If you are in league with the Grox, leave now! You filthy savages are dirtying our eyes!

- The Retibar of the Tannovek
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After the Ilegan Empire was destroyed by the Kkrotids hundreds of years ago, they migrated to the Hypramedes Galaxy. Since then, they have been amassing hundreds of races to get their revenge on the Kkrotids. In fact, Tannovek is the Ilegan word for vengeance


  • Early History (Ilegan Empire)

In the early years of the Ilegan Empire, their area of the galaxy was quite peaceful. The local "star neighborhood" was quite friendly. It was inhabited by them and two other scientists (Krugulos, Death Reapers), two traders (Firestorm, Joku), a bard (Wubble), a diplomat (Corpcon), two zealots (Ashonas, Ixplix), a warrior (Oobergrowb), and the early Kkrotids. The Kkrotids found a tribal planet called Nortom and wished to observe the locals, the Kkintoran, reach space travel. This became known as the Era of Caution. The Kkrotids viciously guarded Nortom and another tribal planet in their homesystem. Any ship that entered without clearance was destroyed. This sparked no fewer than four wars with the Kkrotids, all of them ending in horrible defeat and the Kkrotids doubling in size each time. The 1st War of Tyrants against the Quabart Empire, the 2nd War of Tyrants against the Dino Imperium, the Tefutyrins Guardian War when the Tefutyrins invaded Nortom with their full scale military, and the 8-Day Ilegan War. The Ilegans were brutally destroyed in a crushing defeat, and forced to flee the galaxy.

  • Early History (Yoggnu-Q'vorr Alliance)


Ilegan Minor.jpg

The Ilegan Surviving Empire (formerly the Ilegan Empire) was once a scientist empire until it was destroyed by the Kkrotids hundreds of years ago. The survivors vowed vengeance and they now control the core of the Hypramedes Galaxy and command many species in their grand army.

  • Philosophy - Chaotic Evil Warrior

Yoggnu Minor.jpg

The Yoggnu Empire is a small wanderer empire with many colonies. They are, however, one of the single most intelligent races in their galaxy, so they are one of the most important members of the Tannovek. They are, by far, the most plentiful Tannovek species.

  • Philosophy - Lawful Evil Wanderer

Q'vorr Minor.jpg


  • Population: 800 billion
  • The Q'vorr Empire are an empire of agile reptilian creatures who serve as specialist and special operations officers. They have designed some of the most important technology in the Tannovek, such as the Ilegan Battle Armor and Yoggnu Re-Breathers. Their society is divided into three castes, low caste: Gik-Ray, medium caste: Resinik, high caste: Kraglar.
  • Philosophy: Chaotic Evil Pirates
Leader 4 Gathra.jpg


  • Population: 60 million
  • The Nasha Delegatory Imperium is a fairly small empire that allies the Tannovek shortly after it was formed. They are often used to represent the lesser races of the Tannovek in council meetings. They are an imperious race, and enjoy leading other races. They have much control over the Enelargs, Nurgs, and Ovlaes. This led to a civil war in the past, but the Nashas remain dedicated to the Tannovek cause.
  • Philosophy: Lawful Evil Diplomats


  • Population: 250 billion
  • The Adeite Empire is an aggressive empire that is sometimes used as elite soldiers when Ilegans and Sentinels are unavailable. They operate under tribalistic principles, and are led by Cheftains, War Cheftains, and Army Commanders. Their species hates the Enelargs, who have a similar government, and opposed the Enelargs joining from day one. But the Yoggnu, Nasha, Ghablers, and Q'vorr voted for them to join. The Adeites played a great role in quelling the Nahsa Anarchists.
  • Philosophy: Chaotic Evil Warriors


  • Population: 300 billion
  • The Ghablers Banking Clan is one of the only trader empires in the Tannovek. They trade and purchase many of the new systems for the outer Tannovek colonies. They are a wealthy and powerful species, and have seates on the High Council, Imperial Senate, Secretary Council, and a say in the Leading Council of the Tannovek. Their government operates under democratic principles, and they are generally more peaceful than the other empires.
  • Main Capital Ship: Vengeance-Class Corvette
  • Philosophy: Neutral Evil Traders

Other Members[]


With a totalitarian government, their society is mainly based off of military rank and social status.

Ilegan Ranks[]

Ilegans, with their militaristic society, often use military ranks to display social status. In fact, their military leader is also their government leader.

  • The Retibar

The Retibar is the supreme leader of all of the Ilegans. He is also the reigning ruler on New Ilega (the current Ilegan Capitol) and all of the Ilegan colonies. He is the founder of the Tannovek alliance, and is a skilled warrior trained in many martial arts. He is usually kind to his people, but heretics are dealt with swiftly and brutally, and he usually has prisoners of war executed. The current Retibar is called Totalas'tarinius.

  • Council

The Council is made up of twelve of the highest-ranking Ilegans in the empire. They make important decisions, and plan most of the military action. The Council is composed of the Council Speaker, his three Senatorial Councilors, and eight Representative Councilors.

  • Fleet Admiral

Fleet Admirals are leaders of large fleets of ships. There are currently eight fleets led by Ilegan Admirals. The Current Supreme Imperial Admiral is called Emdan'sar. He leads the Tannovek main fleet, the Fleet of Vengeance.

  • Field General

Field Generals are the leaders of large invasion garrisons, and some smaller fleets. They coordinate many of the important invasions such as the "Strikeback" (a invasion to attack a Grox planet after they capture planet Rons). The current Supreme Imperial General is called Emado'eet. He leads all of the main Tannovek Army.

  • Honor Guard Corps

The Honor Guard is an elite division of Ilegans completely dedicated to guarding the high-ranking Tannovek officers. They are genetically engineered to be almost two feet taller than the average Ilegan.

  • Spec-Ops Regiment
    • Spec-Ops Officers are often used to infiltrate enemy bases and destroy them. They are equipped with armor that allows them to render themselves invisible they specialize in martial arts and other miscellaneous things.
  • Rangers are the commanding officers for the Spec-Ops Regiment on the field when there is not a commander present. They have air-tight armor and can survive in space and underwater. They are all a volunteer force.
  • Infantry
    • Ultras are the highets ranking officers in the main infantry. They often lead small squadrons of the lower ranks into battle.
    • Majors (sometimes known as Officers) are infantry units that are not very experienced, but very well trained. Becoming a Major symbolizes a great step towards conquering worlds.
    • Minors are the main infantry unit for the Ilegan Empire. They are numerous and somewhat skilled, but display amazing discipline. Possibly even more so than the other infantry ranks.

Yoggnu Ranks[]

  • The Supreme Commander

The Yoggnu Supreme Commander is leader of all of the Yoggnu. He displays immense courage, and is one of the most important and key leaders in the Tannovek, perhaps even more than the Retibar, and is by far the mosy intelligent. He primarily specializes in leading and planning ground assaults. He is commonly found, like the other leaders, on B'Aloe (Yoggnu homeworld) or on Tannovek Fortress World 01. The currnt commander calls himself "The Commander", but his name is Suth'Yarosa'Minaris.

  • Spec-Ops Regiment
    • Spec-Ops Heavys are Yoggnu specializing in operating weaponry, ecspecially explosives and artillery.
    • Spec-Ops Officers are one of the few Yoggnu ranks that specialize in martial arts as well as many complex types of technology including piloting large ships and utelizing many types of artillery.
  • Infantry
    • Ultras, while being a relatively low-ranking position, are still commanding units on the battlefield when Heavys are not present. They display extreme skill and combat training.
    • Majors are often found on nearly every battlefield the Yoggnu have ever been sighted on. They are usually much more courageous than Minors, and are capable of leading groups when the ranking officers are killed.
    • Minors are by far the most common of all Tannovek units. They were key in winning many a battle, and saving B'Aloe and the Fortress World from being destroyed by the Mercuris Federation.
  • Suicide Yoggnu were the lowest ranking of all Yoggnu. Those who failed to pass training were given this rank. However, this position was abolished by The Commander (Supreme Commander Suth'Yarosa'Minaris) years ago. Since then, the Tannovek army has increased tenfold in both effectiveness and size.


The Tannovek is an alliance of species in the Hypramedes Galaxy. The founders, the Ilegan, were once from the Milky Way. They were a peaceful and scientific species, but when they landed troops and artillery on planet Nortom during the Guardian Era, the Kkrotids viciously destroyed them in the 8-Day Ilegan War. The Survivors left the galaxy with great hate for the Kkrotids, and vowed vengeance. Soon, they met the Yoggnu-Q'vorr alliance and the three of them founded the Tannovek Alliance. Soon they met other species including the Enelarg, "Sentinels" (real name unknown), Ovlae, and Sythus species and assimilated them into their army. The Tannovek currently has three major members, five average empires, and over 200 minor members.


The Tannovek is a mostly Atheistic society, but they do believe that Bio21 is a demon god who sent the Kkrotids to torture them. This religion now fills the minds of almost every empire in the Alliance. The Homarrans worship the god Rothel, although they do believe that Bio21 is a demon god.



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  • Federation of Obscurus


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The currently inhabit most of the core of the Hypramedes Galaxy.

They have about sixty colonies in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Important Worlds[]

  • Old Ilega: The original Ilegan capitol and homeworld remains one of the most important planets.
  • New Ilega: Location of coordination for many attacks on foreign galaxies.
  • B'Aloe: The Yoggnu homeworld.
  • Halcka: The Q'vorr homeworld.
  • Jyar Quomm: The Nasha homeworld.


Much of this technology was developed by the "Big Three" species (Ilegan, Yoggni, and Q'vorr).


There are many different types of ship used by the Tannovek.

  • Star Destroyer Class
  • Ilega Class (Supercarrier)
  • Methanos Class (Cruiser)
  • Halcyon Class (Cruiser)
  • Frigate


SILO is a superweapon used by the Tannovek. It stands for Short-Ranged Intelligent Life Obliterator. It uses neuron waves to overload brain cells, and destroy the minds of all intelligent life on a planet. The recharge time is known to be quite long (months at a time), but it is one of the most well-defended areas of Tannovek activity.


  • Planet Glassers: Planet Glassers are a standard weapon for all Tannovek warships.



  • SILO is based off of ____ from the ____ franchise.
  • The Tannovek Alliance is Bio21's only antagonistic fiction. He kept destroying the old ones in wars, so he plans to make this one stay permanently.
  • The Yoggnu are based off of Grunts from the ____ franchise. Infact, Yoggnu is Unggoy spelled backwards. The Yoggnu, however are far more important in society than their counterparts, the Unggoy are.
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