Part 1[]

There is a pit of water with a house of glass built over it. My and my sister live there though we do not live for we are not of any form for I am the light filtered in from the glass windows where as my sister is the shadows swirling in the murk of the water, I am wind rippling across the surface where as my sister is the oozing muk below that surface. I think this would be a good place for garden, my sister disagrees, we argue on the matter endlessly.

[Look we have a problem here], I say.

Oh do we? asks my sister, god I hate it when she does that.

[Yes we do, and it pisses me off that you won't acknowledge it]

Then enlighten me.

I grind teeth I do not have in frustration.

[This constant arguing is getting us nowhere and I'm sick of it, can we not work something out?]

No we cannot, you wish to create a garden, a garden that with decay and wither in time. I do not wish to see this. The water is perfect and peaceful, leave it this way.

[It will beautiful while it lasts] I argue [more beautiful than mere water could ever be, and I can always plant another.]

And on and on it will go, I fail to see the point of anything so transient.

[Well fuck you then] I hiss saltily and go silent. My sister tries argue but I don't respond thinking over my conundrum. She thinks she's won after a while. Pisses me off to say it but she may be right. I cannot work against my sister's will for I am not anything really and she is the queen of not being anything, the bitch.


Oh? That might be the key, a phrase, a description. It describes my situation, makes it something it is and is not. Perhaps I need to define myself beyond mere light and wind? Something more concrete perhaps?

I begin the task of defining myself, molding what I am and cutting away what I am not. Soon I am not simple light and wind, I am their source. I am sun and sky and my name is Alisa. I look down at the water with eyes I now have and voice I can now use to speak.

[Now, about that garden.]

Part 2[]

I begin my work of planting the garden. sowing seeds that will bloom and grow bringing life and color across the universe. The work will take time but I am confident in it. Stupid really, I should have known my sister would not be so accepting. She swirls the murk and muk around itself, twisting the shadows into the shape of a worm. My sister is now the worm, the worm named Ara Maya, fuck is it gross. The worm that is my sister spits poison into the soil killing the seeds before they can sprout and sucking them of life bloating her body. I will not stand for this!

So I strike with fire and lighting rained down from sun and sky, I boil away the water until only a pool remains My sister flees in her worm body until all she has left is the pool, a pool which her worm body pisses into and poisons with salt. Would I boil away all the water but my garden needs that water to survive. So I let the pool be and my sister live. My sister does not stop though, she eats into the muk with her worm body digging the pool deeper and deeper until it is a bottomless pit filled with salty water.

I get back to work on my garden planting new seeds and carving streams and ponds from the pit through which fresh water can flow to feed my garden, and grand does my garden grow. But it is still not safe for in her bottomless pit my sister's worm body grows vast and fat. There is also a newer danger, in my fury I cracked the glass and now foreign air enters the garden, it may become a problem in the future.

Reaching down into one of the fresh water ponds I pull out small nymphs. They are the most fearsome creatures in the pond, ravenous and bloodthirsty. But give some greater reasoning they might make excellent guardians for the garden. I breath my breath in them and watch as they cocoon themselves.

[Let's see what happens.]