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Station Halcyon is a setting in the SporeWiki Fiction Universe that revolves around exploration, mystery, scientific discovery, intrigue and drama on the very frontier of the First Gigaquadrant. Serving as the hub of the venerable Seven Starr Alliance, Halcyon is sure to be home to great events that will shape the very cosmos for centuries to come. Created by Wormulon, Halcyon aims to become something different among the other fictions of the First Gigaquadrant, concentrating on themes that will shed new light on the cultures and history of the First Gigaquadrant.


Wormulon - Cyrannian


After the Annihilation, Station Halcyon was moved by the Vi'Navitum to the Cyrannus Galaxy. The station is again put on the edge of the frontier, as a bastion of Gigaquadrant hope after the devastation in what was believed to be a shining galaxy of democracy. With much of the universe in ruin (including the believed extinction of the Delpha Coalition of Planets), it was also guarded by the safest power, the United Republic of Cyrannus. However... times change.

The Gigaquadrant was wrong and Station Halcyon abandoned. Series 2 begins in the Modern Era after a turn to Station Halcyon. But during the Dark Times, the New Imperial Order would love nothing more than to dig it's clutches into Station Halcyon. This is the political background of Series 2. New factions such as the Draconid Imperium, and many other interesting things could pop up, like artifacts left behind by the Oikoumene or other Precursor races. The new frontier opens up the possibility of meeting even more alien races. And finally, there is the secret agenda of Majestic to unravel.

Series 1 finished with the Annihilation. Series 2 picks up now after a return.



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The Story Edit

Series One: Great Space CityEdit

  • New Beginnings
    • The future crew begin their new lives on the station, however, there is still work to be done...
  • What Lies Ahead
    • The Station's first contact with What lies beyond happens sooner than expected...
  • Dark Harbinger
    • Warlord Kilnok pays a quick visit to the station after the Loron and Shillite attack, to oversee the defenses, but does not know what shadows lurk behind him...
  • Meeting of the Worlds
    • A dark presence threatens Halcyon...

Series Two: Bold New WorldEdit

  • Coming Soon (Preview)
    • Much has changed...


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