Ta'adhartha (Meaning: Worship Is Forbidden) is the largest Volver rebel group currently in existence. Formed by the Quista clan absorbing the Blood Knights and members of the Crimson Splinter, it has grown in power under the leadership of Iyoka Quista to match the original empire. Despite their enormous size, they prefer to stay in the background and manipulate others rather than reveal their true strength. They are almost as good manipulators as the Brotherhood of Darklings.

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Year Two Edit

The Ta'adhartha found its origins in the second year of the Great Mirusian Conflicts. While not going by the name Ta'adhartha until much later, the organization began to form after the first year of conflict. Most of its members were followers of the Quista clan, a secretive Volver cabal famous for manipulating events to its benefit. These soldiers served under Iyoka Quista during the first year, and were a part of Anthil Agna's Blood Knight organization. Though these Quista soldiers were die-hard atheists, they maintained the illusion of Adaists simply to trick anthil into doing their bidding.

The Quista fighters first allied themselves with the Volver guerrilla fighter and avid Adaist Iloburaas, a former member of the Knights of Ascon's Rote Kralle secret police. He and his fanatical troops paired with Iyoka's atheists in a mutual defense agreement in the wake of the crackdown on the Crimson Sons. This alliance carried over to the Blood Knights. Anthil liked Iyoka and made him his second-in-command. However, he hated Iloburaas' form of warfare and put him in a lowly position.

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The Ta'adhartha is bent on atheism, meaning no religious practices whatsoever are allowed. Before, the future members of the Ta'adhartha carefully concealed their beliefs to manipulate the Ada-faithful. But now they no longer conceal such things, and will butcher all Adaists they encounter. This includes their former allies, the Crimson Splinter. Recently, however, they and the Splinter are showing signs of cooperation. It could be because the Ta'adhartha is so much larger than the Splinter, or it could be due to common enemies. Most likely, it is because the Splinter are replacing outright worship of Ada with the personality cult of Crimson, and the Ta'adhartha thus simply have no longer any quarrel with them.

Day-to-day life in the Ta'adhartha is rather exciting. Since the members do not believe they will go to an afterlife when they die, they live life to the fullest. Loud, rambunctious parties, drug-induced orgies, and random acts of sex are commonplace on Ta'adhartha bases. Opium dens, brothels, bars, casinos, and arenas are the most popular areas of their planets and ships. Due to this, it is almost impossible to walk down one of their streets without seeing either a drunk, broke, or stoned Volver, a Volver covered in wounds from fighting, or a Volver with a look of satisfaction from an itch thoroughly scratched.

Due to this, Ta'adhartha Volver actually have much more in common with (Citadelian) Raptoraneans than regular Volver. It is hard for one to enter a public place and not be identified as a Ta'adhartha. This has led to high-ranking Volver warning their underlings about going into public places and getting intoxicated. Propaganda posters stating such things are commonly seen on the streets. Usually covered in graffiti.

Despite the rambunctious nature of Ta'adhartha Volver, during a military operation this all disappears. They become coordinated, obedient, and ruthless, never letting emotions get in their heads. Even though their nemeses, Splinter Volver, are fanatical and willing to die for their cause, the Ta'adhartha fight much more viciously. In fact, Ta'adhartha fighters have been compared to beasts and animals due to random acts of cannibalism and vampirism.

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Bannerman =

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  • Blood Brotherhood - We serve with honor. We serve those who truly rule the galaxies.
  • Quista Clan - We embrace our past, unlike those Ta'raron fools.

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Together, we advance.

  • Aeba Shuka - Our Raptoranean brothers are powerful, but think too much of themselves.
  • Suicide Watch - We share the same beliefs and origins.
  • Hive of Mirus - They will serve us well.
  • Viterva Khmara - A strange lot. They have their uses.
  • Simnu Socialist Ascension - Our newest servants. They will prove useful in hunting the Adaist filth.
  • Scythe of Glory - We may have had troubled pasts, but we are brothers now.
  • Pseudopath - The brother of my brother is my brother as well.
  • Sheba Shuka - Not really members of the Blood Brotherhood, but still friendly to us.
  • Unitech Citadel of Sapients - The only ones in the Proditkar that still like us. The liking is mutual.

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That alliance meant little for us.

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

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