A ruler must stick to what they believe in or they will become lazy and corrupt.


Sylo Ethland was born into a family of royalty and kings, his father was ruler of Cylolo before him. At a young age, Sylo was taught the traditions of his people, religion and tactics for war. He spent the first ten years of his life within the walls of his castle as he learned about Cuth and the knowledge every Eldarisian should know. After that, Sylo was transferred to the famous Cyloian University; a school for the most wealthy and royalty. He learned from the most excellent teachers within the nation and spent twelve years there; learning the necessary requirements for being a ruler and going above and bound to succeed and understand the material.

After passing all of his classes, his father assigned him a small platoon to command during the crusade. This platoon would soon form into the high kings task force during the conflict and would evolve into the empires 101st Elite Eldarisian Legion afterwards. Sylo was excited to lead a platoon and later became stressed when he realized the full responsibility he had. He made many mistakes at first, but pulled through and made his father proud at the end of the war on Cyloia. With victory finally in theirs hands, his father decided to step down from High King and gave it to Sylo. While reluctant at first, the young king soon embraced his role and became the ruler of Eldarisa.

After becoming King, Sylo was showered in praise and respect as his father stepped down in favor of his son; someone he found more capable of leadership. Soon his father left the royal palace to go live with his sister who was suffering from Muteness. Sylo and his mother became the only residents of palace, until he met Cymo Heli-9 at one of the royalty meetings in the palace. The two became friends early on and Sylo used his spare time to meet with her on several occasions. Both became attached to the other as time went on, until finally Sylo asked for her to marry him. She accepted and the two were married in 2799, strong and willing to face the universe together; the two were happy.

In 2801, Sylo was trained in the art of Elemental energy and showed significant control over it. Like Ioi and Elka, Sylo has shown to be hardly drained from teaching others and he is slower to drain when it comes to using his Essence abilities. Sylo also seems very capable of effectively healing others with his healing ability.

Eldarisian-Waptorian ConflictEdit

One of the most unpopular wars that the Eldarisian's took part in was the Eldarisian-Waptorian conflict. The Eldarisian's attacked the Waptoria Alliance of Species with the intent of taking over their homeland in Mirus. They declared war since Cuth told Sylo Ethland that the Waptorian's were one of the biggest threats to the Eldarisian's. Relations were already bad thanks to their very different ideals with the Waptorian's and the fact that the Waptorian's worshiped a false god made Sylo listen and so war was declared.

He told the military to try out the Empires super weapon on the Waptorian's, it successfully killed off 20 planets full of Waptorian's. This made the universes many look upon the war and called it a genocide of the Waptorian's. Sylo Ethland was shocked that his own allies looked at this with disapproval and the conflict eventually ended when France was called by Sylo to help the Eldarisian's. France made the Eldarisian's declare peace and made them repay the damage done to Waptoria. Sylo was unhappy with the way Eldarisa was treated and became more distant from allies purposely. This war made Sylo Ethland earn more respect from his god and people, but the many factions looked at Sylo with weary eyes; he lost the respect of the many, but gained respect from his people.

Debate with AlexandreEdit

At the end of the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, Sylo Ethland and his ally Alexandre I had a one hour long debate about the future of the universe and the natives. While they started off clashing with ideals and Sylo disagreeing with the idea of universal laws being created for border expansion. He eventually agreed with Valéry out of the sake of trust and because his Empire did proclaim that it is sword brothers with the Colonial Empire: Which by tradition is to trust and respect the other party as if it were your own. After agreeing, Sylo left with these last two sentences: Prove us wrong Alexandre, otherwise I fear that my people will never trust the unknown again. You have one chance, take it and create the best damn laws to grace this universe..

The debate would effect the universe, but it also affected Sylo's relationship with Valéry; his way with words and total trust in it's success made Sylo feel a certain sympathy and respect for him. While he was not a military mind at all, he was still so determined that his men could bring justice and order to those who would disobey his laws. While Sylo had never let his goals be stopped by outsiders, he would for some reason give up his goal to finally destroy Waptoria in favor of a plan he didn't even have a-lot of faith in. This was the first time Sylo would ever let his goals be stopped and now it was only a matter of time before he is proven right or wrong, but his friendship with Valéry would be increased no matter the outcome.

Post-Schism yearsEdit

After many years of war and strife, the Schism would eventually come to an end. Once this occurred and Xonexi victory was declared, Eldarisia had a shock wave of prosperity and happiness. Sylo is no exception either, with this victory under his name, the people respected him even more so then before. While Eldarisia's ideals on the matter of the DCP were not projected outward, it did not matter since the nation would be rewarded anyways through time. To help his people even more so, Sylo gave a speech an hour after the declaration was made. This speech would soon be the foundation of Eldarisia's future, it would be prosperous, proud, strong, faithful, loyal and expansive. At the head of this future was the High King himself and little did many know that he was preparing to restore his reputation within the universal community and Eldarisia's reputation.


Sylo has a friendly and faith/honor based personality. He can be laid back and strict when the time comes and doesn't usually become stressed. He can be romantic when his wife is around, but is shy when it comes to public affection. He loves creating speeches and is highly intelligent, he also has special relationships with certain people. By Sylo's standard, a SR is a best friend or friend that he has seen grow since their birth and is proud of them. Other then friends, he is interested by other races and loves to learn their history and ideas (he does not always agree with them).

As ruler of Eldarisia, he is known to have full support from his people since he is seen as a just ruler that stays loyal to Cuth. His love for his people and devotion to his religion has made many citizens of the Empire close to him and some of his people would willfully defend him from threats. He has been known to do acts of genocide in the past, but only does such actions when Cuth asks him to. He warm-fully approaches other factions, but will become distant to theocracies and allies he deem as traitors to Eldarisia. He has a hatred for alien cultures trying to integrate into the Empire and will use his power to keep the Eldarisian culture safe from alien influence.

Famous SpeechesEdit

Sylo Ethland has told many of his ideas, but only a few are very praised for their wording and passion.

  • The war is over, the Cultists of the Consumer have been slain, all I can say about them is just, is this really what you wanted! You did the Consumer's biding by killing the innocent and weak. Even those who do not believe in Cuth, you slaughtered. And you my brave warriors, for your bravery, you will all be rewarded, but for now I will not say. May Cuth bless you all, and you cultists, I hope Cuth does away with your filth. - Told to all of the Eldarisian soldiers and Cultists prisoners.

  • Citizens of Eldarisia, it is with great joy and pride that I announce our victory in the Xonexi Schism. We have fought hard, defended our values and upheld what truly matters, order, loyalty, faith and determination. So I say to you all, thank you. Thank you for being the finest citizens I have ever seen in my entire life. You stand next to your nation and God despite the many looking down on us and we stay united as we face the endless horse of chaos, evil and corruption. All of you are truly the leaders of this nation as you bear the torch of enlightenment and grant it to all who wish to walk alongside you. Through you, we have become successful and brought a new era of glory to Xonexi. Our soldiers fought with bravery as they presented the words of truth and defended our homeland. Our diplomats kept their tongues sharp as they persuaded our enemies to back down and rethink their hostility. Then finally you all brought the final swing down on the enemies head as you lived your lives and showed them that we shall not be failures. So now I ask you, shall we continue on our path of prosperity and show the true power of Eldarisia? Well, I believe we both know the answer, but I shall leave it up to you. Once more, I thank you for everything and I promise to bring even more power to the people of Eldarisia and grow our lands as we move onto this new era. Long live Cuth, Long live the king and long live Eldarisia! - Sylo's speech to Eldarisia about the Xonexi Victory over the DCP.


Green faceAllies: You truly are valuable to me.

  • Captain Ioi: He is one of my best friends.
  • Elka Cloden: A true victim of this universe and I must help him through it.
  • William Stratford: He is a valuable assets to the Empire, his youth and position gives him much time to spend with me and he shall help progress our Empire.
  • Sikolia Heli-9: I helped pick her for Minister, I do not regret it and now she seems to be very friendly with me.

Blue faceFriends: Welcome friend, what can I do for you?

  • Golk: A valuable part of the military, he his friendly and a strong willed person.
  • Rv-709: A creation of the Eldarisian's, I am proud of her.
  • Ballatay: A charming fellow he is, but their is still much to discuss.
  • Alexandre I: I trust he knows what he is talking about.

Yellow faceNeutral: I may know you, but I may not.

Orange faceDisliked: Let us reason our way out of this area, I hate having enemies.

Red faceEnemy: To me you are nothing, but to my people you could be something.


An Eldarisian chooses a sword brother once in his life, creating a bond that far exceeds friendship or kinship. It's a bond of absolute trust. We may not agree on a whole host of issues, but we have agreed to trust in the in each other's judgement, goals, and integrity. If that isn't a first step to bringing them back into the international order, I don't know what is.

- Alexandre I of France

Humans are more foolish then I thought. To chose such an egotistical, genocidal, fascist for an ally and brother, I will never understand. If you wish to have your military power in Mirus, go ahead. If you wish to try and turn our people against themselves, good luck. You may believe yourself safe in Tybusen, but I swear upon all the children's souls you've killed, I will find you. I will hunt you down. And I will murder you, slowly and with care. The humans may think they can change you, but you will not. Only the pain and realization of death will make it so.

- Ugandalore the Un-touchable


  • Sylo has Armor that holds Nanites to Repair him if he is Injured.
  • Sylo was originally a secondary character I made to fill the Ruler spot, but he soon manifested into my main character; even going on to surpass Ioi Lander in my personal favorite spot and most active.


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