Lady Syria Achyriona is the youngest daughter of the late Geldrim Achyriona, who was killed during the Great Cyrannus War at hands of an elite squad of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation. A harsh, cold and cunning individual she hopes to free her people from occupation and exploit and bring commerce and health care to her planet.

She eventually joined the Cyrandia Resistance.


Surviving on YudumarthEdit

Syria was born in 20 BQF at Yudumarth, as youngest daughter of Geldrim Achyriona, father and leader of the Yudimaran people.


Syria and Aayilah have an argument

In her early youth, Syria was raised as the youngest daughter and recieved lessons in history, combat, self defense and piloting. Syria became a citizen of the Confederacy of Allied Systems when her father joined them around 02 AQF. Syria survived the various campaigns involving Yudumarth during the Great Cyrannus War but was shocked when her father was assasinated by a TIAF elite squad. It meant the end the already instable Yudumarth infrastructure and it collapsed days after the news was revealed. Syria soon got into disagreements with her sister, who led Yudumarth as heir of her fathers rule and Syria began a rebellious movement as in her eyes Aayilah was just a puppet ruler of Rambo Nation.

Her efforts were endangered during the Yudumarth Campaign when Rambo Nation briefly occupied Yudumarth after it was revealed she ordered the bombing at the Rambo Capital resulting in the deaths of 250 Rambo citizens. She went underground and sought aid of terrorist bomber Camron Dar and even had arms deals with Stekius Gaivel. Her rebel movement came to bloody end when Commander Mortikran led his Imperial forces and wiped most of them out, taking Syria captive. She later obtained a vile of the Purity Virus by a mysterious contact known as D'anna though she never used it and eventually fled Yudumarth after both the Empire and the Rambo abandoned the planet.

Rebel Leader of Creeper CabelEdit


Syria meets with Janice and Ramannis onboard the Yurrus Home

By 15 AQF, Syria encountered Yudran, a crewmember of the USS Enterprise-A. After Yudran spend his shore leave with Syria, he fell in love and conviced they should liberate their people. Yudran remembered some coordinates during his time onboard the Enterprise and together they travelled to the Serox Nebula where they encountered an abandoned experimental Lizardian design. Syria used the vessel, naming it Yurrus Home to form her Creeper Cabel. A ruthless rebellion cell bound to attack Imperial and Rambo targets to liberate their home world.

By december 20 AQF, Syria and her cell were found by Knight Janice Ross who offered them a chance to expand their rebellion. During their meeting they were disturbed by the arrival of Inquisitor Chi Chodecra onboard the Relentless, an Imperial star destroyer. With the timely arrival of Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of the Rambo Loyalist their destruction was prevented. Meeting with the Rambo Serindia Lord onboard the Yurrus Home, the two managed to side aside their difference and promised to aid each other in hopes of a better future.


Meeting with the Nosiso Exiles

At advice of Lord Ramannis and Janice the Creeper Cabel left for the Cyrannus Galaxy where they were tracked by the Relentless after they had repaired their ship at the Um2k9 repair station. Luckily the arrival of Autarch Gokyvax and the Nosiso Exiles, the Relentless was driven off and Syria met with the autarch onboard her ship. She failed to convince the Nosiso Autarch to join her Cabel though the arrival and the desruction of one of the Nosiso Resucant-class light destroyers changed his mind and together managed to elude the Relentless once again. Syria vowed to see the Nosiso find a home at Yudumarth as well in her new government.

Syria and her Cabel later participated in the Battle of Amber where the Cyrandia Resistance joined forces to liberate the Miluiel from the dark influances of the Empire. During the battle Syria led her squadron while she piloted one of her fighters herself. Later on, when most of the Resistance fleet rendezvoused at Andustar Syria muttered in dismay that it was a frozen planet and that she would not often visit the surface of it.

Legatus MandatorEdit

By September 2820, Syria Achyriona dissolved the Creeper Cabel and accepted the offer to become Mandator of Yudumarth and serve within the Legatus. Tired of fighting and seeing a new oppertunistic chance for her people, Syria pledged fealty to the Legatus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Syria has a harsh and cold personality due to the horrors she faced in her youth and witnissing the suffering of her people. She is a cunning individual who hopes to free her people from occupation and exploit and bring commerce and health care to her planet. Syria is ruthless to her enemies, vows to destroy them and liberate her people and will go to great lenght to achieve her goal, though not at the cost of innocent lives. She wears a female white armor with black tight suite. She is trained in the art of self defense as well and can handle a blaster with deadly precision and often flies in her own starfighter. Leading her people in battle personally.



LoveRelationThey are most dear to me!

  • Aayilah Achyriona - My sister!
  • Geldrim Achyriona - My dear father, your death shall be avenged!

Blue faceI believe I can trust them

  • Camron Dar - For a terrorist you support our cause!
  • Yudran - My dear trusted Chief and advisor

Orange faceBlergh!



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