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The Data MatrixEdit

Visiting HyperboreaEdit

Friendly SpaceEdit

It was not long before the ship they were on exited hyperspace. They were within close proximity of Hyperborea; close enough for the city lights of the construct to illuminate the surface of the ship's hull.

  • Koluap - So this is the place? Looks pretty.
  • Arkarixus - Yes. The crown jewel of the Kormacvar Empire and the Polar Crystal Alliance.
  • Sarec - It's come a long way from when I was last here.
  • Hachi - There's shops here that sell books and magazines! Weird stuff, but good stuff!

Nu moaned.

  • Nu - I'm going to get people looking at me again.
  • Eta - That's what you get for joyriding a speeder.

The team's ship received a transmission, and the hologram of a Caretaker appeared.

  • Caretaker - Identified as Xhodocto Dominion vessel. Turn back or be destroyed.

Kithworto went to the panel and pressed on the communicator.

  • Kithworto - This is Warlord Kithworto Aknatazán of the Kicathian Remnant with Warmaster Arkarixus Vhiktus on board. Requesting permission to land.
  • Caretaker - Acknowledged. Why the Dominion vessel? We are at high alert due to a previous invasion.
  • Kithworto - A commandeered ship from a Dominion commander.
  • Caretaker - Very well. Landing permitted. Welcome to Hyberborea!

The Caretaker's hologram vanished.

  • Psi - Phew. Thought we were about to get blown to chunks there.
  • Arkarixus - Previous invasion? This is worrysome.
  • Tau - Especially if they targeted us. Sounds like the Dominion attacked before.
  • Kalcedia - Mhmm, yep. Brothers told me a little bit about it.
  • Arkarixus - What happened?
  • Kalcedia - Loron. Lots and lots of Loron. They weren't just any Loron though...they fought differently, organized.
  • Koluap - Organized Loron? That sounds intimidating.
  • Arsac - Organisation does that.
  • Kalcedia - Lots of people died.
  • Arkarixus - I'll talk to the Council about this. Let's just land for now.

The ship began a docking procedure, as it neared into the Hyperborea hangars. The locks around the ship fastened as Kithworto opened the ship up.

  • Koluap - You said there's shops? Are there any weapon shops?
  • Arkarixus - We are not here for shopping. Leave that for after the Xhodocto are defeated.
  • Kalcedia - But...B-But shoes...

Kithworto was the first to step out of the ship as he took a deep breath of air. The Caretakers around the dock waved at the team as they left the ship. Sarec followed, keeping Hachi close to him as he walked while Arsac kept behind.

  • Kithworto - Feels welcoming to be in allied space again.
  • Arsac - I need to contact someone in Dranvamus, go on without me.

Hachi waved back happily with a wide smile on his face. Kezoreg was the last to leave the vessel, he didn't give even a brief acknowledgement towards the Caretakers. In a distance, a few guards were seen. There were three of them. Two Zoles, and a Wranploer. Hachi's eyes widened as he saw the Wranploer.

  • Tau - Is that a Wranploer over there?
  • Hachi - What the...
  • Koluap - That's an ugly bastard.
  • Arkarixus - It it got here? And why is it not under arrest?
  • Kithworto - Not quite sure. Perhaps some Wranploer have become part of the PCA.
  • Arkarixus - I remember the Council talking about surrendering Wranploer remnants but accepting them here? I'm surprised Councillor Xeron agreed with it.

Arsac broke off from the group as they observed the Wranploer, looking for a secluded area of the station. Hachi ran up towards the Wranploer, struck with curiosity and he pointed at it. The three guards turned to him.

  • Hachi - Hey you!
  • Wranploer Guard - Eh? Got a question, boy?
  • Hachi - Y-Yeah...what's a W-Wranploer doing H-Hyperborea?
  • Upsilon - You can't just ask someone why they're here, human.
  • Wranploer Guard - I work here.
  • Hachi - Umm...w-what I meant was...w-when did W-Wraploer start w-working here? I know...
  • Wranploer Guard - Since a few months ago.
  • Arkarixus - Hmm. Indeed, we've been out for a few months.
  • Hachi - Huh. W-Well...w-welcome to t-the job!

Hachi proceeded to hug the Wranploer's leg happily. The Wranploer gave Hachi a weird look but did nothing to stop him.

  • Sarec - Don't mind him. The boy likes to display friendship to those he likes.
  • Tharaqím - Shall we move on?
  • Kithworto - Indeed. We must get to the Council Tower as quick as possible. Arkarixus, you'll have to summon the Councilors post-haste.
  • Arkarixus - We just need to get there.
  • Kithworto - It seems we're in the correct district. Let's get there.
  • Sarec - Hachi I think the Wranploer understands now you're happy for him.

Hachi smiled at the Wranploer and nodded at him before going back with the group, rushing on all fours. The Wranploer gave Hachi a small waving as he left.

  • Sarec - The designs of this galaxy's inhabitants impress me more and more every day.
  • Koluap - Everyone in here looks like they came out of a circus.
  • Sarec - You should visit Minos'Drakon sometime.
  • Kalcedia - Where are all the shoes...?

Kithworto took his way to the Council tower, with the Agents following him. Arkarixus walked behind him, showing off the place to Tharaqím. Koluap looked at the various alien races of the station with mixed expressions. Nu pointed to a building.

  • Nu - See that dent? I did that after I was deflected from the cargo vehicle.
  • Mu - Way to go. I bet we have terrible publicity now.
  • Kalcedia - I'm surprised you were deflected at all.
  • Sarec - What did security do after the incident?
  • Nu - I ate them. Just kidding, I was hauled to the Council chamber semi-conscious and given a cautionary punishment.
  • Tau - Cautionary punishment? In the Empire you'd be executed for causing damage like that.
  • Mu - I'm now picturing Nu being beaten up by a bunch of Niaka. Hilarious.
  • Nu - Actually they would have just marked it as a terrorist attack and I would have gotten away with it.
  • Sarec - The joys of being above the law, I take it.
  • Hachi - Being a terrorist sounds fun!
  • Koluap - Being a bandit is no fun, you little idiot.

Tau shrugged in agreement. Arkarixus narrowed his eyes at Nu for a moment before turning away.

Two Teams MeetEdit

Kithworto arrived at the pavilion in front of the Council Tower, and turned to the team.

  • Kithworto - Arkarixus and I will take to the main chamber to speak to the councilors. The rest of you will have to take to the seats whilst we do business.
  • Tharaqím - Fair enough.
  • Koluap - Boring!
  • Sarec - Very well.

Arsac silently returned to the group with a sombre expression on her face.

  • Tharaqím - You don't seem well.
  • Kithworto - Word from Andromeda?
  • Koluap - Like her opinion matters.
  • Arkarixus - Behave or I'll throw you out of the airlock.
  • Hachi - Aww, what's wrong?

Hachi cuddled up to Arsac to try and make her feel better.

  • Arsac - The Imperium has been informed. In preparation for my news they have insisted I accomodate a unit from the Wraith Legion.
  • Kithworto - Seems reasonable. We should move before we miss our opportunity.
  • Arkarixus - Let's not waste time.

Kithworto took the staircase into the Council Tower, which was a large space filled with numerous flora from numerous planets. Arkarixus followed Kithworto. Koluap walked up to a bench and layed down on it. Arsac and Sarec walked up to look for places to sit. Arsac made sure she kept some distance from Sarec as they sat down. Hachi stuck by Arsac with a smile on his face, while Kezoreg also sat isolated from the group, making no eye contact and kept his eyes to the floor. Kalcedia sat beside Koluap. Tharaqím did not sit down and instead kept observing his surroundings.

  • Kithworto - Hm. Never been here in person.

At this moment, a voice which Hachi, Sarec, Nu, Tau and Arsac could recognize spoke to them. Hachi's ears perked up and he smiled happily, his tail wagging excitedly.

  • Vekaron - Look who's here!
  • Hachi - Grandpa!
  • Sarec - Good to see you Vekaron.
  • Nu - Oh look. It's the guy who I kept taking a ride from.

Vekaron walked up to the ground, followed by a massive Murgur and a green-skinned hooded figure. Hachi ran up to Vekaron and leaped onto him, jumping into his arms and hugging him. Vekaron laughed as Hachi leaped on him.

  • Sarec - I see you've been making allies.
  • Vekaron - Indeed. Meet my crew.
  • Wragrot - These are Kicath agents? I thought they were taller.

Kithworto looked at Wragrot.

  • Kithworto - A Battlemaster? Rare sight in this day and age.
  • Wragrot - You know of my kind? That's a more rare sight.
  • Kithworto - I've had my experiences. Kithworto Aknatazán. Kicathian Warlord. Among other things.
  • Vansenk - You all look bizarre and disgusting. Especially that red female with the fat chest.
  • Kalcedia - ...Ow.
  • Arsac - You don't exactly appear pleasant yourself.

From behind Wragrot, a goggled Samilinus appeared.

  • Vyatak - Pleased to meet you. Vyatak. Penumbran associate. Biologist...interesting species.
  • Koluap - Wow! Wow! Slow down!

Kalcedia approached Vansenk and looked him up and down, examining him. At that point, Vansenk opened his mouth and showed his blackened tongue that dripped with yellow saliva. Kalcedia proceeded to cringe in disgust.

  • Wragrot - Not in public, stinky.
  • Vansenk - I haven't showered in over 40 years.
  • Arsac - A Hseraelna...perfect.
  • Sarec - Exactly where did you find this lot?
  • Vekaron - Some I met through Arkarixus. Some I met by complete accident. Like Vansenk here.
  • Vansenk - Trust me, salamander, I hate them more than you do.
  • Arsac - I am a Draconis, not a "salamander".
  • Vekaron - Don't worry. Vansenk fights against the Corruptus.

Thuds were heard as a well armored Mahanayan appeared and approached. Clinging on his arm was a small, white, green haired humanoid.

  • Gardin - Let's go to the park, please please please!

Hachi's attention was drawn towards the humanoid creature that clinged to the Mahanayan's arm, completely disregarding the Mahanayan at all while Kalcedia stepped back in awe and shock. Hachi leaped out of Vekaron's arms and approached. Nu looked at the Mahanayan, and shot up.

  • Nu - Whoa, where did he come from?!
  • Mu - Your security sucks, there's a Mahanyan in here! Kill it!
  • Kamaris - Calm. I'm not a part of that Dominion thing.
  • Vekaron - Don't worry, you all. Kamaris comes from the Mahanayan Borealis States.
  • Koluap - Oh, like the ones from Mahanaya? Those guys weren't so bad.
  • Kamaris - Thataanvavra, actually. But polite of you to think of me as a native of my home planet.

Vansenk looked towards Mu and down at his hand.

  • Vansenk - ...Your hand looks disgusting.
  • Mu - Your entirely looks disgusting, you whatever-the-hell-you-are.

Hachi approached Gardin and sniffed curiously. Kalcedia calmed herself and sat back down. Gardin poked Hachi's nose. Hachi proceeded to roll onto his back and sobbed.

  • Kithworto - So, what brings you here?
  • Vekaron - We're here to refill our supplies for our next mission. We're hunting down Fleet Commander Bakarl of the Imalmah. But I bet it has nothing on your demon-hunting business.
  • Kalcedia - Ew, Imalmah are freakish.
  • Gardin - He's ugly and has a biiiiig head!
  • Vansenk - He won't once we pry it from his neck.
  • Koluap - What alien is this anyway? Looks like a mannequin!
  • Gardin - You look stupid!
  • Koluap - No, you!
  • Hachi - I think it looks cute! What's your name?
  • Gardin - I'm Gardin!
  • Vekaron - How is your mission going by the way?
  • Sarec - It's had its ups and downs.
  • Kithworto - Enough. We are about to go to a hearing with the council on the account of information we have acquired whilst we were in Dominion territory. It could prove beneficial *and* catastrophic to the Gigaquadrant.
  • Vekaron - The usual then.
  • Arsac - Kithworto perhaps you should proceed to business.
  • Kithworto - Perhaps we should.

Wragrot looked around the team.

  • Wragrot - Where's Missy Bad Mood anyway. She was supposed to meet up with us here.
  • Gardin - Don't talk bad things about Auntie Kilch. She's big and strong!
  • Vansenk - Big and heavy, more like.
  • Hachi - Huh? "Auntie" Kilch? A female?
  • Nu - Kilch? ...Kilchárunya Toázensa?
  • Tau - Oh boy, here we go.
  • Vekaron - Hmm. She told me about you...Vyatak, find her and-

At this moment, Kilchárunya arrived. Nu caught sight of Kilchárunya and growled louder than ever.

  • Hachi - Damn, seems he hates her more than he hates Moo.
  • Wragrot - Well, this doesn't look good.
  • Sarec - ...This looks like it could get unpleasant

Kilchárunya jolted still as she saw Nu, and ran in the opposite direction ten times as fast as she arrived.

  • Mu - Hell, I don't even know why he hates her, but he does, and she knows it.
  • Nu - I've had a few run ins with her in the past.
  • Tau - Yeah. "Run ins."

Nu smacked Tau in the back of the head.

  • Vekaron - I should probably let you guys do your jobs now. I gotta get back to my ship.
  • Wragrot - And clean the floor where Kilchárunya ran through.

Kithworto nodded and turned around.

  • Kithworto - We should move now. No more waiting.
  • Gardin - Bye! You all look funny! Expecially the bunny rabbit!

Hachi smiled and waved at Gardin and Vekaron, before tilting his head,

  • Hachi - ...How'd she know what a rabbit was?
  • Tau - Everyone in the universe knows where Earth is. Possible exception of Psi.
  • Gardin - I can read minds!
  • Tau - ...or that.
  • Arsac - A clever girl.
  • Hachi - Well, that's...terrifying.

Gardin pointed at Nu.

  • Gardin - His mind is full of poopy!

Nu roared at Gardin, cracking the glass floor. Gardin was blown back, then threw herself forward and let out a shriek even louder than Nu's roar. Hachi covered his ears and squeaked.

  • Koluap - My ears!
  • Arsac - ...please don't do that again. EITHER of you.
  • Vansenk - Mmm...that sounded delightful.
  • Vyatak - We must go. Potential ear hemorrhage if this goes on.

Vekaron waved to the team and left, with Wragrot and Vyatak following him. Vansenk gave a glare towards Koluap and licked his chops with his black tongue while he stared, walking away. However, Koluap remained indifferent.

  • Vansenk - ...I like that guy.
  • Nu - Chúkasat-aíthakoramnara.
  • Arsac - We have business at hand, but I would rather not meet that Hseraelna again.
  • Tharaqím - Hm. Interesting team. A shame they are busy or we could have invited them to join us.
  • Mu - Me, Nu and Kilchárunya. Yeah, no.

Talking to the CouncilEdit

Kithworto walked on into the Council Chamber with Arkarixus next to him. The rest of the team parted left and right into the audience chambers. Councillors Semirian, Xeron and Valzaria took their seats in the center of the chamber. Once again, Sarec and Arsac sat at different sides of the room. Sarec half-closing his eyes as he sent himself into a trance. Hachi had fallen asleep beside Koluap and snored quietly, with Kalcedia sitting on the other side of Koluap, who was forcing himself not to laugh at Xeron.

  • Semirian - Welcome, Warlord Aknatazán. Warmaster Arkarixus. We were informed you have dire news.
  • Xeron - As if we needed any more dire news.
  • Kithworto - Dire is an accurate word. Whilst we have recovered information from the Dominion's territories, we have not yet decoded information from it.

Kithworto unsheathed the data matrix. The councillors watched, curious.

  • Kithworto - This is a data matrix retrieved from the hyperintelligence named Ardonia. Most of the data was erased from the Xhodocto named Angazhar, but some data still remains within it.
  • Valzaria - Well, this must be decoded as soon as possible. Dominion-aligned Loron'Kikra recently attacked the galaxy and nearly destroyed it and we cannot allow it to be in danger again.

Kalcedia called out to the group from her seat.

  • Kalcedia - I told you!
  • Tharaqím - No one doubted you.
  • Kalcedia - I know, but I love being right.
  • Kithworto - The Loron'Kikra may very well be the least of our worries, councillor. From what we have seen in Dominion territory, the Xhodocto are at the very least active once again in this universe.
  • Koluap - We killed one even!
  • Semirian - We are by no means doubting your words, Warlord. What we want to know is how we can help.
  • Kithworto - It would be of the Borealis' interest to invest in defences. I fear the Dominion are planning mass attack upon the Gigaquadrant. The Loron'Kikra assault may just be the beginning of it.
  • Xeron - Damnation. That Gratz'kaoz nearly ripped the galaxy apart already.
  • Kithworto - From what Arkarixus and I have seen, it might not just be the galaxy that could be potentially ripped apart.
  • Arkarixus - This is an universe-wide threat. Defenses must be boosted immediately. But this must not be public knowledge. We cannot afford the galaxy to panic.
  • Hachi - I should tell everybody I know that the Dominion are comin...
  • Koluap - No.
  • Kithworto - I am not sure whether Andromeda has been warned as of yet, but Andromeda's safety is also of tantamount importance. Numerous empires have already been destroyed there already.
  • Valzaria - Unfortunately, our links with Andromeda are still limited, so we have little knowledge about it.
  • Kithworto - I do not ask you to defend both Borealis and Andromeda, but if Andromeda needs help, Borealis must assist. The universe has already fallen prey to the Xhodocto time and time again. It is fair to say that the universe is in a united cause against them.
  • Xeron - Of course we'll help. Most of our extragalactic allies come from Andromeda.

All of a sudden, the ambient lighting in the council chamber began to shimmer. The walls began to distort into an onyx black colour as the atmosphere became restless. Arsac glared and clenched her fists.

  • Koluap - Eh? Does it always do this?
  • Semirian - What is the meaning of this?
  • Kezoreg - They're here, it seems.

All of a sudden, a voice thundered out of nowhere. The voice sounded strikingly similar to Angazhar's voice.

  • Angazhar - Your defences and attempts to stay our wrath is not unlike dust wishing to defend itself against the wind. Inevitable. Insignificance. You fight as if your kind controls the course of reality.

His voice caused the entirety of Hyperborea to shudder like an earthquake, causing Kithworto to pose himself to maintain balance.

  • Arkarixus - Not here...not now!
  • Mu - I blame Nu!
  • Angazhar - You pray to your false gods. They shall not save you. Your galaxy is now bereft of salvation.
  • Koluap - Stop stalking us, you creepy bastard!
  • Arkarixus - We have killed gods already. You will be no different!

Arsac stood up.

  • Arsac - I am tired of this arrogance! I am tired of you powermongers dictating the lesser beings merely because of a gift you were born with! IT IS THE WEAK WHO RELY ON GRANTED GIFTS TO DOMINATE THE REST!

Angazhar's voice became more intense as the glass around the council chamber cracked.

  • Angazhar - You stand before me, with your pride. Your arrogance. Your gifts were granted by us. You bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Mu - Hell, stop provoking Angazhar. You all remember what happened to Macin.
  • Kezoreg - Stupid woman. Whatever you say to him, he can counter you in every way. You would be wise to learn that, you old hag.
  • Arsac - I do not care anymore. Berate me, cut me, bleed me, obliterate me, I am tired of these power games.
  • Angazhar - Your wish is our command.

Angazhar sent numerous nightmares within Arsac's mind, of her being tortured, destroyed, her friends, allies being done the same. Arsac fell forward ,holing her head as she fell down the banks of the ampitheatre. Tharaqím and Arkarixus looked at Arsac worried, while Koluap remained indifferent.

  • Kezoreg - ...Serves the witch right for not knowing her place.
  • Angazhar - We will watch your every move. Understand that every victory you claim is only prolonging the inevitable. Your existence and belief will cease. And then you shall cease as well.

Angazhar's voice quietened as the chamber's colours returned to normal. The councillors looked around, confused. Arsac was bruised form her fall, she looked up as the darkness faded. Blodd trickling from her nostrils.

  • Semirian - ...What happened?
  • Kithworto - I believe that was Hyperborea's first experience with the Xhodocto.

After Angazhar's words stopped echoing, the chamber began filled with Arsac's own broken laughter. Kezoreg stood up and approached Arsac. Instead of offering a hand, he kicked her multiple times towards the face in a harsh manner.

  • Kezoreg - Go into a corner and die if you wish, but do not drag us along with you!
  • Arsac - right...
  • Valzaria - No violence in the Council Chamber!

Kithworto walked over to Kezoreg and picked him up by the scruff of his neck. His eyes flared as intensely as Angazhar's.

  • Kithworto - Go back to the ship.

Kithworto turned to the exit of the chamber and hurled Kezoreg down the steps. He then turned back to the councilors.

  • Kithworto - I apologize for the severity caused in this hearing. We will do our best not to contact you unless it is of dire need.
  • Xeron - ...Very well.
  • Kithworto - And I'll be sure that the Remnant reconstructs the chamber to its exact need. It is what I can do for an apology.
  • Valzaria - No need. It's not your fault.

Arsac did her best to stand up, her head blooded from Kezoreg's attacks, nether her fall or the blows appeared to deabilitate her. Kithworto nodded to Arkarixus, and turned away from the stage. He walked down the stair case with the Agents walking down from the benches as well. Tharaqím and Arkarixus followed. Koluap passed by Arsac but did nothing to help her. Kezoreg was long gone by the time they reached the stairs, leaving a faint trail of blood from where he had sustained an injury that led back to the ship's direction. Hachi approached Arsac, sniffing.

  • Hachi - D-Do you need any h-help?
  • Arsac - I...h-have endured...w-worse. I-I am fine.

Arsac waved her hand dismissively towards Hachi. Kithworto turned to the team.

  • Kithworto - Do not think I will treat any of you lightly if you persist to get in my way.
  • Arkarixus - Make this for both of us.

The Agents all timidly nodded.

  • Arsac - Please...d-do not lecture me.

Kithworto looked at Arsac apathetically, before walking away.

A Game of CatchEdit

It was an early morning on Hyperborea. Kithworto spent all night trying to decode the matrix, but to no avail. As he stepped outside of the ship, he saw Hachi and Kezoreg looking around the hangar, and an idea came to mind. Perhaps he could train them up further to deal with future enemies.

  • Hachi - Where did you put the magazine?!
  • Kezoreg - I wouldn't touch one of those things knowing your grubby paws have been on it.

Kithworto walked over to the two and looked at them with a light-hearted face. The expression was the same, but no gravitas.

  • Kezoreg - Ew, don't do that face. It makes you look
  • Kithworto - Hm. You two look a little bored. Arkarixus said there was a training courtyard around here somewhere. You two could do with a little training.
  • Hachi - Training? Wow! I love training!
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, I don't think Hyperborea would appreciate it but fine.
  • Kithworto - Don't worry. For one it's not a fight and two, if I wanted to fight I would have to take you somewhere else. I don't think the councillors would appreciate me destroying a five billion year old construct. Hm. I don't know my way around Hyperborea. I'll have to ask Arkarixus where it is.
  • Kezoreg - You sound so casual about it as if it doesn't even bother you. Lets go all out and brawl.
  • Kithworto - It doesn't bother *me*. It bothers everyone else. Now where is Arkarixus?
  • Kezoreg - It absolutely excites me, makes my blood boil.
  • Hachi - But...what about everybody else?
  • Kezoreg - Not my problem. It's *their* day I'm ruining after all.

Arkarixus approached the trio, followed by a Caretaker.

  • Arkarixus - The only day being ruined here will be yours if you do anything.
  • Kithworto - Ah, there you are. Where are the training courtyards here?
  • Arkarixus - The training countyards? Two floors below us. Your Agents are currently there.
  • Kithworto - Hm. Don't like the sound of that.
  • Arkarixus - I believe the Spinker is there too. The others, I don't know.
  • Kithworto - Well, let's go. I should probably see the damage they've done.
  • Arkarixus - Hyperborea is reinforced enough to not be damaged by infantry.
  • Caretaker - I can take you there. Please follow me.

Kithworto and the group followed the Caretaker. As Hachi walked, he was twiddling his thumbs as if he was nervous or had something upon his mind. Kezoreg ignored him for the most part. The Caretaker led them down an elevator until they arrived at the training grounds. The grounds were large enough to fill a large army inside. As they arrived, they saw the Agents in a heptagonal shape, playing catch with a Kicathian-made ball.

  • Kezoreg - ...What are they doing?
  • Hachi - They look a-adorable!
  • Kithworto - They're playing catch. With a training weight.
  • Mu - Any of you kick me, I'll rot you.
  • Nu - You couldn't rot a thajacholá if you tried!
  • Mu - Do you want to try!?

Nu hurled the ball full throttle at Mu. Mu saw the ball coming and ducked out of the way. The ball was fast enough to dent the floor, and then the wall as it hit.

  • Mu - Shit, I was just joking.
  • Upsilon - Dammit you wuss, you could have caught that easy.
  • Hachi - Wow...I wanna do that some day!
  • Kithworto - Most of that was in the weight of the ball.

The impact with the wall caused it to vibrate a little. Koluap fell out of the ceiling and landed on his head near the Agents. Kithworto picked up the ball with one hand and was throwing it in the air and catching it.

  • Zeta - ...What were you doing up there?
  • Koluap - Wall crawling.
  • Arkarixus - The ceiling is 40m above us
  • Koluap - This explains the headache I'm getting.
  • Kithworto - No wonder. This ball is heavy enough.
  • Hachi - That's creepy! Don't do that...scary...
  • Koluap - Now that I know it creeps you out, I'll do it all the time!
  • Hachi - Eeep noooo!

Hachi kicked his own legs out from beneath him and sat on the floor, covering his ears and shutting his eyes while humming loudly.

  • Kezoreg - Hah, I wonder what noise the mammal makes if we drop it on his head.
  • Koluap - It goes "crack".
  • Psi - You know I was never told *how* heavy that ball is.

Kithworto weighed the ball against the gravity.

  • Kithworto - Three, maybe four hundred kilograms.
  • Mu - Eh. I could have caught it after all.
  • Tau - It does say on the ball, Psi. Can't you read glyphs?
  • Psi - If you didn't notice, it was flying through the air!
  • Koluap - Do me a favour and put me back where I belong.
  • Mu - If you say so.

Mu grabbed Koluap and threw him up back into the ceiling. Kithworto looked at the ball, and then at Hachi and Kezoreg.

  • Kithworto - Up for a little game of catch?

Kezoreg grinned intently while Hachi opened a single eye in Kithworto's direction with discomfort.

  • Mu - With them? They'll be reduced to mush.
  • Kithworto - Not with hands. With their minds. We're going to use telekinesis.

From Kithworto's hand, the ball began to levitate.

  • Koluap - You'll watch a ball on the ground doing nothing!
  • Kezoreg - That's what happens when you play golf, old man.

The ball launched into the air and hit the ceiling. Koluap fell down again, right at Nu's head. Nu collapsed as Koluap hit him, much to Eta and Mu's humour.

  • Kithworto - Let's begin.

Kithworto walked some distance before stopping, and turned around, facing Hachi and Kezoreg. Arkarixus sat on a nearby bench to watch the game. Tharaqím soon appeared and joined him.

  • Tharaqím - What are they doing?
  • Arkarixus - Telekinesis training.
  • Tharaqím - Hmm. With that sphere? The human might not survive.
  • Hachi - ...Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit....
  • Kithworto - Telekinesis is an ability shared by most or all essence users. Being able to manipulate objects with your mind will prove valuable as on offensive and even more valuable as a defence. The only problem is with telekinesis, is that your mind must be strong enough to tolerate the weight of the object you wish to control. Most adept essence users will be able to shift over 10 tons worth of objects. Those who have mastered the essence could effectively have a limitless control to their ability.
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, we've fought heavier foes. This should be a piece of mince and gut.
  • Hachi - Eeep...I'm n-not even an adept! ....What's an adept?
  • Kithworto - Hmph. If you wish to play it hard, then we will.
  • Hachi - Look what you've done!
  • Kezoreg - Ah piss.

The ball in Kithworto's hand began to turn black, and increased in mass as violent swarms of energy went into and out of it. The ball began to glow black and pulsed.

  • Mu - Heheheheh.
  • Kithworto - Let's see how you do with thirty thousand kilograms rather than three hundred. Your goal is to create a viable defence in order to prevent damage from this ball. For now you will do it together. Later on you will not have that comfort.
  • Koluap - I don't like either of them anyway. One's annoying and the other's also annoying.
  • Mu - The Asgord being Angazhar's kid might explain why he's such a little shit.
  • Hachi - Oh phew...that sounds comforting, eh Kez?

Kezoreg's eyes flared at the mention of both his mother and the Ayrai'shikua entity. His once-grinning expression shifted into a contorted frown.

  • Kezoreg - ...Yes.
  • Nu - Thirty thousand kilograms? Heh. Shoulda thrown that at Mu instead.
  • Mu - Fuck you.
  • Kithworto - You have twenty seconds to create a barrier using telekinesis. Move objects, or create a force field.
  • Tau - That's just cruel.
  • Nu - Since when was Kithworto kind?
  • Hachi - Don't worry! I'm confident we can do this! *whispers* We're so fucked.

Kithworto began to spin the ball, as he nodded to the two. Hachi and Kezoreg braced themselves, possessing different expressions upon their faces rather than a shared facial display. Hachi placed his hands to his forehead and extended his index and middle fingers on each hand, while Kezoreg kept his palms open and eyes closed.

  • Zeta - I can't watch.
  • Eta - Oh I can.
  • Upsilon - I just hope our inertial dampeners can withstand this impact.

The ball began to spin faster as half the time was already gone.

  • Hachi - Ngh...This isn't gonna end well...
  • Kezoreg - Just stay focussed.
  • Mu - Rest in pieces, kids.

Hachi continued to try and focus, cringing his face in the process. Kezoreg seemed more natural. Kithworto let go of the ball in a violent flurry. As it flew through the air, the ball hit the force field and shuddered off the surface before hitting the ceiling and shattering. Kithworto let out a small sarcastic laugh.

  • Kithworto - That was mean of me. I made the ball only three kilograms.

Kezoreg growled aggressively at Kithworto's comment while Hachi collapsed to his knees. Kithworto's face turned into a scowl as out of nowhere, a massive black bolt streamed through the courtyard, tearing up the floor due to its mass. Kezoreg growled and stepped forward, outstretching his hands. Unexpectedly, the bolt missed the two of them by just mere milimeters, striking the wall behind them and devastating it.

Hachi was on the floor, his fingers to his head once again. He was sweating heavily and he was humming loudly, unaware the bolt had missed the pair of them; it was him who had contributed the effort to moving it, not Kezoreg as it may have seemed. The bolt dissipated as it hit the wall, causing little damage to it. A squad of Caretakers appeared and began repairing the floor, ignoring the trio completely.

  • Kithworto - Lesson one. Expect massive objects to be hurled at you. Especially if you're fighting a Tandava.
  • Kezoreg - Well it appeared I'll be doing well against them. That bolt never even touched me!
  • Hachi - ...Wait, w-we survived?
  • Kithworto - I missed. That's why.
  • Arkarixus - I could sense Dream Energy there.
  • Kezoreg - Strange. I don't give off Dream Energy.

Kithworto let out a small huff. The floor had been completely repaired in a matter of minutes. The Caretaker squad then ran off as quick as they had arrived.

  • Kezoreg - I do not enjoy being messed around with. You said training, you're making this out to be your own comedy stage.

Kithworto's face contorted into a smile.

  • Kithworto - Perhaps I am. And you're giving me a good performance.

Koluap pointed and laughed at the duo.

  • Kithworto - But out there, they won't fire one bolt at you. They'll fire a hundred. Maybe a thousand. Don't give Nu or Koluap a reason to laugh at you being disintegrated.

Nu shrugged his shoulders before picking up a ball twice as heavy as the one before.

  • Nu - I haven't had a good laugh in a while.
  • Kezoreg - You expect us to grow stronger from making mockeries of us? We get more experience out of fighting chumps than we do with you!
  • Hachi - N-Not true...I t-think.
  • Kithworto - If I trained Mu in the same way and succeeded, I will hope to succeed with an angelic human and a half demon.

Mu shuddered.

  • Hachi - I think w-we're doing quite well! I mean, w-we haven't d-died yet.
  • Kithworto - Just keep working. My patience has already been tested with this team. Don't give me a reason to be angry.

Kithworto walked away from the group and out of view.

  • Upsilon - Wow. He must be pissed off.
  • Kezoreg - That guy is just...infuriating. Hard to work with.
  • Koluap - That's it? Pfff. He didn't even hurt them with a heavy object!
  • Zeta - Hm. If it weren't for Hachi moving that black hole out of the way he would have killed them both. I just wouldn't tempt fate.

Hachi looked down and rubbed his head in more discomfort. Despite not being hurt, he still appeared as if something had harmed in some way.

  • Hachi - Ow...Still hurts now...
  • Kezoreg - What? Cut yourself in the bath by accident?
  • Hachi - No...I fell out of the bed and landed on my head...Nightmares. B-Bad nightmares.
  • Kezoreg - Oh don't be a puss.
  • Mu - Oh well. Suppose the game's over. What else is there to do in this place?
  • Nu - This!

Nu threw the second ball at Mu at an equal speed. Instead of hitting Mu, however, it hit Tau square in the face. Mu's eyes widened. He looked at Tau, and then turned at Nu.

  • Mu - Ohohoho. You better run.
  • Nu - Uh oh.

Nu began to run in the other direction before he was pinned down on the tail by Tau's claws. She hurled Nu from side to side from the tail before making a Nu-shaped crater in the ground. Mu slapped his knee and laughed at Nu, while another squad of Caretakers began dragging Nu away. He made high pitch croaks as he was dragged across the floor in semi-consciousness.

  • Tau - Anatámnanra. [Dumbass.]
  • Tharaqím - What a show.
  • Arkarixus - Heh.
  • Eta - That's why you don't mess with Kicathian women.
  • Koluap - Heh. Reminds me of one time Windey got mad. She hit me in the head with something I can't really remember anymore. Might have been a table.

Hachi continued rubbing his head, as if agitated or stressed, and stood up to walk in a few circles, thinking to himself.

  • Hachi - I haven't had n-nightmares for a l-long time...I w-wish Teacher was h-here.


It was reaching nearly two weeks since the team landed on Hyperborea. Attempts to decode the matrix proved almost impossible. The team had moved into a facility as Tau was redesigning the Dominion ship with other Kicathian workers and Caretakers.

  • Arkarixus - So many Caretakers working should make this not take long.
  • Upsilon - What do you mean? Tau only started the other day.
  • Arkarixus - Caretakers work very, very fast.
  • Kalcedia - Looks better in pink.
  • Koluap - Can I keep one?
  • Arkarixus - No.
  • Koluap - Aww, but they look funny.

Kithworto on the other hand was sat in a deep state of contemplation with the data matrix in front of him. His head was buried between his arms as his claws drummed polyrhythmically on the table, igniting red sparks. As they talked there was a collection of soft footsteps comingu p the hall. Stnading in the doorway was a cyborg Drallivian alongside four other aliens; Radeon, Sankana, Kroogvon and one Val'Kar.

  • Corteus - I was informed by the Grand Senate someone here needed some reinforcements.
  • Arkarixus - It is good to see you again.
  • Nu - Oh god it's that guy again.
  • Hachi - Hey look! It's that one guy!
  • Mu - Hey look at this guy. Looks like a Draconis Agent or something.
  • Corteus - I brought some friends with me.
  • Koluap - Daww, I wish I had a cyborg body...

Hachi approached Corteus and observed the aliens he had brought with him with a curious expression on his face, his ears twitching as he scratched his head. It appeared as if he was still suffering an injury that had refused to heal, yet there was no sign of harm. Kithworto seemed to ignore the fact Corteus and his associates stood in front of the team. In fact, he seemed to ignore everything. Corteus looked over to Kithworto oand he raised an eyebrow.

  • Corteus - ...Is he okay?
  • Zeta - Don't mind Kithworto. He's just not too pleased with the fact that we can't open this data matrix.
  • Tharaqím - As advanced as this station is, nothing seems to work.
  • Upsilon - We've tried everything. Essence, data cracking...

The Val'Kar woman eyed up Hachi up and down. Her arms were fully replaced as well as her teeth and shins with skinlike bionics.

  • Eta - Not even Tau can break it. Tau's our resident mechanic as well.
  • Kezoreg - If Tau's the mechanic, it's no wonder. She's a woman after all.

The Agents all looked at Kezoreg with a frown on their face.

  • Arkarixus - I could ask the Mechanic for assistance but I would rather not give him any more tasks. Someone needs to fix all the damage on the Grid.
  • Corteus - Hmm...Could either I or Seshimma have a go?
  • Hachi - Who's all these aliens, robot man?
  • Koluap - Let them work, twerp.

Hachi continued scratching his head in discomfort. Psi was about to pick up the matrix, but Nu refrained him from doing so. Instead, Nu picked up the matrix and gave it to Corteus, who accepted the matrix. Wirelike filaments extended grom his fingertips and attempted to interface with the device. The matrix didn't respond. No sound, or violent retortion. Nothing.

  • Corteus - Hmm... Seshimma, hook up with me.

The Sankana nodded and walked up to Corteus. She cracked her fingers and wrapped her hands around Corteus' arms, more filaments as the two of them jerked for a second. Still nothing. Kithworto's claw-drumming became increasingly loud.

  • Seshimma - No good. Encryption to advanced. Cannot crack.
  • Corteus - There must be a pattern somewhere. Gaah.
  • Koluap - We should, like, kidnap a Tandava to crack it for us.
  • Mu - That sounds like something Nu would suggest.

Nu shrugged his shoulders.

  • Kezoreg - Could we?
  • Eta - Good luck with that one. We're over 20 million light years away from Andromeda.
  • Tharaqím - That and we would probably end up kidnapped, not the other way around. I don't know about you but I don't want to be imprisoned again.
  • Corteus - I think the Inquisition just lost the award for "most advanced encryption in the galaxy".
  • Koluap - Don't feel bad. We got that out of a Xhodocto AI's brain.

Corteus flinched. He and Seshima blinked and remoced themselves from interfacing. Corteus handed the matrix back to Nu. Hachi began sniffing Corteus' squad to try and identify them through scent, although his focus was off as his head still hurt and he proceeded to sit on the ground and scratch it once more. The Val'Kar looked at Hach iwith screwed up features.

  • Kalcedia - You'd better not have fleas, rodent.
  • Gurevvi - What is the alien doing?
  • Hachi - N-Nightmares again. B-Been having t-them for the l-last few weeks.
  • Gurevvi - Nightmares? I remember my sister used to have good nights rests from drinking Kittracala milk.
  • Zeta - There's only two beings that I know of that could decode this. I have no idea why it didn't come to me sooner.
  • Koluap - And who's that?
  • Zeta - Well, one. The Proto-Xhodocto.
  • Koluap - Kan'Kun? He's dead though.
  • Zeta - Hm. Then I have no clue.
  • Koluap - Kan'Kun kinda exploded to destroy a Xhodocto Eye on Mahanaya. Kithworto was there, he remembers it. A shame cause he was actually pretty nice.

Kithworto's head raised from the table, and stood up fully. He took the matrix from Nu and inspected it carefully.

  • Kithworto - I'm no longer convinced that this is a data matrix.
  • Sarec - Are you suggesting...?

Kithworto put the data matrix on the table and nodded.

  • Hachi - Is it...what is it?
  • Koluap - Yeah, I'm lost here.
  • Sarec - Angazhar did not destroy Xharn.
  • Arkarixus - ...Problematic.
  • Kithworto - He destroyed its projection, to be sure. What's left of the entity is in this. Articulate patterns, translucent crystal materials...we've seen these kind of objects before.
  • Kezoreg - Isn't that a good thing? Does this mean it can be on our side now?
  • Sarec - Okay maybe Arsac wasn't as short-sighted as we thought when she demanded it be sent to the Reliquary.
  • Koluap - She's still stupid though.
  • Kezoreg - She's still alive? I thought she committed suicide after shouting at a noisy ship.
  • Tharaqím - So this is a backup? Then it should be destroyed immediately.
  • Kithworto - Not exactly a backup. This right before us here *is* Xharn. Its physical state contained in this object.
  • ??? - And you lot brought it straight to Hyperborea.

The Agents looked to the direction of the voice. Out from the shadows with claws armed, Arsac stepped out, a rather maocking smirk on her scarred face. Kithworto grasped the matrix and held it close to his chest.

  • Arsac - What, you thought Xharn's builders would place any-okd data matrix in the very heart of a star-brain?
  • Kithworto - I sincerely hope you know what this is, for your safety.
  • Arsac - I'm not High Inquisitor because I have an army's worth of a kill-count.
  • Kithworto - Are you threatening me, High Inquisitor?
  • Arsac - I'm not stupid, you could erase me without a care, you could have turned your back as I lay bleeding and scarred fro my defiance to one of the Xhodocto.

Kithworto's essences surged slightly; the object he had in his grasp filled with a crimson light. As he looked down to see the object, it suddenly clicked in his mind as to what this object exactly was. Uncontrollably, he flung the object out of his grasp.

  • Koluap - Shit, what's going here?
  • Kithworto - I know what it is now. It's an eye.
  • Hachi - Doesn't look like an eye.
  • Koluap - Eh?

Arsac outstretched her arms and shrugged, smiling. The Agents all primed their rifles and aimed it at the Eye, and Sarec held out his hand and attempted to trap the Eye in midair.

  • Koluap - Wait...Eye...oh no. THAT kind of Eye?
  • Kithworto - Yes, THAT kind of Eye. It's a dormant one. Angazhar's destruction severely damaged it.
  • Arsac - Fools, all of you!
  • Koluap - Shut up, unhelpful.

Koluap got out his Xhodocto Axe and glared at the Eye.

  • Arsac - I can help Koluap. Give the word and no one will hear of this device again.
  • Koluap - Well what will you do? Sing it a lullaby until it's asleep?
  • Kezoreg - How about you go scream and slash your wrists a little more, hag?

Kithworto inspected the Eye with close observation.

  • Arkarixus - I don't care what any of you will do. I want this out of my station, now.
  • Koluap - You think it'd die if I slashed it?
  • Arsac - The Reliquary - out of sight, out of mind.
  • Kithworto - From what I recall you already have an Eye in there. The risk would be too great.
  • Arsac - And how on the voi--

Arsac froze, her eyes wide in shock

  • Arsac - How...did you know.

Kithworto looked at Arsac in a particular manner, as if Arsac already knew the answer. Arsac lowered her arms.

  • Mu - Wait, the Draconis got an Eye with them? Heck, it's no wonder the Dominion hate your guts.
  • Arsac - That is strictly confidential. But if it will save us all I will reveal something about the Reliquary....It is not a single facility.
  • Koluap - Shit, that's three Eyes now. How many of these stupids things are there?
  • Hachi - Sounds like too many. Two is enough.
  • Kithworto - From what I remember, seven. Six after Kan'Kun destroyed the one on Mahanaya.
  • Tharaqím - Hmm. Kithworto, can you identify what Eye is this?
  • Kithworto - By its orange patterns...I am guessing that this one is Apanthrakomena.
  • Koluap - How screwed are we?
  • Kithworto - If it gets a host body...very. Luckily very little of it remains intact and it is probably too weak to possess anyone.
  • Nu - How do you know so much about these Eye things anyway?
  • Tharaqím - What should we do with it?
  • Arsac - You all are fortunate that not even the Dominion knows the location of the Reliquary. Say the word and I can arrange for it to be locked up, beyond this universe.
  • Koluap - You're not trustworthy.
  • Arsac - It's simple Koluap, trust me or risk the Dominion getting their device back.
  • Koluap - By what I've seen of you, you'll meet up with the first Dominion spaceship and start yelling at it until they destroy you and rescue the Eye.
  • Kezoreg - Hah!
  • Arsac - If I was that insane I would be dead by now.
  • Kithworto - Well, the only useful purpose of this thing is to gain information from it. That means we will have to lock minds with it. Preferably not on Hyperborea. If it goes wrong it could cause irreparable damage.
  • Eta - Nuh-uh. Ain't doing that.
  • Tharaqím - Locking minds with a Xhodocto Eye? Sounds suicidal.
  • Kithworto - Which is why only one person here can lock minds with it and not die.
  • Kezoreg - I like the sound of this.

Kithworto handed over the Eye to Nu. He looked around the room as the entire team looked at him.

  • Mu - You're kidding.
  • Arkarixus - Kithworto...are you sure this is a good idea?
  • Hachi - For once, I don't think Nu should be doing this,
  • Nu - Ít kisiatékagazátazhétman'naktázcha. [You're fucking me.]
  • Kithworto - Ét kisiatékagazátazhítman'naktázcháro. [No, I'm not fucking you.] There are a few places where it could be done, but none of them are desirable places.
  • Kezoreg - Like the rodent's underwear.
  • Hachi - Aww.
  • Kithworto - If you are looking to cause as little damage as possible, then there's only one place where it can really be done.
  • Arkarixus - And where is that?

Kithworto whispered next to Nu. Nu then looked sharply at Kithworto with a confused and angry expression.

  • Nu - Ít kisiatékagazátazhétman'naktázchanaí. [You're actually fucking me right now.]
  • Koluap - Quit talking in riddles.
  • Sarec - Wherever it is, it doesn't look like Nu is excited.

The Agents all looked uneasy as they heard Kithworto's words.

  • Mu - No.
  • Koluap - Hello? Where is this?
  • Zeta - Occasus.

Mu turned back and left the room.

  • Koluap - Never heard of.
  • Zeta - It's the place where the Agents are trained. To us Agents, Occasus is worse than Inferno.
  • Hachi - Are there clubs and malls?

Mu then returned.

  • Mu - There's death, death and a little more death.
  • Eta - Something like that. Every two minutes you walk in Occasus and there's a body on the floor.
  • Arkarixus - Hm. And where is this planet located?
  • Zeta - None of the Agents know.
  • Kithworto - Well, I do. It is in the Sibius-2 system.
  • Eta - Sibius-2? There's only one planet that's orbiting it and there's no chances for colon-- Oh.
  • Koluap - From Andromeda to Borealis and now to Plazith Rim. Big adventure.
  • Zeta - That explains why it was abandoned. Occasus must have been destroyed by the planet temperature.
  • Eta - Yeah. Freezing at the start of the training and then pretty damn hot at the end of it.
  • Mu - Can we at least blow it up while we're at it?
  • Kithworto - Not a bad idea.
  • Kalcedia - Isn't that genocide?
  • Eta - No one lives on Occasus.
  • Kithworto - We will have to get to Occasus as quick as possible. If I remember it correctly, the planet will enter inhospitable conditions in the next week or so. And not the nice kind of inhospitable. Considering we've missed the season where Agents are trained, its already at a hazard level. Any further time taken and it will become too hazardous.
  • Arkarixus - What do you mean by hazardous?
  • Upsilon - At this time? 120 degrees celsius at night, 230 at day, and a *lot* of ultraviolet radiation.

Arkarixus shuddered.

  • Arkarixus - Grrr. Too hot.
  • Hachi - What we'll we be doing when we get there?
  • Kithworto - Nu will be able to lock minds with the Eye in a somewhat safe location. And hopefully destroy the planet after doing it.
  • Mu - You hear that, Nu? Your mission is to destroy Occasus.

For once, Nu didn't seem so excited about destroying a planet.

  • Kithworto - I suggest we all get the proper gear for this mission. I don't want someone being turned into charcoal.
  • Arkarixus - Let's make our preparations and leave. No time to waste.

Journey to OccasusEdit

New ShipEdit

The team left the room. The Agents looked all disheartened at the fact that they were being sent back into the hell that spawned them; Zeta especially. They all walked to the hangar, and then they saw it. Tau's newly designed ship. It was perhaps a hundred and fifty metres from end to end, and was a sleek, black ominous design that the Kicath invented for stealth ships. Tau herself was securing the plates on the exterior of the ship whilst Caretakers were also helping on the side. However, some Kicath workers looked angry and one walked up, arguing with a Caretaker.

  • Koluap - Nice ship!
  • Kalcedia - Needs more pink.
  • Kezoreg - Needs more your brains splattered all over its front.
  • Hachi - Looks like a massive dild--
  • Kezoreg - Don't you do this now.
  • Corteus - Nice deign. Heat-sink stealth plating?
  • Lemmo - Now that's what I'm talking about... myshipisstillbetter.
  • Kicath - The ratio is 89.77654, not 89.45677! Kasatanaéaí. [Freaking aliens.]
  • Caretaker - Excuse me, but I don't think you were expecially created for solar system-scale engineering, like I was.

The Kicath growled and turned away, before raising the device in his hand overhead to strike down the Caretaker. Before it even swung over, Tau jumped down and lifted the Kicath off the ground by the arm, disarming him from the device.

  • Caretaker - He was going to hit me! How can I work in these conditions?
  • Kroogvont legionaire - And I thought engineers at VAE were highly-strung.

Tau spoke in Kicathian to the Kicath, with the Agents squirming in response to what she said. She hurled the Kicath to the ground before the Kicath got up and went away limping.

  • Hachi - Wow, she grabbed him by the arm and damaged his leg!
  • Arkarixus - Caretakers are very touchy about their work.
  • Koluap - Blah blah, let's move.

Tau walked up to the team in a tightly-clad nanosuit, which was a Kicathian mechanic suit. It was marked in a pattern by cyan lights. Hachi's eyes widened as he saw how the nanosuit wrapped around her form.

  • Tau - I have to admit, i've outdone myself on this ship. Dominion technology and PCA technology works well. And the odd Kicathian exterior.
  • Caretaker - A marvel, indeed! And all the calibrations are correct, I don't care for what those aliens say.

Corteus looked at Tau with great confusion.

  • Corteus - Wait, Dominion?
  • Koluap - Yeah, we got this ship from the Dominion.
  • Corteus - ...You're all insane.
  • Koluap - I get that often.
  • Tau - And then I merely just changed and upgraded its design. With help of course. This thing now has adequate shielding unlike before.
  • Corteus - Do we really need a Dominion vessel to visit Occasus?
  • Tau - I actually deconstructed the ship and redesigned it to accommodate the team. These Caretakers are faster than the construction drones we have in the Remnant.
  • Caretaker - Big numbers and a lot of teamwork do that.
  • Kezoreg - Would you rather have a squishy Imperium ship doing all the work?
  • Kroogvont - Listen kid watch your mouth on the quality of Imperial ships.
  • Corteus - Frogman's right. There's might be no Commonwealth without the Imperium's quality.
  • Kroogvont - I told you before captain not to call me "frogman".
  • Kithworto - We will be returning to Andromeda soon. This ship could quite possibly save our skins.
  • Caretaker - I'm surprised you guys even managed to leave Andromeda in this. It was a mess before.
  • Tau - So, where are we headed?
  • Mu - Pain and suffering.
  • Hachi - A place called Occockus!
  • Tau - Oc-námhanaté?! [Oc-what?!]

The Agents all walked on to the ship whilst Tau was lost for words. Hachi hugged Tau's leg optimistically and giggled.

  • Hachi - It's gonna be great! Road trip!

The Caretaker saluted to Arkarixus and walked off, while him, Tharaqím and Koluap followed the Agents.

  • Kithworto - Get your suit on, Tau. You're going to need it.

Tau walked on to the ship, still lost for words. Kalcedia got on behind Tau while Kezoreg walked behind the former. Hachi was still clinging to Tau's leg as she walked. The Wraith Legionnaires shrugged together and boarded. Arsac followed behind Sarec. They all walked on to the ship. The ship was well designed; a tasteful mixture of PCA and Kicathian architecture. It was lit brightly with more white and cyan.

  • Mu - Hey, at least we'll die in a pretty ship now.
  • Arkarixus - Kicathian and Alliance architecture mix well together.
  • Koluap - Direct me to the restroom.
  • Kroogvon - Hey captain do you know who'd be great on a mission like this? Soredus. Where is he again?
  • Corteus - He's in Drakonmi Terevus on a terror raid. Shame though, I heard he has a thing against demons.
  • Psi - Aw yeah. This ship is pretty damn awesome. How did you get all of the stuff on this? This is like Remnant Tower-degree materials in here. Costs millions outside of Remnant turf.
  • Arkarixus - Caretakers are above the concept of currency.
  • Tau - The Caretakers assisted. I actually requisitioned the materials from Anatezc-ji 0. Being an Agent it comes quickly.
  • Mu - So how long until we get to hell?

Tau sighed deeply.

  • Tau - Once we leave Hyperborea space, it should be a few minutes.
  • Mu - I was hoping it'd take hours.
  • Kroogvont - Well too bad. Hey, do you know waht this place needs? Gold. Oh and some red velvet.
  • Val'Kar - Oh yeah that would be a nice touch.
  • Koluap - Oh yes, red goes well with everything.
  • Kroogvont - Yes, a nice shade of Imperial Crimson makes any place feel at home.
  • Tau - Thought someone might criticize. On a whim I designed the ship to have interchangeable colours on the lighting system.
  • Koluap - Make it all red and blue!

Tau held a sturdy but sleek remote in her hand. She threw it to Kithworto, where Nu and Psi attempted to catch it but failed as Kithworto pushed them aside telekinetically.

  • Kithworto - Hm. If we get back to Borealis alive after this is all done I'll have you design me a nice Hypercarrier.
  • Koluap - When I get back home I'm gonna pay my wife a visit.
  • Corteus - The common room could do with an Alpenix red-wicker mat somewhere.
  • Tau - Unfortunately I designed the ship with Kicath in mind.
  • Val'Kar - We're flying into imminent danger and my team are tlking about how to tasefully decorate a starship. Am I the only one looking ahead?
  • Tharaqím - At least they are calm, unlike the Kicath.
  • Lemmo - Actually, yes, it could use some decorations. Trophies and such.
  • Hachi - Nope! I think it'll be great! Road triiiiip!
  • Koluap - No point getting peeved before the action starts.
  • Nu - Not bad having some kisiatkitáníngøchánønatalamanínataramanín [Kicathian characteristics] on the ship.
  • Kithworto - Very well. Let's get to Occasus.
  • Val'Kar - Do you have anywhere set up as a rifle range?
  • Tau - I was sure enough to put one down on the lower levels. The Caretakers suggested similar materials to what they had in the combat rooms to use as walls.
  • Seshimma - Grahlla like to fire gun for stress-relief. She good shot.
  • Upsilon - I'll say. I'm not having Nu throw a six hundred kilogram ball at a hundred miles an hour again.
  • Mu - At Tau.

Tau's face exercised as she remembered Nu doing such action.

  • Val'kar - If anyone needs me I'll be shooting at some targets.
  • Koluap - So get this junk moving, we're wasting time!

Discussing on the ShipEdit

Hachi walked up to Seshimma and sniffed before hopping over to Grahlla and sniffing once more, his ears twitching. Seshimma tilted her head at Hachi.

  • Hachi - Aliens smell funny. I like them!
  • Val'kar - Keep your nose at a distance human or I turn it into paste.

Hachi squeaked and cowered behind a seat, shivering. Kithworto walked into the newly designed cockpit and activated the panel. The ship turned on; having a pristine, Dominion-style hum to the ship. It raised from the hangar and flown out of Hyperborea's space. Nu sat down casually in a metallic throne like seat. Arkarixus leaned on a wall with his arms crossed, while Koluap laughed at Hachi's fear.

  • Nu - Keep telling him that. He hasn't got it yet.
  • Seshimma - No fear Grahlla. She good when in good mood. Aggressive temeprement no get helped.
  • Upsilon - Sounds like a Kicath.
  • Mu - Kicath are not good even when they're in a good mood.

Corteus leaned against a wall and folded her arms.

  • Corteus - Well she's a Val'kar. They tend to be a bit...on the defensive.
  • Kroogvon - She's a damn good shot with an .80 cal rifle.
  • Koluap - I should use my shotgun more. I thin my aim is getting rusty.
  • Tau - Speaking of Kicath, whilst I was going to imports for the materials, I met Agent Chi.
  • Mu - Chi? Hmpf.
  • Nu - Oh dear. That guy is a miserbale kisiataí [bastard].
  • Tau - Yeah. He and his team said they encountered Vekaron and co. Sincerely hope they didn't get on his nerves.
  • Mu - What was Chi doing at Hyperborea anyway? I thought he hated the place.
  • Zeta - Knowing Chi, probably taking in pirates for interrogation.
  • Lemmo - Shit.

Lemmo tried to remain unnoticed.

  • Arkarixus - I don't believe I have knowledge of this "Chi".
  • Tau - Agent Chi. Agent IV. Born into the Kicathian militia. Psychologically conditioned to the point of being a killing machine. He wouldn't hesitate in slaughtering his allies to get his point across. He's beaten Nu and myself in a fight more than once.
  • Nu - Heh. Except he fights clean. He learned that the hard way the last time we met.
  • Lemmo - Aren't all Kicath like that?

Arkarixus' eyes narrowed.

  • Arkarixus - He better stay clean.
  • Hachi - He sounds a lot like Nu. Maybe they're brothers!
  • Tau - No. Chi doesn't seem to have any...characteristic in him. He was born as a project and is nothing else.
  • Kroogvon - Damn, that's cold.
  • Zeta - Excellent Agent though. His record is in his favour. Although like you said, Chi smashed Nu's face open when Nu spoke out of line.
  • Mu - Funny day that was. Chi is still a dick though.
  • Koluap - A robot then?
  • Tau - More or less.
  • Kezoreg - Can that happen? Can you have Agent siblings?
  • Kalcedia - Don't see why not. I have brothers all around me in UNOC.
  • Kezoreg - They're not your family, you don't have any.
  • Kalcedia - Remind me to snap your neck with my legs if we ever get together.
  • Corteus - Hearing about you agents makes me wonder what would have happened if the Imperium had taken a similar methodology.

Kithworto spoke up.

  • Kithworto - Indeed. My older brother was Agent Commander Omicron.
  • Kezoreg - Omicron?
  • Mu - I don't believe I met Omicron, so I can't comment.
  • Kithworto - You must have. He was an Agent III like us.
  • Mu - Can't remember correctly then.

Corteus opened one of his pockets and pulled out a mint-green roll. LPacing it withi nhis mouth it ignited like a cigarrette. After a few breaths, Corteus cradled the cigarette between his fingers and let it go, exhaling a breath of wisp-like smoke from his mouth, he then looked to the other agents.

  • Kithworto - Indeed. I was put into the same program fifteen or so years after my brother. I never knew until Alpha told me.
  • Arkarixus - Unpleasant.
  • Tau - How many Agent III commanders are there now?
  • Kithworto - Delta, Iota, Mu, Phi, and myself. So that's five.

Koluap, bored, began crawling around the ceiling of the ship in random directions.

  • Upsilon - Alpha, myself, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Kappa, Lambda, Pi, Rho and Psi. Face it, Agent IIs are better.
  • Corteus - A tough break, I guess.
  • Mu - I don't see a dead hand in any of you.
  • Seshimma - Power not key to victory. Skill is.
  • Upsilon - I don't see you having a century long record. No, wait. Two centuries.
  • Mu - Just you wait until this war is over.
  • Corteus - You agents, are you all volunteers?
  • Hachi - Wish I could be an Agent!
  • Mu - "Volunteers". Funny.
  • Kithworto - Not all of us. Tau was a volunteer, hence her being older than the other Agent IVs. Myself and the rest of the Agents were abducted during military service and forcefully augmented.
  • Tau - Or in Chi's case, was born into the Agency.
  • Corteus - Abducted, ouch. Tough break. Then again I guess the Legion isn't much better.
  • Lemmo - Bah. Agent-schmagents. I don't need my body to be sodomised with implants to be a badass...

Nu unsheathed his pistol and pointed it at Lemmo casually.

  • Kroogvon - Ever wondered why we're all called Wraith Legion?
  • Kezoreg - Because you're all dead like ghosts in the end.

Corteus pointed to Kezoreg with his cigarette with a smirk.

  • Corteus - The kid's half-right.
  • Kroogvoont - Dead men walking...or women.
  • Hachi - C-Can I volunteer? I'd be the best Agent ever!
  • Koluap - You? An Agent? You'd be nicknamed Agent Idiot!
  • Lemmo - Agent Tlanl. An Old Tertamian syllabogram. Means "dumb".

All of the Agents laughed, except Kithworto.

  • Tau - It's not all fun and games being an Agent IV. The Agency told us we have a lifespan of three hundred thousand years. Siná'in, what are we supposed to do for three hundred thousand years?
  • Nu - I dunno. See how many times I get arrested on Hyperborea.
  • Hachi - I like dead and living girls! ...Wait, that sounded bad.
  • Lemmo - Dead girls... ah, Lamni, I miss the days with you in that m- wait, did I say that out loud? Nlanat...
  • Arkarixus - I have an unlimited lifespan. If I can find something, so can you.

Upsilon sat back for a moment.

  • Corteus - My team here are Andromeda War vets. We all got hospitalised and a rep fro mWraith Legion approaced each of us with an offer: Get cyberised and back in the fight, or stay in hospital.
  • Seshimma - Some of us, hospital treatment not good enough.
  • Upsilon - You know, for supersoldiers that are meant to keep the peace, we're not very good with that are we?
  • Mu - Eh. I think we do a good job. Except Nu. He gave us the reputation of being psychos.
  • Corteus - You should have seen me when they wheeled me in; broken bones, two hundred lacerations, crushed skull...I suppose I was already dead when they brought me in.
  • Krrogvon - Punctured lung, cracked vertebrae, intenstinal damage, how Corteus survived long enough to make it to AandE is anyone's guess.
  • Koluap - So you're rebuild after being hurt? Hmmm...
  • Corteus - I...wasn't given the choice.
  • Kroogvont - And look at you now, the Imperium's first walking Morphis colony.
  • Nu - I've survived being possessed twice, body destroyed fourteen times, seven armor sets and I've killed 2,895 enemy personnel. Do any of you have that record? Didn't think so. Occasus. That's where I got my reputation. They estimated that I killed over five thousand Agents in that year.
  • Tau - I'll say. You slaughtered my entire team.
  • Kroogvont - Damn....No wonder you're messed-up.
  • Zeta - Five...thousand?
  • Tau - I am a witness. Until I saved Nu's life out of pure whim, Nu was trying to kill me.
  • Koluap - I'd have killed you. No offense.
  • Kalcedia - Aww that's so sweet!
  • Lemmo - Wow, that's romantic. Woooo!
  • Hachi - Wish I had one of my murderers try to romance me.

Tau looked disappointly Hachi and Lemmo.

  • Tau - Romance? Are you that stupid?
  • Seshimma - I thought Soredus had high kill-count...
  • Corteus - Well rumour's going around the bastard's millenia old.
  • Kroogvon - Come on Cor, you really believe that BS conspiracy?
  • Arkarixus - I don't believe I have to comment on my kill-count.

Kithworto's eyes differed as Corteus mentioned Soredus.

  • Kalcedia - I'm struggling to differentiate between my kill count and my client count.
  • Corteus - I was with him longer than you, the guy's...visceral.
  • Kithworto - Soredus reminds me someone I once knew. Draconis, like himself.

Corteus looked over to Kithworto with an inquisitove look, keeping his arms folded and taking another puff of his cigarette

  • Corteus - Oh?
  • Kithworto - Yes. A Blood Dragon, now that I recall.
  • Upsilon - You don't know any Blood Dragons.
  • Kithworto - Hm. Perhaps not. Ah. I now I remember. He killed Blood Dragons.
  • Koluap - That's a bad thing.
  • Kroogvont - Summer winds. He must have been unkillable.
  • Kithworto - He held his own against me more than once. But like I said, that was a long time ago.
  • Corteus - There's only one guy I know of whos' killed Blood Dragons and he's been dead for millennia.

Kithworto's eyes met Corteus' with a certain light.

  • Kroogvont - Well of course, everyone knows about Oniron the Red!
  • Tau - Hm. We're approaching the Sibius 2 system now.
  • Koluap - About bloody time!
  • Lemmo - Welp, time to die.

Kicathian HellEdit

Battle of OccasusEdit

The ship exited hyperspace. They were hovering over Occasus, which seemed to be desolate from their view. The sun seemed rather close, but not dangerously close. The Kroogvont looked out the window to see Occasus below and he opened his mouth wide, a gaping croak escaping his throat.

  • Kroovont - Wow...what a shithole.
  • Eta - Wait until you land.
  • Koluap - Hurry up and land so we can get this over with.
  • Lemmo - Wow. I thought the Chosen homeworld was a shithole
  • Koluap - Pfff. The Corruptus Overworlds were far worse than this.
  • Corteus - Looks like what would happen to Araveene without the ITN on constant overwatch.

The ship lowered into Occasus' atmosphere. The entire planet was barren; devoid of life, and all remaining skyscrapers on the ecumenopolis were stripped down to their frame whilst the plates that made them dangled perilously. The sky was a bright orange, and the heat caused dust and smoke to trail off the buildings.

  • Zeta - Oh, this is much worse than I remember it.
  • Hachi - Wow! This place looks great! Sandcastles!
  • Mu - No. Shut up.
  • Corteus - Yeah I was right, plus the effects of a a virus bomb.
  • Kroogvont - Please Cor don't remind me of that holomovie, I couldn't sleep for a week!
  • Hachi - It's pronounced "horror", not "hollor".
  • Koluap - Movie about virus? Heh, we got a popular one. It involves mosquitoes who turn people into zombies.
  • Kroogvont - Seriously, stop reminding me!
  • Lemmo - Bah, zombies. Big deal.

The ship landed in a plaza. The winds caused the ship to stray back, before it finally grounded.

  • Kithworto - Get your hazard suits on. Unless you want to die an excruciating death.
  • Arkarixus - My suit is always ready. Otherwise even this ship would disconfort me.
  • Eta - Yeah. Hundreds of degrees celsius, an already poisonous atmosphere and the ultraviolet radiation. You carbon-bags don't want to breathe this atmosphere.
  • Kezoreg - I don't know, sounds refreshing.
  • Corteus - Wraith Legion equips its operatives with nanoskin and air filters as standard.
  • Lemmo - Hm. How old is that place?
  • Tau - This place? It was abandoned around 160,000 years ago.
  • Kroogvon - I could stand stark bloody naked in this and not feel worried, and I'm an amphibian for crying out loud.
  • Koluap - I got artificial lungs, poison isn't a problem.
  • Eta - The radiation might. Strong enough to cause extensive cell mutation within twenty minutes of exposure.
  • Upsilon - Yeah. I remember a lot of Agents died just from cell mutations and radiation sickness.
  • Kalcedia - I hope I don't get a sandgina.
  • Kezoreg - What...What is a "sandgina"?
  • Corteus - Hey remember late in that film where Termin encounters Garaa after dealing with a hopsital full of infe---
  • Tharaqím - Let us just proceed.
  • Corteus - I'm just having fun.
  • Kroogvont - ...I couldn't visit my parents for a month in fear of a sudden viral attack...
  • Corteus - His parents grew up in Lower Araveene.
  • Lemmo - Bah. You lot wouldn't have survived a day in Il'rala. Now that was a hellhole. The local chavs are much worse than zombies. At least zombies don't mug you then beat you than rap- nevermind.

Tau opened the ship up. The heat from the planet could be seen trailing up the door as it hit them like a slap in the face. Koluap grinned and jumped off the ship first out of everyone. He could see that the planet was destroyed millions of times over. In the plaza, scorched Kicathian agent corpses could be seen strewn all over the place. Corteus jumped down from the door, the other wraith legionnaires followed who were then followed by Arsac and Sarec.

  • Sarec - Cheerful.
  • Hachi - Whoa...It feels weird seeing dead Agents. I've never seen a dead Agent.

The Val'Kar woman returned, carrying over her shoulder a rifle bigger than Koluap.

  • Koluap - Heheheh, I love the heat.

Nu walked up to one of the corpses, which was just a metallic skeleton with scraps of armour over it.

  • Nu - I remember killing this one. I destroyed him with his own gun.
  • Lemmo - ...No, Senla would never do that to me... she loves me. Besides, she's DNA-locked.
  • Tharaqím - You remember your kills?
  • Nu - One of the negative things about an Agent IV. Our memories are quite extensive. I killed every single Agent in this plaza. More or less.
  • Arkarixus - What is the best location to link minds with the Eye?
  • Nu - Considering how every building on this planet is one bullet away from collapsing, anywhere is good.
  • Koluap - Let's do this then. Or rather, you do your thing.

Some of the debris shook and collapsed further. The Agents all pointed their rifles as a heat signal popped up.

  • Tharaqím - What was that?
  • Mu - ...There's something alive in here.
  • Psi - The fuck was that thing?
  • Corteus - Are there any agents inductees here presently?
  • Zeta - That's the bad thing. There isn't.
  • Koluap - Good, some action!
  • Lemmo - Shit.
  • Hachi - New friends?
  • Kezoreg - When do we EVER get new friends?!
  • Corteus - I'm standing right here
  • Hachi - Oh yeah! Forgot about the robot man!

Hachi proceeded to hug Corteus' leg affectionately. Lemmo prepared his guns and started looking around paranoidly. Kalcedia prepared her rifle, trying not to melt under these conditions. Out of the debris, bursted out a silver figure. It was hunched over, but was taller than Arkarixus. It was extremely muscular, and appeared to be a Kicath. Its head slowly raised, and faced the group. Its eyes shone white. Corteus converted his hand into a plasma cannon and aimed it at the Kicath. The Agents all looked confused as their rifles pointed at its head.

  • Koluap - The hell is that?
  • Upsilon - What in the siná'in is that?
  • Kroogvon - What the fuck is that?
  • Tau - Shit. It's an Agent V!
  • Tharaqím - Agent V?
  • Tau - Let's put it this way. We're Agent IV's.
  • Tharaqím - Hm.

The Agent V's arms began to transform. Like a trail of sand or water, its arms morphed into ultra-sharp blades.

  • Mu - Kill it, kill it, KILL IT!

From behind, the Val'kar cocked her rifle, usign her massive strength she lifted it to her eye level, aimed at the Agent V and fired one of the gun's .80 calibre supersonic rounds at it. The Agents fired all of their weapons at the Agent V as it hit its body with little effect.

  • Nu - The fuck is this?!

Koluap attacked by firing his shotgun, while Arkarixus and Tharaqím launched their essences at it. The Val'kar fired again, aiming for the head, shoulder and knee i nsuccessive course.

  • Val'kar - ...Captain these rounds should be dissolving or melting the armour by now!
  • Corteus - Try a nanoround!

The Agent V's arm stretched out beyond natural design, and shot through the team like bullets. Kalcedia unleashed hellfire upon the Agent V, while Kezoreg and Hachi kept at a distance due to not possessing any ranged weaponry and instead launched spheres of Essence at it. The Val'kar nodded and loaded a different magasine, this time upon impact the shot broke apart int oa cloud of berserker nanomachines. The nanomachines entered its body, but the Agent V's body became incorporeal as if it broke up into granules, before it changed back to normal.

  • Lemmo - What the?
  • Mu - What the hell is going on here?!
  • Corteus - Sodding Kicath stole our tech!

Lemmo fired at the incorporeal agent repeatedly, trying to do some damage to its body. Tharaqím dodged the bullets while Arkarixus formed a shield around the ground. Aiming at the Agent V, he unleashed a psychic pulse at it. From the psychic pulse, the Agent V stumbled, with its body falling apart before getting back up. It sent out violent bursts of metallic sand-like material as it scratched and dented the Agents' armor. Corteus and the rest of his team fired all manner of rounds at the Agent V.

  • Tharaqím - It is vulnerable to psychic powers. Sarec, your abilities will be necessary.

Sarec nodded and gathered enerhy in his hands, leaping up and scanning the environment. Kithworto hurled a bolt of essence at the Agent V, but passed through. The Agent V became overpowered by the bullets and dispersed through a wall into cover.

  • Tau - Ah hell. This thing is made of nanobots.
  • Mu - The Empire is creating armies of THESE?!
  • Nu - I'm as pissed off as I am jealous.
  • Corteus - Anyone wanna bet this is some reverse-engineered Morphis?
  • Tau - Don't think so. They were testing nanobots on the Mark II Agent IVs before we split. Trying to make some kind of Mark III.
  • Kroogvon - Captain as much as it seems that way, Morphis wasn't designed to be fully autononomous.
  • Lemmo - Less talking more shooting.

Arkarixus used his essence to blast the Agent V's cover away. The Agent V travelled to another wall of cover as if it were a cloud of dust before forming back behind it. Sarec gathered energy and threw infused pressur ewaves at the Agent V.

  • Koluap - Cowardly omnicidal maniac!
  • Psi - Man fuck these robot things!

Lemmo snarled and unloaded all of his guns' ammunition into the Agent V; bright waves of energy flew towards him. Arkarixus kept using his essence to deprive the Agent V of cover. The Agent dispersed through cover before forming on the other side. Its body took on a solid silver shape, before bashing half the team off the ground with an oustretched arm.

  • Hachi - Ech!

Sarec concentrated in an attempt to impair the Agent's ability to shapeshift, and Mu fired a bolt of his Death Energy at the Agent V's arm.

  • Kezoreg - How do we permanently kill this thing?!
  • Lemmo - By throwing you at him, little nratl!

Arkarixus and Tharaqím joined forces with Sarec to amplify the power. The Agent V fell apart again before restructuring, and started sending whip like bodies at Sarec whilst he was in the air. Hachi and Kezoreg continued to throw Essence towards the Agent V, while Kalcedia continued to fire her hyperspace rounds. Sarec saw the whips coming and threw u phis arms t osummon essence barriers Koluap flew into the air to behind the Agent V and slashed at it with his Xhodocto Axe.

  • Koluap - Feel the burn!

The hyperspace rounds passed through its body, as it struggled to maintain its form. The Agent V's leg broke slightly from the Axe before dispersing behind cover again.

  • Corteus - Hey Koluap, catch!

Corteus pulled a disk fro mhis pack and tossed it towards Koluap, who flew to it and grabbed it.

  • Koluap - What's this for?
  • Corteus - Antimatter grenade. Prime it and throw it.
  • Koluap - Oh boy!

The Agent V dispersed back into the plaza, and hurled tentacle like appendages around the team violently. Sarec threw his arms out attempting to block the tentacles suing energy barriers. Koluap primed the grenade and threw it at the Agent V's location, causing a large explosion. The Agent V fell apart completely. After some moments, the dust began to reform slowly as the Agent V attempted to regain its form.

  • Koluap - Now you're being like the Corruptus, which only makes me want to kill you more!
  • Eta - Kill it! Kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it kill it!

Corteus tossed another atimatter grenade at the reforming Agent, and Arkarixus and Tharaqím sent more psychic pulses at the dust. The Agent V fell apart again. It tried to reform itself, but took more time, struggling to form itself.

  • Val'Kar - What the hell have you Kicath created?
  • Mu - How is it not the dead yet?!
  • Koluap - Kithworto, do something!
  • Lemmo - Yeah. Zombies.
  • Corteus - Must be non-baryonic...

Kithworto sent down a burst of energy from the sky, freezing the Agent V in place.

  • Tau - Destroy it now!

The Val'Kar primed an antimatter round and fired it at the Agent V's torso. Arkarixus, Tharaqím and Mu all fired their essences at the Agent V, while Koluap fired his shotgun again. The Agent V exploded in shards of glass, and did not seem to regain its form again.

  • Koluap - Woooooo!

The Wraith Legionnaires panted with relief, several of the mfist-bumping with enthusiasm. Arkarixus and Tharaqím looked around, to make sure the Agent V was really defeated. Koluap put his gun down and sat on the ground. Hachi cuddled Kezoreg tightly as the Agent was destroyed, causing Kezoreg to throw him over his shoulder.

  • Zeta - ...What in the name of Ekóldálchútáranǎtárannagemnakházaratzatárandalønórijoríncha [The First Gigaquadrant] was that?!
  • Mu - One of the reasons we're right to not be under the Empire anymore.
  • Corteus - Do any of you people know the phrase "quit while you're ahead"?
  • Tau - Yeah. That's why we don't have advanced technology on us when Nu is around.
  • Arkarixus - It seems to be destroyed. Now Nu can link minds with the Eye.
  • Corteus - Is it always like this?
  • Upsilon - Pretty much. But I've never seen anything like that. That's advanced even for us.
  • Corteus - My team and I are outfitted with the best tech in the Commonwealth and our rounds did hardly anything.
  • Kalcedia - It's concerning that your people have such technology.
  • Val'kar - Maybe the Imperium should senda a retaliatory invasion force against the Empire. Y'know, make an example?
  • Corteus - If the Empire is developing *that* kind of technology is invasion really a good idea?
  • Koluap - They gotta be razed off the map, that's for sure. I should talk to the Advisors and see if we can have the Civilisation gang up on them. That'd be fun.
  • Kezoreg - Does the Remnant have that kind of tech?
  • Tau - Nowhere near that. They must have been developing the Agent V for decades.
  • Val'kar - Well...technically the Agent did fire on a Wraith Legion unit so perhaps all bets are off?
  • Corteus - We shouldn't even be here.

Nu clasped the Eye in his hand. He walked some distance, as the Eye began to fill with a black liquid like substance. The eye took on a dark shroud as Nu's hand began to surge in a dark lightning.

  • Mu - Try to not get possessed or something.
  • Nu - Can't guarantee that.

A white aura appeared on the Eye as Nu became statuesque. His communication with the Eye caused intense heat to surge around him.

  • Hachi - I hope the ship comes with some clothes replipliplication tech.
  • Corteus - We wouldn't have the highground because-- Is that meant ot be happening?
  • Kithworto - Quite sure.
  • Hachi - I wonder what Nu's saying.
  • Kezoreg - Probably something like "PISS FUCK SHIT DAMN TITS ASS DAMN SHIT"
  • Corteus - You know when most comuters do that it calls for a [bose-einsten condensate] coolant system.

Sarec drifted back to the floor and attempted to dissipate the heat with his abilities. The heat died down as the aura also dissipated. The communication stopped, and Nu's eyes appeared almost molten as steam appeared from under his hand.

  • Nu - We've got an issue.

Over the horizon, a ship appeared. It was clearly Dominion in design, but it appeared to be beyond the conventional look.

  • Corteus - I take it that's the problem?
  • Nu - Didn't see that coming.
  • Tharaqím - Kicath, what did you just summon?
  • Kezoreg - You have an Eye. How did you not?
  • Lemmo - Goddamn demons. Again?
  • Corteus - We should have requested Soredus.

Fate of the EyeEdit

The ship was at a distance from the group, but it already seemed to be colossal in size. Four, perhaps five kilometres. Lemmo shievered visibly. The laser charged, with buildings warping out of its way with the sheer energy produced.

  • Arkarixus - Problematic.
  • Koluap - Anyone mind telling me what the hell is that?
  • Tau - No clue, but move!
  • Mu - We're so unlucky today that I wouldn't be surprised if that was an Agent VI or something along those lines.

The Agents all moved into far away cover, passing over Agent corpses with each stride. Sarec nodded, the Wraith Team split in two to doge whatever was about to hit the mwhile Arsac also ran. Koluap, Arkarixus and Tharaqím took cover among a pile of rubble. Arsac and Sarec, being Draconis, opened their wings and took the highground

The laser fired; a bright flash of light and everything that wasn't blocked went up in flames. An orange beam fired from the ship. As it hit the ground, the surrounding area was launched into the sky and above the clouds.

  • Arkarixus - We have to get back to the ship!
  • Corteus - Understood. Wraith Legion move out!

The Agents moved back out of cover towards the ship. The heat produced by the laser caused their armor to steam up. Hachi and Kezoreg ran with one another while Kalcedia moved as fast as her heavily augmented legs could carry her, struggling to retain her form as her skin obviously melted and sizzled. Koluap flew alongside the Agents. Tharaqím helped Arkarixus run as the heat weaked him.

  • Koluap - It's getting too hot for my liking!
  • Sarec - If that ship's not careful it could trigger an ablation cascade!
  • Zeta - Sincerely hope it doesn't do that. We won't be able to get off the planet.
  • Psi - But-but-but destroying the planet?!
  • Arsac - I hope that ship has a good navigational shield.
  • Tau - Trust me, it does!

Tau was the first to reach the ship. She opened it up, and the Agents flooded in, with Psi last. Koluap threw himself inside, followed by Arkarixus and Tharaqím. Sarec teleported himself inside while Arsac flew in, the Wraith Unit followed suit, with Corteus toking one last glympse at the attacking ship

  • Kroogvon - Damnit captain we have no time for intel!
  • Corteus - Just a sec...okay we're good let's go!
  • Hachi - We should ask for directions from that ship!
  • Kezoreg - Eat shit!

Kithworto was the last to enter the ship. He closed the door behind him, and then ran to the cockpit. The ship launched from the ground with a violent shake, and raised into the sky as quickly as possible. The Dominion ship changed its position to follow the team's ship.

  • Eta - Siná'in that thing's following us.
  • Koluap - I hope you go a plan.
  • Arsac - That stealth plating had better work.

Tau slammed her palm down on the stealth-plate activator, and then strafed the ship to the left. The laser fired, narrowly missing the ship. A few skyscrapers were launched in their direction.

  • Koluap - Move faster!

Sarec held out his arms, attempting to suspend the skyscrapers in the air before they hit the ship. The skyscrapers were thrown to the side, whilst the ship raised into the outer atmosphere. The Dominion ship fired blindly, but almost hit the team's ship on numerous occasions.

  • Corteus - I think the Empire is gonna need a new Agent proving ground....
  • Mu - To hell with their training ground, the thing's more than welcome to destroy this place!

The ship managed to leave the atmosphere as Tau turned it away from the planet. She then slammed her other palm on to the hyperdrive. It left the area, on course for Andromeda.

  • Val'Kar - Imperium could fire a neutron bomb, make it look like a stray shot, boom, no trace of planet.
  • Lemmo - That's a good idea. Explosions are good in general.
  • Kroogvont - That shit's classified why'd you tell 'em about that!

The Val'kar shrugged, leaned back in her chair and rested her large feet on a table

  • Val'Kar - Well...
  • Kroogvont - You're just sore b'cause the only help for recovery your splinter states got was from the Imperium after the Vartekians sodded off.
  • Val'Kar - Well...My life has been good in the Imperium.
  • Koluap - Heh. Still, screw that ship. Is it still following us?

Nu put the Eye down, which left a burnt imprint on the table. He then removed his armour and sat down. Hachi sat beside the Val'kar and stared up at her, his nose twitching while Kezoreg examined Nu and the Eye closely from a distance. Kalcedia was off somewhere else, presumably hiding from embarassment of disruption to her physical form.

  • Nu - Ugh, get me some Rǎchojonarín. Right now.
  • Arkarixus - Did you get any valuable information?
  • Nu - I ain't telling one anything until someone gets me a drink.
  • Seshimma - One moment then. May well feel useful.

Tau scoffed and walked away from the group. Corteus stood away from the group, poking the air and making strange gestures with his hands, brushing air aside, twisting "pockets" of air. Seshimma walked out the room, returning a few moments later with a mug and handed it to Nu.

  • Hachi - I still feel boiling...and I got sand a-all in my fur!
  • Kezoreg - I have sand in places where I shouldn't have places.
  • Zeta - Never really occurred to me as to how Agent IVs can get thirsty or hungry. You're like 95% robot.
  • Kroogvont - That energy's gotta come from somewhere.

Nu took the mug. Being Kicathian in design, it did not smash in his grasp. Tau returned to the group with a large similarly designed flask containing the drink Nu mentioned. She put it down on the table and Nu roughly poured the drink into the mug.

  • Seshimma - Attempt to pronounce drink name eight times. Tongue hurt after attempt five.
  • Hachi - I didn't even try to pronounce it and it hurts my head.
  • Mu - Wuss.
  • Kroogvont - That's because you've got a beak.
  • Seshimma - And that racist. Beak no not impair communication.
  • Upsilon - Rǎchojonarín. Standard drink issued out in clubs back in the Remnant.
  • Hachi - Strip clubs?!

The Agents all looked at Hachi with a frown.

  • Tau - Women don't put their bodies on display. We have self esteem. Anyone who does that are cast from society and labelled as lowlifes.

The Val'kar rested her massive heavy hand on Hachi's shoulder, dhaking him a little with a smirk on her face.

  • Val'kar - Careful what you say child. The wrong word can invite a fist..or a foot to your reproductives.
  • Upsilon - A fist? Aliens have been torn apart in clubs for saying less.
  • Koluap - Yeah but you're Kicath.
  • Mu - Mean.
  • Hachi - I've seen people do things with their fists on videos before. Like, they put them up other people's bu--
  • Kezoreg - Noooooooo!
  • Arkarixus - Enough. Tell us what you found.
  • Corteus - Working on analysing it now.

In that time, Nu was done with the flask Tau gave him. He sat back in the chair, taking in deep breath. Kithworto sat down opposite Nu, and looked at him.

  • Nu - Well, the visions were blurry. But what I saw was that ship we just saw.
  • Kezoreg - ...Are you actually being serious? Are you...a-are you actually being...genuine?
  • Nu - Heck. I've had two gods and a demon go into my mind. I know when to be serious.
  • Kezoreg - What you saw...was that juggernaut of a ship...and you didn't think to warn us beforehand?!
  • Koluap - I don't blame him, it appeared right as he was lookinginto the Eye.
  • Kithworto - Worrying to say the least. These must be new superweapons of some sort. They don't seem to be Dominion made though. They seem to coincide with Xhodocto design.
  • Hachi - So we came here to discover that they have new ways of killing us? Yaaaay!

Koluap glared at Hachi.

  • Upsilon - We've got to do something with that Eye. If they know that we have it we'll have the whole Dominion on us.
  • Eta - You sure? There's not much to salvage from that now.

Arsac coughed audiably fro mthe corner of the room.

  • Kezoreg - I say let the Inquisition have it and then report it to the Dominion so the Imperium can get shit.
  • Kroogvont - Wow, thanks kid, real thoughtful of us imperials!
  • Koluap - Can't Kithworto just destroy what remains of it?
  • Kithworto - I could. But the level of space required for me to destroy something like that. You saw the level of space I had to use just to scale down your axe.
  • Koluap - That poor planet.
  • Arsac - Besides. "Apparently" this isn't the first time the Order has had to deal with an eye *she slowly turns to Kithworto* Is it?
  • Hachi - I say we give it back to the Dominion but sabotaged!
  • Mu - Sabotaged?
  • Hachi - Yeah! We sabotage the Eye, give it back to the Dominion, big boom!
  • Kithworto - No. I'm still wondering how Terastia hasn't awakened and destroyed the Reliquary from the inside. You are lucky.
  • Arsac - Procedure.
  • Kithworto - It takes more than procedure than to handle something more powerful than Ekthrikos, Inquisitor.
  • Koluap - Oh, I remember watching you fight this Ekthrikos. Pretty nasty fight.
  • Kithworto - I'll say. Took me long enough.
  • Arsac - That is what our procedures were put in place to prevent. And if the Eye the Order supposedly has is more powerful than Ekthrikos, you should be thankful for the service we have provided.
  • Kithworto - Thankful? You've risked and are still risking the complete and utter annihilation of the Imperium.

Koluap let out quiet swearing mumblings to himself. Arsac smirked.

  • Arsac - It seems even gods are prone to error.

Kithworto's usually neutral face began to take on a sense of anger.

  • Arsac - The Eye, if we had it, would never be kept within the Imperium; far too dangerous.
  • Zeta - I think its far too dangerous to be in any form of possession. Ekthrikos was on Earth for tens of thousands of years undiscovered and then the one on Mahanaya, the same.
  • Mu - Why keep this around when you can destroy it?
  • Hachi - Because it looks pretty!
  • Mu - You're messed up, you know that?
  • Kithworto - Hm. Where exactly? The level of space required to destroy this. I would have to go into Inferno to destroy it.
  • Arsac - Which is why the Order never attempted similar.
  • Mu - It'd take more than a planet?
  • Kithworto - Half of the Milky Way is my estimate.
  • Mu - Shit.
  • Kezoreg - ...Can you take me there?
  • Koluap - Even weakened? What's that thing made of?
  • Kithworto - The Xhodocto themselves made it. It will not break easily.
  • Lemmo - I bet they make them out of souls or something. How about giving it to someone small and harmless? The demon inside won't be able to kill anyone if he's a slikkid.
  • Upsilon - A what?
  • Sarec - It's not the threat level of the host that's the problem.

Kithworto got up, taking the Eye with him. He walked into an open space.

  • Kithworto - I suppose if you want to get it done, you will do it as soon as possible.

Kithworto looked at Kezoreg.

  • Kithworto - Are you coming or not?
  • Mu - ...You're not gonna destroy half of the Milky Way, are you?
  • Kithworto - I'm going to Inferno, you fool.
  • Mu - Oh. That works too.
  • Koluap - If you see any faceless demons there, beat them up!

Kezoreg nodded and stood up, approaching Kithworto and standing close to him, a nervous expression on his face although still strong. Kithworto and Kezoreg disappeared in a reddish plume of lightning. A few moments passed before they returned. Kithworto's skin was glowing a painfully bright red, whilst Kezoreg's skin was covered in charcoal.

  • Koluap - Roasted Kicath and ugly-mug.
  • Sarec - Had fun?
  • Kezoreg - Steamy.
  • Kithworto - Phew. Haven't done that in a while.
  • Lemmo - Are we having a barbeque today?
  • Zeta - Yeah. Never do that in this universe would ya?
  • Koluap - At least you didn't blow up like Kan'Kun did.

Kezoreg looked up at Kithworto and smiled, while Hachi had fallen asleep on the Val'Kar women since his last comment. Corteus stopped making random-looking hand gestures with a heavy sight.

  • Corteus - I'm gonna submit my intel on that ship to the RIA...It really is beyond my knowledge.
  • Kroogvont - You look like you could do with a drink, captain.
  • Corteus - Yes. Please.
  • Kithworto - Let's put it this way, Kezoreg. You won't see that again.
  • Kezoreg - Somehow Kithworto, I really doubt your statement. In fact, I bet I'll see even more impressive things.
  • Arkarixus - With the Eye eliminated, what shall we do next?
  • Kithworto - Only one thing to do. Find out where these ships are being made.

War for the RealmEdit

The Nightmare BeginsEdit

Unexpected PleadEdit

Kithworto's skin turned back to normal as his Kicathian form regained itself. Suddenly, a bright light flashed in the middle of the room, revealing a small, white wisp creature. It was none other thn the Thoi'olerthae Mimi.

  • Mimi - Hi!
  • Arsac - A wisp?
  • Koluap - Mimi? What are you doing here? Yo'ure supposed to be at home!
  • Mimi - I have a message! Big, important thing!
  • Nu - Mimi? Eh?

Sarec smiled and folded his arms. Hachi woke up and yawned as the wisp creature appeared in the room, woken up by the light it emitted when it appeared. Taking a few seconds to recognize it, he leaped forward and sat beneath it, his tail wagging. Mimi levitated over to Arsac. Tentacles formed out of her back and she put them against her own cheeks, as if she was holding them.

  • Mimi - Many call me wisp! But it's Thoi'olerthae, okay?

Arsac's eyes widened. She appeared speechless.

  • Arsac - I....I...
  • Mimi - Big sis wants to talk to you guys! But she's wounded, and needed me to find you.
  • Hachi - Wait...Teacher's wounded?!
  • Koluap - Woah woah, what?
  • Sarec - I am willing to join you if I need to Hachi.

Mimi concentrated and created a vortex of energy, and a formless mass of white-coloured energy emerged from it. Despite having no form, the team could hear Thea'Nhirara's voice coming from it. she appeared in extreme pain.

  • Thea'Nhirara - The striking the Realm of Dreams...
  • Lemmo - Realm of what?

Sarec's mouth dropped in horror. Koluap, Arkarixus and Tharaqím were all got by susprise, while Hachi's mouth was left wide open as he heard the news. His ears drooped and his body shivered, shuddering with rational fear.

  • 'Mimi - There was a big shadow, then boom, everythign went red and purple all over!
  • Arsac - Shadow? Red and purple? Argh shit...
  • Kithworto - The Corruptus. It seems that we were unsuccessful in destroying them after all.
  • Lemmo - Red and purple... wait, aren't the Chosen dead already?
  • Thea'Nhirara - My Father has been taken...I tried to fight but...I've been defeated.
  • Mimi - I'm sure Maktanshatinaknatazán and his friends can help!

Kithworto's brow raised. Sarec paced up behind Hachi and rested his hands comfortingly on Hachi's shoulders..

  • Hachi - D-Don't worry! We'll come get you! Just... try and stay alive! I'll come find you Teacher!
  • Thea'Nhirara - I have little strength left...I can use what remains of it to take you to the Realm.
  • Arkarixus - When did this happen? Was it recent?
  • Thea'Nhirara - It was right as Macin was like they were waiting for it...
  • Kithworto - And sacrifice yourself? I object.
  • Thea'Nhirara - There's no choice...
  • Lemmo - The Realm? We're fighting Chosen again? Just tell me what is happening, dammit!
  • Hachi - Save it! Don't do anything dumb! We'll find a way to get there... I'll make sure of it!
  • Sarec - Mimi, I will gladly donate what energies I can to assist you.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Not the Chosen...we are fighting the Chosen's gods. Shu'ytrogarva...he is the one behind the invasion.
  • Tau - Would explain Hachi's nightmares.
  • Hachi - ...I never saw this coming. Gah, why am I so stupid?
  • Lemmo - So... the green rat and the shark guy. Shiit.

Hachi looked down and used his ears to cover his face in embarassment and shame.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Your help is appreciated, Sarec. But to get to the Realm, you need a Dream Energy gateway.
  • Sarec - Hachiman...
  • Mimi - Hachi, you gotta sleep now.
  • Hachi - ...Sleep? But...don't I need to be awake for this?
  • Thea'Nhirara - You have the energy...The others can access the Realm by using your dreams as a gateway...

Thea'Nhirara let out purple lighting out of their own bodies, agonizing. Thea's formless state became worse.

  • Mimi - Ouchie!
  • Tharaqím - What is happening to you?
  • Eta - Wait, wait. Issue. Kithworto here being, well, what he is. Wouldn't he be damaged by entering the realm?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Kithworto has Life Energy...he should be...fine...
  • Eta - Right. Forgot about that.
  • Kithworto - Will be a new experience for everyone.

Arsac took a deep exhalation and took a few steps over to a wall and punched it repeatedly, her baring teeth and rage-fuelled punches eventually making a mrk on the bulkhead.

  • Thea'Nhirara - At every second...more of the Realm is eaten away...I don't have much time...Hachi, lay down.
  • Hachi - Well...I've never had to sleep on the j-job on purpose b-before.
  • Mimi - I'll put you to sleep!
  • Nu - No, I will!

Nu looked at the team before going quiet. To esence sensetives, someting dark appeared to brew in Arsac's aura. Arkarixus looked over to Arsac from his back.

  • Nu - Just making suggestions.

Hachi proceeded to lay down on the floor and closed his eyes, curling up into a ball so as to get comfortable. He shivered and shuddered a little more, although he appeared to be relaxed for the most part. Mimi opened her wings and began letting out some sort of essence-enchanted melody which echoed through the room. Hachi could feel himself becoming drowzy.

  • Hachi - One Agent, two Agent, three Agent, four Agent, five Agent... Zzz, zzz...
  • Kithworto - I sincerely hope we don't have to go to Shard in the future.

Arsac continued punching, eventually stopping and resting her hands aggressively against the wall, hanging her head low and panting heavily. Koluap began feeling drowzy as well and shook his head. Mimi kept singing, to get Hachi in deep sleep. Hachi smiled as he dosed off into sleep, his furry body curled and relaxed as the shivering and shuddering stopped. He breathed softly as he slept while the tip of his tongue peeked from out of his mouth.

Thea'Nhirara's form struggled to create what looked like a tentacle, and placed it on Hachi's head. His body began emitting a glow.

  • Thea'Nhirara - All of a finger on his head...
  • Nu - I'll try not to bruise him.
  • Mimi - If you do, I'll give you a spank!

Arsac gave a sigh and lifted herself from her position on the wall. Kithworto's hand began to morph into a golden form, before placing his finger on Hachi's head.

  • Kithworto - Don't want to kill him or anything.

Koluap placed a nail, while Arkarixus and Tharaqím both placed a finger. All of the Agents did the same.

  • Kezoreg - I don't think I should. I'm... Descended, after all.
  • Mimi - Nar! Lady! Robot! Xhodocto! Bird with four legs! Hurry!
  • Nu - Heh. Bird with four legs. Heheheheh.

Sarec joined the rest alongaide Wraith Legion who felt nervous doing so. Arsac was the last one and reluctantly did so. Kalcedia came into the room and saw everybody touching Hachi's head. Not bothering to ask questions, she walked over and did the same, right on Hachi's nose. Lemmo joined in, somewhat reluctantly.

  • Lemmo - Still don't understand what is happening....
  • Thea'Nhirara - I'm sorry...this is so sudden could not'll feel...a falling sensation...
  • Nu - Meh. Felt worse.

Thea'Nhirara's form extended itself and covered the team. A blinding light shined out of Hachi's forehead, and the team felt as if they were being launched through a tunnel. The members with no essence in particular felt a burning sensation as well.

The voyage into the Realm had begun.

Nightmare LullabyEdit

After some minutes, the falling sensation stopped, and the team felt as if they had landed somewhere.

  • Mimi - Open your eyes!
  • Kroogvont - I think my eyes are on fire!

As the team got on their senses, they found themselves in what appeared to be a snowy cliff, with several weird-shaped trees and rubble of what appeared to be a destroyed house. As Kithworto opened his eyes, he saw his body was in a majestic golden form, closely resembling that of a golden Xi'Arazulha.

  • Arsac - looks like Drakon's Garden...
  • Kithworto - Well this is new. I don't ever recall entering this state of being before.
  • Lemmo - It looks like a stoner's garden. Must have had too much dust today.
  • Tharaqím - Fascinating...

Despite the incident, Hachi was still with the team, sleeping in the snow. Mimi slapped Hachi with a tentacle to wake him up.

  • Mimi - Wakey-wakey, lazy bones!

Hachi woke up suddenly and felt a sudden cold rush as he realized he was sleeping in snow. He jumped up and shivered. Arsac suddenly bent herself low, gasping.

  • Hachi - Eeek!
  • Mu - My arm hurts like hell.
  • Arsac - Your arm hurts? I...I can't breathe...

Kithworto attempted to use Death Energy, but it only stung his hands slightly. In the rubble, the team could see a small figure. Strangely, it looked like Hachi, but with "diminutive" characteristics. Upon taking sight of it, Nu and Koluap both screamed.

  • Nu - Ánatmankunashanaí! [Oh fuck, there's two of them!]
  • Arsac - Some...someone help...
  • Arkarixus - Hmm. Count me confused.
  • Mimi - That's a representation of Hachi's dreams and innocence! I call him Dreamy Hachi! Isn't he adorable?
  • Nu - No, no it really is not!
  • Tharaqím - What's happening to Arsac?

Hachi screamed as well, but for a totally seperate reason; he found the small, simpler looking version of himself cute. Incredibly cute.

  • Hachi - It's so freaking fluffy!
  • Lemmo - What the...

Kithworto looked at Arsac. He then went up to her and examined her state. Dreamy Hachi noticed the group and skipped in their direction with a friendly smile.

  • Kithworto - I'm not so sure, but it is probable that Angazhar has stained her aura. Or something like that.
  • Kalcedia - It looks like a sex toy. An ugly sex toy.

Arsac panted as if she had trouble breating, her limbs were twitching, indicative of some pain in her muscles and her aura had traces of Descension energy within it

  • Mimi - She has meanie energy in her! A little, but there is! I'll have to shield you otherwise the Realm will fry you!
  • Kithworto - I sense Descension energy within her aura. Either Angazhar has done that or someone else has.
  • Sarec - Descension energy?
  • Arsac - My arms. I feel muscle cramps body!

Hachi leaped and hugged the miniature him, cuddling it.

  • Lemmo - Is she just so self-righteous that she's getting burned or something?
  • Arsac - Say that with your neck in my palm Tertanai!
  • Nu - Fuck, if that's the innocent form I don't want to see the not-so innocent form!

Dreamy Hachi cuddled back, displaying impressive strength and nearly choking Hachi in the process.

  • Hachi - Damn, he's...he's a strong fella. That's a little...actually, that's very cool!
  • Kroogvont - I'd be more concerned with the rather cutesy human-thing is squezing his real-universe version.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep! Eep!
  • Psi - Aw man. The cuteness is going to make me vomit everywhere.
  • ??? - Cuteness...sickening...found you.

Suddenly, a massive skeletal hand emerged out of the snow, emitting a dark purple aura.

  • Psi - Well shit.
  • Hachi - ...Oh poop.
  • Lemmo - Wha?

Lemmo charged his guns, and Sarec stood back and gathered electricity in his hands. Kithworto's body glowed gold, with a cold shimmer. Arsac attempted to stand up, taking deep breaths as she slowly lifted herself with difficulty. A second hand appeared right after, and both hands swept across the landscape, knocking the team back. Sarec vanished as the hand was about to hit him, reappearing soon after while Arsac and Wraith Legion were smacked across the snow, alongside the rest of the team.

  • Arsac - Fuck.

Arsac landed back in the snow, still having breathing trouble and merely lay in the snow. The two hands formed themselves, and out of the snow, a mosntrous figure emerged. As it emerged from the ground, the very existence around it burned in a hellish aura. Shu'ytrogarva.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Dreams of a destined...such sickening. And it seems I have visitors...
  • Koluap - I thought he was dead!
  • Arsac - Shit...shit. Not you...
  • Psi - Well shit!
  • Hachi - I was expecting tits, not demons!

Arsac inhaled threw her nostrils and held out her hand, a blast of fire flowing forth from her palm towards Shu'ytrogarva. He stared at the fire as it hit him, which caused him to stumble back. Kithworto turned to Shu'ytrogarva and walked in front of the team.

  • Kithworto - You would do well to retreat, demon. You know how these things turn out.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - Heaven bled, and so will you!
  • Lemmo - Goddess, you're ugly.

Kithworto sent out a golden bolt of energy at Shu'ytrogarva that turned the snow on the ground to ice under it. Shu'ytrogarva let out a pained screech and was blown back. He extende done of his hands and attempted to grab Hachi and Dreamy Hachi. The Agents all fired their weapons at Shu'ytrogarva whilst Kithworto threw more bolts. Hachi squeaked and attempted to fire a Dream Energy shot at Shu'ytrogarva. Kalcedia prepared her rifle and unleashed hellfire once more. Koluap fired his shotgun, while Arkarixus and Tharaqím contributed with their essence.Although he was evidently afraid of the unnatural demonic monstrosity that he saw before his eyes, Lemmo did not falter, and did the same thing he had always done when facing enemies: used more gun. Wraith Legion opened fire on Shu'Ytrogarva while Sarec stood on defensive, his energies permeating the air

The combined attacks ripped Shu'ytrogarva's body apart. he threw himself back, let out a screech and exploded violently. Hachi had a surprise look on his face and his head tilted, raising one eyebrow.

  • Koluap - He-hey, we did it!...wait. Already?
  • Psi - Well, that was easy.
  • Hachi - That was...surprisingly simple.

Kithworto looked apprehensive at the situation, and golden auras still surrounded his hands. Arsac lay in the snow, still feeling the fire-like pain rush through her body. She attempted to stand up, amid much difficulty. Arsac looked at her hands in shock, shaking her head in disbelief.

  • Arsac - Wh-what has...happened to me?

The vision around the team began changing slowly. They saw themselevs enveloped around an "orb" of Dream Realm, while the rest of the horizon changed into an abstract, nightmarish version of itself. Sarec looked out onto the horizon, his eyes widening.

  • Lemmo - Wha? What is- shitshitshishitshitshitshit!
  • Nu - Sorry if this is out of line but this looks cooler. Well I'm not sorry if its out of line. Go shoot yourself.
  • Kroogvont - Ooh boy another mission another hellhole.
  • Mimi - That's what he's doing to our home...I'm doing my best to keep you all protected in this Dream Energy shield. Otherwise the Entropic Energy would rip you apart.
  • Psi - Man, these dark gods are whack.

Dreamy Hachi walked up to Arsac and put his hands on her head. She could feel a healing effect going through her body. As Dreamy Hach iwalked over, Arsac's organic eye now posessed red tints to the iris.

  • Hachi - Huh... Such contrast, such a reversal of what the realm once was. It is almost poetic; we protect ourselves with dreams and hopes while chaos burdens all outside.

Kalcedia looked at Hachi with a weirded-out look, raising an eyebrow and slowly stepping away from him as he spoke. Nu slapped Hachi in the back of the head.

  • Nu - Don't go all Xhodocto on me, human.
  • Lemmo - What the? Did the Realm cure the kid's mental retardation or something?
  • Mimi - We gotta go to the core of the problem. It's far away from here, and the Corruptus have made bases in the way.
  • Kalcedia - Then we'll have to smash them.
  • Kithworto - Hm. No sense in me staying in here whilst I could be helping on the outside.
  • Mimi - You'll be hurt and alooone!

Mimi floated upside down around Kithworto, making a cute face. Kithworto looked emotionlessly at Mimi, before stepping outside. His golden body burned away as it stained into an onyx black and Death-Energy red. Arsac then looked out towards the horizon, shaking her head and stumbling backwards.

  • Mimi - Well, if you wanna, then you can go. But you have to stay close or you'll get lost.
  • Arsac - No...No this can't be. These they torment me here!
  • Tharaqím - What's your problem, Draconis?
  • Hachi - It's a line from a porno I watched about these two guys that were in a war bunker... Wait, I-I meant t-two girls!

Dreamy Hachi began blushing as hachi was talking. Hachi stepped towards Dreamy Hachi and looked down at him.

  • Hachi - Wait, why are you blushing?
  • Arsac - Resolution on the inside...a mere crystal amids a sea of dispair and death...
  • Mu - Do we have to carry her or something? C'mon, get on your feet.
  • Lemmo - Eh... what's wrong with the former?
  • Kithworto - Clearly you have never been to Shard.
  • Mimi - Nope! I heard it's horrible!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep eep!

Nu cringed and shuddered.

  • Sarec - This realm. I think Arsac sees it as a reflection of her own mind. Perhaps bringing the High Inqiusitor was not such a good idea...
  • Koluap - At least the Realm isn't shouting nonsense at us.
  • Kalcedia - I wish I had dreams and aspirations, but I'm a prostitute so I'm not allowed to. Against policy.
  • Nu - Heh.
  • Mimi - Of course you do! Everyone has dreams! Even him!

Mimi pointed at Nu.

  • Nu - Last dream I had wasn't a good one, that's for sure.
  • Mimi - You dream of killing everyone! It's a bad dream, but it's a dream!
  • Kalcedia - Heh, who knows? We might come across a sex toy version of Nu in here that can be best friends with that sex toy version of the rodent.
  • Nu - And then we might come across a sex toy version of you. Heh.
  • Corteus - Will we be seeing representations of everyone or jsut the Human-thing?
  • Mimi - I don't think so. Only him was chosen by Vheiro.
  • Hachi - Vhe-who now?
  • Mimi - My daddy! he's the god of all dreams!

Mimi slashed in front of herself, creating a portal.

  • Mimi - Come on, we gotta proceed!

Hachi nodded and picked up Dreamy Hachi, holding him close to himself like a teddy bear before rushing through the portal. Sarec shrugged and brought Arsac with him, Wraith Legion followed close by. Koluap hopped into the portal, followed by Tharaqím and Arkarixus. The Agents followed into the portal, followed by Lemmo and Quinniath followed.

Dreamy HorrorEdit

Into the BaseEdit

Upon exiting the portal, the team found themselves in a completely different location. It appeared as a demonic-looking military base, shaped almost like a labyrinth. Kithworto appeared alongside them in a red bolt of energy.

  • Quinniath - Looks like Venoriel's chambers... just not evil-looking enough.
  • Mimi - I gotta stay with you...I know what to do!

Mimi threw herself against Hachi. In a flash of light, she entered his body and the protection bubble became centered around him. Hachi was left surprised and confused for a moment, with a peculiar expression on his face before giggling immaturely.

  • Koluap - Did she possess Hachi?
  • Mimi - <Sharing bodies is not possession!>
  • Hachi - Hehe, somebody's inside me.

Dreamy Hachi giggled right after.

  • Val'Kar - Ahh crap, the spirit's got the same sense of humour as the original.
  • Quinniath - I heard that some of our psychics can use their powers to dominate minds... Hey, little thing, can you assume direct control of his body?
  • Mimi - <Assume control? I could, but nah.>
  • Arkarixus - Hmm. Instructions?
  • Mimi - <Sneak past! Find who's in charge of the base and punch their faces!>
  • Kithworto - Reminds me of the Tānyugíchaón [Labyrinths] on Paclernos. Shared architectural designs.
  • Nu - Come on. Make some use of that body.
  • Mimi - <The base won't destroy itself!>
  • Koluap - Now don't you boss me around!
  • Corteus - Alright team. It's covert time!
  • Tharaqím - Heh. I remember when everyone here was worried about infiltrating Xhodocto buildings.
  • Nu - Bah.
  • Hachi - Right, lets be sneaky! ...How do we get in?
  • Mimi - <There's an opening in front of you, silly!>

The Agents all activated stealth plates on their armour. Kithworto's body burned away until there was nothing but a distinguishable aura from his essence. Each member of Wraith legion each activated sdevices on their persons, dissolving otu of view Arsac activated a similar device while Sarec erely made himself incorporeal, fading out of sight.

  • Lemmo - Hm, I might put something together with all this archeotech I have. Let me try something...

Lemmo put two white orbs from his backpack and smacked them against each other, making him disappear in a flash of energy. At the same time, Quinniath activated his cloaking device and hid from sight as well. Entering the base, the team used cover to make their way throigh it. To not get lost, they stayed together. In a corner, they managed to get a view of inside. They saw a group of Mahanayans, except they had a striking difference: their skins were luminescent purple and white.

  • Nu - Eh.
  • Quinniath - Deathmarch! I'll-

Lemmo slapped Quinniath.

  • Lemmo - I am pretty sure you want to make your name, but but then again I am also pretty sure you can do it without killing everyone.
  • Mimi - <Sssh. Very very quiet. Don't want the Dreamy Mahanayans to spot us...>
  • Hachi - Dreamy Mahanayans?
  • Mimi - <Mahanayans, but made of essence! There's a bunch for every Dominion race!>
  • Arsac - Figured as much. Shows what can happen when you throw your lot in with ethereals.
  • Nu - Eh.
  • Quinniath - What kind of essence?

Kithworto raised his arm. He sent out a violent flurry of Death Energy from his hand. Sarec looked closely at the Mahanayans, trying to discern them. Quinniath came closer and extended a tendril of energy from his webbed palm in order to scan the Mahanayans. Sarec, Kithworto and Quinnath could detect the Dreamy Mahanayans were made of Dream Energy. And entropic Energy. In a mix.

  • Sarec - Dream...and Entropic? Not good.
  • Arkarixus - I thought Dream and Entropic essences could not mix?
  • Kithworto - I see no problem in the hybridization of polarized essences.
  • Hachi - Dream and Entropic...? I thought that was impossible? Mimi?
  • Sarec - Yin and yang blending together...this is not good.
  • Lemmo - It's like if Baptarion and Venoriel fell in love and had kids.
  • Arsac - I can see how the Dominion are having so much success here.
  • Kithworto - Quite clearly you've never seen a blend of Life and Death Energy before. Of course the hybridization of Dream and Entropic is possible.
  • Hachi - Teehee, I should get Baptarion to tell me what Venoriel looks like beneath all that clothes stuff...
  • Lemmo - Don't female Radeons have these, you know... bumps? Kinda like Solarites.
  • Hachi - Teehee, those "bumps" are used for hugging and squeezing.

The Val'Kar smacked Hachi i nthe back of the head.

  • Val'Kar - Do you mind?
  • Kithworto - Focus on the task at hand.
  • Mimi - <It's the reason we came to this base. To find out how they are making these. It SHOULD be impossible.>

The team started hearing scuttling and sniffing sounds coming from a nearby corridor.

  • Koluap - Something's coming.
  • Kalcedia - Yeah and it's not me.
  • Lupercal - That's what I hate in Kalcedia: I asked to come inside her chambers to get my rosary back and she just giggled.
  • Mimi - <Take cover behind a wall or something, quickly!>
  • Lemmo - That's my speciality.

Lemmo hid behind a wall immediately. Hachi nodded and grabbed ahold of his double before leaping and hiding behind a wall. Arsac and the rest of Wraith Legion ducked for cover. Koluap, Tharaqím and Arkarixus got into cover as well. The Agents moved out of the way whilst Kithworto walked aside.

From the corridor, what looked like a Corruptus demon appeared. It was roughly the size of a human and sniffed around. None of the team could recognize it except for Hachi.

  • Hachi - Damn...That can't be right, what's one of those doing here...?!
  • Arkarixus - You know what that is?
  • Hachi - Yes, and it's a very, very bad sign.
  • Koluap - What is it? Say it already!
  • Hachi - I think it's called a... Mor'natio or something l-like that... They can't be here!
  • Koluap - Mor'natio...Oh! Mor'natio!...never heard of.
  • Arsac - Clarification?
  • Sarec - Hachi does this mean....?
  • Kithworto - If my speculations are correct, then be ready for a fight.
  • Hachi - I'm really hoping it doesn't mean what I think it means what you think it means.

Dreamy Hachi appeared visually terrified from the Mor'natio. The demon looked around one more time before leaving from the same corridor it had arrived.

  • Arkarixus - I take this means we don't go that way.
  • Kithworto - That depends on whether you want to get there quicker.
  • Mimi - <Sneak past from another path!>
  • Nu - Kithworto, what's stopping you from destroying this place?
  • Kithworto - I want to find out why these essences are mixing. That and I suggest Avahlarómahlya wants something to rebuild.
  • Arkarixus - Only way to go is forward, then. Let's move.
  • Sarec - I'll keep watch as a vanguard.

Moving on, the team could sneak past a large number of more Dreamy Dominion soldiers and Mor'natios. Luckily, they were not being detected, otherwise the entire base would know of their presence.

  • Arsac - This new feeling is getting tedious to handle...
  • Nu - Ah, quit it. I've been possessed three times and I never complained.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep?
  • Mimi - <Dreamy Hachi is asking if he can possess you!>

Nu smacked Hachi around the head again.

  • Mimi - <Ouchie!>
  • Hachi - Hey! That wasn't nice!
  • Nu - Go put your kaþáratzí [dick] somewhere else, human.
  • Sarec - I recall you being tough enough to have your eye gouged out and retain the strength to strangle the guy as you bled from the socket.
  • Arsac - That. Was physical pain. This feels like I am being constantly immersed in fire.

Nightmares Come to LifeEdit

The team eventually arrived in a large, empty chamber. On the other side, a door was visible. There didn't appear to be any soldiers or defenses in the vicinity.

  • Sarec - I'm more concerned where you got this new feeling form in the first place.
  • Koluap - I got a feeling in my gut...a bad feeling...
  • Eta - Quiet hall. No one in sight. Do not like.
  • Corteus - I smell an ambush.
  • Eta - Should just let Kithworto clear the base.
  • Kithworto - That's the reason why you're on the team. So I don't have to do it myself.
  • Koluap - Weird feeling...weird...
  • Hachi - Yeah... I don't like these feels. I don't want to feel these feels anymore.

Koluap suddenly fell asleep on the floor.

  • Sarec - Koluap!?

Suddenly, from behind Kithworto, a dark figure jumped and prepared to slash at him with what appeared to be an axe. The axe hit Kithworto's back. Kithworto turned around and looked at the figure with a raised brow. Kithworo felt as if he was being hit by a Xhodocto Axe. Behind him he could see the figure was a pitch-black version of Koluap with intensely burning eyes.

  • Kithworto - Ow.
  • Mu - What the fuck is that?!
  • Kithworto - Let's ask.
  • Hachi - Quick! Somebody hurt it badly!

Kithworto gathered a bolt of Death Energy and hurled it at the figure. The Val'Kar dragged Koluap's sleeping body to safety while Corteus and the rest of the team opened fire o nthe apparition. The figure was launched back, taking the axe with it and absorbing Kithworto's blast inside of itself. It landed at the other end of the room and bashed its axe against the ground while looking at the team.

  • Dreamy Koluap - I've always see what your blood is like!
  • Hachi - I'm not liking this!

Dreamy Koluap thrusted his hand foward. The door behind him opened, and a horde of Mor'natios appeared. Arsac extended her claws and jumped for the nightmare, prepairng to plunge them into his body.

  • Dreamy Koluap - The bloodshed must ensue!
  • Corteus - Open fire!

Kithworto hurled more bolts of Death Energy at Dreamy Koluap. The Mor'natios jumped and swarmed on Arsac before she could get to Dreamy Koluap, who jumped out of the way of Kithworto's shots. Wraith legion turned to unleash their firepower on the Mor'natios, launching railgun, plasma and subluminal particles. Hachi threw Dream Energy bolts towards the Mor'natios before looking to Dreamy Hachi.

  • Dreamy Koluap - Insane...mad...nuisance...enemy!
  • Hachi - Help out!

The Agents fired their weaponry on the Mor'natio demons. Dreamy Hachi got on his feet and launched his own bolts at the Mor'natios, causing large Dream Energy explosions. Arsac struggled against the Mor'natios, stabbing and cutting at them as she was buried under a swarm of them. As she fought, the air began to sizzle around her, her claws heating up hotter even than the regulation limit she had already set them to.

  • Upsilon - Dalnyur curse these demons!

The Mor'natios' numbers began lowering. Dreamy Koluap flew over to Arkarixus and slashed at him, causing a large wound on his chest.

  • Dreamy Koluap - Blood must flow! No rest! No peace!
  • Kithworto - You're beginning to sound like a Xi'Arazulha.

Dreamy Koluap waved his axe, causing a wave of fire to be launched at the team. Kithworto, between his two hands, gathered a pitch black ball of energy. The walls began to crack under the shift in energy. Arsac suddenly unleashed a burst of unnatural strength, throwing a group of Mor'natios off her in a ferocious and savage roar. Dreamy Koluap glared at Arsac and flew over to her, preparing to strike.

  • Dreamy Koluap - I always wanted your head!
  • Kithworto - Apologies for this one, Koluap.

Arsac braced her claws as the axe came down, dodging the axehead and rending at Dreamy Koluap's legs. The demon came down crashing on the ground, leaving a trail of black blood until he hit a wall. The remaining Mor'nations on the room began panicking and ran off. Before Kithworto threw the ball, he saw the result of the fight and instead diminished the ball into nothing.

  • Mu - Kill it!

Arsac readied her claws and paced up to Dreamy koluap. Lifting a food, she sent a strong stomp down on Dreamy Koluap's head. Arsac panted, hot air escaping her mouth and nostrils as her eye became slightly more red.

  • Tau - Ech.
  • Hachi - Mor'natios being here is never good... Hopefully it's just spare reinforcements. But that thing... what happened?

Dreamy Koluap's head exploded and his body dissolved away. Some moments passed and what appeared to be a tombstone started being raised out of the floor. Arsac, who was the closest, could see the tombstone said: "Here lies Koluap Cardoni. Finally resting in peace."

  • Arsac - this?
  • Psi - Shit's getting crazy.
  • Hachi - Wait... what is that?

The real Koluap jolted awake and held on his head. Kithworto went up to the tombstone. He read it, before laying his hand on it. The tombstone then reduced to ash.

  • Koluap - Sheesh! I just had the worst nightmare. I tried to kill everyone and led a demon army. Could you imagine?
  • Upsilon - Boy, do we have a story for you.

Arsac tok a deep breath and marched up to Koluap before she thrusted her arm forward ot pin him against the wall by his throat. Kithworto pointed his finger at Arsac, with black and red lightning arcing down his arm and over his hand. Kalcedia looked on in utter confusion while, as she was looking away, Hachi leaned up against her leg to rest.

  • Koluap - Get your filthy hands off me!
  • Arsac - You tried to kill me, you've always wanted to kill me you shark-toothed asshole!
  • Koluap - What you're on about? I fell asleep!
  • Upsilon - Yeah you fell asleep. Your nightmare sorta came alive. Tried to kill us and all that.
  • Koluap - Eh? Really?
  • Eta - No, we all had a jog in the meadow.
  • Arsac - I care little how much you hate me, I've made a lot of enemies, a lot of people have tried to kill me. The last thing I want is another ally turning on me!
  • Arkarixus - Look at your own shadows.

Corteus and his company did so, Arsac however continued to glare at Koluap's head. Looking down, the team's shadows had been replaced by Shu'ytrogarva's sillhouette. A second after, they returned to normal. Hachi squeaked as he saw his shadow and jumped into Kalcedia's arms before she dropped him and kicked him away from her.

  • Nu - Eh. Since when did I have wings?
  • Arkarixus - The demon is toying with us...
  • Kalcedia - What did I say about touching!?

Dreamy Hachi clapped his hands and jumped on Kalcedia as well. Kalcedia screamed as he did and was knocked onto her back. Kithworto walked towards Arsac and Koluap.

  • Koluap - Get your hands off me before I chomp it off!
  • Arsac - I suggest you keep your opinions of mr to yourself Spinker. I can see in your body language and your looks how you hate my guts, every look towards me is met wit a twitch in your face.
  • Kithworto - I'm growing tired of your animosity between one another. Deal with it before I decide on destroying one of you.
  • Tharaqím - Enough. Put him down. We have to go.

Arsac had dragged Koluap up to her level, she then lifted her arm away with a hot snort, Koluap fell to the floor. Koluap shouted profanities in Spinkish and walked away, followed by Arkarixus and Tharaqím.

  • Sarec - What in all realms is wrong with her?
  • Kithworto - Mnatojorinazhaétaramasí'naktázcha talīchaoratazáitmanáro. [How I haven't destroyed you all, I don't know.]

Mor'natio LordEdit

Moving on, the team entered through the same room the Mor'natios had come from. They were met with a long corridor, with a large door in the other end. The team could feel a very pwoerful entropic presence in the other side. Dreamy Hachi stopped midway through the corridor, refusing to go any further.

  • Sarec - Hachi. You ready for this?

Hachi cowered with Dreamy Hachi, shaking his head and sweating.

  • Hachi - I-I d-don't wanna go f-forward.
  • Mimi - <But that's the last room!>
  • Hachi - Exactly! S-Since when are l-last rooms g-good news?!

Sarec stepped up to Hachi and rested his hand on Hachi's shoulder, opening his wings out to shelter Hachi. Kithworto remained a distance away from the group, with his arms folded and aura violently surging around him. Koluap slowly walked up to Kithworto, with a saddened expression.

  • Koluap - Hey...just wanted to say, sorry for before...I didn't mean to do those things.

Kithworto nodded slightly.

  • Sarec - Be brave, Hachiman. For me. For Mimi, and for Teacher.
  • Corteus - Wraith Legion, take point and prepare room-clear procedure.

The other squad members nodded and jogged up to the door at the end, they eeach readied their weapons and stood on either side of the door frame. Hachi gulped and nodded to Sarec. He looked to Dreamy Hachi nervously and sighed.

  • Hachi - You ready?
  • Dream Hachi - Eep...
  • Corteus - We're ready when you lot are.
  • Mu - Who's gonna get the honour of opening the door?
  • Hachi - I'll open the door.
  • Mu - Heh. Alright.
  • Corteus - Give it a good kick kid, we'll do the rest.

The Val'Kar woman pulled a grenade from one of her pockets and tossed it a small bit fro mher hand before grabbing it again, toying with the primer device by brushing her finger around it. Hachi walked forward nervously, visibly nervous due to his shaking and shivering. As he approached, he sighed heavily and laxed his shoulders. He took a few moments to console himself before looking to the door and doing what had to be done - he punched it, throwing it off its hinges.

The team could see what appeared to be a laboratory. In the center of the room, a figure was visible, reading from a console. It was a Hseraelna. As the door flun open, the Val'kar tossed the grenade inside, filling the room with smoke and a bright light.

  • Hachi - B-Bastard... H-He's here...

The Hseraelna was observing several spheres of compressed Dream and Entropic Energy at a fleshy console, paying almost no attention towards the group outside even after the grenade was flung. He simply kept observing the spheres.

  • Corteus - Step away from the apparatus alien!
  • Koluap - It looks like that Vekaron guy's teammate. Except blue.

The Hseraelna slowly turned, revealing a mask upon his face that covered his jaw. His eyes narrowed towards the group, but he didn't take on a hostile stance - he remained casual and calm, simply sighing with evident frustration. Kithworto stood forward.

  • Kithworto - I know this one.
  • Val'Kar - [to team] he's not going to quit the easy way is he?
  • Mordathai - Do you mind? I am undertaking important research and I cannot afford interruption. I would highly appreciate if you left me to myself. I will even let you go free without any trouble if you do so.
  • Kithworto - You are mistaken, servant.
  • Quinniath - And who the hell are you exactly?
  • Mordati - I was once referred to as Mordati O'dat Tu'n Kai'Sler, although you may address me simply as Mordati. I am one of the Devourer's students and soldiers, a trainee in the fields of Essence and archaeology. You are disrupting progress.
  • Koluap - Corruptus servant guy!
  • Sarec - You're outnumebred and outgunned Mordati. And unfortunately, you're working for the wrong side.
  • Mordati - Oh am I, Nar? I am very, very certain that the faction I uphold is the correct one, at least for me, maybe not for you which is inconvenient.
  • Mimi - <Oh, he's the one big sis told me about! The one who tried to kill Hachi!>
  • Lemmo - So he's like the green rat lass... right?
  • Sarec - In a sense.
  • Kithworto - Considering I've seen both sides, I have little time for your talk. Leave or I'll make you suffer the same fate as Arberkul did.
  • Mordati - Ah, of course. It appears that this is very unfortunate. As you command, I shall take my leave.

Mordati walked forward, although he didn't appear hostile. He kept his casual manner and simply walked on, not causing much particular trouble. As he walked past the group, that changed however; Sarec and the Val'Kar woman felt an immense pain rush through their nervous systems.

Mordati's blades had penetrated into their guts.

  • Mu - ...Woah, I didn't see that.

The Val'Kar woman latched onto Mordat's ar mand attempted to rip it of whith her bionic arms, Sarec cringed in pain and attemted to blast Mordati away. Koluap aimed his shotgun and fired at Mordati. Arkarixus and Tharaqím launched their essences at him. Mordati's eyes narrowed and he rolled forward, dancing to avoid the blasts of Essence as they were thrown at him. It appeared elegant and graceful, a contrast to the often brutal methods used by other certain Servants.

  • Val'Kar - Shit, fuck. I'll kill you for that.

The Val'kar lifted her rifle while holding her gits with the uther hand, firing an antimatter round form her gun towards Mordati. As Mordati danced, tentacles burst forward from the walls, ceiling and floor and rushed at the group, striking and slashing at them unpredictably. They appeared to have been constructed of a hybridization of Dream and Entropic energies.

  • Dreamy Hachi - Eeeeep!
  • Hachi - Ngh! Get them away!

Koluap barely managed to avoid the tentacles and slashed at them with his axe, while one of them skewered Mu's corrupted arm, causing him to scream. The rest of the Agents ducked out of the way of the essence blasts. Kithworto returned by sending black and red bolts back at Mordati. Sarec materialised twin pistols in his hands, firing energy-igused airbursts at the tentacles as he danced out of their way.

  • Mordati - I gave you the option to leave. Your greatest mistake will be denying that offer.
  • Koluap - I'll make you eat your own tail!

Arsac cut as best she could the tnetacles befor edashing towards Mordati, the darkness in her aura flaring up once again. Hachi drew his blade and enhanced it with Dream Energy, attempting to fight off the tentacles as they approached. He leaped in front of Dreamy Hachi in an attempt to defend him. Tharaqím and Arkarixus were kept busy, concentrating on the tentacles. As the tentacles were destroyed, they gushed streams of both Dream and Entropic energy around the room.

Mordati was cut and bruised by several of the attacks, but from those cuts and bruises more appendages erupted; tentacles burst from his wounds and attacked Arsac as well as anybody close enough.

  • Mu - Eugh.
  • Kalcedia - Ew! That's nasty!

Arsac threw flurries fro mehr claws t ocut at the tentacles and cut at mroe of Mordati, instead aiming for his present injuries ot reduce the amount of skin she was cutting

  • Lemmo - Looks like something I found while browsing Coali- nevermind.

Lemmo concentrated and threw an incendiary grenade at Mordati, intending to burn and thus cauterise his wounds. Sarec meanwhile continued shooting, aiming with precision to blast the tentacles off by the base. Mordati gripped ahold of his blades and as Arsac approached he countered her claws, although the grenade Lemmo threw knocked him off course, forcing him to throw her back instead of doing any serious damage. Hachi took an opportunity to run forward, growling. Dreamy Hachi jumped on Hachi's back and created a large sphere of Dream Energy.

  • Mordati - Damnation!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep eep!

Nu managed to sneak behind Mordati, and with a swing of his cannon, whacked Mordati in the head. Mordati felt the cannon bash against his skull, although Nu was met not with Mordati's face but with tentacles that erupted from Mordati's back, stabbing through Nu's limbs and pinning him against a wall. The tentacles caused a surge around Nu's body; a black lightning. Koluap used his axe to cut off the tentacles and free Nu.

  • Nu - Táseranai. [Thanks.]
  • Koluap - Gibberish to you too.

Sarec turned and in a flash, fired an airburst at Mordati's face.

  • Sarec - Go on, Hachi!

Dreamy Hachi jumped off Hachi's back and threw the orb at Mordati's direction. Mordati looked at the orb and his eyes widened; he had underestimated Dreamy Hachi, with the orb forcing Mordati against the ground before it exploded violently. Tentacles flew in all directions, seperated from their spawning places and left to bleed across the room.

  • Arkarixus - Nice shot.

Hachi continued to run forward, however, running straight past Dreamy Hachi and towards Mordati who was crouched against the floor, struggling to stand up. Hachi's sword wasn't out either, he only had clenched fists.

  • Mordati - Agh...Unpredictable...Important Dream Energy research...
  • Hachi - Shut up!
  • Lupercal - Research? So he's a scientist?
  • Kroogvont - Well this *is* a laboratory.

Hachi leaped forward, crashing into Mordati and knocking him onto his back. As Hachi stood over Mordati, he sat on his chest and proceeded to swing his fists left and right against Mordati's head, with crunching sounds heard with every punch. Sarec walked up to them and watched.

  • Sarec - Go on, Hachi. Show him who's stronger!
  • Koluap - Hey, this is pretty fun to watch.

Mordati grunted with every punch, with the crunching sound turning into a more liquid, substance like squelch as if he was beating pulp. Mordati's face was now marked with messy, semi-solid scars and indents from his punches and Dream Energy exposure.

  • Hachi - I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!
  • Nu - Wish I had recording software.
  • Arsac - I'll send you an extract copy of my mission recording if you are that eager.
  • Nu - Oh yes. This is worth watching again.

Taking out his sword, he slammed it into the center of Mordati's waist and penetrated the floor beneath them before going back to punching the Servant's head on and on, refusing to stop although Mordati refused to die.

  • Mu - Hell, the servant guy's pretty freaking tough despite being all wiggly.
  • Koluap - Those tentacles hurt like hell though. I've got slashes where I didn't know I could have slashes.
  • Mu - Well, one of them did penetrate my arm, and it did hurt a lot, but still.
  • Hachi - I'll show you what it's like to be beaten within an inch of your life, you motherfuck!
  • Mordati - ...You...I remember you...Karma, it appears. Heh...Karma has been had today. We had better not go... overboard.
  • Nu - Go overboard! Do it!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep!
  • Lupercal - Hey, *I* do that.

Hachi clenched both fists together so he could bring them down onto Mordati's face in a final attack, but was interrupted when Mordati's limbs, toes, fingers and torso seperated from one another and dispersed, slithering away from the group before recombining at the far end of the room. Corteus aimed his plasma cannon at Mordati with a scoul.

  • Koluap - Aw, we missed the finisher!
  • Corteus - Another step and you become paste.
  • Arkarixus - No need for another step.
  • Mordati - ...Do as you please...Agh...I already have what I came for...But you would be wise not go on from here. Dangers await...dangers far more lethal than I, it seems...

Dreamy Hachi stick his tongue to Mordati.

  • Mordati - I bid you good luck...not as good will, but as requirement...for you will be needing much of it if you wish to save this...this realm.
  • Koluap - Don't let him escape, we missed a bunch of Corruptus servants already!

Mordati once again degenerated into a mass of slithering, crawling worm-like creatures that scattered and dispersed, disappearing from their view. Even his spilled blood went with him.

  • Lemmo - Ew.
  • Kroogvont - Dibs on blowing this entire lab to the nether regions.
  • Nu - Great. I got all this essence in my body and I dunno what to do -- destroy the lab?

With Mordati gone, Mimi left Hachi's body and looked around.

  • Mimi - Any of you guys know how to hack machines or stuff like that?
  • Eta - Tau does. Pretty much what she's made for.
  • Mimi - Tau then! Check these consoles! Discover their plan!

Hachi panted, blood dripping from wounds sustained across his fur from the tentacles. He stood up with some difficulty and looked at his fists - his organic fist was bruised and missing flesh while his robotic fist became rusted. He shivered as adrenaline left his system.

  • Hachi - That felt... good.

Dreamy Hachi looked at Hachi with some fear on his face. Hachi walked back to the group, placing a hand on Dreamy Hachi's head and smiling, rustling his air in a friendly manner. He then looked to the rest of the group. Tau went over to the consoles. Her claws met the panel on the console, eventually hacking through their systems.

Checking through the systems, Tau could see diagrams showing Shu'ytrogarva trapping a massive entity and sucking off its energy. She could also see diagrams of what appeared to be Thoi'olerthae being processed into essence matter.

  • Tau - Well...the reason behind the two essences being mixed isn't a nice one. They're processing Thoi'olerthae into essence.
  • Koluap - Ew!
  • Mu - Well, shit.
  • Sarec - Now that's just cruel.
  • Mimi - They're doing WHAT to my sisters?!
  • Lemmo - Processing... Seriously? First the Chosen are back and then... Regnatus again?
  • Hachi - We can't let them do that to Teacher.
  • Nu - Still up for destroying the lab.
  • Kroogvont - A least give me the chance to place one subspace explosive.
  • Mimi - Yes! Destroy the lab!
  • Nu - Fine, put one down. Not my fault if you don't get anything blown up.
  • Tau - Yeah, and what are you going to destroy it with?

Nu raised his two arms, which was surging in black smoke and lightning. He looked almost ecstatic. The Kroogvont pulled out a brick-like explosive from his pack, wafting it tauntingly in front of Tau. Tau nodded at the Kroogvont and then at Nu, but then backed up on Nu.

  • Tau - Why are your arms glowing?
  • Kroogvont - I admit I'm scared as well.
  • Nu - Slippery kasataí [bastard] made the mistake of plugging essence into me. Heheh.
  • Koluap - Hold on. We gotta leave before the explosion. Cause we're mortals and don't survive explosions like this.

Through a window, the team could see the Dreamy soldiers retreating through a series of portals. The kroogvont shrugged and walked over to a table where there were numerous formulas. He rigged the charge to explode o nremote detonation and stodo up.

  • Hachi - Man, if only I h-had a nice, comforting h-hug from an a-appreciative, g-grateful woman to m-make me feel b-better.
  • Kalcedia - You're not even trying to be subtle.
  • Hachi - Eh, s-screw it. I never g-get them anyway.

Dreamy Hachi squeaked and glomped Kalcedia. Her eyes widened as Dreamy Hachi knocked her over again, screeching as his grip crushed her.

  • Kroogvont - Okay how about this; everyone leaves the room, I set off this-here subspace charge and then Doctor Insano can let loose on whatever's left.

Nu laughed manically.

  • Mu - Oh god.
  • Arkarixus - ...You are no longer allowed near Hyperborea.
  • Nu - Lighten up. Like I'm gonna blow up Hyperborea. I know when to stop. Usually.
  • Corteus - Fuck that I don't think Nu will be allowed in the Imperium!
  • Mu - We dump Nu ina black hole when this is over. Kidding.
  • Tharaqím - Right, let us leave. There doesn't seem to be any other way out of this base besides those portals outside.
  • Kroogvont - Okay everyone out the room, my trigger-finger's getitng itchy.
  • Tau - Either way I'm getting out of here quickly. Screw being in the same room as an essence charged Nu.

Koluap, Tharaqím and Arkarixus left the room. Mimi entered Hachi's body again and Dreamy Hachi skipped on his way out.

  • Kithworto - Don't go over the top. I know what you're like.
  • Zeta - Boy, doesn't everybody.

After the room was cleared of the group, the Kroogvont pressed the trigger with his thumb, creating a base-shaking explosion before the sound of a vortex followed. The Kroogvont then gestured for Nu to do his thing. Nu clenched his chest, and then swung his arms wide open. A black ball of energy appeared around him before the entire construct was razed to the ground. The Kroogvont cheered at the detonation, throwing his arms int othe air ecstatically

  • Kroogvont - Someone call Alcanti I think we woke some people up!
  • Upsilon - Note to self. Don't let anyone hit Nu with essence. I'd rather lose my head.
  • Hachi - I like big bangs.
  • Kalcedia - I preferred when you were subtle.
  • Hachi - ...Wait, what?

As the base fell and the team made their way out, they could get a clear sight of the Realm's sky. It was growing more distorted and abstract than when they had arrived.

  • Kithworto - They know we're here now. No sense in remaining quiet.
  • Mimi - <He's eating the Realm away! Like Shu'ulathoi did years ago!>
  • Psi - Meh. Better than the Xhodocto I suppose.
  • Zeta - Rationalizing as always, Psi.

Nu walked out of the destroyed construct, brushing dust off his armour.

  • Nu - Well that was fun.
  • Mu - Good. Never do that again.
  • Nu - Well you're no fun. You're lucky I can't produce essence.
  • Kroogvont - Hey we can't lose thi war, I love this recurring dream I have of two sexy ladies and some hot bog water!
  • Hachi - We share dreams?
  • Kroogvont - Only of your dream involves coating them all in mud and making tadpoles with them at the same time.
  • Hachi - I wanna cover them with tadpoles and make mud with them! Wait...
  • Koluap - Too much information, pal.
  • Lemmo - Who needs ladies when you have money? Noone... unless that lady is Lamni.
  • Kroogvont - Can't have fun without bitches.
  • Zeta - You aliens are weird.
  • Tharaqím - I concur.
  • Radeon - He's like that, i've learned to ignore it.

Hachi gave an enthusiastic look towards the Val'kar woman, Tau and Kalcedia before grinning.

  • Hachi - I'm gonna have good dreams.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eeeep.
  • Tau - Keep dreaming, kasatal ['mate'].
  • Mimi - <Press on! We must go deeper! Through the poooortals!>

Factory of FearEdit

Thieves and BerserkersEdit

As the team passed through the portals, their vision was blurred until they arrived into solid ground again. They found themselves in a pitch black location, but could feel the floor and walls around them.

  • Kezoreg - Okay, who stopped dreaming?
  • Arsac - I thought descended beings could not dream?
  • Kezoreg - Who said I was dreaming?

Above the team, a light on the ceiling appeared and took the form of a luminescent tube.

  • Quinniath - What is that? An enemy?
  • Sarec - Where are we exactly?

A screech was heard, and a liquid inside the tube began moving. More lights turned on to reveal more around the team. It was a factory-like facility.

  • Hachi - ...Please tell me this isn't what I'm hoping it is.
  • Koluap - Eh? What's the matter?
  • Tharaqím - Hmm. What do you say, Arkarixus?...Arkarixus?

Arkarixus was nowhere to be seen.

  • Kroogvont - Fuck this looks like a gen-lab.
  • Nu - Ah shit this looks familiar.

Hachi cuddled up to the Val'kar's leg while Kalcedia felt disturbed by the area - she felt an eerily familiar feeling well up inside her for some reason unknown to her.

  • Kalcedia - What... is this place?
  • Kezoreg - Beats me. Well, actually it doesn't beat me. Nothing beats me.

Dreamy Hachi walked through the corridor in front of the team very slowly, when a light turned on next to him, revealing some sort of pod. Inside of it, there was luminescent fleshy tissue.

  • Tau - Yeah. Agree with Nu on that one. Reminds me of that lab where they made those-- Crap.
  • Tharaqím - This looks like a processing this where the Thoi'olerthae are being converted into essence?
  • Hachi - This is disgusting, absolutely disgusting!
  • Tau - Dunno. Couple years ago we went through a lab that looked just like this. Except that was Regnatus' doing.
  • Lemmo - Brrr. Don't remind me of that *thing*.
  • Koluap - Reg-what now?
  • Nu - Regnatus. You know, giant black flying machine of doom? "Succumb and ascend"? All that stuff?
  • Corteus - Big Kormacvar AI man who tried to take over the galaxy with Borealis Grox.

Footsteps were heard around the team, but due to the intense darkness, the team could not see the source. Another screech was heard, but the team could identify it as being Arkarixus' voice. Nu prepped his cannon.

  • Hachi - Speaking of Kormacvar, I think I hear Chilly! And he stepped on a LEGO!
  • Nu - Whatever happened to that minigun of mine anyway? Next time we get back to Borealis, I'm getting myself one of those.
  • Corteus - Squad take the sternguard.

Hachi suddenly felt himself being grabbed from behind, with an arm being wrapped around his neck and a gun aimed at his head, leaving him immobilized.

  • ??? - Hands in the air.

Nu turned around. Hachi raised his arms and squeeked loudly, closing his eyes tightly. Sarec turned aournd in a flash while Wraith Legion aimed at the source of the voice. Tau and the other Agents, apart from Nu, grudgingly raised their arms. Kithworto on the other hand held a bolt of Death Energy in his hand.

  • Nu - Yeah. Since when did I actually put my hands up? Ever?
  • Lemmo - What?

Holding Hachi was a pitch black version of Lemmo.

  • Kithworto - I'm beginning to get tired of these charades.
  • Dreamy Lemmo - Put your weapons down or I'll splatter his brains all over the walls.
  • Lemmo - Wait, wait, what?!
  • Nu - Hah! Do it!

Tau elbowed Nu in the side, forcing him to drop his weapon. Kalcedia dropped her sniper rifle while Kezoreg set his Kicathian blade on the ground. Lemmo stared at his dreamy reflection with disbelief.

  • Lemmo - Another me?
  • Eta - Don't really know why we're dropping our weapons. We outgun this guy by a million.

Eta dropped his weapon regardless.

  • Corteus - Give it up mate, the moment you twitch your brains go flying
  • Dreamy Lemmo - You're one ugly mug, mate. And outgun? I wouldn't say so.
  • Nu - C'mon. Just hit me with all of your essence. I dare you.

Dreamy Dominion soldiers began appearing around the team, surrounding them. The soldiers were composed mostly of Spinkers, Dracogonarious, Bonio and Duletha.

  • Sarec - Eta maybe that wasn't the best thing to say...
  • Eta - We've been in worse.
  • Dreamy Lemmo - I shall take my leave now. Goodbye!

Dreamy Lemmo turned around and ran away with Hachi, while the soldiers fired at the team. Corteus lowered his guns and charged for Dreamy Lemmo, shots impacting his shields as he sprinted.

  • Hachi - Heeeeeeeeeeeeee *cough* eeeeeeeeeeelp!

Koluap stumbled to get his shotgun back and began firing at the Dominion soldiers. Tharaqím punched some of them down, not having a weapon anyway. Kithworto grabbed one of the Dominion soldiers and lifted them up to his level. The conflict of essences cause the Dominion soldier's 'skin' to burn. Dreamy Lemmo noticed Corteus and fired from his pistol. However, out of it came a large particle beam at Corteus' direction.

Corteus ducked and the bea mskimmed his head, he lowered himself to all fours and sprinted faster. Kezoreg clenched his Descension-fuelled fists and launched himself forward, slamming and punching against the Dreamy Dominion soldiers. A snarl appeared on Lemmo's face as aimed at his dark counterpart's head and made a few shots, one of the them hitting Dreamy Lemmo's hat.

  • Dreamy Lemmo - Not at the hat!
  • Nu - Coward in real life, coward in dreams. Not going well for ya, is it?

Corteus continued sprinting while the rest of Wraith Legion opened fire. Arsac extended her claws and began slicing the Dominion soldiers. Nu picked up his cannon and swung it at a soldier, smashing its torso to shreds. Kalcedia was knocked down by a Dominion soldier, although she quickly overpowered the soldier and crushed its neck between her thighs before she grabbed her sniper rifle and shot at more soldiers. Dreamy Lemmo kept firing at Corteus, but he was beginning to catch up to him.

  • Dreamy Lemmo - You want me to kill him? I'm not afraid to. I'm not afraid to kill anyone for a good profit!
  • Hachi - Don't let him kill me! I'm valuable! ...Sorta!
  • Corteus - Who's conna pay you, you four-legged twerp.
  • Dreamy Lemmo - Shu'ytrogarva, of course!

Corteus focused, pumping his artificial muscles with Morphis, forcing them to swell and increase in power. The team managed to kill off all the Dominion soldiers. Meanwhile, Dreamy Lemmo's eyes widened as he saw Corteus approaching. However, he suddenly smirked as they passed through another corridor.

  • ??? - Onuris Universe scum! I'll kill you all! No one can stop me!

A pitch black version of Quinniath jumped out of the corridor and tackled Corteus into a wall. Corteus slammed the wall and created a significant dent.

  • Quinniath - What the-

Quinniath readied his blades. Dreamy Quinniath slashed at Corteus with his blades in a angered frenzy.

  • Eta - Suppose we go after them then.
  • Upsilon - Would be a good idea.
  • Mu - Well, of course. They're kidnapping our shield.

Lemmo charged at his dreamy counterpart and attempted to shot him in the head. Dreamy Lemmo was hit by Lemmo's shots and stumbled, causing Hachi to fall off his grasp into the ground. The Agents all ran in the direction of where Dreamy Lemmo went. Hachi grumbled as he smacked into the ground, mumbling to himself as he tried to pick himself up.

  • Quinniath - You- you... I'll sue you!

Quinniath leaped at his shadowy facsimile with increased anger and struck him in the chest. Corteus moved with agility but the blades cut into his waist. He stepped back ahd his hands formed into blades that he swung down towards Dreamy Quinniath. The combined attacks threw Dreamy Quinniath against a wall. Dreamy Lemmo turned around and watched them battle.

  • Dreamy Lemmo - You can't even kill someone right, you useless!

Kalcedia kept at a distance and aimed her sniper rifle towards Dreamy Lemmo, aiming for his legs so as to take him out and leave him vulnerable for the rest of the group. Corteus formed a plasma disk launcher fro mhis wrist and fired a grenade at Lemmo as he was distracted Dreamy Lemmo shouted in apin from Kalcedia's shot and the grenade and fell on the floor. Dreamy Quinniath got back on his feet and attacked his real counterpart with his blades.

  • Kalcedia - Yeah! I always know to to take a guy out by his legs!

Hachi and his dreamy verison blushed as Kalcedia said this and scratched his shoulder.

  • Dreamy Lemmo - Screw this...I gotta get out of here...I gotta run away!
  • Lemmo - Uh-uh!

Corteus saw more Dreamy soldiers approaching. THree of the mwere suddenly blasted part from a large hypersonic round from the Val'Kar's gun. Lemmo leaped at his copy and threw a stun grenade beneath his legs. Corteus then sprinted and leaped towards Dreamy Lemmo to land on him

  • Lemmo - I know *my* tricks. Noone runs away like the Marksman of Il'rala!

The grenade stunned Dreamy Lemmo, who was then crushed under Corteus, letting out a pained scream.

  • Lemmo - Not even me.
  • Dreamy Lemmo - Aww...I'll never get that big, fat, beautiful bounty...
  • Hachi - What's this about booty?

Lemmo kicked his dream version in the face, but at the same time, became somewhat surprised. Dreamy Lemmo's head was surprisingly torn apart from the kick. His entire body then dissolved in a black fog.

  • Lemmo - Do I really sound like that?
  • Tau - Well your indoors voice doesn't.
  • Hachi - Hey, you know what guys, I think we're actually stronger than we look. We've taken down more bad guys than Kithworto has!
  • Zeta - Don't tempt fate now, Hachi.
  • Hach - But don't you agree? I mean, we've been doing surprisingly fine without his help. Wait, that wasn't supposed to come out like that.

Meanwhile, Dreamy Quinniath was still attacking his normal counterpart.

  • Dreamy Quinniath - Kill! Maim! Burn! Die!

Quinniath slammed his copy's face.

  • Quinniath - Shut up!

The Agents all ran to Quinniath's aid, shooting at the dream version. Kalcedia ran forward and slammed herself into Dreamy Quinniath, knocking him to the floor before throwing herself on top of him, holding his head between her legs and slowly, as well as painfully, squeezing. The Val'Kar primed another shot and fired a round at Dreamy Quininath's eye. The combined shots exploded Dreamy Quinniath's head, making him dissolve away like Dreamy Lemmo had done. Eta sighed, and then looked at Hachi.

  • Eta - Shut up already. You don't want to put us into more danger.
  • Hachi - What are you implying?
  • Eta - Have you seen the stuff Kithworto's fought?
  • Hachi - Yeah, but... ugh, do all you Agents have to put us down?
  • Corteus - I think the point he's to make is we have a fraction of the raw power he has and look what we've accomplished.
  • Kroogvont - To be fair is it surprising?
  • Corteus - Wraith Legion has cooperation at its a little cyberentic superpower to help.
  • Koluap - Does it matter? We gotta move on.
  • Tau - Yeah. Let's go.
  • Hachi - I just wish that sometimes the people who AREN'T Kithworto get appreciated more than they do. It's really demotivating.

Succumb and AscendEdit

After the two dreamy counterparts died, a staircase formed in front of the team, leading down. Going downstairs, no more resistance appeared in front of the team. After several minutes, they arrived into a large chamber, where they could seee Arkarixus trapped in some sort of machinery, with several tubes trapped around his limbs. In front of him was a pitch black version of himself.

  • Kalcedia - Dark. No pun intended.
  • Lemmo - Airlock time.
  • Koluap - Ho boy. More nightmares.

Arsac charged her claws, while Wraith Legion seached for firing advantage points.

  • Kezoreg - Alright Hachi, you say you want to be appreciated more, you go free Arkarixus and kill that black thing.
  • Hachi - ...I think we should leave this to Kithworto. I don't wanna fight a guy like Chilly.

The Dreamy Arkarixus turned to the team and stared at them. However, he made no more actions.

  • Kalcedia - What's it doing?
  • Val'Kar - <Have clear LoS on its skull. Ready to fire on command.>
  • Corteus - <Do it>

The Val'Kar nodded and fired a large-calibre anitmatter round towards Dreamy Arkarixus' skull. The dark figure's head exploded, and he fell harmlessly into the ground.

  • Hachi - ...Umm.
  • Kroogvont - Boo-yah!
  • Koluap - I thought he was supposed to be super strong!
  • Tharaqím - ...Something's not right. He did not dissolve like the rest.
  • Kroogvont -'s dead... isn't it? It's not moving right?

Suddenly, a large vortex of essence erupted out of Dreamy Arkarixus' back. Huge, robotic claws emerged from his insides, and a massive dark figure begam making his way out of him. The veterans of the Borealis War could identify it well: It was Regnatus, but much smaller.

  • Dreamy Regnatus - REBORN...AS...ONE.
  • Psi - Well shit.
  • Sarec - Oh crap...
  • Lemmo - Holy sh-

The Dreamy Regnatus launched himself into a wall, using his claws to move around as if he was an arachnid. Wraith legion panicked and opened full fire on Dreamy Regnatus.

  • Dreamy Regnatus - Not so different, you and I...succumb, and ascend.

Sarec thew bolts of lighting while Arsac fired particle rifle bursts at the apparition. The shots hit Dreamy Regnatus, causing him to let out android-like gibberish while scuttling around the walls, leaving a trail of black blood behind him. He launched tentacles out of his belly at the team's direction. Zeta fired charged lances out of his gauntlet at Regnatus.

  • Koluap - So this is the Regnatus Baptarion told me about. All I can say is: EW!
  • Zeta - Shouldn't someone be freeing Arkarixus right now?!
  • Kalcedia - I'll do it!
  • Zeta - Well go then!

Dreamy Regnatus jumped down the wall and came down crashing on Zeta, who wrestled with him, blank firing his lance at Regnatus' torso. Kalcedia ran forward and began firing towards the machinery that held Arkarixus while her hand formed into a blade-like formation to try and slash it. Arsac extended her claws and leaped to and on Regantus' back. stabbing away as best as she could, while Lemmo threw a sticky bomb at the Dreamy Regnatus's metallic body.

Zeta, Lemmo and Arsac's attacks caused Dreamy Regnatus to run around the room, with Arsac still stuck on his back. One the tubes trapping Arkarixus was broken by Kalcedia, which caused Dreamy Regnatus to trip over into the floor.

  • Dreamy Regnatus - All you bring is death to me. Every time, it's death to me!
  • Nu - That's the idea!
  • Kalcedia - Somebody distract him while I cut the tubes!
  • Dreamy Regnatus - No one but me left! Alone, waiting for death!
  • Nu - Yes. That's the idea!

Sarec threw more bolts of lighting, targeting vital parts of Regantus' anatomy. The Val'kar aimed precisely and fired a round t osever one of the tubes with a round form her gun. Sarec's attacks stunned Dreamy Regnatus, and another tube was broken, freeing Arkarixus' arms and causing Dreamy Regnatus to roll around the ground in pain.

  • Tharaqím - This is sickening.
  • Koluap - There's black blood all over the damn place!
  • Eta - Seen worse. At least I think I have.
  • Lupercal - Wake me up. Like seriously.

Lemmo kept firing at the Regnatus facsimile. Dreamy Regnatus got on his feet and fired lasers out of his four eyes at the team, aiming one of them at Kalcedia and another at the Val'kar. The Val'Kar ducked as the shots hit her direction. Nu aimed his cannon at the Regnatus shadow, firing it at full charge. Kalcedia moved out of the way, allowing the lasers to strike more tubes that held Arkarixus. The cannon destroyed one of the eyes, causing it to appear shattered. As Kalcedia finally freed Arkarixus, Dreamy Regnatus fell over and his eyes turned off.

Priming another round, the Val'kar used this moment to fire at one of the eyes. The shot created a hole through Dreamy Regnatus' face, which started to open vertically. Steam came out of it until the team could see the interior: they could see Dreamy Arkarixus, still headless, who appeared to be piloting Dreamy Regnatus.

The Val'Kar loded another shot and fired a particle beam into the tors oof Dreamy Arkarixus, who exploded, and both his remains and the Dreamy Regnatus mecha dissolved away. The normal Arkarixus slowly opened his eyes and looked around, in visible pain.

  • Arkarixus - I...don't know how I got here...
  • Tau - Neither do we.

Kalcedia was in Arkarixus' face as he woke up, smiling at him before she winked.

  • Kalcedia - Welcome back, sleeping beauty.
  • Arkarixus - arms and feels like I was experimented on.
  • Corteus - Before we came we found tanks of flesh drifting in liquid.
  • Kalcedia - Hehe, I'd experiment with you. But it wasn't me, at least not today.
  • Upsilon - You've been experimented on?
  • Arkarixus - I don't know. I have no memory of this place...any of you can check my body?
  • Kalcedia - It would be my pleasure.

Tau walked up to Arkarxius, pushing Kalcedia aside with her claw.

  • Tau - How about no.
  • Kalcedia - Ngh, whore!
  • Tau - I'll talk to you later.

Tau examined Arkarixus' anatomy. She could detect small quantities of both Dream and Entropic energy through Arkarixus' bloodstream. However, those were lowering at a quick rate.

  • Tau - Nothing seems to be broken. Then again analyzing Kormacvar systems doesn't help my systems much...Well, you were 'irradiated' by essence. But the levels are dying out.
  • Koluap - So this means what?
  • Tharaqím - I believe they were trying to convert him into one of them.
  • Quinniath - Brrrrr.
  • Nu - Should've stolen me then.
  • Tau - Sincerely hope that was a joke.
  • Nu - Bah. I have that new power thing. Screw Entropic Energy. I got this.

Kithworto's FrustrationEdit

Mimi emerged out of Hachi's body and looked around.

  • Mimi - So, who wants to destroy another base?
  • Nu - Don't have any essence in me right now. Can't do it.
  • Mimi - Hey robot people! Do you have more booms?

The Agents looked confused, trying to discern themselves from Corteus' team.

  • Kroogvont - Demolition expert coming through.
  • Mimi - By the way, I forgot to mention to you, Hachi, but I found some of Macin's energy in your body!
  • Hachi - You... You what?
  • Mimi - I found Macin's essence in your body. Were you there when she died? You must have absorbed it.
  • Hachi - Huh...yeah, I remember. She exploded into a mass of Dream Energy.
  • Mimi - Ew. Sounds messy.
  • Hachi - Perhaps I can try and destroy the base if I can bring up enough energy.
  • Kezoreg - Pfft. Let Kithworto do it, rodent. He's more effective than anybody else here.
  • Kroogvont - Okay, I'm offended now.
  • Hachi - Hey! I can be effective! Kithworto hasn't done much here so this is my chance! I can be just as effective!

In a completely unprecedented move, Kithworto lunged forward and struck Hachi, hurling him across the room. His eyes were reddened and his aura aflame. Arkarixus and Tharaqím looked startled at Kithworto, while Koluap appeared somewhat amused. Hachi was launched across the room and smacked into a wall, denting it deeply before falling onto the floor. He struggled to his feet and looked up, confused and upset at what had just happened with a few bleeding scratches across his body and head. Dream Hachi ran up to Hachi and scratched his head in confusion.

  • Hachi - H-Hey! W-What was t-that for?!

Kithworto's face was masked with anger; his eyes were piercing and his teeth were baring. He looked at the Agents who were confused whether to point their weapons at him or not. Tau went up to Kithworto, before Kithworto laid his fist on her, shattering her armor at her torso. She hit the ground with a crack.

  • Mimi - Why did you do that? You need to kill demons, not friends!
  • Koluap - ...Okay that's not cool. What's up to you?
  • Sarec - KIthorto what are you doing!

Hachi ran forward and slammed a fist against Kithworto's leg, although suffice to say it did absolutely no visible or internal damage. Kithworto looked down at Hachi and growled.

  • Hachi - Don't hit Tau! S-She didn't do a-anything!
  • Kezoreg - ...Hachi. Move. Now.
  • Hachi - No! T-That was u-uncalled f-for!

Kithworto then looked at Mimi.

  • Kithworto - I never should have agreed to come here.
  • Mimi - Why are you being so mean all the sudden?
  • Kithworto - This is your fault. You've turned my team into a bunch of mindless servants.
  • Mimi - I'm just giving you instructions! If we don't do this, the Realm is gonna die out!

Tau struggled to get up. Her breath was sharp and interrupted. Hachi punched Kithworto's leg again, trying to turn his attention away from Mimi.

  • Hachi - D-Don't blame h-her! S-She didn't d-do anything! We n-need to do this, f-for Teacher and t-the Realm!
  • Kithworto - I've destroyed more realms than I have saved. Perhaps this realm has outlived its use.

The Agents all stood confounded. They struggled to believe what Kithworto was saying.

  • Zeta - You...alright? You don't sound like yourself.
  • Sarec - Kithworto listen to yourself. We're alking about the Realm of Dreams, the source of all mortal dreams.
  • Hachi - You s-sound like those X-Xhodocto p-people...are you g-going back t-to them again?
  • Mimi - If all dreams are destroyed...Shu'ytrogarva will gain control over all souls in reality! Like a omniuniversal demonic possession!

Kithworto growled.

  • Kithworto - I'm leaving. If anyone is stupid enough to stop me, go ahead. I will not hesitate to put you down. You're on your own.
  • Kezoreg - Hachi, I really suggest you back away and keep your mouth shut.
  • Hachi - Only because y-you're Xhodocto as w-well! Both of y-you! You d-do what's i-important to y-yourselves, you destroy!

Kithworto raised his hand at Hachi, seemingly about to destroy him. Instead he turned away and burnt a hole through the wall, walking out. Koluap, Tharaqím, Arkarixus and Mu did nothing. Mimi frowned and waved her tentacles at Kithworto's direction.

  • Mimi - Fine! Get lost! Shu'ytrogarva will find you, and take you over!

Kithworto turned back, with his voice in a Xi'Arazulha manner.

  • Kithworto - And I sure hope he does.

Kithworto then disappeared in a bolt of lightning.

  • Sarec - What was that exactly?
  • Arsac - This is why I do not trust ethereals.
  • Psi - Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Shit. Shit.

imi floated down on the ground with a saddened expression. Dreamy Hachi, being indifferent toward the entire scene, merely looked around.

  • Mimi - Just...destroy the place and let's go...

Tau got up, clenching to her chest. Hachi fell on his rear, with blood and tears rolling down his face. Kezoreg responded by slamming Hachi's head with his knee and slamming his face down against the floor, whispering into his ear.

  • Kezoreg - You're nothing but burden. You're here because you're our shield, but once your use is up I swear to whatever deities there are that I will have you euthanized for what you said, your stupidity and your uselessness.
  • Sarec - Touch one hair on his body Kezoreg and the consequences form me shall be indescriable by mortal means.

Nu grabbed Kezoreg by the horns and lifted him up.

  • Zeta - ...Kithworto will come to his senses. Something's amiss.
  • Nu - Heck if my senses are tingling enough Kithworto's gonnna mess us up enough.

Hachi didn't respond to anybody, he didn't look towards anyone and he only sobbed on the ground, curled into a ball-like position. He had swelling across his face and torso already from where he had been damaged by Kithworto and Kezoreg. Dreamy Hachi grabbed Hachi on his arms and carried him away from the team. Shu'ytrogarva's laugher could be heard around the facility, and a portal opened in front of the team. None of them could detect any danger on the other side. Koluap snapped his fingers at the Kroogvont.

  • Koluap - This is where you do your thing, pal.

The Kroogvont nodded and pulled out more subspace charges, placing them inside the main chamber. THis time setting them up for a more powerful explosion. Nu put Kezoreg down with force.

  • Kroogvont - Alright charges are set once i activate them we have thirty seconds to get inside the portal before everything within a five-kilometre radius becomes a crater.
  • Nu - Just be glad Hachi was the one taking the damage and not you.
  • Kezoreg - Why are you sticking up for him?
  • Nu - Would you want to get in the way of Kithworto?
  • Psi - Sure hope he's just drunk or something.
  • Mu - I wish that was it.

Koluap hopped into the portal, followed by Arkarixus, Tharaqím, Dreamy Hachi and then Mimi, who levitated lazily through it. Nu walked into the portal, followed by the rest of the Agents. Kezoreg didn't respond, he merely thought for a moment and walked into the portal. Kalcedia followed shortly, having been woken up from a several minute sleep which meant she missed the whole incident.

The Kroogvont was the last to enter the portal. Before he did he activated the trigger and walked though, the entire facility exploding and then imploding thirty seconds later.

A God's GraveEdit

Unwanted HeatEdit

After a few minutes inside the portal, the team emerged in a completely different location. It looked like a scarred battlefield, with red clouds in the sky. In a distance, a tremendously huge skeleton was visible.

  • Kezoreg - And what would that be, exactly?
  • Upsilon - It's like Occasus all over again.
  • Koluap - Except there's no buildings on sight.
  • Kalcedia - Except no Agents. Well, aside from all of you guys.
  • Sarec - I wonder who's skeleton that is, yes

Mimi floated up, and as she looked around, her expression changed drastically.

  • Mimi - ...F-f-father?
  • Nu - Heh. I mean...Siná'in. That's not good.
  • Koluap - Wait, do you mean...that's Sonhadromerith over there?
  • Sarec - Mimi...I'm sorry.
  • Hachi - ...T-This can't be r-real. That i-isn't p-possible.

Mimi said nothing. She lowered her head and slowly floated down, until she entered Hachi's body again.

  • Nu - If Kithworto was here right now, that would snap him out of it. Picks the worst possible time to go off on one.
  • Hachi - Hmph, I doubt it Nu.

A hot wind blowed through the battlefield. Through it, the team could see several bodies. Bodies of dead Shka'Tun.

  • Zeta - Unpleasant.
  • Tharaqím - This is not good.
  • Kezoreg - Hey they look like Tharaqím!
  • Arsac - The invading commanders must surely be at Sonhadromerith's skeleton.
  • Koluap - Yeah. Our best bet is to follow the bones.
  • Lemmo - Bones, bones, bones... Brrr. Well, maybe there's something valuable up here.
  • Kalcedia - Yeah, like Lamni's bones.

Arsac activated her tactical cloak and pressed onward though the charred battlefield. Moving through the battlefield, the team came across more and more dead Shka'Tun. In a distance, a feminine laugher was heard, followed by silence.

  • Koluap - You lot hear that?
  • Hachi - Hmm? W-What was that?
  • Kezoreg - Your virginity howling in pain and won't be put out of its misery anytime soon.

Sarec sent a small pressure wave to hit the back of Kezore'g head. Kalcedia prepared her rifle and took aim, rolling to her side and behind a skeleton. Suddenly, a shot was fired from a distance, going into Sarec's direction.

  • Kalcedia - Keep your heads down, snipers!
  • Koluap - Snipers? Take cover!

Sarec's eyes darted to search for the source of the shot as he jumped out of the way. Hachi grabbed ahold of Dreamy Hachi and took cover behind a Shka'tun skeleton, with Kezoreg doing the same although using a different skeleton as cover. The shot missed, Koluap, Tharaqím and Arkarixus took cover behind a pile of rocks nearby. Kalcedia glimpsed from cover and took a shot before going back into cover, while Hachi and Kezoreg stayed low so as to not get hit by anything. Or at least hope not to get hit by anything.

  • ??? - You're nearly as hot as I am...I want you to be mine too!

The figure shot at Kalcedia's direction, its shots causing large collateral damage around Kalcedia's cover. The Val'Kar set up her rifle and fired a shot back. Kalcedia ran from cover and risked exposure although she used the open environment to fire rapid shots towards the opponent, as well as use her scope to get a better view of who she was firing at. One of Kalcedia's shot hit the figure, who let out a loud moan.

  • Mu - Is that what I think it is? Because if yes, c'mon, one horny prostitute is enough.
  • Lemmo - ...I think I can guess what it is...

Hachi's ears perked as he heard the moan and he blushed, looking up from cover to try and see the figure.

  • Hachi - Huh?
  • Kezoreg - Are all snipers whores nowadays?
  • Nu - Hey.
  • Val'Kar - Do you want a smack twerp?
  • ??? -'re the one I want the most! I want your-
  • Koluap - Nope!

The figure shot several times at Nu's direction, who dodged the shots, before pulling off the shotgun on Upsilon's back.

  • Nu - C'mon, let's see how good you are at close range!
  • ??? - I want you close to me! So close!
  • Kezoreg - Somebody's gotta get close and climb that cliff to knock her shot off... I recommend I do it.
  • Hachi - I'll come with yo--
  • Kezoreg - You're staying here! Can't risk you getting head over heels again!
  • Hachi - Aww.

Kalcedia continued placing the figure under fire, snarling angrily as she tried to damage her foe once more.

  • Kalcedia - Bitch! How dare you copy my style?!

Kezoreg ran forward, with a transparent bubble of Descension energy forming around his body as he rushed. Unknowingly, Hachi, holding Dreamy Hachi in his arms, followed directly behind.

  • ??? - Age is no problem for me! I'll do it with anyone and everything!
  • Kezoreg - Fuck you! ...No wait, don't listen to that!

The figure shot repeteadly at Kezoreg and Hachi, its shots almost appearing as artillery shots.

  • Corteus - Give those kids some covering fire!
  • Kalcedia - On it!
  • Koluap - Hell, I got no long-range weapons. Might as well just watch.

War on the GraveyeardEdit

Kalcedia emerged from cover once more and fired at the figure, exchanging her standard ammo for hypermatter rounds. The figure barely managed to dodge the shot. Meanwhile, various shadowy figure appeared flanking Kezoreg and Hachi. They appeared as pitch black versions of Corteus and his team.

  • Dreamy Corteus - I bet you don't want to be broken, but I'll break you down, so much.
  • Kroogvont - More contacts!
  • Nu - Eh.
  • Lemmo - Wooo.

Corteus morphed his wrists int oparticle cannons and fired on the Dreamy squadmates, who retaliated by firing back.

  • Kezoreg - Shit! Wait, Hachi?! What the hell are you--
  • Hachi - Run or fight, decide!
  • Kezoreg - Agh, shit. I'll keep these guys busy, you go on. And don't be an idiot!

Kezoreg stopped in his tracks and fueled the Descension into his fists. Turning around, he smirked at the Dreamy counterparts of Corteus' squad and cracked his knuckles. The team's Radeon ran towards the Dreamy squadmates with startling agility, wielding twin vibroblades he jumped upwards and came down to slash at them. Nu was slightly confused, and on a whim, hurled the shotgun at Dreamy Corteus' head like a throwing knife. Dreamy Corteus stumbled back from the shotgun, which became stuck on his head. His body shape began to deform.

  • Dreamy Corteus - You're making me even more of an aberration!
  • Upsilon - You're an Agent IV commander and you just THREW my shotgun at his face?! What in the name of Dalnyur was going through your head?!
  • Nu - Not my fault, it was him!

Nu pointed at Upsilon.

  • Mu - Dumb.
  • Upsilon - When we get back to Anatezc-ji 0 I'm gonna have a few words with you!

Quinniath intercepted the Radeon clone and attacked with his own blades, unleashing a rapid barrage of blows upon him. Kezoreg leaped forward and began to throw punches at the Dreamy monsters while Hachi had managed to reach the base of the cliff and leaped upwards, grabbing ahold of the rock formation and began to climb and hop.

  • Kezoreg - I'll make sure you get a face only a mother would love! And it certainly won't be yours!
  • Upsilon - Great, now I'm going to have to pull that outta his face?
  • Eta - Yep.

Corteus leaped over cover and fired back at Dreamy Corteus with his own plsama cannon. Nu activated a force shield from his arm and lunged it at Dreamy Corteus' neck. Nu found his arm stuck on Dreamy Corteus. As he was hit more, his body deformed further. Arsac panted as she had managed to stab the Dreamy Radeon in the back. Corteus pumped Morphis into his legs and leaped up, aiming to kick Dreamy Corteus in the chin.

  • Dreamy Corteus - You think my body is yours to play with like that?!

Several of the Dreamy squadmates died from the combined attacks, while Dreamy Corteus morphed his arm into a cannon and fired at his normal counterpart. As Kez and Hachi climbed, they could see the attacker was a pitch black version of Kalcedia. Hachi reached the top of the cliff first, flanking behind the figure. It was at that point that Hachi noticed something about this version of Kalcedia; she wore no armour and stood completely naked. He placed Dreamy Hachi down and drew his sword, although he shook nervously. Dreamy Hachi pointed at Dreamy Kalcedia's hand, which was somewhere where it really shouldn't.

  • Dreamy Kalcedia - Finally, some COMPANY!
  • Hachi - I-is she....i-is she...w-why is s-she...
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep~
  • Lemmo - Wow, these bumps are kinda ugly when you think about it. Do you humans and Radeons really find them attractive?
  • Koluap - Mammals are weird.
  • Val'kar - They're called mammary glads imbeciles!
  • Lemmo - They're ugly.
  • Val'kar - They're "supposed" to be for feeding young.
  • Kezoreg - Why are we talking about tits?! Is the bitch naked?!
  • Upsilon - Can you all shut up and tear her head off already?!
  • Lemmo - Oh, mammary glands? That makes so much sense now.... still don't get why do people find them attractive though.

Dreamy Corteus was launched back and fell on the floor, with Nu still stuck on his neck. Dreamy Kalcedia moaned more when she was shot. Upsilon activated a force shield like Nu's, but bigger and more advanced. He planted it into the ground and took cover, firing a heavy weapon. Hachi sturdied himself and ran forward with sword in hand, although he forgot to enhance it with Dream Energy thus when he struck Dreamy Kalcedia with it, it did little to no damage.

Each attack made Dreamy Kalcedia moan more. However, she grabbed Hachi by his neck and began choking him. Tau on the other hand took cover behind a wall, holding her chest in pain. Kithworto's punch tore her frame to tethers. She was blind firing her pistol with somewhat impressive accuracy.

  • Hachi - Eeep! Ack...a-ack!

Corteus delivered several rapid punches to Dreamy Corteus, who fought back in a similar way. Dreamy Corteus had a disgusted expression on his face as he morphed his arms into large blades.

  • Corteus - Cmon, I'm not you, I'm not a freak like you!
  • Dreamy Corteus - I'm no freak!
  • Tau - Has anyone got some medical foam or something? I can't feel my arm.

Arsac removed a nanospray from her pack, using her eye she guessed the best trajectory t othrow it towards Tau. She sprayed it over the opening in her shoulder. A greyish liquid covered the cybernetic wound. Corteus reformed his hands and thrusted his frehead down to butt Dreamy Corteus in the skull. The impact caused the shotgun stuck on Dreamy Corteus' head to fire, exploding part of it. He fell on the ground and slowly began to dissolve away. Upsilon walked up to the muck that Dreamy Corteus' body left behind, and grasped his shotgun, flicking off the entropic mucus.

  • Quinniath - Yah! Gotcha!
  • Corteus - Die you sunnava bitch!
  • Upsilon - Man. I've fought Skíjoranax, Zí-Jittorám, Loron, Zazane, name it. But THAT stuff on my gun is nasty.

Hachi attempted to struggle out of Dreamy Kalcedia's grip, although it worked to no avail and he continued to weaken with every second. She very slowly began moving Hachi's head into between her legs, while blushing, sweating, grinning and shivering. Kezoreg reached the top of the cliff shortly after Hachi made his charge and glared towards Kalcedia. He raised a brow and examined her body up and down, nodding with content. However, he shortly came to his senses and ran towards her, charging Descension into his fists.

  • Kezoreg - Open wide!

With that, Kezoreg ducked beneath Dreamy Kalcedia's reach and slammed his fist between her legs, right through her nether regions and up her waist. Dreamy Kalcedia moaned one last time before she was thrown off the cliff until she fell, dissolving as she hit the floor. Kezoreg found his hand to be all wet, as well as most of the floor she was standing on. Kezoreg looked at his hand and sniffed it, before briefly licking it. With a dastardly smile, he wiped it across Hachi's back as he regained breath.

  • Mu - You go wash your gun, and that kid better to wash his hands.
  • Hachi - W-What d-did you p-put on my b-back? A-And what's t-that on your h-hand...i-is that what I-I think it i-is?
  • Kezoreg - Juices. Tasty juices.
  • Zeta - What about the stuff on Kezoreg's hand?
  • Upsilon - Don't even get me started.

Corteus stood up panting, his body reformed ot its neutral state. Kezoreg walked over to Dreamy Hachi and smirked. He stretched out a finger in front of Dreamy Hachi's face, expecting him to lick it. Hachi was trying to merely remove the wetness on his back. Dreamy Hachi sniffed Kezoreg's finger, but then did nothing.

  • Corteus - Am...I really that disturbing?
  • Koluap - Nah, you're fine.

Tau walked up to the group, holding her shoulder.

  • Arkarixus - This was the most awkward battle I've ever taken part of.
  • Tau - Dalnyur above. If you're disturbing then Nu is walking nightmare fuel.
  • Zeta - Really don't hope we come across shadowy versions of us lot. That would be...yeah. Entropic Agents.
  • ??? - A most impressive battle indeed. But we are not yet done.

The Killer's StrikeEdit

The dead Shka'Tun skeletons across the battlefield suddenly got up. Their forms were almost like Tharaqím, except they were in a swarm.

  • Tharaqím - Bad. Very bad.
  • Koluap - Oh boy! Zombies!
  • Corteus - Crap that's not good.
  • Lemmo - ...shit.

Lemmo unloaded his pistols in an arc. The Dreamy Tharaqíms began shambling into the team's direction. The Kroogvont revealed plasma grenades and tossed the mint othe swarm of zombies Kalcedia prepared her rifle once more and began firing towards the Shka'tun husks, yelling loudly. Zeta's gauntlet charged up, shooting powerful particle beams at the Shka'Tun. As they had been reduced to skeletons, the Dreamy Tharaqíms were easily killed. However, their number was still very high.

  • Koluap - This reminds me of the War of Holy or whatever the Zazane call it!
  • Eta - How come you were trusted with an Energy Lance? Next to Nu?

Zeta shrugged, before firing more lances at the Shka'Tun.

  • Quinniath - I will-
  • Lemmo - Don't.
  • Quinniath - Okay...

Quinniath hid behind a rock and created a plasma rifle using his suit's hard light projectors, firing at the zombies from afar. As the Dreamy Tharaqím horde died out, a large figure approached Kezoreg and Hachi. It was a not a Dreamy individual. Instead, it looked like someone Hachi could recognize: Murangon Nal. Hachi screeched as he saw Murangon and cowered back, right where Dreamy Kalcedia had been standing.

  • Murangon Nal - Are you hiding from the battle, children?
  • Hachi - N-No! N-Not you! A-Anybody but y-you!

Sarec threw a pressure wave at Nal. Murangon jumped of the way of the way of the wave, falling off the cliff and then landing on his feet.

  • Arsac - You...
  • Murangon Nal - You keep meddling with Dominion affairs. This is not the first time we meet, is this not correct, Kalcedia Myran?
  • Lemmo - That's the Consortium guy. Right?
  • Arkarixus - Correction. Dominion guy.
  • Zeta - I wonder whether Alpha would allow me to upgrade this. Pretty sure this is a century out of date.
  • Eta - No time, fire at the Inalton!

Kalcedia aimed her rifle towards Murangon and growled aggressively. Arsac laxed her shoulders and charged headlong towards Murangon Nal, a furious scowl o nher face as she prepared to slice his insides open. Zeta changed his line of fire and blasted Murangon with his gauntlet. Murangon saw Arsac coming and slashed at her chest in an X formation with his blades. Tentacles formed out of his back and shielded him from the team's shots.

  • Murangon Nal - Know your place, Inquisitor.

Zeta looked at Eta.

  • Kalcedia - Anti-tank rounds, firing!
  • Zeta - Kisiataínē. [You're a bastard.]

Arsac slipped in concentration, glowing scars from Murangon's attacks marking themselves on her armour as she fell back. Kalcedia proceeded to launch three rounds from her sniper rifle which ripped across the battlefield. Arsac slipped in concentration, glowing scars from Murangon's attacks marking themselves on her armour as she fell back

  • Arsac - My place...Is holding your heart in my hand!
  • Murangon Nal - Is that so? This is not what your own heart says.
  • Arsac - Demons lie. Demons decieve.
  • Zeta - Upsilon, get your shield up here!

Murangon was hit by Kalcedia's shots and was thrown back, sliding across the battlefield on his feet. Upsilon hoisted his force shield out of the ground, and propped it at the front of the team.

  • Murangon Nal - Do I appear to be a liar to you?
  • Arsac - As if that needs answering.

Arsac lifted her legs upwards and flipped back onto her feet, instantly leaping to strike Murangon Nal from above. Out of nowhere, Murangon inhaled, and then exhaled a large vortex of entropic fire at Arsac's direction. Arsac was blown upwards and landed back on the ashen ground, her armour steaming as she landed back on her feet, albeit weakened and struggling to stand. Quinniath and Lemmo fireed at Murangon's body repeatedly.

  • Murangon Nal - You are in our realm, Arsac. Our. I believe that is a fitting word.
  • Hachi - This place isn't yours!
  • Lupercal - Not yours!

Tau crouched behind another wall, and fired her pistol at Murangon's head. Murangon was hit by Tau's shot and glared at her direction. From his palm, he fired a beam of Dark Chronoscopic Energy at her. Nu jumped in front of Tau's way, crashing into a wall but taking all of the damage from the essence pulse. Lupercal teleported behind Murangon Nal's back and attempted impale him with his glaive. As Lupercal did, he was met with various tentacles coming out of Murangon's back.

  • Lupercal - Threl'n.

Hachi leaped from the cliff and threw himself towards Murangon, charging his sword with Dream Energy. Murangon endured their shots and looked puzzled at Nu, not noticing Hachi leaping on him. Nu stood back up, with black energy arcing ferociously from his back.

  • Nu - Heheh. This is getting fun.
  • Tau - Siná'intaunya. [For fuck's sake.]

Arsac pulled herself to one side and glared at Murangon Nal. With a swish of his sword, Hachi aimed towards the back of Murangon's neck. Hachi's sword, however, cut through the tentacles, causing Murangon to agonize.

  • Arsac - You are strangers, alien, you shit on everything here! This is not your realm. You are a blight!
  • Murangon Nal - When the hybrization is finished, I will not have to worry about your Dream essence anymore.

Nu unleashed a massive wave of black energy from his arms, ripping up the ground with the trail. Murangon's eyes widened. He tried to teleport out bu was hit by the blast, which sent him crashing into the side of the nearby cliff.

  • Upsilon - Atázchakeratenjá. [Nice shot.]
  • Lemmo - Boom.

Lemmo aimed and fired at Murangon's falling body in fight repeatedly, intending to hit him at weak points in his armour. As the dust died out, Murangon fell off the wall into one of his knees, panting. Arsac coughed and lifted herself up, her suit surviving and alloweing her to stand.

  • Murangon Nal - Interesting power. I was not aware you possessed such.
  • Nu - Heh. Neither did I until a couple of weeks ago. Gift from your so revered God of Madness.
  • Murangon Nal - My revered God of Madness is still beyond your power, Kicath. Do not act as if you do not know.
  • Nu - Yeah, might as well accept it though.
  • Murangon Nal - I have been bested in combat once more. Congratulations. However, your victory is meaningless, for the Dominion has already obtained Veiro'Bheranka's soul. Now, I shall make my leave.
  • Hachi - Nu! Fire another blast!

Nu raised his hand forward. With some of his essence still left within him, he fired another shot of black energy at Murangon. Before Nu's shot could hit him, Murangon disappeared in a black fog.

  • Nu - Grr. Mu, hit me up.
  • Mu - I'm not gonna charge you with essence, you crazy bastard.
  • Arsac - Damn him!
  • Lemmo - Veiro- what?
  • Lupercal - Whatever it is, it must be bad.
  • Mimi - <They have...father's soul?>

Upsilon ripped the shield out of the ground and deactivated it. Hachi panted alongside Kezoreg, whose hand was now clean somehow. He had a devious grin on his face, however. Dreamy Hachi stood beside Hachi as the latter regained his breath.

  • Hachi - ...D-Does that count as l-losing my v-virginity?
  • Kezoreg - No, no it does not.
  • Koluap - Oh well. That was another Corruptus servant, I'm pretty sure. This means we're going to the right way. Keep following the bones...
  • Psi - Pretty damn tired of following these bones, you know.
  • Arsac - Next time we see him... I want to pull out his beating heart.

Hachi skipped and began to sing while Kezoreg walked behind him and Dreamy Hachi alongside.

  • Hachi - The leg bone is connected to the waist bone! The waist bone is connected to the boner!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep eep!

Kicathian InfernoEdit

Agent NightmaresEdit

What looked like hours had passed while the team followed the direction of Sonhadromerith's skeleton. The terrain was becoming more inclined, and in a distance, the team could see what appeared to be a large, floating platform where what appeared to be Sonhadromerith's torso and head were located. Koluap and Mu could recognize it as being the same place where Shu'ulathoi was fought during the Second Fog War.

  • Koluap - Bad memories...
  • Nu - Looks screwy.
  • Hachi - So did, and does, Kalcedia.
  • Mimi - That's Father's throne...or it was, at least.
  • Arkarixus - Shu'ytrogarva must be there. Taking the enemy's throne for yourself. Typical for demons.
  • Sarec - There is a malevolant aura that permetes this place...older than the darkness that envelops it now.
  • Kezoreg - Kalcedia's fat ass.
  • Kalcedia - Want to get boned? I'll happily turn you into a skeleton.

Nu laughed. The ground suddenly began shaking around the group, almost like an earthquake. Arsac braced herself, shifting her body to crousch low. Lemmo stepped back in fear.

  • Upsilon - What's going on now?

Hachi grabbed ahold of the Val'kar's leg while Kezoreg crouched onto all fours. Kalcedia fell on her rear and grunted as she landed. The ground erupted, and out of it, buildings took shape. Kicathian-style skyscrapers.

  • Val'kar - What in hell!
  • Tharaqím - What is the meaning of this?
  • Mu - ...Oh no.
  • Nu - Alright, who said that the Agents won't have nightmares?!
  • Kezoreg - Not liking the look of this. Or Kalcedia's ass.
  • Kalcedia - Shut your mouth! Even better, I'll shut it for you!

As the buildings formed, the Agents could recognize them well. It was a perfect replica of the Occasus city they had landed in previously, except with more demonic features.

  • Mu - Fucking demon!
  • Kroogvont - Oh shit...
  • Nu - Bah. I killed five thousand Agents before, I can kill five thousand Agents again!
  • Hachi - I don't like this!
  • Lemmo - That goddamn city again?

Hachi cowered against the Val'kar and fell onto his knees as he whimpered. Lemmo prepared his pistols. The Val'kar unpacked her rifle and held it tightly, loading a large lcip into the magasine.

  • Eta - Not helping you giant Gantamhémnaserí. [Fool.]
  • Lemmo - By the goddess...
  • Tau - Kithworto always leaves at the worst possible time. Always.

Kalcedia stood up and loaded her rifle, prepping it with hypermatter rounds as she cricked her neck. Kezoreg clenched his fists which became fuelled with Descension. The view of Sonhadromerith's skeleton had been obstructed by the buildings. For a split second, a dark sillhouette ran in front of the team, disappearing behind the buildings. Upsilon prepped a shield down on the ground, hiding behind it. He unloaded his shotgun.

  • Corteus - If this scene is anything like the last, I'm predicting Shadow versions of the agents.
  • Upsilon - You know I really got to talk with Alpha about lifting the tech-ban when with Nu.
  • Mu - Shadow me. Huh. Can't get any more shadow than this.
  • Nu - Charge me with essence and then we'll talk later.
  • Lupercal - This is getting weird. Really weird.

From another direction, another figure appeared through a window of a structure. It fired what looked like a minigun at the team's direction.

  • Arkarixus - Watch out!
  • Upsilion - Is that an...? Crap. Keep in cover!

Sarec threw up his hands and created a shield to deflect the minigun shots. Lupercal deflected the bolts with his blade and then snarled, disappearing from sight. The shots were stopped by Sarec's shield. The figure became more visible, revealing itself to be a pitch-black version of Eta.

  • Dreamy Eta - Filthy alien scum.
  • Lupercal - Seems you were right.
  • Eta - No one talks to me like that! Not even me!

Eta got out of cover and fired the exact weapon back at the shadow version of himself. The Val'kar primed her rifle and fired into the window, aiming for Dreamy Eta.

  • Zeta - Tip for fighting Agents. Don't let them get too close to you. Not unless you want to re-enact a train crash.
  • Koluap - I never expected to fight Agents! Except Kithworto in a computer game or something!

Lemmo started firing madly at the shadowy version of Eta. Zeta leaped out of cover and fired his lances at Shadow Eta's head.

  • Lemmo - Go away, dammit! Go away!

Hachi and Kezoreg began to throw balls of Essence in the direction of the shado Agent while Kalcedia aimed as best she could. Dreamy Eta was hit by the attacks and thrown out of the window he was in, falling into the floor. At this time, out of an alley, a pitch-black version of Upsilon appeared.

  • Dreamy Upsilon - All I want is to tear your limbs off, one by one.
  • Upsilon - Oh crap. DEFINITELY don't let HIM get too close to you.

Sarec threw a pressure wave at Dreamy Upsilon while Arsac primed a rifle and fired plasma bursts at Dreamy Upsilon. In the ensuing confusion Hachi launched a ball of Dream Energy at the real Upsilon's direction while Kezoreg kept his distance. Kalcedia continued firing. Upsilon flinched slightly as the ball hit him.

  • Upsilon - Stupid kid!

Dreamy Upsilon was hit by the attacks and let out a roar, running into the team's direction. Meanwhile, Dreamy Eta gave him suppressive fire with his minigun.

  • Koluap - They're using teamwork! Bad people shouldn't use teamwork!
  • Lemmo - Come to think about it, they get along better than actual agents.
  • Quinniath - Eeeyup!

Quinniath leaped into the fray and intercepted the weakened Dreamy Epsilon, slashing at him with his hard light blades.

  • Quinniath - Not that I care.

Dreamy Upsilon grabbed Quinniath by his neck and began choking him.

  • Dreamy Upsilon - You'll care whe I splat your brains all over the floor.
  • Quinniath - Nngh...

Arsac continued firing at Dreamy Ulipson's head and legs. Arsac's shots caused Dreamy Upsilon to lose his grip of Quinniath. He got out his shotgun and began firing it at Arsac. Quinniath crawled away, writhing in pain. Upsilon charged into his shadowy self with his shield in hand. Arsac ducked behind cover as the buckshot impacted her shields and armour. She fired back. Eta kept firing at Dreamy Eta, blowing away more and more cover.

  • Dreamy Upsilon - Kicath killing it should be.

Dreamy Upsilon turned to his real version and shot at him. The fire scratched Upsilon's armor. Upsilon bared his teeth and grabbed his dreamy self by the shoulders.

  • Upsilon - Wrong move, kisiataínamnasín. [Wrong move, dickhead.]
  • Lupercal - Surprise!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Lupercal appeared once again, this time behind the back of Dreamy Upsilon. Arkarixus charged himself in essence and charged at Dreamy Eta, blasting him into the ground. Meanwhile, Dreamy Upsilon kept shooting at Upsilon. Upsilon smashed Dreamy Upsilon around the face continuously with his fists, before beating him in the head with his shotgun.

  • Lupercal - Right behind you.

Lupercal impaled Dreamy Upsilon with his glaive.

  • Corteus - If anyone sees Dreamy Nu for the love of Drakon don't blast him with psychic powers!
  • Nu - Yeah. Blast me instead!
  • Hachi - Ooh...I could give Nu Dream Energy!

Dreamy Upsilon's head eventually cracked open and exploded, dissolving away. Dreamy Eta got back up and began firing at the team again. Lemmo kept firing at Dreamy Eta, getting less nervous over time.

  • Kroogvont - Fuck that guy just doesn't stay down.
  • Lemmo - At least the psycho guy's not here.
  • Kalcedia - Don't you jinx it you bastard!

Eta fired his gun at Dreamy Eta's legs. Nu then did the same to Dreamy Eta, firing more charges at the shade.The Kroogvont loaded up a grenade launcher and aimed it towards Dreamy Eta. Stuffing a plasma disk inside he fired it with a massive grin on his face. The combined attacks caused Dreamy Eta to explode into a black splash.

  • Koluap - Ew.
  • Eta - Man. That wouldn't have killed me really. Dream versions are weak. Sorta.
  • Upsilon - Keep telling that to yourself.

Out of the Dreamy creatures' remains, floating piles of strange, sludge-like material appeared and floated around for a second, before flying away from view.

  • Quinniath - Hey, isn't that sludge that thing that Kalc-

Lemmo slapped Quinniath.

  • Lemmo - I thought you Divinarium types weren't into that kind of thing.
  • Koluap - Phew, that was pretty scary. At least it's ov-

A cackling laugher was heard, echoing around the buildings.

  • Koluap - Shit.
  • Corteus - Saving the best until last.
  • Hachi - I think you mean worse.

The first figure the team had seen ran quickly through the buildings again, faster than they could identify.

  • Nu - Man. That thing runs fast.

Suddenly, a pitch-black version of Psi jumped out of a building, falling at the top of the real Psi, all while laughing loudly.

  • Lemmo - Crap.
  • Dreamy Psi - Let's have some fun! BY RIPPING YOUR HEART OFF.
  • Psi - Hey you handsome bastard, get off me!
  • Lemmo - Hm... now where was my ring- Oh, yes. Goddamn Draconis...

The Kroogvont fired another grenade at Dreamy Psi. Hachi ran at Dreamy Psi and charged a fist full of Dream Energy. Psi jumped up and grabbed Dreamy Psi's leg, hurling him into the ground. Dreamy Psi was thrown out of Psi, putting out a tesla coil-like gun and firing entropic blasts out of it at the team. Lemmo took a white Kormacvar artifact from his backpack and tinkered with it, making him emit a glowing beam of lightning. Psi dodged out of the way. From his back, he grabbed the same gun and fired it at Dreamy Psi. Corteus and Arsac each aimed their weapons and fired on Dreamy Psi.

As Dreamy Psi and Psi duelled, Hachi ran and attempted to smack Dreamy Psi at the back of the head with his Dream Energy-fuelled mechanical fist. The fist caused Dreamy Psi to let out an ear-piercing shriek. He jumped out of the way and moved around on all four, jittering while doing it.

Meanwhile, a decaying Kicath hand erupted out of the ground and grabbed Arsac's leg.

  • Kezoreg - Ew, what's that?!
  • Lemmo - Oh, crap.

Kezoreg pointed towards the decaying hand with disgust. Arsac looked down at her leg and tried to shake the hand off, slamming her foot down to disloge it and the ntwisting her body around so she could stamp on the upper arm. Arsac's movement caused more of the body of the enemy to erupt throgh the ground, revealing a pich black version of Mu.

  • Dreamy Mu - Darkness...calling...
  • Mu - Oh fuck no!

Arsac pointed her rifle at the arms and fired baring her teeth. Dreamy Mu groaned and used his other hand to grab Arsac's tail, and began forcing her downwards. Mu ran up to them and began stomping on Dreamy Mu.

  • Mu - I'm not gonna be personified by demons!
  • Dreamy Mu - Answer your call...
  • Arsac - Get the hell off me!
  • Hachi - This could only be made worse by tentacles.
  • Quinniath - Tentacles. Hm. I remember having a Fyrvrtha teammate. Venoriel hated him. Said he was creeping her.
  • Lupercal - Shut up and do something!

Tau fired her pistols at Dreamy Mu, whilst Upsilon charged at the shade ready to hurl his shield. Dreamy Psi ran up behind Tau and punched her behind her head. The shots caused Dreamy Mu to let out a howl.

  • Dreamy Psi - You seem fun. Let's have some fun. First your brains, then your intestines, then your spine.

Arsac aimed her rifle and fired at Dreamy Nu, doing her best t oavoid freaking otu as she was pulled into the ground. Hachi growled and threw himself at Dreamy Psi again, charging his fists with Dream Energy.

  • Hachi - Hey, over here!

Sarec planted his hand in the ground, sending a surge of infused electricity thoughout the floor and controlling it so only Dreamy entities were affected. The combined attacks floored Dreamy Psi, while Dreamy Mu lost his grip of Arsac. Quinniath leaped at the stunned Dreamy Psi and then proceeded to punch him repeatedly. Arsac continued to fire at Dreamy Nu, scowling as al lthat rushed through her head now was this monstrosity dead.

  • Lupercal - ...Yeah. Like that.

Lupercal ran towards Arsac and joined her in her fight against Dreamy Mu, using his Essence potential and speed to aid her. Tharaqím ran up to Dreamy Psi and crushed his head on his foot, killing him. Meanwhile Mu kept crushing at Dreamy Mu, and together with Arsac's shots, he also stopped moving. Like before, sludge-like material flew out of both before their bodies dissolved away.

  • Lemmo - Brrrr...
  • Kroogvont - Can someone tell me what that goop is?
  • Hachi - It's not me! Honest!
  • Mu - No idea.
  • Arkarixus - Look out. Expect three more of those monsters to appear at any moment.
  • Koluap - Kithworto would probably know if he was here, but no, he had to be a dick all the sudden.
  • Arsac - Allies come and go. Want to stay alive? Keep quiet about it.
  • Hachi - I think it's better if Kithworto wasn't here. Imagine...what the nightmare would be.

Another figure appeared in front of the team. It was a pitch-black version of Zeta.

  • Dreamy Zeta - Your presence bothers me.

Dreamy Zeta then fired his lances at the team.

  • Zeta - Arónaíya! [Hell no!]

Zeta returned fires of lances at Dreamy Zeta.

  • Kroogvont - I've got a plasma disk with your name on it. That's right, I carved "Evil Zeta" on a plasma disk!
  • Lemmo - That's actually a good idea. But hey, I can't write things on lasers.
  • Kroogvont - You can write things with lasers though.
  • Lemmo - Hm, that's a good idea.

Upsilon took a few seconds, before hurling his shield at Dreamy Zeta. From another direction, a pitch-black version of Tau appeared. It immediately began running around the group at high speed, while firing its pistols at them.

  • Arsac - Contact!
  • Koluap - Stop throwing evil agents at us!
  • Hachi - That's impossible! Tau's already dreamy!
  • Corteus - I'm going to go ahead and say someone's saving the best until last.

All of the Agents looked at Corteus.

  • Upsilon - Who you calling best Agent?
  • Corteus - It's turn of phrase.
  • Kroogvont - I think bossman's saying Nu's next.

Dreamy Zeta was thrown away, falling on his feet, and then charged at Corteus' direction with his gauntlet ready. Tau aimed and then fired her pistols at Dreamy Tau. Lemmo aimed at Dreamy Zeta's black body, firing at him continously. When he recovered, he could see several Tertamian runes written on his body. Corteus saw Eta coming and morphed his foreams into blades, pumping his legs with Morphis and charging haadfirst towards Zeta

  • Lemmo - In Ancient High Illidian, this means "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER".

Hachi ran towards Dreamy Tau and enfused his fists with Dream Energy while Kalcedia shot at her as well.

  • Kalcedia - Slut! I'll kill you!

Dreamy Zeta was skewered by Corteus and let out a demonic roar which shook the ground around them. Dreamy Tau stopped on her tracks and delivered a kick to Kalcedia's face. Kalcedia was sent flying across the battlefield, screeching as she did.

  • Dreamy Tau - Die, you filthy scum!

Corteus lifted Dreamy Zeta into the air. he crouched low and leaped into the air himself. Morphing propellant nodes he flipped backwards and sliced at Zeta's body as he threw Zeta over himself in a somersault. Tau activated her own force shield, charging at Dreamy Tau. Dreamy Zeta fell into the ground, with a large wound on its chest. Dreamy Tau looked back and charged at Tau herself.

  • Kezoreg - Bitch fight!

Corteus impacted the ground when he landed. A smile on his face as he morphed his hand into a plasma cannon and fired precice shots at Dreamy Tau and Dreamy Zeta. Lupercal sent arcs of psychic lightning at Dreamy Tau to stop her, while Quinniath and Lemmo simply fired at her.

  • Dreamy Zeta - How...unpleasant.

Dreamy Zeta succumbed to his wounds and died, black sludge being launched out of his body as he dissolved. Dreamy Tau was hit by the attacks and staggered. Tau swung her shield round and slammed Dreamy Tau in the side. Dreamy Tau was blasted into a building and exploded, and like the others, released a black sludge which flew out of view.

  • Corteus - Okay...that all of them?
  • Zeta - So that's...Eta, Upsilon, myself, Mu, Tau and Psi. That leaves...

Dreaded ReflectorEdit

A loud breathing noise was heard. The team could not make from where it was coming from.

  • Corteus - I hate being right all the time.
  • Eta - Ah táumnaókhajo. [Fuck.]
  • Lemmo - Malemnarimnalumnanii...

A black shadow appeared behind Nu. It let out loud breathing, and put his hand on his shoulder.

  • Nu - What?

Nu turned round.

  • Nu - Son of a--
  • Dreamy Nu - ...
  • Lemmo - Hey, you Kicath are not the only people who can-

Dreamy Nu picked Nu up and threw him at Tau's direction. Nu hurtled at Tau's direction. Tau attempted to catch Nu but was caught in Nu's flight. Lemmo turned away to see Dreamy Nu and froze.

  • Lemmo - Lumnanii indeed.
  • Kroogvont - Whaddaya know, the captain was right! Wait...that's bad isn't it?
  • Radeon - Very. very bad.
  • Arkarixus - Problematic. Very problematic.
  • Koluap - Well damn.
  • Mu - How about no.
  • Hachi - Shit. No literally, it's everywhere. I need to change as soon as possible.
  • Corteus - Okay guys...remember my suggestion.
  • Zeta - What was that?
  • Corteus - No psychic powers.

Dreamy Nu turned to the rest of the team. He merely glared at them, making no sound whatsoever beside loud breathing. Arsac took the grenade launcher off of the Kroogvont and checked how many shots there were. Aiming it, she fired ten plasma grenades at Dreamy Nu. Kalcedia sat up and aimed her sniper rifle towards Dreamy Nu's direction, beginning to shoot anti-tank rounds at him. As he saw the shots, Dreamy Nu ran out of the way, but the ten grenades exploded behind him, launching him into a wall. He fell on the ground and turned to Arsac with an infernal frown.

  • Dreamy Nu - ...

Zeta fired his lances at Dreamy Nu's legs. Dreamy Nu leaped into the air to evade the lances and came down crashing on Zeta's direction.

  • Zeta - Oh shit!

Zeta fired a charged blast at Dreamy Nu's chest. Arsac loaded another magasine and set the launcher to cluster mdoe, this tiem firing four plasma grenades at once at Dreamy Nu. Lemmo kept firing at Nu's dark facsimile, using whatever he had at hand: lasers, grenades, Tertamian archaeotech. Sarec shurgged and materialised twin pistols. he aimed and fired them with rapid succession. The combined attacks threw Dreamy Nu aside. He fell on the floor on his feet, creating a loud thud.

Kezoreg ran towards the regular Nu and jumped on him as he landed. Clenching a Descension fuelled fist, he struck at Nu's neck and hoped for the best with as much strength as he could muster.

Nu stumbled to the ground. A black liquid ran through his body and emitted as a dark lightning.

  • Nu - Screw Mu. You're good enough.
  • Kezoreg - Put on a good show.

At the same time, a dark lighting was emitted from Dreamy Nu.

  • Tau - What.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg just powered up Nu.
  • Tau - Yeah...but look at the bad -- I mean, worse Nu.
  • Lupercal - This just ain't right..

Dreamy Mu charged at Nu's direction, a reddish aura engulfing him. Nu raised his arms, and shot them forward. A huge black mass of energy fired back. Dreamy Nu was hit, but the shot was absorbed on his chest. He raised his own hands and fired an even larger black mass of energy at Nu.

  • Tharaqím - It shares his essence sponge ability.
  • Koluap - Shit.
  • Corteus - Again I hate being right all the time.
  • Lemmo - Huh. Your goddamn space magic is useless now, isn't it?

Nu absorbed Dreamy Nu's essence and fired back again with an even larger black bolt. Lupercal teleported next to Dreamy Nu and attempted to stab him. Dreamy Nu slapped Lupercal away across the street. Dreamy Nu was hit by the shot, absorbed it and fired back again.

  • Tau - Shit, this is gonna keep going until the universe implodes.
  • Arsac - Did none of you question why the essence-capable Inquisitor was NOT using her offensive powers?
  • Zeta - Never crosses our mind. All Kicath have essence.
  • Arkarixus - It's gonna get to a point where it'll be too dangerous for us to be here.

Nu repeated the same as before. The energy from him began to discolour and warp the dystopian cityscape.

  • Nu - Someone shoot this motherfucker down already!
  • Corteus - Nu can you stop using those psychic powers of yours to cause massive explosions!
  • Nu - And die?! Sinásátinmatzká!
  • Corteus - Notice how each blast attempt gets bigger and how he keep throwing it back at you.
  • Nu - Yeah. I ain't dying.
  • Lupercal - ...Let's just make them kill each other. It's a win-win.

Koluap, Arkarixus, Tharaqím and Mu all fired at Dreamy Nu. The dark Kicath slowly turned his head to the team, a grin forming on his face. For the first time, he spoke:

  • Dreamy Nu - ...The next shot...will be at you.
  • Hachi - Dreamy Hachi, do something! Like... fire an explosion at him or something that can counter his attacks.

Dreamy Hachi shook his head horizontally and walked back. Hachi frowned and his ears drooped. Whilst Dreamy Nu was turned away, Nu sent out a larger bolt at Dreamy Nu, destroying the buildings behind him. Dreamy Nu absorbed Nu's shot, turned to the team and fired it at their direction.

  • Koluap - Oooooh shit!
  • Kroogvont - Fuck--

The Wraith Legion leaped out of the way, the Radeon and the Val'Kar however were caught in the blast and incinerated into ash. In a red flash, a giant crimson figure appeared in front of them; his hands raised. It was Kithworto. The shot impacted with Kithworto, sending out a shockwave which blasted the team away. Sarec summoned a shield aroudn the surviving party members, the heat from the blast heavily burned the Sankana's feathers.

  • Koluap - Wha?...Kithworto?

Kithworto absorbed the essence from Dreamy Nu. He sent it back at the shadow with twice the force.

  • Dreamy Nu - Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatmanaí!
  • The shot hit Dreamy Nu, being too much for him to absorb, and obliterated him. All that remained was a puddle of black sludge.
  • Nu - Phew.
  • Lemmo -
  • Kroogvont - We are awesome!
  • Koluap - Wooo! Eat it, pal!

Hachi approached the ashes left behind as remains of the unlucky members of Corteus' squad. He sniffed them and then slumped into the ground.

  • Hachi - Aww...
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep...
  • Zeta - Hm. Shame that.

Corteus turned to look at Hachi and walked over. He kneeled down and sighed, placing his recontructed hand on Hachi's shoulder.

  • Kroogvont - Aww shit.
  • Kezoreg - You can thank my genius for part of that defeat. It was my idea to give Nu Essence for this fight. Oh and Kithworto as well, since he actually beat him.

Lupercal slapped Kezoreg.

  • Sarec - Kezoreg were it not for you Gralliva and Theldim would still be alive!

Kithworto's WrathEdit

The sludge that was once Dreamy Nu began moving slowly into the team's location.

  • Psi - Uh...evil black goo. Moving. Not good.
  • Sludge - ...Dead?
  • Kezoreg - Uhh, well...ah piss.
  • Corteus - And what did I say about using psychic powers?
  • Psi - Guys. Sludge. Moving.

From out of view, the other sludges formed when the other Dreamy Agents were killed appeared and levitated around Kithworto. All of them spoke together.

  • Sludges - Dead? Dead? Dead?
  • Eta - Eh.
  • Koluap - Okay, what the hell's going on now.

All the sludges then threw themseves into the ground and mashed themselves together. They began shambling as the resultant sludge began growing into a Kicathian-like form.

  • Corteus - Ahh fuck that's bad!
  • Upsilon - What the...
  • Mu - I'm not liking this one bit.
  • Kezoreg - No! No no! No! NO!

The form suddenly deformed further, and after a few moments, turned itself into a pitch-black version of Kithworto's Omega State.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - ...Death.
  • Corteus - Definitely bad!

Kithworto turned around, and slammed his fist through the shade. Kithworto's fist was stuck on the shade, and the sludge began travelling through his arm into his face, entering his body through his mouth, eyes, nose and ears.

  • Koluap - Oh fuck what.
  • Psi - I'm outta here. Screw you flying wisp thing!

Psi dropped his gun and ran in the opposite directio .

  • Upsilon - Psi has a point.

A few moments passed and the sludge entered Kithworto's body completely. Kithworto roared; becoming an amalgamation of a Xi'Arazulha and a Corruptus spawn.

  • Corteus - I suggest....tactical withdrawl.
  • Mu - ...Follow Psi!
  • Kezoreg - GG guys!
  • Upsilon - Yeah. Good idea.

Upsilon and Eta followed after Psi at a similar pace. Hachi gathered the ashes with haste and placed them in his pocket before rushing off screaming in a rather feminine manner. Kezoreg rode on his back while Kalcedia rushed as fast as she could. Koluap flew away, with Tharaqím and Arkarixus running as well. Kithworto's shadow had been replaced with a sillhoette of Shu'ytrogarva. Corteus nodded and sprinted t ocatch up with Psi. Arsac opened her wings and attempted to fly to catch up while the rest of Wraith Legion followed, the Kroogvont cooping up the ashes of the dead and Corteus sprinting to pick up the Sankana.

  • Mimi - I told him! I told him he'd be taken over! But did he listen? Nooooooooo!
  • Arkarixus - No time!

Tau ran as well, eventually outpacing Psi who was in front. Nu then ran last.

  • Lemmo - Run away.
  • Sarec - Something is definitely wrong with him and i don't mean his posession!
  • Luperca - That's what you're always saying don't you?
  • Lemmo - Do you suggest to *stay* here and just wait till we're dead?
  • Koluap - C'mon Kithworto, don't kill your old pal Koluap! After all we've been through!
  • Corteus - There's what we're doing now and then there's running from every fight.

Kithworto's finger raised. Down the street they were running, skyscrapers began to collapse in on them.

  • Nu - Damn, this really is Occasus all over again!
  • Corteus - Detour!
  • Lemmo - Told you.

Lemmo sighed. Corteus leaped towards the buildings, using his reflexes to dodge the rubble as he attempted to cut thorugh the buildings

  • Koluap - Ngh!
  • Arkarixus - We can't run away from him. He's just too powerful.
  • Lemmo - Even in such moments of desperation there is always a choice: to flee like cowards... or to retreat like true heroes.
  • Kezoreg - Same deal!
  • Lupercal - WHERE are you going to run, you threl'nam?
  • Lemmo - Eh... dammit, Lupercal, why won't you shut up? You spent the first half of this mission being silent, come on!

Kithworto then swept his hand from left to right. Entire buildings were levelled as his hand movement trailed.

  • Psi - Can't believe I'm saying this but we need to back there and slap some sense into him!
  • Upsilon - I can't believe you're saying that either.
  • Tharaqím - That sludge possessed him. If we could get it out...
  • Kalcedia - Perhaps I could suck it out of him and spit it out? I've done it plenty of times before.
  • Sarec - Want me to try forcing Shu'ytro out?
  • Hachi - Even I'm not that stupid!
  • Tau - You might have done that with Nu, but doing that to Kithworto? Are you mad?!
  • Sarec - It's Shu'ytrogarva compared to Santorakh. When it comes to expelling posession, the mind of the possessor os more of a concern.
  • Tau - It's Nu compared to Kithworto.
  • Mu - Heh.
  • Nu - Hey! But...yeah. It's Kithworto. Freaking unfairly powerful guy from Chaos.
  • Koluap - I don't think we can run away for much longer, just so you know.
  • Kezoreg - Besides, who here has got the nerve to go back and face him?

Within their view, a huge black ball appeared in the distance, similar to the one Kithworto hurled at Kezoreg and Hachi during their training.

  • Psi - Gravity ball. Gravity ball!
  • Koluap - Bad kind of ball!
  • Lemmo - Crap, crap. crap...

Lemmo tried to flee from the black ball until he was stopped by Lupercal.

  • Lupercal - Hell no.
  • Kezoreg - ...Everybody with Essence powers, try and stop it!
  • Sarec - I might be of the Isio'Nar but I have an idea.
  • Tau - Just do it! We're all food here anyway!
  • Sarec - Arkarixus, If I give you an incorporeal form, would you join me in exorcising Shu'ytogarva?
  • Arkarixus - Hmm. Yes, I will do so.

All of a sudden, an infernal blast sounded out through the realm. Kithworto's roar as he tried to free himself from Shu'ytrogarva.

  • Sarec - He's still in there, we'd better hurry.
  • Koluap - Thats a relief except not really.
  • Corteus - This mission is fucking wierd!
  • Koluap - Heh. Welcome aboard.

Sarec walked up to Arkarixus and grabbed his hand. In the blink of an eye the two of them vanished, reappearing within Kithworto's mind. Kithworto's mind was dissonant; it was in a violent conflict between Light, Death and Entropic as Sarec and Arkarixus found it hard to seat themselves in his mind. Sarec and Arkarixus could see the Kithworto shaped sludge inside of his mind.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - Maktanshatinaknatazán said I could have him...and so I did.
  • Sarec - Not today.

The ball in the distance began to grow. The landscape in the far distance began to rip from the surface and fall into the sphere.

  • Koluap - They better hurry the hell up with that!

Sarec charged an arc of lightning and threw it at Dreamy Kithworto. Arkarixus also attacked with his own essence. Dreamy Kithworto "bounced" through Kithworto's mind, with each attacking causing it to laugh at the duo.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - Two essences, three essences, four essences...

Sarec threw more lighting arcs, aiming for Dreamy Kithworto in anticipation. Kithworto's mind broke apart again as he tried to free himself. Another huge pulse of fire rang through the realm.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - Break, kneel, cry, die!

Dreamy Kithworto kept attacked both Sarec and Arkarixus with blasts of entropic energy. Meanwhile, outside, Dreamy Hachi began walking into Kithworto's direction. Sarec leaped for Dreamy Kithworto in an attempt to grab him and sto phim from bouncing around

  • Hachi - Huh? What are you doing?
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep eep!

Sarec could see Dreamy Kithworto trapped in the "walls" around them by various sludge-like tentacles. Contact with him burned Sarec intensily. Sarec roared and looked at the walls as he fell to the floor.

  • Arkarixus - How are we going to get rid of it? It's stuck like a nail on his head.
  • Sarec - What if we damage the the prison?
  • Arkarixus - I'm unsure if that's safe for Kithworto's mind.
  • Sarec - We're not having much luck with the jailor, so why not unleash the prisoner?
  • Arkarixus - I guess we have no other choice.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eeeeeeep! Eeeeeep!

Dreamy Hachi ran up next to Kithworto, bracing himself to not get sucked by the sphere on his hand. He began shouting at his direction and waving at him. Kithworto's head turned. His eyes slowly went between a vivid red and purple. Another pulse went through the realm as Kithworto roared agian. Dreamy Kithworto was suddenly blown back, hit the floor and bounced back up again.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - ...What?!
  • Sarec - Kithworto is struggling to break free. Perhaps if I assemble some kind of...Okay what was that?
  • Hachi, Kezoreg and Kalcedia - What the...

Dreamy Hachi jumped in joy from the reaction he had caused.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - ...Your mind is dead. Your memories of children are irrelevant!
  • Sarec - Arkarixus I may be able to..."thread" Kithworto together, but I cannot do it on my own, not with the apparition
  • Arkarixus - I will help.
  • Sarec - See if you can distract the apparition. If you see any fragments of Kithworto do what you can to lure them to me.
  • Hachi - What's the little guy doing...?

Arkarixus attacked Dreamy Kithworto, who appeared confused and disoriented. Inside Kithworto's mind, Sarec could see this reaction had begun when Kithworto got Dreamy Hachi's attention. Sarec used the oppertunity Dreamy Hachi had given him to search Kithworto's mind, attempting to organise the various aspects of it it within spheres over his his hands. Kithworto's eyes began to deter from a vivid purple as the pulses of fire became more frequent.

Sarec could see memories of Kithworto training Hachi and Kezoreg, those apparently giving him more will to fight back. Dreamy Kithworto's tentacles began rupturing, and it began screaming.

  • Dreamy Kithworto - No one cares for the dead war god! No one!

Sarec concentrated, delving for deeper and more powerful memories to draw out. Sarec could see memories of a past incarnation fighting in the Second House War alongside other Kicath and Draconis warriors. Kithworto's mind began to return.

  • Sarec - Oniron...He remembers...Ultanos remembers...

Dreamy Kithworto began shivering as more of its tentacles ruptured. Its control over Kithworto began to dissipate.

  • Arkarixus - It's working!
  • Corteus - Whatever those two are doing in's working!

Kithworto's eyes began to flare red, as his aura also did so. From his mouth let out a slow but deafeningly loud growl. Sarec concentrated best he could, searching for the most powerful memories KIthworto had for a final push to ddrive the invader out. In a blast, the sludge was thrown out through Kithworto's mouth. It fell into the ground, formless.

Kithworto's head looked upwards as two intense jets of essence hurtled into the sky. The resulting roar caused all of the buildings to crumble to the ground.

  • Arkarixus - We did it, Sarec. Good job.

Sarec and Arkarixus rematerialised soon afterwards back i nthe Realm. Sarec looknig a little worn Dreamy Hachi ran up to Kithworto and hugged his leg. The area around the team had been completely razed, with the exception of Sonhadromerith's skeleton. As the dust settled, Kithworto was on his knees. A closer inspection found that his skin, for the first time in years, was a Kicathian yellow. Not black or gold. Koluap flew over to Kithworto and grabbed his head.

  • Koluap - Kithworto? You okay, old pal?
  • Lemmo - Hey, what happened with the big guy?..

Corteus walked up to Kithworto with a smile. He folded his arms in observation. Kithworto spat out vomit all over the floor as he struggled to make eye contact with Koluap.

  • Koluap - Ew.
  • Kroogvont - Ohh that's nasty.
  • Sarec - Is...he okay?

The Agents ran over to Kithworto. They were all surprised to see him as he was.

  • Mu - ...His skin.

Kithworto eventually came to, and stood up with a small stumble. Dreamy Hachi was still hugging Kithworto's leg with a smile. He looked at his left arm, and tried creating a ball of essence. Instead, electrical sparks surged through his arm.

  • Koluap - You're okay! I think.

Sares stood up and took a deep breath. He looked over to Kithworto and perked an eyebrow. Kithworto then charged his arm again, and a small ball of essence appeared in his left hand as it slowly returned to a black hue. Kithworto sighed heavily.

  • Arkarixus - Kithworto?
  • Kithworto - ...It's going to take some time to regenerate this.

Beside the team, the sludge that was once Dreamy Kithworto was still alive.

  • Sludge - Ssssshhhhh. care so much...for your mortal pets...but you will be one of us again one day....

Sarec gathered electricity within his hands and fired a continuous surge of it towards the sludge The sludge let out a shriek and dissolved away.

  • Zeta - So...are you alright?
  • Kithworto - Not sure. I had no clue as to what I was doing here.
  • Mu - You were possessed by your nightmarish counterpart.
  • Sarec - Kithworto...perhaps choosing one energy over another is not the answer.

Kithworto looked down at his hands, and the red bolts soon turned to gold.

  • Kithworto - Hm.
  • Sarec - Balance, Kithworto. Rather than choosing preference, consider both. I would be willing to help you with this.
  • Lemmo - Life, death... lifedeath. This kinda makes sense. You could become some kind of a... Grim Reaper, dunno.

Mimi left Hachi's body and looked at Kithworto. After some moments, she concentrated and expanded the protective bubble around the team to fully cover him.

  • Kithworto - ...Let's just get on with this.
  • Mimi - You all need a rest. You've seen what Shu'ytrogarva can do with a mere avatar.
  • Koluap - Hey, he did nearly kill me today.

Upsilon threw Kithworto one of his shotguns, which Kithworto grabbed with his hand.

  • Upsilon - Feels weird using weapons again?
  • Kithworto - Very.
  • Arkarixus - Hm. Welcome back to the team.

True FaithEdit

River of BloodEdit

Hours had passed, the team was still following Sonhadromerith's massive skeleton, the entire region being nothing but a razed, burning field. However, finally, something appeared in a distance: it looked like a large, darkened river with a large temple-like building in its center.

  • Koluap - Oh goody! Some fresh water!
  • Zeta - Water? Ngh. Keep that away from us.
  • Hachi - Yeah...nope.
  • Kezoreg - I don't trust anything here. Not even you lot. Actually, you go ahead and jump in, I'll wait.
  • Corteus - Hundred Minosian Credits that temple's bad.
  • Upsilon - What use would a hundred credits be to us anyway?
  • Corteus - I dunno a burger?
  • Upsilon - Hell. Show a Kicath a hundred credits and he'll laugh at you for being a tourist.
  • Corteus - EIther you're stupidly rich or you're all stupidly poor.
  • Upsilon - Stupidly rich I guess. Post-scarce.

Koluap ran up to the river's direction. Approaching it showed there was a bridge between the main land and the temple. Koluap inspected the water, and his face changed into a cringe.

  • Koluap - I...don't think this is water.
  • Kalcedia - Is it something I can put in my mouth at least?
  • Koluap - Depends. Do you like ingesting black red blood?
  • Kalcedia - ...Well, depends on the source.
  • Kroogvont - Boss, maybe you should focus more on the river of blood.
  • Corteus - ...Okay I think I'm about to regurgitate said burger.

Nu put his finger into the trail of blood. He could feel his finger being eaten away. Nu retracted his finger from the river.

  • Nu - Corrosive. Bad.
  • Kalcedia - Let's push the abomination in.
  • Kezoreg - Which one?
  • Hachi - I wish the big woman was here, I could have cowered behind her leg and act cute but now I just gotta be out in the open and actually investigate.
  • Tau - Deal with it.
  • Corteus - She knew what she signed up for. We all knew we'd be doing this until we all died. Dead sapients walking.

The team then began hearing whispers coming out of the blood. "Welcome...home..."

  • Arsac - Did anyone hear anything?
  • Sarec - Possibly.
  • ??? - "Enter your home...join your one with us..."
  • Arsac - Something's calling us. I know it.
  • Nu - Fuck that.
  • Sarec - Remember your creed Arsac.
  • Arsac - My creed, yes, oathbreaker.

At this moment, a Draconis-shaped shade appeared at the top of the temple's ceiling and stared intensily at the group. It was a pitch-black version of Sarec.

  • Hachi - ...Eep.
  • Sarec - Okay now that's...just...

Hachi began to hide behind Tau's leg. Sarec stared up at Dreamy Sarec and slumped his shoulders.

  • Dreamy Sarec - ...Mine.
  • Sarec - Damnation.

Dreamy Sarec opened his wings and dived into the team's direction, aiming for Hachi. Sarec threw out his arms and summoned a telekinetic barrier to block Dreamy Sarec. The shade hit the barrier and staggered. He released a blast of entropic energy at it to break it open.

  • Hachi - Huh...w-who is h-he aiming at?
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep?
  • Sarec - Hachi find somewhere to hide, we'll deal with the apparition!
  • Kezoreg - How about Kalcedia's va--
  • Kalcedia - You dare!

Sarec threw lightning blasts at Dreamy Sarec. The demon charged his fists in energy and broke through the barrier. He looked around until he saw Arsac, and his expression was changed to disgust.

  • Dreamy Sarec - Slave...

Arsac extended her power claws and charged for Dreamy Sarec. Eta fired bolts of his minigun at Dreamy Sarec, whilst Kithworto fired multiple bolts of Life and Death Energy at him. Dreamy Sarec was hit by the attacs, which caused his form to deform into something that slowly began to resemble Sarec's Nar form. As he saw Arsac approaching, he fired a breath of entropic fire at her.

Arsac braced herself and tensed her muscles to endure the fire, she bared her teeth in intense pain as the entropic fire burned at her scales and armour. She focused, concentrating all she could to create a partition within the flames.

  • Tau - Breathing fire. Not a good sign.
  • Dreamy Sarec - Demon...your heart has nothing but demon fire...yet you dare talk about me.
  • Arsac - I am more than you are, slave!
  • Kithworto - I sincerely hope my powers regenerate quicker than this. I will not be of much use without it.

Corteus aimed a plasma cannon at Dreamy Sarec's head and fired. Dreamy Sarec was hit and knocked into the blood river. However, he was not corroded by it. Arsac managed to break though the fire and stood at the edge of the blood river, panting. Dreamy Sarec emerged out of the river and grabbed Arsac by her neck, squeezing it.

  • Dreamy Sarec - Your links with ethereals...I can sense them. You are wrong. You were always wrong.

Arsac gripped Dreamy Sarec's arm and sent her other claws upwards to stab into the forearm, she began gasping as her neck was constricted.

  • Nu - I'm getting tired of this!

Nu charged his cannon at Sarec and Arsac's arms at full power. Dreamy Sarec was hit and blasted away, releasing Arsac and falling into the river again.

  • Nu - Crap. I was hoping to incinerate her as well.
  • Sarec - Hey! Try fighing someone your own level!
  • Dreamy Sarec - You agree with me.

Arsac gasped as she fell on the floor, coughing while Sarec flew towards Dreamy Sarec to tackle him. Dreamy Sarec emerged from the river and clashed with Sarec.

  • Tau - Kithworto, do something!
  • Kithworto - Like what? Tickle him?
  • Dreamy Sarec - You looked up to her, remember? You were disappointed at her real visage, remember?
  • Sarec - Sure it was a dissapointment. I watched as she drove a wedge in me! That doesn't mean I want her dead!

Sarec charged energy into his fist and launched it towards the side of Dreamy Sarec's head. Kithworto suddenly realised he had Upsilon's shotgun on his back. He swung it wide before taking shots at Dreamy Sarec. Dreamy Sarec was thrown into the main land again and fell on the ground. Kithworto's shots tore parts of his body away as he tried to get up.

  • Dreamy Sarec - She failed me.

Kalcedia prepped her rifle once she had found cover and began taking shots at Dreamy Sarec while Hachi hid behind her. Sarec stepped forward and grabbed Dreamy Sarec by the throat, punching hi mrepeatedly.

  • Sarec - You know what? I don't care! She can get herself killed. But I won't be responsible for that!
  • Dreamy Sarec -!

Sarec's punches destroyed Dreamy Sarec's head, and his body dissolved away. Sarec lowerred his head as he stodo over the dissolving remains.

  • Sarec - Yes. But I won't let it cloud my judgement...

Kithworto put Upsilon's shotgun on his back. He tried igniting his essence again, this time sustaining arcs of energy down his arms.

  • Arsac - This...this is the real world. No matter how much we struggle, there will always be pain and death. No matter how hard we try. It's nature.

Temple of the Assassin GodEdit

The doors of the temple slowly opened as Dreamy Sarec dissolved.

  • Whispers - "Come in..."
  • Hachi - Okay!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep?

Zeta placed his hand on Hachi's head, stopping him from moving.

  • Hachi - B-But they s-said go in!
  • Zeta - Yes, because you listen to voices in the dark.
  • Sarec - That temple smell strongly of "trap".
  • Kezoreg - So does Kalcedia's va--
  • Kalcedia - I swear to whatever god!
  • Mimi - <There doesn't seem to be any other way forward but through the temple.>
  • Arsac - I may as well take point.
  • Whispers - "Welcome back...we missed you..."
  • Sarec - Wait...back?
  • Hachi - See? I was missed!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep!
  • Zeta - Quiet already.

Arsac gestured for the others to follow her as she readied her claws. Wraith Legion followed. Arkarixus shrugged and followed, with Tharaqím and Koluap following him with their weapons primed. With the group behind her, Arsac marched towards the temple doors. Hachi hoped on Zeta's back and cuddled him with a piggy-back.

  • Zeta - You're glad I can't feel that.

Zeta walked on, ignoring Hachi. As they entered the temple, they could see archietecture which easily reminded of the Devourer's Chosen. At the other side of the temple's main room, a statue of Geltastra was visible at the top of a pillar, and at its base, a hooded figure.

  • Hachi - The booby lady!
  • Kroogvont - So many targets for a grenade launcher!
  • Zeta - Right, if you're going to be childish, get off my back now.
  • Arkarixus - Hold on your fire. That figure is not Geltastra...

Sarec and Arsac looked towards the end of the room, readying themselves while Wraith Legion set up in defensive positions. The hooded figure slowly turned at the team, its robotic eye staring at them.

  • ??? - Who dares enter the temple of the Assassin God?
  • Nu - Assassin God. Heh. Sounds like a fanfic.
  • Eta - How many Agents are here exactly?
  • Mu - That's too short to be a Kicath.
  • Corteus - If that's not Geltastra then who...oh....fuck.

Arsac drew her pistol and aimed towards the figure. The figure turned itself completely to the team. It wa a pitch-black version of Arsac, wearing cultist robes.

  • Sarec - That's....very very bad.
  • Nu - Seen worse.
  • Dreamy Arsac - Heretics dare to defy sacred ground. You disgust me greatly.
  • Kezoreg - Oh this is just too good!

Arsac fired several plsama shots at Dreamy Arsac, aiming for the face. Dreamy Arsac jumped out of the way of the shots, taking cover behind several statues. Clear view of them revealed the statues to be shaped like traditional Drakon statues, except these also had Shu'ytrogarva strangling him.

  • Arsac - What is this sacrilege!
  • Kezoreg - Highly amusing, that's what.
  • Koluap - Uriel's a friend of mine and I gotta say, not cool, demon-guy.
  • Dreamy Arsac - Your existence is a sacrilege! I will show you true faith!

Sarec gathered electricity in his hands and threw bolts of lightining at Dreamy Arsac. Dreamy Arsac jumped out of cover and fired blasts of entropic energy at Arsac and Sarec. Arsac fired more plasma shots before she extended her claws and charged for Dreamy Arsac, along the way cutting int othe Shu'ytrogarva portion of the statues. Each time Arsac cut through a statue, Shu'ytrogarva's laugher could be heard echoing through the temple.

  • Sarec - I think somoene's greatly enjoying this whole situation....
  • Kezoreg - You bet I am!
  • Sarec - Not you Kezoreg, someone else.
  • Dreamy Arsac - Bow before your god, wretch!

Arsac roared and leaped up to land on Dreamy Arsac. Dreamy Arsac 's hands deformed into what looked like Arsac's own claws and leaped into Arsac herself.

  • Whispers - "...A a a a mirror..."
  • Hachi - Smash it!

Arsac readied to slash Dreamy Arsac, preparing to throw her arms outward and cut the torso.

  • Arsac - The righteous will succeed this day, so repent or die!
  • Whispers - " yourself...fight...harder...."

Dreamy Arsac slashed at Arsac herself. As the claws made contact with Arsac, a familiar image burned into Arsac's mind: Marigrax's visage. Arsac gasped and she lsot conentration for a brief second. The two slashed each other and, reelingi n pain Arsac slashed again, this time her arm muscles being pumped with descensino energy to increase the power of the blow Dreamy Arsac was hit and a wounded appeared through her chest. At the same time, Arsac could feel almost as if she had just received the same wound.

  • Whispers - "What is the point...when in the end...all die?"
  • Arsac - ...I...I preserve another day. Tomorrow is...all that matters.
  • Whispers - " your tomorrow."

Dreamy Arsac delivered a slash at Arsac's face. Arsac took the blow, creating a large gash on her face, roaring in pain. The same wound also appeared in Dreamy Arsac's face.

  • Dreamy Arsac - I will rip you apart, cur!
  • Whispers - "Victory...equals defeat."
  • Arsac - The end is inconsequential. So long as order can be maintained in the present, that is all that matters!
  • Whispers - " chaos."
  • Nu - Can I just shoot her now?
  • Tau - Wait a few minutes.
  • Arsac - Chaos is an ever-present undesireable!
  • Whispers - "It doesn't matter if you desire it or comes. It is eternal. It is here."

Arsac leaped at her apparition again, thrustign her claws to dig into Dreamy Arsac's torso. Dreamy Arsac screamed in pain, but Arsac felt the same pain at her own torso.

  • Kalcedia - ...Should we help?
  • Koluap - Hell leave them both to die.
  • Lemmo - Exactly!
  • Kezoreg - I like your thinking.

Arsac bared her teeth and drove the claws further inwards, takinf strong breaths in order to mask the pain. The statues around the room had changed. Instead of decipting Shu'ytrogarva strangling Drakon, they now displayed Arsac doing it.

  • Whispers - "Deep into your know it's true."
  • Nu - Still feel like shooting.
  • Koluap - She's nothing but a liability anyway.
  • Whispers - "Who do you want to save the tomorrow for? Them? Those who'd rather see you dead? None of them care."

Arsac summoned what strength she had. WIth er claws deep i nthe apparition's torso she lifted Dreamy Arsac up. Her arms leaked back energy as the wounds in Dreamy Arsac's body began to burn. Aided by the strength-enhancing body glove she wore, she attempted ot tear Dreamy Arsac in half.

  • Whispers - "None of them care...only I do."
  • Nu - The whispers are pretty damn accurate.
  • Zeta - Are you trying to kill us all?
  • Tau - He's been trying to kill us all for 25 years.
  • Sarec - Something is horribly horribly wrong.
  • Hachi - We can't leave her! That'd be wrong!
  • Koluap - She only slows us down!
  • Whispers - "DO...IT...FOR...ME."
  • Nu - Alright then.

Nu charged his cannon at Arsac. With a last burst of strength. Arsac ripped Dreamy Arsac vertically in half, throwing the halves across the temple chamber before collapsing to the floor onto one knee. Her body displayed a malevolent aura as she breathed heavily from exhaustion and frustration. Dreamy Arsac's halves dissolved away, and the statues changed once more. Now they only decipted Arsac. Hachi ran up to Arsac and sat beside her, blinking as he looked at her wounds although he seemed oblivious to the aura.

  • Arsac - Chaos...No matter what I do...chaos returns...
  • Hachi - Are you okay?
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep?
  • Arsac - None of you care...for my sacrifice. None of you cared as I faced my darkest nightmare. None of you cared.
  • Kezoreg - Pfft, just realized, eh?
  • Lemmo - Eeeyup.
  • Arsac - As I fought to save my own all stood behind me, watching, not even the tohught of helping one of the team.
  • Nu - Well you did bitch at us for a couple of days.
  • Lemmo - People like you are just way too self-righteous for my liking.

A New LifeEdit

The statue of Geltastra at the top of the temple suddenly began moving, and emitted a purple aura. Out of it, Geltastra herself emerged.

  • Geltastra - So you see it now, don't you?
  • Nu - No, no I do not.

Nu changed his line of fire to Geltastra, who looked at Nu and laughed.

  • Nu - You're gonna see this though.

Nu fired his cannon at Geltastra. An elemental barrier appeared in front of the shot and blocked it. Hachi looked over to Geltastra and fell on his back, squeaking and looking down with a sad expression.

  • Nu - Bah, quit your laughing. I'm not the one here who's going to get curbstomped.
  • Upsilon - Don't tempt fate, Nu.
  • Nu - Or what?
  • Geltastra - I'm not here for you. I'm here for her.
  • Nu - Oh in that case go ahead.

Lemmo stared at Geltastra in disbelief.

  • Lemmo - That green Radeon lass? But- didn't we...
  • Geltastra - I don't simply die, mortal.
  • Kithworto - We'll see about that.

Tau smacked Nu in the back of the head.

  • Arsac - Chaos ensues because you all allow it!

Arsac stood up with her back to the team.

  • Arsac - The Grand Inquisition is nothing but an order of janitors. We task ourselves with cleaning up every one of your fuck-ups and none of you realise it.
  • Arkarixus - Are you going to blame us now?

Arsac turned to the group with a scowl. The Agents all primed their weapons as they looked at Arsac.

  • Arsac - Each of you is mrked with fault. The Spinker; until thirty years ago you were blind to the existence of this place, the Dracogonarious considered it superstition.

Koluap growled and aimed his shotgun at Arsac. Kithworto's arms remained folded. His skin was beginning to pigment black again.

  • Arsac - The Kormacvar, half of you were whisked from existence by the gods and the other half left nothing to explain their fate.
  • Arkarixus - And you're saying I'm to blame for that?
  • Upsilon - Screw it. Just shoot her. She's become a liability.
  • Kezoreg - She already was.
  • Arsac - The Kicath; You preach that your society is the most advanced in the galaxy. Tell me, how many have had to die or give up personal freedoms to live up to that claim? How many lay buried in your tombs or resting in your incinerators?
  • Hachi - Hey! That's unfair! We shouldn't be turning on each other like this!

Geltastra hissed at Hachi's direction. Hachi squeaked and sat back down, nervous and scared.

  • Zeta - I'm beginning to agree with Upsilon.
  • Arsac - You are all progenitors of chaos. There's no point fighting it is there? Why should I forefeit a life I could have had so you can all go around maiming and butchering each other as though none of us existed?
  • Nu - Cause that's what you signed up for. Heh.
  • Kezoreg - You chose to come here.
  • Geltastra - Don't you wish you had a real life? You're their slave. Free yourself.
  • Kalcedia - Hmph, I've heard enough crock. I say we shoot her in the head and get her done with.
  • Kezoreg - Too good for her, I say we break her to pieces. Cell by cell.
  • Lemmo - No, wait, don't!.. she's...
  • Tau - Descended? I'll say.
  • Lemmo - Yes. That. Whatever that means.

Arsac turned to Geltastra, for once in a long time, perhaps unseen by anyone withi nthe temple chamber, she was not scowling or frowning, her expression looked...pitiful.

  • Arsac - Three centuries of strife and loss... It was never entirely your was their's wasn't it? The beings I swore to watch out for.
  • Geltastra - None of this would have happened if it weren't for them.
  • Nu - Ekolnyuri below. I'm getting tired of this.

Dreamy Hachi pushed Sarec's leg and squeaked, as if he telling him to do something. Sarec loked down at DreamyHachi and nodded. looking towards Arsac and Geltastra.

  • Sarec - Is this the answer mistress? Turning your lot in with...her because everyone has dissapointed you!
  • Arsac - I lived a lie Sarec, every single one of us did.
  • Koluap - She dared to berate me for wanting her dead...which I do but still, she has no right to do it, when she's turning on us now!
  • Kezoreg - I should have painted your blood all across the Council's room when you screamed for death.
  • Arsac - I always lived thinking a higher purpose gave us all guidance and I was right!

All of the Agents aimed their weapons at Arsac.

  • Hachi - Arsac? ...A-Are you okay? Y-You don't sound t-too good.
  • Arsac - Lemmo Meronis, Kezoreg Breek, Koluap, admit it! You're not doing doing this for some higher cause, you merely care about yourselves!
  • Kezoreg - I don't need to admit it. You all knew from the start I was in this because I wanted to be, not because I needed to be.
  • Koluap - Eh? I'm doing this to save my people and my friends!
  • Arsac - Duty is all I knew Koluap! Duty is what drove me and you'd kill me because you wouldn't approve.
  • Hachi - Guys...? C-Can we...can we calm down?
  • Koluap - You Inquisition lot always get in the way, going against the objective! I'm tired of you "zealots" getting in the way!
  • Sarec - Arsa--
  • Arsac - Silence, oathbreaker! You and Kithworto are the worst of the lot!

Kithworto's brow raised.

  • Kezoreg - May as well put you under KIA right now.
  • Lemmo - Wait, Koluap! Calm down. The last thing we all want is Arsac turning Xhod.
  • Koluap - Don't tell me to calm down! I want her head now!

Arsac stepped backwards towards Geltastra. Her scowl becoming a sinister smile.

  • Arsac - I made my choice. I am done with protecting you all.
  • Hachi - Don't do this!

Kithworto's brow lowered, but his eyes became more intense. Geltastra grinned and put her hands on Arsac's shoulders. Entropic energy began entering her body. Koluap and Mu both tried to shoot at them, but Geltastra's barriers stopped their shots.

  • Arsac - This was my choice. I either continue my old life, fighting against a tide of darkness, or I submit.
  • Mu - Fucking demons!
  • Koluap - I'll kill you!
  • Kezoreg - I'll write Kithworto's name into your skull.
  • Arsac - Chaos consumes all, but the only chaos I see is the turmoil you aliens commit on yourself. The chaos born of war, hatred and greed, I am done protecting you all from it.
  • Kithworto - Very well. Leave.
  • Geltastra - I welcome you to a place where you really are desired and can have a life.

Arsac's scales darkened adn her body began to swell as entropic energy entered her body. Her chestnut eyes became a ghastly purple. Her cybernetic eye became corrupted wires bursting out fro mthe frame and penetrating into her skull. A portal appeared next to Arsac and Geltastra. At the other side, what looked like a Dominion city was visible.

  • Lemmo - Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit.
  • Whispers - "Your services are not needed here. You may leave."
  • Hachi - This isn't how it should be! What happened to defending Andromeda?!
  • Kezoreg - Let her go, Hachi. She made her choice, we'll make her regret it later.

Sarec bolted and attempted to pry Geltastra from Arsac by pushing a pressure wave from out of his body. However, a wave of tentacles eruped from Geltastra and slammed against Sarec to throw him away. Sarec fell onto his side and pushed himself up. He screamed as he threw arcs of lighting towards the portal, but they had no effect.

  • Geltastra - Stand down, slave.

Hachi ran forward to try and get to Arsac and Geltastra but was restrained and held back by Kezoreg who had placed his arm around the Rianth's neck.

  • Whispers - "Welcome back...we missed you..."
  • Arsac - Let it be caused this...and the cataclysms to come.
  • Nu - Have fun dying.
  • Kezoreg - Let her go.
  • Hachi - This... isn't how it s-should be!

As Arsac left through the portal, it closed behind her. Geltastra put a hand on her head and let out a cackle.

  • Geltastra - I win! The High Inquisitor is mine!
  • Kalcedia - Whore!
  • Sarec - Infernal wretch I'll tear you apart so severely even Shu'wokerama will feel it!

Kalcedia began firing her rifle at Geltastra, screaming as she did without stopping. Geltastra evaded the shots and levitated around the team.

  • Geltastra - Now enjoy watching all dreams die. Like Arsac's dreams died!

Geltastra then disappeared in a black fog. As she dissapeared Sarec fell to hs knees with his wings sagging. He thumped the ground hard enough to cause it to crack. Koluap and Mu growled loudly, while Arkarixus and Tharaqím had expressions of disappointment. Kithworto walked forward, into the space where Arsac and Geltastra were seconds ago. He looked in that general direction for a few moments before his aura began to surge violently.

  • Kithworto - Of was always you.

Hachi looked down quietly as Kezoreg let him go, with the latter stepping back. Hachi growled and began to splutter before standing up, wiping his eyes and turning around towards the group.

  • Hachi - We'll get her back!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep!
  • Tharaqím - I'm afraid...that won't happen, Hachi.
  • Sarec - She's right though...
  • Koluap - Eh?
  • Sarec - All the Inquisition has ever been is an army trained to calm religious turmoil and end demonic incursions. She is right. All the Order has ever done is clean up someone's mess.

Arcs of Death Energy appeared all over Kithworto's body as it turned black as it did before, with his red luminous veins pulsating through his skin.

  • Kithworto - Come. Let us finish this. I have things to deal with once we leave this place.

The Death Energy caused some of the temple to tremble and the pillar where Geltastra was hiding to crumble. And as it crumbled, what looked like a sphere of Dream Energy was revealed.

  • Lemmo - ...Shiny.
  • Lupercal - You are the master of the obvious, aren't you?
  • Nu - Master of the obvious and running away.
  • ??? - ...Avahlarómahlya? You brought help...

Hachi was welling up with tears where he stood, trying to hold them back. He tried to appear optimistic, but everybody could see through it and knew that he had lost a significant amount of hope for their objectives and the team. He turned round towards the sphere of Dream Energy and had to cover his eyes, wiping his tears away before going to take another glance at it.

  • Mimi - <Wait. That voice...Father?>
  • Lemmo - The ball thing has a father?
  • Mimi - <Of course I do, dumb!>
  • Sarec - He's alive...
  • Hachi - That's... who is that?
  • ??? - ...I am Veiro'Bheranka...Sonhadromerith, if you want...or at least, a piece...

Hachi rushed forward and sniffed the Dream Energy sphere curiously, observing it from multiple angles while his eyebrows were raised.

  • Hachi - You're Sonhadromerith? You look...smaller than I imagined.
  • Sonhadromerith - Shu'ytrogarva shattered me...when Macin Xermilin was killed...I lost my concentration for a was all it took him...
  • Hachi - Ouch... Sorry to hear, ball guy. But, w-we're here to save this place! And defeat Shu'head!
  • Sonhadromerith - His ultimate to devour my soul...but...he can't do it...
  • Kezoreg - What, can't fit it in his mouth or something?
  • Kalcedia - Trust me, I know how that feels.
  • Tau - Don't you Zazane ever shut up?
  • Sonhadromerith - Entropy and Dreams...don't mix...these hybrids you encountered are...experiments...he can't do it...for our essences destroy each other...if he tried...he'd die...
  • Sarec - So instead he imprisons you.
  • Hachi - So why is he still here? Doesn't he know his plan has failed?
  • Sonhadromerith - It hasn't...there is a way...which is must leave this place...
  • Hachi - We can't leave! We've come too far to go back, the Realm will die if we don't do something.
  • Sonhadromerith - No!...You'll devour me...he needs...he...needs...

Sonhadromerith's sphere form went pale and stopped shining.

  • Nu - Why does that always happen?
  • Zeta - What?
  • Nu - People dying before something important has to be said.
  • Koluap - No going back now. Follow the bones, follow the bones...

Sarec lowered his head in silence.

  • Hachi - Damn! Urgh, we can't go back, we can't! We can handle it, and we'll save the Realm! And we'll get Arsac back!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep eep!

Sarec suddenly jolted alert, his eyes wide.

  • Sarec - Crap Hachiman's right! No, we can't.
  • Eta - Screw Arsac.

Sarec appeared frightened as he spoke at a rapid pace. Dreamy Hachi walked up to the back of the room and delivered a punch to it, tearing the wall down. A path forward was visible.

  • Hachi - ...Damn I wonder how he does that.
  • Psi - You should know. Eh? Heheh.
  • Sarec - Geltastra converting Arsac, she didn't merely just gain a new lieutenant!
  • Mu - Man, when I get my hands on this Shu'ytrogarva, I'll rot his organs with him still alive and watching.

Kithworto took a deep breath as the arcs of lightning over his body stopped. His powers were almost back to normal. He then turned to Sarec.

  • Sarec - I'm going to reveal something highly confidential but it might be important.
  • Arkarixus - Hmm?
  • Sarec - Arsac was not merely the figurehead of the Inquisition. She was also a keeper of secrets. Stuff no one besides herself and potentially the inner circle would know.
  • Tharaqím - So Geltastra just got a way to discover all of their secrets.
  • Lemmo - So her joining the Corruptus means end to all these damn zealots. Well, that's a problem.
  • Sarec - An end to the zelots and possibly worse. I was only a mid-ranking inquisitor but the way she talks...I think she knows more about the Reliquary than msot of the order.
  • Arkarixus - ...The Xhodocto Eye.
  • Lemmo - Crap.
  • Sarec - If anyone knows how to get to the Reliquary, I'm guessing it would be her...Possibly also the Order's prisons.

Kithworto's eyes narrowed as the red glow returned to them.

  • Kithworto - Terastia. If that Eye falls into the wrong hands again, then the damage will be catastrophic at a minimum.
  • Koluap - We better hurry up in here then so we can get back to our universe!
  • Sarec - The Order...might not find out until it's too late she's gone rogue. Inquisitor armour contains recording and tracking information designed to send realtime feedback to mission command. Unfortunately this realm is out of range of the relays.
  • Koluap - More reasons to kill her!
  • Hachi - No, we can't! If we do, those secrets will be lost with her!
  • Lemmo - You have a liking for her, don't you?
  • Hachi - W-What are you i-implying?
  • Koluap - Yuck.
  • Sarec - Well he was one of the few people who actually cared she was becoming irredeemably insane.

Arkarixus and Tharaqím said nothing and left through the hole on the wall.

  • Hachi - ' We have to go before its too late... We can do this! We're close!

Father and SonEdit


The Realm at the other side of the temple was notably different. The team followed Sonhadromerith's skeleton, except they appeared to be in a huge bridge-like rocky formation surrounded by what looked like lava. The heat was beginning to become bothersome.

  • Hachi - I have sweat on my sweat!
  • Koluap - I like it!
  • Arkarixus - Grrr...
  • Sarec - The deeper we traverse, the more nightmarish this realm becomes.
  • Kezoreg - It's not so bad. Cosy, actually.

As they walked, they found something at a distance. It were pitch-black versions of UNOC, with the exception of Kalcedia. Dreamy Thr'aloy, Dreamy Dalverat, Dreamy Vailisa, Dreamy Darwishi, Dreamy Vaktyl, Dreamy Zelfron III and Dreamy Lupercal. However, there was one striking difference: they were all dead. Wraith Legion looked about the bodies, with Corteus raising an eyebrow at them.

  • Psi - Dead.
  • Eta - Well done. You can speak Galactic Basic well.

The skies were covered by what looked like stormy clouds. The bodies of teh Dreamy UNOC members slowly dissolved away, showing their deaths had been indeed genuine. Lupercal sighed.

  • Lupercal - Speaking of which, dreamy me looks good.
  • Kezoreg - Either this is really good news or we are in so much shit.
  • Arkarixus - Who would have killed them?
  • Tharaqím - Surviving Thoi'olerthae, perhaps?
  • Kithworto - I am feeling rather spry for a seventy-year old.
  • Hachi - Huh. Well, no fur of my back.

At this moment, a small shadow was visible scuttling around the terrain, taking cover behind a rock.

  • Tau - ...Meaning?
  • Kithworto - Ready for a considerably challenging fight.
  • Mu - Guys. I saw something.
  • Quinniath - What?
  • Tau - And we didn't see it? You call yourself an Agent III?
  • Mu - Instead of idle chat you could pay attention to whatever the hell that was.
  • Tau - Tamnatáun. [Shush.] Go find it then.
  • Kalcedia - We should be careful. Whatever killed them could still be around here.

Sarec stepped forward as his energies channelled up his body.

  • Koluap - Get that rock out of the way.

Kithworto raised the rock from the ground using his telekinesis, and threw it aside. The shade quickly moved to another rock. At this time, what looked like a pitch-black version of Tuolog appeared, channeling essence at the team's direction. Kezoreg clenched his Descension-fuelled fists and growled.

  • Kalcedia - Contact!
  • Kithworto - Get ready.

Sarec threw his hands aside to telekinetically throw the rocks away. Kithworto's right arm charged a gold aura, and his left arm a red one. Before it could do anything, however, the Dreamy Tuolog was attacked by the first shade, which ripped him apart.

  • Nu - Well that was quick.
  • Hachi - Huh?
  • Lemmo - I don't get it.

The shade looked at the team. It was a pitch-black version of Kezoreg.

  • Kezoreg - ...Damn that guy's fucking ugly.
  • Sarec smirked - No kidding.
  • Lemmo - God, what? TWO of these damn things?
  • Kalcedia - We shouldn't give it a chance to attack. Let's dispatch of it now.
  • Hachi - ...Why was it attacking the others?
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - Destroy! Destroy! Everything! Destroy!
  • Kroogvont - Wow this apparition is really profound!
  • Corteus - You were expecting more?
  • Kroogvont - Well...the others had more to day didn't they...

Kithworto's essences surged further. Dreamy Kezoreg leaped into the team's direction.

  • Kithworto - Maintain an offensive. This will be challenging.

Kezoreg threw himself forward and clenched his fists, aiming to punch Dreamy Kezoreg square in the jaw. Dreamy Kezoreg punched faster and hit Kezoreg, sending him flying through the landscape. Nu fired his cannon at Dreamy Kezoreg.

  • Nu - Can't kill the real version. Suppose this will suffice.

Dreamy Kezoreg was hit and blown back slighty, but suffered no visual damage. Corteus grunted and fored his hand into a plasma cannon, firing at Dreamy Kezoreg while Sarec threw arcs of electricity. Hachi drew his sword and charged forward, enfusing his sword with Dream Energy as he ran, and Zeta fired the energy lances at Dreamy Kezoreg's chest.

Hit by the attacks, Dreamy Kezoreg roared and jumped out of the way. Despite all the punishment, he barely appeared to be hurt.

  • Kroogvont - Just blast the little sod and hope he falls over.

Lemmo started firing aimlessly, a visage of fury upon his face: all he wanted was to make the life of that living nightmare... a living nightmare. Tau dodged Lemmo's shots.

  • Tau - Since when were you a marksman?!
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - Cleanse! Kill! Destroy! Mortals!
  • Kroogvont - Wow this apparition's a bloody genius!

Sarec threw a series of infused pressure waves at Dreamy Kezoreg, who was hit and stumbled. Koluap ran up to him and hit him with his Xhodocto Axe, which caused him to let out an ear-shrieking screech and punch him across the landscape as well.

  • Kalcedia - Agh! L-Little shit!
  • Hachi - Ow! My ears!
  • Quinniath - Damn little kid...
  • Corteus - That hurt and I had my sonic dampeners working.
  • Mu - How's that thing so tough? We've shot enough to kill Nu thrice over by now.
  • Nu - That's just insulting.
  • Kezoreg - It's a shadow version of me, of course it's going to be tough!

Sarec teleported in front of Dreamy Kezoreg and thrusted a fist into his torso. Quinniath and Lupercal joined Lemmo and started firing at Dreamy Kezoreg as well. Dreamy Kezoreg was blown back and fell into the lava river. However, he immediately jumped out of it, bursting into flames, and clawed Sarec's face. Sarec roared with a ray of light blasting out of his mouth as Dreamy Kezoreg jumped for him

  • Dreamy Kezoreg - Nar. Mortal.
  • Sarec - This apparition, I think it's Kezoreg embracing his infernal heritage.
  • Koluap - The kid's pretty infernal for sure.

Nu dematerialized his cannon and flexed his arms.

  • Nu - Never used this weapon before. Must be fun.
  • Koluap - Eh?

Nu's chest light began to charge up a white light, and then an ear piercing hum.

  • Kroogvont - Can you Kicath build anything that doesn't have an operating volume above one hundred decibels?
  • Kezoreg - I'll kill it!
  • Zeta - We have vehicles. Ultra quiet. Weapons? Well no.

Kezoreg ran forward towards Dreamy Kezoreg again, clenching his fists with infernal energies. Nu fired the chest cannon. A bright white flash followed by a beam. Dreamy Kezoreg was hit and blown back across the landscape, falling on his feet. A luminous crack appeared on his torso.

  • Lemmo - Yes! Die, dammit!
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - 'Kicath. Mortal.

Lemmo aimed at Dreamy Kezoreg's chest and shot at it several times. Sarec teleported up to Dreamy Kezoreg and thrusted his fist into the crack. Kalcedia prepared her rifle once more, aiming down her sights to get a good sight. Hitting the crack caused it to grow in size. The essence-users of the team could feel an immense power coming out of it.

  • Hachi - ...Guys, don't hit it!
  • Kezoreg - We should hit it more!
  • Sarec - There's a lot of energy billowing out of this seam.

Kithworto's face began to cringe.

  • Kithworto - I feared that this would happen.
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - Xi'Arazulha. Mortal.
  • Corteus - Someone shut this kid u--oh crap!

Dreamy Kezoreg unleashed a large energy beam from his fists at Kithworto's direction. The beams hit Kithworto in the chest, blasting him a fair distance before he began to resist it.

  • Kezoreg - ...What's going on?
  • Koluap - I got it!

Koluap ran up Dreamy Kezoreg while he was firing the beam and attacked him more with his Xhodocto Axe. However, each blow caused the crack to grow more. Kithworto stood back up, with his armour cracked.

  • Lemmo - Wait, wait... that might be a problem...
  • Kithworto - For the love of...stop hitting him!
  • Koluap - Eh? Keep hitting him? Gotcha!
  • Corteus - DON'T keep hitting him!

Koluap hit Dreamy Kezoreg one more time. This time, the axe became embbed to his body.

  • Koluap - Shit. Gimme that back, you!
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - You don't belong here.
  • Kithworto - Damn.
  • Hachi - Kithworto...why do you look afraid?

Dreamy Kezoreg punched Koluap around the face, causing him to be launched away, unconscious. His entire body was not filled with cracks. he slowly walked up to the group.

  • Kroogvont - Did that brat just go demon mode or something?
  • Kithworto - Worse.
  • Kroogvont - ...He's a demon king now?
  • Kithworto - Still worse.
  • Kezoreg - What are you implying?

Dreamy Kezoreg suddenly stopped walking. He fell on his knees and let out a loud groan. Kithworto stood back up.

  • Kroogvont - He's the king of demon kings?
  • Corteus - Stop guessing.
  • Kroogvont - I dunno what the hell he is do I?
  • Dreamy Kezoreg - ...Absolution.
  • Kithworto - Well, remember Sarec said he was embracing his --- Yeah. That.

The kroogvont turned around and looked at Dreamy Kezoreg, letting out a silent "ohh!"

  • Kezoreg - ...Please tell me you're kidding!
  • Hachi - Abso-what now?

Kithworto walked forward, walking in front of Hachi.

  • Kithworto - Just be ready.


Beams of light came out of the cracks, and Dreamy Kezoreg exploded, creating a vortex of darkness in the battlefield. large luminescent arms began emerged from the floor.

  • Lemmo - Crap.
  • Arkarixus - What is that?!
  • Tharaqím - Whatever it is, brace yourselves.

Sarec levitated himself in the air and stared at the vortex, channeling energy into his arms. Lemmo aimed at the vortex.

  • Lemmo - Sarec... can you please return my ring to me?
  • Kroogvont - So Absolution is...whatever the fuck is going on there.
  • Kithworto - It might not be of much use fighting this nemesis.

A head emerged from the vortex and glared at Sarec. He was the first to see it: it was a luminescent version of Angazhar's Tandava form. Sarec's eyes widerned as he looked at the massive head. Pumping energy into his arms, Sarec threw two massive pressure waves at the head. The waves hit the monster's head, but it only kept making its way out of the soil, until the entire team could see it. Hachi screamed and ran to the back of the group while Kezoreg was left in a mixture of awe and shock, his eyes wide and shaking.

  • Nu - Siná'in. Dunno what's worse. Angry Kithworto or this.
  • Corteus - Drakon's arse that thing is ugly!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - You insist. You were already warned. Your insistence is irrelevant.
  • Kroogvont - Koluap remind me to smack you in the head when this is over.

Dreamy Angazhar still had Koluap's Axe embbed to his back. He let out a loud growl and it fell on the floor.

  • Dreamy Angazhar - You fight eternity. You cannot win.
  • Lemmo - ...NO. NO!
  • Quinniath - Deathmarch?

Sarec channeled mroe energy and threw more presssure waves. Desperate, he followed by summoning a lightning storm above Dreamy Angazhar. Lemmo started firing at the demonic apparition madly. Lupercal leaped forward, slashing Dreamy Angazhar with his blades, while Quinniath fired at him from afar. Corteus aimed his plasma cannon and fired a bolt intended to hit Dreamy Angazhar in one of his eyes. Arkarixus and Tharaqím helped with their essences, while Mu fired frantically at Dreamy Angazhar. The apparition endured the attacks, aiming a finger at the team. A blast of mixed Dream and Entropic energy was launched at their direction.

Widening his eyes the Kroogvont dived out of the way, catching some energy on his back and wounding him, causing him to fall flat on his face. Hachi cowered and squeaked, throwing himself to the ground to cover himself. Kezoreg merely watched, falling to his knees. One of Kithworto's arms morphed into the Omega State, whilst the other morphed into the polar opposite. In a shaking flurry, he fired two massive waves of essence. Kithworto's blasts hit Dreamy Angazhar, causing him to stumble. He then stared at Kezoreg's direction.

  • Dreamy Angazhar - Blood of my blood.
  • Kroogvont - Aargh fuck my back! I feel like a burning Wranploer just sat on it!

Corteus hit the grount and coughed as his augmentations were damaged. Sarec had teleported out of the way and continued hovering around Angazhar's head, throwing more pressure waves. Sarec could see the region where Koluap's Axe was previously embbed too had an open wound. Sarec flew dow nand picked up the axe in his hand as he made a passing swoop. While Dreamy Angazhar was distracted he used it to hack into the back of Angazhar's head.

Dreamy Angazhar let out a mosntrous pained roar, and immediately turned to attack Sarec with his essence blasts. Sarec flew to dodge the attacks, yanking the axe out and flying in to hit him again.

  • Kezoreg - Urgh...W-Why this of a-all things?!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Mortal. Know your place.
  • Sarec - My place is as an orchestrator of the Grand Plan. This incident threatens it.
  • Lemmo - No, you!

Lemmo fired at Dreamy Angazhar repeatedly. Dreamy Angazhar turned back to Kezoreg and approached his fist to grab him.

  • Tharaqím - Get out of there, boy!

Corteus got up and sprinted to grab Kazoreg before Dreamy Angazhar could grab him. Dreamy Angazhar clenched his fist and barely missed Corteus, cracking the ground where they were standing previously.

  • Kezoreg - Urgh! W-What are you doing...?! I-I'll kill it!
  • Corteus - If I didn't you would have been ash three seconds ago.
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Abomination. Your existence is an offense.

Sarec kept flying, channeling his energies to enhance the axe before swinging it down onto Angazhar's crest. Kithworto fired a blast of Life Energy at Dreamy Angazhar.

  • Corteus - Okay these things are starting to piss me off.

Dreamy Angazhar roared in pain, a large wound appearing on his crest. He swung his fist and delivered a blow to Sarec, his fist being large enough to hit his entire body. Sarec was hit by the fist and sent far away ,dropping the axe in the process.

  • Corteus - Kid. There's a time for fragging things, but right now you're a liiitle bit of a liability.
  • Kezoreg - Urgh...if only Kithworto taught me how to use...those energies.
  • Kithworto - There's a reason.
  • Tharaqím - Someone else attack him with the Axe. It's weakening him.
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Architecture.

As Corteus ran with Kezoreg under his arm, he comverted his hand into a plasma cannon and fired at the open wounds. Dreamy Angazhar growled as the wounds were hit, his form deforming temporarely with each hit. Quinniath continued his attack and clawed Dreamy Angazhar repeatedly.

  • Kroogvont - Fuck. Shit. Dam. Sod. Crap. Fuck.
  • Mu - Hell, now you're talking like Psi.
  • Psi - Aw shut up and do something, kid!
  • Mu - I can't shoot any harder than I already am!

The kroogvont stood up as best he coudl and reached for his grenade launcher. He jerked as his morphis colony adminsitered repair nanomachines and he held the grenade launcher in one hand, firing antimatter grenades at the wounds. Dreamy Angazhar was blown back by the attacks, staggering. Kezoreg growled aggressively and tensed all the muscles across his body. Spreading his limbs and wings, he broke out of Corteus' grip while his eyes flared with a peculiar energy. Corteus stumbled and fell on his side as Kezoreg unexpectedly broke out.

  • Dreamy Angazhar - All in your possession is ours. You belong to us.
  • Kroogvont - This antimatter grenade belongs up your arsehole mate!
  • Kezoreg - I said... I'll kill it! I'LL KILL IT!
  • Corteus - Wait kid! Ahh crap.

Corteus stumbled up and tried to shield Kezoreg with his body. Kezoreg ran forward, his wings spread as his speed increased with each step. His fists clenched tightly, Kezoreg's eyes darkened to almost night in colour. They were becoming pitch black. Dreamy Angazhar attempted to stomp on him, missing only barely. The Kroogvont loaded another antimatter grenade and attempted to fire at the open wound on Dreamy Angazhar's crest.

As Kezoreg managed to get behind Dreamy Angazhar, he launched himself upwards and began running up the backside of Dreamy Angazhar's leg at an astounding pace. Dreamy Angazhar shook his leg and growled fiercely in an attempt to get kezoreg off. However, the Kroogvont's grenade caused him to stagger again. As Kezoreg ran, Kithworto could see the Xhodocto Axe gripped tightly in his hand. It began flaring with more energy than what had been seen before, with Kezoreg also giving off more energy than what people usually saw.

  • Kroogvont - Up yours you infernal sod!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Mistake.
  • Lemmo - Hah.

Lemmo chuckled. Sarec had materialised back at the battlefield to see Kezoreg running up Angazhar's back, the enrgies almsot scaring him. Kezoreg launched himself upwards once more, releasing a destructive energy with every step. Kezoreg's body began to deform and contort with every second his hands touched the Axe, his crest slowly growing to resemble that of Dreamy Angazhar. Dreamy Angazhar turned his head and glared at Kezoreg, with immense hatred coming of his eyes.

  • Kezoreg - Let us see how real you are when you are expelled to non-existence!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Son of mortals. Abomination.
  • Sarec - Angazhar!

Sarec levitated nearby and threw his arms out. One of Dreamy Angazhar's eyes turned to Sarec.

  • Sarec - Want the abomination, feel free to do it through me!
  • Lemmo - Are you crazy? Just let the brat die!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Irrelevant.

Dreamy Angazhar pointed at Sarec and launched an hybrid blast at him. Sarec teleporteed out of the way, when he treurned gathered a bolt of electricity and threw it at Angazhar's crest-wound. Kezoreg's body flew towards Dreamy Angazhar's face with the Axe burning in his hands, more and more energy being released. With a terrifying roar that disorientated the team's senses, Kezoreg delivered a blow towards Dreamy Angazhar.

Dreamy Angazhar let out a deafening roar as he was hit by the Axe. He was launched against the ground and fell, causing a large thud and dust to be launched upwards. Kezoreg drove himself downwards with the Axe held above his head, descending downwards to initiate a powerful strike to the wound upon Angazhar's crest. The Kroogvont helped Corteus up and thrusted his fist into the wair with an enthusiastic cheer As the Axe hit the chest, a powerful explosion destroyed Dreamy Angazhar's chest and launched both Kez and the Axe away. A vortex formed again, and Dreamy Angazhar began to be consumed by it.

  • Kroogvont - That's right bitch! Mortals one. WHatever-the-fuck-you-are's zero!
  • Dreamy Angazhar - Learn that your victory is irrelevant. You have won only for we have allowed it.

The vortex slowly dimished in size until it disappeared, Dreamy Angazhar being erased from the Realm along with it. Kithworto walked up to where Dreamy Angazhar was defeated.

  • Kithworto - Even when he is an apparition, Angazhar continues to haunt our existence.
  • Mu - Okay, I'm not a fan of the kid but that was pretty cool.
  • Lemmo - Sorta, yes.
  • Kithworto - You wouldn't be saying that if you faced the real Angazhar. Be glad it was just an illusion.

Sarec levitated downwards and walked towards Kezoreg, emitting a pacifying aura with the intent to calm Kezoreg down. Kezoreg's body had created a crater where he had made impact and landed, although he was not calm nor happy. His body burned, his appearance twisted and bizarre.

  • Sarec - Kezoreg...?

Koluap reappeared and quickly ran to the aid...of his axe. He took it and began cleaning it.

  • Koluap - No one but me gets to touch it!
  • Sarec - I don't mind, the thing felt foul anyway.

Kezoreg's crest appeared more akin to a Xhodocto and spike-like protrusions grew across his body, erupting from his flesh while his skin steamed with immense heat.

  • Kezoreg - ...Damn axe!
  • Kroogvont - I've participated in 103 missions now, What I just saw eaily ranks this in my top fifteen most awesome.

In the distance, a shadowed form could be seen. From there, it seemed colossal in appearance. It was the entity that the team encountered before. The essence users could feel an immense weakness within themselves as they laid eyes upon it.

  • Mu - Oh fuck anything but THAT.
  • Quinniath - ...dammit... dammit...

Laying eyes with it caused Dreamy Hachi to burst into tears. Hachi squeaked anc hugged Dreamy Hachi closely, crying himself. Sarec turned to the shadow and he braced himself as he began ot feel drained. Kithworto felt faint from eye contact. The Entity remained still, until it walked out of view and disappeared.

  • Tharaqím - ...It's gone?
  • Mu - Oh thank Dal'nuyr.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg...Do you realise what your father tried to protect you from?

Kezoreg's body spasmed and twitched before the protrusions returned inside his skin and his crest began shaping itself back to its normal appearance, his eyes returning to their usual bloody red. He panted heavily.

  • Nu - Ech.
  • Mimi - <At least there won't be anymore of these "dreamy" monsters. We have encountered one for each of the team now.>
  • Hachi - Not mine!
  • Kroogvont - Kid that's because your Dreamy couterpart's right here.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep?

Sarec walked up to Kezoreg.

  • Sarec - Kezoreg...Tyraz lived forever worried you would grow up to become a monster like that. He worries you will face the same kind of insanity he did.
  • Kezoreg - ...Get out of my face. If I'm not getting thanks, I don't want your preachy shit either.
  • Sarec - Kezoreg you don't understand! Your father loves you, and being a considerate parent he cares about what you will grow up to be.
  • Mimi - <Well, I'm grateful!>
  • Kithworto - I see little to be grateful about. This is a learning curve if anything.

Sarec pointed to where Dreamy Angazhar collapsed.

  • Sarec - The last thing he thing he FEARS is you become that. I'm not scowling you, I'm worried for you just as he is.
  • Kezoreg - What would you know about fatherly love, Inquisitor? Aren't most of you orphans? You wouldn't know, get out of my way. I have a headache.

Kezoreg sat up and growled, rubbing his head before walking back to the group, grunting as his body ached across its entirety.

  • Sarec - The clerics where I grew up cared...
  • Lemmo - Don't waste your time on him, Sarec. The brat will never understand... not even for his own good.
  • Sarec - That's why I worry.
  • Arkarixus - We must proceed. We are close to Shu'ytrogarva now.

Kithworto seemed to be rather relieved at this experience.

  • Kezoreg - Hmph. It takes monsters to teach monsters. Tyraz is no monster, no matter how much he thinks he is. Nor are you. Come on, we'd better go.

Sarec gave a heavy sigh and lowered his head.

  • Kithworto - At last, some vigour. Proceed forward.
  • Sarec - That's the kind of isolation that made us lose Arsac...

My Worst NightmareEdit

Colossal TitanEdit

The heat intensified more and more as the team progressed through the path on the lava. At a distance, Sonhadromerith's throne was visible among the stormy clouds that covered the Ream's sky. The team could feel as if they were being watched by something very, very pwoerful.

  • Darwishi - Man, if I weren't the only one with wings, we could fly up there!
  • Kalcedia - Ahem.
  • Kezoreg - Ahem.
  • Zeta - Jetpacks.
  • Quinniath - Exactly.
  • Sarec - Urgh.
  • Nu - Heh. I love using jetpacks.

Lupercal simply nodded.

  • Hachi - Sonhadromerith must have a big ass.
  • Mimi - <Judging by the distance I believe we're...a few light-years away.>
  • Hachi - Oh good. WHAT?!
  • Sarec - Light...years.
  • Kroogvont - So basically Carmatego was so big you could fit solar systems in his arse-crack?
  • Mimi - <My Father is as big as a galaxy!>
  • Corteus - That's what sprang to mine!
  • Dalverat - There's obviously a faster way to get there...

Dalverat pondered.

  • Kithworto - I could throw you all up there.
  • Tau - Hah.
  • Kroogvont - There'd better be because I aint walking several light years.
  • Lemmo - Now where did I leave my ship...
  • Mimi - <There is, which is staying inside my bubble.>
  • Hachi - Umm...B-Bubble?
  • Mimi - <You wouldn't understand all the laws of this place. By being with me, we can progress long distances with what may look like a few steps.>
  • Corteus - So...this bubble's like a warp field?
  • Koluap - So...ETA?
  • Mimi - <An hour or so in your time.>
  • Hachi - Never been asked to stay inside a girl's bubble before.
  • Kezoreg - You are just fucking on one today, you shit!
  • Tuolog - That no worry. I can speed up time.
  • Kithworto - Time does not pass in this realm. Nor does it in any other essence plane. Learnt that the hard way.
  • Tuolog - No, not in realm. But we still percieve time. I able to speed up people's perceptions of time...if necessary, of course.
  • Dalverat - You'd better not. That makes people sick sometimes. It's practically like they're watching a movie with it set to fast forward.

At this moment, a powerful stomp was heard ahead of the team, which send them all into the air.

  • Vaktyl - The hell was that?!
  • Tharaqím - Something's ahead...something big.
  • Nu - Siná'in, are we on Macronormus again? Cause if we are.

Kalcedia and Hachi giggled immaturely at Tharaqím's comment, trying to stay quiet but obviously failing. Sarec hovered in the air and looked forward. He was able to work out the direction of the shockwave's epicentre and looked towards it. More stomps were felt, causing the entire platform they were in to tremble. A monstrous roar was heard, and Dreamy Hachi immediately screamed in terror.

  • Vaktyl - Shit!
  • Hachi - Huh?! W-What's up with the l-little guy?
  • Arkarixus - This can't be a good sign...
  • Lupercal - Must be something really bad.
  • Zelfron III - My blade is sharpened, and ready for battle.
  • Kalcedia - Your blade is always sharpened, Zelfron.
  • Zelfron III - ...
  • Corteus - If I say now i'll probably jinx it.

Lupercal slammed Kalcedia.

  • Lupercal - Concentrate on the mission, dammit!
  • Tuolog - I prepared to shield us if necessary.

A figure appeared in the horizon. It appeared shadowy, almost as if it was made of fog. It had a Zazane-like shape, with flaring red eyes, and tentacles sprouting all over its body. It was a shape the team could recognize. Lupercal, Quinniath and Lemmo prepared their weaponry.

  • Sarec - Crap not him again.
  • Lemmo - Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit...

The Agents concentrated their rifles on the giant Zazane shape. Hachi looked up and his jaw dropped. Kalcedia, after recovering from her small laughing fit, looked towards the anonymous Zazane-like shape in the distance. She prepared her rifle and took aim, growling as she did. As it became more visible, it was clear: it was a shadowy, mutated version of Kol Daren, at what looked like 60 meters of height. Vaktyl got out his heavy weapons. Vailisa jumped out in front, almost bursting Mimi's bubble, and beat his chest.

  • Vailisa - THE FIST WANT SMASH YOU!!!
  • Kroogvont - What the fuck happened to pinkie!
  • Hachi - That's...t-that's i-impossible...
  • Kalcedia - It's titanic.

Kithworto's arms swarmed in golden and red essence as he looked up at the figure.

  • Kithworto - I've been wanting to do this for a while.
  • Lemmo - Crap...
  • Quinniath - Afraid, aren't you?
  • Kezoreg - Kill it with bug bites!
  • Nightmare - Your fears...your phobias...I embody each and every one of them. You're mine, and you'll die!

Corteus and the Kroogvont primed their weapons and fired towards the colossal shadow Koluap, Tharaqím and Arkarixus all fired at the nightmare frantically, none of their shots doing any damage. Kithworto reached his arms forward, with continuous bolts of essence firing at the Nightmare. Hachi fell to his knees, not even bothering to draw his blade. Kezoreg launched blasts of Descension while Kalcedia fired anti-matter rounds in the titan's direction with a sense of fear and desperation.

Vaktyl blasted his chaingun at the nightmare, with each shot able to instantly kill almost anything...but this nightmare felt nothing. Sarec charged electricity down his arms and sent tow massive blasts towards the titan. None of the team's attacks hurt the nightmare. it lifted one foot and then stomped the ground, launching a huge blast of entropic energy at their direction.

  • Nightmare - You will die, like the little, useless snot you are.

Sarec threw his arms up, bringing almost everyone to levitate off the ground to avoid the shockwave. Lemmo and Quinniath were thrown against a rock, while Lupercal remained unmoved, surrounded by a shield of light. The essence fuelled Nu's body, with a black bolt arcing over his back.

  • Lupercal - In times of great turmoil, there is still serenity. In times of great chaos, there is still order. In times of great despair, there is still faith.
  • Lemmo - How did you-
  • Lupercal - Meditation. Unflinching faith. Fanatical devotion. And psychic implants. Mostly the latter.

Vailisa tried to jump towards the nightmare, unable to leave the bubble, however. Trying to leave the bubble caused Vailisa's body to burn intensily from the Realm's entropy.

  • Kalcedia - Get back in the bubble you idiot!
  • Vailisa - The Fist feel pain...PAIN FUEL THE FIST'S RAGE!!!!!!!
  • Lupercal - Don't, Fist. Don't sacrifice yourself in vain.

Vailisa crawled back inside, and when he was in, fell to the floor, in huge pain, but still raging. Dreamy Hachi began to panic, shivering and screaming at the nightmare's direction. Hachi cowered near Dreamy Hachi, wrapping his arms around him to try and comfort him. Nu returned the bolt of energy in a black swarm. Nu's bolt was absorbed by the nightmare. More tentacles erupted out of its body, covering the path it was walking on.

  • Nu - Hacks.
  • Zeta - Well this isn't working. What do we do?
  • Kezoreg - If we die, I just wanted you all to know that I hate every one of you! Except Kithworto.
  • Koluap - Oh shut your trap.
  • Sarec - No pressure then.
  • Lemmo - The feeling is mutual.

Lemmo punted Kezoreg.

  • Thr'aloy - Well said, Lupercal. OWNED MOTHAFUKA
  • Dalverat - Silence.
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep...eep...Daren...evil...bad!
  • Tharaqím - ...Did the mini-Rianth just talk?
  • Hachi - Huh? I-I didn't... he spoke, he a-actually spoke.
  • Sarec - It knows Kol Daren.
  • Kalcedia - Unless he comes out with something useful to defeating this thing then it doesn't change a thing!

Dreamy Hachi screamed and grabbed Hachi, his body shining intensily. In a large blast of light, Dreamy Hachi merged itself with Hachi.

  • Hachi - EEP!

Calming the AngelEdit

What looked like a thunder blast hit the team, knocking them away from Hachi. The area was engulfed with a white, dream-like fog. The nightmare stopped walking and stared at the fog with narrowed eyes. Quinniath smiled.

  • Quinniath - White! White is good!

The fog slowly settled, and where Hachi was standing, now stood a different entity: it was Hachi's Angel Form, at 15 meters of height, radiating an aura of radiance at the team.

  • Quinniath - Told you.
  • Sarec - Brilliant work Hachi!
  • Koluap - W-w-w-what the fuck?!
  • Kezoreg - The light! It buuuuurns!
  • Vailisa - The Fist...impressed!
  • Kalcedia - What the...that's massive!
  • Lupercal - You are perceptive as always, Kalcedia.

Lupercal laughed sarcastically. However, Angel Hachi His face was deformed, his teeth had become fangs, and eyes were blank. His muscles were also far more apparent. The nightmare looked at him and let out a loud roar.

  • Quinniath - ...Or maybe white isn't good.

Angel Hachi stood from his crouched position and stood to his full height of 15m. Leaning its head back, it allowed its jaws to seperate and unleashed a bellowing roar in return to the nightmare's taunt. However, instead of aiming to attack the nightmare, its body turned and swung a fist in the group's direction.

  • Koluap - Shit!
  • Vailisa - What?! YOU WANT FIGHT THE FIST?!?!

Vailisa stood up and threw a punch at Angel Hachi, out of spite. Koluap flew out of the way, and Arkarixus and Tharaqím ran off. Angel Hachi took the punch but did not seem affected by it; instead, he used a hand to grab ahold of Vailisa and threw him away from itself, roaring and snarling throughout. Its muscles twitched and writhed unsettlingly, before engaging in a run towards the group.

  • Mu - Idiot, you're supposed to kill the giant Zazane monster, not us!

Dalverat caught Vailisa in mid air with his lasso, and put him down on the floor. Sarec trew out his arms and assumed his Nar form in front of Angel Hachi.

  • Sarec - HACHIMAN!
  • Psi - So this is what 16 years of sexual frustration does? Damn. Human psychology is a bitch.
  • Lemmo - Humans are weird.

Lemmo covered his mouth.

  • Lemmo - Not that I have any problems with humans, of course. Variety is the spice of life. In fact, some of my best friends are humans.
  • Eta - Ew.
  • Thr'aloy - Who cares. deyz propa tasty

Angel Hachi stomped in Sarec's direction, unleashing a kick as he became close enough to the Draconis whose Nar form did not intimidate nor affect the beast's rationality and destructive thoughts. Sarec phased out and let the kick pass thrrew him. Sarec clenched his fist and retaliated by punching back.

  • Koluap - What happened to the kid?
  • Arkarixus - ...He is not experienced enough to control his powers. Now I see it. The "dreamy" Hachi was a representation of his own powers.
  • Tuolog - Anything I can do to help?
  • Arkarixus - We have to get him back on his senses before he destroy us himself!

Kalcedia fired rounds at Angel Hachi's direction, yet before they could even strike they were obliterated by the Dream Energy that radiated from each of his cells upon his body. They were incinerated, his footsteps charring the ground. Tuolog began floating in his meditative stance, and began chanting ancient Ioketa tunes, the same which had once calmed Arkarixus during the Second Borealis Galactic War, as he was about to attack the Mechanic.

Angel Hachi crouched and used and arm to sweep the ground, upturning the earth beneath their feet and sending out powerful waves of wind that felt of knives and blades that blew back the group. He then lifted his arms and slammed down, creating a crater on impact directed at Sarec. Meanwhile, the nightmare let out a loud laugher.

  • Nightmare - Is this the one chosen to fight and kill me? Laughable.
  • Nu - Kithworto dammit, do something!

Kithworto shrugged his shoulders.

  • Kithworto - Like what? Dreamworlds are different.
  • Lemmo - What the- You're a goddamn GOD! Why can't you just wish him out of existence?
  • Kithworto - I'm not a Xhodocto.

Sarec unleashed a pressure wave to block Angel Hachi's fists.

  • Sarec - HACHIMAN! THis is not you. You should not be fighting!

Tuolog's chanting grew louder, and he began to emmit more powerful energy towards Hachi, in the efforts to calm him. Arkarixus ran up and jumped on Angel Hachi's arm.

  • Arkarixus - Hachi, it's us! Your allies! Calm down!
  • Lemmo - Yeah! Look, I know a really cute human girl from Helia. She likes men like you! You two could meet, if only...

Angel Hachi's attention turned from Sarec to Tuolog and proceeded to run towards him, turning up the burning ground beneath his feet. He ignored Arkarixus for the most part; he was aiming for Tuolog.

  • Sarec - Hachiman focus! I know you're in there! Fight whatever is doing this!
  • Arkarixus - We're your friends! Your allies! Take control of this energy for us!
  • Koluap - Eh, fuck it.

Koluap flew up to Dreamy Hachi and tried to hit him with his Xhodocto Axe. However, as it did, he was immediately blasted away by a Dream Energy pulse. Tuolog was then followed by floating spirits, who joined in the chants, and played several Ioketa tribal instruments, emitting more intense energy. As Angel Hachi became close, his running stopped. He stood in front of Tuolog for several moments before dropping to all-fours and roaring in Tuolog's face. Tuolog acted as if he had not felt a thing, only continuing to play. Sarec flew close and hovered near to Hachi's ear, he leaned close.

  • Sarec -'s me...Sarec. Do you really want to hurt me?
  • Quinniath - Hachiman! You share more in common with us than with... with... it! We're your battle brothers! Fellow warriors!

Angel Hachi's fists clenched and he raised his arms above his head, before stopping. His muscles twitched still, but he didn't slam down as was expected of him; his facial expression was of confusion, his eyes darting from place to place randomly. And Tuolog made no reaction, only continuing to play.

  • Sarec - Hachi you don't want to do this. This isn't you.
  • Lemmo - Yeah! I think her name was... Kadana or Khrisa! One of my Solarite friends told me about her, and he said she's a real hottie! I could tell you where she lives!
  • Sarec - You can master this Hachiman! I know you can.
  • Arkarixus - Fight, Hachi. Take control of it.

Instead of snarls and growls, Angel Hachi made sounds more akin to whimpers and whines. As the group spoke out towards him, the sounds he made became louder until his mouth opened and unleashed another roar. His fists slammed downwards towards Tuolog before his arms ceased and became still, his hands just above Tuolog's head.

  • Koluap - Shitshitshit.
  • Dalverat - Tuolog, get out of there!

Despite Dalverat's warning, Tuolog appeared to...stay there. Just floating there, hovering slightly above the ground, staying fully concentrated.

  • Sarec - You're there aren't you Hachiman?

Angel Hachi stood slowly, stumbling slightly but requiring no assistance. He stood still for several moments, his head drooped downwards as if he was feeling shame or guilt. He didn't attack the team, but he wasn't looking towards the nightmare. Arkarixus jumped to Angel Hachi's shoulder and stood close to his face.

  • Arkarixus - Take control...
  • Lemmo - Yeah. Remember: CHICKS DON'T DIG GIANT MONSTERS.
  • Kalcedia - I beg to differ.
  • Sarec - Do it for us Hachi.
  • Lupercal - For all of us. A mind alone has no purpose, no direction. Only together we can become something greater.

Duel with DestinyEdit

Slowly, Angel Hachi turned towards the nightmare that stood before them. In a sudden moment of rush and excitement, his arms outstretched and he leaned his head back, his eyes directed towards those of the titan that towered over him. He roared once more, the ground shaking violently as he did while the twitching in his muscles ceased.

  • Nightmare - You challenge me, whelp? So be it. Come, and meet oblivion.

Essence vapour leaked from Angel Hachi's whole body as he proceeded to run, his anger now possessing direction. He had a goal, he had something set within his mind. Tuolog had gradually stopped playing his tune, and was now monitoring Angel Hachi's body and the energy surrounding it. Arkarixus smiled and jumped out of Angel Hachi's back, next to the team.

  • Arkarixus - New plan. Protect him at all costs.
  • Dalverat - You heard Arkarixus. UNOC, move out and aid the giant rabbit!

Sarec hovered near to Angel Hachi. Drifting im neditation to act as silent support. Corteus and the Kroogvont moved to flank Hachi as he charged for the titan. Angel Hachi challenged the nightmare with roars and snarls, running faster and faster with every step. He was becoming so fast that his aura became like a light strip, a tail similar to those of comets.

  • Corteus - Damn this guy's gotten fast.

Koluap flew a safe distance away from angel Hachi, while Arkarixus and Tharaqím both ran as well. The nightmare lifted a fist and then came down crashing it at Angel Hachi's direction. Angel Hachi launched himself upwards towards the fist and threw a punch of his own towards it, fuelled by extreme amounts of Dream Energy that coursed through every vein and tendon of his being. Where he jumped, there was a crater left in his wake.

  • Lemmo - Yeah! Punch 'im! For chicks!

The fists made contact, Angel Hachi's colliding with the massive one of the nightmarish titan. There was a brief struggle before conclusion; Angel Hachi's arm was obliterated and the fist overwhelmed the gigantic Rianth, crushing him beneath it and flattening him into a crater.

  • Koluap - Shit.
  • Mu - I swear, whoever came up with these demons needs to die in a fire!
  • Nightmare - You have no chance, for you are a mere whelp, trying to face off a god.
  • Lupercal - There is but one god. You are not it.

Sarec teleported in front of Hachi and summoned a barrier between the two and the Titan before sending it rushing forwards. The group could see as Angel Hachi was now on his back, struggling to uphold the demonic giant's fist with a single arm before his light was extinguished and the group could no longer see him; he was crushed, there only hope flattened into little more than pulp. Tuolog infused his own powers with Hachi, while stabilizing him.

  • Vailisa - ...THE FIST ANGRY!!!!!!
  • Arkarixus - Come on, kid. Fight!
  • Koluap - Hell, even I'm rooting for you now!

The nightmare's eyes narrowed as he noticed Hachi was still enduring him. Vailisa tried to lift up the nightmare's arm. Beneath the knuckles of the titanic fist, Angel Hachi was pressurized into the earth, overwhelmed by Entropic energy as he bled white energy from all limbs and muscles. He whimpered and whined quietly, unable to lift the fist that crashed down on him. He was awaiting the end of his final moments, gasping for breath. Vailisa tried to lift harder. Darwishi then flew over to the arm, and lassoed it, also trying to pull it upwards. Koluap flew over to the crater and began pushing Hachi upwards. Tharaqím, Arkarixus and Mu did the same. Lupercal used his psychic powers to help Hachi get up.

  • Sarec - Lift Hachi. You can do this!
  • Lupercal - Pain is an illusion. Remember this.
  • Eta - How is pain an illusion? It's an electrochemical response to a stimulus. That ain't no illusion.
  • Mu - Shut your traps, get over here and help lift the rabbit!

Sarec moved his hand to donate his energies to Hachiman. As the team provided support for lifting the fist, Angel Hachi made use of the opportunity; he crawled out, away from the nightmare. He could not even stand, flailing his limbs before crashing to the ground once more. The fist came down crushing the floor, sending everyone around it flying into the air. Tuolog flew over to Hachi's fallen body, and began to start healing him.

  • Nightmare - Pathetic. Weak. Useless.

The nightmare lifted its foot, with the intention of crushing Hachi below it. Grukarb aimed a grenade launcher and fired a cluster of antimatter grenades at the nightmare's foot, however, it did no damage.

  • Grukarb - Come on you cloudy bitch! I got a counter for your stupid energy magic right here!
  • Lemmo - Come on, rabbit guy! Wake up! I know this might sound hypocritical, but... stand up and fight!

However, at this moment, the team could hear a familiar voice. Macin Xermilin's voice, echoing from Hachi's chest.

  • Macin - You've not come this far to die now...fight. Fight. Fight!
  • Kezoreg - that the old woman?

Angel Hachi's eyes were beginning to roll into the back of his head, struggling to even remain conscious. As the voice spoke, he began to struggle slightly harder, groaning as he tried to move.

  • Koluap - But she's dead...
  • Macin - Get up, and fight. You can win. You will win. Your destiny demands it!

Angel Hachi's eyes rolled forwards and shined with a blinding, gleaming white light. Where he bled, masses of immensely hot Essence vapour erupted like steam. Without the assistance of the group, Angel Hachi lifted himself, stumbling side to side. His body was weak, his muscles beginning to twitch again. The nightmare glared at Hachi and let out a roar which caused an earthquake, causing the lava around the platform to flow violently around them.

  • Macin - Your destiny is to save them, from him...fight! Win! Survive!

Tuolog continued to channel more energy into Angel Hachi. Suddenly, the muscles across his body pumped with Essence and his aura became concentrated, constricting tightly around his body rather than flowing freely as it did before. Clenching his fists, he spread his arms and turned himself around, towards the nightmare. He roared, blowing back the lava, and shaking the earth once more.

  • Lemmo - Yes! Do it!

The nightmare launched its foot downwards, to crush Hachi in it. The foot impacted where Hachi was standing, creating yet another crater where it collided with the ground. There were several moments of silence, the group could not hear a thing from below the foot. Suddenly, the foot began to raise upwards, and white vapour escaped from the crater; Angel Hachi lifted the foot above his head, roaring at the top of his lungs with an anger only seen in few individuals of note.

The nightmare's eyes widened as, despite all of its force, it saw his foot being lifted. Thrusting his arms upwards, Angel Hachi threw the foot away from himself with a previously unseen strength. He challenged the nightmare, roaring with might up at him as Angel Hachi glared into the titan's evil eyes. The nightmare lost his balance and fell over, falling into the lava pit at the team's right. A few moments passed, and it leaped out of it, its skin burning intensily. It let out an angered roar.

  • Nightmare - How dare you?!

Angel Hachi continued to roar, his claws drawn and his muscles tensed as they radiated with a white aura. He began to move, initiating a slow walk before going into a fast jog, ending as it finally evolved into a run even faster than the one he had done before. The nightmare assumed a running position and ran itself, the battlefield trembling from the two giants' steps. It tried to launched its foot at Hachi to kick him, but its slower speed caused him to miss.

Angel Hachi ducked beneath the giant's foot and ran out from beneath it, swiftly turning itself around and roaring once more at the titanic nightmare, waiting for it to turn round and face him. It was almost as if Angel Hachi was taunting the gargantuan fiend, provoking it into anger. The nightmare growled loudly as it slowly turned around. It was clear that due to its size, its agility was heavily dimished. Angel Hachi pounded his chest with a fist, roaring up at the monstrosity. The group could only watch as the battle unfolded before them, a two-way fight on a scale not seen before in their eyes. This had become a battle of giants, a war between titans.

  • Nightmare - I will not be mocked by a baby like you!

The nightmare's tentacles swoop down to strike at Hachi. Hachi's clenched fists threw themselves outward, battering and slamming against the tentacles as they swooped down towards him. Each punch gave of a powerful wave of Essence, a pressurized explosion that obliterated the tentacles upon contact. He proceeded to run again, still striking and punching the tentacles and ignoring any damage he took. The nightmare shouted in pain as its tentacles were destroyed. The tide of the battle was turning at the team's favour.

  • Arkarixus - Yes! Keep going!

Leaping forward, Hachi's claws dug themselves into the flesh and skin of the nightmare's colossal leg and began climbing upwards at an astounding pace, tearing out corrupted pound of flesh after pound of flesh. The nightmare roared in pain, too disoriented to fight back. He tried to punch Hachi, only to hit itself. Hachi saw opportunity and leaped from the leg, landing on the nightmare's hand before beginning to run up his arm, roaring as he went into an all-fours rush that tore out more flesh.

As the nightmare's hand wrapped itself around Angel Hachi's body, the Rianth raised its claws and dug into the nightmare's wrist, tearing it apart and ripping out Entropic-infused veins and tendons in an effort to release itself. The nightmare screamed and let go of Hachi, making him fall on his shoulder.

  • Nightmare - How...did you do that?!

As the titanic Rianth landed upon the nightmare's shoulder, he launched himself again. Hachi pounded his knee into the nightmare's demonic eye, grabbing ahold of his Zazane-like crest in the process. The eye exploded, causing the titan to roar and step back in pain.

  • Lemmo - Yes! Do it!
  • Koluap - Alright, I'm sorry for everything I said before, this is freaking amazing.
  • Sarec - Keep going Hachi! You can do it
  • Grukarb - Sod this being in my top fifteen msot awesome missions. This is definitely in my top five!

As the Rianth was now positioned on the nightmare's crest, he crawled to its forehead. Raising his arms once more, he slammed down on the nightmare's crest, aiming to shatter it and create a vulnerable spot for him to tear into when he had the chance. The slams caused the nightmare's head to be launched downwards. The storms above them intensified more and more.

  • Quinniath - Attack his weak point! For massive damage!
  • Nightmare - I am a god. I cannot die! Not for you!
  • Angel Hachi - ...God...NO GODS! Might...will...overcomes strength! Ignorance...arrogance...blinds and destroys!
  • Nightmare - Grraaagh!

As the nightmare's forehead had been weakened and crushed, Hachi pulled back a single arm and positioned his fingers into a claw-like formation. He kept it there for a moment before throwing his arm into the weakened part of the crest, clawing into it and reaching inside. The nightmare let out a horrifying, pained roar as Hachi penetrated its skull, finding itself paralyzed by the pain. Scavenging inside the hole made by his attacks, Hachi eventually gripped ahold of something somewhat solid. With immense force, he pulled back his arm once more; corrupted grey matter and brain fluid erupted from the crevice made by Hachi in the crest. Hachi leaped from the colossal titan's head, landing onto the ground in a crouched position.

  • Corteus - Now that's disgusting.

The nightmare let out a loud growl which slowly lowered in sound. Slowly, it started to fall, until it hit teh ground, causing a powerful blast. Leaning his head back, Angel Hachi let out a triumphant roar, covered in the blood and Essence of the nightmare he had just vanquished with extreme prejudice. The force created by the dropping of the nightmare's corpse did not affect Hachi, instead making him appear more intimidating.

  • Corteus - Okay...that kid noe scares the shit out of me.
  • Sarec - He has done well!

The team could see the deformities on hachi's face had disappeared. At his hand, he held what looked like a pitch-black version of himself, which slowly dissolved away.

  • Vaktyl - Well, guess he's back.
  • Arkarixus - Victory!
  • Kalcedia - ...Damn. I... I'm speechless.
  • Kezoreg - Well, that's definitely one for the history books.
  • Sarec - Dreamy Hachiman...was it a shadow all along?

Hachi slowly returned to his normal sized. Dreamy Hachi formed once more, except his appearence had changed: he now appeared as an adult version of Hachiman himself. Kalcedia rushed over and leaped with her arms outstretched. Instead of going to embrace Hachi, she found herself wrapped around the leg of the now-adult Dreamy Hachi, her tail wagging side to side and her wings fluttering slightly.

  • Dreamy Hachi - My destiny will be matter how many times I have to kill him.

Hachi looked towards Dreamy Hachi with confusion but then smiled, his ears perking happily. Kezoreg kept his distance, trying to look away although he had become captivated by what had just happened.

  • Lemmo - Whooo! Now, Hachi, here is Khrysa's number. - Lemmo approached Hachiman - She sure will like you.

Tuolog stood back and smiled, proud of Hachi. Dreamy Hachi looked down to see Kalcedia. Before he could say anything, however, he slowly reverted back to his usual, super-deformed form.

  • Dreamy Hachi - ...Eep?

Kalcedia still found herself hugging Dreamy Hachi even as he was now back to his usual size and form. She stayed like this for a few minutes.

  • Mu - Hell, the doll's actually pretty powerful. I can see why Kithworto wants to train you now.
  • Hachi - I... Wow, I-I... dunno what happened there. T-That was... that was awesome!
  • Sarec - All these apparitions were subconsious forms of each of us. Perhaps we should see each one as a test.
  • Tharaqím - Good job, human.
  • Arkarixus - Indeed. I knew you could do it.
  • Koluap - ...My axe is cooler.

Lupercal nodded in respect. Sarec rested his hands on Hachiman's shoulders.

  • Sarec - You have come far. Perhaps Uriel was right about you.
  • Lupercal - You deserve my gratitude, warrior.
  • Kalcedia - You deserve my body, little fluffy thing!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Eep~
  • Lemmo - ...What?

Rocks began levitating in front of the team, forming what looked like a staircase leading toward the floating island.

  • Hachi - Eheheh, i-it was nothing guys... I'm s-sure any one of y-you could have d-done better.
  • Mu - I don't think anyone else here can turn into a hulking angel thing.

As the group looked ahead, they could visibly see a dark figure moving slowly down the stairs. A dark figure of someone whom many of them had fought in the battle in which he was said to be killed...

  • Arkarixus - ...What?
  • Sarec - No...
  • Lemmo - ...What is it?
  • Koluap - Who's this fag?
  • Hachi - Huh? W-Who is it...?

And as he descended, the atmosphere slowly changed. They could all hear faint whispers, screams, deaths and shatters around them, as Zargoth appeared right in front of them. Bad memories of their past, and bad visions of their possible futures.

  • Zargoth - I thought you would be making progress here, and I was correct. A shame time doesn't flow in this realm, it makes it harder for me to track your progress.
  • Arkarixus - ...Your life persists?
  • Mu - Wow, that's one ugly bastard.
  • Lemmo - Aw, come on! Stop coming back!

Zargoth then moved closer to the group, and circled them, examining them. Mimi left Hachi's body and frowned at Zargoth.

  • Zargoth - And I do suppose you're currently the Dominion's greatest threat in the Onuris universe.
  • Mimi - Great, all we needed, Shu'ytrogarva being in league with a Vyro'Ralza!
  • Sarec - Whatever you plan, I suggest you move along.
  • Grukarb - Can someone tell me who this four-legged arsehole is?
  • Arkarixus - A rat who should be buried a kilometer down the floor.
  • Lupercal - Hey!
  • Grukarb - Oh okay so he's a prick. Fair enough.

Zargoth then turned away, seemingly randomly, about to vanish, before saying:

  • Zargoth - I know what you are doing, and I would strongly advise against it. If you value your lives, that is, and being mortals, I suppose you do.

Zargoth then vanished. But behind where he was standing, there were four words appearing in the sky, looking as though they'd been written in black ink: "Your universe is doomed." Grukarb looked up at the skywriting.

  • Grukarb - Yeah...definitely a prick.
  • Koluap - Huh. What a douche.
  • Lemmo - Romantic.
  • Tuolog - I not dismiss that message so easily if I were you. Bad things happen in universe right now...
  • Corteus - Bad things always happen aroudn Wraith Legion. It's how we work.
  • Tharaqím - I'd advise we deal with one universal catastrophe at a time. Nothing stands between us and Shu'ytrogarva now.
  • Tuolog - I agree. Though I will also be present at universe at the same time.
  • Mimi - Yes! Onward, to the final battle!

God of Dreams and NightmaresEdit

Xhodocto AngerEdit

Making their way up the staircase that had formed previously, the team had climbed enough to get a good view of the Realm's horizon. The terrain was being transformed into what looked like a single, gigantic Dominion city. As if the Realm was being turned into an ecunemopolis.

  • Lemmo - Wow. Reminds me of Il'rala.
  • Arkarixus - He's converting the region to house more of them...
  • Kithworto - Slightly problematic.
  • Grukarb - Looks like the Dominion's really setting up shop.
  • Kalcedia - WHO SAID SHOPS?! STORES?! MALLS?!
  • Mu - Death. Horrible, horrible death.
  • Nu - Which is why I should have Death Energy and not you. Quit complaining.
  • Corteus - I don't thikn I have any antimatter charges big enough...hey! What if I daydreamed a big enough hypermatter bomb?

As the team went up enough to see above the clouds, they were presented a view of the Realm's sky: the view showed what looked like entire planets floating around an immense dark purple background, debris flying around and blasts of entropic energy electricity.

  • Hachi - Whoa... looks like my screensaver!
  • Tau - Looks like Chaos is coming to town.
  • Mimi - <He is breaking looks so gloomy...>
  • Corteus - Is defeating Shu'ytrogarva really going ot stop all this?
  • Mimi - <He has Father's soul. If we can free him, he can fix everything.>
  • Kezoreg - I don't see why we should change it. Looks pretty. I like it.
  • Koluap - No. Shut up.

In the sky, a crimson sphere appeared, composed of flame. The pupil was an abyssal black, darker than the sky behind it. As it materialised, a red streak of fire rang throughout the sky and a deafening ambience sounded. Hachi and Dreamy achi both cowered and covered their ears, shivering.

  • Koluap - My poor ears! I'm tired of this place and its constant ear rapes!
  • Lemmo- Grrr.
  • Sarec - That is bad and we should get moving.
  • Tharaqím - Agreed.
  • Corteus - You're tired?
  • Grukarb - I guess the Agents must find it's like home.
  • Nu - With a giant red eye in the sky? Where do you think we're from? Occasus? ....Oh.

A voice appeared from the eye. With each syllable, the ground shook.

  • Grukarb - Winds of Valle didn't we just fight this guy!?
  • Angazhar - Impersonator. Face true destruction.
  • Koluap - I'm getting tired of your stalking!
  • Kezoreg - That's just taking the piss!
  • Lupercal - Those one with the Eternity do not feel fear.

Lupercal whispered a short prayer to himself, but it was evident that behind his cold facade of unflinching faith he was afraid of the coming darkness. From the eye's blackness, a red bolt of essence appeared from it. Travelling through the sky, the Dominion city behind it was blackened from the heat. Koluap, Tharaqím, Arkarixus and Mu all ran up the stairs as fast as they could. Grukarb ran up to see the burning city.

  • Corteus - Why do I get the impression that city was not authorised by their high-command?
  • Mu - I don't think we should care for that right now.

The eye itself began to deform in a red trail, before Angazhar's full Xhodocto form reformed at the base of the staircase. His form was black, and his eyes were a similar red to before. Kezoreg and Hachi ran, while Hachi carried Dreamy Hachi in his arms. Kalcedia rushed behind them, trying not to trip. Corteus, Sarec and Grukarb sprinted up the staircase. Kithworto sprinted up the staircase with the Agents in front.

  • Angazhar - Persistence is irrelevant. Destruction inevitable.
  • Mu - Xhodocto. As in not-Tandava Xhodocto. Seriously, fuck this mission.
  • Grukarb - Well the guy just levelled the city for us.

Angazhar's hand raised; the staircase behind them slowly ripped up.

  • Arkarixus - Problematic.
  • Kezoreg - I think this is a little more than goddamn "problematic"!
  • Corteus - Keep running!
  • Angazhar - Submit.
  • Koluap - Screw yourself!

Lemmo and Quinniath ran away ahead of the rest of the team, while Lupercal remained at the vanguard, continuing to stare at Angazhar.

  • Lupercal - I do not fear. Fear is an illusion.
  • Angazhar - Fear is irrelevant. A mortal construct. You are an illusion. A dream.
  • Lupercal - It is true. I am merely an illusion. But I am also a part. A part of the greater whole. It gives me purpose. Gives me strength. Makes an illusion true.

Lupercal kept looking at Angazhar, who sent furious bolts of energy up at the team; intentionally missing.

  • Koluap - Your aim as bad as your appearence!
  • Corteus - I'm not one for faith but we could really do with the Paragon's blessing right about now.
  • 'Grukarb - You're converting!?
  • Lemmo - He's a Radeon. Of course he is.
  • Grukarb - I was talking to the captain.
  • Nu - Right, I regret asking for Angazhar to destroy the BCN now.
  • Mu - You did what now?
  • Corteus - I met the paragon remember?
  • Grukarb - Well la-de-da!

Angazhar let out a roar that shattered the entire staircase behind them, reaching further and further up before it almost hit the feet of the team.

  • Eta - Gah! Move!
  • Hachi - I'm moving but Kezoreg won't let me pass!
  • Kezoreg - I'm worth more than you!
  • Mu - Don't make me throw you down there to your dad.
  • Kezoreg - But Kithworto's in front of me!
  • Corteus - I didn't sign up for a suicide mission!

Realm AvatarEdit

After much running, the team reached the floating island, the staircase shattering behind them. In front of them stood a gigantic throne-like structure, and at the top of it, was Shu'ytrogarva. However, he was not on the strange form he had presented himself in when the team arrived. He was at his usual, slim, bipedal state.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - noisy. Always so noisy.
  • Hachi - Be quiet! ...Wait.
  • Grukarb - You'd better lift your bony butt off that chair or i'll have the captain kick you off.
  • Corteus - Wait what?
  • Lemmo - So here you are! Goddamn creep...

Angazhar was gone from behind them, disappearing in a black wisp of energy. Lemmo readied is pistol.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Noisy Xhodocto god. He breaks and then I have to rebuild.

Shu'ytrogarva looked at the team, and then extended one hand at them.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - You brought him here, as I knew you would.
  • Grukarb - Wait we did?
  • Quinniath - Crap.

Dreamy Hachi suddenly began floating and was thrown forward, being grabbed by Shu'ytrogarva in midair.

  • Dreamy Hachi - E-e-eeeep!
  • Shu'ytrogarva - The last destined soul...
  • Hachi - Huh? H-Hey, wait! D-Don't you hurt h-him!
  • Lupercal - Not good in a slightest.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - No questions. No boasting. Those slow me down. Now, I feast.

Shu'ytrogarva threw Dreamy Hachi up and then crushed him on his jaws. Koluap's eyes widened, and Arkarixus and Tharaqím both stared in surprise. Sarec stepped forward and watched in horror as Dreamy Hachi was devoured. He clenched his fists tightly. Nu was trying to hold back laughter, and did so successfully. Tau looked at Nu with slight apprehension.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Pure, young, undeveloped essence. Enough to not conflict with me. Enough to let me feast more.

Hachi squeaked and fell to his knees, reaching out a hand as he whimpered and his ears drooped. Shu'ytrogarva presented to the team a Dream Energy sphere, identical to the shard of Sonhadromerith they had found previously.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - You have done as I demanded. Bringing him here, I could feast on him. Dying on the way here, I could feast on him. Regardless of your actions, I win.
  • Grukarb - Ohh crap...
  • Mu - Well fuck. The demon just gambited all over us.
  • Kezoreg - It was a ruse!

Grukarb hastily tossed an antimatter grenade, which he hastily programmed to detonate in close proximity to Shu'ytrogarva. The demon stared at the grenade and, using, telekinesis, threw it back at the team.

  • Lemmo - Goddammit!

Lemmo dodged the explosive and prepared his own weapons, but was hesistant to attack. Shu'ytrogarva's eyes shined in a light blue. He took the orb on his hands and then devoured it. An explosion of combined Dream and Entropic energy engulfed the throne. Grukarb and Corteus jumped out of the way, corteus looking at Shu'ytrogarva and slamming his fist agianst the ground in frustration.

  • Hachi - Ngh!
  • Kezoreg - Agh, m-my eyes!
  • Corteus - Arrogent. Immortal. Fuck!
  • Mu - I'm feeling more essence power here than anything I've ever felt. Except Angazhar.
  • Lupercal - So do I.
  • Corteus - It's Nocturnia all over again!
  • Kithworto - Do I have to change your opinion, Agent?

The dust settled to reveal Shu'ytrogarva, now on the same powered, legless state the team had first encountered. Surrounding him was both a radiant golden and darkened purple aura.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - more conflicts. No more rivalries. Dream and Entropy are now both mine.
  • Lemmo - Goddammit, big guy! Do something!
  • Lupercal' - This realm has laws of its own. Even the Kicath demigod warlord has his limits.

Hachi growled and clenched his fists, attempting to channel Dream Energy through himself as a means to at least try and combat Shu'ytrogarva. Kezoreg did the same, except with Descension. Kalcedia merely reloaded her rifle. Shu'ytrogarva waved one of his fists, causing the reality around it to shatter.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - I have become more powerful than the master...Unacceptable. I will share this power with him, and the entire Dominion.
  • Kithworto - Not on my watch, demon.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - What are you, but a shadow of your former self? I have become more than you, Xi'Arazulha. Give me your essences, for I hunger.
  • Koluap - Enough talking in riddles! I helped kill you once, I'll kill you again!
  • Lupercal - You are a shadow. There are powers above you, yet you, in your arrogance, ignore them.
  • Hachi - I don't care if you have whatever energy! I'll take you on!

Sarec charged electricity in his fingertips and launched powerful arcs at Shu'ytrogarva. Koluap, Tharaqím, Arkarixus and Mu also attacked, conventional weapons and essence together. However, none of the attacks damaged Shu'ytrogarva at all.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Harm is irrelevant. I am the Realm now. I have become the Realm Avatar.
  • Grukarb - Why couldn't you jsut be some administrator I could snipe?

Shu'ytrogarva waved his hands forward, creating multiple vortexes in front of the team. Out of them, an entire battalion of Dreamy Mahanayans appeared, with weapons primed.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - You are in my reality now. You play by my rules.
  • Hachi - Then we'll win by them!
  • Lemmo - Yep. Played lanru with cheaters before.

Kithworto sent out bolts of Life and Death Energy at Shu'ytrogarva in rapid succession, but his attacks did no damage.

  • Kithworto - Hmph. This is like fighting Anzilanarus all over again.

Clenching both fists, Hachi ran forward, channeling Dream Energy through into his fists to create small, but powerful, blasts of Essence with each punch towards the Dreamy Mahanayans. Sarec thought for a moment, then threw his arms out to createe a massive pressure wave strong enough to cause serious damage to the platform. The Dreamy Mahanayans staggered from the damage, but Shu'ytrogarva remained indifferent, hovering.

  • Sarec - You are the avatar..someone supercharge either me or Nu.

Seeing that Shu'ytrogarva remained unflinching, Lemmo concentrated his fire on his minions instead, firing at them in an arc. Shu'ytrogarva pointed up, and in the sky, a luminescent Dominion battleship appeared.

  • Nu - Heheheh. I get his powers and I'll screw him up good.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - Silence, mortal.

The Dreamy Mahanayans turned to Nu and all fired at him in unison. Hachi continued to punch his way through the Dreamy Mahanayans, although he took evident battle damage yet he continued punching. Kezoreg covered Hachi's flank, throwing Descension-fuelled fists while Kalcedia shot from afar.

  • Sarec - Not him. If we can't damage him, what if we damage the realm?
  • Tharaqím - ...That sounds like it could work.
  • Corteus - So...rather than attacking the CPU we attack the components?

Nu slammed his feet into the ground, raising it around him.

  • Nu - Well charge me with essence then you kasatanaín! [idiots!]
  • Mu - Fine geez!

Mu charged Death Energy on his arm and punched Nu in the gut. Sarec teleported to Nu and slammed his hand against Nu's back, pumping him with energy.

  • Hachi - Never saw that game mechanic before!
  • Lemmo - Hah. Did that on Enqi II, in the caves of Amu. Met a Tertamian robot. Couldn't blow him up... blew up the caves.
  • Sarec - Every essene sensetive give Nu everything you have!
  • Nu - Heheh.
  • Lupercal - Insanity.
  • Lemmo - Aw come on, bug rat. Do it!

Lupercal sighed.

  • Lupercal - Well, sometimes, crazy works.

Lupercal channeled his Chronoscopic and Elemental Essence into Nu. Hachi turned towards Nu and leaped - he hugged him, a smile on his face as he transferred energy. Kezoreg punched Nu's side with a Descension-fuelled fist. Shu'ytrogarva watched the team but remained indifferent. He clapped his hands, and out of another vortex, 10 Dreamy Nexus Grox formed. Corteus morphed his hands into plasma cannons and fired repeatedly on the Dreamy Nexus Grox.

  • Koluap - Hurry up, will ya? He's making a world-destroying army in front of us!
  • Lemmo - Made of DREAMS. How crazy is that?

Kithworto sighed, and with all of his might, sent essence into Nu. Nu's body began to become incorporeal from the level of essence in his body, whilst his eyes became more intense. Shu'ytrogarva watched Nu, and began licking his own lips.

  • Nu - So this is what being a Xhodocto feels like.
  • Lupercal - Insanity.

Nu turned to Shu'ytrogarva. His voice was somewhat warped; somewhere between his own and Santorakh's.

  • Nu - You want to know what Chaos Energy feels like, bud?
  • Shu'ytrogarva - I already know.
  • Nu - Well have some more.

Nu raised out his arms, and the skies of the realm turned white, and then into a pitch black.

  • Koluap - Good lights, bad lights.
  • Mu - It's Nu, so it's more like bad lights, worst lights.
  • Lemmo - Correction: CRAAAAAP lights, FUUUCK lights.

Nu then directed his hands at Shu'ytrogarva, and black and white bolts of Chaos Energy struck him from the skies. Shu'ytrogarva allowed himself to be hit, and as he was, he let out a loud groan.

  • Sarec - Did he just hit the wrong target...

After he was hit, Shu'ytrogarva remained completey immobile in midair, as if he had been completely paralyzed. However, at the sphere on his chest, the team could see something: it was an image of Dreamy Hachi banging on it like if it was a window.

  • Lemmo - Damn! That's the small guy!
  • Hachi - Hachi!

Nu pulsed more of his essence into Shu'ytrogarva, with a roar sounding a bit too much like Santorakh's.

  • Nu - I feel like dancing after this!
  • Tharaqím - Nu...aim at the chest. Try to break that...hearth thing.
  • Hachi - No, don't hit the chest! You could destroy the little guy!
  • Nu - Screw what you think, i'm controlling reality! ...Alright. You owe me one.
  • Sarec - Shu'ytrogara has become the realm, he is tied to its health!

Nu's essence streams aimed at Shu'ytrogarva's heart. The heart broke as if it was made of glass, and Dreamy Hachi was launched into the team's direction. Shu'ytrogarva immedaitely jolted itself back awake, with what looked like his own Chaos Energy on his palms.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - You empower me.
  • Sarec - Damnation Nu you imbecile!
  • Nu - Wouldn't try it.
  • Kithworto - Give Nu time.

Hachi ran and leaped for Dreamy Hachi as Nu and Shu'ytrogarva squared off against one another, although he was directly within the line of fire for both combatants. Nu sent out another bolt of energy whilst he was distracted.

  • Mu - Stop empowering him, you idiot!
  • Nu - Shut up before I fire at you!
  • Shu'ytrogarva - I do not give mercy even if...

Shu'ytrogarva noticed Dreamy Hachi on the floor, and his expression changed into one of confusion.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - ...How did you do that?

On Equal TermsEdit

Shu'ytrogarva stretched his hand and grabbed Nu, putting him above his mouth. Sarec sighed and rested his hand on his snout.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Now I shall feast on you.
  • Nu - I'm gonna give your tract such a beating.
  • Dreamy Hachi - ...Stop!

Dreamy Hachi turned to the team.

  • Dreamy Hachi - Have some power left...could give you to fight.
  • Nu - Shut up and give it to me already!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Not for you...too dangerous...for the rest of the team instead.
  • Nu - Siná'insanjanaraí! [Oh fuck you!]
  • Sarec - Very well.
  • Mimi - <What are you talking about, Dreamy Hachi?>
  • Dreamy Hachi - Power of...manipulating dreams...think, it becomes true!
  • Mimi - <And sacrifice yourself? No!>
  • Hachi - Nu-uh! No! I'm not gonna have you killed!

Nu's voice turned into an almost Xhodocto like tone.

  • Nu - If he eats me i'm coming back from the dead and screwing you all over! Help me already!
  • Sarec - You did not follow the plan Nu, instead you wasted the power we ALL bestowed upon you!
  • Dreamy Hachi - Hachi...we have big future...always remember that.

Hachi winced and fell to his knees again, grabbing ahold of Dreamy Hachi and hugging him tightly.

  • Hachi - ...We'll get him for ya... We'll kick his ass!

Shu'ytrogarva threw Nu on his mouth and devoured him in a single bite. Meanwhile, Dreamy Hachi began levitating, emitting a faint blue aura. Nu's voice could be heard as he was travelling down the demon's gullet.

  • Nu - Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatmanaí! [Motherfucker!]
  • Dreamy Hachi - Everyone in here...very good was fun meeting you all.
  • Sarec - We will never forget you.

bodies. Koluap narrowed his eyes, and then threw his fist forward. A giant image of a fist suddenly appeared and hit Shu'ytrogarva's chest, causing him to cough Nu out.

  • Koluap - Woah! It works!
  • Shu'ytrogarva - ...Gah. How did you do that?

Nu hit the ground in a thud, with black and purple substances all over his armour.

  • Nu - Did that all by myself.
  • Lemmo - Wooo...
  • Koluap - Everyone else wanna fancy a test on this?
  • Kithworto - It's not the first time. But it never ceases to amuse me.
  • Lemmo - Sure, why not.

Hachi drew his blade and narrowed his eyes towards Shu'ytrogarva, an excited and determined expression arising over his face. He gripped his sword tightly and yelled out as he swung it. Shu'ytrogarva felt himself being slashed by Hachi's sword. He glared at the team with narrowed eyes.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Cursed destined scum.

Kithworto sent a blast of essence at Shu'ytrogarva. A combination of Death, Life and Dream Energy. Grukarb thought for a few minutes and then hoisted up an eight-barreled grenade launcher that materialised in his hands. He fired a cluster, which detonated into smaller clusters over Shu'ytro. Lemmo and Quinniath fired at Shu'ytrogarva with an increased pace.

Shu'ytrogarva was hit by the attacks and staggered back, groaning in what appeared to be pain. Arkarixus thought for a few moments, and Shu'ytrogarva was suddenly flung around wildly into the air.

  • Arkarixus - Hah! As if he had been thrown out of an airlock.
  • Koluap - This is fun!

Sarec summoned dozens of portals to Purgatory, where an army of Eola'Nar Nirmitas merged and swarmed the Mahanayans and Nexus Grox. The Dreamy soldiers found themselves swarmed. Shu'ytrogarva then stopped and roared at the team, blowing them back.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - My reality is not yours to play with.

Shu'ytrogarva blasted the team with various different blasts of hybridized essence, coming from his arms, tentacles and even his mouth. Corteus suddenly had four arms sprout out from his sies. He grinend and charged to pummel Shu'ytogarva in a costant storm of fists. Shu'ytrogarva formed a shield around himself, protecting him from Corteus' attacks. At the same time, hands formed from what looked like nowhere and fired more essence at the team.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - I see it now. We are on equal terms. Then we shall fight on equal terms!

Hachi clenched his fists and growled, narrowing his eyes at the demonic entity. Behind him, an apparition had manifested; it was the titanic Angel Hachi that he had used to fight the nightmarish creature earlier, except it was constructed of pure energy rather than being solid and physical. Lemmo kept shooting at Shu'ytrogarva, aiding Quinniath in concentrating at trying to find weak spots on the creature.

Shu'ytrogarva put one of his hands up, and out of it, an entire pitch-black planet formed. He winded up and then threw it at the team's direction.

  • Koluap - Holy shit! Someone, do something!
  • Sarec - Hachi incoming!

Once finished with the adverseries, the Nirmitas began assaulting the fabric of the ralm itself, disrupting the energy flow on a foundation level. Hachi raised his arms, causing the apparition to do so as well. Between the apparition's palms, a gigantic sphere of Dream Energy quickly emerged and it was thrown upon command, targeting the black planet as it sped towards them.

The planet exploded in a power blast which razed the terrain, causing Shu'ytrogarva to let out a loud scream. He suddenly separated himself into five identical copies, and all of them breathed blasts of entropic fire at the team. Sarec commanded the Nirmitas t oprotect the tram as they kept using there energies to disrupt the flow of Dream Energy in the realm via energy blasts and pressure waves, a veritable army of spirits attacking the Realm of Dreams itself. Shu'ytrogarva's form began to deform as the Nirmitas attacked. He pointed at them, and the Dominion battleship flying over them began bombarding them.

Sarec flew upwards and summoned pressure waves to assault the battleship. The Nirmitas kept swarming, surrounding the clones to cut off their conenction to the realms fabrics. Shu'ytrogarva suddenly grew in size to the point his being covered the entire sky of the Realm. He inhaled and a black hole formed on his mouth, sucking the team in. Sarec attempted to warp reality to counter the pull of Shu'ytrogarva's black hole, forming a sphere of light in his hand.

Shu'ytrogarva let out a growl and suddenly fired the black hole at the team's direction. Sarec compressed the sphere, creating a disruptive energy detonation that spread for miles around. Before it could hit them, the black hole stopped in midair and slowly disappeared. Shu'ytrogarva swoop his hand below the team, smacking them around.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - You annoy me. You annoy me greatly.
  • Hachi - How do you think we feel?!
  • Tharaqím - Wait...I have an idea.
  • Lemmo - Hm?
  • Tharaqím - If Hachiman is one of Sonhadromerith's chosen, perhaps he can use this power to revive him.
  • Corteus - Wait the dream essence, whatever we think becomes reality!
  • Hachi - You think I-I can d-do that?
  • Tharaqím - Concentrate your powers on him. Think of Sonhadromerith alive again.
  • Hachi - You saw what h-happened to the l-little guy by just g-giving us energy! W-What if I d-die too?...Ah screw it, what am I saying?
  • Koluap - You wanna die doing this or die to the giant angry demon above us!
  • Quinniath - The bird thing is alive. The bird thing is alive. The bird thing is alive...
  • Sarec - I'm holding him off as best I can. Do it!

Sarec dispatched the Nirmitas to create a protective bubble around the island. Hachi closed his eyes and began to focus, kneeling on one knee. Tensing his muscles and tendons, his thought processes began to amplify with his focus being directed on the voice and image of Sonhadromerith, or at least what he saw of him. He grunted as he did, channeling Dream Energy through his body but beginning to struggle.

Shu'ytrogarva prepared another, planet-sized blast at the team's direction. Koluap, Arkarixus, Tharaqím and Mu all began donating their energy to Hachi. Sarec flew upwards and tried to counteract Shu'ytrogarva by pulsing disruptive energies form his body. Sarec turned to Hachi as his aura pulsed, he focused to donate his energies to Hachiman. Lemmo and Quinniath closed their eyes, whispering in prayer, while Lupercal channeled his power into Hachiman directly.

Corteus and Grukarb pressed their eyes closed and focused hard to channel the power they had been given to Hachi. Shu'ytrogarva stopped charging his attack and dimished in size. Sarec could see a big lump growing on the demon's back.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - Why is...everything so...suddenly painful...
  • Nu - Oh I see, give him YOUR powers.
  • Mu - Contribute, you.
  • Nu - Can't. Used it all up.
  • Mu - Dumb.

Kithworto channelled Life Energy from his right hand to Hachi. Hachi's body let out a pulse, and in the sky, Sonhadromerith's snake-life form blasted itself out of Shu'ytrogarva's back, causing him to scream loudly in pain.

  • Sonhadromerith - Judgement.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - But I...had a plan...

Sonhadromerith wrapped his tail around Shu'ytrogarva and beated him up relentlessly, breaking the demon apart through his sheer strength, all while falling down into the ground. As they impacted, a powerful explosion ensued, and the Realm around the crashsite began converting itself into Dream Energy.

  • Nu - Aw.
  • Arkarixus - And so another god dies.
  • Koluap - Woooo!

Hachi panted and collapsed onto the floor, panting and breathing heavily.

  • Hachi - A-Are we dead?
  • Tharaqím - Nope. You did it again.
  • Nu - Killed more gods than me. What is the logic behind that anyway?
  • Tau - Logic is that your logic is helping dark gods rather than killing them.

Sarec levitated down with a scowl on his face.

  • Sarec - Tell me Nu, when I said attacking the realm would affect him why in the name of Drakon did you blast him!
  • Kezoreg - eyes! Too much light, I need a dark room!
  • Kalcedia - I'd hug him... but that'd be awkward, and I have reputation.

Nu - Dunno. Seemed fun at the time.

Nu shrugged his shoulders at Sarec and walked away from the group nonchalantly. Hachi smiled and stayed spread out on the floor, regaining his breath while gasping. Sarec planted his hand on Nu and scowled. Nu could feel himself getting drained as Sarec held him.

All of a sudden, a voice could be heard out of nowhere.

  • ??? - Oh I wouldn't do that. Chaos is a nasty business. You think you're draining him but it's only going to bite you back in the face later.
  • Sarec - [echoing voice] This is for your stupidity.

Sarec let go, an ethereal trail followed his hand which he flicked ,away, dissaating into the air. The figure turned out to be a Kicath, looking identical to Nu, but wearing rather lavish Kicathian clothing. His eyes were clear, stainless white. Crunching sounds were heard from the neaby crater a few more times, before Sonhadromerith slithered into the team's direction. He glared tha Kicath and frowned.

  • Sonhadromerith - Your kind is not welcome here.
  • Kicath - But as long as I am here I'll make myself a wanted guest. Shame that you're alive and all that. Our plans were going well. Well not really. Saw it from the beginning.
  • Koluap - Hey. Whoever you are. Screw you. We won today.

IN a black plume of smoke, a Kicathian shortstaff appeared in the Kicath's hand. He leant himself upon the shortstaff as he looked at the group.

  • Kicath - Yeah, you won. Good show. You deserve a reward. Cake perhaps? No? Well then what?
  • Sonhadromerith - You leaving my realm. Now.
  • Hachi - ...H-How about p-prosti--
  • Kezoreg - Don't.
  • Kicath - Oh quiet. You've got to fix yourself before you start ordering me around.

The Kicath started walking frivolously towards the group, with his clothes in an ever more realizing mismatch of colours. Koluap got his Xhodocto Axe out, while Tharaqím, Arkarixus and Mu all prepared themselves in case the Kicath attacked.

  • Sarec - You are not welcome here.
  • Kicath - Oh, where am I welcome? Not even home welcomes me. And poor Shu'ytrogarva over there. Poor bastard didn't even get to tell you about the Rectifiers. The intelligent decision right now would be destroying you all and this realm in a few seconds, but I can't do that. There's a lot of theatrics still to be had. The play is still being written by the playwright!
  • Sonhadromerith - The last time one of your kind was here, Shu'ulathoi was revived. I will not let you take Shu'ytrogarva alive.
  • Kicath - Oh I don't care about Shu'ytrogarva. He failed! His fault. Imagine what would happen to me if Angazhar found out.
  • Koluap - Wait. Rect-what now?
  • Tau - Anga-- Oh crap. Santorakh.
  • Santorakh - Oh, now you realise. I thought you Kicath were good at these mind games.
  • Mu - ...Kithworto? Do something?

Kithworto shook his head. Santorakh then pointed his staff at him.

  • Santorakh - Smart man. Now where we were? Rectifiers. Yeah, them. That big ship you saw on Occasus? Well there's more! Trillions more!
  • Tharaqím - Trillions?
  • Hachi - I k-kinda like t-this guy... he's c-classy.
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, any moment now he'll sing a musical number.
  • Santorakh - Oh, don't make me sing. Every time I sing, Volim screams and tears his eyes out. Bad crowd. And yes. Trillions. You expected any less, my dear extinct mortal?
  • Arkarixus - Disgusting creature...
  • Santorakh - Me? I put on my best clothes and you call me disgusting?! Don't make me turn you into a human rabbit.
  • Hachi - Huh?
  • Sonhadromerith - Enough, Xhodocto. Leave.
  • Santorakh - Fine, fine fine. Just for the record there, Carmy. Shu said hi. So did Angazhar. He said he's begging to turn you into firewood!

Sonhadromerith let out a growl which caused the Realm's sky to tremble.

  • Santorakh - Awww, don't throw your toys out of the pram. Make a role model for your children!

Santorakh walked away in a similar manner as he came, before his presence was no longer felt.

  • Koluap - Dick!
  • Mu - Demon Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatmanaí.
  • Tau - That's the same Santorakh as before? Ech. Happier Santorakh is a scarier one.

Victory for DreamsEdit

Sonhadromerith, no longer feeling Santorakh's presence, approached the team with a smile.

  • Sonhadromerith - Excuse me. The Xhodocto's appearence didn't even give me a chance to thank you properly.
  • Hachi - Urgh...i-it wasn't a p-problem. M-Much. A-Aside from e-everything.
  • Sonhadromerith - Hmmm...Hachiman Shin-Ha. You appear saddened.
  • Hachi - ...It's nothing. I just f-feel too much was lost t-to make this e-even feel r-right.
  • Kithworto - The loss of something that has always existed is never a loss.

Sonhadromerith opened his arms and wings, and the entire region around the team was converted into a peaceful meadow. Thoi'olerthae began flying around, giggling happily, and next to Sonhadromerith, Thea'Nhirara's form materialized.

  • Sarec - Dream Hachi may have been destroyed, but he has always been a part of you.
  • Thea'Nhirara - You have done much, all of you. You all have been essential to our survival.
  • Nu - That's what Kithworto just said you fun-stealing shapeshifting son of a--

Tau elbowed Nu in the stomach.

  • Nu - I mean, you wonderful wonderful person.
  • Sarec - My phrasing was less cryptic.

Hachi smiled as his teacher rematerialized before his eyes, feeling more comforted by just her mere presence within the area. Mimi left Hachi's body and flew over Thea'Nhirara happily.

  • Sonhadromerith - Losses? Hmm...I can count the Draconis inquisitor and...who else?
  • Hachi - Dreamy me. The miniature version of myself.
  • Sonhadromerith - Dreamy you...Dreamy you...Oh, yes! Dreamy you!...No. Never heard of.

Sonhadromerith shrugged and rolled his eyes. Hachi grunted and looked down although he still kept a smile on his face, he felt he had accomplished something even if it did cost him a well-adored asset within the process. At this moment, the team heard what sounded like a baby's cry.

  • Sonhadromerith - Oh? What's that? You should go check it out.

Sonhadromerith pointed at Hachi. Hachi raised his head and began to run, stumbling a little as he still felt weakened at the joints due to the fight.

  • Nu - One thing I don't like about this realm? Everything is happy.
  • Sonhadromerith - Dreams are good. Nightmares are bad. 2+2.
  • Nu - Four!
  • Sonhadromerith - Good boy.
  • Nu - Well having a Xhodocto in your mind 23/6 isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Eventually, as he came close to the source, he fell again, landing directly on his face. Hachi eventually came across a small basket, where the crying was coming from. There was a blanket blocking the view of what exactly was crying in it. Hachi leaned over the basket and directed his nose towards the blanket. He reached in and uncovered the source, a smile appearing on his face and a sparkling tear dripping down his cheek. Hachi found a baby version of Dreamy Hachi in the basket. The baby looked at him and smiled back.

  • Sonhadromerith - As you can see, I can only count one loss.
  • Tau - I agree with Nu on this one. Veiro, get us back on our ship. Agents anyway. Before Nu spews uncleanable Chaos liquid all over the floor.
  • Nu - It's coming up quickly.
  • Sonhadromerith - Don't make me make you puke rainbows. Believe me, I can do it.
  • Nu - Trust me, those rainbows will be screwy.
  • Kithworto - I better keep it off the floor.
  • Corteus - One loss, plus most of my bloody team.
  • Sonhadromerith - I'm sorry, I was dead back then.

Sonhadromerith waved his hands and a portal leading to Tau's ship materialized. Nu and the Agents walked through the portal, with Kithworto behind them. Koluap playfully waved at Sonhadromerith before walking off, followed by Arkarixus and Tharaqím, who bowed at Sonhadromerith before leaving. Sarec and the surviving members of Wraith Legion walked though. Corteus grumbled as they all walked though the portal.

The team found themselves back at Tau's ship. No time had passed, the ship being exactly the same place it was before they had entered the Realm. In front of them, a completely battered Shu'ytrogarva in front of them. The demon held his broken heart, breathing heavily. Kithworto walked up in front of the team, with his being turning gold.

  • Shu'ytrogarva - I had a plan and it failed. Is this the destiny of our kind? To always fall to mortals?
  • Corteus - Little lesson I learned long ago; When you fuck with anyone or what they love, expect them to hit you in the arse for it.
  • Kithworto - Being among them for so long, you realise that mortality is a gift.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - I feel my existence slipping away. My Garvathae will persist. My defeat is only a small drawback. The Rectifiers are coming.
  • Kithworto - I sure hope Angazhar has something nasty planned for you.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - Total annihilation. But you will have worst fates than me. Trillions of synthetized Cali'Tenem swarming your precious galaxy.
  • Kithworto - I may be sympathetic to the plight of mortals, but I am by no means one.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - Do not understimate us. We made Heaven bleed. We will make your universe bleed next. We are always a step ahead. You think you disarm us, only for us to reveal more weapons.
  • Kithworto - We'll see.
  • Sarec - Heaven is different to this universe.
  • Shu'ytrogarva - Your universe annoyance!

Shu'ytrogarva roared, and his body then seized movement.

No Peace for DreamsEdit

After they all left the portal, Sonhadromerith turned to see Santorakh in the horizion, still dressed like a Kicath. Swarms of Thoi'olerthae all floated around him, frowning and hissing. Sonhadromerith and Thea'Nhirara watched Santorakh with their eyes narrowed.

  • Sonhadromerith - Why are you still here?

The Thoi'olerthae around Santorakh began to feel his aura.

  • Santorakh - Oh, you don't actually think you're going to WIN do you?
  • Sonhadromerith - Perhaps not. It doesn't mean I won't fight.
  • Santorakh - Well that's just boring. You really lack judgement, Carmy. What kind of name is Sonhadromerith? It sounds like a dish served up on planet Vesul-hon. Ever been to Vesul-hon? Food there is excellent.
  • Sonhadromerith - Ask the Dracogonarious. I was given this name by them.
  • Santorakh - Oh that's just even more boring. A bit like this realm? Why is everything so happy here? I mean, what? You want balance yet everything here is oblivious? Not enough cake here either. Disappointing. You know Volim likes cake. At least when I give it to him.
  • Sonhadromerith - It needs something to balance the fact you just created a second Hell right next door.
  • Santorakh - Think of it as a real estate opportunity!
  • Thea'Nhirara - You have no business here. Leave this place already, and don't come back.
  • Santorakh - Oh shush. You know you can't tell me what to do. I also like your feathers. Shame if I skinned you. Really would be.

Thea'Nhirara scowled.

  • Santorakh - You know, humans like to eat chicken. Turkey. Pheasant. Turkey especially on holidays.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Do I appear to care?
  • Santorakh - Course you do. I'm currently deciding whether or not to destroy you all or not. You saw Angazhar earlier. He was having fun! Imagine what i'd be like if you really riled me up.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Well I-
  • Sonhadromerith - We are powerless against him. Leave him.
  • Santorakh - Well, good luck is all I can say. Eat some soup. Have some bread. I want you all warmed up when we're ready. See ya for now.

Santorakh disappeared in a black flourish of smoke, emitting a cold, dead aura.

The shadow that will be cast over your souls shall be that of death. All you can do is watch your world crumble.
Tur'ina'iad a'eldgar kal'tor thr'ranach. We declare war.
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