The Stones of the Sun are the holy texts of Asism, the branch of Drakenism that worships the goddess Asa Miki and is the primary religion of the United Persan Descendants.

The First Stone Edit

Before the beginning in a time and place that always has been and yet never has been there was nothing but numbers, ones and zeros constantly changing places with one another never endingly. In these numbers my sisters played a game. You may know the as Ara Maya the Black Moon and Ama Maka the White Moon. In the beginning of the game Ama would set things apart with her sticks to make distinct things and in the end Ara would bind them all back together with rope rending their unique existence at an end. This cycle would repeat without end and still does without end. But I had no place in this game for you may know me as Asa Miki the Red Moon. I merely watch and became vexed.

The Second Stone Edit

"This game of yours is dull," I groused, "always ending the same way, can't you try anything different." "Why bother," my sisters asked, "the pattern and practicability is beautiful, one day one of us will win and our way will be the only way." "Neither of you will either win," I snapped, "because you are both too caught up in your own pattern, it's time I entered the game and made my own rule". I picked up both a rope and stick and tied the rope to both ends of the stick creating a bow before declaring proudly, "this will be my new tool, my new rule in the game." My sisters started at me in horror and protested, "all you will do is create unnecessary suffering that will never end. The sticks will push things away from each other only for the ropes to draw them back into each other and vice versa." "No," I declared, "I will create infinite and complex patterns of separation and closeness of infinite and complex degrees, no two alike but no two different." And as my sisters stared in horror I was no longer the red moon but the Sun and among the one's and zero's there were now twos.

The Third Stone Edit

A game is was no longer but a war. Me and my sisters clashed against one another in a tempest were all sides were against one another. In this tempest ones become land and zeros became water while twos became the sky. And from the sky my rays of light came down and stirred life within the shadows of land and water. Life caught between the sea and the land in a battle that has no beginning and no end. Life that longs for the sky but has only a single wing so they cannot fly.

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