Stekius Gaivel is a commander of the former Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel. He fought during the second Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel War and managed to evade capture in 263 BQF by the Rambo Navy. Ever since he has awaited the chance to return and punish Rambo Nation for the Heer Stekeveels defeat so many years ago! Stekus Gaivel is the leader of the QHeer Stekeveel tribe known as the Alsacconia though lost most of his prestige and influance due to the interventions of the NZTO and was captured twice though escaped twice as well.

Afterwards, near the end of 20 AQF Stekius finally found a way to return to the public and play a role in the history of the Quadrant Galaxies.


Gaivel's personal banner

Early History[]

Stekius Gaivel was born in 279 BQF at the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel homeworld. When reaching the age of 3, like all young male Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel he was drafted into service of the infantery. Over the years when he grew older, Stekius proved himself to be a capable soldier and eventually reached the rank guard and trusted aide to General Sterveral. During the second Rambo-Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel broke out in 271 BQF, having the age of only 8, Stekius fought during the war at many fronts. After a failed bombardment of the Rambo Capital, the Rambo Navy retalliated and the Q-Heer Stekeveel were overrun in 263 BQF. During the ensuing chaos, Stekius managed to escape and led various soldiers and families into the Unclaimed Territories of the Quadrant Galaxies. Once there, he aided the new goverment, the Hegemony to rebuild the once great Empire. Frustrated by the various clans not willing to work together he regained command over a sizable portion of the army and navy and pledged his loyalty to the central goverment. This act made the other clans promise to aid eachother in case of a common enemy or threat. Yet much to his dislike, the central goverment is unable to unify the clans, and in 05 AQF/02 NE Stekius Gaivel grew tired of all this and began to seek out if General Sterveral was still alive. Yet he needed someone who could do this for him, as he didn't want to risk to be discovered by the Rambo, who believed the Q-Heer Stekeveel were either destroyed or "employed" by the Diva-Bettie.

Rise of Stekius Gaivel[]

Using the Yudimaran for his own goals

The first act to gain more power and information was to ally Camron Dar at Yudumarth, where he provided the local terrorists and rebels with bombing materials. Now that the Rambo were occupied in their Yudumarth Campaign, Stekius could slowly build up his power without being noticed. He also gave the Yudimaran rebels a single vial of the "Purity Virus", wich he stumbled upon the black market once. Stekius then made trade contract with the slavers of Sanderhal and the dreaded Sepherian, while staying away from the Lizardian. When in 06 AQF France formed the French Quadrant Colonies, Stekius began ordering his men to raid patrols and cargo vessels along the border while doing the same against the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies. When the French created the French Quadrantia Trade Route, it became the main base of raiding operations of the QHeer Stekeveel.

When both France and the Drodo started invade Heer Stekeveel space, Gaivel tried to rally the clans behind his banner and was actually one of the last Heer Stekeveel standing. During the invasion, one warlord known as Caecina sided with France and devided the clans even more, eventually coming to a confrontation between the two. Having won the Battle of Ulesca, he lost the Battle for Ludicius and was forced to retreat. When the France pushed on, Gaivel was forced to surrender and taken captive and place in a cell.

Stekius and his contact meet at Gaskhan

Before taken captive, he send one last emergency transmission to his relatives in the east of Quadrant 82 about current events. During the Second Heer Stekeveel War Gaivus was freed and tried to rally his people once again though failed and went into hiding. In november 20 AQF, Stekius travelled to Gaskhan and met with his contact, Aubrie who held him at gunpoint. Fearing another capture, he was surprised she actually aided him to escape and cross the infamous Gorge.

An uneasy and unofficial agreement between the High King and High Lord

Bringing with him a fierce hatred and desire to bring down his enemies and a wish to bring his people wealth and prosperity. In order to do so, he accepted the offer of Venocios and became the High Lord of the Hutter Kingdom, the highest authority. His first action was to meet with High King Rambert Ramveral of Rambo Nation and together came to a mutual agreement.

Stekius promised the occupation of Thelliria was at an end and they would withdraw from it if the Rambo promised to aid them, if France or the Xonexi Allies would launch a pre-emptive or unprovoked attack against the Kingdom. In return the Rambo Monarch officially recognised Stekius as the ruler of the Kingdom and would allow the Hutters acess to the Unclaimed Territories after they were checkes or given clearances for their military vessels.

Personality and Traits[]

Stekius Gaivel is a clever and cunning person, not hesistating to sacrifice others wich are not Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel. With his goal to unleash a new war against Rambo Nation, Stekius will do all to help the enemies of Rambo Nation to force them to act.

Paranoid of his enemies and allies, Stekius hopes to one day unite all Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and claim the throne of Rambo Nation for his own so his people can thrive once again.



Blue face.pngI consider them allies I guess!

  • none

Blue face.pngUseful pawns!


Orange face.pngFeel the wrath of Stekius Gaivel!

  • Alexandre I - I will shred you to pieces Terran!
  • Ramashe - One day I will use your feathers for my pillow!



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