Run...and don't look back. Don't try fighting, don't try hiding...just run! ...By whatever gods out there, RUN!

- Unknown

Tabescere are a species of highly virulent and aggressive creatures that reproduce through either infecting, consuming or reanimating pre-sapient/sapient creatures through the usage of bizarre, corrupted Essences of dark alignment. Tabescere are often reshaped from their original forms, mutating and repurposing their organs and body parts to suit their purpose of spreading throughout the known universe without fail, seeking to consume, assimilate and destroy all forms of life and biological diversity.

The nature of the Tabescere is mysterious and speculative at most such as aspects regarding their creation, origins and history. All that is known of their nature as of the current moment is their incredibly violent nature towards those not assimilated into itself, attacking and attempting to kill and/or consume uninfected lifeforms on sight without hesitation. Tabescere are considered a significant threat towards all forms of civilization and society due to their incredible adaptability, expendability and variety.



Holy Shadow War[]






They have the mentality of animals, driven by nothing but the two most fundamental instincts that are at the center of evolution - eating and breeding.

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The Undead are the primary soldiers of the Tabescere and are responsible for the spread and increase of the Tabescere Virus, the designation for the infection of "malignant Essences" that supposedly control the flesh. The Undead come in a variety of forms that have been reshaped from their original appearances prior to their infection, mutated to suit their designated function which is to simply kill the uninfected and expand their numbers to a greater margin. The Undead usually appear in large groups that attack viciously and ferociously as a pack, although there are Undead that prefer more solitary and stealth-based tactics.

The Undead does not make use of weaponry within the technological aspect unless they so happen to be equipped with some form of technology-based weapon prior to their infection or resurrection. Instead, the Undead themselves are biological weapons that make use of claws, teeth and many other forms of organic weaponry linked to their physiology, with some types of Undead possessing more advantage and offensive capability over others. Undead are highly expendable, attacking in massive onslaughts when they possess enough numbers to do so. Their main advantage is their strength; as their brain is, for the most part, inactive they are capable of accessing their raw, unfiltered physical capabilities without any barriers to restrict them.

The Undead operate well in pack groups but they function more effectively and intelligently when on their own; they employ stealth tactics to ambush or trick their targets so as to make it much easier for them to spread the Tabescere Virus. Undead are capable of transitioning the Tabescere Virus through physical methods such as bites, scratches, impalement or any other form of contact that allows for physical contact and damage of skin. The Undead are highly resistant to damage although smaller forms are more easily destroyed.

The Undead are known for being incredibly difficult to kill or at least incapacitate due to their overwhelming physical strength and their inability to feel sensations such as pain as they are driven purely by their instincts and not by individual thought. In effect, they could be compared to some form of animal which is an uninfected sapient's most prominent advantage over them, although certain Undead are produced specifically to think on a sapient level; these Undead are known as Carrion Lords.

The Undead do not wear any form of standardized armour, instead making use of what they were wearing beforehand if it is convenient enough to act as any form of protection. The Undead possess various universal weaknesses; incineration and liquidization are the most effective means of dispatching any form of Undead as most forms are capable of regenerating themselves through cannibalization of lesser forms or the devouring of uninfected. Undead are not effected by suffocation, thus can survive in underwater or vacuum-like spaces, but lesser forms are susceptible to pressure. The Undead find a particular weakness towards the application of any form of Essence, thus Essence-based attacks of any kind are the most effective non-conventional means of tackling a Tabescere infestation.

The Undead are not completely animalistic and mindless, despite their incredibly aggressive behaviour towards non-infected individuals and their often brutal methods of dispatching and infecting others. Lesser Undead are known to chant, whisper or scream words or sounds that they said or heard often in their past lives, while Carrion Lords are capable of establishing coherent communication towards uninfected through telepathic means. All Undead retain their memories even after their transformation.

The Undead also consists of cannibalistic sapients who have not yet fully transformed into an Undead him/herself, although they display tendencies that suggest they are far into their transition. These are referred to as Cannibals; delusional, highly aggressive individuals who are driven by a primal urge to consume the flesh of others, particularly those who they were in good contact with prior to infection. As their infection progresses, they lose their sapience and intelligence until they have eventually fully converted into an Undead.

The most frightening aspect regarding the Undead is the transformation itself; the shape of the infected is contorted and twisted in almost unimaginable ways while their organs and skeletons became weaponized for varying purposes revolving around violence. Thus the resulting shape of an Undead can vary regarding species, age, physical conditions, health and level of intelligence. The forms of the Undead can vary from the common mildly decayed and decomposed "walkers" to more animal-based appearances, with some forms being constructed of masses of flesh or other Undead.


These are no mere moving corpses - they're demons, manipulating and exploiting our flesh against us. They are our deepest evils.

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The Creed[]

A religious circle dedicated to the worship of these unhallowed creatures, the Creed could be compared to some form of "doomsday cult". If so, then their predictions are becoming more and more accurate.

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Infection and Reanimation[]




- The Necroarch
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I wonder whether they'd like to come around for tea and cake sometime.

- Santorakh

Die. Die. DIE!

- Clericarch Tadjamad




  • The Tabescere take inspiration from the Necromorphs of the Dead Space franchise.
  • The Tabescere originally did not exist as a named faction in the Holy Shadow War, they only canonically appear in the remade version.