Millennia ago, titans of spaces alien to our laws reigned over a garden-age, a Symmetry growing around Their star-bending minds, life and intelligence blossoming and basking in Their existence. Everything they touched was perfect, immortal. Until, of course, it wasn't; stranger gods rose to steal from their Symmetry, and in the coils of wrathful horrors the Garden turned to rot and wither, and what little sparks of intelligence were left turned to either finding new roots in the carcass of the Symmetry or eons of slumber amongst the ruins of what endured.
But now, things are changing. Primeval circuits are igniting once more, bones of neutronium and shadow that have nearly fossilized pushing themselves out of the bedrock of dormancy. Eyes have reopened on this universe, and they are not the warm, nurturing eyes of a life-sewing mother-god; they are cold and uncaring, and if the young specks of civilization in this universe are not cautious, these eyes will know contempt, and the minds beyond time and physics and matter to which they are tethered provoked to motion.

- Unknown

The Symmetric Regents, also known as Symmetry Remnants or Conduit Dominions are the isolated former Symmetry territories still controlled by Psal'Jinnai Conduit Minds in the stead of their masters. Isolated, enigmatic, and extremely territorial, the Regents tolerate next to no trespassers, and most steer clear of the planets they still hold, allowing the majority of Symmetric constructs to remain dormant.

However, recent observations have suggested that the Regents may be "waking up," in a sense. Ancient machinery whirs to life, and while landing on Symmetric worlds is still a dangerous act, instances of this have gradually begun to entail more complex events than merely death. Of note is the Regent located in the Xonexi Cluster, centered primarily within the Andromeda Galaxy's Segmentum Exterioris, where a titanic war currently rages that appears to have disturbed the hibernation of the Conduit Mind Casseprion.

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The destruction of the Symmetry was catastrophic for every corner of space touched by it; with the Psal'Jinnai stripped of power and sustenance, countless arrays of constructs were left without direction and, in many cases, severely damaged by the infectious chaos of Asymmetry's brief presence in Cocytus. Entire Conduit Minds are said to have been fractured—their galaxies would quickly fall into turmoil as a result—while others sacrificed much of the power and constructs at their disposal for self-preservation. As centuries passed, the surviving Conduits and scattered Nodes barricaded themselves in their Cocytus and normal space domains and passed into hibernation, having been left with no direction and no significant threats once the dust cleared. Constructs in normal space, which were touched much less by the Asymmetry, were placed in dormant but territorial states, sleeping unless threatened by unwary trespassers on the Symmetry's worlds.

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Brakion, Genesis Mind serves as the unofficial theme of the Regents.

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