The Spoxid were a race that valued life more than anything else. Ironically, their entire race was wiped out. The believed in spreading life throughout the galaxy.



The Spoxid race believed themselves to be the first race that Spode or "The First" created. They became sapient along with the Grox. They began preaching the word of Spode to other races in the galaxy. The Spoxid made their home out of the ruins of an ancient civilization, located near the galactic core. After a while, the Spoxid developed terraforming technology, allowing them to build colonies and spread life throughout the galaxy. They started create great mega structures that housed different life forms. Eventually, the spoxid discovered their greatest tool, The Staff of Life. It could terraform a barren T0 planet instantly to a T3 oasis. They used this tool to create life wherever they went, allowing a diverse number of creatures to exist throughout the galaxy.


Beings from another dimension known as the Nyarqaeshu arrived the Milky Way. They began crushing those who praised Spode. Their reasons were unknown to the Spoxid, but they had assumed that they were followers of the False God. The Spoxid quickly took action, attempting to stop them form destroying Spode's followers.

The Nyarqaeshu were more than a match for the Spoxid. They destroyed most of their colonies, pushing the Spoxid back to their galactic center colonies. The Spoxid were forced to go into hiding. Apparently, the Nyarqaeshu had no knowledge of their home planet. The Spoxid hid there for the next one thousand years.

Planet SeedingEdit

After the war with the Nebulorians, The Spoxid continued to create life on different planets. They wanted to create more followers for Spode. The Spoxid created the Monolith, allowing them to uplift other empires. Uplifted empires considered the Spoxid as their gods, rather than Spode. The Spoxid did not expect this, though technically they were playing the role of God by creating life.

War with GroxEdit

As the Spoxid spread life, the Grox destroyed it. The Spoxid tried to change the Grox's ways, but that only made them angry. Spoxid leader Man'un saw the Grox would be a threat and started using the staff of life on planets in the outer arms of the galaxy. This would keep what ever life they made safe from the Grox.

Fall of the SpoxidEdit

Eventually, the Grox had had enough of the Spoxid's ways. A terrible war was started known as the Grox- Spoxid War. The Spoxid race was being wiped out. They lacked a strong military force and had poor combat training. Many ships that had Staffs of Life on board were destroyed, and Priest Man'un only had 80 to spare. He soon left his dying home world to seek out planets to terraform. On his way out of his star system, the planet was destroyed, Making Man'un the last of his kind. Man'un vowed to continue spreading life throughout the cosmos, but he needed help.

Spoxid LegacyEdit

Man'un then left with the remaining Staffs and ventured into the alpha arm of the galaxy. There he was attacked by the Grox and launched the Staffs randomly across the galaxy. The Grox eventually took his ship down and it crashed on a small planet . With his dying breaths, he wrote a message in the dirt about the Grox and an old, ruined Spoxid colony. Then he took the rest of his life force and created one Staff of Life that he launched to the nearby planet. The shot flew right by the system's star and crashed into the planet's ocean.

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