Just look for the third rock from Sol.

- Steve

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Steve is a powerful intergalactic AI that inhabits the supermassive black holes in the centers of many galaxies across the universe.


Much of Steve's past is a mystery. He was once a member of a space-faring empire of an unknown and presumaly extinct species, possibly called "Maasari". He was known for selling timeshares near the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy and being the founder of a city.

During an unknown time, Steve obtained contacts with powerful civilizations such as the Screebles and possibly the Xyanxes. His acts eventually got the attention of the Vi'Navitum, who ascended Steve into a massive galactic intelligence. He was last seen near the center the Milky Way.

Steve became a Vi'Navitum black hole intelligence and scattered his influence to other Galactic Cores. He was given a weapon capable of creating life, the Staff of Life, and was instructed to gift this power to the races he deemed worthy. Eventually, The Grox found out about Steve, and noticed how the Staff of Life could easily be used against them. While the Grox already used the Core as their lairs, now they started to guard them even more than usual.

Steve remained neutral to most conflicts in the universe, ignoring cries for help during the War of Ages and the Second Coming. Statues of him can be found across the galaxies where he was seen, such as in Adventure Town and the Bahaha 500 Time Trials racing tracks.


Steve's species was a race of beaked humanoid creatures with webbed feet and hair. It's not known how old and powerful his empire was, but he appeared to have been very well known across the Milky Way Galaxy. Steve is speculated to be billions of years old.

He is also known for having an interest in the third rock from Sol. As he is a Vi'Navitum technology, Steve may be aware of Earth's importance and connection with the Xhodocto.

Quotes from others Edit

We owe it to Steve. We were almost destroyed in the Grox Resistance, yet, taking their power vacuum and meeting Steve opened us up to the galaxy and eventually the universe. We opened up trade and commerce routes to the core, safe from the Grox, so other races could easily make pilgrimage. This led to the founding of the Seven Starr Alliance, which is where the history of the interconnected Gigaquadrant began.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

Enemy of our master! Suffer in pain!

- Meta Prophet of the Grox Follower

He seems quite arrogant to us. It's amazing that the Society worships him.

- Mercuris Federation


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