Tania Samantha Lefler is a young girl and the daughter of Captain Robert Lefler who commands his own Rambo Nation ship; and the granddaughter of business man Robert Jonathan Lefler. Due to her father's service in the navy she managed to gain a promotion to lieutenant junior grade in a rapid state, something often frowned upon by others of her class and her shipmates. Along the promotion came a position at the USS Enterprise-A, under command of Captain James Rambo.

James and Tania didn't get along well, resulting in Tania being assigned to the night shift, where she acts as the night shift commander onboard the Enterprise. She later dressed in a more formal uniform and changed her hair around the end of 2805 (07 AQF). She eventually reached the rank of commander and was given command of one of the space station in the "Gorge"


Early History[]

R-7 Station, brithplace of Tania

Tania was born at one of the two R-7 station in Quadrant 89 in 2783 (15 BQF). Her father, Robert Lefler served within the space navy of Rambo Nation and raised her in a strict but honest way. During her youth she often got presents and candy from her grandfather. Both her father and grandfatther supported her in her dreams and wishes to follow her father to become an officer within Rambo Command as well.

During her Academy years she had a lot of fun, often going to parties and enjoying herself together with her best friend, Zule Grunzar and Lassa Evaana Penaeli who only was in the same class for one year. Her grades were decent and well enought to pass each year, much at the dismay of her father who wished her to study better so she could become a lieutenant commander or captain straight away from the Academy instead of her party behavior. During her final training exam onboard a Bonaventura-Class, the ship was chasing an energy reading when it became heavily damaged, killing many cadets and leaving those that survived scarred. Tania was left prone to incoherent screaming fits ever afterwards. The result damaged her study concentration even more, her father believed Tania didn't follow his wishes and instead studied just enough to pass her exams, resulting in her finishing the Academy as an ensign. Her father, not wishing her to be an ensign onboard a ship and ingnorant of her condition, pulled some strings (unknowinly to Tania) and managed to get her to finish the Academy as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, following with an assignment onboard the USS Enterprise-A, under command of promising and troublesome captain, James Rambo.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

Upon her arrival at the USS Enterprise-A in 2804 (03 NE/06 AQF), she was first assigned to the day shift and served at it for around three weeks. But her direct approach, her refusal to wear formal boots (instead she wears long boots) and her loose hair dress she soon got on the bad side of James' nerves. It got out of hand when she questioned an order from Rambo Command while still on viewscreen, unknowingly due to her young age and inexperience. James lost his patience with her and demoted her to the night shift, where she became the head of, a position she always had to fill. Since then the relations between James and Tania are a bit tense, as Tania feels it is not fair.

James instructs Tania of their new objective

Ever since, she served at the night shift and missed out most of the adventures the crew had during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull and their discovery of Aecor. However things chanced when the Enterprise was called back to the Rambo Capital following a terrorist bombing and the following decision to Occuppy Yudumarth. The Enterprise was not assigned to join the task force, instead she was to investigate something else of importance. As the day shift was about to end, James summoned Tania to his office. There he instructed Tania that the Enterprise and her crew were ordered to investigate the dissapearance of New Republic captain, Helo Roslia at the NX-Region. This region is filled with spacial anomalies and lies close to New Cyrannian Republic space in the south of Q82. James informed Tania as well of the fact that in orbit of the capital, only the Capital Space Dock did not move orbital position compared to other stations and drydocks for tactical reasons.

Congregation forces board the Enterprise

Tania told she wasn't aware of that, for wich James scolded at her he already knew that though expected her to know it. He then ordered Tania to travel to the NX-region as night shift was about to begin and James went to bed. He instructed her to hold her position at certain coordinates until the day shift would take over again. Tania then left and took the Enterprise to the NX-region where upon arrival she encountered Helo Roslia who returned from his adventure in the future. Informing her captain she was later present at the banket held in honor of his return. As Helo left, Tania walked the hallway when a Congregation cruiser attacked the Enterprise as it was on her way back to the Rambo Capital for repairs. The cruiser launched it's boarding parties who managed to overwhelm the defenders. Tania, together with Windsor and Yudran were surrounded and were almost killed when the Congregation forces, the Krudha and Sentinels suddenly withdrew from the Enterprise.

Enterprise drawn into the wormhole!

A night after the attack, James took his dayshift to the briefing room for a morning brief and Tania remained at the brigde as her shift approached it's end. During the last minutes of her night shift a massive anomaly hit the Enterprise.

James and Jolene surprise a sleeping Tania

She gave a red alert and pushed the engines on a full reverse, but was unable to escape the gravital pressure of the anomaly, wich turned into a wormhole. Upon the day shift arriving back on the bridge, James gave the order to shut down the warp core and allow the wormhole to take them. As the Enterprise was spinning out of control, combined with the immense pressure renedered Tania and the rest of the crew unconscious. Suddenly the ship rocked violently, taking under fire by mysterious vessels.

Tania, who just awoke informed James that they were seemingly at the Rambo Capital, now war torn with giant craters on the once peaceful surface and that they were in a differant time.

Tania meets with Ramcard and her grandfather

After returning to their own time again, the Enterprise found her way back to the Rambo Capital where it recieved repairs in Spacedock and in a drydock. After a short shore leave, and a hard last night shift before the day of relaunch into service, Tania went to bed. Too tired to fully change, Tania simply removed her uniform and fell asleep atop her blankets. That is the way both Jolene Adams and captain James Rambo found her. To her surprise, the captain tasked her to meet with the Marscalcus and ask permission to re-start their journey once more. Proud and honored, Tania promised to represent the Enterprise as best as she could.

Night shift at the change of the year!

While she walked the halls of Rambo Command HQ, to find the office of vice-admiral Ramcard, she was surprised to find her grandfather, Robert Jonathan Lefler, Master of Economics there as well. When both greeted eachother, Tania was corrected by Ramcard to properly adress him before he gave Tania the data pad she needed, she soon left embarrassed and handed over the datapad to her captain.

At the last night shift of 2804 (06 AQF), both Codoberia and Tania waited for the operation's officer, to their surprise petty officer Zoe Cretacea was assigned to take over the duty due to sickness of her lieutenant. Surprised, Tania welcomed her onboard and explained how things went in the nightshift. After the checks were made, she asked if Zoe ever watched "A Planet to Far", a movie set in during the Second Galactic War. While Codoberia brougth in some snacks, the three of them enjoyed the nightshift and celebrated the change of year.

Commander of Starbase 05[]

Tania was transferred to another vessel and had to say goodbye to the Enterprise. Over the following years, with support of James Rambo Tania reached the rank of the commander and was given command of a starbase 05, a space station in the notorious "Gorge" and became a liason for the people on Ramalivua.

Personality and Traits[]

Tania is a bold and well spoken person, not affraid to voice her opinion to others. Sometimes she talks at times she shouldn't resulting in trouble for herself. However she is an honest person, willing to do everything for her friends.

Tania has bright gold/blonde hair, wich often attracs the attention of other humanoids, but is often described by male humanoids as a distant and not very open person. She also has a medical condition, as she sadly suffers from incoherent screaming fits- a condition only the ships doctor is aware of and who described medicenes for her. Honoring his vows the doctor kept it a secret from the captain though unknown to Tania instructed the ship's computer to keep a constant watch on her vital signs.

Even though she is placed on the night shift, she is promised herself to impress James again to get back on his good side again.

While onboard the Enterprise, Tania grew friendly with Laria, Codoberia (her fellow night shift collegue), Dr. Bob and outcast Yudran.



LoveRelation.pngMy friends and family!


Blue face.pngHmm, they can be difficult at times

  • James Rambo - My commanding officer, sometimes he is very kind and sometimes I just really dislike him
  • Codoberia - My fellow nigh shift collegue, a friend as well!
  • Jolene Adams - A science officer onboard the Enterprise and third in command
  • Laria Silveria - A friend of mine serving onboard the Enterprise as well
  • Lassa Evaana Penaeli - You rock, but I haven't heard from you in years after the Academy
  • Tash Hannity - A bridge officer onboard the Enterprise
  • Windsor - He saved me from those Congregation creeps!
  • Yudran - A loner onboard, but I consider him my friend!
  • Zoe Cretaca - A crewmember in operations onboard the Enterprise
  • Zule Grunzar - My party buddy!


Orange face.pngUgh!

  • none yet


My beloved daughter! I hope to see her one day to command her own vessel!

- Robert Lefler

A promising officer, who should learn not to talk when she shouldn't, a fitting night shift commander as well!

- James Rambo


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