  • Divin-Ra - PREPARE... FOR... BLOOD...
  • Ormenthdraverang - Oh. And another thing. Make sure you get whatever demons you have here. Protocol and that.
  • The Dark Purger - Do Asgord count as demons?
  • Ormenthdraverang - ...Just get your armies ready.

Ormenthdraverang's body faded into dust as Hell's landscape returned to normal. Shu'wokerama's servants all disappeared alongside Ormenthdraverang. Divin-Ra flew away, all other Mali'nar simply disappearing. The Host of Madness was about to awaken.

The Dyad Edit

Transcendence, formlessness, the deep hum of the universe. None of these words described the thing in itself, because the instance of description clouds the meditative headspace of the Dyad.

The Dyad was of opposing forces of elemental consciouness, and as one, created the Monad. The Monad was was stronger than its parts, and release was inconsiderable. What greater existence could there be than the Monad?

For many years in mortal time Bo Ramik and Tricarrion were bounded together, their karmic strands forever entwined. The actions of one had causation on the other and the Dyad was forever balanced. Both resisted each other in an endless conflict, and yet, together they were entwined as a single energy, true elemental, which is only gained after union of opposing forces.

But the Monad was watched by something very unlike it; which even had a name, Tastiarothshyhin. Bo Ramik and Tricarrion felt his awful presence.

  • Tastiarothshyhin - You have grown weak, Tricarrion. Transcendence has blinded you of your descension.
  • Tricarrion - I resist, but by the act of resistance I am an endless knot.
  • Tastiarothshyhin - You shall have one more chance. Intelligence alike is forever seeking the truth, but it is unobservable. You are unable to look outside yourself and grasp the true nature of Chaos.
  • Tricarrion - And you? Do you grasp it?

Suddenly there was tremendous pain as both Tricarrion and Bo Ramik were cut from each other by Tastiarothshyhin's greater knowledge. In the process, Bo Ramik's energy was drained into Tricarrion, sequestering all the power of the Monad to Tricarrion's elemental body.

  • Tastiarothshyhin - Now come Tricarrion, it is time for us to challenge that notion and bridge ourselves to the objective world.

Meanwhile, onboard the Emperor's Palace Ship, a frail body materialised raising alarms, until it's genetic template was matched. The Emperor rushed to see who it was, and found his long lost son, Bo Ramik.

  • Bo Ramik - Dad... With the last of my power I came to you. I bring bad news.

Even Emperor Wormulus II found it hard to resist both elation and sadness.

  • Emperor Wormulus II - What bad news could there be? This is wonderful!

Bo Ramik was finding it hard to remember.

  • Bo Ramik - The darkness, Dad, it is coming again...

Armies Amassed Edit

Ekthrikos stood at the tip of a jagged cliff-face - he could see for many thousands of miles as numerous shadows took movement in the valley beneath him. The shadows were in fact trillions, if not trillions upon trillions of demons from Hell forming an orderly shape and heading to Ekthrikos' right - spanning from one end of his view to the other.

As he observed the army left to right, he let out a roar powerful enough to lift the dust from the surface and storm the landscape until Ekthrikos could not see any further away. The armies paused for a split second and then moved forward again, being startled by Ekthrikos' overpowering roar. Ekthrikos then sharply looked at the militia as they paused, causing them to hurry further.

His eye in the centre of his body emitted a light which could have been seen from any point in Hell, much like an ominous, evil searchlight. Demons who looked at the eye squinted and turned away in its brightness.

As Ekthrikos regained composure, he felt a burning sensation on his back - an infernal aura as a being, much like those of Ormenthdraverang, Alearenthumend and Tastiarothshyhin beforehand but far more terrifying and brooding than the three. Ekthrikos noticed the powerful being behind him and turned to strike the figure - before making physical contact, Ekthrikos' arm was frozen in place.

Ekthrikos' eye slowly travelled up the figure's stature, noticing its magnificent golden and black figure, with a black and red aura much deeper and darker than that of himself. As his eye met the figure's eyes, his eye fell back down. He was freed of the grasp and felt weak at the knees - stumbling. The figure walked behind Ekthrikos, looking over the armies and Inferno's skyline.

  • ??? - These armies are indeed impressive.
  • Ekthrikos - ...What?
  • ??? - He who shall have your allegiance.
  • Ekthrikos - And who are you to command me, demon?!
  • ??? - Foolish.

Shu'wokerama's servants appeared.

  • Arrtkar Crowart - Do you not show respect for your master?
  • Ekthrikos - Silence, you useless piece of flesh!
  • ??? - Silence.
  • Arrtkar - The demon armies must be reunited, and you are to join us.

Ekthrikos paused for a moment.

  • Ekthrikos - And who are...these?
  • Mordati - Our masters. Your creators.

Ekthrikos looked startled as he realised that the figure that he was floored by was in fact his master. He stood back very sharply and seemed uneasy.

  • ??? - You are wise to fear.
  • Arrtkar - The next war will begin shortly. You are to command their forces.

The figure turned to Arrtkar and then observed the amassed army over the cliff face.

  • ??? - This is why we are here. This militia is to be commanded.

Ekthrikos was about to mention the figure's name - the figure then turned to Ekthrikos and interrupted -

  • ??? - My name is Theruskrayathos. Not what is laid behind me.

Theruskrayathos then walked over to Shu'wokerama's servants - his footsteps leaving dark, burnt imprints on the floor. Ekthrikos breathed in heavily and stood aside. The servants watched Theruskrayathos closely.

  • Theruskrayathos - Tell me, where is Hez'Kalka? I have not felt his presence in quite some time.
  • Arrtkar - I have not heard of Hez'Kalka since he obtained that blade of his.
  • Theruskrayathos - And Telfinne?
  • Geltastra - She has...defected from the Legion.

The skies began to turn a darker red, as Inferno's clouds began to catch fire. The ground began to crack and crumble. The servants stepped back, scared.

  • Theruskrayathos - ...Defected?
  • Arrtkar - far as we know, she has become a servant of the Mornûnendur.

Theruskrayathos breathed in deeply as an orange lightning bolt struck Inferno far away, splitting the land in two.

  • Ekthrikos - Master...allow me to find this traitor. I'll grind her soul into the dust.
  • Theruskrayathos - Insufficient. When the time is right, you may have your...way.

Ekthrikos nodded as he backed off.

  • Theruskrayathos - Then...our dear Telfinne is a lost cause.

Theruskrayathos then turned to the servants.

  • Theruskrayathos - There is only one being of which whom can find our...vessel. Find yourselves upon the 8th Circle, and wait for His Guardian.
  • Arrtkar - It shall be done.

The servants teleported away.

  • Theruskrayathos - As for you. Amass the armies. Take them to Andromeda.

Ekthrikos nodded and resumed his post on the cliff.

Wounding Whispers Edit

The servants teleported on the edge of the Eighth circle. They could see through cracks in impossibly ancient walls, and could see huge vortexes of power in the centre of the Ninth Circle.

  • Mar-Júun - I though we were not allowed in this place.
  • Arrtkar - We are not yet at the forbidden lands. But we are not that far from them.

They could see that the Ninth Circle was floating completely independently of the other circles - as they could see down into the chasms, they all saw what could not be described. In the distance, over a sea of dark energies, the servants could see spikes popping out. The spikes grew closer. Varugr attempted to look down, but immediately looked back, shaking his head.

  • Varugr - What the heck is...that?
  • Arrtkar - It's everything.

The spikes stopped. Slowly, emerged a four legged being that stood higher than a mountain. It had no face, but what seemed to be its head was protected by a ribcage like structure over its face. The K'Shrra.

  • Vouinas - Hell, what the...
  • Arrtkar - You must be the "Guardian".

The K'Shrra began to speak. Its voice filled the skies and could be felt through the ground.

  • K'Shrra - And you are the servants of Shu'wokerama.
  • Arrtkar - Theruskrayathos said you could help us find Hez'Kalka.

The K'Shrra slowly walked to the edge of the Eighth Circle, looking down at the servants.

  • K'Shrra - neither here nor there. In spaces between spaces, voids between voids. Trapped? Isolated? Meditating? Waiting?'

The servants looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

  • K'Shrra - He whom you search cannot be searched for. Of one place he is, of one place you cannot enter.
  • Arrtkar - We cannot enter? Why not? Theruskrayathos ordered his presence.
  • K'Shrra - His presence is

The K'Shrra paced for a few seconds.

  • K'Shrra - Held at knifepoint. The knife has pierced the mind. Find him in the wounds.
  • Vouinas - A mountain is telling riddles now. This task only gets weirder and weirder...
  • K'Shrra - Wounds...mind...

The K'Shrra's voice echoed as it swam back into the dark seas and disappeared. At the same time, Alearenthumend appeared. The servants immediately bowed to him.

  • Alearenthumend - are having trouble with riddles?
  • Vouinas - It would be faster if the thing just said where Hez'Kalka offense.
  • Alearenthumend - As to why He gave the K'Shrra the power to trouble the minds of gods, I shall not know.
  • Alearenthumend - Knife...wounds...hmmm...pierced mind...
  • Arrtkar - We do not know what it means.

Alearenthumend sighed.

  • Alearenthumend - I believe it speaks of Hez'Kalka's grounds of meditation. If you must know...the Seventh Circle. Antares.
  • Vouinas - How are we supposed to guess that?!
  • Arrtkar - It matters not. We'll be on our way.

The servants teleported away again.

The servants found themselves on a flat plane. The plane had numerous sigil markings carved by Hez'Kalka, and in the middle, Hez'Kalka himself, meditating. Each one of his breath caused the winds to move around him.

  • Arrtkar - Hez'Kalka. The masters demand your service once more.

As Hez'Kalka's eyes opened, a fiery wind dispersed.

  • Hez'Kalka - ...The armies move?
  • Geltastra - Yes. The demons are being rallied. It is time to put your...cult...back into shape.

Hez'Kalka stood from his meditation.

  • Hez'Kalka - And you have who's word, that I should act?
  • Arrtkar - Theruskrayathos.

Hez'Kalka paused, and grasped his blade out of the ground, wiping the sigil markings clean.

  • Hez'Kalka - Then the Dominion shall indeed rise.
  • Arrtkar - Yes. Rally the Cult's forces. The next war against the mortal plane is about to commence.

Hez'Kalka took a deep breath, and then pointed his blade at the sky, being engulfed in a fiery bolt of lightning. He then appeared on the cliff face next to Ekthrikos and Theruskrayathos. Shu'wokerama's servants then appeared next to them, then Divin-Ra's servants, all looking over the total army. To them, even when those numbers were finite seemed surreal in appearance.

Ormenthdraverang and Alearenthumend appeared next to Theruskrayathos, of which Ormenthdraverang startled the servants. As the demons kept walking forward, a portal of flame appeared, taking them to the mortal plane. At the front stood Tastiarothshyhin, mounted on a two headed equine demon made of blackened stone-like tentacles which all shaped into the demon's body. All of the servants and demons looked at Tastiarothshyhin - his aura far encompassing the rest. He then composed his steed, and began to speak;

"Tantummodo Mortem. Only Death."

His steed stepped through the portal, followed by a battle cry from all the demons, running into the portal. The servants looked on, walking down the cliff and began their plans to restructure their followers. The Dominion was to rise.

No Reason In Death Edit

After the depature of the demonic hordes and the Tandava from Inferno, the servants of Shu'wokerama, Divin-Ra and the Tandava were left to their own devices. They had more plans in store.

  • Hez'Kalka - *Sighs* ...We have almost all of the demonic hordes. There are more of which we must...convince.
  • Mordati - What else remains?

Hez'Kalka stepped away from the group and looked vacantly into the skies of Hell, thinking.

  • Ekthrikos - By His grace, speed up!
  • Hez'Kalka - We must find Xi'Arazkha, Rektethin Xyazkoxos and Trexzelku Kyuxkalin. As well as a few more errands before we gather our cults in union.
  • Arrtkar - The Xhousthoe and Xhonet leaders should not be too hard to find. But the Xi'Arazulha god...I am not sure where he's supposed to be located.
  • Hez'Kalka - That is where you are wrong. Xi'Arazkha shall be the easiest to find...the leaders of the other demonic races will not be so trivial.
  • Arrtkar - Is that so?
  • Hez'Kalka - Indeed. The realms of the other demonic leaders are not as simple in form. Shard however, is.
  • Arrtkar - Then we should not waste time.
  • Hez'Kalka - However we must take into account one thing. Shard is drifting across Chaos. It is more dangerous than we assume.
  • Arrtkar - That was my point. I don't know what to expect from such a place.
  • The Dark Purger - ...What horrors can Chaos offer to those born of discord and madness?
  • Hez'Kalka - Discord and Madness can be perceived. Chaos cannot be.
  • The Dark Purger - ...Chaos... chaos... CHAOS.... Ahahahahaha...
  • Vouinas - Hmpf. Let's just go and find this Xi'Arazkha already.
  • Hez'Kalka - I know of one way to enter Chaos. We may have to treat with Anzilanarus, however.
  • Divin-Ra - The Lord of Darkness?
  • Arrtkar - And where is he?
  • Hez'Kalka - Within the Ninth Circle.
  • Arrtkar - But we are not allowed to enter it.
  • Ekthrikos - Bah.
  • Hez'Kalka - Sometimes to understand Anarchy, one must create it.
  • Mordati - Are you saying we should just go in?
  • The Dark Purger - Anarchy is the only answer. Order is a lie.
  • Hez'Kalka - Of course. We shall get Anzilanarus' attention, and he shall let us through.
  • Ekthrikos - Then what are you waiting for?! Move!
  • Vouinas - Huh. I don't think that talking mountain guy will be too happy about it, but hey.

Hez'Kalka turned towards the direction of the Ninth Circle and teleported away. The servants teleported right after. The Mali'Nar turned into darkness and followed. As Hez'Kalka teleported there, he saw the same as what Shu'wokerama's servants saw before - a dark sea of energies and a whirling vortex of energies in the Ninth Circle.

  • Hez'Kalka - Hmmm...quiet.
  • Vouinas - Where are we supposed to go? To that vortex?
  • The Dark Purger - Indeed... The final answer awaits us there.
  • Hez'Kalka - Of course. Except...I do not want to swim a million light years to Achanes.
  • Mar-Júun - ...A million years?!
  • Hez'Kalka - That is only a small fraction of Inferno's size.
  • The Dark Purger - Space and time mean nothing to us.

Suddenly, a dark but very well-spoken voice was heard. The skies and ground darkened into a near black.

  • ??? - Of course. Inferno is almost 1.7 quadrillion light years from tip to tip.
  • Vouinas - Who's there?
  • ??? - He who has your attention.
  • Mar-Júun - That was fast.

Out of the vortex of energy, a dark blue bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of them. Forming from it was an incredibly dark being, more so than Theruskraythos' aura - Anzilanarus. Arrtkar bowed, and the other servants followed right after.

  • Anzilanarus - What are you all doing here?
  • The Dark Purger - We seek the Shard. We seek Death. WE seek the Xi'Arazulha.

Anzilanarus turned his faceless head slowly to the Dark Purger.

  • Anzilanarus - You dare speak to me in that tone, servant?
  • Arrtkar - Excuse him, master. Those creatures are...uncivil, to say the least.
  • Anzilanarus - ...So you seek the Xi'Arazulha? You wish to enter Chaos?
  • Arrtkar - Yes. The demon armies are to be rallied, and the Xi'Arazulha are to join us.

Anzilanarus started to pace the edge of the Eighth Circle.

  • Anzilanarus - Ah...yes. The Dominion. And you want the Xi'Arazulha to join your cause?
  • Hez'Kalka - Want? Demand.
  • Arrtkar - I don't think the masters would accept "No" as an answer.
  • Anzilanarus - And you know...they are split? Between their god and their demigod?
  • Geltastra - Hmpf...Kithworto...he annihilated one of my champions to the point I can no longer bring him back to life.
  • The Dark Purger - The Kicath, you mean?
  • Anzilanarus - ...The Kicath. Yes. Coercion shall be hard. You will need more than yourselves.
  • Arrtkar - And what more do we need?
  • Anzilanarus - Another demigod. I am quite certain that the soul of Maíkanamnon can be enough to...persuade Xi'Arazkha.

The servants looked at each other.

  • Mordati - ...Maíka-who?
  • Anzilanarus - You are not familiar with Xi'Arazulha legend?
  • Arrtkar - We are often too busy attending to the Corruptus to study Xi'Arazulha tales.
  • The Dark Purger - Ah... The son of Maktanshatin.
  • Anzilanarus - Maíkanamnon is another Xi'Arazulha demigod. Incidentally, another son of...yes. Maktanshatin.

At this moment, a gigantic shadow appeared in the horizon, with three shining red eyes, causing large shockwaves as it approached the group. From the fog, Shu'rimrodir himself appeared. Hez'Kalka nodded his head to Shu'rimrodir whilst Ektrhikos scoffed and turned away. The servants immediately bowed in awe.

  • Shu'rimrodir - ...You are not yet done gathering the armies?
  • Hez'Kalka - Armies take time to develop, Devourer.
  • Shu'rimrodir - You want Kithworto's brother, don't you? The one who was obliterated by the Xhodocto Bane.

Anzilanarus turned to Shu'rimrodir.

  • Anzilanarus - are enough to persuade Xi'Arazkha into coming into the light...indeed. The blood of Aknatazán and Maíkanamnon are the same. Kithworto's brother is also a demigod. Family and hatred runs deep in reincarnation. Persuade Xi'Arazkha to resurrect this demigod, and I am sure that he will amass an army.
  • Shu'rimrodir - So be it.

Anzilanarus disappeared, as the gates to the Ninth Circle opened. The vortex of energy violently shook the earth. Shu'rimrodir walked in mostly unfazed, the servants slowly following him. Hez'Kalka and Ekthrikos followed Shu'rimrodir's lead. The Mali'nar turned into darkness and dispersed.

Shattered Glass Edit

As the team entered Shard, they could see the skies of Chaos, with a terrible but equally brilliant view.

  • TDP - It is... beautiful.

Hez'Kalka and Ekthrikos were rather familiar to its appearance, and took no notice of it. They looked across the fractured ground of Shard, unable to see anything, until they laid eyes on a very large and intimidating looking Xi'Arazulha.

  • Arrtkar - Is that Xi'Arazkha?
  • Hez'Kalka - No. But he is close enough...
  • Shu'rimrodir - You. Xi'Arazulha. We seek your god.

The Xi'Arazulha turned slightly, revealing a very well-adorned body, very similar in appearance to Kithworto in his Omega State. It was in fact Maktanshatin, the god of war. Maktanshatin's voice made Ekthrikos' seem almost childish in comparison to his.

  • Maktanshatin - ...What do you want, Akratalanin-aná?
  • Shu'rimrodir - To give new life to your dead son.
  • Maktanshatin - ...Maíkanamnon? A traitor. Betrayed my blood with his ignorance. I was right to deliver him unto Xi'Arazkha...
  • The Dark Purger - It matters not! The Great War is upon us, and to crush the mortal scum, we need every resource under our control.

Maktanshatin stood up, and the skies of Chaos began to turn red.

  • Maktanshatin - And you think...bringing back my defiant son, who killed his brother, will change that?
  • Arrtkar - Your son once served the Khazurhal. He must do so once more!
  • Maktanshatin - Hmph.

A darker figure appeared to the side - Xi'Arazkha himself. Maktanshatin bowed to his father, as he stepped back.

  • Shu'rimrodir - At last.
  • Xi'Arazkha - ...What is this...?
  • Hez'Kalka - A plea. The Dominion is rising, and the Xi'Arazulha are needed. requires one thing. The resurrection of Maíkanamnon.

Xi'Arazkha turned his head to Maktanshatin.

  • Xi'Arazkha - ...and what do you have to say about this?
  • Maktanshatin - I shall not allow this to happen.

Shu'rimrodir roared at Maktanshatin's direction.

  • Shu'rimrodir - You wish to hinder the Dominion's formation?

Maktanshatin turned slowly to Shu'rimrodir. About lash out at Shu'rimrodir, Xi'Arazkha clenched his hand on Maktanshatin's shoulder, stopping him.

  • TDP - The Tides of Darkness shall not be stopped.
  • Xi'Arazkha - You speak...sense. Maktanshatin's Aknatazán has turned our world in two...and has divided us. Perhaps it would to restore Maíkanamnon...regardless of his transgressions.
  • Shu'rimrodir - That is another point. You should not accept being...pushed and ordered around by Kithworto.

Maktanshatin shrugged off Xi'Arazkha's hand, and walked off.

  • Hez'Kalka - You forget. Kithworto is a product of these gods. His power is not to be reckoned with, even amongst them.
  • Maktanshatin - My son...cast himself into the light, and his brother...betrayed and murdered him...
  • Shu'rimrodir - He should not control you. You should control him instead. You should not allow one who fights you to be in charge.
  • Xi'Arazkha - They are both traitors to our name...but Maíkanamnon had returned to the darkness. Aknatazán is...uncontrollable.

Xi'Arazkha handed Shu'rimrodir a dark red shard, glowing black. There was intense power emitted from the stone.

  • Xi'Arazkha - Return this stone to the earth of Inferno. Once this has been done, our armies shall march alongside yours.
  • Shu'rimrodir - So be it. It is...good to see you have seen reason.
  • Xi'Arazkha - It is not reason. Death does not see reason.

Xi'Arazkha turned away, walked and then disappeared alongside Maktanshatin. Hez'Kalka and the rest then disappeared and returned to the Eighth Circle.

Shu'rimrodir leaned down and placed the dark shard on the ground.

  • The Dark Purger - Magnificent.
  • Ekthrikos - ...What...we just wait for it to grow?!
  • Shu'rimrodir - Shu'svreca was correct. You are an impatient one.

Hez'Kalka whacked Ekthrikos on the chest to quiet him down.

  • Hez'Kalka - Hmmmm...

Shu'rimrodir and the servants just watched the shard, silently. Hez'Kalka pondered for a few seconds, his eyes travelling at his word and then at the shard on the floor. Shu'rimrodir looked at the sword for an instant, then returned his sight to the shard.

  • Hez'Kalka - ...Hm. Kitoruka touched this at one stage...I wonder...

Hez'Kalka gathered a multitude of energy in his sword, and thrust it into the shard. In effect, a massive wave of energy emitted from the clash, flooring the servants except for Shu'rimrodir, Hez'Kalka, Ekthrikos and Divin-Ra, as they were powerful enough to withstand the blast.

  • Shu'rimrodir - Good idea.

As the dust settled from the blast, they noticed a tall figure, Xi'Arazulha and Kicathian in appearance.

  • Shu'rimrodir - Rise once more, Kitoruka. The masters demand your service.

Kitoruka slowly looked at his newly formed body, and with a short pause, let out a roar which cracked Inferno's surface.

The shadow that will be cast over your souls shall be that of death. All you can do is watch your world crumble.
Tur'ina'iad a'eldgar kal'tor thr'ranach. We declare war.
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