The Taldar Empire were the empire of the three dimensional Ancient Taldar, prior to becoming Vyro'Narza.



These Taldar were quite possibly created by Vyro'Nazdea. They were born into a timeline (and possibly an entire Omniverse) before this one, before the timeline was restarted completely.

The Taldar Empire was formed when the Taldar reached the space stage, and began to gather strength by conquering other empires. They were both good and evil in different ways.

Time travelEdit

What made the Empire unique to others in their universe was their ability to use SporeWiki:Fiction Universe/Important topics/Time travel. Using both Essence and spacetime distortions, they were capable of twisting time to their will. They did this to evolve themselves, increase their technology and defeat their enemies. Individual Taldar also used the method for their own personal gain. It wasn't long, however, before this was too much.

Becoming Vyro'NarzaEdit

The Taldar Empire had broken Time in their overzealous usage. Time became incredibly unstable, and Kamik'Shi was then able to destroy Time, winning him the Game of Existence. Only Vyro'Nazdea could fix this. She used a large portion of her energy to prevent Kamik'Shi from being able to damage time, used her Chronoscopic Essence to fix time, and in punishment to the Taldar, gave them position as the Vyro'Narza, in the restarted timeline. This made them the fourth of the original Ominpotent Four.

The Vyro'Narza were a hive mind, but later became a group mind when they had paid off much of their debt to Vyro'Nazdea. The group mind were still given teachings which they followed.



The Taldar Empire were made of 3D mortals with some Chronoscopic essence. They were the same as modern Chronoscopic organisms.


The modern equivalent of the Taldar Empire's strength is either The Junction or the Krass. The Taldar Empire was as strong as the Junction technologically, and had the same abiltiy with Chronoscopic that the Krass do with Psionic.


The society of the Taldar Empire was similar to the Unified Nation of Ottzello. As the Unified Nation was guided by the Vyro'Narza, it is quite possible this was intentional.


It is unknown exactly what universe these Taldar inhabited. It is thought, however, to be this one, due to some artefacts that have been discovered. However, since these Taldar were out of this timeline, it is very doubtful they had any relation to this omniverse at all.


As with society, their equipment is very similar to the modern Unified Nation of Ottzello. Their technology was more advanced at their greatest state of power however, with full (unstable) time travel capabilities and with capabilities on the scale of The Junction or the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Greetings, young, three dimensional mortals!
Taldar Empire
The Traffphyds will obliterate all...
Bow to the might of the Traffphyds...
Time: a living, breathing thing.
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