- A Sts-Kehat citizen expressing concern about the future of his race.

The Sts-Kehat were a race of secretive and possibly insane Precursors that spread madness and mild irritation across the universe millions of years ago, but for the most part they kept to themselves in their Milky Way territory in the Turr Kyolm Belt. It is not believed they originated in that area, instead arriving from an unknown place at an unknown time.

Their nation, referred to as the Sts-Vushosh, existed mostly in the contempt of their contemporaries, and were viewed by lesser races as bringers of torment and sleepless horror. They were eventually wiped out in what can only be described, inaccurately, as a mass civil war. There were few survivors, which themselves eventually died out or evolved into something else. Their abandoned infrastructure may still be found in the Turr Kyolm Belt, and it is believed that certain deities worshiped by Milky Way civilisations are in fact Sts-Kehat descendants.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Sts-Kehat did not originate in this universe. Instead they hail from another dimension of endless desert wasteland. This desert contained streets and streetlights of unknown origin, and the Sts-Kehat made their homes in fertile canyons in family-based clans. They spent countless millennia expanding and fighting one another, and technological advancement was extremely slow or completely stagnant.

Eventually the Sts-Kehat faced a terrible catastrophe in their land, and were forced to face it. Great debates waged on whether the tribes should unite or flee, and in the time wasted debating countless millions died. Eventually it was agreed that the tribes would untie and flee, and so ended up in the First Gigaqudrant. The exact method they used to cross universe is unknown, but is heavily suspected to have been accidental and to have led to their insanity.

As soon as the Sts-Kehat established themselves on a planet, which they named Sts-Mujja, they were met with the majestic sight of a space whale. They promptly shot it down with their muskets and used it as a canvas to write up their first ever constitution as a united people. They founded the Sts-Vushosh on principles of peace, freedom, democracy, imperialism, surveillance, and obedience. And thus was a proud nation born.

Golden Age Edit

After a million years expansion, the Sts-Vushosh came to own a vast expanse of the Milky Way, with colonies and crusades spearing their way in almost every other galaxy in the Gigaquadrant. These attempts were often resisted by the natives and many other great empires. The Sts-Kehat were not the most advanced species and resistance was often successful, especially after the Oikoumene chose to personally cull their expansion. Regardless of this continual contention, the Sts-Kehat remained convinced that they lived in an era of peace and prosperity.

Despite near universal contempt from the Gigaquadrantic community, they were well respected for their persistence and ability to face unending horror with a straight face. They did manage to arrange a few alliances with neighbouring powers, and managed a significant hegemonic following amongst lesser species whom considered them “Demons of Heat and Madness”. There was a split-away group forming the Sts-Polunde, but this faction was respected and a personal union was formed with it, maintaining the unity of the Sts-Kehat people. While their crusades and colonies were often destroyed, the Sts-Vushosh main borders were respected, and were expected to last as long as any other civilisation of that time.

Extinction Edit

Despite the confidence in their future, the Sts-Kehat race fell unexpectedly quickly in an unexpected orgy of violence and bloodshed. The Sts-Kehat's connection to their Essence has always been strong and unique, and as they aged on their connection evolved. It eventually became obvious to the Sts-Kehat that if they killed another of their race, they were capable of absorbing their power to permanently increase their own. No amount of all powerful secret police and surveillance was able to stop the sudden upheavals.

Sts-Kehat began murdering each other all over in order to assimilate each other's power. Government and law enforcement was ineffectual due to talking part in the killings. The Sts-Kehat population quickly dwindled into a few massively powerful individuals engaging each other in titanic duels in order to slay one another. The most successful and powerful of the Sts-Kehat began to develop specific powers as they turned into god-like beings, and found themselves thinking of deification more and more.

The slaughter continued until the Sts-Kehat were reduced to about thirty eldritch beings of godlike power. They still wished to face one another to absorb yet more power, but waited instead to try and mutate lesser lifeforms into servile demon armies alongside armies of traditional followers to help quell their rivals. This led to a titanic war between new Empire-Cults that further dwindled the Sts-Kehat numbers down to nine. The dangerous applications of Mystic Energy led the mysterious Krytyczny to intervene and seal the remaining Sts-Kehat in a deep slumber, where they continue to sleep to this day.

Legacy Edit

Beyond the nine slumbering gods of madness and death, the Sts-Kehat maintain a legacy through the infrastructure and artifacts they left behind in the Turr Kyolm Belt. The Defensive Systems Bloc and the Greater Zarni Empire have both extensively studied the Sts-Kehat remains searching for useful technology. Sometimes they find it, sometimes they don't.

The Sts-Polunde is known to have survived the Great Slaughter, though it itself eventually went extinct.

More significantly, some species in the Turr Kyolm belt trace their origins to Sts-Kehat biologic experiments. The Wurbles, one of the original nine DSB members, were given extraordinary telepathic powers by the Sts-Kehat, and the Zarni were originally created by the Sts-Kehat (Before the Xhousthoe began manipulating them) as an experiment into crystalline anatomy.

Society Edit

The Sts-Kehat lifestyle was dominated by paradoxical events, paranoia, and sudden upheavals of sensibility. Sts-Kehat worked thirty-six hour days, in jobs assigned to them arbitrarily by the massive bureaucracy of their government. After these work hours, they would return to their homes, carved from randomly dumped concrete, to relax by hiding under their beds and hoping nothing would kill them.

Different Sts-Kehat settlements would often have different cultures. Some may have cults dedicated to cross-breeding with fish, others would actually have a concept of sexuality, et cetera. The Sts-Kehat did not question this, and did not at any stage consider themselves at all abnormal.

Religion Edit

The Sts-Kehat firmly believed that nothing is real. They practised this religion by hallucinating that they in a circle of imaginary fist-sized chucks of heliotrope, and sitting extremely quietly desperately pretending not to exist. Some wise sages were believe to have completely ceased to take part in the “reality” hallucination and become non-existent. Other Sts-Kehat were very traumatised by the thought that nothing was real, and would spend their time gazing into space and shrieking in existential terror.

Some minor religious practices involve blood sacrifices to oblivion, and constant chanting.

Species Edit


The Sts-Kehat species externally resemble an insect species, with an exoskeleton and body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen, and with six limbs. They have eight eyes, like a spider, and antlers like a deer. They have two hands with four long semi-skeletal fingers, while their feet are merely spiked claws that stab into the ground. They have armour plating on their backs and collar.

Internally, they are a different matter. They evolved (or were created) in a completely alien biosphere, where even the laws of physics were different. The most significant oddity of Sts-Kehat physiology is the fact that they draw their energy from radiation. They can ingest just about any organic matter for sustenance, but require radiation for the digestion process to take place. They also desire their water to be contaminated with arsenic.

Their preferred environment is arid, sandy wasteland with thin atmospheres. They do not abide the cold, and thick atmospheres interfere with their breathing. Their method of reproduction is to release numerous spores into the sand, which somehow moulds into the form of a new Sts-Kehat. As such, Sts-Kehat have so concept of sex (in any sense of the term) or gender.

Technology Edit

Sts-Kehat technology was defined by its heavy anachronism. The Sts-Kehat travelled between systems through highly advanced portal networks, but their main vehicle transportation was petroleum run rotorcraft, and their weapon systems were primarily flintlock guns fixed with bayonets and bore-loading gunpowder cannons, although they did produce large quantities of neutron bombs. They were capable of building extraordinary complex structures from materials extremely difficult to obtain, and yet their primary architectural style was to dump massive quantities of concrete on the ground and burrow into it with pickaxes.

Although they prefered portals and nightmare teleporting as methods of interstellar travel, they did field a fleet of starships as part of their military defence.

There was however an innate Essence within the Sts-Kehat that compensated for their anachronistic technology. With this essence, an advanced form of willpower, the Sts-Kehat could down starships with muskets and burn through the toughest armour and energy shields with mere knives.

Great Ones Edit

See: The Degeneracy

The Great Ones are the Sts-Kehat that managed to achieve god-like powers during the slaughter and assimilation of one another. They are enormous, eldritch beasts with mysterious powers that raise massive cults in their favour and wage war with one another to continue absorbing power until only one remains.

Politics Edit

Government Edit

The Sts-Vushosh was a self-declared democracy and is intensely proud of it. The truth of the matter is more of an authoritarian oligarchy. The legislative and judicial head of the Sts-Vushosh was the Elder Council, led by the leaders of the original united tribes. Their rule was unquestionable. When an Elder died, the vacant position was theoretically open for election by the masses. Such law failed to take into account that Sts-Kehat were biologically immortal and had sufficient security to avoid death by unnatural causes. The Elders at the destruction of the Sts-Vushosh were the same that founded it millennia ago.

The executive head of the Sts-Vushosh, the Chief, was also proudly declared democratic and a counterbalance to the Elder Council. In reality, the Chief was the Council's puppet nine times out of ten, depending on whether the current Chief had any courage to stand up to them and their agents. It was also not democratically elected, as the position was determined through prophetic nightmares shared by the electoral committee. Although, since any citizen may theoretically be selected by this process, the executive may be considered a demarchy.

The will of the government was enforced by two secret police agencies. Technically just one with a semi-autonomy subdivision. The greater organisation was loyal to the Elder Council, and the subsidiary was theoretically loyal to the Chief. The reality of this, again, depended on whether the current Chief has any courage to stand up to the council.

Foreign Relations Edit

Personal Union Edit

Face threatened[Purring]

  • Sts-Polunde - It's important to remain united. Even if they are bureaucratic pen pushing academic types.

Allies Edit

Orange face[Chanting]

  • The ForestA fine nation. We provide them with safety and pastures, and they provide us with minerals.

Good Terms Edit

Yellow face[Moaning]

  • SantorakhFinally, somebody sensible in this crazy cosmos.
  • AtaiensIt's nice having a pen pal.

Neutral Edit

Red face[Desperately Feigned Ignorance]

  • Midi-chloriansDon't exist. Never heard of them. You talkin' crazy talk.
  • AnnunakiDefinitely did not kidnap any for experimentation. And if we did, they would be fun helpful experiments.
  • GreysMeteorologists. Enough said.

Disliked Edit

Green face[Growling]

  • AngazharTry and speak softly once in a while.
  • RadesYucky yucky. They remind me of my cousin.
  • Alpha Draconians - OMG you friggin' LOSER you just had your government infiltrated by lizards. Tag a friend to totally infiltrate their government with lizards.

Enemies Edit


  • KrathazhrukhalUtter madness. I cannot determine any sense of order.
  • OikoumeneA savage horde dedicated to stopping our emancipation of the cosmos.

Nemesis Edit

Blue faceWoah, what a [expletive deleted].

  • UnknownYou're dead to me. You're dead to everyone. You are literally walking corpses.

Military Edit

The Sts-Vushosh did not have a state military directly under its control, but instead subsidised it to a private corporation referred to as the “Shoot 'em Up, LTD”. The Sts-Vushosh payed this organisation to conduct warfare on behalf of the state. Payment was made in concrete, pickaxes, and furniture.

This company controlled all manufacture of muskets, cannons, blades, and neutron bombs, although their ammunition was something they need to buy from other companies. Their helicopter fleet was also bought from a separate manufacturer, although they produced their starships themselves.

Sts-Kehat battle tactics often involved shooting, screaming, charging, stabbing, screaming, and if that doesn't all work: fleeing while screaming.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sts-Kehat are heavily based upon the works of Howard Philips Lovecraft overlayed on a Welcome to Night Vale frame.
  • No, this fiction is not meant to be serious. But it's canon. Deal with it.
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