Stench is Greendion from the planet Zevia who was once enslaved by the dreaded Quadrantia Loron. Upon escaping his life of slavery, he found himself to join Claire Rambo on her adventures and often acts as a comic relief to most!


Life on Zevia[]

Meeting Tatsu Irana

Stench was born in the western forests of Zevia, together with the rest of tribe. Sadly, at one day Stench was captured by the arriving Quadrantia Loron and set to work to construct their base. Over time however, Stench managed to escape his slavery and travelled back to his former home, the small city near the temple of Quetzamet in the western forests but found it abandoned. Waiting at his home town, he at one point he met with lt. commander Tatsu Irana who was exploring the temple of Quetzamet to find clues for the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. At first the troopers and Irana found the creature repulsive and smelly, when Stench fell to his knees and bursted out in tears Irana gave the little creature food and Stench suddenly felt a certain affection he couldn't explain towards Irana.

Life with Claire and her friends[]

Irana took Stench onboard the Suiliagothrond II where Irana was given permission by her superior officer, Claire Rambo to join the crew under one condition, Stench would be Irana's responsibility. Claire at first only agreed because the creature might prove useful, even though his bad smell.

At Yudumarth!

Stench was present at the stations travel towards Carnthedain and teleportation and travel towards the mystical bastion planet Aecor, once a stronghold of the Atlantica. He witnessed Claire being slashed and seriously injured by the blade of Thel'Vicliquam, upon her medical transport by her father, James Rambo and the crew of the USS Enterprise-A, Stench remaind behind at Aecor. A month later, Stench was delighted to see Claire return, and during their time together at Aecor, Stench and Claire grew closer to eachother.

Corva and Stench awake a Sanderhal dragon

He joined Claire as a crewmember onboard the Falcon, and was the one being most happy being onboard the cargo freighter. During their travel towards Yudumarth, he was allowed by Claire to go on a mission to find Camron Dar, along the way they discovered a nest of Nosiso bugs, hailing from the Cyrannus Galaxy. When the crew of the Falcon had their dealings at Orbispira, Stench remained onboard as he didn't want to go into the crowdy streets of the Imperial capital. Claire as well found it a better idea to remain onboard, as a Greendion would surely attract Imperial attention. When Claire took Voro Acetenus onboard, he was greatly impressed by the size and nobility of the Cogsangui warrior. He also took a liking to Corva and her travel companion. While making a hard landing at the slaver planet Sanderhal, Claire left to find her target, Xora. Stench and the others were ordered by Claire to remain at the Falcon and repair the engine, wich was damaged during their landing by lightning. Stench and Corva decided to explore the nearby swamp to escape boredom that came with repairing the Falcon. While exploring the swamps, Stench and Corva stumbled upon a Sanderhal dragon, while sneaking away Stench accidently stepped on a twig, snapping it loudly. Awakening the beast, the two decided to take a run for it but found themselves trapped in a dead-end. To their surprise, the beast actually seemed to take a liking to the two and remained with the creature until it fell a sleep and the two could travel back towards the Falcon.

A shower incident?

After Claire returned from the arena match where Voro saved her live, together with Xora, Stench was delighted. Walking through the corridor of the Falcon, Stench was attracted by the steam of the hot water in the shower. Stench entered bathroom of the Falcon, where to his surprise Claire was showering. Peeking around the corner, he saw her washing away the dirt and filth of the swamps of Sanderhal. Looking at her, Stench noticed Claire was well build, slightly muscular, a fine extravagance, and well formed soft breasts. Stench looked in amazement at her. As water streams along her wet hair, Stench followed her neck towards her upper body and lower body towards her long legs.

Suddenly Claire turned and furiously asked what Stench was doing. Stench was confused while Claire grabbed a towel to cover her lower body while she covered her breasts with her left arm. Claire’s face hardened and she asked if Stench's mother never thaught him peeking was nasty. Replying that his mother never thaught him nor that he didn't understood why she was angry at Stench, as Stench didn't wear any clothes either. Claire’s expression softened, a slight smile appearing at her face, placing the towel around her body she approached Stench and went down on her knees. Fondling Stench head gently, Claire told Stench that humanoids simply wore clothes and don’t find it proper that others peek at them while showering or chancing their clothes. Stench nodded and apologized, though Claire replied there was no need to. She then told Stench he had to brush his teeth and the two walked towards the lavatory.

Meeting Ram'Vell in a cafetaria

Afterwards, together with Claire, Corva and Xora he was watching a movie. When arriving at Terra Prime, Stench remained behind at the Falcon together with Tironus Manition and Voro. Getting to know the two better, Stench often began to help Tironus Manition in maintance of the Falcon. Near the end of 06 AQF, he remained at the Falcon once again when they were at Koerband, not wanting to go into Ramloria City due to it's bad radiation. Upon the outbreak his current fate and that of Tironus Manition is unknown due to the ensuing choas and panick. Together with Voro they managed to evade capture, but during their escape both Tironus Manition and Carvo fell off the Falcon into the trees below. Before being able to turn the Falcon was escorted by Rambo Cascabels to Cardolast where it was forced to land. Together with Voro they searched for a way to enter the Western Peninsula to find their friends. Meeting with ambassador Ram'Vell in a cafetaria in Cardolast with delicious apples, the Rambo Serindia had to dissapoint them as he claimed he was chained by Rambo Command in such matters. Furious Voro left, taking Stench with him, outside they were confronted by a young girl by the name Lana Yrel who could bring them to the peninsula. Voro accepted her offer and tasked Stench with preparing the Falcon in case of an emergency resque operation.

Stench's final moments

Stench remained onboard the Falcon for the remaining adventures, including the Quadrantia Adventures and the Torments of Arcaniox, being the trustable and ever acountable pilot of the freighter. Greatly saddened by the loss of Claire (whom he had a secret crush on) he remained with his friends Corva and Tironus Manition. In 21 AQF, on Tar Kuuraen they met with New Republic agent Rhavor Aldorón though were interrupted by members of the Raptor Squadron, an elite Imperial-Legatus taskforce with a single mission, hunt down the Cyrandia Resistance. Evading capture by both Vitiian Rax and Lady Astrosia they reached the docks and took off with their vehicles. Sadly, the trap had spun and the Arquitents-class Provacoteur of captain Tessala awaited them in low orbit. Nearly disabling the resistance vessels Stench rammed the Falcon into the Arquitent-class. His sacrifice allowed Corva and Tironus Manition to escape and live another day to fight against the Empire.

Personality and Traits[]

Stench is a small person, often due to his innocence he provides a comical relief to many. He also likes to travel among the stars, and it doesn't mind what kind of ship he is. Sadly, due to his natural smelly appearance he is often disliked by others and in result was being underfed for years, by the Quadrantia Loron, a species he dislikes. Stench looked miserable, wich aided helped him when Irana had a change of heart and took Stench onboard to recieve medical care and was allowed to stay onboard. He eventually became a trusted sight by Claire and Irana, with Claire even taking him on occasions on her adventures, where he can be used for get away or as scout. He became a trusted member of the Falcon and seems to like all of them. Yet his innocent nature sometimes proves troublesome or annoying to others, examples are the "shower incident" with Claire and Stench's tendacy to touch and wish to play with Tironus Manition "Shiela" rifle.



Green face.pngFriends!


Blue face.pngThey seem kind


Orange face.pngOh no!


Though smelly, I am really fond of this little person!

- Claire Rambo


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