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The Allied Response Edit

Planet Anatezc-ji 0 - the centre of Kicathian activity in Borealis. Particular individuals were given messages upon a critical issue, and an invite to the planet. As per usual, Anatezc-ji 0 was clouded over in darkness and raining very heavily. The group were all asked to land their ships on a hangar which lead to the Remnant's Tower. Waiting at the hangar were well armored Kicathian guards, awaiting the arrival of those who were invited. Sarec arrived in the Arcadium with Hachi. He wore a hooded coat as he waled through the rain to the tower. Coming from the Milky Way was Koluap, and from a Polar Crystal Alliance, Arkarixus. Apollo arrived via his new shuttle. A small group of ambassadors from the Divinarium walked to the spire, unnerved by the Kicath architecture. Arsac had also arrived via a transit shuttle. She saluted the guard as she apporached.

  • Kicathian Guard - Is this everyone?
  • Hachi - Nngh...does it matter? It's cold out here!
  • Arkarixus - I see old allies among me once more.

The other Kicathian guard spoke.

  • Guard - Of course. The Warlord requires everyone to be here.
  • Hachi - Dammit, this rain is gonna freeze my balls off!
  • Koluap - Ah, shut yor trap, kid.
  • Venoriel - Harumph.
  • Hachi - Aww...

The Guards turned round and walked into the tower, and the door was left open. The guards waiting inside a large elevator. Apollo followed them, studying the assortment of people that arrived. Sarec rested his hand on Hachi's far shoulder and they both headed into the Elevator. Arsac kept looking about, observing the tower. Koluap and Arkarixus followed as well. As they all entered the elevator, one of the guards signalled the elevator to go up. As the elevator went up, they could see much of the Kicathian city-scape, as well as wide area which Kithworto leveled fairly recently.

  • Apollo - What happened over there?
  • Arkarixus - Devourer's Chosen invasion.
  • Guard - Yes. Demon invasion. Thankfully Kithworto, Agent Nu and a team of others averted the crisis. Although it cost us a significant amount of resources.
  • Arsac - Are you still rebuilding?
  • Guard - We have not yet started to. There have been other issues to attend to.
  • Arkarixus - I did warn your Warlord not to use so much power to deal with a single enemy.
  • Hachi - Hey, it works, doesn't it?
  • Arsac - Excessive force is not always the best solution, child.
  • Arkarixus - It doesn't when many people lose their homes in the process. I remember Agent Nu commenting on this.
  • Hachi - Yeah...That's a good point, I guess.

As the elevator stopped, the guards turned round and a large door opened. As it opened, they could see a fairly well-decorated office-like room. The office was swarming with Kicathian Agents, none of which any of the team recognized. Apollo eyed the place, but remained silent.

  • Guard - Floor 417.
  • Koluap - Well this is different from the usual stuff I see from the Kicath.
  • Sarec - Nice place.
  • Hachi - It's Kicath, expect the unpredictable.
  • Sarec - Mind your manners Hachi.

The group walked out of the elevator, leaving the Guards behind. Venoriel observed the place inquisitively, analyzing the surroundings.

  • Hachi - This place would be a good place for party, though.
  • Venoriel - Not when I am around, mutant.

Apollo looked at Hachi with a shocked expression on his face. Venoriel turned to Apollo.

  • Venoriel - He is always like that, mister Cretacea. Do not mind him.

Among the crowd, Agent Tau recognized the group. Apollo nods politely at Venoriel and turns to Agent Tau with a smile.

  • Apollo - Greetings.
  • Tau - Ah. Welcome. I see you all got the invitation.
  • Arkarixus - Greetings once more, Agent Tau.
  • Koluap - I don't think i know you.
  • Sarec - Greetings Agent.
  • Tau - For those who do not know me, I am Agent Tau, assistant to Kithworto. For those who do know me, well hello again. Right this way.

Tau lead the group through the crowd of Agents, who were working hard on something. The group often had to evade Agents walking through the halls.

  • Hachi - Hehehe...Can I-I hold your hand?.
  • Koluap - Why all the ruckus?
  • Tau - Neither Kithworto or Nu have told me. I suspect it is to do with why you are here.
  • Arsac - Last time I saw the Order like this we were poised for a crusade.
  • Hachi - Hmm, perhaps it's party preparations?
  • Koluap - Kithworto's not exactly the party type.

As they met another large, thick door, the group stopped. Tau unlocked the door with a very elaborate password, and the group were lead inside. There, they saw Kithworto, with Agent Alpha to his right and Agent Nu to his left, surrounded by the other Agent leaders. Arsac looked up at Agent Alpha.

Arsac - Greetings again.

Alpha acknowledged Arsac with a nod.

  • Kithworto - I see you all arrived on time. Please, sit.
  • Koluap - Hey there!

As Kithworto sat down on a large throne-like seat, the Agents also sat down around the 40 man table.

  • Arkarixus - Very well.

Hachi nodded to Kithworto nervously and sat down. Koluap and Arkarixus sat down. Sarec sat alongside Hachi while Arsac merely stood.

  • Hachi - H-Hey, what's up?
  • Arkarixus - At least the chairs are large enough in here.
  • Kithworto - Unfortunately, Hachi, this is not party preparations.
  • Hachi - about after?
  • Kithworto - Perhaps.
  • Hachi - Yay! Ya hear that, Sarec?
  • Sarec - It might be an after-crisis party Hachi.

Kithworto stood, whilst the Agents remain sat.

  • Kithworto - I have called you here, leaders of worlds and warriors alike, to address a situation that if unanswered, could have catastrophic consequences.
  • Arkarixus - And I though the wars were finally over.
  • Hachi - C-Cata-Catastratata--- What do you mean?
  • Venoriel - Hmph. Be fast, please.
  • Kithworto - In short, if we do not address this situation, the universe ends.

The Agents all looked at each other slightly disconcerted.

  • Venoriel - Heard that like... ten times already.

Hachi's eyes widened and tapped his finger on the table.

  • Hachi - ...Oh.

Apollo turned to Venoriel.

  • Apollo - Listen to the man before talking.
  • Koluap - Again? Damn.
  • Venoriel - Of course I will.
  • Kithworto - You may seem apathetic towards this...but you shall not be once I have elaborated. Or more importantly, Alpha shall elaborate.

Kithworto sat down as Alpha stood up. The lights in the room dimmed as a large hologram of a section of space in Andromeda also appeared.

  • Arsac - The exclusion zone...
  • Alpha - Indeed. This in common words is Segmentum Adnihilo. Up until twenty-five years ago or so, activity here was strong with the Legion of the Deathmarch.
  • Koluap - Hmm...
  • Hachi - Deathmarch? Who's that?
  • Arsac - The mortal armies of the Xhodocto.
  • Alpha - And we are lead to believe that activity is rising again.

Alpha pressed on a dashboard, and the hologram changed to display a figure of a very large being with golden and black features.

  • Arsac - Congregation, Legion of the Deathmarch - The Inquisition knows them all too well.

Alpha paused for a second.

  • Koluap - What is that thing?
  • Alpha - We are also lead to believe that this particular race is leading them. However, databanks on Kicathian intel say nothing of them.
  • Arsac - Do you have anything to suggest any links?

Arkarixus - I've never seen anything like that before. It is certainly not a Corruptus demon.

  • Alpha - They stand five metres tall, and have powers similar to the other Legion demons we have seen. This particular figure has been named as Alearenthumend.
  • Hachi - So, why's the big problem?
  • Alpha - If our references and research is correct, then these figures are what we worst expected. These beings are Xhodocto.
  • Koluap - Wuh...
  • Arsac - That explains...things.

Hachi's eyes widened in disbelief and he sat quietly, almost silently. Not even a squeak. Venoriel, previously emotionless, froze in fear.

  • Venoriel - And so it begins again...
  • Alpha - And if our research is correct on this particular figure, then this figure is Krathazhrukhal. I believe that some of you have encountered him before.
  • Koluap - I have, once. It was pretty nasty.
  • Venoriel - Saw him in Hell.
  • ??? - And boy are they pissed at us.
  • Arsac - I do have intel. However being Inquisition information I would not hand it out lightly.
  • Arkarixus - If you know anything about them, yous hould not hide it.

Kithworto paused Alpha.

  • Kithworto - You have something to say, Arsac?

Arsac stood up. In response, Alpha sat down.

  • Arsac - The Inquisition has made numeorus attempts to probe that segmentum for millenia. Recently, Our scanners have felt a strong disturbance.

A familiar figure approached from behind and stood next to Kithworto. Indeed, it was a rather ugly figure, though he was nowhere near as tall.

  • Tau - In what way?
  • Arsac - Demonic energy. And such energies are growing.
  • Kezoreg - Disturbance, Xhodocto, probably the same thing. Nothing to worry about unless you're...well, not Xhodocto.
  • Venoriel - Who... is that?!
  • Koluap - Ah no it's that twerp again.
  • Arsac - Did that -child- just try to correct me!?

Kithworto whispered to Kezoreg. As Kezoreg and Kithworto were talking, Alpha stood back up.

  • Alpha - We do have a plan, however. But it will require every ounce of our capacity.

Nu, hearing Alpha's remark, looked at Hachi.

  • Hachi - ...What?
  • Apollo - What's the plan?

Kithworto stood up, and Alpha changed the hologram to a more elaborate map of what was Kicathian space in the Milky Way.

  • Kithworto - Before our main stage in our plan is underway, we must first plan our entry. Under much study, I have pinpointed a prime location to...gather resources before we enter the Segmentum. Incidentally, it is the homeworld of our species. Paclernos.
  • Koluap - That's Kicath Empire territory, is it not?
  • Alpha - Indeed.
  • Kithworto - What we require to make safe entry into the Segmentum lies on Paclernos. More precisely, under it.

Kithworto looked at Koluap and Hachi, familiarizing a situation. Hachi slammed his hand on the table.

  • Hachi - Oh not again!
  • Koluap - Oh yes again!
  • Hachi - No! Last time, somebody died!
  • Koluap - Eh?
  • Hachi - Kan'kun, remember that guy?
  • Koluap - Oh...yes.
  • Hachi - A Xhodocto. Died. I am NOT doing this Vault stuff again!
  • Kithworto - Indeed, a vault. If I am correct, then what is in that Vault can give us safe passage to and through the Segmentum.
  • Arkarixus - I take we shall send a sizeable force hrough the Vault.
  • Arsac - Do you have any idea at all because otherwise I forbid it!
  • Venoriel - Why so, High Inquisitor? Do you... fear?
  • Arsac - I fear the potential of what is inside these vaults. They were buried. For. A. Reason.
  • Koluap - No one cares if you "forbid" it, lady. It's either the Vault or we're all goners.
  • Kezoreg - I don't care whether you gotta wrinkley fanny or not, we need to get into that Vault. Otherwise, you can kiss your precious Andromeda galaxy goodbye along with the rest of this shithole. I mean Universe.
  • Koluap - Kid, you need a serious spanking.
  • Venoriel - Milady, I assume you weren't in Hell and simply DO NOT understand what kind of threat the Xhodocto are. "By any means neccessary" is an understatement when we are talking about them.

Nu stood up. Tau muttered under her breath.

  • Nu - No.

Nu walked over to the dashboard and changed the hologram to the location of the Vault on Paclernos. It was situated on top of an ancient building complex.

  • Nu - We cannot send in a sizeable force for one main reason. The Kicath Empire are our enemies, and a large force will draw hundreds of Fifth-generation Agents and hundreds of millions of soldiers to our location.
  • Arsac - Fine. Tell me what could possibly be in that vault that would warrant such an expedition.
  • Nu - A map.

Tau let out a heavy breath as she calmed down under what she thought Nu was going to say.

  • Apollo - Alright, hold up. While this is all very thrilling, I have no idea why I was called here. I'm not a fighter.
  • Arsac - I admit, I don't like the idea of civillians getting involved.

Venoriel turned to Apollo.

  • Venoriel - Neither am I.
  • Kezoreg - He's hardly civilian.
  • Kithworto - But you are a man of perception. You will be helpful in many ways, I assure you. We have faced demons before. You know how they work.
  • Hachi - W-Well, I'm not any of these things, s-so I dunno why you want me to be here. I haven't fought Deathmarch up close.
  • Koluap - Don't worry, Apollo. I'll keep ya safe.
  • Arkarixus - Did you forget the Chosen?
  • Nu - None of us have fought Deathmarch directly. At least, not as direct as it will be.
  • Hachi - ...Aww crap.
  • Arkarixus - The Chosen were part of the Deathmarch. Most of us have fought them already.

Nu walked back and sat down next to Tau.

  • Kithworto - There is also another thing inside the Vault that makes me think that is not a Vault that contains weaponry.
  • Hachi - Magazines? Hey! ...Xhodocto could've had magazines.
  • Venoriel - Was in Hell. No, there aren't any.
  • Koluap - Stop commenting about that already, we don't care.
  • Kithworto - If any of you are familiar with Kicathian mythology then you will know that what were once Xi'Arazulha fought on our planet. We think that the Vault also contains an interdimensional portal of sorts.
  • Arsac - Aedanius, if you are taking part in this I will assign an inquisitor to protect you.

Kezoreg's eyes flared and he looked up to Kithworto.

  • Kithworto - This is the part of the plan none of you will like.
  • Venoriel - Oooh...
  • Kithworto - Once we enter the portal, we must find a way out. Through Inferno.
  • Hachi - Please tell me Inferno is the name of a strip club.
  • Kezoreg - Oh it's a strip club. Stripped of skin, bone and sinew, that is.
  • Arkarixus - This is...unexpected.

Sarec shook his head.

  • Arsac - Kezoreg, keep up your attitude and -I- wil lconsider spanking you.
  • Kezoreg - Come at me, fanny.
  • Arkarixus - This is not the time or place.
  • Arsac - You think you're the worst I have ever encountered?

Kithworto beat his hand on the table, cracking it in multiple places. Kithworto's eyes began to flare in a near Xi'Arazulha manner.Kezoreg stepped back from the table as Kithworto slammed the table. The Agents backed up slightly

  • Kithworto - If you are not silent in the next ten seconds then I will personally throw you into Inferno myself, boy.
  • Kezoreg - ...I'll stay quiet.

Arsac folded her arms with a smile. Kithworto returned to his usual manner and composed himself.

  • Hachi - So...why exactly do w-we need to go through this portal anyway?
  • Kithworto - On the upside, since all of Inferno's armies are on this side of the portal, there are no demons in Inferno as of current. Inferno is empty.
  • Arsac - Inquisition has tried for years to enter Adniliho. No luck.
  • Kithworto - If you want to enter Segmentum Adnihilo through the front my guest.
  • Koluap - Not even Shu'ulathoi? You told me you met him there.
  • Kithworto - We will not venture that deep in Inferno to encounter anything unsavory.
  • Koluap - That's better.
  • Hachi - For some reason, why do I not find the fact Inferno is empty comforting?
  • Kithworto - However, I must assure you that you will require protective gear upon entering Inferno. For the most part, Inferno is as hot as they say.
  • Kezoreg - ...The rabbit has a point, why are we going in there anyway?
  • Arsac - It's a back door.
  • Arkarixus - This is troubling for me. My biology is not very friendly when it comes to hot temperatures.
  • Kithworto - Indeed. Then I can plan something different for you.
  • Hachi - To be fair, Ark, I don't think any of are biologies is friendly when met with those temperatures.
  • Arkarixus - I would literally melt in there.

A pause.

  • Kezoreg - Shouldn't we alert any of the Highlords then?
  • Arsac - I will do. We will need as many forces as we can to hold back the tide.
  • Alpha - As of now it is unwise to send fleets into Segmentum Adnihilo. Once we can gather information on the inside is when we can send forces to combat it. All I can say now is deal with what you can and as sparingly as possible.
  • Arsac - Fortunately, the Adniliho zone's DMZ was designed for something liek this.
  • Kezoreg - This is gonna be like a field trip mixed with a public execution. Isn't that exciting?
  • Koluap - One thing. Once we get to Adniliho, what do we do?
  • Kithworto - There I will tell you all the next step of the plan.
  • Hachi - Isn't that really dangerous, to keep information from us?
  • Kithworto - The less you know as of now is to your benefit, human.
  • Hachi - Oh okay! Wait...I don't understand.
  • Kithworto - I will let you know that past our entry into the Segmentum, I shall not accompany you any further.
  • Koluap -What? Why?
  • Kezoreg - Aww man! Does this mean I aint gonna be able to fight demons?
  • Kithworto - It is too dangerous for me to be among you when all of their leaders want my head on their pike.
  • Hachi - Sounds like a good enough excuse to me. Whatever safety you can provide us, I suppose.
  • Nu - So...our plan. Infiltrate our homeworld without noting any forces from the Kicath, go to Hell, get out and then come out worse off than when we went in?
  • Tau - Sounds about right.
  • Nu - ...Shit.
  • Venoriel - To the Hell and back? Again?

Venoriel sighed.

  • Venoriel - Well, at least my fallen comrades shall be avenged.
  • Alpha - If we prepare correctly, then we shall begin in four days. Whilst you wait, we recommend that you stay on Anatezc-ji 0 as anything could change.
  • Kezoreg - Well I live here now anyway, so.
  • Sarec - Kithworto, considering...y'know... What of me? You are a wanted man but I am a high-ranking commander of one of their enemies.
  • Kithworto - I assure you, if you have survived turmoil with the Nexus Grox and Regnatus, then you shall survive turmoil with the Xhodocto.
  • Hachi - ...Wait a minute, don't you live with Tyraz and that hot Radeon babe?
  • Kezoreg - Meh, Kithworto decided I was too badass for them.
  • Apollo - I have medical training, so I suppose I'll put that to good use.

Another pause.

  • Alpha - Very well. Meet back at the 304th floor hangar in four days. As for now, the Guards shall take you to the 157th floor transport. That will take you to your place of temporal residence. I hope you can understand the seriousness of the situation that we cannot allow you leave the planet.
  • Hachi - B-By the way...a-are there any c-clubs or such nearby? I mean, m-may as well get comfortable, right?
  • Alpha - I suggest you ask one of the guards.

As Kithworto sat down, All of the Agents stood up and walked out, save for Nu and Tau who remained with the group. The lights turned back on and the holograms disappeared. Kezoreg managed to grab himself a seat as one of the Agents stood up. Sarec stood up and briefly walked over to Kezoreg.

  • Kithworto - Tau, take them to the 157th floor.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg, if you behave on this mission I won't tell your parents you ran off with a friend and into Inferno.

Tau walked out, leading the group.

  • Kezoreg - Sarec, threaten me again and I'll convince Arsac to put you in Absolution.

Kezoreg ran forward and walked beside Tau, though he didn't say anything to her. Sarec chuckled.

  • Sarec - You wish...

Kithworto slumped in his chair, with his hands folded. Koluap and Arkarixus simply followed.

Sarec turned to Kithworto.

  • Sarec - How do you do it again?
  • Kithworto - ...Do what?
  • Sarec - The kid was clearly terrified when you showed your anger. I try it and he bites back. Must be a power thing.
  • Kithworto - I am yet to find someone who is not frightened of that parlor trick.
  • Sarec - It's not like a neuosleep pod can affect me anyway. Now, if you excuse me, I need to sort my ship out.

Kithworto nodded to Sarec as he stood up and walked into a room hidden from view. Sarec teleported away.

Into Inferno Edit


Koluap complains about Kicathian weather

After 4 days, the team found their way back to the hangar of the Remnant Tower. There waiting, was Kithworto armored in a black, red and golden armor with Nu and Tau, flanked by many other Kicathian guards. It was still raining. Kezoreg appeared from behind Kithworto and smiled at the group, leaning against Kithworto's leg. Hachi scratched his head and stood by Sarec. Kithworto moved his leg slightly, sending Kezoreg off balance. Venoriel appeared out of a portal. Arsac kept her distance. She was fully armoured and had a rifle slung over her back.

  • Koluap- Gee, the weather of this planet is terrible.

Apollo put up his hood and sighed.

  • Kithworto - seems we are all ready.
  • Arkarixus - What is the plan to getting to the vault?
  • Kithworto - We will take a ship that is currently en route to our location, and it will take us to Paclernos' orbit. There we will move down to Paclernos unnoticed and get to the vault.
  • Koluap - Sounds easier said than done.
  • Kithworto - That is the easy part.

Hachi gulped.

  • Koluap - Huh. Anything happens, you can blow everyone up like you always do.
  • Venoriel - I am not supposed to go in the vault, right? I have my subordinates for that.
  • Tau - If our presence is given away, we'll alert the entire Kicathian Empire militia to our location. That's almost 200 million soldiers.
  • Nu - Hmph. Not to mention 500 Agent Vs.
  • Kezoreg - Nightmare fuel, that is.
  • Arkarixus - Sounds like a challenge.
  • Koluap - I think i'm gonna like you, mister blue guy.
  • Arsac - I hope you are not questioning my skills at subtlety or infiltration.
  • Kithworto - ...yes. Anywho, here comes our ship.
  • Venoriel - And what about the Vartekians? I heard that they are supporting the new Kicath Empire.
  • Apollo - They are allies. That doesn't mean they have access to the Kicathian capital.
  • Koluap - I don't even know what Vartekians are.

In between the towers came a large Kicathian ship, about three hundred metres in size.

  • Kezoreg - Overcompensating, I see, Uncle Kith.
  • Kithworto - Well I could have ordered a larger ship...but that would have destroyed half of the block.
  • Sarec - I'm sure my ship could have gotten past any of the Empire's defences. It's ot even affiliated.
  • Arkarixus - Big ships equal easier to detect.
  • Kezoreg - This is a small ship.
  • Tau - Trust me. Three-hundred metres is small for Kicathian ship-craft.
  • Nu - Heh. I remember one time Agent Alpha had a Devastator. I haven't seen one of those for ages.

As the ship flew over head, a beam came down from the ship and took them up into it. Kithworto went to the captain's bridge, gave their captain orders whilst Nu and Tau went to the barracks of the ship.

  • Venoriel - It is too... unwieldy. Too large, an easy target. I seriously question your species' engineering capacity... ah, yes. Anyway, say hello to Quinniath V2.

A wiry Imperion with mottled skin and metallic implants for arms and legs appeared, looking around impatiently.

  • Quinniath - At last... back... back!
  • Koluap - What the hell is that thing?

Kithworto spoke into a overhead microphone.

  • Kithworto - You might as well relax for now, the flight to Paclernos will take around 1 and a half hours.
  • Nu - and a half hours?
  • Tau - We'll have to take it slow once we get into Kicathian territory.
  • Koluap - Oh well. You guys got a bar in here?
  • Tau - Hmmm...I think so. Fourth floor...that way.
  • Kezoreg - When he says "relax", he means phone up your relatives and kiss your asses goodbye. Once we get to Paclernos, we aren't getting out.
  • Koluap - I don't know why Maryah mentions you so much, kid.
  • Kezoreg - I'm a memorable guy, nobody said it was a good thing though.

Arsac gave a stern glare to Kezoreg, a reflection glinted over her left eye. Nu observed the weapons stored in the armory, and picked up more technologically advanced weapons than what he was given in the Borealis War.

  • Nu - Heheheheheh. This will blow a hole in the Xhodocto's face.
  • Quinniath - Uh? Gimme...

Quinniath leaped to Nu and extended his robotic arm to get his own share of Kicathian weaponry. Koluap left, while Arkarixus just leaned on a wall, watching the Kicath. Kezoreg also started checking weapons in the armory, picking up several grenades.

  • Venoriel - Uh... Quinniath, you can now fire lasers out of your hands. You don't really need anything else.
  • Kezoreg - I wonder what these do.
  • Sarec - Hachi and I can always meditate for the journey. I get the feeling doing such might be more difficult later on.
  • Hachi - B-But Sarec! There's a bar here! That means girls!
  • Tau - If you want peace, I suggest you go to the ship's hangar. Probably the most peaceful part you'll get.
  • Sarec - Well.... Alright. So long as you spend at least half an hour with me.

Arsac took the grenades out of Kezoreg's hands.

  • Arsac - Make a mistake with those and you blow off an arm.

Nu looked over to Arsac and took the grenade off her.

  • Nu - Actually this grenade sends out light and heat like a...I dunno. Either way you'll be turned to charcoal.
  • Apollo - I don't suppose I can pick up on any medical gear while I'm here?
  • Tau - Medical gear? Hm. Over there. Hm. Last time I checked the armory had new suits of Agent armor ready for us.

Nu's crest perked up as he heard Tau. He then walked out and down to the lower armory in search of the 'new armor' that Tau spoke of.

  • Kezoreg - Hey Aunt Tau, got any Agent armour that fits my size?
  • Tau - Hah. Unless you're 3.8 metres tall, then no.
  • ??? - So what were you talking about? Ancient vaults?

A familliar figure entered the ship seemingly out of nowhere, leaving most of the crew confused - save for Venoriel.

  • Lemmo - Captain Lemmo Meronis is at your service. Right, ma'am?

Koluap aimed his shotgun at Lemmo.

  • Venoriel - Yes, yes, yes. You'll get paid.
  • Koluap - Intruder!
  • Kezoreg - Oh, I remember that guy. Yeah feel free to shoot him.
  • Tau - No shooting on the ship.
  • Venoriel - He's a mercenary, Royal Admiral. He's fighting at our side.
  • Koluap - Eh? Oh. Okay then...

Koluap left with a sad expression on his face. Tau looked at the wall of equipment, to see if there was anything new.

  • Kezoreg - That reminds me, what am I getting for this trip? I'm unarmed, you see.
  • Tau - ...I think Kithworto said he had something for your frame, but you will have to speak with him once we've landed on Paclernos. ...Ah. This was what I was looking for.

Tau picked up an armor module, which seemed very advanced even for Kicathian technology.

  • Tau - Nu will be glad to have this.
  • Arkarixus - I believe I'll have no need for weapons, only armor.

Nu returned, with a new suit of armor that seemed a lot more advanced than his previous. It was totally a metallic black, save for a white light in his visor.

  • Tau - ...That's the new armor?
  • Nu - Mmhm. And I must say, I feel a lot stronger with this on.
  • Tau - Also, those modules you were talking about.

Tau threw the module to Nu, where Nu observed it.

  • Nu - Is this the holographic module?
  • Tau - Yep.

Nu attached the module to his armor, and started to pick up more weapons than he could possibly carry.

  • Hachi - *rubs his head as he wakes up* I got my sword...that should be enough! Oh and this! *he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his Xhodocto pistol from his other Vault trip*

Kezoreg looked over to Hachi and pointed to the pistol in his hand.

  • Kezoreg - What are you doing with THAT?!

Tau jumped back when she saw Hachi's pistol.

  • Sarec- may want to put that way for now.
  • Apollo - Forgive me for asking, but why is Kezoreg coming along? Is he not too young?
  • Venoriel - My point exactly.
  • Kezoreg - Aren't you a little old, raptor?

Kithworto rested his hand on Kezoreg's head.

  • Koluap - Hah! You think that's impressive? Then check this out!

Koluap showed off his Xhodocto Axe. Hachi looked around and slowly placed his Xhodocto pistol into his back pocket.

  • Nu - Is that a Xhodocto weapon?
  • Kezoreg - How come you get Xhodocto weapons and I don't?!
  • Koluap - Because we're experienced vault explorers, kid.
  • Sarec - Because he earned it.

Tau left and went down to the lower barracks in search of a similar suit of armor to Nu.

  • Koluap - And yes. Xhodocto axe. Kithworto broke its handle for me since it was kinda too big before.
  • Kithworto - Hmph. Destroyed a planet just for that.
  • Lemmo - Where did you get this axe?
  • Koluap - Vault.

Kezoreg was left with his jaw wide open in disbelief. Kithworto left the room and returned to the Captain's Bridge.

  • Lemmo - I should find a Xhodocto gun or two.

Hachi jokingly pointed the Xhodocto pistol at Kezoreg.

  • Hachi - Pewpew.

Sarec pushed Hachi's arm up.

  • Koluap - I wanna fight Angazhar and chop his ugly head off, then put it on my own captain's bridge, and then I'll go after mumblemumblemumble.

Apollo shrugged and sat down, continuing to read about Paclernos.

  • Sarec - Guns aren't toys.
  • Hachi - Aww come on Sarec, you know I wasn't really gonna fire!

The team kept talking, whilst Nu kept stocking up on weapons. Tau returned with a similar but more feminine-in-appearance suit to Nu.

  • Tau - You're right, this suit is better than the other one.
  • Sarec - *shrugs* Better safe than sorry.
  • Kezoreg - *looks to Tau* Your butt looks big in that.

Tau ignored Kezoreg.

  • Lemmo - Hm. Can I get a suit like that too?
  • Nu - Unless you're a Kicathian cyborg, then no.
  • Lemmo - Damn.

Kithworto spoke in a mic again.

  • Kithworto - We'll be at Paclernos in an hour. I suggest you prepare for landing now.
  • Sarec - Right. Hachi will you be joining me in the hangar?
  • Hachi - Do I have to?
  • Sarec - Well I'd like you to spend at least a little time.

The team prepared for their landing on Paclernos. Around 50 minutes later, the ship stopped a couple thousand miles from Paclernos' orbit.

Kithworto returned to the group.

  • Kithworto - We have a problem.
  • Apollo - Yes?
  • Arkarixus - What happened?
  • Kezoreg - I told you not to drink before missions.
  • Kithworto - It seems the Empire has already found the location to the Vault.
  • Nu - Uh oh.
  • Koluap - Bothersome.
  • Kezoreg - Bummer.
  • Apollo - That complicates things.
  • Kithworto - From the scanning, it seems that down there, there are almost a million soldiers surrounding its perimeter.
  • Sarec - Can they access it?
  • Kithworto - They cannot access it as they don't have the means to.
  • Arsac - This is why I opt for having these places buried and forgotten.
  • Koluap - Guess we'll have to cut our way in...cut, cut, cut, cut.
  • Kithworto - Well the first issue is getting on to Paclernos from here. For the Agents, not so much of a problem. For the rest of you...well...
  • Arsac - *ahem* I have a tactical cloak.
  • Koluap - I don't see the difference in difficult.
  • Kithworto - The rest of you are going to have to get on to Paclernos via drop-shuttles.
  • Hachi - No! No, I hate those things!

Nu looked at Hachi.

  • Nu - Because you don't like a 3000-mile drop?
  • Hachi - I'm not a fan of 3000-mile drops, no!.
  • Kithworto - Teleporters...well follow the Agents' lead.
  • Sarec - I can teleport others down if they so wish.
  • Kezoreg - It'd be too slow a process.
  • Sarec - Not for me.
  • Kithworto - ...That might be a better alternative. Wait for the Agents to land on Paclernos, and they will give you coordinates for teleporting.

Nu and Tau left the room as they prepared to jump from the ship

  • Kithworto - Before you say anything, yes. This is perfectly safe for them.
  • Arsac - Apollo, I shall stand by you for this mission.
  • Kezoreg - Hey Kithworto, could I jump too?
  • Kithworto - No. Not unless you want to slam into the ground at 2000 miles an hour. 260 for the natural part, and 1740 for me throwing you.
  • Kezoreg - Sweet!

Venoriel clicked a button on her wrist and a small purple wormhole was formed; Lemmo and Quinniath walked to it.

  • Venoriel - For you.

Nu and Tau jumped from the ship, and activated their jetpacks to land on Paclernos. Kezoreg also jumped out behind Nu and Tau, laughing as he did so. Apollo interacted with a small holodisplay that emerged from his wrist. He disappeared in a bright blue flash. A few minutes passed, then Tau spoke.

  • Tau - Coordinates being sent. Keep a low profile.
  • Koluap - Teleport me! I wanna cut people.
  • Sarec - Ready Hachi?

Kithworto rested his arm on Koluap and Arkarxius, and they teleported down to Paclernos. As Hachi spoke, both him, Hachi disappeared in a white flash and arrived on the planet.

On Paclernos Edit

As the group arrived on the surface, Kezoreg approached Kithworto with a limp, a broken arm and a shattered, bleeding crest.

  • Kezoreg - I want to do that again.
  • Arsac - Aww, did the poor boy get a few boo-boos?

Kithworto rested his hand on Kezoreg and healed his wounds. Koluap cackled at Arsac's comment while Arkarixus remained stoic.

  • Kithworto - That's what you get for falling three thousand miles from the ground.
  • Lemmo - Want to do that again? ...That's actually a good idea.

As the team were all teleported to Paclernos, they could see Nu and Tau crouching behind a large boulder.

  • Tau - Get down.

Arsac rested her hand on her wrist. Activating a device she instantly dissapeared. Dissolving from view, but a ripple suggested this was not a teleport. Kezoreg simply stood beside Nu and Tau, hidden behind the boulder. Koluap ran to them and crouched too. A few cracking sounds were heard as Arkarixus lowered himself to the ground, going from over 5 meters to only half of a meter in height. Over the boulder was the Vault Entrance. They could see the multitude of Kicathian soldiers surrounding a circular pavilion that spanned almost a kilometre in diameter. Quinniath watched the soldiers from a rock. Apollo crouched down. He interacted with another display and an advanced skin tight armour materialised over his body. He pulled out two Presidential Pistols.

  • Arkarixus - I'm getting cranky at this.
  • Quinniath - The moment of truth! For the-

Lemmo slapped Quinniath.

  • Lemmo - I understand that you really want to die, but I do not, so please for the good of all of us stay quiet!
  • Tau - We can't go down there. Us versus them? It won't end well.
  • Arsac - Nu doesn't your profile identify you as a top-class marksman?
  • Nu - Are you telling me to snipe a million Kicath? As attractive as that sounds, no.
  • Lemmo - Did you confuse Nu with me?
  • Arsac - With the right weapon, they won't even know the direction.
  • Arkarixus - If we could distract them and make them leave the area, we could approach the vault.
  • Kezoreg - Or we could just send me and Kithworto in there to completely obliterate them all.
  • Koluap - Go back to school and get back when you learn the meaning of "stealth mission".

Arsac removed the folded-up gun from her back and passed it to Nu with a confident smile on her face.

  • Arsac - Compliments from the Inquisition's armouries.

Nu looked somewhat pleased with a weapon like that, as he unfolded it and pointed it out. The weapon unfilded into a sleek long sniper rifle, however it appeared the muzzle was covered up.

  • Arsac - I warn you it is a prototype. Aim the gun, pull the trigger, and the bullet passes through hyperspace.
  • Nu -'re kidding?
  • Hachi - Reminds me of Kalcedia's rifle.
  • Arsac - Do I look like i'm that sort of person?

Tau observed a small partition in the circle of soldiers, and noticed two somewhat familiar figures. One was a black Kicath, partially cybernetic, and the other seemed Kicathian but was far taller and totally cybernetic.

  • Kithworto - ...What in Dal'nyur's name is Agent Xi and Omega doing down there?
  • Arsac - What!?
  • Koluap - Xi and Omega? I think you mentioned these to me once.

Hachi placed his robotic arm over Arsac's mouth.

  • Hachi - Ssssh!
  • Kezoreg - They don't look so tough. I reckon we could have them both!
  • Tau - I doubt it.
  • Lemmo - Hey, guys. I am not called "the Marksman of Il'rala" for no reason, and my guns are KORMACVAR in origin. KORMACVAR. Perhaps I could do that job better?

Nu aimed his rifle at a Kicathian commander walking to Agent Xi. Nu fired at the commander. There was a slight zoom sound. Steam passed out of the rifle and the commander's head exploded. As Xi jolted back from the blood spurting all over him, he looked around for signs of life, and so did Omega.

  • Arkarixus - Was this really a good idea?
  • Nu - ...No. Not good.

Omega noticed a small life sign a few kilometres from them, and pointed at that direction. A deafening Kicath siren sounded, and the million soldiers turned around and began to fire their guns at the rock.


An enraged Agent Xi

  • Lemmo - And THAT'S why I should have done that.
  • Koluap - And the fun begins!
  • Arsac - Well at least the rifle works in principle.
  • Tau - Great, now what?!
  • Apollo - Overkill much?!
  • Nu - Us versus a million Kicath?

Nu looked over the rock.

  • Nu - I think we can take 'em.
  • Tau - You insane?! Wait, don't answer that question.
  • Koluap - That's the part where you turn everyone into dust, Kithworto.
  • Kithworto - I risk using my powers and I sink the Vault.
  • Sarec - Nu, keep using that rifle. I might be able to scale our force up a little.

Kezoreg began to summon energies within his hands, looking at the Kicath firing at them. Nu kept firing the rifle at the soldiers, noticing Xi and Omega disappearing.

  • Koluap - Well at least kill some so we don't get overwhelmed. I need to get close for the cutting!
  • Sarec - I might be able create copies of us. Should even the odds a little. Or... I have another idea.
  • Nu - ...I can't see Xi or Omega. At all.
  • Kezoreg - Kithworto...Let me attack them!
  • Kithworto - Not yet.
  • Kezoreg - Why? They're firing at us, they're asking for it!

Sarec sat in meditation. After a short while, his eyes glowed white. All around the site, ethereal creatures emerged from the air and attacked the solders, electrocuting, striking and passing through them.

  • Koluap - Wow what's going on?

Many of the soldiers fell to the ground whilst many others kept firing.

  • Lemmo - How did you-
  • Nu - Arsac, as much as I appreciate this weapon i'm gonna have to change.
  • Quinniath - Doesn't matter anymore. Charge!

Some of the creatures phased into the soldiers, possessing them and having them fire on the others. Nu's new-found rifle dematerialized, and a large cannon-weapon materialized on his back. Nu grabbed it, and stood on the rock. Kezoreg leaped out from the rock and clenched his fists, driven by Descension energy. Quinniath morphed his hands into small turbolasers and started to fire frantically at the Kicath troopers, shouting. Before Nu could fire his gun, Agent Omega appeared in front of him and threw him over his shoulder and off the cliff face. Arkarixus used his powers to make Nu levitate, and put him, back on the ground. Lemmo loaded his Kormacvar pistols and shot the Kicath one by one.

  • Nu - Uh...yeah. Run.
  • Koluap - CUT!

Sarec was still meditating. His energies surged. Nu and Tau fled the cliff face from Omega.

  • Kezoreg - Run?! Why run we're about to have fun?!
  • Omega - Threats detected. Annihilate.
  • Hachi - I wouldn't count this as fun, Zazane!

Koluap slashed his Xhodocto Axe at Omega, but as he saw everyone retreating, he ran after them.

  • Koluap - Why are we running?!

Omega turned around to the fleeing group. From Omega's hand, formed a small but seemingly very dangerous weapon.

  • Tau - THAT'S why.

Kezoreg was torn between fighting Omega or going with the group. After a few seconds, he decided to run after the group. Sarec, realising now was not the time, stood up and bolted. The possessed soldiers exhaled ghostly vapour before they all collapsed to the floor. Dead. Most of the creatures retreated to where they came from. Arkarixus blasted the ground behind the group to create a barrier.

  • Nu - You do realise we're running TOWARDS the Kicath right?!

Omega fired his weapon, which was a red bolt of energy. As it passed through the air it made an electric shrieking sound, and as it hit the ground, the ground shook and dust completely covered the horizon. Meanwhile, Quinniath continued tearing thourgh the enemy forces, using his newfound cybernetic enchancements to spread havoc. With a smile on his face he turned his right hand into a chainsaw and then ripped a Kicath soldier apart, laughing.

  • Quinniath - Hah, yes! Feel that, bastards!
  • Sarec - At least my actions killed a good number of them.
  • Lemmo - Someone, get this guy a sedative or something.
  • Arkarixus - Irritating.

Kezoreg ran at the Kicath soldiers and fuelled his hands with Descension energy before beginning to punch and claw at the soldiers, shredding their armour and weapons.

  • Tau - Get into the Kicath and turn stealth shields on; we'll lose Omega.

Tau and Nu turned their cloaks on as they ran full force into the Kicathian soldiers. Arsac re-activaed her tactical cloak, as she clawed though a Kicatihan solder. Koluap and Arkarixus did the same.

  • Omega - Threats lost.
  • Xi - I don't care if the threats are lost, keep firing!
  • Omega - Understood.

Omega unleashed more destructive bolts, taking out hundreds of Kicath every time.

  • Tau - They're taking out their own?
  • Koluap - This robot's a dumbass.
  • Nu - Dumb yes. Destructive? Definitely.
  • Tau - Make way to the Vault's entrance.

Arkarixus dashed through the Kicath soldiers, while Koluap flew over their heads.

  • Arsac - By the way Nu, I had that rifle requisitioned from the Inquisition armouries so you can't exactly keep it.
  • Nu - ...What? Ngh. Fine.
  • Arsac - You can have it, but before we part ways I want it back.

Kithworto appeared in the middle of the Vault Entrance, fully assuming his Omega State.

  • Koluap - Lightshow time!

All of the Kicathian soldiers turned and attempted to shoot Kithworto.

  • Kithworto - Where are you all?!

Sarec turned and swung his arms to create an explosive psychic shockwave. Koluap and Arkarixus arrived to Kithworto's side. Kezoreg appeared next to Kithworto and reached out to touch him. Apollo deactivated his cloaking device and appeared next to Kithworto.

  • Sarec - Bad idea Kezoreg!

As Kezoreg's tip of his finger touched Kithworto, it disintegrated.

  • Kezoreg - ...Sweet.
  • Kithworto - I'd hold on to something.

Hachi was next to Sarec, panting and spluttering. Kithworto's energy surged as the ground began to shake. He reached out his arms as the Vault Door, which was in fact on the ground, opened up. The Kicathian soldiers began to retreat in fear.

  • Koluap - Yeah, run away!

Omega noticed the group and began to fire at them again. Arkarixus formed a psychic shield around the group.

  • Arkarixus - I hope you can close this door once we are inside.

The platform on which the group stood began to lower into the Vault, and the door closed up above them.

Into the Vault Edit

  • Sarec - Well...At least we get a chance to rest.

Koluap cackled, all bloodied from the Kicath he had killed, while Arkarixus remained stoic. Kithworto's energies died down and he returned to normal.

  • Kithworto - I forgot to mention...only a Xi'Arazulha can open the door.
  • Arkarixus - At least we won't have to worry about enemy reinforcements.

Apollo reloaded his weapons, but appeared to be unscathed. Lemmo looked at the Vault with curiosity. Nu and Tau seemed unscathed as well.

  • Kithworto - Unfortunately, this isn't your usual kind of vault.
  • Sarec - Do you think Xi knows what is down here?
  • Koluap - Well, here we are again. Maybe I can find a Xhodocto sword or spear or something cool like that next.
  • Lemmo - Nope. My turn, Spinker!
  • Kithworto - If I know Xi, which I do, he has it wrong. There is no technology down least I think there isn't. I should really re-name this Vault to a Xi'Arazulha vault. This was in fact, constructed by Xi'Arazulha around 680,000 years ago. And if I am correct, this is actually a portal frame.
  • Kezoreg - Kithworto, Tau said you had something for me. Back on the ship, she said you'd give me something once we made it here.

Apollo looked around.

  • Koluap - Oh? Well, replace all Xhodocto to Xi'Arazulha then.
  • Apollo - Fascinating.

Kithworto turned to Kezoreg, and handed him a Kicathian style sword with a reddish tint to it. Kezoreg took the sword and examined it. He smiled and swung it a few times.

  • Arsac - Your species first mistake was not covering this thing up when they found it. Then Xi wouldn't be here.
  • Lemmo - Indeed. New mysteries to uncover, new ancient civilisations to understand... and new artifacts to steal of course.
  • Hachi - Who is that "Xi" guy anyway? Is he related to you, Kith?
  • Sarec - He's a terrorist, Hachi.

Kithworto noticed a monolith-like structure, and he pressed his hand against it. A deep booming sound went through the Vault, and it lit up to reveal that they were standing in a black bowl like structure.

  • Nu - Whoa.
  • Tau - This was under Paclernos the whole time?
  • Kezoreg - This is big...Really big.
  • Apollo - Oh my.
  • Arkarixus - Interesting.
  • Kithworto - This was the Xi'Arazulha's method of arrival on Paclernos during their war here. They came here through this portal.
  • Lemmo - Whoa... Looks like the Temple of Landra II... but larger.

Kithworto looked around to see if there was any control room. He noticed a small platform on the edge of the bowl.

  • Kithworto - Sarec, come with me.

Kithworto teleported over to the platform. Sarec teleported over with him.

  • Tau - I suggest we get away from the centre of this...let's try and find some Xi'Arazulha equipment.
  • Koluap - I'm in.

Tau walked off, with Nu and the group following. Kithworto pressed his hand against a dashboard on the platform, and display came up.

  • Kithworto - Are you familiar with essence technology?
  • Sarec - I am. yes.
  • Kithworto - If I am correct, then this portal requires more than one hand in turning it on. I need you to channel your essences on that plinth there, whilst I channel my essences on this one.

Sarec nodded and walked over to the plinth. he raised his hands and a white light glowed from them, streaming into the plinth. Kithworto rested his hand on the other plinth, where a red light glowed and streamed. The entire main room of the portal had a Xi'Arazulha-red light stream through it, as the technology turned on and whirred.

  • Kithworto - Ah. There we are.

Kezoreg looked around and examined his sword once again. It was enough to keep him silent. Tau found a side arch, which lead further into the structure.

  • Tau - ...Hm. Looks interesting.

Tau and Nu went through the archway, which lead to an ancient armory of sorts. Koluap had a grin on his face as he looked through it. Kezoreg followed behind, looking on with them. A light turned on in the room, and they noticed suits of armor which were Kicathian in nature, along with other terms of ancient weaponry.

  • Kezoreg - I wonder if I'll find a Firesword within this place.

Lemmo looked at the ancient technology with awe. Tau picked up a stone Xi'Arazulha weapon, which when she picked it up, dark essences started to convulse around it.

  • Tau - ...This is what our ancestors used to fight with?
  • Lemmo - This looks beautiful. Mind you if I take that?
  • Tau - ...Sure. I wouldn't use it too much though.

In the shadows, something moved. Only Nu seemed to notice it. Nu got his rifle and aimed it at the direction he saw the shadows

  • Nu - Hm. Must be my imagination.

Kezoreg looked around and examined a few of the weapons, curiosity striking him greatly.

  • Kezoreg - For some reason...I find myself attracted here...

Koluap moved his hand across the weapons. Lemmo approached one of the armories and took one of the fancier-looking Xi'Arazulha shortswords, hiding it in his pocket.

  • Koluap - Would using this make me evil in some extent?
  • Tau - I don't know. You will have to ask Kithworto on that.
  • Koluap - Aw. Right, I'll wait until he's done with his thing.

Kezoreg examined a longer blade, which looked rather fancy and sophisticated. He reached up for it, even though the blade was longer than his own body.

  • Kezoreg - I...I-I want it.

The shadow which Nu noticed moved again, although this time, Tau and Nu noticed. Apollo stood to attention and looked around.

  • Tau - ...I don't think we're alone in here.
  • Koluap - Hey Kithworto, do these weapons corrupt people or something?
  • Kithworto - Hm? Yeah. Use them sparingly.
  • Tau - Kithworto...I think there's something in here.
  • Koluap - Crap. I'm not taking anything anymore.

Kithworto was alarmed. He teleported over to Tau.

  • Kezoreg - Koluap, help me reach this sword!

The shadow moved another time, all of them noticing it. Lemmo promptly hid another stash of Xi'Arazulha weapons in his backpack.

  • Arkarixus - What was that?
  • Lemmo - Now, to sell these swords as fast as possible.
  • Hachi - Umm...Sarec, help.

Kezoreg was alarmed and clenched his fists. Nu and Tau hesitantly charged their weapons. Apollo looks over to Lemmo.

  • Apollo - Shh!
  • Kithworto - Sarec, get down here.

Sarec teleported over to Hachi, his eyes daring aroudn the room ans he tried to sense for the shadow.

  • Lemmo - ...Okay.

As the room went quiet, they could hear a whirring sound similar to the main room. Behind them, stood a tall mechanical figure, with Death Energy charged through its body. It was a Meta-Xhodocto.

  • Koluap - Shit what the shit is that shit!

Lemmo put the weapons from his backpack and threw them on the floor.


The team encounter the Meta-Xhodocto

  • Kithworto - Meta-Xhodocto! Get to the portal now!
  • Quinniath - Oh my... Venoriel told me about these... things.
  • Sarec - let's go!

The Meta-Xhodocto began to walk after the team as they made their way to the portal entrance. Koluap and Arkarixus ran to the portal. Apollo's eyes widened and he ran toward the portal. Kezoreg froze as he stared at the Meta-Xhodocto, while Hachi ran.

  • Koluap - I didn't steal anything!
  • Quinniath - Run! I'll stop him!

Kithworto teleported to the dashboard, and starting pressing the controls. The main Vault door opened again, as structures appeared out of the bowl. Arsac picked Kezoreg up as she ran and carried him into the portal Lemmo moved towards the portal. Quinniath prepared his turbolasers and shot the Xhodocto, who did not seem to be affected by the fire.

  • Quinniath - Oh shi-

The main structure began to whirr even louder, as the portal began to open in a reddish-white bolt of energy. It took a long time for it to fully charge. The Meta-Xhodocto still kept walking after them as its essences were charging. Quinniath turned away and started fleeing from the robotic demon.

  • Kezoreg - Ayrai'shikua...Ayrai'shikua...

The portal fully charged and the bolt started to stutter.

  • 'Kithworto - Get into the portal!
  • Hachi - One step ahead of you!

Nu and Tau ran into the portal. Koluap and Arkarixus followed. Apollo jumped in. The Meta-Xhodocto stopped and reached out its arm to blast the group.

  • Kithworto - Quicker!

Quinniath activated his jetpack and vanished in the portal. Lemmo, the last to leave, threw a grenade beneath the Xhodocto's legs and then followed the rest of the team. Arsac jumped in with Kezoreg slung over her shoulder. The grenade jolted the Meta-Xhodocto but did not stop it. Hachi leaped into the portal while Kezoreg stared at the Meta-Xhodocto as he was carried by Arsac. As they all entered the portal, it closed behind them, Leaving Kithworto behind. The team were all fazed by a bright flash, but as their view returned, they found themselves in a far more desolate landscape than they have ever seen. Inferno. Kezoreg wrestled himself out of Arsac's grip and gasped out, but only saw Inferno in every direction.

  • Quinniath - Wow. Just as Venoriel described it.
  • Arkarixus - ...Hmpf.

Arsac put Kezoreg down.

  • Apollo - What a desolate place.
  • Koluap - I didn't know there were robot versions of the buggers too.
  • Hachi - It's hot here. And not the hot I like.

Behind them, the Meta-Xhodocto appeared. Before it could blast the group, Kithworto appeared behind it and tore its spine from its body, disabling it.

  • Koluap - Phew! Good one, Kith.

Kezoreg stood in silence as he watched Kithworto disable the robot. He had been close to teary-eyed.

  • Kithworto - Hmph. 700,000 year old robots. What next?

Apollo appeared to be disturbed by the spine-ripping. But welcomed Kithworto with a wide smile.

  • Koluap - Hell demons.
  • Kithworto - we are...Inferno.
  • Koluap - Now...what next?
  • Hachi - Tau, does that suit come equipped with a water tank or something?
  • Kithworto - We need to find another portal, of course. But before we do, I suggest those who have essences shield yourselves and others who don't. Temperatures rise over 500 degrees in the wind.
  • Arkarixus - Ngh. Problematic.

Kithworto shielded Koluap, Arkarxius and the others with a Life Energy shield. Hachi began to focus but could only shield himself. Kezoreg clenched his fists and a shield appeared around himself as well.

  • Kithworto - From what I can remember, a portal is not far from here.
  • Koluap - Thanks.
  • Kithworto - Let's go.

Infernal Incidents Edit

Inferno. To most, Inferno has been a story or a story that one wants to forget. The Onuris Alliance found their way here some decades beforehand, but this time, the team found themselves in Inferno. The stories were exact: Hell was desolate, fiery and much like an infinite desert.

  • Apollo' - A fitting home for demons.
  • Sarec - Nice place. Love the view.
  • Nu - Regulating temperature...crap. 474 celsius. Good thing you're all shielded.
  • Koluap - What the hell is wrong with you people.
  • Sarec - It's called wit.
  • Kezoreg - You have none.
  • Arkarixus - Well, what's our direction? It all looks like a huge fiery desert from here.

Sarec chuckled at Kezoreg's comment.

  • Kithworto - Well, if I can remember this place well enough...the next portal construct is a couple of kilometres. I forget which direction though...
  • Hachi - Please don't be downwards.

Tau's compass on her displays whirred violently and shut off.

  • Tau - ...Apparently north doesn't exist here.
  • Koluap - I hoped you had this planned before we arrived.

Kithworto gathered a ball of essence in his hand. The essence began to lean to a certain direction - towards the Ninth Circle.

  • Kithworto - If there's any direction we do not want to go, then it's that direction.
  • Sarec - I believe that works as a compass.
  • Koluap - And we are going there anyway, right?
  • Arsac - And you thought something was wrong with US?
  • Kithworto - Thankfully, no. We have no means of stable travel there and i'm not being responsible for the death of Andromeda and Borealis' finest warriors. Trust me, I know. The only way towards the Ninth Circle is walking. From here? That would take around 800 and a half billion years. Luckily, we're going straight ahead.

Kithworto began to walk in the direction he wanted to go, with Nu and Tau following.

  • Tau - ...Well are you all following or not?

Koluap followed Kithworto by his side, while Arkarixus followed a little behind, watchig his surroundings. Hachi appeared by Tau's leg. Apollo strode behind them.

  • Hachi - I've been following the whole time.

Sarec walked alongside the group, keeping vigilant. A sharp wind came across the group. The rest of the team were fine; Nu and Tau's armor began to burn slightly, and Kithworto's skin began to sear off. Arsac kept making occasional stern glances at Kezoreg as she walked.

  • Koluap - You should check a doctor once this is over.
  • Kezoreg - Uncle Kith, isn't it a bit early for you to moult?

Kithworto ignored the comments. Nu's and Tau's systems in their display shut off completely.

  • Tau - ...Can't see a thing.
  • Kithworto - You're lucky we're on the outer regions of Inferno. Lower regions have sandstorms going on for years.

Arkarixus's back tendrils extended and he started to walk through them, giving him a wider view of the area.

  • Hachi - Good luck up there Chilly, I doubt you'll see anything.

The wind appeared to curve around Sarec, prioviding him with a small area of calm air around him. Through the sandstorm, they could hear a siren-like groan. Hachi's ears perked and he turned his head.

  • Arkarixus - I hear a sound. Prepare yourselves.
  • Hachi - Hmm? What was that?

They heard it again. Kithworto began to gather essence in his arms.

  • Kezoreg - Sounds like somebody's having a good time.

Koluap got a hold on his axe, while Arkarixus charged psychic energy on his hands. Apollo narrowed his eyes and looked around. Kezoreg chuckled while Hachi kept a firm hand on his blade. As the sandstorm cleared, in front of them they could see two Noskolor demons. Kithworto stopped instantly.

  • Koluap - AGH GOSH.

Koluap jumped on his back. Apollo pulled up his two pistols and aimed.

  • Kithworto - Do not attack. For Dal'nyur's sake, do not attack them.

Sarec had gathered a small amount of energy in his arms.

  • Koluap - It has no face! Euuuggh!
  • Arkarixus - Not attack? Very well.
  • Arsac - I can restrain myself.

Nu, disregarding Kithworto's orders, got his largest weapon and shot one of them in the back.


The team encounter the Noskolor

  • Kezoreg - NGH! NU!
  • Arsac - IDIOT!

The Noskolor was unhurt, and it turned to face the group.

  • Koluap - You...DUMB!
  • Sarec - Crap...
  • Nu - ...bad idea?
  • Arkarixus - Problematic.

Kezoreg nodded slowly.

  • Kezoreg - Yes, a VERY bad idea!

The two Noskolor roared and started to charge at the group. They stood over 12 metres in height. Sarec lifted his arms and created an essence shield around the group. Kithworto did the same, to reinforce Sarec's shield. Arkarixus helped with his own energy while Koluap ran around in crcles. The Noskolor battered the shield, causing it to become increasingly weaker.

  • Sarec - Damn this thing is strong!

Kezoreg held out his hands and roared, also assisting in keeping the shield up.

  • Koluap - Eugh! Echk! Get away! Faceless thing!

The Noskolor kept attacking the shield, causing Sarec and the others who were keeping the shield up to stumble.

  • Arkarixus - We need a plan, now!
  • Sarec - In theory might be able to hide...

The Noskolor kept attacking, until they heard another roar in the distance.

  • Koluap - Oh don't tell me there's something worse.

Kezoreg sighed in relief and sat on his backside.

  • Kezoreg - Ah, here comes the cavalry.

Kithworto recognized the roar and went rigid.

  • Apollo - Oh no.
  • Kezoreg - Wait...the cavalry. Oh shit!
  • Kithworto - Quick. Hide.

Sarec flung his arms in an attempt to mask everyone's essence signatures. Apollo activated a cloaking device. The Noskolor were both confused and terrified - as they began to run, a Makg'non ran towards them and tore both of them to shreds.

  • Kithworto - ...What's a Mak'gnon doing here?
  • Sarec - Hiding Kithworto's signature....not easy.
  • Koluap - Hey that one's not so ugly.
  • Arkarixus - Why are the demons attacking each other?
  • Kithworto - They aren't part of the Legion. Anything goes. And the Makg'non are at the top of the food chain. Don't. Speak.

The Makg'non went quiet after it tore the two Noskolor apart; it was sniffing out the team. Sarec stood stiff. Still holding out his arms. It began to walk closer to where the group were grounded, almost looking at Hachi in the eye. Koluap grinded his teeth while Arkarixus remained static. It started to concentrate in the group's area, but couldn't see anything. Hachi's mouth began to bleed from where he was biting his tongue. Sarec looked towards Hachi, slightly distracted. As it couldn't see anything, the Makg'non turned away and charged off in search of others to kill.

  • Koluap - Phew.

As Kithworto could no longer see it, he removed the shield. Sarec lowered his arms with a deep exhale. Apollo reappeared.

  • Kithworto - Makg'non. The one demon in Inferno that you don't want to face no matter the number.
  • Hachi - Hwey gwuys that was pllpt...mwy twoungue! Ouch!

Sarec walked over and inspected Hachi's mouth.

  • Sarec - Nothing but a trifle of energy is needed to heal that.
  • Kithworto - Let's keep going. And keep on the lookout for demons. There are a lot more then there should be. Makg'non in the 1st and 2nd Circle is rare to say the least.
  • Arkarixus - Your knowledge about this place is somewhat unsettling.
  • Kithworto - I spent a lot of time here. Not willingly.
  • Kezoreg - Like prison.
  • Kithworto - Hm. Yes. Prison. Let's keep moving, I don't want the Makg'non to come back with friends.
  • Kezoreg - They have friends?
  • Sarec - Does that happen?
  • Koluap - As long as they have faces, I don't care.
  • Kithworto - Try spending 7 weeks running from 15 of them.
  • Sarec - Okay. Point taken.

Kithworto walked on towards the portal, with Nu and Tau still following. Arkarixus and Koluap kept following. Along the way, they found a group of Sirronon, carrying with them provisions and with them, two tame Ah'Zyu. Nu pointed his rifle at the group of demons.

  • Sarec - Good or bad?
  • Kithworto - Relax, they're more or less the only denizens in Inferno that aren't dangerous.
  • Hachi - Can I play with them?
  • Koluap - Nnngh the big one has too many faces.
  • Kithworto - They're not dangerous but they're not friendly either. If I were them, i'd turn the other way. They're heading in the Makg'non's direction.
  • Tau - You said that it was rare for those demons to appear in the 1st or 2nd Circle. Any reason why?
  • Kithworto - The more civilized denizens are clearing out of Inferno and into Andromeda. The less civilized are going to wreak havoc. It's better than encountering them here. For the most part.
  • Arkarixus - So they are making their way to our universe. Great.
  • Kezoreg - I wonder what flight company they're taking.
  • Arsac - More trouble for The Order.

Kithworto and the team kept going, until they came to a chasm. On the other side they could see the portal construct. Sarec peered down the chasm and sucked in his gut.

  • Koluap - I have a bad feeling about looking down there.

Unusually, the chasm was not deep nor infinite. As the dust in the chasm began to separate, they could see moving figures. Demons. The demons were still marching into Andromeda.

  • Kezoreg - Hehe, Tyraz isn't going to like this.
  • Arkarixus - Your feelings are true. There is an entire army of them down there.
  • Sarec - I'm having trouble counting...

As Kithworto surveyed the landscape on the other side, his head began to screech. The same happened to Sarec, Arkarixus, Hachi and Kezoreg. Sarec clutched his skull and bared his teeth.

  • Kithworto - Get behind that rock!

Koluap and Arkarixus immediately did so. Sarec ran behind the rock, tugging Hachi with him and Arsac joined them.

Arkarixus - What is this screeching sensation?

Kithworto looked up over the rock, and looked at the other side of the chasm. His eyes began to focus on a lone figure on the other side, whose aura the essence users of the team could feel burning at them.

  • Koluap - What's going on?
  • Arsac - Okay...this is a new experience...
  • Kezoreg - W-What...what the hell is that?!
  • Hachi - It's funny cuz we're in Inferno.
  • Koluap - Shut up you.
  • Kithworto - ...It's a Tandava.
  • Arsac - I was talking about the burning-- what?
  • Arkarixus - Uh-oh.

Kithworto kept looking at the figure. The figure turned his head slightly, and a burning sensation went through Kithworto's head. The Tandava was taller than what the Kicath mentioned beforehand, and seemed a lot darker in colour. Surrounding him was a black aura and then a reddish aura surrounding that.

  • Koluap - I feel uneasy.
  • Sarec - Must be a commander.
  • Apollo - I've never seen anything quite like it.
  • Kithworto - Not just any commander...
  • Kezoreg - That's...
  • Sarec - You don't mean?--

Kithworto slid back down behind the rock and began to ponder.

  • Kezoreg - Actually wait, Kith who is that?

Kithworto didn't answer.

  • Koluap - Well, how are we gonna get across the chasm now?
  • Sarec - This is as far from good as we can get.

Kithworto began to tap his head in deep thought, wondering on how to pass this Tandava. Teleportation would give it away, and any method across the chasm would be too obvious.

  • Kithworto - Our only hope is to distract this one.
  • Arkarixus - Sounds much easier said than done.
  • Kithworto - We would only have one chance at this. We either do this right, or we are blown to oblivion.
  • Kezoreg - I nominate the rabbit.

Sarec scowled at Kezoreg.

  • Sarec - You do not even know how to distract him.
  • Kithworto - ...Actually, I was going to ask all of us essence users to do this one. Since we are all able to survive a great deal more than the rest of the team, we can give ourselves a few more minutes.
  • Arkarixus - Hm. So be it.
  • Koluap - Gah. I hate not being able to help.

Sarec nodded.

  • Hachi - So...we fight it?
  • Kithworto - I'd much rather have you all safe than not safe. Our plan - All of us will teleport to the construct which will alert the Tandava. He will engage us, and we will have to use every ounce of our essence to hold him back. This one isn't a normal Tandava. Do not attempt to damage, but just throw him off guard.
  • Arkarixus - Understood.
  • Kezoreg - We became "not safe" as soon as we entered this place.
  • Hachi - I can try at least.
  • Kithworto - The rest of you will activate the portal and get yourselves through. Inferno's technology is far less advanced than the Xi'Arazulha's.
  • Arsac - I nominate to stay with the non-users. Just in case.
  • Kithworto - Very well.

Kithworto began to accumulate his essences.

  • Hachi - Umm...y-yeah! Me too!
  • Kezoreg - Nope!

Kezoreg grabbed Hachi's tail and squeezed. Arkarixus charged all of his energy until he started to glow in blue colour. Hachi nodded and stood up, summoning Dream Energy. However, his Angel Form did not engage.

  • Hachi - Bollocks!

Kithworto's body began to verge on the Omega State, and he looked at the rest of the group to see if they were ready.

  • Kithworto - When we get there, stay in cover for as long as you can.

[16:00] <Monet> Sarec's form glowed white and he became a tall slender being with large purple glittering wings. Kithworto nodded to the group, and they all teleported. The essences users turned to face the Tandava. The rest began to dash for the portal.

  • Kezoreg - Urgh...Kith, I don't feel so good.
  • Koluap - Old and mentally disturbed people first!

The Tandava started to send bolts of energy at the group, striking the surface and cracking the ground. Kithworto dodged out of the way and started hurling bolts of essence at the Tandava. Sarec dashed to avoid the bolts and threw energy shockwaves of his own. Arkarixus retaliated by launching blasts of psychic power at the Tandava, destroying the ground around him. The Tandava stumbled slightly, but teleported to the right of the group and started to send bolts down from the sky.

  • Kithworto - Be careful!

Kezoreg roared loudly and began to throw punches of Descension energy at the Tandava, while Hachi threw balls of Dream Energy at it. Arkarixus jumped out of the way and started to levitate, launching more blasts. Sarec tracked the Tandava's movements and summoned a barrier ot absorb the bolts. As the Tandava spoke, his voice echoed throughout Inferno. Nu and Tau frantically moved to the portal's control, looking at the dashboard.

  • Nu - You said this was simple!
  • Tandava - 'Pathetic.'
  • Koluap - If it's not simple then you better start simplifying it!

Sarec smirked and continued throwing blasts of energy. The Tandava started to send black shrouds of essence at the group - sending them into confusion instead.

  • Arsac - You people call yourselves agents?
  • Tau - Stand aside. Nu doesn't know how to operate a spaceship.

Kezoreg roared as he charged at the Tandava, releasing another barrage of Descension-fuelled punches. Somehow, he could locate the Tandava through the shroud. Tau examined the dashboard, and began to press buttons and activate controls. Soon, the construct activated.

  • Sarec - gah these shrouds dull even my senses.

Kithworto found it difficult to concentrate through the shroud, and started firing essence randomly. Arkarixus barely evaded one of Kithworto's blasts.

  • Arkarixus - Watch it!
  • Kithworto - Apologies.

Kithworto began to concentrate, but still couldn't find the Tandava. Sarec scanned the shroud, concentrating in order to try and see through the fog.

  • Sarec - Wait...What if!?
  • Kezoreg - Come on! Come at me! You aren't so tough, you're hiding!

The Tandava noticed Kezoreg, and stood there, absorbing the blasts of essence.

  • Koluap - If Jerkon was here, he could get this working in a few seconds. But noooo, "someone needs to stay and defend the empire"! Bah.
  • Tau - There.

Kezoreg looked up at the Tandava and his smile was immediately erased. He stopped dead in his tracks and his blood began to boil. Tau began to press more controls, where the portal frame began to appear out of the ground. It was slow and slightly rusty. Koluap - Get working, you piece of scrap metal. The Tandava began to walk towards Kezoreg.

  • Arkarixus - I still can't see a thing in this shroud. Where is everyone at?
  • Sarec - Wait I think I can feel it...
  • Kezoreg - Why do I I know you...You don't scare me and yet...I'm terrified.

Kithworto managed to locate Kezoreg, and appeared in front of him. The Tandava without hesitation swatted Kithworto aside.

  • Sarec - *his voice echoed in everyones' heads* KEZOREG!

Arkarixus noticed the attack and moved closer until he could see Kezoreg.

  • Tandava - Abomination.

Kezoreg stared up at the Tandava and his eyes widened.

  • Kezoreg - ...Angazhar.

It suddenly clicked in Kithworto's head as to who exactly the Tandava was, and stood up, albeit slightly broken. Apollo's eyes widened. Sarec reached out his hand and tried to enshroud Kezoreg. Koluap looked back at the essence group's direction with an angered look. Theruskrayathos smirked as he outreached his hand. The energies he gathered in his hand began to shatter Inferno's surface.

  • Arsac - What in blazes was that!?
  • Kithworto - ...Get to the portal. Get to the portal!

Sarec faces Theruskrayathos

Apollo sprinted into the portal.

Arkarixus ran off to the portal's direction, grabbing Koluap who was trying to attack Theruskrayathos from behind. Sarec teleports to Kezoreg's location and wraps his wings in front of the boy. Kithworto ran as well.

  • Koluap - I'm gonna cut you to pieces!
  • Arkarixus - Not the time or place!

Hachi ran with Kithworto and then looked back.

  • Hachi - Dude, what about the kid?!
  • Kithworto - Sarec's got it under control! Keep running!
  • Theruskrayathos - ...You dare to stop me, Isio'Nar?

Theruskrayathos growled and pointed his finger at Sarec. A bolt of energy accumulated on his fingertip. Sarec looked down at Kezoreg while the boy was under his wings. Sarec opened his wings and Kezoreg vanished, reappearing with the group. Sarec gave out an echoing chuckle as he himself telported away.

  • Koluap - We got unfinished business, and I'll settle them by murdering yo-

Arkarixus shut Koluap up as he went through the portal. The rest of the team went through the portal, except for Kithworto. Kithworto held behind again. Sarec reappeared at the portal, took one look at Kithworto and nodded as he pulled Kezoreg through.

  • Kezoreg - Kithworto! What are you doing?!
  • Sarec - He's saving our rears, kid.

Kithworto blasted the portal frame; destroying the portal. Theruskrayathos then turned his finger to Kithworto, and unleashed the blast. As the team reappeared on the other side, they found themselves in Andromeda. More precisely, the Dominion territory.

  • Nu - Phew, that was -- wait, where's Kithworto?
  • Sarec - He....remained behind.
  • Koluap - Kithworto? Stop playing around and show up!

Kithworto didn't show up.

  • Kezoreg - ...
  • Tau - ...Not good.

A moment passed. Kithworto reappeared, but appeared a lot weaker than he did beforehand. He was on all fours; breathing and bleeding heavily.

  • Koluap - Kithworto!

Koluap ran up to Kithworto and tried to get him up. Kezoreg approached Kithworto and looked over his body, a tear in his eye.

  • Kezoreg - You...You stayed back.
  • Sarec - Kithworto i'm sorry....I had to protect the boy.

Kithworto's body slowly healed, and colour began to enter his body again.

  • Kithworto - ...Think nothing of it.

Kithworto sighed deeply.

  • Kithworto - If any of you were wondering, that was Angazhar.
  • Sarec - I guessed.
  • Apollo - It has been a while since I've last heard of Angazhar. *Arkarixus - He was different from what I've been described. *Koluap - A lot uglier.
  • Arsac - So... that' was Angazhar? Hm.

Kezoreg was completely silent as he looked down upon hearing Angazhar's name.

  • Koluap - That keeps trying to kill me and my friends. This is the third time!
  • Kithworto - He was putting on a disguise. He was infinitely weaker than what he really is. I'm glad for that one...if we were to face his true self we may as well have welcomed death with open arms.
  • Hachi - I expected him to be a little...bigger.
  • Tau - But he seemed a lot stronger than what we had on the Tandava.'
  • Sarec - A disguise? In his own realm?
  • Kithworto - That is true. The other Tandava that we might come across will not be that strong. We'll be sure to learn why he has disguised himself later on.
  • Arsac - Tau what did yo expect from a general?

Watching them, was another figure entirely.

  • Nu - ...what is that?
  • Koluap - Oh, what now.

The figure was completely shrouded in darkness, so they could not make out what it was. They stood there looking at it, but it soon disappeared.

  • Tau - A spy?
  • Kithworto - ...A spy.
  • Arkarixus - Problematic. Now they know we are here.
  • Sarec - So much for an infiltration mission.
  • Kithworto - We do not have much time now. Three days at the most. This is now the part where I tell you the next stage of our plan.
  • Koluap - Alright then, shoot.
  • Kithworto - This is a relatively minor planet on the Dominion's entire hold. However I am certain that it contains almost every single piece of information required to rip up the Dominion from the inside. What we must do? Get the information. This is a minor planet but this is also a military stronghold for intermediate-class warriors. We will expect some high and elite-class warriors and therefore, we will expect a multitude of information.
  • Arkarixus - Hmm.
  • Arsac - So where do we need to go?
  • Apollo - Yes, where must we go now?
  • Kithworto - Six hundred kilometres south of this location, there is the Dominion stronghold. Do this right and we can infiltrate it with ease.
  • Tau - Six hundred kilometres? And how do you suggest we get there?
  • Sarec - Teleportation?
  • Kithworto - Correct. This is not like a million Kicath. We will be expecting 10,000 here at the most.
  • Hachi - Why do I still not find that relieving?
  • Kithworto - But first we have to rest. Let me regain my composure.
  • Koluap - We all need to regain our composures.
  • Nu - Yeah. We just went to Hell you know.

Infiltration Edit

The team were well rested after taking a few hours to rest after barely surviving Theruskrayathos' wrath. The planet was somewhat cold, and was surprisingly forest like for Dominion planets.

  • Apollo - I never thought I'd encounter Angazhar again...
  • Koluap - Gimme something to cut.
  • Arkarixus - This planet is not so bad.
  • Nu - ...Aren't Dominion planets meant to be giant rocks?
  • Kezoreg - How about your wrist?
  • Koluap - Shuddup you baby.
  • Kithworto - On the contrary. The Xhodocto never actually destroyed planets they settled on. Their most important planets were ones no one else could step on but themselves.
  • Hachi - Hah, guess we broke that rule then.
  • Sarec - We didn't.
  • Koluap - So they actually take care of their land. I'll admit I'm surprised.
  • Kithworto - Anyway, our plan. We will infiltrate a low-security stronghold, and gather information. In the meantime, we will oust any Dominion activity here and claim this as our hub. We are far from inner Dominion Territory and cutting off communications from this stronghold will cause minimal consequence.
  • Tau - As Kithworto said before, the number of soldiers here are between eight and twelve thousand low-intermediate class soldiers. The likelihood of a high-class or elite-class commander however is very high.
  • Koluap - Sounds good. Let's just hope we get no more surprises.
  • 'Apollo - Indeed.
  • Arsac - Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, Koluap.
  • Hachi - Sounds good! Hope for the worst, prepare for the best! ...Uh, I mean...
  • Arsac - Other way around.
  • Tau - The stronghold's design is rather straightforward. If we get there at the right time, the soldiers will be on the outside of the facility, not on the inside. That will make it far easier. To get rid of the Dominion activity here, we must of course, kill every single soldier present. As this is a stronghold, an armory should be here as well. I would recommend taking one weapon each for future encounters.
  • Sarec - A quick teleport can get us inside or at the very least nearby.
  • Kezoreg - Heh, what about AI defences?
  • Kithworto - AI defences will be easy as of now. As a Xi'Arazulha, I can access the system unhindered.
  • Kezoreg - Ah, a demigod who also counts as a hacker.
  • Arkarixus - So be it. A single commander should not be too much trouble for all of us.
  • Tau- I would recommend teleporting on the outside. If we don't get there at the right time it's us versus tens of thousands of Dominion warriors.
  • Kithworto - Well, let's begin. The coordinates are as follows.

Tau sent the coordinates to the rest of the group, as Kithworto teleported himself and Nu and Tau away. Sarec teleported everyone else to the intended coordiantes. As they teleported there, Nu and Tau were taking cover behind trees along with Kithworto. Nu peered out and took a look at the stronghold, some 2 kilometres away. Arkarixus and Koluap joined them as they arrived. Apollo appeared close behind them.

  • Nu - Phew. The soldiers are outside of the facility.

Koluap took a look at the soldiers, and had a shocked expression on his face. Among the soldiers, were ex-Chosen warriors, but the main bulk were Zazane and Auatorom.

  • Koluap- Why are there Spinkers in there?!
  • Tau - Devourer's Chosen. They did survive after all.
  • Arkarixus - Ah, shit.
  • Arsac - Should have been more thorough.
  • Kezoreg - What the...Zazane? In the Dominion?
  • Sarec - Undoutably it was not a willing conversion.

Leading the group, were three Shaatorm Auatorom and a Mahanayan.

  • Nu - And there's our commanders.
  • Koluap - So there's four of them to kill. Cool.
  • Tau - So what do we do?

Hachi slowly drew his Xhodocto pistol.

  • Kithworto - We won't attack. I'd much rather get in the facility, get our information and THEN attack.
  • Arkarixus - Infiltrate first, attack later. Got it.
  • Sarec - Understood.
  • Arsac - Nu do you still have that rifle?
  • Nu - Yes....what of it?
  • Arsac - I'm sure you can guess.
  • Nu - Hm. I dunno. If Omega got us from that distance I don't wanna take my chances with a Mahanayan.
  • Koluap - Ngh. Just get me close and I can cut his head off.
  • Arsac - We can back you up.
  • Tau - Leave the sniping for later.
  • Arkarixus - You need to stop with all this "cutting" thing. This is not the time or place.
  • Koluap - You talk like you're older than me!
  • Kithworto - We'll talk about age later.

Tau observed the stronghold, the main tower reaching around a thousand metres in height. She noticed small observational balconies in places.

  • Tau - Hm. The main tower has a large number of balconies. But the control room is underground. Hmmm....Teleporting to the highest balcony will be our best bet.
  • Arkarixus - So be it.
  • Sarec - Leave it to me.
  • Kithworto - Very well. Get us up there.
  • Hachi - B-But I dunt like heights!
  • Koluap - Well start liking now.

Sarec threw his arms out and everyone reappeared on the balcony. Sarec had his arm up facing away from the building.

  • Sarec - Don't worry, we won't be spotted.

Nu let out a cutting laser on the roof of the building, and cut a large hole for him and the rest of the group to get into. Nu jumped in first, followed by Tau and Kithworto. Arsac joined them and Sarec jumped down last. Koluap glided down while Arkarixus jumped right after. Kezoreg followed Kithworto closely while Hachi was clinging to Sarec's back. The inner of the building appeared to be very cold - it was a steel grey, black and was lit up by golden lights. The floor was made of the same material as the walls, and had intricate designs on the ground.

  • Arkarixus - Good weather in here.
  • Koluap - Ugly people, ugly buildings.
  • Sarec - My my...
  • Tau - Hm. How to get down...Any suggestions?
  • Hachi - How about we have Nu stamp through the floor?
  • Nu - And make you drop 3700ft? Good luck with that one.
  • Sarec - Doesn't matter to me I can levitate.
  • Arsac - Hrmph. Showoff.
  • Apollo - There should be an elevator or stairs or at least an equivalent.

Nu looked at the room. As he looked around, he noticed a large and complex looking door. Nu walked up to it, and rested his hand on the door. Using his technology, he could map out a vast majority of the building's structure - he noticed that there were around a hundred guards in the building.

  • Nu - Hmph. So much for empty.
  • Koluap - What's the issue now?
  • Tau - How many guards are we talking?
  • Nu - About a hundred.
  • Arsac - You expected them to leave the interior unguarded?
  • Tau - I didn't expect them to. All I was wondering was how many.
  • Tau - Located the way down yet?
  • Nu - Mmhm. No elevators. Staircase. Spiral.
  • Arsac - Sounds imparctical.
  • Kezoreg - Now I can ride the banister.
  • Nu - However...there are elevators down to the control room. The control room is around 12 kilometres underground.
  • Tau - So how do we get the guards out?
  • Arsac - Do we need to?
  • Kithworto - Well, my suggestion is that if Arsac, Nu and Tau get to the bottom of the building and work their way up, and the rest of us work our way down, then that should give us the advantage.
  • Tau - That will alert the rest of the militia outside.
  • Kithworto - Then lock down the building .
  • Koluap - Wait, I don't get the plan.
  • Nu - Basically, we go down there and smash them up, you stay here and smash them down.
  • Koluap - Oh. Okay sounds good.

Tau looked around the room for any systems concerning the lock down. She noticed it, and walked over to it.

  • Nu - There are two guards on the other side of that door.

Nu examined further.

  • Sarec - Now, how to get the ground team to the floor.
  • Nu - Well...the main structure has a hollow part right down the centre. All we have to do is jump.
  • Koluap - Times like this it's good to have wings.
  • Arsac - Depends, how wide is the hollow part?
  • Nu - About 40 metres.
  • Arsac - Risky but good enough. At least this armour has shock-absorbing servos in the legs.
  • Tau - As soon as I activate this system, all the doors in the building will open except for the main door in and out. In other words, as soon as I open that door expect a lot of gun fire.
  • Koluap - And then I can finally cut someone.
  • Arkarixus - Stop that-
  • Koluap - I need to test this axe, damnit! I'll use my guns after I do it!
  • Arsac - Even if my armor doesn't survive the shock, the legs can work on their own.

Tau put her hand on the lock, looking at everyone attentively. Koluap narrowed his eyes and Arkarixus gathered energy. Apollo prepared his pistols. Arsac stood ready with a smile on her face as a decorated helmet folded out and encased her head. In Nu's hand materialized a Kicathian style shotgun.

  • Nu - Hm. Never used this weapon before.
  • Koluap - Shotguns are best guns. Also lady, that's one ugly helmet.

Kezoreg drew his Kicathian blade and looked towards the door while Hachi brought out his katana.

  • Arsac - it was designed to impire fear and dread.
  • Koluap - Now you look AND sound ugly!

Tau nodded and pressed the lock. The doors flung open, and all the windows in the building discoloured opaque. The lights turned red, and an alarm sounded.

  • Nu - Showtime.

Nu grabbed one of the guards and kicked him off the balcony. Arsac charged through, past the guards and towards the main shaft. Koluap immediately charged at a guard and slashed at him vertically with his axe. Sarec killed the other guard by phasing them both through the wall. Tau ran to the shaft and jumped off, with Nu following behind. Arsac leaped off the balcony and joined the other two.

  • Zazane - Intruders! Protect the lower levels!
  • Koluap - Yes! Cut the bastard in two like a little leaf! Now back to shutgon mode.

The guards began to fire back at the team that were still on the higher levels. Nu and Tau slammed into the ground feet first, and cracked the floor. They started firing at the guards. Spotting a guard running across the alcony, Arsac twisted, pulled out a rifle and shot him. Arsac landed last, wings fully open. as she cracked the ground. Kezoreg laughed as he slashed at several soldiers with his blade, as well as launching Descension-fuelled punches towards them. Koluap got his gun out and charged to cover, followed by Apollo, both providing support for each other. Arkarixus surrounded himself in energy and charged at a guard, sending him flying. Tau fired her pistols with accuracy, taking out a few of the guards. Sarec formed two pistols in his hands and fired essence-infused rounds, dancing bwetween his opponents.

  • Apollo - Not what I had in mind for a vacation.
  • Koluap - You'll get used to it!

Despite having a katana, Hachi fired with his standard pistol and hit the walls, as well as nearly hitting his allies.

  • Koluap - Watch it you little brat!
  • Sarec - Hachi. CQC is advised for you.

Arkarixus levitated and launched psychic shockwaves at the approaching enemies.

  • Nu - Xhodocto weapons? Bah. Welcome to the Kicath, ladies!

Nu fired his shotgun at the guards, blowing them to pieces. The guards began to look worried as their numbers were dwindling quickly. Arsac slashed at the guards as she stormed upwards. Cutting them to ribbons with her power claws.

  • Tau - These are highly advanced aliens?
  • Koluap - I told ya, shotguns are best guns.
  • Kezoreg - I expected more from servants of the Xhodocto!

As Tau finished her sentence, a ruckus could be heard half way through the tower. Tau's eyes rolled in the back of her skull.

  • Tau - Spoke too soon.

Arkarixus let out an echoing roar which launched many soldiers back.

  • Sarec - Here we go!
  • Koluap - Wasn't me.

Arsac had charged ahead, attacking any guards who caught sight of her.

  • Arsac - All of you are judged to be damned!

As it went quiet, a number of the guards were launched from the balconies to their death - following their fall was a Sarungerak.

  • Nu - That's no guard.
  • Koluap - Corruptus demon!
  • Hachi - Been a while since I seen one of those!

Tau and Nu began to fire at the Sarungerak whilst it shrug off their fire, destroying the walls of the tower. The Sarungerak noticed Tau and Nu, and charged at them. Arsac scharged towards the Sarungerak in an attempt to flank it.

  • Tau - Oh Dal'nyur this isn't good.
  • Nu - Could use some help down here.

Arsac sprinted and leaped to jump onto the Sarungerak's back. To the upper group, behind them was a Flesheater silently stalking them. Kithworto noticed the Flesheater behind him and slowly turned around.

  • Arkarixus - I heard a roar before. You think the other group is okay?
  • Kithworto - ...Crap.

Arsac latched onto the Sarungerak with her claws.

  • Koluap - What now? Ah shit another faceless thing!
  • Kithworto - Get down to the ground!
  • Sarec - Keep away from it's body.

As the team began to sprint down the stairs, the Flesheater chased them. Koluap and Apollo both shot at it as they ran, while Arkarixus launched shockwaves trying to slow it down. Sarec turned around and clenched his fists, breaking the walls and sending them towards the Flesheater.

  • Nu - ...How's it going up your end?
  • Kithworto - We've got a Flesheater chasing us! How do you think it's going?!
  • Nu - ...So quite well?
  • Sarec - yeah not too bad.

Arsac continued to stab the Sarungerak repeatedly. Nu aimed his shotgun at the Sarungerak, as it was attempting to shake off Arsac.

  • Nu - You do realise if I miss I blow you to pieces, right?
  • Tau - Then don't use a damn shotgun then!
  • Arsac - It is a risk I will take Nu just shoot it!

Nu aimed at the Sarungerak's legs, and shot it. It took the demon's legs off and began to groan and roar frantically in pain. The Flesheater kept on chasing the other group, beginning to gain on them. Arkarixus kept blasting its legs, while Apollo and Koluap kept shooting at it. Arsac climbed up to the neck and began stabbing and slashing repeatedly into the neck and head of the Sarungerak.

  • Apollo - We're in a pickle over here.
  • Kithworto - Nu, get up here and use your damn gun!

Sarec threw a few energy shockwaves at the Flesheater. Nu used his jetpack to get to the team, and started hovering behind the charging Flesheater.

  • Nu - Damn this thing moves fast!
  • Koluap - Shuddup and shoot it!

Nu started to shoot it, but its speed meant that he missed.

  • Nu - ...Eh?
  • Kithworto - Use a grenade already!
  • Nu - ...gotcha.

Nu materialized a grenade, and flung it on the Flesheater's back. It screamed in pain as it was stabbed in the back, but continued to chase the group.

  • Koluap - Your guns suck, can't explode a single demon!

The team stand over the dead Flesheater

As the team reached the bottom of the staircase, the grenade imploded in the Flesheater's back, leaving only its legs left and blood and flesh flying everywhere - all over Nu's armor and Hachi's fur. Hachi froze in shock as blood covered his body.

  • Hachi - ...
  • Apollo - Ew.
  • Koluap - Ech.
  • Arkarixus - At least it's over.
  • Arsac - ....gorgeous.
  • Nu - Heh. Reminds me of that...actually I won't talk about it.
  • 'Hachi - T-This wasn't....t-the blood I w-wanted to b-be covered i-in.
  • Kithworto - Surprised that the building is still standing.
  • Nu - Hmph. Where's the elevator? ...Oh right. I know that.

Arsac finished off the Sarungerak, carving a large chunk of its face off before leaping to the floor. Nu walked over to the centre of the shaft, which was in fact an elevator platform. He saw a blood-covered control on the wall, and looked at it.

  • 'Koluap - Huh. You're enjoying stabbing that thing.
  • Arsac - I like the rush of close combat.

Tau walked to the centre of the room along with Kithworto.

  • Tau - You said the shaft was 12 kilometres deep?
  • Nu - Mmhm. 12 kilometres.
  • Arsac - Besides, I have possibly the most advanced armour in Andromeda so I felt I was in no danger.
  • Tau - Well just get on here when you can. Our armor isn't designed to survive a 40,000 ft fall.

Nu started pressing the controls on the elevator, and sounds began to whirr.

  • Nu - I'd get on the platform.

Koluap, Arkarixus and Apollo got on the platform. Sarec and Arsac walked onto the platform. Kezoreg and Hachi got onto the platform. As Nu walked back, the platform smoothly lowered. As they lowered further, they realised they were gown down a massive glass chute. They could see that the ground was completely hollowed out below them, and was home to a large underground construct.

  • Arkarixus - Any idea of what that is?
  • Arsac - I doubt it is good.

As they kept going down, they could see white and red bolts of energy shoot across the construct.

  • Tau - It's a computer.
  • Hachi - Imagine how much porn I could store on THAT!
  • Koluap - Oh shut your trap.
  • Sarec - Did we bring enough data storage medium for that?

Although as they kept going down, they noticed something moving. It was a dormant Ruin Serpent.

  • Arkarixus - ...What is THAT?
  • Arsac - Shivarus....
  • Kithworto - A Ruin Serpent. Probably the most dangerous demonic creature the Dominion has...and thankfully it's asleep.
  • Koluap - That looks like one of those monsters Macin Xermilin told me about.

Arsac paced up and down in frustration. Kezoreg chuckled and then spat at it.

  • Arsac - No way, impossible, this is impossible!
  • Kithworto - There's a very small number of these beings in existence. Why the Desolation Hivemind chose to put a Ruin Serpent down here...
  • Arsac - This...beast is uncannily like a monster from my peoples' myths!
  • Arkarixus - Really?
  • Nu - What can kill that thing?
  • Arsac - How good is this thing at burrowing?
  • Kithworto - Burrowing? It can burrow for thousands of kilometres.

Kithworto looked closer at the serpent.

  • Arsac - Like I said - uncanny.
  • Kithworto - Most of them are usually a kilometre long. That one? I'd say around thirty.
  • Arkarixus - Hmm. Perhaps your world was visited by one in the past?
  • Nu - ...a thirty kilometre long snake?
  • Koluap - That unsettles me.
  • Kithworto - Like I said. Relax, it's dormant. They sleep for months.
  • Sarec - Shivarus was a leviathan that - according to myth - used to live under the mountain range on Alcanti's southern continent. Legends placed it at a kilometre long and created a network of tunnels by burrowing though the mountains. Said tunnels have been inhabited for millennia.
  • Koluap - Well, I guess we hit the jackpot then?
  • Kithworto - I do intend to kill that serpent. If it wakes it will level the entire building and more or less everything within a hundred kilometre radius.
  • Kezoreg - Can I kill it with you?
  • Tau - And how do you do that without destroying the computer?
  • Kithworto - Simple. I do it slowly. And no, Kezoreg. No.
  • Kezoreg - Ngh you never let me have any action!

Kezoreg folded his arms and looked away.

  • Arkarixus - Interesting. Demon sightings were extremely rare at my time. Maybe it was the Borealis Grid which kept them off the galaxy, or the Vyro'Narza. I don't know for certain.
  • Hachi - Geez, anybody would think he wanted to get crushed by that snake thing.
  • Arsac - Shivarus was a myth. A story to explain the earthquakes and the maze of tunnels under the mountains.
  • Arkarixus - The similarity is still interesting.
  • Arsac - Indeeed it is...

As they reached the bottom of the elevator, they noticed a bridge that spanned for two or three hundred metres or so. On the other side was another platform, which was the hub for the computer.

  • Koluap - Finally. It was getting too cramped on that elevator.
  • Tau - ...How does a 40 metre wide platform get cramped?
  • Koluap - It does when you have hallucinations. Also, nice tophat.

Tau looked with disbelief. As they exited the elevator, something whirred. The AI activated.

  • AI - Unidentified personnel.
  • Arsac - Kranndung.
  • Arkarixus - I hope you have a plan for this.
  • Kithworto - ...Hm. It doesn't seem aggressive.
  • Hachi - ...Can we flirt with it?
  • Koluap - Weirdo.

Kithworto pondered for a second.

  • Nu - Well this isn't good. We have an AI here and it won't talk with us.
  • Sarec - What if I could mimic someone it did recognise?

Kithworto suddenly entered the Omega State, and the room's lights changed.

  • AI - Identification confirmed. Xi'Arazulha.
  • Kithworto - Hm.
  • Koluap - Heh. Dumb machine.
  • Kezoreg - I love it when he does that.
  • AI - I assure you, unidentified lifeform that I am NOT a dumb machine.
  • Koluap - I didn't ask your opinion!
  • Arkarixus - Shut up, Spinker.
  • Kithworto - AI, what is your name?
  • AI - I am AI-03546.
  • Kithworto - Very well. AI-03546, when were you created?
  • AI-03546 - November 24th, 699,408 BC.
  • Nu - Holy crap that's old.
  • Koluap - Ol' man AI guy.
  • Kithworto - And when were you stationed on this planet?
  • AI-03546 - January 3rd, 2766 AD.

Kithworto paused.

  • Kithworto - Come again?
  • AI-03546 - January 3rd, 2766 AD.
  • Koluap - That's 30 years ago.
  • Arsac - About the time this region fell dormant.
  • 'Tau - ...has the Dominion been forming for 30 years?
  • Hachi - Am I the only one who's lost in all of this?
  • Arkarixus - Problematic...ask the purpose of the Ruin Serpent. It must be here for a reason.
  • Kithworto - What is the purpose of the Ruin Serpent below us?
  • AI-03546 - The Ruin Serpent below us is an Alpha Ruin Serpent. It is also a hive-body reproductive incubator for Desolation Hivemind units.
  • Nu - Holy shit, what.
  • Koluap - Ah gosh, that thing is a mommy snake.
  • Sarec - That is...bad.
  • Apollo - Another reason to get rid of it.
  • Hachi - Sexy...I-I mean disturbing!
  • Kithworto - AI-03546. Run data analysis on all information on the Dominion.
  • AI-03546 - Analyzing. All data analyzed.
  • Koluap - That was fast.
  • Arsac - It's a powerful little AI.
  • Arkarixus - This place reminds me too much of that trip through Regnatus' interior.
  • Kithworto - What is your storage database?
  • AI-03546 - AI-66501.
  • Kithworto - AI-66501? Any aliases?
  • AI-03546 - Artificial Master Intelligence 66501.
  • Hachi - Sounds like a noob.
  • Kithworto - Run system check on AI-66501.
  • AI-03546 - Access denied. Disallowed to run system check on master intelligence.
  • Tau - So this thing has a master intelligence?
  • Koluap - So, this is an AI who obeys another AI?
  • Sarec - An interesting hierarchy.
  • Kithworto - It seems so. If that is the case then the master AI really is something we should avoid.
  • Apollo - The number 66501 brings me memories.
  • Kithworto - AI-03546. Store all data on computer.

The AI instantly stored all of the data on the computer, separate of itself.

  • Kithworto - AI-03546. Where is the location of AI-66501?
  • AI-03546 - Megaconstruct Ardonia.
  • Kithworto - Ardonia?
  • Koluap - Megawhat now?
  • Kithworto - AI, how many megaconstructs are there in the Dominion territory right now?
  • AI-03546 - Three. Ardonia, Ightosia, and Draynia.
  • Arkarixus - Megaconstructs... Superweapons, perhaps?
  • Tau - Knowing the Xhodocto? Yes.
  • Kithworto - Well, we've got what we came for. Now to get rid of the army.
  • Kezoreg - Hey Kith, perhaps we should ask that AI to do it for us.
  • Kithworto - Hm. AI, are there any ordnance weapons situated outside of this building?
  • AI-03546 - Affirmative. Two.

The AI activated a hologram of the two weapons, which appear to be two massive anti-air cannons.

  • Nu - Whoo. Those things could shred through Kicath ships like paper.
  • Kezoreg - I want one. Now.
  • Koluap - Nope.
  • Kithworto - Hmmm. AI. Override Anti-Air cannon system.
  • AI-03546 - Overriden.
  • Kithworto - Activate remote control systems for the AA-cannon system.
  • AI-03546 - Activated.
  • Koluap - Heheheh this is gonna be funny.
  • Tau - ...Oh god, you're going to use those cannons on the militia?
  • Kezoreg - There is going to be such a mess to clean up.

Kithworto pressed a button on the console, which brought up a holographic monitor from the cannon, showing the militia.

  • Nu - Fighting fire with fire!
  • Koluap - Blow them all up!

Kithworto activated the cannons, firing on the milita. From underground they could hear massive explosions, and on the monitor, the entire militia was eradicated in seconds. Kezoreg laughed out rather maniacally as they were eliminated. Koluap laughed loudly at it, while Arkarixus watched in a neutral stance.

  • Nu - Where can I get a handheld version of that?
  • Apollo - No kill like overkill, hm.
  • Hachi - Geez...there was no need to be so harsh like that.
  • Koluap - What? You wanna go easy on those Chosen guys?
  • Hachi - Well...they didn't even expect anything.
  • Kithworto - AI. Run system check on the planet. Disable all connections to the master intelligence.
  • Sarec - It was something of a massacre...
  • Koluap - They deserved it!
  • Hachi - I...I guess...

Hachi looked down as his ears drooped.

  • Arsac - These aliens either made their choice or deserved the release of death.
  • AI-03546 - Unavailable command.

Kithworto groaned.

  • Koluap - See, ugly-helmet-gal understands it.
  • Kithworto - Disable communications to the master intelligence.
  • AI-03546 - Unavailable command.
  • Sarec - We could try hacking into it.
  • Arkarixus - Looks like the master is intelligent enough to not include a turn-off button on its thralls.
  • Tau - We'll run the risk of the Master-AI finding us.

Kithworto rested his hand on the console, in which the AI screeched out.

  • Koluap - Ugh, what was that for?
  • Arsac - Asking nicely wasn't working.
  • Kithworto - I'm trying to disable connection of this AI to the master-AI.

As Kithworto kept on doing so, the lights in the room began to become intense.

  • Arkarixus - I think you're getting unwanted attention with that.

The AI glitched and the holograms turned red - Kithworto quickly retracted his hand from the console with his palm burning.

  • Koluap - Did it work?
  • Kithworto - Yes. But I've just got a small glimpse of the master intelligence.
  • Apollo - What was it like?
  • Kithworto - ...It made every other AI look like child's play.

Kithworto sat down on a nearby chair.

  • Kithworto - We have our information, and this planet has been erased from Dominion control. You can call this our stronghold for now.
  • Koluap - Yeh, our own demon planet!...That's not a good thing until mommy snake is gone though.
  • Sarec - First thing's first...

Kithworto placed his hand on the console again, where the room slightly lowered in light.

  • Arkarixus - That one Dravillian soldier once got a small glimpse of Regnatus in a similar way of what you did. The similarities between these two wars are starting to make me nervous.
  • Kithworto - Indeed. I suggest you all set up for a while. Arkarixus and I have work to do on this.
  • Tau - How long do we have?
  • Arkarixus - Hm?
  • Kithworto - 2 days should be enough...yes. We have to search through this information to get the relevant stuff we need. Such as transport, strongholds, and where these three megaconstructs are.
  • Arkarixus - Very well.
  • Kithworto - Hm. I suggest the rest of you relax until we get what we need. Like I said, 2 days should be enough.
  • Koluap - I'm such a bonehead for not bringing Macin or Thea'Nhirara with us. Things would go much smoother.
  • Arsac - And you're sure we can do this effectively with just this group?
  • Hachi - Aww, who am I going to talk to without Thea?

Sarec coughed.

  • Koluap - Not with me, I don't like you.
  • Kithworto - When we have sufficient information I may call on more to help us.
  • Kezoreg - While you guys are busy, I'm going to take a look around. Hopefully there's still something for me to do around here.
  • Kithworto - One condition. Do not go outside. It isn't safe at the moment.
  • Kezoreg - ...This is going to be extremely boring.

Searching the Stronghold Edit

The team were still in the locked-down Dominion stronghold. The main advantage? They had access to most of the Dominion facilities. Whilst Kithworto and Arkarixus were searching the Dominion's information, the rest of the team were searching the facility.

  • Nu - Hm. So we have this entire place to ourselves?
  • Koluap - Think they got a shootinr range around here?
  • Hachi - Or a strip club?
  • Kezoreg - We have Tau for that.
  • Tau - There must be an armory around here somewhere.

Tau looked disapprovingly at Kezoreg.

  • Sarec - Perfect conditions for a meditation session, despite the, well, dark interior.
  • Apollo - I don't think there's much for me to do here.
  • Tau' - I don't think there's much for any of us to do here. Wait, have all the cartography technology...where's the armory?
  • Koluap - You think Kithworto and blue guy are gonna take too long?
  • Kezoreg - Uncle Kith said around two days.

All of a sudden, Kithworto's voice could be heard throughout the stronghold.

  • Kithworto - I should probably tell you this now. We've got some reinforcements coming up from the control room. Thankfully, our reinforcements.
  • Apollo - Ah, good news at last.
  • Hachi - Friends!
  • Kezoreg - Great, more people I won't be able to stand.

As the platform raised, they could see familiar faces. The UNOC, Agents Upsilon, Zeta, Eta and Tuolog. Arsac smiled as she looked upon the reinforcements and folded her arms. Along with the group, was Macin and another Kicathian Agent, Agent Psi.

  • Tuolog - Hehe. We heard you having Xhodocto problems.
  • Tau - Just as well. I thought i'd be driven insane by Nu.
  • Koluap - Macin! You're here! Now we can-
  • Macin - Why didn't you call me before, you little idiot! Don't you know this is important?
  • Eta - ...You call this a stronghold?

Macin hit Koluap in the head with a cane.

  • Arsac - Never knew insanity was contagious. Much.
  • Upsilon - Heh. This place reminds me of Borealis.

Hachi looked at Macin and approached her, rather curious about her aura.

  • Vailisa - The Fist ready to CRUSH STUPID XHODOCTO LIKE BUGS! *Vaktyl - Careful there, soldier. Them Xhodocto's are strong...REAL strong...
  • Vailisa - Hah! Nothing stronger than THE FIST!

Macin looked at Hachi back with a smile.

  • Psi - Hm. I could hang here for a while.
  • Macin - You're the Destiny Bringer's student, are you not?
  • Hachi - D-Destiny Bringer?
  • Kalcedia - It seems the Xhodocto's tech brings all the boys to the yard.
  • Koluap - That Zazane smells nice.

Kalcedia looked at Koluap and she cringed.

  • Macin - Yes. The Destiny Bringer, great angel of dreams.
  • Tau - So that's us lot and you lot. How many of us now? So that's myself, Nu, Zeta, Eta, Upsilon, Kithworto, Psi, Sarec, Arsac, Hachiman, Kezoreg, Koluap, Arkarixus, Macin, Apollo, Lemmo, Venoriel, Quinniath, Thr'aloy, Dalverat, Vailisa, Darwishi, Kalcedia, Vaktyl, Zelfron and Lupercal. This is a good team.
  • Nu - That's twenty-four of us, right?
  • Tau - Seems that way.
  • Hachi - If you mean Teacher, yeah! I'm her student! She taught me to use that Dream Energy stuff!

Tuolog looked over at Macin, and smiled. Macin approached Hachi's ear and whispered.

  • Macin - Sending you to fight the Chosen was my idea.

Hachi gulped and his ears drooped, a nervous look on his face. Macin looked at Tuolog with interest.

  • Macin - I can feel a good energy in you.
  • Tuolog - And same to you, Macin. Very interesting.
  • Dalverat - Pff. Good.
  • Kezoreg - Oh great. more cripples.
  • Dalverat - You watch your mouth before I reduce you to a skeleton.
  • Nu - Wait, did you just say Kalcedia?

Nu went uneasy as he remembers Kalcedia's nature towards him. Kalcedia looked over at Nu and waved, winking to him. Koluap laughed at it.

  • Macin - Where are you from? Your energy is new for me.
  • Tuolog - I from the Ioketa tribes, out in the late Ottzello Galaxy. I been training in Vyro'Narza realm. And I do know about your origins; I have seen them in the timelines.
  • Nu - Well, we have 22 warriors up here and 2 others down there. What do we do?
  • Sarec - We try and find a way to pass the time.
  • Macin - I see. I don't know what any of that means.
  • Tau - Hm. Nu, find that armory.

Nu put his hand to the floor, and mapped out the building again. Tuolog explained Chronoscopic Energy to Macin.

  • Nu - Hmmmm....the armory is on the....5...6...98th floor.

As the Agents went off to the armory, Psi started talking in Kicathian about how excited he was to use weapons.

  • Vaktyl - Oh, hell yeah. Can't wait to get my hands on somma' them, either.

Apollo merely watched the others while Koluap picked his teeth with his claws. Arsac grumbled in the direction of the Kicath as she paced up and down. With hesitation she decided to join them. As Tau entered the armory, it lit up with the same yellow lights as the rest of the stronghold - the entire room was flanked by the Dominion weapons.

  • Kalcedia - Heh, I've seen bigger weapons.
  • Kezoreg - These will be in our hands, not our mouths.

Nu cackled evilly at the sight of the weapons.

  • Lemmo - It's not the size of the weapon, Kalcedia, it is how you wield it.
  • Arsac - I'll give credit to the Dominion. I can see they know how to build effective weapons.

Macin grunted at the sight of the weapons and just crossed her arms. Lemmo aimed at one of the decorations - a stony gargoyle - in the ceiling of the stronghold and shot it, causing the gargoyle to fall.

  • Lemmo - See?
  • Arsac - But I never said such a thing was good.

Searching the weapon racks, Arsac pulled out two swords and twirled them. A slight look of satisfaction on her face. Nu picked up one of the weapons, and fired it at a wall. The wall disintegrated.

  • Koluap - Anything similar to a shotgun in there? I don't need any more melee weapons.
  • Nu - Heh. I could use this.
  • Apollo - Woah.
  • Arsac - The bigger the stick, the more carefully it must be handled, Nu.

. Quinniath approached one of the weapon stands and grabbed the biggest blade he saw, smiling as it was absorbed by his hand.

  • Lemmo - Hey, hey! It's not how you rob ancient tombs! You are too careless, boy!

Koluap jumped on the piles of weapons and got his hands on a Cult Shotgun. Lemmo walked to the weapon stand and carefully picked a miniature, ornate ring, decorated with Dark Tongue runes. Arsac continued to look through the weapon rack. She pulled a shotgun and a battle rifle from the walls.

  • Koluap - Now I am a happy royal admiral.
  • Eta - Whoa whoa whoa, magic rings?

Apollo looked through the weapons and took a pair of pistols, putting them next to his regular presidential ones.

  • Arsac - Long-range, mid-range, close-quarters. That is me set.
  • Dalverat - In case any of your weapons are corrupted by dark essences, give them to me so I can clean them.
  • Arsac - Good idea. And one reason why I was hesitant.

Upsilon picked up another shotgun, whilst Eta picked up another cannon like Nu's. Kalcedia picked up pieces of weapons, and attached it to her own weapon.

  • Lemmo - Anuuan'ma'kan taiina'kamik'khazuurhal kaa'maak taiinazhurgurzhuul iik... erm, I don't get it. Something about giving.
  • Lemmo - Or, maybe, about killing everything. Let me try.

Tau's ears pricked up when she heard the Dark Tongue.

  • Arsac - I advise putting that ring back.

Lemmo waved his hand and the ring emitted a beam of black fire, incinerating a good portion of the armory. Nu roared and charged his weapon at Lemmo, shouting profanely at him.

  • Tau - I wouldn't use that ring.
  • Koluap - Idiot!
  • Quinniath - What did you say, captain? "Careless"?
  • Vaktyl - Aw, hell yeah! Time ta rob stuff!
  • Lemmo - Uh...

Vaktyl and the rest of UNOC took a few close quarters shotgun-like weapons. Arsac flinched. She stormed up to Lemmo and grabbed is forearm tightly, glaring into his eyes.

  • Arsac - Do you know NOTHING of how dangerous such devices can be!?
  • Tuolog - Danger limited when you have us to watch over things and keep it in check.

Lemmo slowly put the ring in his pocket.

  • Lemmo - Let us never speak of this again.

Arsac held out her hand.

  • Arsac - not good enough Tertenai. I think I am better off keeping it safe.
  • Lemmo - I saw it first, ma'am! Finders, keepers.
  • Arsac - You think i'm going to LET you walk away with something like that?
  • Arsac - The best place for that ring is in Inquisition hands!
  • Tuolog - Let the Tertenai play with his toys. It not a big deal. He can't danger anyone but himself.
  • Arsac - And what if he decides to sell it?
  • Apollo - Optimistic.
  • Tuolog - I very sure that he will. And if he does, we track it and retrieve it. And he faces consequences.
  • Tau - I'm pretty sure he just said that weapon is destructive and devours souls. Dangering oneself doesn't work.

Tuolog turned to Lemmo and looked him in the eye.

  • Tuolog - But I know he not foolish enough to do that. Is he?
  • Lemmo - I'm not a child, mate. I saw worse things, you know.
  • Tuolog - Exactly.
  • Koluap - And you assume we haven't? I should just shoot your brains off.

All of a sudden, Kithworto's voice could be heard.

  • Kithworto - Team, we have the information. Come back down to the control room.
  • Koluap - Good! Something new happening.

Koluap ran off to the control room, followed by Apollo and Macin. Arsac had Dalverat cleanse her weapons and then proceeded to the control room. Sarec was sitting in meditation. He looked up at the group with a smile.

  • Sarec - I take it you all had fun?

Nu walked out slightly frustrated, whilst the rest walked out behind him. Psi walked behind them holding a shield charge.

  • Psi - Ohh yeah. I got me a shield.
  • Kithworto - Well, welcome back. It turns would we managed to get our information quicker than we thought...and we have some news.
  • Tau - That doesn't sound good.
  • Apollo - What's that?
  • Kezoreg - Great, what have you done now?
  • Kithworto - What the AI was referencing before, the mega-constructs? Well we have more information.
  • Hachi - Just how fucked are we?
  • Sarec - Hachi, please. Have optimism.
  • Hachi - We're dealing with Xhodocto worshippers. Xhodocto.
  • Kithworto - It turns out that Ardonia, Ightosia and Draynia are also weapons of some kind. As well as major stations for Dominion activity and main defences for the inner territories. In other words, we can't get in without going through one of them. And destroying them.
  • Koluap - Blowing up superweapons? I'm on it.
  • Sarec - So we neutralise a threat to the galaxy or two along the way. Soudns good to me.
  • Kithworto - Three. And Gigaquadrantic, not galactic.
  • Arkarixus - These weapons make Armageddon look like a tiny freeze pistol. We are dealing with something huge here.
  • Kithworto - From what we have seen, Draynia is the smallest and 'weakest' of the three, and Ardonia is the largest.
  • Vailisa - Meh. The Fist crush puny attempt at superweapon.
  • Arkarixus - Know your place, this is no joke.
  • Vaktyl - Hmm, well, things sure could get ugly.
  • Vailisa - The Fist's strength is no joke! But what is a joke is your attempt to claim authority over The Fist!
  • Arkarixus - Are you gonna start disrespecting me now?
  • Lemmo - I want my bounty to be tripled then. I ain't saving the universe for free, you know.
  • Kithworto - Well, if you must know, we estimate Draynia's size at around 270,000 miles from end to end. Ardonia...well we're still working that one out. Ightosia is around 600,000.
  • Nu - So you're saying that the smallest construct is twenty times the size of a planet?
  • Kithworto - Precisely.
  • Lemmo - ...Okay.
  • 'Tau - Either do we do this?
  • Thr'aloy - Methods of infiltration have proven effective in the past. jus sneek in an blow it up dur its not hard

Kithworto pointed at Thr'aloy.

  • Kithworto - There we go. Sneak in and blow them up.
  • Vaktyl - Well, I guess we could try and get inside it, detonate its weak points. Engines are often good places to start.
  • Tau - You seen Xhodocto tech before?
  • Vaktyl - Can't say I have. I'm just making guesses here.
  • Kezoreg - I'm not much of an expert either, but everything has a power source.
  • Nu - And how do we get there?
  • Kithworto - A 30-man odd team? Well we can't fly there. Routes in the Dominion are so intrinsic that they will destroy any ship that goes off course.
  • Kithworto - Yes.
  • Kalcedia - That'll be easy, I've never had difficulty sticking into the crowd, nor have I had trouble sticking out of it.
  • Upsilon - And how do we do that? And where is Draynia from here?
  • Kithworto - Arkarixus said that Draynia was around six to seven hundred light years from here.
  • Zeta - ...And? We can't fly from here.
  • Sarec - Teleportation perhaps?
  • Hachi - Are there not any Dominion ships docked here?
  • Kithworto - There are a few. They are dropships, but then again we run the risk of escaping the routes. The route here goes to a planet, and then to Draynia.
  • Lemmo - So... we pretend to be Xhodocto followers, then get to the dropship, and then blow the whole thing up?
  • Kithworto - Well we don't have to pretend. Just don't get noticed.
  • Lemmo - Huh. And I have prepared to shout "All hail Kamik'Shi!" already.
  • Kithworto - What we should say now is that as soon as you blow up Draynia, the entire Dominion will be on high alert.
  • Kithworto - Which is why I prepared these.

Kithworto handed Sarec and Arkarixus two stones each, which were glowing with Life and Death Energy.

  • Arkarixus - Hm?
  • Kezoreg - Hey I want one!
  • Hachi - Ooh, shiny.
  • Kithworto - As soon as Draynia is set to blow, you use these to teleport back here. You will not survive otherwise.
  • Nu - It almost sounds like you're not coming with us.
  • Sarec - Understood.
  • Lemmo - And what about me- I mean, the rest of us?
  • Arsac - With his energies are you kidding us?
  • Kithworto - I'm not. It's too dangerous to have me around. You'll have the Xhodocto on your trail consistently. Those four stones will provide get all of you back here.
  • Kezoreg - Let me at them! I don't care! I can take them!
  • Sarec - The last time you tried to 'take one on' Kezoreg, you became paralysed with fear.
  • Kezoreg - Nngh, I didn't expect it to appear in front of me!
  • Kithworto - Nonetheless, you will have Nu, Tau, Upsilon, Zeta, Eta and Psi in my place. I will remain here, and I will keep you updated on Dominion information.
  • Psi - It's gonna be fun.
  • Quinniath - Eeeyup! Ramnamath ul-ven-dore!
  • Kithworto - For the rest of you, I want you to take caution. If you see Dominion warriors, make sure you take cover first and then fire. And if you see a Tandava of any sort, run.
  • Hachi - Don't need to tell me twice.
  • Koluap - Gotcha.
  • Kithworto - ...Very well. The ships that you will take should already have routes to the nearest carrier. That should take you to a Dominion planet, and then be careful there until the ship towards Draynia comes. Once you get to Draynia, I will send you information on its structure. It will give me a couple days to find the inner workings of this structure.
  • Arkarixus - Understood.
  • Kithworto - And when you get to destroy it, use those stones to get back here.
  • Hachi - And then what? How do we get to the others?
  • Kithworto - Well by then I will have full information on routes to Ightosia and Ardonia from here.
  • Psi - Well who's leading the team then, huh?
  • Kithworto - As he has more information, Arkarixus.

Nu kicked the ground.

  • Kalcedia - Me and Nu shall be leading, it seems.
  • Nu - Sinásátinmatzká, kílnarácha.
  • Kalcedia - I love you too.

Koluap and Apollo looked at them with a sight of confusion.

  • Kithworto - ...Anywho, the ship that is expecting pick up from this planet will be in circulation in seven hours. Make sure you're ready by then.
  • Eta - Great. Boredom abound.
  • Sarec - Understood.
  • Kithworto - Yeah. Don't try to kill each other.
  • Lemmo - ...Or we could lock you and me in the same room and watch a little Zazane hybrid kid getting slaughtered alive.

Kithworto sat down on the chair and turned away and observed the information, whilst the Agents left the room.

  • Kezoreg - I'm hardly Zazane, Lemmo. I'd prefer to call myself...Kicath.
  • Koluap - Pff.
  • Sarec - With no Kicath blood in you?
  • Kithworto - You're as Kicath as me. Now all of you, leave this room so I can have some peace.

Arkarixus and Apollo left. Koluap, however, gave Kithworto a pat to the shoulder before leaving.

  • Lemmo - Kicath, Zazane, Asgord - I don't care! Corpses don't have a species.

Kalcedia grabbed her modified rifle and placed it within her stomach to store space. Hachi walked alongside Sarec while Kezoreg walked on his own.

  • Nu - ...So no lunch then?
  • Kalcedia - How about, "bite me"?

Nu removed his helmet, and bared his metallic, ultra sharp teeth.

  • Nu - Trust me. You don't want me to.
  • Lemmo - Who needs teeth anyway?
  • Koluap - Beakless beings do, you idiot.

Into the Dominion ShipEdit

Ship SizesEdit

Seven hours passed since Kithworto's message, and, as he said, a Dominion ship was orbiting the planet, waiting the shuttle's arrival. The team were preparing for boarding the shuttle. Kalcedia was examining herself as she morphed into her disguise of a tall, slim and busty Dominion Zazane.

  • Nu - Just what happens if this doesn't go right?
  • Koluap - We die, probably.
  • Arsac - Optimistic.
  • Upsilon - Then it's a mad scramble out of the Dominion territory with 250,000 supercruisers firing at our faces.
  • Vaktyl - Well...that doesn't really sound pleasant.
  • Kalcedia - Does my butt look big in this?
  • Hachi - N-No such thing...a-as too b-big.
  • Tau - Enough of the pessimistic talk. Kithworto's calculations are correct, and we shouldn't get into any scramble with the Dominion.
  • Arsac - Also can someone remind me why the teenage Zazane mutant is with us?
  • Kezoreg - Because I'm a valuable fighting asset, bitch.
  • Arsac - Boy where you're throwing your energies.
  • Kezoreg - I gave Kithworto my word to keep you out of trouble.
  • Sarec - Sure it wasn't the other way around?
  • Nu - Actually you gave Kithworto your word to keep yourself out of trouble.
  • Zeta - Did Kithworto say how many were on the ship?
  • Eta - I think he said 400,000 soldiers, excluding crew.
  • Nu - 400,000? Just how big is this ship?
  • Tau - Better not to imagine. 400,000 warriors excluding crew? We're looking at a huge ship here.
  • Koluap - Not anything a few cuts can't solve.
  • Vaktyl - I was about to say "only 400,000?"...but then I remembered how hard it is to even kill one of 'em bad boys.

Nu pondered for a second.

  • Nu - ...So what kind of soldiers are we gonna see on that ship?
  • Kalcedia - Hopefully nothing immortal.
  • Tau - Nothing special. The Dominion don't pack high-ranking warriors on ships. At least...not 400,000.
  • Koluap - That's good, I guess.
  • Thr'aloy - High ranking or not, they are still strong. Is there a chance of any scouting? WE GOTTA SEE HOW STRONG DESE GEEZAS AR
  • Tau - Scouting? I doubt it. Kithworto said we would remain in the shuttle until the ship lands.
  • Kalcedia - That's more than any club I've worked in. And I've worked in a lot of clubs, excluding dancing.

Arsac rolled her eyes and Psi groaned. Macin Xermilin remained silent, floating and meditatiing.

  • Tuolog - Hmm. Well, we can possibly send a drone or something from which to at least get a few images of their patrols.
  • Sarec - Well at least I can hide our signatures.
  • Tau - Well, think about it. Almost 30 of us versus 400,000 of them?
  • Arsac - Not the worst odds i've ever encountered.
  • Tau - A drone might be of use. Either way, it's time to get on the shuttle to the Dominion ship.
  • Kalcedia - About time. I was wondering when the sausage fest would begin. Oops, did I say too much?

The Agents got up, and walked towards the shuttle, boarding it. UNOC entered the shuttle, while Tuolog floated towards it, in his meditative stance. Arsac and Sarec joined then, Sarec had Hachi on his back. Koluap, Arkarixus and Apollo followed. Macin floated her way into the shuttle. As the shuttle doors began to close, the team could see an overlooking Kithworto, observing the group. The Agents looked at him and then looked away. Kezoreg gasped happily as he saw Kithworto before the doors shut. As the doors shut, the humming sound of the shuttle picked up, and the shuttle flew off the planet towards the cruiser. The shuttle took just over 10 minutes before they caught sight of the ship - the ship was over 40,000 metres from end to end. Sarec found a space and sat down in meditation.

  • Nu - Whoa. That's a big ship.
  • Koluap - Huh. I've always wondered why the Collective never makes any big ships. We have the resources but the idea is always ignored.
  • Arsac - A bigger ship makes for a bigger target.
  • Tau - Which makes you wonder, they probably have bigger ships than this.
  • Kalcedia - Bigger the better, is what I always say.
  • Koluap - They're overcompensating too much.
  • Hachi - I regret not eating anything before coming here. I was too busy staring at Kalce--I mean meditating.
  • Sarec - Kithworto identified this as a cruiser right? Specs showed it to be twice the length of an Imperial Warlord-class.
  • Tau - This is an Intermediate-class carrier. That probably indicates that this is something minor.
  • Arsac - "Minor?"
  • Vaktyl - Minor or not, it's still tough...
  • Psi - Minor? What's a major sized ship?
  • Arsac - At the scale it is it would be more effective as a ram, not a carrier.
  • Tau - Well, think about it. Estimating the Dominion's population in the quadrillions, adding the demonic population on top of it, imagine how big the major ships are.
  • Tuolog - Hmm. Well, probably around about a few thousand times the size as our equivalent "major-sized ship."
  • Macin - Too big. That's what matters.
  • Nu - Eh.
  • Sarec - The Imperium holds a population of quadrillions, most of its warships are less than three kilometres long.

The shuttle began to take direction into the hangar of the ship. As they could see out of the window, they could see the other hangars as well as small stations dotted along the exterior.

  • Thr'aloy - I am questioning our chances of survival. dominion op nerf nao
  • Kalcedia - That's what you said when we tried playing chess, you called my Queen overpowered.
  • Eta - Heh, our chances were always low.
  • Koluap - I'm used to it.
  • Arsac - I'm used to suicidal chances, comes with my career choice.
  • Kalcedia - Both of my jobs are pretty suicidal. One you get shot to shit, the other you have a chance at getting a bun in the oven.

As the shuttle docked in the hangar, the humming sound went away. As they did not open the doors, those that did open opened loudly. On the other side of their doors, many thousands of warriors were marching.

  • Vaktyl - Suicidin's all right. It's jus' suiciding when we're this certain we ain't gettin' out.
  • Koluap - Look at all them demon pawns.
  • Sarec - This whole ship feels uneasy to be on.

The militia consisted of Spinker, Dracogonarious, Zazane, Auatorom, Dreznauv, Kurm and Duletha.

  • Koluap - Ngh. Too many Collective races serving these bastards.
  • Thr'aloy - Familiar species. i kno dees geezas wtf from wher
  • Tuolog - ...The Devourer's Chosen?
  • Thr'aloy - yeh der
  • Kalcedia - So many Zazane...

Kalcedia's tongue slipped from her mouth as she seemed to go into a daze. Arsac smacked Kalcedia in the side of the head to knock he to her senses. Among the many thousands of warriors, stood something that the Agents were somewhat uneasy to see. A Kicathian Dominion commander.

  • Arkarixus - Is that a Kicath?
  • Tau - They got to the Kicath?
  • Dalverat - Oh, come on...
  • Upsilon - ...The Kicath must have turned to the Dominion. The Empire must really be going downhill if that's the case.
  • Apollo - I don't know what's worse. The soldiers or the Zazane's attitude.
  • Arsac - I'm not one for politics but that sounds like the Highlords were right to revoke their status in the Commonwealth.
  • Zeta - You begin to wonder what way of life is better, the Empire's or the Dominion's?
  • Koluap - Living among demons? No thank you.
  • Kalcedia - Well...
  • Hachi - Both have women, it's a hard decision.
  • Kezoreg - You're both idiots.

As the Kicath stopped, it surveyed the area, and his army. He then growled and walked on, clearing out the rest of the army in the hangar.

  • Koluap - What's up with that guy?
  • Psi - 400,000 of that lot? I think we could take 'em.
  • Tau - Yeah, 400,000 of those, plus that Kicath and then the Elite crew that are on this ship. Good luck with that.
  • Vaktyl - Don't be so sure.
  • Koluap - I'm more worried about the Kurm, really. They hit like literal tanks.
  • Hachi - What, those little shrimp things?
  • Koluap - Yes.
  • Hachi - PFFT! Seriously, sarcasm doesn't work well for you.
  • Arsac - No he's right.
  • Hachi - Wait...what.
  • Arsac - Those tiny things are effectively miniature tanks.
  • Tau - Either way, we're stuck here until the ship docks on that planet.
  • Koluap - Not much to do other than watch the baddies, then.

Return of the SorrowfulEdit

As they were talking, the Kicath returned with two more Kicathian commanders of the same rank. They were observing the ships that did not open their shuttle doors.

  • Sarec - I sense more of them...
  • Arkarixus - If they decide to inspect the shuttle, we'll have problems.
  • Kalcedia - I'll just say you're all my prisoners.

At that moment, they all heard a voice. It was like a two-layered voice, with one sounding demonic, and another more 'normal'. They all heard the sound in their head, of what was apparently cries in pain and anguish.

  • Apollo - What is this?
  • ??? - Being stripped of my position...needing to earn the Dominion's trust! But I know for the Devourer, it will be worth it...SO SAD!!!!!

Arkarixus recognized the voice and frowned, and Sarec suddenly snapped out of his trance.

  • Tuolog - That Stolithik the Sorrowful?
  • Arsac - Fuck.
  • Arkarixus - You have got to be kidding.
  • Koluap - I think I'm missing something here.
  • Kalcedia - Urgh, that guy has always annoyed me.
  • Vailisa - The Fist remember him be crushed first time, the Fist ready to do it again...but the Fist not sure how much the Dominion change him...
  • Sarec - Agents...wasn't this segmentum Kicath territory at oen time?
  • Kicath - Champion. Eighteen of the thirty-two ships here have opened. Inspection is required.
  • Stolithik - I see...and your men shall inspect them now...
  • Koluap - Shit.

The Kicath nodded, and walked up to the shuttle, which was the first in the line of the 32. Before they knocked on the door, Tau had an idea.

  • Tau - Sarec, mask our signatures, and let Kalcedia do the talking.
  • Tuolog - I help too, if needed.
  • Kalcedia - Ah, for once I can try out this disguise for something other than eye candy.
  • Lemmo - If you want, I can lend a hand.
  • Dalverat - You have no essence so no, you can't.
  • Tau - They'll kill anyone who's not wearing Dominion armor. Sarec, quick. Mask us or we'll get blown to Inferno again.

Sarec nodded and his eyes glowed white, light was bent around everyone, meaning only Kalcedia could be seen.

  • Kalcedia - And once again, I am the center of attention.

The shuttle doors flung open, and the Kicath in return only noticed a disguised Kalcedia. The Kicath looked surprised that only Kalcedia was in there. Stolithik then materialised next to the Kicath.

  • Kicath - ...Where are the rest of your team, Zazane?
  • Kalcedia - They took another shuttle, there was no seating space left so I was forced to come aboard this one.
  • Kicath - The team comprised of 30. You could have easily fit on there.

Stolithik looked around, and turned to Kalcedia, with a suspicious look.

  • Stolithik - ...Your story is not believable...I demand privileges to enter your shuttle and search it.
  • Sarec - <<Shit I could have given Kalcedia a mock squad>>

Nu began to clench his rifle as the situation began to turn awry. Koluap got out his shotgun and Apollo prepared his pistols. The Kicath kept looking at the shuttle, but could not see anything.

  • Kalcedia - I would have got on with them, but unfortunately there is a little...problem with space that occurs often around me. That and the other Zazane...they tend to lose sight of their objectives around me.

As Stolithik closed in on Kalcedia, she heard several, faint cries, which seemed to float around him. Cries of people who Stolithik had murdered in cold blood. He closed in, and Kalcedia began to feel slightly sad herself...

  • Stolithik - Is this some kind of TRICKERY?!

The Kicath stood confused. Kalcedia shook her head and looked down, gesturing around her chest.

  • Kalcedia - I tell them to keep focussed but in the end it has forced me to keep away from them in order for them to retain their...discipline.

Koluap forced himself not to laugh. Stolithik thought for a moment. He seemed closed to lashing out at her, as the crying, screaming voices around him intensified. Kalcedia had to step back.

  • Stolithik - I know, I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!
  • Sarec - Don't worry about sound. I have it covered.

Stolithik pointed at her. The Kicath looked very confused, and randomly pulled out their weapons.

  • Kicath - Champion?
  • Kalcedia - Honest! They won't remain focussed! I try my hardest to make sure they remain loyal but they always lose sight!

Kalcedia let out a convincing sob.

  • Stolithik - You are one of the Dominion's secret service teams, one of their stealth units. And your other soldiers are currently cloaked. You are inspecting our operation. WELL, YOU ARE DOING A BAD JOB! You should be VERY sad...but if you speak not of this and give me a good report, then I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and not report you to the superiors either.

Stolithik turned away. Sarec's eyes flashed and out of nowhere a Dominion Zazane apporached the shuttle entrance. The Kicath put away their weapons, dumbfounded as the other Zazane came up.

  • Stolithik - Learn from your mistakes, fools...
  • Lemmo - <<...This... thing is pretty weird.>>
  • Kicath - Uhhh....Hm. What are you doing here, Zazane? Get back to your quarters!
  • Zazane - Apologies commanders. But the lieutenant here failed to report to my squad on time.
  • Kicath - If that's the case, go to the commander's post and report to him.
  • Zazane - Yes sirs.
  • Kalcedia - Y-Your men won't stay under control! You've forced me to work outside of the team because they act like hounds when I'm around...
  • Kicath - And as for you, keep yourself under control. If you keep distracting your team, you will get shot on the spot for harming progress. Inspection complete.

Stolithik looked back, then continued to look. The cries and screams of pain that had surrounded the room all faded away as Stolithik and his patrols left the area. The Kicath walked away, and the shuttle doors closed again. Apollo sighed in relief. The Zazane smiled in the groups' direction and vanished into thin air after the patrol had gone. Kalcedia let out a sigh of relief as the shuttle doors closed and slumped onto the floor, panting.

  • Lemmo - What's with the screams? Reminded me of... how was that Grox precursor thing called again?
  • Sarec - Not bad eh?
  • Tuolog - Hehehe..."one of the Dominion's secret service teams". I do believe Stolithik fell for it. His overemotional nature makes him jump to conclusions easily.
  • Nu - What in the name of...
  • Arkarixus - That abomination shouldn't be alive at all.
  • Koluap - Pretty small abomination too.
  • Tuolog - Indeed. But, well, he is.
  • Kalcedia - What did you guys...think of my performance?
  • Thr'aloy - Terrible. terrible
  • Sarec - You did pretty well Kalcedia.

Lemmo clapped his hands and chuckled.

  • Lemmo - Bravo, miss. Bravo.
  • Macin - You bring a bad name for females everywhere.
  • Venoriel - She brings a bad name for everyone everywhere.
  • Tau - Well played. You have to be a bit more careful when you encounter the Dominion. They're stricter than what you'd expect.
  • Arsac - Stolithik is a demonic champion of sorrow. He brings sadness to the field and has a habit of spreading it liek a virus amongst his enemies.
  • Tuolog - Kalcedia...when around Stolithik, did you get irrational incentive to begin to cry?
  • Kalcedia - I...I felt upset...more upset than usual.
  • Macin - He had no entropic energy on his body. But he had another energy. The same one as his.

Macin pointed at Dalverat. With this, the group could assume he was using Dark Chronoscopic Energy to use his powers. Kalcedia smiled at Tau and hugged her. Tau could feel sweat coming off Kalcedia's scales, as well as feel her shuddering slightly. Tau went rigid as Kalcedia hugged her, and didn't move, and Nu growled.

  • Tuolog - As long as it not too bad...I concerned as to how much of his power Stolithik retained...
  • Dalverat - From what I could tell, he lost his entropic powers. Now it's only Dark Chronoscopic.
  • Quinniath - Chronowhat?
  • Kezoreg - Dark Chronoscopic. I remember that Kol Daren person being able to control it.
  • Dalverat - Time power of the arguable "evil" kind.

Arsac appeared to very briefly shudder at Kol Daren's name.

  • Upsilon - We have to be more discrete than that. If it were anything higher ranked than that they would have seen through us and we would have been ejected from the hangar.
  • Hachi - It wasn't that bad, we were just lucky this time.

Kalcedia looked down and began to sob a little at Upsilon's remark.

  • Tau - Regardless, we have to wait for the ship to land. We can't exit through the main way, so we will have to exit through the hangar.
  • Apollo - By the time we arrive, maybe we can teleport out.
  • Sarec - Agents. I have a vague theory where these Kicath may have come from.
  • Zeta - Oh? Where?
  • Sarec - Correct me if I am wrong but according to records in the Imperium, you Kicath once had territory in this segmentum.

Tau paused for a second.

  • Tau - The territory was abandoned just over 18,000 years ago.
  • Sarec - Still, is there a possibility these Kicath coul dhave been descendants of trapped colonists or even survivors?
  • Tau - If that's the case, then the Congregation never actually left the Segmentum.
  • Koluap - That's a bad thing, I guess?
  • Arsac - The Order has been holding that suspicion for years.

The team waited for the ship to land. It took just over two hours, and the ship landed on the Dominion planet. It took some time before the ship emptied.

  • Koluap - We go out now?
  • Tau - Would be a good time.

The shuttle doors opened, and the team exited the shuttle.

  • Vaktyl - Well, time to check this place out.
  • Upsilon - No time. We have to leave the ship.
  • Dalverat - Off we go then.
  • Vaktyl - ...Damn.

As the hangar's blast shield went down, Tau looked over the edge of the hangar.

  • Tau - ...That's a drop.
  • Arsac - What?
  • Tau - Well look down then.

Kalcedia wandered by herself away from the group, still feeling sad over her encounter with Solithik earlier as well as the criticisms on her acting.

  • Dalverat - You get over here.
  • Kalcedia - I...I'd rather be alone for a little while.
  • Sarec - We can't aford to split up.
  • Thr'aloy - You should not. DONT RUN OFF FUKA AN DUNT B SELFISH
  • Tau - If you get captured by the Tandava, it's not gonna work out.

UNOS nanomachines caused Kalcedia to suddenly go emotionless, her face blank, and she walked over to the group. Lemmo looked at Kalcedia, somewhat unnerved. Something - perhaps the sixth sense he has developed over the years of adventures - that told him: trouble was about to happen.

  • Lemmo - I have a BAD feeling about this.
  • Nu - Heh.
  • Quinniath - Ah? What did you do to her?
  • Kezoreg - Nanomachines. UNOC is packed full of them like junkies.
  • Arsac - Nanites. Void-damned machines.
  • Tau - My displays say that the drop from the hangar to the ground is about 340 metres. Anyone gonna teleport us down there?
  • Koluap - Draconis-guy can do it. Forgot his name.

Sarec nodded and and held out his arms. In the blink of an eye they all reappeared on the bottom of the drop. Quinniath froze.

  • Quinniath - She has nanites in her body... I have nanites in her body... Don't tell Venoriel that she can do that to me!
  • Nu - Jumping would have been easier.

A New PlanetEdit

Sacrificial PikesEdit

The team were teleported to the ground, some 300 metres below the hangar. They could see all of the Dominion militia pour out of the ship and down a large line flanked by large pikes of sorts.

  • Upsilon - Where are they all going?
  • Tuolog - I not able to make sense of this...
  • Arsac - They're rallying.
  • Hachi - I feel sorry for the poor guy who is standing behind the guy who had curry the night before.
  • Tau - I think Arsac is right. Any ship to Draynia is going to be bigger than this one. We might be among more than 400,000 warriors when we get on that ship.
  • Sarec - I've hardly seen such mobilisation...
  • Arsac - You should have seen the Imperium's rallying call during the mecha-wap war.
  • Zeta - How much do you think are going to be on the bigger ship?
  • Arsac - Mllions, probably.
  • Koluap - That's too much to handle.
  • Kezoreg - If only Uncle Kith was here.
  • Tau looked around. As the planet was somewhat reddened and dusty, she noticed there were seven other ships of a similar size hovering.
  • Tau - If they're carrying the same number of warriors as this one, then almost three million by assumption.
  • Nu - Eh. Any massive cannons to fire on them or anything?
  • Vaktyl - And how'd you suppose we get that kinda firepower?
  • Sarec - Why use a cannon when you can gether a killer stom?
  • Tau - I think killing three million soldiers is going to draw some attention.
  • Nu - You think?

Tau whacked Nu on the head with her rifle.

  • Tau - Wait...this planet looks a little familiar.
  • Apollo - How so?
  • Arsac - It does?

As Tau examined the buildings surrounding the immediate area, she noticed that they were on a destroyed, former Kicathian ecumenopolis.

  • Tau - This was a Kicath planet at one point.

All of the Agents seemed uneasy at what Tau said.

  • Arkarixus - Problematic.
  • Kezoreg - That would explain the Kicath presence here.
  • Tau - Probably.
  • Sarec - That was my theory all this time.

Tau looked ahead, and noticed that there was a background path to another ship. She ran to the path and then ducked, keeping a low profile. The Agents followed, with Nu struggling to keep low due to his height. Koluap, Arkarixus and Apollo followed right after. Arsac activated her cloaking field and followed behind Tau. Tau crouched down the path, moving slowly. She whispered to the group. > Tuolog and the others followed, with Vailisa hating being shrunk to such a low size.

  • Tau - As I was saying, this was a former Kicath planet. Segmentum Adnihilo was originally owned by the Kicath until the Legion destroyed our territory.
  • Nu - Hmph. Never been told that story before.
  • Tau - You don't read.

Psi chuckled slightly.

  • Arsac - I recall reading Paragon Orios XXVI declaring for an hour of silence after the incident.
  • Tau - Granted, the Empire was destroyed by the Legion here around 18,000 years ago. The Empire settled here around 135,000 years ago and some say we expanded to around 7 million systems.
  • Thr'aloy - Interesting. loron historys betta stfu
  • Zeta - Seven million? And we never recovered since?
  • Hachi - Hey! Human history is...okay, I guess.
  • Arkarixus - And to think the same almost happened to Borealis due to the Chosen.
  • Tau - I doubt the Empire wanted to return to Andromeda afterwards, but we did anyway. We only set up 150,000 under threat of the Xhodocto annihilating us again.

As they reached the end of the path, another militia of Dominion Warrios walked past, around 400,000 in number. The team ducked to the left and kept out of the way.

  • Vaktyl - Mind if I ask, what makes you so confident that these legends are yours are so true?
  • Arsac - The Imperium kept a record of the incident.
  • Tau - And so did we.
  • Vaktyl - Records can change, y'know. They can be twisted, biased versions of the truth, or lies. I don't personally trust things so much, but ah well.
  • Dalverat - It's true, I can see it through the timeline.

They waited there for a while, until the militia fully got past. On the other side was another path which bent to the left, across one of the seven pike-aligned paths. To their left was the three million strong militia, to the right, nothing.

  • Apollo - Right is the path then.
  • Tau - That takes us towards another ship. The militia are turned away from us so it is risky.
  • Dalverat - I certainly don't feel like taking the militia on, anyway.
  • Sarec - What about doing something like we did before?
  • Nu - And that was what?
  • Kalcedia - ...N-No, I'm not up for that.
  • Tau - If you mean teleporting across the path, I don't know what's to the left of the path. It could be nothing or Dominion guards.
  • Tuolog - We scout with drone?
  • Upsilon - Sounds safe enough.

UNOC pulled out a small, invisible hovering drone, and sent it along the path. As the drone went along the path, it noticed nothing. It stopped for a second, and as it did, they noticed slight distortions in the light. Dominion guards were there, but cloaked.

  • Sarec - Cunning.
  • Apollo - I should have seen that coming.
  • Tau - That's our cue to move right then.
  • Koluap - Why are they cloaked?...Do they know we are here?
  • Thr'aloy - You couldn't have seen it if it was cloaked. losa
  • Vaktyl - That'll...complicate things.
  • Zeta - Probably not. Stealth troops, could be anything. They're over a hundred metres away, so they can't know we're here unless they can see through walls.

Tau shuffled to the right and kept very close to the barrier where the pikes were held upright. The Agents followed.

  • Sarec - Such an easy way to hide...

Apollo, Koluap, Arkarixus, Hachi and Kezoreg followed. Arsac kept close, using a cloaking field in case she was noticed. As they kept moving down the barrier, drops from the sky fell on them. As Eta looked up, his face went from a stern to a somewhat unnerved face.

  • Koluap - What the hell?
  • Eta - Oh, wonderful. If you've got a weak constitution I wouldn't look up.

Hachi was confused at the word and lifted his head up.

  • Hachi - What do you-- OH MY FUCKING GOD

As he looked up, he saw scores of charred, decomposed or recently dead aliens who were impaled on the pikes.

  • Sarec - Hachi stay close!
  • Apollo - ...Ew.
  • Vaktyl - Well...damn.
  • Kezoreg - awesome.
  • Thr'aloy - How pleasant. can i eet dem
  • Nu - ...ngh.

What was dropping on them was blood.

  • Arsac - So brutal. And so many as well.
  • Koluap - What's all the fuss about?
  • Vailisa - The Fist not like blood spill on him!
  • Kezoreg - It's only corpses, they're not going to hurt you.
  • Sarec - Don't you remember the legends of what some pre-spaceflight Draconis ued to do?
  • Kalcedia - Urgh, it reminds me of a brothel during a certain time of month.
  • Arsac - Oh I remember Sarec, but the bodies were usually people of worth. Not...this.

As Eta looked around, he noticed that on every pike, hundreds of the same were impaled on them.

  • Lupercal - Poor souls.
  • Sarec - Come to think of it, why would they do this on a world firmly under their control?
  • Zeta - What possessed them to do that?

Hachi's lower lip quivered as he was severely disturbed by all this. Sarec wrapped his arms over hachi's torso and pulled him close. Koluap remained unfazed.

  • Hachi - ...I-I'm a b-big boy...I-I'm not...g-gonna cry...
  • Tau - It's probably sign of what happens if you don't listen to your commanders.
  • Tuolog - Or celebration of achievements with these deaths?
  • Arsac - Effective, yet counterproductive.
  • Tau - I doubt it. Kithworto gave us the information saying that Dominion society is secularized. Worship in the Xhodocto or anything higher than that is almost zero. This is more of a scare tactic than anything ceremonial.
  • Hachi - works.
  • Zeta - I'm with the human on that one.
  • Apollo - You mean they don't worship the Xhodocto anymore?
  • Tau - I don't think so. Although I keep noticing this emblem of sorts. If anything the Xhodocto possess a philosophical value rather than religious now.
  • Tuolog - They may be less zealous but I don't know how much it will change their nature.
  • Arsac - There's more than one way to appease a godlike patron.
  • Arkarixus - I expect the ex-Chosen to remain the same.

Into Another Dominion ShipEdit

As they kept moving, the entire landscape went dark as the large ship flew overhead.

  • Zeta - And I thought the ship we were on was big.

The larger ship appeared similar to the other smaller ships, but instead was well over 100 kilometres in size. It was more of a carrier than a battleship.

  • Nu - Right. And I thought you said they were overcompensating.
  • Koluap - My point stands.
  • Lupercal - 100km...on a carrier...

As the ship got closer to the ground, the entire area began to shake violently.

  • Eta - Pikes, earth-shaking ships, these guys are nuts.
  • Sarec - That warship's so massive it's affecting local gravity!
  • Arkarixus - Brace yourselves.
  • Hachi - H-Hey Sarec...that's what she said.

As this happened, the militia all returned to their original ships after their rallying. The team remained in a low profile and hid behind the barrier as the militia walked past. As they re-entered their ships, the ships prepared to take off. The team weren't on any of the ships.

  • Eta - Uh. That's not good.
  • Sarec - Time to move?
  • Koluap - We gotta hurry.
  • Tau - Yes, definitely time to move!
  • Lupercal - Well, I have ridiculously fast speed; I can help take a few of you if you wish.
  • Kezoreg - Alright! Kalcedia, Tau, move your fat asses!

Kalcedia sobbed at Kezoreg's remark. Tau, being faster than the rest of the Agents, ran to the ship, knocking Kezoreg over as she did.

  • Zeta - I suggest you follow Tau then.

Sarec lifted Hachi onto his back and began to sprint ant an unnatural speed. Hachi stuck his tongue out like a dog while Kezoreg ran alongside. Arkarixus ran in an unnatural speed as well. Macin teleported herself, Koluap and Apollo up to the group. The Agents jetpacked to the ship. The majority of UNOC just followed by running, though Darwishi could fly and both Zelfron III and Lupercal were rapid.

  • Nu - Now how to open this thing?!
  • Tau - Well obviously you blast a hole in it!
  • Eta - Yeah, cause that's not going to alert the troops inside it.

Sarec shrugged and, making sure hachi was holding tightly simply walked though the door, Hachi phased through with him.

  • Zelfron III - We could try hacking into it, getting the hangar to open through some malfuction. Or I could get inside and open the door.
  • Nu - Oh that's real good, Sarec! Leave us to die out here!

After a few minutes the door opened with Sarec standing smugly. The team entered the door, with Nu sticking his metallic tongue out at Sarec sarcastically.

  • Sarec - You're welcome.
  • Zelfron III - Or that works. Nice job.

The ship lifted from the surface, and flew towards the larger ship where it docked under it.

  • Koluap - Alright. What's the next step of the plan?
  • Tau - Well I imagine the militia and whatnot are all going to the major ship. We wait it out here long enough and we'll have the entire ship to ourselves. Get some information, and such.
  • Koluap - Alright, sounds cool.
  • Nu - Siná'in. More waiting.
  • Tau - Well what would you have, wait it out or fight three million warriors?

Before Nu could speak, Upsilon grabbed his snout and clenched it. Arsac pulled out a large book bound to her side and began to read from it, sitting in a corner. The Agents, apart from Tau stood in a group and appeared to be restless. Tau searched the room. Arkarixus leaned on a wall and Apollo sat down. Koluap walked around in circles, also restless.

  • Eta - How long do you think they're gonna be?
  • Tau - Do I look like a Dominion specialist to you?
  • Vailisa - The Fist want fight!

Sarec sat in an open space, he sat cross-legged and began to meditate in silence. Hachi, still visibly disturbed from the experience, also sat with Sarec and wouldn't let go of his hand. All of a sudden, a siren sounded, and the ship's humming went down, only to hear the larger ship. The militia had left the ship entirely.

  • Apollo - Didn't take that long.
  • Tau - That was quicker than I expected.
  • Zeta - Hm. I suggest we all look at the prison cells first.
  • Tau - Do you think that 's a good idea? What if there's worse things than corpses on pikes?
  • Koluap - Then we cut them.
  • Kezoreg - Like your wrists.
  • Tau - Fair point. We should keep on our guard down there.


Tau lead the way to the prison cell. The team took a series of transports that moved further forward into the ship and then downwards into the prison cells.

  • Apollo - I didn't imagine they took prisoners.
  • Tau - Me neither. Zeta understands and can read some of the more cryptic of the Legion languages, so he must have read the signs.
  • Zeta - It helps.
  • Vaktyl - Who says they do? Who says they don't just execute people here?
  • Kezoreg - They need prisoners in order to execute them, duh.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg I warn you I am geting tired of your attitude.
  • Koluap - Back at home, we skip the prison part altogether.

As the elevator doors opened, they were in a room with many prison cells which were closed by energy barriers. Koluap walked over and peeked on one of the cells. In the cell, Koluap noticed that it was very dark and could not see further in, but he knew that there was something in there.

  • Koluap - Can't see, but I can't help but feel someone in there.

Kalcedia approached the cell Koluap was standing at and peeked in as well, squinting to try and see. As Zeta looked in as well, his systems designated the figure as a Zazane.

  • Kalcedia - Something is definitely in there.
  • Zeta - Says it's a Zazane.
  • Kalcedia - Zazane? Got any more useful information?
  • Zeta - Nothing much more than that. Female I think.
  • Apollo - Shall we free him or her?
  • Kezoreg - Here's food for thought. If the Dominion are so tough and powerful, why haven't they eliminated the prisoners? Perhaps...maybe they're not prisoners. Maybe there is a another reason why the Dominion is keeping them in.
  • Eta - And what reason is that?
  • Kezoreg - Perhaps...the Dominion is scared of them getting out.
  • Eta - And why the Inferno would that be?
  • Koluap - So, what do we do?

Whilst the group were studying the Zazane prisoner, something cloaked and armed was creeping up behind them silently. Sarec's eyes widerned and he turned around. trying to discern waht was there. Tau noticed Sarec turn around.

  • Tau - ...Is something there?
  • Kezoreg - I say we leave whatever is in these cells alone. They're there for a reason and they're not our problem, at the minimum they're dead weight. At the most, they're a significant threat.
  • Arsac - Kept in the dark. No light, no distraction, no hope...not even the Real of Absolution is so cruel.

Macin's hands shined in Dream Energy as she also looked around. Eta nudged Kezoreg as he turned around. Kezoreg lifted and eyebrow and he also turned around.

  • Sarec - We're being followed...
  • Nu - Someone fire at it.
  • Zelfron III - Try to outmanoeuvre them, or cover your tracks.

Koluap shrugged and fires his shotgun. As the shotgun fired at the figure, the cloak flashed and it revealed the shape. It was a cloaked Zí-Jittorám.

  • Kezoreg - ...Fuck.
  • Tau - Siná'in.
  • Arkarixus - Problematic!

The Zí-Jittorám roared as its cloak went off and attacked the group, wielding a staff like weapon. Zelfron III appeared from behind it and slashed at it, and Arkarixus pushed the Zí-Jittorám away with his powers, and Macin launched blasts of Dream Energy at it.

  • Koluap - That's the ugliest plant I've ever seen!

Hachi, with all of his remaining strength, gripped an end of the staff and tried to hold it in place to prevent it swinging the weapon around. The Zí-Jittorám was blasted back, but still standing. It rushed at Eta, who moved out of the way. The Zí-Jittorám destroyed the prison cell frame completely. Sarec opened out his wings, sending an energy wave at it. Vaktyl got out his chaingun.

  • Eta - Whoa. Don't let that thing hit you!
  • Vaktyl - Move out the way, this thing literally turns everything it touches to paste!

Kezoreg looked back at the cell and held his gut for the moment. He wanted nothing to do with the situation. Vaktyl began firing his chaingun rapidly at the Jittoram. The monster's shielding protected it from Vaktyl's shots.

  • Zí-Jittorám - You're all gonna be paste when I'm done with you!
  • Nu - Shit, the thing speaks.
  • Sarec - Not good!

The Zí-Jittorám picked up the section of the frame it ripped off and threw it at the group. The attack was blocked by Arkarixus, who punched the frame into pieces before it hit anyone. Sarec threw arcs of lighting, aiming for the Zí-Jittorám's cental eye, and Kezoreg charged his fists with Descension energy and began to punch at the Zí-Jittorám rapidly. The Zí-Jittorám curled back as the eye was hit, but became even more angry and lashed his tongue out.> Thr'aloy, hovering, began to attack the Jittoram in close combat. Koluap cackled and jumped at the Zi-Jittorám, tryign to slash at him with his axe, and the Agents fired at the Zí-Jittorám, but gunfire seemed to have no effect on it. Sarec grabbed the toung and began to burn it with his energies. The Zí-Jittorám screeched in pain, but retracted his tongue, taking Sarec with him.

  • Tau - Don't let that thing's teeth get you!

Hachi grabbed a section of the tongue and began to squeeze it crushingly in his mechanical fist. The Zí-Jittorám began to crumble under the attacks, and let Sarec go. Apollo fired his pistols at the Zí-Jittorám's eye, and Koluap slashed at him while he was distracted. The axe cleaved through the Zí-Jittorám's armor as it kept stumbling. > Sarec went flying and hooked himself around its upper back.

  • Eta - Just how tough is this guy anyway?!
  • Koluap - Why is it not dead yet?

Hachi then retracted his robotic arm, ripping its tongue out of its mouth. The Zí-Jittorám screamed as acidic blood spewed out of its mouth. In return, the Zí-Jittorám swung his fist at Hachi. Koluap kept cleaving at it, and Hachi tried to defend himself but was thrown across the prison. Nu jumped up, and punched at the Zí-Jittorám's neck, breaking it. The Zí-Jittorám was still alive but struggling.

  • Nu - You have got to be kidding me.

Koluap cleaved harder at it, getting annoyed that it was still alive. Sarec charged his fist with essence and rammed it into the Zí-Jittorám's back, aiming for its heart.

  • Sarec - If its heart beats, we can kill it.

The Zí-Jittorám roared as Sarec's fist went through its back, and almost dropped dead. He got up and charged through the prison with Sarec on his back.

  • Zeta - Are Zí-Jittorám always that hard to kill?
  • Kezoreg - ...W-What.
  • Tuolog - They are.
  • Sarec - This thing's built like a tank!

Thr'aloy kept slamming at the Jittoram, and Koluap slashed at the Jittorám's legs with the intention of cutting them off. Sarec tore into the Zí-Jittorám, clinging onto it, reaching for its heart, and Hachi sat up from his position and charged a ball of Dream Energy in his hand before throwing it across the prison.

  • Sarec - Luckily I have the strength to pierce tank armour.
  • Nu - Just kill the damn thing already!

The Zí-Jittorám was overpowered by Thr'aloy's fists and fell, whilst his legs were cut by Koluap. Acidic blood spewed all over the place. Dalverat, telekenetically, rose the Jittoram, and slammed it around the room. The Zí-Jittorám was struggling to compose itself but frantically started to slam itself into the wall with the hopes of crushing Sarec. Arkarixus concentrated his energies on the Zí-Jittorám to make him immobile. Sarec finally managed to grasp the heart, rendering himself in essence form ot protect himself from the acid and the ZJ's attacks Sarec used what strength he had to rupture the heart open. Hachi simply sat on the ground, wincing in pain as his legs had been struck by the acidic blood. Kezoreg approached him and knelt down, laughing.

  • Kezoreg - Do you want me to heal your legs?
  • Hachi - T-That...t-that would be great, t-thanks!
  • Kezoreg - Our Essences conflict, I cannot heal you, but I'm sure you already knew that.
  • Hachi - I...I-I....

Kezoreg walked away, amused and laughing to himself, and Macin fired a small bolt of energy at Hachi which healed his leg. The Zí-Jittorám screamed, and ran about madly and then dropped dead.

  • Nu - Fuck fighting that thing again.

Sarec pulled his arm out and growled. Koluap, frustrated, cleaved at the dead Zí-Jittorám repeteadly, ignoring all the acid around him. Tau went over to the corpse of the Zí-Jittorám.

  • Tau - Judging by what's left of the armor, this was the prison warden.
  • Koluap - You die when I slash at you! You understand!...Why is my skin itching?
  • Tau - Zí-Jittorám blood is acidic.

Koluap remained silent for a second, and then started to run around shouting. Macin put him down and healed his wounds. Thr'aloy kicked Kezoreg.

  • Thr'aloy - You'd better be quiet. shut ya mouth i dunt liek ya attitude
  • ??? - Hm. Quite an impressive show if you ask me.
  • Eta - Oh great, now what?
  • Apollo - Uh-oh.

Kezoreg lifted his head and sniffed the air.Hachi stood up and rubbed his head, before feeling his robotic arm. He could feel the pain from gripping the tongue so hard. As the team looked around, they noticed that in one of the cells was an unfamiliar but not an unwanted presence.

  • Koluap - What's this all about? Ya wanna get cut too?
  • Sarec - Who's there?
  • Hachi - P-Please show yourself...
  • ??? - I'm here. Hm. I was wondering if I'd ever see something that wasn't a Dominion member.
  • Kezoreg - I dunno, you could count me as in-training.

As the being stepped forward, it was very tall, somewhat slender and muscular at the same time. It seemed very alien in apperance. None of the Agents' displays recognized it.

  • Hachi - That want...Those not want...maybe.
  • Apollo - Oh! I recognize this being. We fought together during the War of Ages. The Shka'Tun.

The Shka'Tun grinned slightly.

  • Shka'Tun - Correct. It's not often that we came into contact with another.
  • Sarec - I now recognise the essence signature.
  • Kezoreg - You must be a bisexual, rabbit. That thing is clearly a guy...right?
  • Koluap - Shkwhat now?
  • Arkarixus - I take this means he's an ally.
  • Tuolog - Ah, Shka'Tun!

The Agents all stood somewhat confused.

  • Shka'Tun - So what are you all doing here anyway?
  • Kezoreg - Signing up for the Dominion Cadets.
  • Arsac - I seriously hope you are joking...mutant.
  • Kezoreg - Course I'm joking, judging by the strength of these Dominion guys they cannot hold a candle to Uncle Kith.
  • Arkarixus - We are on a mission to weaken the Dominion from inside out.
  • Shka'Tun - And do you know where you're going?
  • Koluap - We got our leads.
  • Thr'aloy - A little. nope
  • Tau - Some megaconstruct called Draynia.
  • Tuolog - What I want to know is, why Shka'Tun here?
  • Shka'Tun - Why am I here? I was captured. Since word doesn't get out much nowadays I should probably inform you that our Empire was destroyed by the Xhodocto.

Kezoreg held back a giggle.

  • Macin - Pay some respect, you brat.
  • Apollo - Oh...I'm sorry to hear.
  • Tuolog - I see. A shame.
  • Sarec - We are all sorry to hear.
  • Hachi - Oh damn, I'd give my condolences but I dunno what those are. You want money instead?
  • Shka'Tun - What's left of us? Not much. Our systems that connected our society was broken down and in effect, we're not as power as we once were physically. And in that effect, I could not defend myself against the Tandava for very long.
  • Tuolog - Tandava...?
  • Koluap - Tandava are the Xhodocto's new forms that kinda look like bugs.
  • Tuolog - Oh. I never refer to them by name "Tandava".
  • Apollo - What is your name, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Shka'Tun - My name is somewhat unpronounceable for most.
  • Sarec - What would you like us to call you?
  • Hachi - Can I call you Rosie instead then?
  • Shka'Tun - If you want to call me that, then do so. It's better than spending eight hours on trying to pronounce it.
  • Hachi - Yay!
  • Koluap - Eight hours? Sheesh. That's not a very efficient naming system.
  • Sarec - Ki'Dirrik have names that require mandibles to pronounce.

Hachi smiled happily as his name had been "chosen".

  • Hachi - So, Rosie, what do you plan to do now that you're free? Go home?
  • Kezoreg - There is no more home for the Shka'Tun anymore.
  • Rosie - Hm. 'Rosie'. I could do with a better name. We'll talk about that later. Would you mind freeing me? If I were at my full ability I could phase out of here.
  • Zelfron III - I can try. How would I do it?
  • Rosie - I suspect the controls are on that panel there.

Darwishi flew over to them and tried to make sense of the controls that could release the Shka'Tun.

  • Tau - The human has a point. What are you gonna do?
  • Rosie - Well I cannot go home. Like the Zazane-Asgord-Xhodocto hybrid said, there is no home for me to return to now.
  • Apollo - You can always join our group.
  • Rosie - I'm afraid I'd look somewhat strange among an already strange looking group.

Darwishi flipped one switch, and Rosie was released. Rosie walked out of the cell and stretched his arms.

  • Koluap - If we survive maybe I can get you a home back at the Collective.
  • Thr'aloy - That does not matter, you may well be needed. meh who cares bout lookin strange
  • Koluap - We're all weird already. One more weirdo won't make much difference.
  • Rosie - Hm. Very well. What do you plan to do now?
  • Sarec - I think he's rather spoilt for choice on where to live.
  • Thr'aloy - We're unsure. kill xhoddie boyz dur
  • Rosie - I see we have a few essence users among us.
  • Arkarixus - Indeed. Elemental, Dream, Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic.
  • Tuolog - Indeed. I happen to be one of (if not the) most potent mortals with Essence, hehe.
  • Sarec - Speaking of the hybrid...
  • Kezoreg - Let me make one thing clear, I'm not in any part Asgord.
  • Koluap - Yes you are.
  • Kezoreg - Jump off a bridge.
  • Koluap - Come with me.
  • Kezoreg - Come get me.
  • Tau - Enough.

Visible only to essence-sensetives, Large hands broke out of the floor under Kezoreg's feet and grabbed his legs. Kezoreg's smirk became a nervous frown and he squeaked. As they letched on, Kezoreg felt sapped. Sarec turned around to Kezoreg as he squeaked. In Kezoreg's eyes sarec had take on a rather bizarre form. His eyes shone intensely white as he slowly walked up to Kezoreg.

  • Kezoreg - ...Geez...that look doesn't suit all.
  • Sarec - I did say I was growing tired of your attitude...
  • Kezoreg - I-I'm sorry! I won't say another word, h-honest! I-It was a slip of the tongue!

Sarec chuckled, the voice echoing as he had a sinister smile on hisface.

  • Kezoreg - Y-You can let go n-now...
  • Sarec - A mere slip of the tongue...I saw how you acted when the human's legs were crippled from acid.

Psi, who remained silent for most of the day, said something.

  • Psi - This shit's fucked up, you know that?
  • Arsac - Hm?

Sarec bent down and was mere inches from kezoreg's face. Kezoreg shivered and he could not help but try and look down.

  • Sarec - I do not approve...
  • Tau - I'd suggest stop using essences before the army upstairs knows what's going on.
  • Kezoreg - T-Tau has a p-point!
  • Sarec - It is merely a parlour trick.

Sarec, who had turned to Tau to talk to her, turned back back to Kezoreg, with a flick of his wrists, Kezoreg's arms were thrown outwards and his fingers were spread.

  • Sarec - Do you promise to be a good boy? I'd rather not shwo you what I could do to that warped little mind of yours.
  • Thr'aloy - Stop it now. dafuk is dis
  • Kezoreg - I-I'll be good! I-I won't taunt you, the r-rabbit or anybody else a-again for the rest of the trip!
  • Tau - Hm. Dunno whether Kithworto would approve but he's not here.

Sarec leaned in, glaring into Kezoreg's eyes.

  • Sarec - Do you swear?
  • Kezoreg - ...I swear.

With a smirk, the hands vanished and what Kezoreg could see returned to normal. Kezoreg collapsed to the ground, panting. Sarec straightened himself and turned around to join the rest of the group.

  • Tau - ...Anywho. Let's move back up to get some info. I'm getting bored waiting here now.
  • Sarec - Indeed. Apologies for that little moment.
  • Koluap - I like the Draconis guy now.

The Way to DrayniaEdit

Something AmissEdit

As the team left the prison cells with the Shka'Tun so named 'Rosie', they noticed what they exited out to didn't seem quite right, feeling somewhat thin in appearance and not totally present.

  • Sarec - Are you feeling well Rosie?
  • Rosie - Hm. I have a feeling I am going to resent that name sooner or later. But no. Something is amiss here.
  • Koluap - Can't feel well with a name like that.
  • Hachi - I think it's a nice name!
  • Tuolog - I not feel easy either...
  • Tau - You called a Shka'Tun the same name as a human female.
  • Nu - Hah!
  • Sarec - Any ideas for a better name then? Is there any 'shorthand' for your true name?
  • Rosie - I suppose there are a few shorthands for my name. Tharaqím is among them. In fact it's the last part of my name.
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, have you guys got all of your stuff? I feel like something's missing, excluding our sanity for taking this mission.
  • Upsilon - The Zazane-thing is right. Something doesn't feel quite right here.
  • Sarec - I do feel a little off.
  • Kezoreg - ...It's Kicath, Upsilon.
  • Upsilon - Yeah. And I'm an Asgord.
  • Lemmo - It's an ugly-looking thing.
  • Arsac - Kezoreg it is a creature most mortals may have trouble comprehending.
  • Arkarixus - Heh. That's how the pr-...young races said back in the old days when they saw me.
  • Hachi - I dunno what you guys are talkin about, but I'm feelin a little hungry.

Koluap chuckled.

  • Koluap - I'll just call you that, if I remember.
  • Rosie - Well in that case, call me Commandant Tharaqím of the Shka'Tun Imperium...or former Imperium.
  • Tau - Commandant? You're a high ranking warrior?
  • Tharaqím - To some degree, yes. For your sake, Commandant is a relative title. Shka'Tun society was...complicated.
  • Nu - So how old are ya anyway?
  • Tharaqím - That depends on what you mean.

Nu stood confused.

  • Koluap - He means years.
  • Tharaqím - Hm. By the Shka'Tun's calendar, 17,830.
  • Arsac - Impressive. But how long is a Shka'Tun year in Alcanti terms.
  • Tau - Shka'Tun Calendar? And by...Kicathian? Human?
  • Tharaqím - One Shka'Tun year is around ninety years by your standards. I shall let you ponder that one for yourself.
  • Nu - Big number. Big deal.
  • Arkarixus - I'm still the oldest precursor in the room then.
  • Lemmo - Huh.
  • Tuolog - Hehehe...
  • Arsac - I do not count being cryogenically frozen as old.
  • Tharaqím - That you are. Judging by your looks i'd say you're around...680? But judging by your race, at least 5 billion.

Arkarixus smiled and nodded.

  • Tau - The Shka'Tun is smart.
  • Arkarixus - Impressive.
  • Zeta - A little disconcerting if you ask me. What else do you know?
  • Thr'aloy - I am sure he knows a lot. nuffin hes dum
  • Arsac - You'd make a fine inqusitor Tharqim.
  • Tharaqím - Well something is amiss here. I assume something is probably watching us.
  • Kezoreg - I can feel it too. I feel...disturbed.
  • Koluap - It better not be another plant guy.
  • Vaktyl - Soldier's gotta trust his instincts. And I trust mine that we aren't alone.
  • Psi - Screw whatever's watching us, seriously. Just fire some rounds into the air and scare it out!
  • Arsac - On a Dominion ship? Psi are you insane?
  • Psi - Hm. Good point. I forget we're on a ship.
  • Kalcedia - How about I tempt it out?

Eta noticed something close to where they were situated. It seemed like a pillar, but a seam line went through the middle of it.

  • Eta - Any guess as to what that is?
  • Koluap - It's a pillar, you.

Eta's face went mundane. Sarec walked cautiously towards the pillar. Arkarixus approached the pillar and looked closely at it. Tau went over to the pillar, with the Agents following. Tau pressed her hand on the pillar, and a white glow appeared in the pillar. It opened up and revealed a terminal of sorts.

  • Lemmo - Looks like the temple I saw on Varquan I...
  • Apollo - Interesting.
  • Tau - Anyone wanna take a look?
  • Arkarixus - I can do it.
  • Tharaqím - I'll refrain.

Hachi approached the pillar and took a sniff, and Tuolog investigated it.

  • Hachi - Hmm, it looks harmless.
  • Lemmo - Allow the professional to do this.
  • Tau - You sure about that one?
  • Hachi - Yep, pretty sure.

Lemmo walked towards the pillar and stared at it.

  • Lemmo - The language is familiar.
  • Sarec - I could always have a shot.
  • Nu - Heh. Let the human have a look. Heheheh.

Hachi got close to the terminal and rested a hand on it, oblivious to whatever dangers it could pose.

  • Hachi - See? Like I said, harmless!
  • Kezoreg - Famous last words.

As Hachi rested his hand on it, in his mind, he could see the inner networks of Dominion information, almost like a seemingly infinite tree. The entire room became almost chiaroscuro, and the atmosphere of the room felt even further spaced out.

  • Arkarixus - ...Hmm.
  • Koluap - He must have pressed the wrong button there.
  • Quinniath - Spode dammit...

Hachi held his head and screamed out as he saw the information flood into his mind. He took a step back, squeaking and grunting. Tharaqím began to feel uneasy as well.

  • Sarec - ...quite a computer.
  • Tharaqím - I'm not liking this at all.
  • Apollo - I admit I'm getting worried.

Tuolog tapped into Hachi's mind, reading what Hachi was, and trying to ease his pain. Hachi could see all of the ship information of the Dominion, and saw images of Draynia, Ightosia, but not Ardonia.

  • Hachi - ...This is why I don't like learning.
  • Zeta - Well. Brain activity is off the roof.
  • Sarec - Perhaps I should take over?
  • Lemmo - Or me. I am an expert on ancient technology.
  • Arsac - If he keeps this up his brain may overload itself.
  • Hachi - Guys...I dunt like tooting my own trumpet but...I think I know everything.
  • Sarec - I'm skeptical that mundane minds can handle this kind of information.
  • Koluap - Trying to mate with aliens doesn't count as knowing.

Before Hachi could take his hand off the terminal, he felt an incredible magnetism between his hand and the terminal.

  • Hachi - Hey...why's it sticking? I swear I cleaned it earlier...
  • Tau - ...Sticking?
  • Hachi - It won't move...
  • Upsilon - Uh oh.
  • Kezoreg - Should've bought better quality tissues.
  • Sarec - Its not an adhesive.
  • Kezoreg - That's what they all say.

Sarec glared at Kezoreg and for a moment, Kezoreg saw his Nar form. Sarec then paced up and grabbed Hachi by the arms.

  • Koluap - Oh well, nice knowing you, kid. Actually nah, it was not nice.
  • Hachi - Grr...I don't want another metal arm!

As Sarec grabbed Hachi, a sharp and intensely painful flash went through his head - a white and black flash. Sarec blinked and thrashed for a moment. He gripped Hachi more tightly.

  • Hachi - S-Sarec, let go! You're gonna rip my arm off!

As he did so, the pain returned, but far more intense and gradual. A white noise went through his head. All of the Agents' displays shut off violently. Kezoreg grabbed his sword and drew it out.

  • Sarec - I'm not leaving you Hachi!
  • Psi - Oh what? What's going on here?!
  • Koluap - What's going on? Why is everyone going dumb all the sudden?
  • Kezoreg - Leave it to the doctor!
  • Nu - We're in deep shit, basically.
  • Koluap - The usual, then.

As the pain became incredibly intense, Hachi and Sarec could hear a ethereal but demonic voice in their head.

  • ??? - I. SEE. YOU. ISIO'NAR.

The God of MadnessEdit

Sarec blinked and let go, falling backwards. He fell to the floor panting with fear.

  • Hachi - M-Make it stop! Make it stop!
  • Sarec - Probably...was not...a good idea...

As Hachi was still clasped on to the terminal, the room began to flake away much like a century-old painting submerged in water. It gradually turned into a room of pure white.

  • Nu - Siná'in.
  • Upsilon - Siná'in indeed.
  • Lemmo - ...Come to think about it, touching the thing was a bad idea.
  • Sarec - Something...saw me...
  • Eta - Don't blame me! You're the one who wanted to put your hand on it!
  • Hachi - Myxamotosis suddenly doesn't seem so bad...
  • Koluap - If I die, I'm gonna haunt you.

Sarec blinked and let go, falling backwards. He fell to the floor panting with fear. Arsac drew her claws and with fury cut through Hachi's forearm. Hachi cried out in pain and turned to Arsac, tears in his eyes.

  • Hachi - What the actual fuck!?

Arsac dropped a nanospray by Hachi. Nu almost burst out laughing, but then realised he was in a blank void.

  • Arsac - Use that and be thankful.
  • Nu - Well. Shit.
  • Thr'aloy - Unsure of chances for survival. wes gonna dai fuk yoo
  • Hachi - You just cut off my arm! Bitch!
  • Arsac - You were trapped to the console weren't you?

The void was totally devoid - totally flat, and the only distinction was the ground and the sky. The sky was a white and black storm of a sort, and the ground seemed like a glass floor - Nu looked at the ground and saw the sky again.

  • Nu - Uh. I'm not gonna tap my foot.
  • Tau - You better not. If you fall through the floor you ain't coming back.

Sarec walked over to Hachi to comfort him, picking up the nanospray and administering it ot Hachi's stump.

  • Hachi - If I have to get another mechanical arm...I'm gonna break something!
  • Arsac - Human you should be more grateful for waht I did. No one knows how long you could have been stuck at that console.
  • Koluap - Right. I'm actually worried for real now.
  • Tuolog - I can heal your arm. But not now. Something intervening with powers.
  • Upsilon - If only Kithworto was here. Klamb, Kormacvar, what do you make of it?
  • Arkarixus - I have no idea.
  • Macin - This is alien to me.
  • Eta - What do I make of it? Bleak void of doom.
  • Upsilon - I wasn't talking to you.
  • Sarec - Perhaps I should not have tried to grab you Hachi...
  • Tau - ...So what do we do here anyway? I don't see any tour guide.

Through the void, a figure familiar to some of the group was visible.

  • Zeta - ...Anyone else seeing whatever-that-is over there?
  • Volim - Nnhrgrghhhrgrgh...
  • Sarec - Impossible...
  • Hachi - ...You have got to be kidding me...
  • Nu - Oh, Dal'nyur above not this bastard again.
  • Lemmo - ...You?

It was really him. General Volim. Kezoreg held back a giggle. Volim floated around, absolutely scarred across his entire body, letting out random, angered ramblings.

  • Tau - ...Oi. Wranploer. What are you doing here?
  • Kolaup - What's with the fat guy flying above us?
  • Arkarixus - That is Volim of the Wranploer. But he was left in Chaos...
  • Zeta - Chaos? ...This is Chaos?

Volim turned to the group and let out angry shouts. He appeared to have lost the ability to speak.

  • Kezoreg - Didn't quite catch that, could you repeat?
  • Nu - Damn. I'm beginning to beat Kithworto's record on visits to Chaos.
  • Arsac - I think his mind has degenerated.
  • Upsilon - You're telling me. Brain scans show that he's been fried.
  • Hachi - I wonder if he remembers us.
  • Arkarixus - Those scars appear self-inflicted.
  • Sarec - I'd say he does remember.

Psi went over to Volim, and tapped on him for a reaction. Volim roared and clawed Psi aggressively back. Psi stood there as Volim's claws scratched his armor.

  • Psi - Doesn't take a hint does he?
  • Apollo - Whoever that is, he doesn't seem sentient anymore.

As Apollo finished his sentence, the skies went from its contrast to a complete black in a manner of bleeding. The ground began to crack like glass. The voice that Sarec and Hachi returned, but all of them could hear it, and it tremored throughout the void. Volim flailed his limbs screaming in terror from the voice.

  • Arkarixus - Problematic.
  • Koluap - This reminds me of the dreams I had back when I had my spaceship crash.
  • ??? - Sentient? Or has he realized the truth?
  • Sarec - Not good. NOT GOOD!
  • Lemmo - Sounds like trouble.
  • Koluap - You think?

Kezoreg gulped and his eyes widened.

  • Kezoreg - ...It sounds...familiar, yet...not familiar.

To the group's right, the ground exploded, and from the thousands of shards, formed the body of an Xhodocto. The shards floated in form, and a black, blood like substance floated between it. Santorakh, or as the Dominion called him, Ormenthdraverang. Hachi clinged to Sarec's side with his bloody stub and hid his face away. Macin shouted in fear and hid her face behind her wings.

  • Sarec - ...Kranndung, anyone but him!

Volim screamed louder and started to claw his own eyes, as if he desperately tried to kill himself. However, his wounds healed just as he inflcted them.

  • Koluap - ...Hey, I know you!
  • Lemmo - ...I haven't been paid for THIS!

The Agents all got out their weapons and fired frantically at Santorakh, most of them letting out a battle roar. Kezoreg merely stood, although he looked as if he was about to stumble either forward or backwards yet never seemed to fall. Koluap fired his shotgun at Santorakh as well. Macin, Apollo and Arkarixus were too confused to do any action, while Lemmo simply looked at Santorakh.

  • Sarec - Agents hold your fire!
  • Quinniath - A Xhodocto! Die, demon!

The young Imperion sstarted to fire at Santorakh rapidly. All of the ammunition fired by the team halted right in front of Santorakh - turning and reducing into a black ash. Koluap growled as he saw his attacks did nothing. In the blink of an eye, Quinniath's gun flew out of his hand and into Sarec's.

  • Sarec - I said...hold fire.
  • Koluap - I remember you from the cataclysm...that one guy who nearly got me, Kithworto and Tyraz killed...

Santorakh raised his hand, and all of the weapons of the team shattered like glass as well.

  • Apollo - Uh-oh. My pistols.
  • Koluap - DANGIT!
  • Santorakh - Glad to make your acquaintance once again, Koluap.
  • Koluap - Eh! It knows my name even!
  • Arsac - Hrmph.
  • Sarec - It knows everything about us.

Koluap hid behind Tau's leg. Nu began to berserk, and in a fit of rage, went to punch Santorakh.

  • Tau - Nu, don't!

As Nu's fist hit Santorakh's form, Nu's body blackened completely and he froze in place.

  • Santorakh - Foolish. Foolish foolish foolish foolish foolish foolish foolish foolish foolish.
  • Lemmo - Eeek.
  • Kezoreg - You...I know you...but I've never seen you. Why...why are you here?
  • Sarec - He noticed me at the console.

Arkarixus tried to use his telekinesis to get the frozen Nu back to the group. However, as Arkarixus tried, he could feel his mind and body wither. He stopped and shook his head.

  • Arkarixus - Bad idea...
  • Sarec - I told everyone to hold fire.
  • Koluap - I knew it should have brought my buckets!

Santorakh looked at Volim, who was tormenting himself.

  • Santorakh - Look at this wonderful specimen of flesh and mind, he who has opened himself to the mysteries.
  • Arkarixus - Wonderful? He looks like a rabid animal.
  • Santorakh - And what are you, mortal? He who has no one to call brother nor sister?
  • Arkarixus - Hmpf. I have an entire galaxy to call brother and sister. Him, on the other hand, only had greed and power hunger.

Zeta and the other agents were frozen in fear, after Nu was rendered inanimate. Volim tried to throw himself at Santorakh, but passed through him. Sarec tried to talk telepathically to the others.

  • Kezoreg - I would rather deny existence of whatever mysteries he had exposed himself to.
  • Sarec - No one listen to him, he draws pleasure from tormenting his enemies.

Santorakh could hear Sarec's voice.

  • Santorakh - ...And your brother? This...Regnatus? He was closed to the one truth. That he could not accept there is nothing after nothingness.
  • Arkarixus - Regnatus was insane. He was no brother of mine.
  • Lemmo - There is money after money, sir.

antorakh advanced closer to Arkarixus, who found that he couldn't move. The Agents moved away from Santorakh's presence.

  • Koluap - Ngh I don't even get to say goodbye to my family.
  • Hachi - Hey...least you had family...
  • Arsac - One of the perks of being an inquisitor is that you have no family to worry about.
  • Koluap - Sounds pretty damn sad.
  • Arsac - I take comfort in that by not knowing my family, they are safe from the consequences of my actions.

Santorakh looked intensely at Arkarixus, who was invading his mind. Arkarixus grunted and tried to back away, but couldn't.

  • Santorakh - Why do you take pride in a family that calls you 'outsider', or 'god'? Did you know that being a god denies you of those luxuries?
  • Lemmo - What are you even talking about?
  • Arkarixus - I am no god. Nor I am seen as one. I am merely a man from another era.

Santorakh ceased to invade Arkarixus' mind, which made Arkarixus feel weak. Arkarixus panted heavily. Santorakh began to pace the group, as the Agents watched his every move with extreme caution.

  • Hachi - W-What does he want...
  • Koluap - Didn't even get old enough for retirement.
  • Apollo - Koluap, please, this is not the time for that.
  • Kezoreg - Ngh...
  • Santorakh - Why would a team such as yourself be on a ship to Draynia?
  • Arsac - Our lips are sealked and our minds are closed to the answer.
  • Volim - Grrrhhh...Ch...Ark...Rakh...Sar...

Santorakh sent out shard of glass which slashed Volim. Volim screamed in pain and the wound healed right after. Lemmo looked at Volim and shivered.

  • Santorakh - Oh, silence. You don't even know where you are.

Santorakh walked towards Arsac, although she found that she could move. Arsac rolled her shoulders bracing herself.

  • Santorakh - But...are your lips sealed, and are your minds closed, Thanus' apprentice?
  • Arsac - I am an agent of a holy order. My mind is as secure as any vault.

Santorakh let out a faceless smile.

  • Santorakh - Really?

Although nothing seemed visual, Arsac felt a superficial burning sensation that became increasingly intense. Arsac appeared indifferent, merely raisning an eyebrow and breathing deeply. However, she began to grunt, but held her position as best she could.

  • Santorakh - The funny thing is...I already know what you are doing. Every single detail, every single thought that you have ever formulated in your mortal mind. May not seem funny, but the humor behind it is that I want you to SAY IT.

The pain began to intensify further, and Volim could feel it as well, causing him to scream and shake around.

  • Arsac - I...I will not yield.

Kezoreg couldn't help but form an almost unnoticeable smile upon his face as Arsac was exposed to Santorakh's interrogation. Arsac began panting, eventualyl holding her head.

  • Arsac - N-no.I..will not...yield.
  • Lemmo - You don't scare me, bugface. I have nothing to lose.

A second Santorakh appeared next to Lemmo.

  • Tau - Oh dear god. There's two.
  • Lemmo - Two bugfaces. Not a big deal.
  • Second Santorakh - Oh, all mortals have something to lose. What could it possibly be? Material possession? Money? Your guns? ....or your loved one?
  • Arkarixus - Too much like the Chosen homeworld. Too much like Regnatus.

As the first Santorakh kept interrogating Arsac, the ground cracked further and the skies began to grow even darker.

  • Santorakh - YOU. WILL. YIELD.

As the pain intensified, Arsac fell to one knee, baring her teeth, but she remained defiant.

  • Arsac - Urgh...g-go back....t-t-to the Void!
  • Santorakh - Oh, my dear. We are already in the void. We are the void.
  • Lemmo - Money? I had to scrounge and beg as a child. Loved one? Lamni's dead. Guns? Well...
  • Koluap - Get out of here!...please.
  • Kezoreg - It would be easier to is always easier to yield...and beg.
  • Arsac - Then...Go wahtever from.
  • Lemmo - It is always easier to die for you, little brat.
  • Second Santorakh - Oh, but you miss your beloved Lamni? How would you like to see her once more?
  • Lemmo - Well. I'd like to.

The Second Santorakh offered his hand.

  • Santorakh - Then see her.
  • Sarec - Lemmo don't do it, his offer isn't worth it!
  • Second Santorakh - It is true what mortals say about themselves. Love does indeed conquer thought.
  • Sarec - Lemmo you can see her again, but for the sake of al lthat is true don't do it through him!
  • Lemmo - Bring it on. Can't scare me.
  • Sarec - Lemmo you're making a mistake.

The Second Santorakh screamed at Lemmo, sounding like a Xhodocto, and somewhat like Lamni. The volume of it caused the team to stumble, and Lemmo could see incomprehensibly terrifying images in his mind.

  • Koluap - Ack!
  • Apollo - Ugh...
  • Lemmo - Ngh... why are the voices... so similar.
  • Kezoreg - Urgh...what wonder I have for men and women who dare tangle on the toes of gods.

Arsac roared and almost collapsed. Both hands pressing against the "floor". Lemmo cackled despite being severely disturbed and scared.

  • Lemmo - There's isn't much difference between the voices... hahaha...

The Second Santorakh continued to scream, and the images became almost real to him. Lemmo kept trying to laugh to hide his fear, but could not take it anymore. He tried to draw his guns but then realised they weren't with him.

  • Lemmo - ...STOP IT! STOP IT! ENOUGH!

Tau composed herself, and rushed behind the Second Santorakh, and hit him as hard as she could. The Second Santorakh retracted, seemingly in pain, but continuing to scream - then falling to pieces. The first Santorakh stayed, still torturing Arsac. She gasped and fell to the floor, panting deeply which was mixed with quivering.

  • Santorakh - Now, what would happen if your skin actually set alight? And the pain was real?
  • Arsac - -y-you could In-incernate m-my very s-soul...I...I will...not yield.

Santorakh leaned in.

  • Santorakh - Then I will just DO THAT.
  • Lemmo - STOP IT! STOP IT!

Koluap, not taking it anymore, leaped into Santorakh in an attempt to attack him. Hachi bit his lower lip, drawing some blood as he did, and ran forward towards the Santorakh near Arsac. Infusing Dream Energy into his robotic arm and clenching his fist tightly, he rammed it with all the strength he could gain from his body against Santorakh. Santorakh hurled Koluap aside, but did not do so to Hachi - the black substance in his body turned white, and his body started to slow down. Koluap was hurled and hit Volim, launching him away.

  • Volim - JUST LET ME DIE!

Santorakh turned to Hachi, and started to scream at Hachi like he did to Lemmo, but did it slowly, and reached one of his arms out - before he could touch Hachi, Santorakh turned inanimate. Hachi panted weakly as he watched Santorakh seem to freeze to a halt, he was nervous for just a moment. Clenching his fist once again, he began to slam it once more against Santorakh's frozen body.

  • Koluap - Shut up, you!

As he came into contact again, Chaos went pure white, unable to distinguish the ground from the sky. Santorakh's glassy body, however, turned black.

  • Kezoreg - You must really clench to hope if you think you are capable of even scratching him.
  • Hachi - Shut up!

Arsac had begun to blubber from the pain. She was tough and uncompromising but it took the assault of a god to break her. She lay on the floor weeping and blubbering.Desperately not wanting to give Santorakh the satisfaction. His body then shot out in infinite directions, shredding the floor and tearing the skies apart. Arsac felt the pain leave her as quickly as his body tore apart. Slowly, Chaos melted back, much like blood contaminating water, into the room they were once in. Santorakh and Volim were both gone. Arkarixus fell to his knees, still panting. Koluap was laying on the ground, still stunned from Santorakh's attack.

  • Lemmo - STOP IT STOP IT ST- oh, wait... it's over.

Nu's body returned in colour, but in return, Nu screamed out inhumanly, in fear. As the group found themselves back in the room, they had their weapons back in hand. Arsac collapsed onto her stomach, quivering. She began to sob not just from the pain but also in immense relief. Hachi panted and growled as he looked towards Arsac. He then proceeded to slap her with his mechanical hand.

  • Koluap - I just wanna go home now...go to bed and pretend the last week never happened...
  • Hachi - You can thank me later, bitch!
  • Tau - ...Did you....did you just kill Santorakh?

Hachi looked towards Tau, he was visibly shaking.

  • Hachi - I...I dunno...huh...
  • Arsac - Hachiman I...Thanks. I don't know how much longer I could have held out.
  • Zeta - can never kill a Xhodocto. I think you just broke his concentration.
  • Hachi - Well...I'm good at that.

Kezoreg had a seemingly indifferent expression on his face, but his shoulders were stiff and he closed his eyes rather tightly. As Eta looked at the terminal, he noticed it was partially destroyed.

  • Psi - Who the Inferno was that anyway?!
  • Koluap - It was Santorakh, you dingus.
  • Kezoreg - ...Itrāvahilītrā Sāntōrākh.

Kezoreg shuddered at the name and looked away from the group.

  • Arsac - And I...
  • Hachi - Arsac...Never touch me again. Ever.

Hachi walked away from Arsac with an angry expression on his face. Nu ripped off his helmet, and vomited out a black liquid. Sarec looked at Arsac for a moment and then turned his attention to Hachi. Hachi looked away from Sarec and panted angrily to release some stress.

  • Lemmo - It is over. Thank the Goddess it is over...
  • Sarec - Hachi let me look at your arm.
  • Hachi - Just...leave me alone.
  • Sarec - Hachi I can fix your arm, it will be like she never cut it.
  • Nu - And...a-and....a-and...

Sarec shook his head and walked over to Arsac. He kneeled down but was wary of getting close. Nu shut down and collapsed on the ground, making a crack. Apollo went over to Nu and shook him. Nu was out - but with the amount of liquid he vomited, he was more than out. Tau went over to Nu, and took a look at him.

  • Apollo - ...Is the Agent...dead?

Treatment and ReconciliationEdit

Tau kept looking over Nu's body, until she turned back to Apollo.

  • Tau - Not dead. But he will need something to replace those fluids. He will short-circuit and die otherwise.
  • Sarec - Kranndung I think Arsac has goen into shock.
  • Hachi - What fluids does he need?

Tau hissed at Hachi.

  • Tau - Nothing you can provide.
  • Apollo - Is Arsac okay?
  • Sarec - Arsac will live, she just needs time to recover.

Hachi pointed to his robotic arm with his stub.

  • Koluap - I'm really close of deeming this mission a failure and we're not even at the first megaconstruct yet.
  • Macin - Perhaps my essence can be of use?
  • Hachi - Nu and Essence don't go well together.
  • Tau - Essence won't help. We need to find the infirmary on this ship, now. And not just for Nu and the Draconis.

Tau picked up Nu's body and slung it over her back, struggling with his height. The rest of the Agents started walking in a direction, which Tau and Tharaqím followed. Tharaqím was speechless throughout the ordeal with Santorakh and continued to say nothing.

  • Lemmo - Safe, safe, safe, safe...

Sarec was carrying Arsac as her teeth chattered, panicked pants escaped ehr lips as they walked. Apollo and Arkarixus followed, Arkarixus carrying Koluap on his back. All of a sudden, in Arkarixus' comm, he could hear Kithworto.

  • Kithworto - Is everything alright? I lost your presence for a moment.
  • Arkarixus - We faced Santorakh.
  • Kithworto - ...Santorakh? Dal'nyur above. ...Is everyone alright?
  • Lemmo - Yes... safe, safe, safe...
  • Sarec - Nu is in a critical condition and Arsac has gone into shiock. Both took the brunt of what Sanorakh can do...
  • Arkarixus - We are better now. But Nu is near dead. And the team is traumatized.

Kithworto paused.

  • Koluap - I just wanna lay down and sleep for a year.
  • Kithworto - ...Sarec, just make sure they're safe. Arsac especially.
  • Hachi - What about my arm?! It was cut off!
  • Kithworto - ...How did you get your arm severed?
  • Hachi - Blame the Inquisitor bitch!
  • Sarec - Arsac resorted to cutting off his forearm after it was stuck to a console.
  • Kithworto - Don't touch anymore of those consoles, understood? Santorakh isn't the worst Chaos you can experience.
  • Koluap - Are you kidding? It can't get worse than that. We saw a Wranploer in that and he was sodomizing himself!
  • Quinniath - Sodowhat?
  • Kithworto - Eh. ...Whatever. Just get yourselves back into working condition.

Kithworto's voice left the comms.

  • Koluap - Asshat!
  • Sarec - Hachi either Tuolog or I can sort out your arm. You won't need another artificial one.
  • Psi - Being our guardian Angel of Death, he's a pretty bad one.
  • Zeta - Don't insult Kithworto. He's saved our race more times then you've killed.

Psi went quiet and continued to walk. The team found the infirmary. In the infirmary, were unarmed Spinker, Dracogonarious and Radeon members. They were attendants in the infirmary, rather than soldiers.

  • Spinker - ...Intruders!
  • Radeon - ...The Saviour's murderer! To arms, brothers and sisters! Van'raan han'ae!
  • Koluap - My day's just getting worse!
  • Hachi - Hey look, Radeon girls!
  • Psi - You sound an alarm and I'll blast you back to your planet!

Psi mounted his cannon and charged it at the Spinker. Sarec lifted his hand and sent a pulse to paralyse the Spinker and Radeons. The cultists all fell, immobilized.

  • Zeta - ...That's an alternative.
  • Dracogonarious - Cursed heretics...
  • Sarec - One more word and you all remain like that for the rest of your lives.
  • Eta - Wait, Draconis. I have an idea.

The Dracogonarious gulped and remained silent. Tau laid Nu on one of the tables which was a fit size for his height. The Agents looked at all the facilities, trying to find suppression-based medicines. Eta knelt down to one of the Dracogonarious, still towering over him.

  • Eta - Who do you work for?
  • Dracogonarious - For the Dominion of the Xhodocto, the one true path!
  • Eta - You're that brainwashed, eh?
  • Dracogonarious - Blasphemer!

Eta smacked the Dracogonarious to the floor.

  • Eta - Shut it. Who's the captain of the big ship?

Tau removed Nu's armor from his chest, and searched for a scalpel. She cut away Nu's synthetic flesh to reveal his inner frame.

  • Dracogonarious - ...The ship is led by lord Kimundradmosroth.
  • Psi - Kimundradmos-what?
  • Dracogonarious - Kimundradmosroth. That's all I know.
  • Quinniath - Pronounce that slower. Like, two times slower.
  • Hachi - Are you sure it's not "mistress" rather than "lord"?

Sarec set Arsac down in a bed and brushed her cheek before stepping away. Eta scanned the Dracogonarious, and found that he was telling the truth.

  • Eta - The Dracogonarious knows nothing more than the name. Hm. Now...what to do with you?
  • Koluap - Kill it!
  • Eta - ...Zeta? Upsilon?
  • Upsilon - I agree with the Spinker. Kill it.
  • Quinniath - Yeah! Chop-chop!
  • Zeta - No, wait. Just knock them unconscious.
  • Koluap - But dead zealots cheer me up when I'm sad.

Eta listened to Zeta, and flicked the Dracogonarious on the head. The Dracogonarious was knocked down unconscious.

  • Tharaqím - You're strong enough to knock out someone with that? Impressive.
  • Eta - Indeed. A fully fledged punch from an Agent could tear an armored vehicle apart.
  • Arkarixus - Any progress on Nu?

Tau ran her fingers along seams in Nu's frame, which glowed when she did. Tau then removed the compartment, showing a semi-cybernetic heart among other advanced technologies.

  • Hachi - I hope he's alright. Nu, that is.
  • Kezoreg - Probably not.
  • Psi- Dayumn. You Agent IV's are walking computers.
  • Sarec - The Inquisitor has been put on a bed, she'll need time to recover but any stress-relieving medication will help. I am concerned that Santorakh's assault may have done a number on her central nervous system.

Upsilon went over to a blackened cabinet, and opened it. In there was a multitude of advanced medication.

  • Upsilon - Uh. Hm. I can't make eye or tooth of this.
  • Tau - Nu's body has been dried up from the ordeal. It needs fluids to function.
  • Apollo - I have some medical experience if that helps with anything.

Hachi looked to his robotic arm.

  • Hachi - This has at least some fluid.
  • Tau - Hm. That kind of fluid won't do much. If anything it will react against his systems.
  • Sarec - Let me think... A good remedy would be incense from either Vorthavia or Verin Weed. That or an oil extract from some Sorvimia.
  • Upsilon - Hm. That should narrow down the search.
  • Sarec - Those plants are common in Imperial space but I don't know about out here. They're Draconis herbs.
  • Hachi - What about blood?
  • Tau - Blood? We don't have blood in our systems. Upsilon, any Agent-related fluids there?

Upsilon narrowed his displays down to Sarec's requisites, and found a few Draconis-labelled medicines in metallic bottles. He picked them up and gave them to Sarec.

  • Apollo - They got Draconis herbs in here? I'd find that worrysome.

Sarec smiled as he looked at the bottle. He walked over to a medical station and ground up a poder using a mix of herbs, puring it into a metallic bowl before setting it near to Arsac and seting it alight by pressing his finger into it. Upsilon looked at the cabinet, and saw some Kicath related fluid-filled syringes.

  • Upsilon - These have similar properties to Agent-based systems but not the same. It might react negatively.
  • Tau - Give it here anyway.

Sarec then used a medical station to fill a small bowl with water, added a few drops of the oils and placed it next to Arsac's nostrils. As he walked over he heated the water to boiling point. Hachi sat in a corner and watched the group, an unsatisfied look on his face.

  • Hachi - Wish I could do something to help.
  • Kezoreg - To be fair, you'd only make things worse.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg!
  • Arkarixus - At least Hachiman has proven to be helpful.

Koluap relieved his stress by harassing one of the paralyzed Spinkers. Upsilon handed over the syringes to Tau. Tau carefully placed the syringe in one of the openings in Nu's chest, and injected it. Some moments passed, and Nu started to move slowly. Sarec thought for a moment.

  • Sarec - Hachi I may have a job for you. Can you watch over the Inquisitor?
  • Hachi - Guess I could...yeah.
  • Apollo - Oh, looks like it's working.
  • Nu - ...Grrrrrrr. What the....uh. --- Why is my chest open!?
  • Arkarixus - Because you nearly died.
  • Nu - Yeah, because that makes perfect sense.

Nu picked up the compartment shield and placed it back on to his chest.

  • Nu - Right. Punching a Xhodocto. Very very very very bad idea.
  • Hachi - Why? I did it and survived.
  • Nu - Eh.

Sarec walked over to Upsilon.

  • Sarec - Draconis medicines...I'm worried too. The Kicath might not have been the only ones to have had colonies near here, after all Adniliho does border Draco.
  • Upsilon - The Draconis are being abducted into the Dominion, you assume?
  • Kezoreg - That or they're willingly joining.
  • Sarec - I cannot say. There have been reports before of lost sectors that have evolved on their own; new cuture, new faiths, new idols...For once, I think the hybrid may be right.
  • Arkarixus - What is our next step?
  • Tau - ...The next step is to contact Kithworto again. Essence based signals will alert the Dominion, so our only choice is to contact Kithworto using the ship's AI.
  • Koluap - And risk meeting Santorakh again? I'm out.
  • Tau - It's our only choice. Kithworto coming here is too risky and us going to Kithworto is even more risky.
  • Upsilon - I don't know whether to expect Draconis on our trip to the megaconstruct or not.

Nu sat back up, groaning on his way. He held his neck in pain.

  • Sarec - If this ship is carrying medical supplies designed for Draconis, its possible.
  • Hachi - Hmph, what does it matter? They're still Dominion either way. They have to die.
  • Lemmo - Demon-worshipping Draconis? What?

Hachi clenched his robotic fist angrily and sighed.

  • Arkarixus - Standing here doing nothing only puts us in danger. Let us do this and get it over with.
  • Zeta - Die? Why die? The Xhodocto's will has enslaved minds. You're almost sounding like Nu.
  • Nu - Hey!
  • Hachi - It's too late to save them.

Zeta went quiet and pretended to ignore Hachi.

  • Tau - The ship's AI. It's likely to be located at the Captain's bridge on this ship.
  • Sarec - Its possible they'd be as willing to kill for the Dominion as proudly as any Imperial slodier.

Arsac began twitching her nostrils.

  • Upsilon - Either way we will have to defend ourselves.
  • Arkarixus - We'll probably come across the captain then.
  • Hachi - If there's anything I want to, is just ram this piece of crap into the side of any demon-worshipping scum and rip out his intestines...

Arsac began twitching, making slight movements. Tau and Arkarixus raised their brows at Hachi. Upsilon noticed Arsac beginning to move.

  • Tau - Coming from the same human who can't get enough of women. Well now.
  • Arkarixus - Allowing yourself to become bloodthirsty will make you as bad as the enemy.
  • Upsilon - I think the Inquisitor is waking up.
  • Hachi - I don't care what species he or she is...I'll rip them to shreds. And I'll enjoy it, I'll let them know I enjoy ripping their brothers and sisters apart.
  • Macin - Bad attitude.

Arsac's rigght eye jolted open, with a panicked gasp her hand went rushing for Hachi. Upsilon ducked out of Arsac's way.S he threw herself forward and ended up knocking the oils off the nearby table, she reached out as if to grab Hachi.

  • Hachi - W-What the...

Before grabbing his tharoat, Arsac's arm dropped and she looked into Hachi's eyes.

  • Arsac - Hachiman?--
  • Hachi - Ngh...What part of don't touch me don't you understand...?

Hachi got up and walked away from Arsac. Nu got off his table and stood up, slowly returning to his posture. He breathed, albeit slightly differently to normal.

  • Tau - ...You alright, Nu?
  • Nu - ...As if you care about what I'm doing?
  • Tau - Hmph. You're alright then. Come on team. We need to get to the Captain's Bridge.
  • Sarec - Hachi easy, she's back with us, i'm sure it was involuntary.
  • Arsac - Where in the void am i!?
  • Hachi - What, like the Draconis serving here, Sarec? That's involuntary too?

The Agents except Zeta left the room. Tharaqím coughed slightly and followed them. Arkarixus grabbed Koluap by his tail and took him with him, followed by Macin and Apollo.

  • Sarec - No. Remember she went into shock. Imagine what she did as waking up from a night terror.
  • Zeta - If you three need time to yourself, make it quick. We might need you later.

Zeta then left the room.

  • Arsac - ...Night terror was right...
  • Sarec - Welcome back to consciousness.

Hachi grunted and kept his glare away from Arsac.

  • Hachi - I saved your life and all you can do is try to kill me again.
  • Arsac - What?

Arsac sat up, holding her head.

  • Hachi - I punched Santorakh so he wouldn't turn your head into mush, as much I felt tempted to just hold back.
  • Arsac - Thanks. That means a lot...
  • Hachi - Whatever. I did it because I had to, not that I wanted to.
  • Sarec - Arsac take deep breaths. you're in an infirmary, you went into shock.

Hachi went to go join the rest of the group, leaving the room silently while Kezoreg followed close behind.

  • Arsac - Remind me never to test the power of a god ever again.
  • Sarec - Arsac waht you did...suicidal yes. But at least you stuck to yourvalues.

Arsac pulled herself from the bed and stood up. She took a brief glare at Sarec before gently pushing him aside and walking towards the door.

  • Sarec - Hold on a second!

Sarec threw a prepared bottle of aromatic oils, which Arsac grabbed. She then walked out of the door with Sarec walking closely behind.

  • Arsac - Sarec, tell the human that I must have lunged out at him because I kept seeing...that thing...while comatose.

Battle at the Captain's BridgeEdit

As Arsac, Sarec and Hachi caught up with the group, they entered the Captain's Bridge. The room was immense in size; spherical, and in the middle, was a large intricate hologram of Draynia. The room was entirely empty, and the team could see a number of consoles and terminals planned in the room.

  • Nu - Riiiight. So which isn't the one that teleports us back to Chaos?
  • Koluap - Looks like Whatshisname is not home.
  • Arsac - Be ready anyway.
  • Tau - I suppose the one terminal seated at the captain's chair is the one that has the AI.
  • Hachi - How about you get the Inquisitor to touch it this time?

The team went over to the terminal, passing the Captain's chair. The chair was large enough even for Arkarixus to sit in comfortably.

  • Arkarixus - Whichever species is the captain, it's a large creature.
  • Upsilon - Hm. Zí-Jittorám?
  • Lemmo - Draconis?
  • Sarec - The name has a Kicathian flair to it but a ship like this...Mahanayan?
  • Arkarixus - Too large to be either.
  • Upsilon - Zí-Jittorám then.
  • Arsac - Knowing the Dominion's nature, who says it has to be a normal-sized version?
  • Eta - Ugh. I hate those things.
  • Quinniath - ...and what if if is a demon?
  • Koluap - Stop staring at the chair and call Kithworto already.

Sarec accessed the console, which to the Agents' surprise, nothing happened. She kept typing and such, until he located Kithworto. Kithworto came up on a monitor. Kithworto came up on a holographic monitor, seated there, telekinetically juggling dice. Koluap growled and mumbled to himself.

  • Sarec - Kithworto we're on the bridge.
  • Kithworto - Good. Everyone seems to be in working shape. Guess I'll send the information on Draynia's infrastructure now.

Kithworto tapped his console, and data downloaded on all of their databases.

  • Tau - ...Just how much information is there?
  • Koluap - We nearly got an eternity of pain and the bastard's just sitting there mumblemumble
  • Kithworto - Koluap? Focus.
  • Sarec - We learned this ship is under the command of "Lord Kimundradmosroth" but that's all we know. From his chair I'd say he's...pretty big.

Koluap turned his back to Kithworto and moved away.

  • Kithworto - Hm. Judging by the throne...i'd say...

Suddenly, a massive thud hit the room. As Koluap was turned around, he saw it first. Sarec peered over.

  • Koluap - Oh, cool. We're gonna die now.
  • Sarec - I think we just found out...
  • Hachi - Dammit...

Lemmo hid immediately, while Quinniath prepared his weapons. The Agents all turned round, and prepped their weapons. The figure unfolded its form, and revealed its body. It was a Tandava.

  • Kezoreg - ...Shit.
  • Sarec - Yeah...this isn't good.
  • Arkarixus - Xhodocto!
  • Macin - Big trouble...
  • Koluap - Just let it kill me already, I'm sick of this.
  • Kimundradmosroth - None of you should be here... Perish!
  • Quinniath - I was right! How many points do I- I mean, RUN AWAY!

The Agents began to fire at Kimundradmosroth, who stumbled back. He teleported behind them, swatting some of them across the room. Arkarixus and Macin attacked Kimundradmosroth with their essences, and Apollo fired at him with his pistols. Hachi prepared a ball of Dream Energy inside his palm, clenching it tightly. Sarec teleported to a safe distance and threw arc of ligthing at Kimundradmosroth. Kezoreg stood back and let the others fight.

Kimundradmosroth stumbled back further from the essence attacks, but launched a bolt of energy at them. Arkarixus and Macin were launched back into the walls, Apollo barely managed to evade.

  • Koluap - It's no use, people. These things are too much.

Quinniath jumped at the Tandava, blades in his hands, while Lemmo fired at him from behind a pile of sacred texts. Nu managed to get behind Kimundradmosroth, and hit him in the spine. He convulsed in pain from the attack, but kicked Nu across the room, embedding him in the wall. Quinniath extended a blade from his tail and stabbes the Tandava in the face.

  • Nu - This is the fourth time this has happened to me now!

Sarec flew forwards to send a flying punch into Kimundradmosroth's chest. Kimundradmosroth screeched out and grabbed Sarec after he hit him. He hurled Sarec towards Nu. Hachi ran towards the Tandava and slammed the Dream Energy ball against it, which exploded in his palm.

  • Koluap - Got this Xhodocto axe thing...what good it gives me? Nothing. I bet if I tried to attack the Xhodocto, I'd do Nothing....
  • Tau - We won't know if you don't try, you idiot! Smack him!
  • Koluap - Fine, I'll prove you wrong.

Kimundradmosroth stumbled back slightly, but regained composure and growled at Hachi.

  • Kimundradmosroth - Foolish mortal.

Kimundradmosroth then gathered a bolt of Chaos Energy in his hand. Sarec threw shockwaves at the Tandava in series. Koluap ran up to the Tandava and slashed at his legs with axe. Before he could launch the bolt, Kimundradmosroth fell to the ground, unable to stand properly. He stumbled and kept firing bolts of energy at the team.

  • Koluap - ...Wait. Did I hurt it?
  • Kimundradmosroth - ...Impossible.

Kimundradmosroth stood up shortly, and smacked Quinniath aside before falling down again. The Imperion ageng was thrown against the wall, screaming loudly. Koluap ran up to behind Kimundradmosroth and cleaved his axe into his back. Sarec teleported in front and swung his arm, the swing formed a blade of energy that sliced into the Tandava. Kimundradmosroth roared out, cracking the glass of the ship. He then struggled to even get to his knees.

  • Tau - Keep going at it!
  • Koluap - I'm hurting it! I feel revigorated!

Koluap cackled wildly and kept attacking the Tandava continuously, and Sarec threw another punch into the Tandava's head. Kimundradmosroth kept roaring at the attacks until Sarec's punch silenced it, and Koluap's slash ceased its movement.

  • Koluap - Who needs those buckets anyway? Not me!

Nu watched the fight, still stuck in the wall, and Lemmo looked at the Tandava and smiled.

  • Nu - Did that bastard just kill a Xhodocto?

Koluap jumped and cleaved into the Tandava's neck to decapitate it. The head fell off, but a violent stream of energies exited the neck instead of blood. The Agents evaded it, but only just.

  • Koluap - I spit on your leaders! I spit on you!
  • Nu - Get me out of the damn wall!

Arkarixus pulled Nu out of the way via telekinesis, and Sarec teleported backwards and smiled. Koluap stood on the top of the Tandava all while cackling maniacly. As Tau went to the console again, she noticed that Kithworto was gone, and the console's lights were out.

  • Tau - Um, team. I think we might have another problem.
  • Apollo - What now?

As Nu hit the ground, Dominion Soldiers, all Mahanayan, teleported into the room with rifles steadily pointed at the team. Leading the team was a figure familiar to all of the group.

  • Tau - ...That.
  • Koluap - Excuse me, I'm having a moment!...oh.
  • Sarec - Kranndung...

Hachi clenched his fist but took a breath to examine the situation.

  • Kezoreg - Just in time, party was getting boring.

As the leader stood forward, the figure revealed to be an Auatorom. He was tall, and had an eye-damaging dark colour to him. The veterans of the Borealis War all recognized him. It was Nai-Ar'natl.

  • Sarec - I thought that guy was buried under a planet...
  • Arkarixus - ...The Chosen acolyte?
  • Koluap - I don't know who the hell is this guy, but I take he's trouble.
  • Nai-Ar'natl - Correct. I was wondering if i'd ever see your pathetic faces again. And yet here you are, slaying Xhodocto.
  • Hachi - Hey...I remember you. Actually...I've forgotten again.
  • Lemmo - Shitshitshitshitshit...
  • Arkarixus - I saw your flagship explode. How are you even alive?
  • Koluap - Ya wanna be next?

Arsac clenched her fists and leaped to atrike the Autorom, power claws blazing. Nai-Ar'natl saw Arsac, and grabbed her by the wrist.

  • Sarec - His aura...
  • Tau - ...What about his aura?
  • Macin - His presence eats the universe away...
  • Sarec - It's worse than I remember it to be...
  • Nai-Ar'natl - My, you are an energetic one, aren't you?
  • Arsac - Your mistress would know!
  • Nai-Ar'natl - I no longer answer to that insignificant woman.
  • Arsac - Do I appear to care?

Nai-Ar'natl smirked.

  • Nai-Ar'natl - I answer to Lord Anzilanarus now, and Lord Anzilanarus alone.

Nai-Ar'natl threw Arsac back into the group. Arsac was hesitant for a moment

  • Arsac - Never heard of him!
  • Koluap - A miracle better happen at this exact moment or my moment would have been for nothing.
  • Nai-Ar'natl - Hmph. Killing you on the spot would be a waste. Perhaps my associate would like to meet you again. He's begging to reacquaint himself with you.
  • Arkarixus - Associate?
  • Nai-Ar'natl - Yes. He's rather...bitter about what your galaxy did to him.
  • Arsac - Good for him.
  • Kezoreg - Can it wait? We have to get to Draynia.
  • Nai-Ar'natl - Hmph. I'll let him decide your fates.

Nai-Ar'natl disappeared in a black puff of smoke, and through the smoke, came another familiar figure. Nu retorted and Upsilon groaned.

  • Arkarixus - Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
  • Tau - Oh for the love of Dal'nyur...
  • Lemmo - But we... but we...

Among them, stood a tall Zí-Jittorám, whose armor covered his middle eye. Skhánaróton -01.

  • Sarec - Do these thugs ever die!
  • Arkarixus - It's Skhánaróton -01...
  • Hachi - This is just unfair!
  • Skhánaróton -01 - Oh, how I missed you all. Apologies for the fight we had earlier...I wasn't paying much attention.
  • Arkarixus - I thought he had been blown into smi-...oh wait, time travel.
  • Koluap - Another ugly plant! Ya wanna get cut? I'm in the cutting mood right now!

Skhánaróton went over to Koluap and kicked him in the side. Koluap was launched into a wall and fell down.

  • Skhánaróton -01 - Silence.
  • Koluap - Ass.

Arsac drew her power claws which glowed with energy. Tau went to punch Skhánaróton, but he grabbed her fist.

  • Arsac - I am going to enjoy trimming you!
  • Skhánaróton - You don't want your arm broken again, do you?
  • Arkarixus - If you wish to be exploded again, it shall be a pleasure!
  • Skhánaróton - I think not.

Lemmo started to search for his ring. Arkarixus and Macin charged their fists in essence, and the Mahanayan guards all cocked their guns. Tau stopped struggling, and Skhánaróton let go. Lemmo put his Xhodocto ring on his middle finger and aimed if at Skhánaróton.

  • Lemmo - Don't shoot or I gonna use this!
  • Skhánaróton - I wouldn't use that if I were you, Tertanai.
  • Hachi - Lemmo, put the ring down.
  • Arsac - Tertenai use that ring and I will throw you into a hole not even you can escape from.
  • Koluap - I think I broke a nail. or a rib.
  • Skhánaróton - Guards. Sieze the group. Take them to the main ship. I'll deal with them later.

The guards shot their rifles at the team, stunning them.

  • Koluap - I'll break your nails and ribs! Not now, though.
  • Hachi - Urgh...! W-Why in the b-balls...

Hachi dropped to the floor. The Agents all went rigid, and then dropped similarly. Lemmo and Hachi. Tharaqím and UNOC went down slowly, resisting, but eventually gave out. Arkarixus resisted a little, but dropped. Sarec had some of the shots phase through him, but they had a weakening effect and he fell, trying his best to stay conscious, but it was no use. Arsac collaspes to the floor with the others.

They were all under Skhánaróton's grasp now.

Skhánaróton's ShipEdit

Hanging UpEdit

It was some time that the team was out. Where they were taken was unknown, but it was definitely Dominion territory. Nu was the first to wake up. His head rang from the blasts, and from the fact that he, and the rest of the team were upside down, over an ejection blast door. Nu struggled to break free, but he did not. He roared and jolted all of the Agents awake.

  • Lemmo - Ah, what? What the-?
  • Hachi - Mmm...five more minutes...
  • Sarec - Okay...this is not good.
  • Arsac - You think!
  • Tau - ...What? Wha!? Where are we?
  • Arkarixus - ...Problematic.
  • Apollo - What in the...
  • Koluap - Shiet!
  • Arsac - I see a blast door, we're hanging above it...I'd say incapacittated.
  • Lemmo - So we are going to get sacrificed or something?
  • Hachi - Hmm? W-What's this about sacrifice?
  • Macin - Ngh...sacrificed to demons. Can't end like this.

As Nu looked up, he noticed the team were tied by hands and feet with metallic cables. Psi swung himself around the chamber, but as he hit the wall, he was shocked by the charge in it. The wall sparked with huge bolts of lightning, much like a Tesla coil.

  • Koluap - Alright. Don't touch the wall.
  • Hachi - B-But it sparkles!
  • Koluap - It sparkles and kills you!
  • Psi - S-s---sshsshs-ssiná'in.
  • Quinniath - Sparkles? Perhaps there are vampires in the Dominion?
  • Lemmo - ...What?
  • Sarec - So we're hanging from cables above a blast door...which I sense vaccum outside...and the walls are electrified.
  • Apollo - I take they are going to throw us into space then.
  • Tau - Hazard a guess as to where we are?
  • Koluap - Somewhere where we should not be, for one.

Zeta looked up and examined the chamber. Sarec closed his eyes and addempted to acces his expanded consciousness to pinpoint where they were on the ship. As Sarec did so, he found that they were in an energy projector barrel.

  • Hachi - Hmm, I'd prefer the food court.
  • Sarec - Want the good news or the bad news?
  • Koluap - There are good news?
  • Zeta - Good news would be nice right around now.
  • Sarec - Well the good news is they haven't abandoned us and left us to die. The bad news is we're inside one of the ship's energy cannons.
  • Zeta - I was expecting good news.
  • Koluap - Worst good news ever.
  • Eta - We're inside an energy projector. Great. Greeaaat.
  • Hachi - Hey, it's not all bad.
  • Koluap - I bet you don't even know what an energy projector is.
  • Hachi - At least we're all here together, like a biiiig family!

As Upslion looked down through the blast door, he noticed a slight reflection. They were overhead something, but not quite sure what.

  • Upslion - Some good news is that there is something beneath us.
  • Sarec - Seeing as this is an energy projector, I can guess it is something that may be able to help me.
  • Nu - How far away?
  • Apollo - So it doesn't lead to space. That's more conforting.
  • Upsilon - Eighty, ninety thousand foot drop by the looks of it.
  • Nu - Hachi first then.
  • Hachi - Blow me.

Nu roared at Hachi, which caused the chamber to spark up again.

  • Koluap - Don't provoke the big mean walls of death!
  • Arsac - Nintey thousand? That's almsot three times the length of the Warlord-Class's main gun!
  • Upslion - It *is* a drop through space.
  • Apollo - I really don't know what to do then.
  • Sarec - I could try something.
  • Tau - Nu, use that damn mapper thing you have.
  • Nu - Heh. I'd rather see what the Draconis-thing has to do.

Lemmo simply remained silent, unsure what to do. At that, Kezoreg began to woke up.

  • Kezoreg - Ugh...huh? What the...You know what, nevermind.

Sarec attempted to phase out in order for his body to pass through his bonds. WHich would leave him levitating where he hung. As Sarec did so, it worked. He drifted away from his bonds. His body returning to a solid state as he floated there.

  • Sarec - And here I was expecting some counter to my abilities.
  • Nu - I call Shenanigans.
  • Hachi - Teehee, I love it when he does that.
  • Psi - Just get us outta here! C'mon, getting bored here.

Sarec raised his hands, which did the same thing to everyone else. His eyes glimmered as he held everyone aloft with his energies.

  • Apollo - This feels weird.
  • Macin - It it a normal feeling. Fear not.
  • Koluap - It's unconfortable as hell still.
  • Nu - What the--
  • Lemmo - Wha- wha? What are you doing to me? My body! My hat! My money!
  • Koluap - Calm your beak, thing.
  • Hachi - I...I-I feel k-kinda good.
  • Sarec - Just imagine you're all floating in water.
  • Quinniath - I feel so... high.
  • Nu - Grrr.

Sarec looked up and floated upwards, pulling everyone with him. The barrel rushed past as everyone travelled at high speed towards the top of the chamber.

  • Psi - What-what what's goin' on?!
  • Hachi - I aint gone this fast since I saw that magazine store!
  • Apollo -'s not so bad after all.
  • Arkarixus - I could go faster than this, but hey, I cannot fly.
  • Lemmo - I am flyyyying!
  • Sarec - I'd rather not get everyone sick, we should be at the top in a few minutes.

As they were flying, the chamber began to spark up again. Hachi and Macin could feel static in their fur.

  • Arsac - Okay this feeling isn't good.
  • Hachi - Eeeh...t-this feels funny.
  • Macin - This is unconfortable!

As this happened, Tau's and Nu's displays began to fuzz.

  • Sarec - I'm going to try and create a faraday cage. Should keep us safe from this static.
  • Hachi - A what?
  • Arsac - Physics. Basically a shield against the electricity.

The barrel began to hum.

  • Nu - Ah crap.
  • Koluap - Faster faster faster!
  • Hachi - ...We're walkin in the air....

Sarec sped the mall up, theelectricity began to flow around the group as Sarec channeeld his energies to create a shield

  • Nu - Don't think the shield's gonna help you in a minute.
  • Sarec - I'll boost it as best I can. If not, i'll phase us out again.

As it hummed louder, the barrel began to spark heavier as it illuminated.

  • Tau - Ah siná'in. This thing is gonna fire.

Sarec's eyes shone as he phased everyone out, which - in theory - would allow themto escape the blast. They were only a hundredmetres or so fro mthe top. The barrel sparked and hummed very loudly, as Tau's and Nu's systems were going haywire.

  • Macin - This is why I don't like these sky machines!
  • Upslion - Quicker dammit!
  • Sarec - This is going to get energetic!

Sarec and the group managed to reach the object and he pinned them all to the wall. As they hit the wall, they passed right through. As they went through, they found themselves in the control room for the energy projector. As they hit the ground, the weapon stopped, and all eyes from the engineers looked at them.

  • Sarec - Okay crisis averted.
  • Kezoreg - What the fuck are you looking at?!
  • Engineer - Intruder! Sound the alarm!
  • Koluap - Oh no you don't!

Sarec threw his amrs out and in seconds the eingineers were pinned to the floro by high gravity.

  • Lemmo - Woo, magic.

Another Engineer was next to the alarm, and sounded it. The siren went off, and lights began to flash.

  • Nu - Ah crap.
  • Lemmo - I smell trouble.
  • Apollo - Uh-oh...

Kezoreg approached the engineer and snapped his neck in moments.

  • Kezoreg - Right, time to defile his corpse...
  • Arsac - Defensive positions. Now.

While the group was not paying attention, a dark sillhoette appeared out of a wall and grabbed Apollo, shutting his mouth. The sillhoette then shifted through the wall again, taking Apollo with it. The Agents all primed their weapons and looked around the area for enemies, but found none. Hachi grabbed his sword and held it closely.

  • Koluap - Reminds me of that one time on Karnak's ship. You met the Marinoxidiz too, didn't ya Apollo?...Apollo? Where did you go?
  • Sarec - Where's Apollo...
  • Lemmo - Oh, duuude...

Lemmo primed his pistols.

  • Tau - Oh great. We've lost the Libertus.
  • Hachi - That's a bad thing?
  • Koluap - Of course it's a bad thing, you dingus!
  • Sarec - Something tells me we're getting picked off. Everyone form a defensive ring.

The Agents did so, looking around with their weapons. Koluap, Arkarixus and Macin did it too, Macin appeared more nervous than usual. Lemmo took a grenade in his left hand and Senla in his right hand, preparing to fight.

  • Arsac - I made a promise to that Libertus...what happened!
  • Hachi - Hmm? What's wrong, Macin?
  • Macin - Evil energy...I felt it...
  • Sarec - Yeah...there's something here.

Sarec closed his eyes and attempted to ascertain what was stalking them, but could not find anything.

  • Hachi - Man...I hope it's a p-prostitute.
  • Kezoreg - I hope it's a Xhodocto!
  • Lemmo - I hope it's your death, kid.
  • Arsac - Quiet both of you!

The sirens and lights went off, and everything was seemingly quiet, but not eerily quiet.

  • Tau - Hm. Guess they're not looking for us anymore.
  • Arkarixus - Sudden silence. Never a good sign.
  • Nu - I dunno. Doesn't feel like when Santorakh was here.

As Nu looked around, there was an exit to the rest of the ship.

  • Nu - Guess we go that way then.
  • Upsilon - I've figured out what was under us. We're right over Draynia now.
  • Koluap - So the plant idiot took us right where we want to go?
  • Tau - Never usually a good thing.
  • Macin - So we must destroy this do we do that?
  • Arsac - A place liek this needs a power source. Which we could use to cause a cascade reaction.
  • Zeta - Usually we blow it up from the inside. Guess that's what we've got to do here.
  • Tau - Well, we've got to get into Draynia first. This is a ship.
  • Macin - Oh. We are not in there yet then.
  • Kalcedia - Anybody know where this bird is heading?
  • Lupercal - No idea.
  • Arsac - We're heading to Draynia, some superweapon the Dominion are building.
  • Tau - Well, it's not moving. Probably means we can get to Draynia through a hangar.
  • Lemmo - Isn't it too dangerous?
  • Nu - Just cause you run away from everything doesn't mean it's dangerous. Heck, I didn't say it wasn't dangerous.
  • Koluap - Let's just go then.

Saluting your EnemyEdit

Nu lead on, with the Agents following. They all kept a low profile, moving quietly. Nu seemingly already knew the structure of the ship, which confused the Agents slightly, but trusted his bearings. Koluap, Arkarixus and Macin followed close.

  • Kalcedia - So, Nu, where are we heading?
  • Nu - The Hangar.
  • Tau - Wait, how do you know where we're going?
  • Nu - ...Dunno. Just intuition I guess.
  • Arsac - I've done that before.

As they got to a certain point, they were over a walkway. Below them stood thousands upon thousands of elite-class soldiers. Kalcedia pulled out her rifle.

  • Kalcedia - Time to crack a few eggs!
  • Koluap - Too many. Stand down.
  • Arsac - you have any tricks ot keep us hidden?
  • Sarec - I can make us all look like Dominion soldiers to the outside.
  • Lemmo - Told you. Dangerous.
  • Kalcedia - Wait, you mean...disguise time?
  • Tau - Good idea.
  • Quinniath - No way! I won't pretend to be the enemy!

Kalcedia placed her rifle back within her body and began to shift her form again, transforming into the Dominion-aligned Zazane she was earlier. Hachi watched as she transformed.

  • Tau - In that case, hide everyone whose race isn't Dominion.
  • Lemmo - Does the Dominion use bounty hunters?
  • Eta - Seriously doubt it.

Sarec turned to the group and his eyes flashed. It felt like an almost apinless transformation as reality shifted them into their new forms.

  • Lemmo - Two legs? Are you kidding me?
  • Hachi - Teehee, I like this look!
  • Koluap - Heugh, this feels so bad.

Sarec and Arsac were now Kicath, ad Arkarixus had been turned into a Klowpar. Lemmo looked at his body, now that of a Dracogonarious. Hachi then posed. As he did, a Mahanayan, Auatorom and Zí-Jittorám walked the opposite way with their weapons. Lemmo stumbled.

  • Arsac - I feel...thin. Why couldn't you have altered the space around us to LOOK like we were the species we are now?
  • Arkarixus - Sssssuch bizarre biology. It feelssss unconfortable.
  • Kalcedia - What are you talking about? It makes me feel

As the three walked down, the Mahanayan stopped and observed the haphazard group.

  • Mahanayan - What are you all doing up here?

Sarec turned around and saluted the Mahanayan, who looked awkwardly at Sarec. Kalcedia and Hachi saluted, Kezoreg simply stood still without care.

  • Arkarixus - ...We were going back to our posssstssss, ssssir.
  • Sarec - Routine patrol sir. We cannot have this area open to infiltrators can we?

The Auatorom spoke to the Mahanayan.

  • Auatorom - ...Saluting?
  • Mahanayan - Must be new.
  • Macin - Erm...yes. We just got here.
  • Mahanayan - Hmph. Where are you going to anyway?
  • Sarec - Merely checking the corridor. Is there something the matter sir?
  • Lemmo - Heil Draguros, comrade horse-thingie!..

The Zí-Jittorám and Auatorom pointed their rifles at Lemmo. Lemmo coughed.

  • Lemmo - My apologies, brother. It happens to me.
  • Auatorom - ...Brother? You must have been hit on the head as a child.
  • Mahanayan - Hmph. Make sure you return to your post. We leave in 20 minutes.
  • Sarec - Leave?
  • Mahanayan - The entire content of this ship is being relocated to Draynia in 20 minutes. Make sure you don't miss the opening.
  • Sarec - Apologies but we never recieved the notification.
  • Kalcedia - Oh I don't miss any openings...

Kalcedia then coughed.

  • Sarec - Understood.

The trio of Dominion walked past them and towards the front of the ship. Tau smacked Lemmo on the arm.

  • Tau - Idiot. What was all that
  • Sarec - Horse-person?
  • Kalcedia - You could have got us all shot, dipshit!
  • Arkarixus - You watch what you sssssay in front of an enemy. You sssshould have learned that ssssince the Borealisss war.
  • Lemmo - Sorry for that.

Apollo and ApolloEdit

Nu moved on through the ship, the team noticing all different kinds of machinery. They reached the hangar, which had small shuttles there. It was remarkably empty, but it would not be in 20 minutes.

  • Koluap - I expected more cultists.
  • Arsac - I be they're on their way. Let's take a shuttle and go.

Before they could proceed, Apollo appeared out of a corridor.

  • Apollo - head...
  • Kalcedia - Oh look! It's the Libertus!

Kalcedia ran over and hugged Apollo. And a few moments later, a second Apollo appeared out of the same corridor. Kalcedia had a confused look on her face and raised an eyebrow, stepping away from Apollo.

  • Apollo 2 - head...
  • Sarec - Not good.
  • Kalcedia - ...Right, what the hell?
  • Kezoreg - Oh this is just too good.
  • Koluap - This is more Apollo than I'm used to.
  • Apollo 1 - What are you...wait a minute. Who is this?
  • Apollo 2 - Excuse me? Who are YOU?

Hachi stepped back and looked at the two of them.

  • Hachi - Prepare for trouble!
  • Kezoreg - And make it double!
  • Sarec - Easy Appolo. It's us, your teammates.
  • Lemmo - Clones!
  • Apollo 2 - I know but who is this clone?
  • Apollo 1 - Clone? You are the doppleganger here!
  • Arsac - Are we going to have to figure our who is the real Apollo?
  • Apollo 1 - I'm the real Apollo!
  • Apollo 2 - No, I am! Seriously, this is silly.
  • Hachi - Hmm...I gotta idea!
  • Nu - Heck. Shoot them both.

Tau smacked Nu in the side. Hachi ran between the two of them and looked at them both.

  • Hachi - What's your wife's name?
  • Both Apollos - Gianne Inviá.

Arsac folded her arms and groaned.

  • Hachi - ...What's her phone number?
  • Apollo 2 - I do wonder how she's doing.
  • Apollo 1 - How do you know my wife's name? This is creeping me out.
  • Arsac - Try something more personal.
  • Tau - Hm. Who saved your life on May 21, 2781?
  • Apollo 1 - Erm...
  • Apollo 2 - Kithworto did. He kept complaining how I shot his head.

The Agents pointed their rifles at the first Apollo.

  • Apollo 1 - Hmpf. Guess I don't know enough of "mister president" after all. Not that it matters.

The first Apollo's form was surrounded by a black fog, and then morphed into the shape of a demonic Basileus.

  • Mar-Júun - You will all die here anyway.
  • Apollo - Mar-Júun!
  • Lemmo - An Imperial?!
  • Arsac - The fuck are you?
  • Kezoreg - Ech!

From seemingly nowhere, Skhánaróton jumped down from the rafters, shaking the hangar. Arsac extended her claws.

  • Koluap - And plant guy!
  • Kezoreg - ECH!
  • Arsac - Mar-Júun I am afraind this president is under our protection!
  • Mar-Júun - Oh, hello, Zí-Jittorám. You want to participate in this little slaughter?

Kalcedia drew her rifle from her body, practically tearing it out from her stomach.

  • Kalcedia - Place both of your hands in the air!
  • Mar-Júun - Pfff. Guns. Please.
  • Skhánaróton - Heck. I'm going to enjoy this one. I didn't kill you all before...

Skhánaróton flexed his neck, with a black spark of energy streaming across him.

  • Skhánaróton - But you're sure as Inferno that i'm going to kill all of you now.
  • Arsac - ...Fuck.
  • Mar-Júun - I failed to kill Apollo years ago, but that changes today.

Sarec folded his arms and levitated into the air.

  • Hachi - about grabbing a shuttle and getting off this place?
  • Mar-Júun - Do try. I can go over to Draynia and order your shuttle taken down.
  • Skhánaróton - Or better, we just slaughter all of them here.
  • Arsac - Smug as the rest of your kind. I'll enjoy smearing the walls with your black blood!

Mar-Júun prepared two dagger-like blades on his hands. Koluap readied his axe, Arkrixus channeled energy on his hands and Macin prepared energy herself. Sarec threw a pressure wave at Mar-Juun. He was thrown off his feet and disappeared in the shadows of the room. Kezoreg's fist were engulfed in black fire and he grinned. Hachi drew his sword and began to channel Dream Energy through his body. Kalcedia simply had her rifle at the ready. The Agents fired their weapons at the duo, sending bolts of plasma everywhere. Kalcedia began to fire her rifle in all directions, unleashing explosive bullets across the room.Skhánaróton slammed his foot into the ground, sending out a black wave of energy, flooring the Agents before shooting off into the rafters again.

  • Tau - Hmph!
  • Psi - Man this is gonna suck.
  • Sarec - Okay he's definitely more dangerous than last time.

Koluap flew out of the energy's way and tried to slash at Skhánaróton with his axe. Arsac leapt up into the air and spread her wings. Lemmo tossed a grenade at Skhanaroton's feet.

  • Koluap - Weed hacking time!
  • Hachi - Quite athletic for a flower.
  • Sarec - Come out Basileus...I can sense you wherever you hide...

Mar-Júun appeared out of a wall and tried to backstab Apollo. Arsac flew downwards and attempted to dive into Mar-Juun flaws-first. As Arsac did so, Skhánaróton shot out of the darkness, charging in to her. The Agents started to fire at the duo again, with Nu pulling out more of the slipspace grenades.

  • Sarec - This should level the playing field.
  • Nu - This killed you last time!

Sarec threw his arms open, engulfing the chamber in bright lights. Mar-Júun was hit and staggered back. Apollo shot him with his pistols, causing him to grunt in pain and unleash tentacles out of his back to slahs at Sarec. Kalcedia continued firing, this time shooting at Mar-Júun with her explosive rounds. Skhánaróton slammed Nu across the room before disappearing from the lights.

  • Eta - Since when was the bastard descended?
  • Mar-Júun - There is no Miluiel to save you this time!

Kalcedia's shots caused parts of Mar-Júun to explode, though they merely regenerated. He thrusted himself forward and delivered a slash at Kalcedia's face. Sarec dodged the tentacles and fired chains of electricity at Mar-Juun

  • Sarec - No Miluiel no. But I'm close.

Sarec's shock caused Mar-Júun to stagger. Macin used the opportunity and blasted him with Dream Eneryg, causing him to roar in pain. Kalcedia staggered back, but she quickly headbutted Mar-Júun as he was close to her and continued sending explosive rounds through his body. Lemmo simply continued shooting Mar-Juun. Skhánaróton reappeared, grabbing Kalcedia from the head and lifting her up.

  • Kalcedia - Ugh! G-Get off me!

Arkarixus levitated and fired blasts of energy at Skhánaróton, while Koluap chopped with him with his axe. Mar-Júun hid himself in the shadows again. Arsac landed on the floor. She then leapt forward ot lpunge her power claws into Skhánaróton's stomach. Kezoreg ran for Skhánaróton from behind, grinning as he did.

  • Koluap - Stop running away from me, you weed!

Skhánaróton growled in pain from all of the attacks. Sarec threw orbs of light all over the room.

  • Skhánaróton - Fine. I'LL MAKE YOU RUN.
  • Sarec - You can't hide in shadow when there are no shadows to hide in...

Skhánaróton disappeared, and then reappeared - this time, with duplicates of himself. The lights revealed Mar-Júun's location, as he was about to backstab Macin. Hachi squeaked and threw his sword at Mar-Júun.

  • Hachi - Look out!
  • Mar-Júun - Uhmpf, stupid Nar scum!

Sarec teleported behind Mar-Juun and threw a pressure-wave and reached for his tail. Hachi's sword penetrated Mar-Júun as he was grabbed by Sarec. He let out a loud grunt and tried to shake him off.

  • Nu - Is it me or is there more than one Zí-Jittorám now?
  • Arkarixus - More than one is too many.
  • Tau - Yeah you idiot, there's nine of them!
  • Kezoreg - I gon getcha!
  • Mar-Júun - Get your filthy hands off me!

Kezoreg began to punch one of the Zí-Jittorám with blinding punches. When Kezoreg did, the Zí-Jittorám disappeared.

  • Lemmo - Wha? How did the brat do that?
  • Sarec - Okay.

Sarec tensed his muscles and threw Mar-Júun against a wall and then another wall. Macin fired blasts of essence at all the Skhánarótons. Mar-Júun's body turned itself into a black goop-like substance as he was slammed. They all stood and hurled a bolt at the group, but only the Agents were floored again, apart from Nu. Skhánaróton looked surprised at Nu. Kezoreg stood beside Nu and folded his arms, grinning.

  • Kezoreg - Now you're fucked.

Koluap used the opportunity and slashed at Skhánaróton's legs.

  • Sarec - You can run Mar-Júun. But we will meet again.
  • Mar-Júun - Who says I am running?

Skhánaróton stumbled, but looked at Koluap. He turned and hurled a bolt at Koluap. Koluap shouted and jumped out of the way. And out of the ground in front of him, Mar-Júun emerged again. He smacked Koluap, sending him flying against a wall, unconscious. Sarec fires more arcs of electricity at Mar-Júun. As Skhánaróton turned again, Nu's hand grasped his throat, and lifted him off the ground. Skhánaróton struggled to break free, throwing bolts at Nu with seemingly no effect.

Mar-Júun shouted in pain as he was hit. He noticed Nu and tried to slash at him next. Kezoreg leaped up and began punching Skhánaróton's torso with ever-increasing speed from his Descension-fuelled fists. Sarec teleported in front of Mar-Júun and punched him in the stomach. Skhánaróton roared, and teleported out of his grasp. Nu turned to Mar-Júun and hurled his fist at his face. The combined attacks caused Mar-Júun to be launched into a wall and fall on his stomach.

  • Mar-Júun - How in the Devourer's name did you do that?!
  • Skhánaróton - Agh....retreat.
  • Sarec - Can't you guess?
  • Mar-Júun - Retreat? Ugh...
  • Kezoreg - Yeah you'd better run! Pussies!

Mar-Júun started to disappear in a black smoke, but not before being headshot one more time by Apollo. Kalcedia looked to Apollo with a raised eyebrow. Skhánaróton sent out a black bolt of energy before disappearing.

  • Kalcedia - That was impressive.
  • Apollo - He keeps trying to kill me...creeper.
  • Tau - I have a feeling we'll see them again.

Koluap woke up, holding on his head.

  • Koluap - Weed hacking over?...sheesh, didn't get a chance to do anything.
  • Arsac - Apollo I am glad you are safe.
  • Apollo - Thank you, all. But what is going on with the Agent?

Nu fell to his knees, struggling to stay standing. From his eyes and mouth, the same black liquid from before seeped out.

  • Sarec - Hopefully he is experiencing an excess of fluid pressure.
  • Lemmo - Oh shi...
  • Tau - Dal'nyur above...someone check what's going on.

Arsac walked over to Nu and knelt down, she looked closely at the leaking to ascertain the issue.

  • Kezoreg - I think he's dying.
  • Hachi - Why'd you say that?
  • Kezoreg - Do you see healthy people doing that?
  • Arsac - Nu can you hear me, I want you to link your HUD to my eye. Can you do that...Nu?

As Arsac cot close she became unsettled. She felt something off. Nu looked up at Arsac, his eyes appearing glazed and white. However, his HUD linked to her eye. Arsac used her uplink to run a diagnostic on his systems and check his condition.

  • Arsac - Something's not right. Nu? Nu if you can hear me stay with me.

As she did, she found that the data she got back was fragmented, stuttering all over the place.

  • Lemmo - Why bother? He's always nuts. Nothing gonna make him worse.
  • Arkarixus - He has not done this before.
  • Arsac - His systems are malfunctioning. I'm getting corrupted data. Nu!

As Arsac shouted, Nu vomited black liquid everywhere.

  • Hachi - ...Pleasant.
  • Tau - We can't get to an infirmary now. Those soldiers are coming!
  • Koluap - Ngh, get him on the shuttle. There should be an infirmary on the weapon-place.
  • Eta - Dal'nyur...we'll have to hope he can survive the rest of the journey before we get back to Kithworto.
  • Hachi - P-Please tell me he'll be o-okay.
  • Arsac - ...I don't know. Get him on the shuttle now.
  • Macin - We don't have much time. Hurry.

Upslion and Zeta got a hold of Nu and lifted him to his feet; his arms over their shoulders. Arsac disconnected from Nu's HUD and helped him onboard the shuttle. The team got on the shuttle, with Nu struggling to keep conscious, drifting in and out.

Battle for DrayniaEdit

Nu's SicknessEdit

The shuttle flight didn't take long. A minute at the most. As they moved, the visor showed the huge, black ring structure. It was Draynia.

  • Koluap - This is it, fellas.
  • Tau - Phew. Hm. Kithworto's sending me the map of the structure right now.
  • Sarec - Then I suppose you are our guide.
  • Macin - This place...makes me cringe...
  • Tau - I could just upload it to everyone's...whatever piece of technology you have to coordinate yourselves.
  • Kezoreg - A woman as a guide? You're joking, right?

Tau slammed her foot down on Kezoreg's tail, causing the shuttle to shake. Kezoreg cringed and tears streamed down his face, biting his lower lip hard. Koluap let out a loud cackle.

  • Arsac - Watch your tongue mutant.
  • Hachi - But I didn't say anything!
  • Sarec - She meant Kezoreg Hachi.
  • Hachi - Oh. Yeah he's a jerk.
  • Apollo - Anything on that map saying where the most vulnerable point is?

Eta laughed, whilst Nu didn't. Upsilon was startled that Nu was quiet.

  • Tau - says the power core is actually a ring structure that follows through the ship as well. So there's no one room.
  • Arkarixus - That might be a problem.
  • Tau - But, there are probably central control rooms where we could shut it down, overload it, whatever.
  • Arsac - Perhaps not. If we can break the circuit, we can cause an overload.
  • Tau - Exactly my point.
  • Hachi - This sounds an awful lot like a suicide mission.
  • Upsilon - You alright there, Nu?

Nu clearly was not alright. He was quiet, and looked somewhat tired.

  • Nu - ...Fine. Just fine.
  • Koluap - Hey you. Kithworto's buddy. You awfully quiet.
  • Sarec - You sure, something's not right with you.
  • Nu - I'm fine, really.
  • Tau - Heck, you are NOT alright.
  • Hachi - H-Hey old lady...w-why did you get T-Teacher to send me to f-fight demons?
  • Macin - To make you unlock your ascension potential. And it worked.

Nu struggled to move his neck. It was almost as if he had a fever. Arsac looked around the shuttle for medical equipment ot use on Nu in order ot see awht was wrong

  • Zeta - We can't have Nu like this. It's going to slow us down and he's more than likely going to get killed.
  • Apollo - Perhaps he could wait on the shuttle then?
  • Eta - Probably get him shot quicker.

Hachi approached Nu, a concerned look on his face. As the shuttle got closer, it started the landing sequence. Hachi then proceeded to tightly hug Nu's leg. Nu looked at Hachi, but did not, or could not do anything to move him.

  • Hachi - Cuddles always make people feel better!
  • Arsac - When I tried to access his HUD something was up with his systems. Given how dependant he is on his cybernetics, whatever's affecting him is affecting his implants too.
  • Upsilon - I told Alpha the Agent IV program was a bad idea.

Kalcedia was preparing her rifle in a corner of the room, staying to herself. She gave a glare towards Nu, a distrustful glare.

  • Kalcedia - Talk about a guilt trip.

Tau removed Nu's helmet from his armor. As she looked, Nu appeared very worn down, his eyes were somewhat dull and he was bearing his teeth.

  • Apollo - This is highly unconfortable.
  • Tau - Upsilon, carry him over your shoulder. If we can't leave him, we'll take him.
  • Kalcedia - *quietly* What if that's not Nu?
  • Nu - Si-....sinásátinmatzká.
  • Eta - Heck, that's definitely Nu.

Arsac found a first-aid kit and took what she could from it.

  • Arsac - And here I thought Imperial medicine was advanced...
  • Arkarixus - Get yourself together, Kicath. You are better than this.
  • Kalcedia - Really? I say we keep him here, where he can't harm us. Who knows what that Xhodocto did to him during that encounter?
  • Tau - If Santorakh did do something to Nu, we'd know by now.
  • Hachi - What are you trying to say, boob lady?
  • Kalcedia - I'm saying, what if he becomes more than a liability?
  • Arsac - Are you sure his condition isn't enough of an indicator, Tau?
  • Hachi - Hmph. Well if Nu can't fight, I'll fight for him.
  • Koluap - Pfff.
  • Tau - Right...I guess we'll have to keep him here. Sarec, cloak the ship so that they can't find Nu when we get out.
  • Sarec - Will do.

As the ship landed, Upsilon went to the door. Tau put her pistol in Nu's hand, which he clenched weakly.

  • Arsac - As much as he needs medical attention. We have more pressing matter.
  • Upsilon - Here we go.

Koluap and Arkarixus walked out, while Macin floated out. Sarec rested his hand on the bulkhead, from the otuside the ship faded out of existence. Hachi gave Nu's leg a friendly lick and he went with the other Agents. Kalcedia passed by Nu without a glance while Kezoreg followed behind her.

  • Hachi - I'm scared...Please, keep yourself safe, Nu.
  • Nu - Don't worry. I've survived stupider things than this.

Arsac sighed and searched through her supply pack. She planted a device on Nu and leaned towards his ear.

  • Arsac - "Never give up. Never stand down. And you will prosper."

Nu looked sincerely at Arsac for a brief moment before looking to his side. Arsac stood up and left the shuttle. Sarec followed aftwerwards, closing the shuttle door behind him.

The Dominion TrainEdit

Miraculously, the hangar was empty. The architecture was very different from the general Dominion type - it was black,and clean cut, and very futuristic. But above all, it was plain. Apollo was cautious but looked around with keen interest.

  • Kezoreg - Boring!
  • Koluap - Oh boy, this is gonna be good!
  • Eta - Pretty plain.
  • Sarec - Someone's been taking lessons on efficiency.
  • Tau - Turns out there's a control room on the other part of this ship. And...there's transport there.
  • Eta - Yeah. Transport. Also known as Death Train.
  • Arsac - Structures this size usually have an in-built tram system for strategic purposes.
  • Arkarixus - After seeing Regnatus' insides, a Death Train doesn't sound so bad.
  • Tau - Well, there's a station point right there. Guess we'll have to wait for the next train.
  • Hachi - ...What's a train?
  • Tau - Transport system. Carries lots of people.
  • Sarec - Do you remember those on-rails vehicles we saw on Vencortium Hachi?
  • Hachi - Ah yeah, I remember those! ...They made me sick, I don't like them.
  • Macin - There will be enemies on the transport.
  • Upsilon - If Dominion transport is anything like Kicathian transport, then taking weapons on the train is a stupid idea.
  • Sarec chuckled - I think someone gets travel sickeness.
  • Kalcedia - That's either going to be adorable or really annoying.

Tau and the other Agents went to the station. As she looked over the track, she realised there wasn't one. It went out to space.

  • Tau - ...Yeah. Weapons look like a bad idea.
  • Koluap - Well I hope we don't have to wait much.
  • Kezoreg - That's not what you said about your wrinkles, old man.
  • Koluap - Shut your bratty mouth, baby.

Kezoreg stuck out his tongue at Koluap, who responded by hissed at Kezoreg, showing off his three rows of sharp teeth.

  • Arkarixus - Stop that.
  • Koluap - He started it!

Apollo placed his palm on his face. Around ten minutes passed. Tau was bored and started juggling two icosahedron-shaped dice with her fingers. Macin created an orb of Dream Energy on her hands and then ate it.

  • Tau - Heck. For a god-ruled cult, they're not good with train times.

Hachi stared at Macin, his eyes wide. Arsac wandered over to a console to check the train scheudles. Macin spoke with her mouth full.

  • Macin - Sehf-sustahning power. Yhu lhearn it in thme.
  • Psi - Aw, come on.
  • Hachi - I wonder...

Hachi proceeded to create a small ball of Dream Energy in his hands before raising it to his mouth, followed by an explosion that sent him flying across the room. Macin let out a quiet chuckle, while Koluap let ot a loud cackle. Sarec sighed and shook his head with a smile.

  • Eta - Never understood the point of essence.
  • Macin - It makes life easier.

As Arsac did, she found that the next train was to arrive in 2 minutes.

  • Sarec - Elemental Energy is...a lot less volatile.
  • Macin - Ah yes, Dream power backfires a lot. I think Entropic power also does this.

Apollo looked over to Hachi.

  • Apollo - Are you alright, friend?
  • Hachi - Ngh...Well, I still feel hungry.

Apollo replicated some Cyrannian beverage and handed it to Hachi.

  • Hachi - I, uhh...I-I need an adult.
  • Arsac - A train should be coming two minutes from now.
  • Zeta - You know, this was not how I envisioned an apocalypse.
  • Upslion - What, waiting for a train that's late?
  • Zeta - No. Thirty people who have no clue what's going on waiting for a train.
  • Koluap - Go back to the time of the Corruptus invasion, enjoy the near-apocalypse that happened.
  • Kezoreg - I spy with my little eye something beginning with corpse - Koluap!

Tau raised her foot at Kezoreg. Koluap got out his Xhodocto Axe and glared at Kezoreg. Sarec flicked his finger, causing Kezoreg to burp involuntarily.

  • Kezoreg - Ngh! I-It was only a joke! Fuck!

As they were talking, a faint humming sound emerged. It was getting louder.

  • Kalcedia - Urgh! I've had men who come quicker than this!
  • Macin - Ugh, so filthy.
  • Arsac - Everyone get ready.
  • Arkarixus - It begins.
  • Thr'aloy - I can detect a sound. ok whos playin deir music too loud in da hedphones

As it did get louder, they realised it was actually the train. Koluap rubbed his hands together with a smile on his face.

  • Eta - Finally.
  • Tuolog - That good. I not too familiar with the sounds of those trains.

Sarec waved his hand, restoring everyone's disguises. Kalcedia morphed herself back into her busty Dominion Zazane disguise, integrating her rifle into her body to hide it. The doors opened. On the train, were all kinds of Dominion species. Dracogonarious, Spinker, Bonio, Loron'Kikra, Vorgormon, Auatorom, Kicath, Klowpar...Draconis.

As they went in there, they realised no one was standing up, and there were enough seats for all of them to sit down. Just not together.

  • Sarec - <<All aboard.>>
  • Tuolog - <<This may be slightly awkward.>>
  • Arkarixus - <<Very much ssssssso.>>

Arkarixus, Koluap and Macin all entered and sat down. Tau and the Agents sat down next to Kicathian Dominion members. Kalcedia sat down beside several Dominion members casually, a smile on her face.

  • Psi whispered - Awkward.

Arsac found a seat between two rather large Dominion members and sat tightly between them. Sarec sat down close to Hachi. The train started to move again. Some minutes later, they found the train was travelling at immensely fast speeds, but with little effect on those inside it. Kezoreg sat down next to an elderly-looking Dominion member; he tried to hold in his laugh as he did. Apollo looked very uncomfortable as he stood beside a grotesque, obese individual. They found the train to be somewhat quiet. Some Kicath were talking, whilst others were merely staring into a blank void, trying to forget the situation.

  • Dominion Spinker - Oh, I wonder what's today's orders will be.
  • Dominion Bonio - I wonder if we are allowed to make shrines in here?
  • Koluap - Pfff...I mean yeah, sure, blah.

The elderly looking member was in fact a Kicath.

  • Kicath - Problem there?
  • Kezoreg - Hmm? Oh, nothing, nothing at all.

Kezoreg continued to try and keep in his chuckling. A Loron'Kikra suddenly began singing.

  • Radeon - Silence, insolent!
  • Loron'Kikra - ngh but train rides borin...

The Kicath that the Agents were sitting next to began to talk.

  • Kicath - Hm. Haven't seen you on here before.
  • Upsilon - Transferred.
  • Kicath - Hm. Where from?
  • Upsilon - Uh...
  • Zeta - Ardonia. They wanted to move us here.
  • Vorgormon - Hey lizard. Any food?
  • Apollo - Err... I'm afraid not.

Apollo slowly edged away from the Vorgormon.

One of Arsac's neighbours, a rather gruff Draconis stared down at her. Arsac avoided eye-contact.

  • Loron'Kikra 2 - yanno wat dis train needs? pizza. an loud moosic.
  • Thr'aloy - i agree man. needs lots of it
  • Loron'Kikra - last time i tried bringin pizza abord dey beet me up cus its apparently "not in da regulashons"
  • Loron'Kikra 2 - regulashons dum somtimes ennit

Kalcedia had her legs crossed on the table she had sat at with several Dominion memebers, who could not help but notice her rather revealing uniform. She paid no attention to them, however.

  • Draconis - What do you expect Loron. Your pizzas stink up the place.
  • Draconis - I tried your pizzas once and nearly vomited. What do you brutes top them with?
  • Loron'Kikra - tasty stoof. idunno da chikz maek pizza not me
  • Loron'Kikra 2 - eh eh eh pizza smells delishus...speshully da relly niice garlic pizza...yanno pizza with garlic sauce an pepparoni...jus liek me motha used ta maek

As the train stopped, three towering Zí-Jittorám came on. The entire Dominion population the train looked at them and went quiet.

  • Kicath - Uh oh. Zí-Jittorám.
  • Thr'aloy - i tried ta maek pizza. burnt it by accident.
  • Loron'Kikra - LOL bro a frend of mine burned his hous down bak when we lived in da chosen liek dat
  • Thr'aloy - man dat happens all da time in uno- i meen...da lands dat da chosen conquered of uno

The Zí-Jittorám moved out through the train. One on one end of the train, the other on the other end, whilst the third remained in the middle, amongst the chat. Hachi crossed his legs tightly and kept very quiet as the Zí-Jittorám came on. Sitting next to Arkarixus was a rather large Klowpar, who stared at him with a smile. He looked at it with a sight of disconfort.

  • Hachi - S-Sarec...I-I need to pee.
  • Draconis - I've been on this train for an hour now and if I have to hear anymore about pizza I will consider gutting someone!

The Zí-Jittorám looked at the Draconis with its eyes fixed upon him. The Draconis turned to the Zi-Jittoram and gulped.

  • Sarec - Do these trains have toiletries?

The Zí-Jittorám then looked at Sarec, hissed, and then looked away.

  • Arkarixus - Any problem, missster?
  • Klowpar - It'sssss misssss, big boy.
  • Arkarixus - Eh!...
  • Klowpar - You've got a good pair of hornsssss...and thossse musssclessss? Hmm-hmmm.
  • Arkarixus - ...Goddess help me...
  • Sarec - <<Sorry about that Ark>>
  • Eta - Hm. So why does everyone hate the Zí-Jittorám?
  • Draconis - You haven't been here long have you.
  • Loron'Kikra - DEY ACT LIEK DEY OWN DA PLACE cept dey do
  • Kicath - They're brutal. All they care about is that they're on top and that everyone shuts up.
  • Loron'Kikra 2 - yeh man only da loronz can batta dem but da loronz too scared to
  • Draconis - At times I wish this dominion put more focus on brains.

he Zí-Jittorám growled at the Kicath, the Kicath going quiet.

  • Tuolog - I sure I could out-stare a Zi-Jittoram.
  • Loron'Kikra 2 - EH? REELY?
  • Kicath - Necsis? You mean Nexus?
  • Loron'Kikra - YEH DAT
  • Tau - <<Crap. Nexus Grox are in the Dominion?>>
  • Kezoreg - Urgh, I'm surrounded by offence, old-timer.
  • Old Kicath - Speak for yourself.
  • Sarec - Now this may be uncomfortable for you but.

Kezoreg glared at the Kicath, a demonic magma-red singe in his eye before looking away from the elder. The Old Kicath looked unnerved and turned his face. Sarec closed his eyes and tried to relieve Hachi of his bladder problem without staining his trousers.

  • Koluap - <<Grox? I'm gonna be laughing a lot.>>
  • Tuolog - <<You not know Nexus Grox...>>
  • Koluap - <<No. Not really, no.>>
  • Tuolog - <<Nexus Grox something to fear. Normal Grox weak by comparison.>>

Hachi's eyes widened and a smile crossed his face. He slumped in his chair, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

  • Klowpar - Sssssso tell me about yoursssself.
  • Arkarixus - I here...
  • Klowpar - Oh don't be ssssshy.

The Zí-Jittorám on the left end of the train looked at Hachi and seemed confused.


One of the Zí-Jittorám spoke.

  • Zí-Jittorám - You arrive when you arrive, scum.

The Loron'Kikra cowered himself. As the train kept on moving, a voice came on in the Dominion language. Tau could sort of understand it, the voice saying 'Control Room'. Kalcedia still had her legs crossed on the table, although she had fallen asleep a while ago. Her seat neighbours looked to each other awkwardly.

  • Kalcedia - Zzz...harder...zzz...faster...that's right...

Her neighbours, Auatorom, looked at her and tried to move her legs off the table.

  • Klowpar - How about we meet after work? I'm sssssure you'll like a visit from me.
  • Arkarixus - You ssssee, you...are not my type.

The Klowpar's eyes widened for a moment.

  • Klowpar - Oh...I underssssstand....such a wassste of a man.
  • Koluap - <<You just totally called yourself gay, bro.>>
  • Angazhar - <<Nnhg, ssssilence.>>

Tau looked at Arsac, and nodded. Kalcedia's eyes burst open as the Autorom tried to move her and she stood up out of her seat, an enraged look on her face.

  • Kalcedia - Perverts! I don't care how hot you are, you don't touch with permission!

The Auatorom looked at Kalcedia, confused. Arsac nodded back and squeezed out from her seat.

  • Auatorom - Eh, what did we do?
  • Kalcedia - You know what you did! If you wanted to touch you should've just asked! Urgh, manners these days!

The Auatorom looked at each other confused and then looked away. Kalcedia grunted and sat down away from the Autorom, folding her arms grumpily.


The Loron'Kikra and his friends all cracked up. Whilst they were speaking, one of the Zí-Jittorám looked irritated at Kalcedia and the Loron. The Loron'Kikra noticed and shut each other's mouths up with their hands. As Arsac stood up the Draconis grabbed her by the arm, almost in a reactionary way she slapped him.

  • Thr'aloy - psst lads dat was kinda dum tbh
  • Loron'Kikra - nah man zazanes ugly fukas
  • Thr'aloy - gud point
  • Arsac - Keep your hands off me!

The Zí-Jittorám began to open its mouth, and tongue rolled out. However, the train stopped at the Control Room. As the doors opened, fourteen Mahanayans came into the room. The Zí-Jittorám's tongue shot back into its head.

  • Loron'Kikra - oh fuk its dat mahanayan boyz
  • Tuolog - <<That make things more complicated.>>
  • Sarec - <<Everyone out. It's our stop>>
  • Thr'aloy - oi man fink im stoppin heer
  • Loron'Kikra - dats dum man yor not bad. com ova an eet sum pizza wiv us lata
  • Thr'aloy - yeh man catch ya lata

Arsac glared at the Draconis, not noticingthe Mahanayans boarding. Tau and the Agents stood up and walked out.

  • Arsac - Touch me again and I break your arm. Got it!
  • Kezoreg - It's been a pleasure, old-timer. Don't let the coffin door hit you on your way out.
  • Old Kicath - Sinásátinmatzká.

Kezoreg instantly raised from his seat and walked out, laughing. Koluap, Macin and expecially Arkarixus left rather fast. Sarec stood up quietly and dragged Arsac away from the confrontation. Thr'aloy gave the Loron'Kikra the safe sign then walked out, trying to keep his distance from the hidden UNOC members so as to avoid suspicion. Kalcedia raised from her seat and stomped out of the train, glaring at the Autorom on her way out. Hachi walked with Sarec, his tongue still hanging out of his mouth. As Kalcedia walked out, one of the Mahanayans smelt her perfume.

  • Mahanayan - You. Zazane. Halt.

The Worst Demonic PossessionEdit

Kalcedia stopped in her tracks. The Mahanayan walked out of the train, the train moving off again. He towered over Kalcedia. Kezoreg looked back and noticed the scene.

  • Kezoreg - Siná'in.
  • Mahanayan - Where did you get that?
  • Kalcedia - G-Get what, sir?
  • Mahanayan - The perfume.
  • Kalcedia - Oh, the p-perfume? It was a gift, f-from a squad mate.

Apollo walked over to the Mahanayans.

  • Apollo - Is there a problem here?
  • Mahanayan - Silence.

He then turned back to Kalcedia.

  • Mahanayan - You know, out of all the perfumes I know from study, I have never smelt that one.

The Mahanayan bared his teeth. Sarec coughed.

  • Kalcedia - Really? W-Well, if you want I-I can show you the bottle.

The Mahanayan nodded. Kalcedia pretended to reach around to grab something. As the Mahanayan was unsuspected, she turned around and lifted her leg, with the end of her sniper rifle appearing out of her sole. She kicked the Mahanayan, firing her rifle at the same time with an enhanced round. The Mahanayan roared as he was launched into outer space.

  • Tau - Well, shit.
  • Kalcedia - Woman pride, baby!
  • Koluap - Heheheheh, taht was funny.
  • Apollo - What an unpleasant fellow.
  • Tau - Come on. We must get to the control room.
  • Kezoreg - ...You blew a Mahanayan into space. A Mahanayan.
  • Sarec - I've seen more remarkable things.
  • Arkarixus - I could have broken his neck with one hand.
  • Apollo - Well done, Kalcedia!

The team entered the massive room. It was plain, and the ring that Tau mentioned cut through it.

  • Tau - Well, here we are.
  • Upsilon - Yeah. Now to find the controls.
  • Hachi - A little plain.
  • Koluap - Alright, how do we blow it up?
  • Tau - ...Not quite sure on that one.
  • Sarec - The most conclusive suggestion is to cause a core overload. The stones Kithworto gave me can take us right back to him.

As the team were talking, the Mahanayan quickly returned. He jetpacked himself into the control room, with his weapon in hand.

  • Arsac - Fuck!
  • Mahanayan - Grrr. You shouldn't have done that, scum.
  • Koluap - Oh boy, oh boy! You've come back to die!
  • Kezoreg - Hmm? Oh you're starting to piss me off!

As the Mahanayan was about to fire his weapon, a huge fist went through his chest.

  • Koluap - Hey, what?
  • Kalcedia and Kezoreg - The fuck?!
  • Hachi - ...I peed a little.

As the Mahanayan was raised by the fist that he was impaled on, the team found that it was Nu.

  • Apollo - How in the...
  • Macin - Oh, it's the Kicath.
  • Hachi - ...I peed a little more.
  • Sarec - Thank you Nu.
  • Kalcedia - Wasn't he injured?

Nu then threw the Mahanayan body aside, extremely violently, enough for the Mahanayan to almost explode on contact with the wall.

  • Arkarixus - Nu...?
  • Apollo - ...Lovely.
  • Arsac - Either he's extremely overprotective of us or...
  • Sarec - Something is very very wrong with him.
  • Hachi - ...Cleanup on Aisle 7.

Nu moved into the light. As he did, they found that Nu's flesh was severely darkened, his eyes whitened and his armor flaky and rusty. Sarec reached telepathically into Nu's mind.

  • All of the Agents - Shit.
  • Koluap - Okay, I don't think that's normal.
  • Sarec - <<Nu can you hear me? Something is very wrong with you.>>

Nu spoke. As he did, it wasn't Nu's voice. The voice was hideously familiar.

  • 'Nu' - You didn't think I was gone forever, did you?

Kalcedia already had her rifle positioned and shot at Nu, barely missing his head but striking his shoulder.

  • Kalcedia - What was it I said?
  • Arkarixus - ...Santorakh.
  • Arsac - Double-fuck.

As the shot hit him, Nu's shoulder went out of place. As he moved, the shoulder went back in, clicking and crunching.

  • Macin - Ewwwwwgh!
  • Kalcedia - Oh that's nasty.
  • Santorakh - I'll make sure Nu dies horrifically and that his body is sent back less than gracefully.
  • Koluap - Hmmmm he was possessed by a Xhodocto. Damnit Kithworto you better show up right now and get us out of this mess.

The Agents began to fire at Nu's body, taking much of the damage. Koluap fired his shotgun at Nu, while Macin and Arkarixus fired their essence. Sarec teleported in front of Nu and smacked him in the side of the head with unnatural force

  • Hachi - ...Why are you hurting Nu? Dunt hurt Nu!
  • Arkarixus - It's not Nu, it's a Xhodocto!

As that happened, Nu's neck snapped. He then turned back at Sarec, his neck crunching again. He then hurled Sarec across the room. Sarec hit the wall, a Sarec-shaped indentation was left behind as he fell out of it. Kezoreg clenched his fists and roared out angrily. He moved unnaturally fast towards Nu.

  • Kezoreg - I'll kill you to death!
  • Sarec - That was not every polite...

Nu walked up to Arkarixus. Two black hand like appendages appeared from his own arms, and lifted Arkarixus up by the head. Arkarixus grunted and his back limbs extended to bash at Nu. Apollo fired at Nu's head with his pistols in an attempt to release Arkarixus. Sarec stood up and ran for Nu. As he got close he leaped at the body and was absorbed inside. Nu twitched and groaned from the bashes. Apollo's blast broke Nu's grasp and he stumbled. Kezoreg proceeded to deliver incredibly fast punches to Nu's torso, fuelled by Descension energy. Arkarixus fell down and then tackled Nu while charging himself in eneryg. Koluap got out his Axe and walked around the fight, but hesitated.

  • Koluap - Nnngh, I really don't want to do this...

Sarec, inside Nu's body attempted to force Santorakh out. Nu's torso began to warp from Kezoreg's punches before he grabbed Kezoreg by the horns.

  • Santorakh - Angazhar's son? Why are you hitting uncle Santorakh, eh?
  • Kezoreg - ...What are you babbling on about?
  • Arsac - Kezoreg do not listen to a word he says!

Santorakh's grasp began to loose, and for a split second, broke free.

  • Nu - ...The fuck are you lot doing?!
  • Arkarixus - ...Nu?

Santorakh possessed Nu again, hurling Kezoreg into the control ring.

  • Arkarixus - Damnit.
  • Kezoreg - Fuck sake, not again!
  • Sarec - <<Let him go or by Egnozeus I swear I will drive you out myself!>>
  • Santorakh - You're gonna have to try a little harder then!

Macin charged herself in essence and wings came out of her back, until she reached her ascended form.

  • Hachi - Whoa...wish I could do that!
  • Macin - Burn for your sins, demon!

Macin let out a huge concentrated blast of Dream Energy at Nu. His body convulsed, and black liquids oozed out of Nu's joints. Nu's frame exploded, revealing his inner workings, now covered with a blackish tar-like substance and black clouds covering it.

  • Psi - That's just nasty!
  • Kalcedia - ...This makes me hungry.
  • Koluap - Ew, lady. Just ew.

Sarec focused harder in an attempt to drive Santorakh out. Santorakh's grasp broke free again, Nu's consciousness returning.

  • Nu - Okay, who the fuck shot me?!

Kalcedia pointed at Koluap.

  • Arkarixus - Nu. Don't fear but...there's a Xhodocto in your body.
  • Nu - A WHAT?!
  • Arkarixus - ...Santorakh to be precise.
  • Sarec - <<Stay calm Nu. I'm doing my best to keep him out>>

Santorakh returned to the body, sending out waves of energy throughout the room. The Agents were floored and their armor began to rust.

  • Koluap - Ngh...forgive me, Kithworto, but I'll have to deliver your friend to you in pieces!

Koluap ran up to Nu and slashed his axe at him. Koluap managed to sever off Nu's hand, and a black tentacle like appendage grabbed Koluap and throttle him about the room.

  • Koluap - BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA!

Apollo fired bursts of concentrated hypermatter at Nu. Sarec was forced outward slightly, causing a flash of light to burst out from Nu's mouth. Arkarixus kept bashing at Nu with his back limbs, and Macin stomred him with lighting fast punches and kicks. Santorakh screeched out, and then sent out another blast of energy. Arkarixus and Macin were both launched away into the walls. Kezoreg charged back towards Nu, his wings spread as his entire body was covered in the energy from the control ring.

  • Kezoreg - Son of a bitch!

Suddenly, Apollo had an idea. He swiftly climbed up on the control ring and tried to get Santorakh's attention.

  • Apollo - Hey, fetus face! Come and get me!
  • Koluap - I'd laugh at that remark if I wasn't being swung around by a tentacle!
  • Santorakh - Oh god, oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god!

Sarec contiued to blast energy within Nu's mind. Tau concentrated a blast at the tentacle, blowing it off his arm. Koluap came down crashing into the floor.

  • Santorakh - Hey, maybe I'll kill you in place of Angazhar! He'll be jealous!
  • Koluap - Ow...I think I broke a teeth. Or 7.

Santorakh launched more tentacles at Apollo, damaging the ring. Apollo dodged them, and continued hurling insults at Santorakh. Kezoreg aimed straight for Nu's torso, planning to break through it and disable the torso.

  • Koluap - Apollo, insulting your enemy only works when you're winning!
  • Kezoreg - Geronimo!
  • Arsac removed a rifle from her back and fired several bolts of plasma at Nu. He was thrown aside, but lifted himself back up using the tentacles.
  • Santorakh - Angazhar will be happy when I give him your head!

Arkarixus charged at Nu again and delivered a mighty punch to his head. Nu's head was twisted around completely. Santorakh sent out sharp bolts of energy at Kezoreg.

  • Kezoreg - Shit! Off course!

Kezoreg was thrown aside. Santorakh then hurled more tentacles at Apollo, damaging the ring further.

  • Apollo - Yes, maybe he'll finally declare his love for you.
  • Hachi - Cuddles make everything better!

Hachi managed to create two Dream Energy balls in his hands and ran at Nu, reaching his arms out in a hug-like gesture before making contact, slamming the balls against Nu's chasis. Macin fired a bolt at Hachi, which did not damage him, but enhanced his power. Santorakh screeched out again, and grabbed Hachi with Nu's arm. Apollo continued to run around the control ring, dodging Santorakh's tentacles which caused an increasing amount of damage to the ring.

  • Santorakh - Oh, I'm going to enjoy eating you.
  • Sarec - <<You're disgusting you know that?>>
  • Santorakh - Heck, I'm proud of it!

Koluap got up and cleaved Nu with his axe.

  • Koluap - Only I get to eat the rabbit!

Koluap's axe got stuck in the substance, but made Nu stumble. Hachi, now enhanced by Macin's shot, managed to generate an extent of Dream Energy into his foot and kicked Nu's face.

  • Hachi - I bite back!
  • Macin - Hands off the child, abomination!

Nu let go of Hachi, and returned his attention to Apollo. Koluap jumped at Nu's back, trying to get his axe back as it was stuck on him. As Nu turned around, Sarec sent a few more mind blasts at Santorakh.

  • Koluap - Ngh! Get out of there!
  • Kezoreg - Hey guys, guys...Nu's gonna be so pissed if we survive this.

Santorakh broke free again.

  • Hachi - I cuddled you and you came back!
  • Koluap - You should be thankful I didn't decapitate you! Now get my axe out of your back!
  • Koluap - I'M TRYING!
  • Apollo - Tut tut. Angazhar wouldn't be pleased. It's taking you so long to kill me.
  • Sarec - Now you are really starting to irritate me.

Santorakh's consciousness returned. He growled and sent out another blast of energy. The walls were beginning to crumble. Santorakh launched more tentacles at Apollo furiously, finally bursting the ring.

  • Macin - Oh! I see it now...
  • Kalcedia - Damn, Mr. President's doin great! I'm sure the First Lady is pleased to have a man like him!
  • Koluap - Oh, she does. They love each other a lot.

Apollo translocated at the last minute, appearing on the ground beside Koluap.

  • Koluap - You two should visit New Draka when or if we survive.
  • Apollo - We'd love that.

Santorakh let out a barrage of tentacles, grabbing everyone and lifting them up.

  • Macin - Urk!
  • Arkarixus - Agh. Problematic.
  • Koluap - Get offa me!
  • Apollo - Uggh!
  • Hachi - Ooh!
  • Kezoreg - Eeeeeh!
  • Kalcedia - Ahhh!
  • Hachi - I-It's's like one o-of my Japanese animes!
  • Sarec - Hey Santorakh do you mind if I ask something?
  • Santorakh - Not really, no.
  • Sarec - Aww, too bad.

Sarec charged Nu's body with elemental energy to counter Santorakh's presence. As it happened, a white burst of energy burst out of Nu. The tar substance turned to dust, whilst the tentacles disappeared. Santorakh screeched horrifically, and Nu's body fell to the ground. Koluap fell on the ground by his head, while Arkarixus and Macin both levitated down. Apollo fell on top of Koluap.

  • Apollo - Ugh... My apologies.
  • Koluap - Ngh, I think I broke another tooth. Or 8.

The Agents all landed on their feet. Arsac fell on her stomach, grunting as she hit the floor. Kezoreg landed on the ground with Kalcedia landing on of him and and Hachi falling on top of her.

  • Kezoreg - Well, this isn't awkward at all.
  • Kalcedia - Can somebody please get the runt out of my breasts?
  • Hachi - Mmmph mmhph mph mmmph!

Nu got back up, twitching in places. His body was heavily damaged, and sparks were coming out of him. Also, his head was twisted the other way round. Sarec used his powers over Nu's body to twist the head back around. Nu roared as he did. He looked down at his body. Very little of it remained.

  • Nu - ...How am I still alive?
  • Macin - ...Is the demon defeated?
  • Nu - Heck I dunno.
  • Apollo - And you are feeling...?
  • Sarec - I can't feel his presence.
  • Koluap - Ooooh! We did it! We beat up a Xhodocto Horseman! Hi-five, you lot!

The control ring began to blur violently, with sparks and explosions filling the room.

  • Koluap - Hmm. Perhaps later.
  • Tau - High five can come later. Get us out of here already!

Sarec appeared right next to Nu and bowed.

  • Sarec - Will do.

Kalcedia sat up and pulled Hachi out of her bosom, throwing him to Sarec as she stood up. Hachi got up as well, a large smile on his blushing face. The two stones Kithworto had given Sarec materialised within Sarec's hands. He charged them with energy, causing them to glow before slamming them together. Behind them, Draynia exploded violently...

Good and Bad NewsEdit

As Sarec did, the team disappeared in a black flash. They reappeared in Kithworto's control room, with Kithworto sitting at the controls, his legs on the dashboard, sleeping. Apollo give Koluap a weak high-five. Kezoreg jumped up and landed on Kithworto, hugging him around the neck.

  • Koluap - WAKE UP YOU BUFFON!

As Kithworto woke up, he instantly went into the Omega State.

  • Apollo - Ngh!
  • Koluap - NOT SO MUCH!
  • Kithworto - WHO SAID THAT?! Oh...right, you're back.
  • Kezoreg - Dad! Uhh, I-I mean...Ahem, Kithworto.

Kithworto returned to normal, and with his fingers, grabbed Kezoreg and put him on the ground.

  • Arkarixus - Kithworto, we have good and bad news.
  • Kithworto - Good news first.
  • Arkarixus - Draynia has been destroyed.
  • Sarec - Draynia is gone. A shame only Kithworto, Tuolog and I were the only ones who could experience the ensuing explosion.
  • Kithworto - Well, that is good. The bad news?
  • Arkarixus - Nu...has been possessed by Santorakh.
  • Kalcedia - Nu got penetrated by Santorakh

Kithworto looked at Nu and his eyes widened.

  • Kithworto - Dal'nyur above.
  • Macin - We fought, and we appear to have defeated him. But he may be still inside him.
  • Sarec - Before I left I added a few barriers. After today, Nu will...forget waht it was like to feel posessed.

Nu went up to Kithworto, but as he did, he stumbled as a black electricity went over him.

  • Tau - Uhhhh....
  • Sarec - Maybe my purge wasn't thorough enough...

Nu's eyes went white again, and he attempted to attack Kithworto. Kithworto pressed his hand against Nu's head, and, after a few moments, the eyes returned to normal again. As Kithworto moved his hand a way, a black stream collected in his hand. Apollo looked on with interest.

  • Kezoreg - You gonna eat that or can I have it?
  • Koluap - Kithworto, if you get possessed I swear to whatever god you worship I'll be....very sad with you.
  • Kithworto - Well. If he did possess me, he would be a rather unintelligent god.

Kithworto clenched his fist, and the energy dispersed.

  • Kezoreg - Aww, I wanted to be possessed! It looked awesome!
  • Sarec - You scare me. You know that?
  • Kithworto - Now...what to do with your body?

Arkarixus relaxed and fell on the ground, panting. Him, Macin and Koluap were all very bruised.

  • Arkarixus - That was the hardest fight since Mirras III.
  • Kithworto - Well, fortunately Santorakh was fighting through Nu.
  • Nu - Hello? Body?
  • Arkarixus - Hmmm. I have more bad news actually. We stumble into Skhánaróton -01 on our way to Draynia.
  • Kithworto - Skhánaróton? Hm. That is disturbing.
  • Sarec - Well...I was inside Nu's mind.
  • Koluap - Yeah. Plant guy, could shoot power off his hands.
  • Macin - And a Corruptus servant.
  • Kithworto - Even more disturbing.
  • Sarec - You lot were fighting Nu empowered by Santorakh, I was unfortunate enough to fight him myself.
  • Kithworto - You went to fight Santorakh? I must admit that is rather impressive.

A green light suddenly appeared on Apollo's right gauntlet.

  • Apollo - I'm receiving a transmission, excuse me.

Apollo walked off a few metres.

  • Kalcedia - Hah, I bet it's the President's wife nagging about him being late for dinner or something.
  • Sarec - He nearly had me a few times. Also Nu's mind; not the most desireable place in the universe.
  • Kezoreg - Neither is Kalcedia's underwear.

Kithworto let out a slight sharp breath as if it was almost laughter.

  • Koluap - Heheheh, that's what Errr told me back in the Corruptus war.
  • Nu - Hey! Body?!

Apollo returned to the group.

  • Apollo - I received a transmission from home, apparently something happened.
  • Koluap - Really? What?
  • Kithworto - This means you are leaving?

Sarec snapped his fingers and restored Nu's body, armour excluded.

  • Apollo - Oh, I've no idea. Apparently it's very important. I'm afraid I'll have to leave.
  • Kalcedia - Give the First Lady my regards!
  • Koluap - Awww, don't go! I like your company!
  • Hachi - Do you like my company?

Koluap hissed at Hachi's direction. Hachi hid behind Macin. Kithworto walked up to Apollo. Arsac walked up to Apollo and pounded her chest in a salute out of respect.

  • Kithworto - Hm. I'll take you back. Hyperspatial locators won't go down well.
  • Apollo - It was an honour serving with you all, but I'm afraid that this area of business is yours, not mine.
  • Koluap - Aw. Suppose you got a point. Give your wife and kids my regards, then.

Apollo bowed slightly, a broad smile appearing on his face. He turned to Kithworto. Kithworto looked uneasy at all the comments they were making, but returned his face to normal when he looked at Apollo.


Apollo bids the group farewell

  • Apollo - I'm ready to leave. Goodbye, my friends.

Kithworto reached his arm out, which transformed into its life-state.

  • Macin - Goodbye, good man.
  • Arkarixus - It was a pleasure.
  • Hachi - Bye Mr. President!
  • Kezoreg - I'll vote for you.
  • Sarec - Farewell Apollo.
  • Apollo - Be sure to visit my corner of Cyrannus someday!
  • Kalcedia - It'd be a pleasure!

Kalcedia winked at Apollo.

  • Kithworto - Grab my arm when you're ready.

Apollo bowed a final time and grabbed Kithworto's arm. Upon grabbing it, he and Kithworto disappeared in a bolt of blue energy. Seconds later, Kithworto returned alone.

  • Koluap - I'm gonna miss shooting at demons with him.

Sarec looked at Kithworto, feeling dishertened as though he knew why Apollo had left.

  • Kithworto - Hm. Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned his wife so much.
  • Koluap - Why not? She's a friend of mine.
  • Kithworto - ...I'll explain later.
The shadow that will be cast over your souls shall be that of death. All you can do is watch your world crumble.
Tur'ina'iad a'eldgar kal'tor thr'ranach. We declare war.
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