The Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya (Mahanayan: thayannavā zoyanżōḫoololĥōolōmyan tĥa'maḫānayan) is a cryptic spiritualist governance located within the Oma-Tol Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy. Largely believed to be the Frontier's oldest thriving power, the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya has existed for several hundreds of thousands of years in the galaxy, primarily witness to most of the galaxy's most recent and calamitous years. Though the Spiritualist Dominion regards themselves neutral to political discussion, they have in recent years become critics of some galactic governments such as the Asilaphean Empire for unjustified genocidal methods.


According to unsubstantiated claims from the Nanusuloan Convocation's leading xenoarchaeologists, the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya has thrived within the Tuuros Galaxy for several millennia longer than most commonly studied extinct cultures in the surrounding region of the central galaxy. Most xenoarchaeological studies suggest the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya has been present in the Tuuros Galaxy between a variable estimate of 300,000 years to a lengthier extreme of 13 - 14 million years. There has been no confirmation from Mahanayan individuals themselves, who are notoriously secretive about the history of their culture. The oldest archaeological finds attributed to the Spiritualist Dominion suggest they were present in wider space at least 275,000 years ago; from then on, there are fleeting and incomplete records of extinct cultures regarding Mahanayans until 99,000 years ago.

Until the schismatic collapse of The Congregation in 2760, the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya was largely ignorant and unaffected by galactic matters - including the Tuurosian War. However, Mahanaya was subject to civil unrest between 2407 - 2430 at the behest of Hez'Kalka, a fanatic of Angazhar that laid siege to the planet. Approximately 12 million were killed in the unrest, although Hez'Kalka eventually left the planet and became a Congregation loyalist. In 2760, Hez'Kalka returned as the figurehead of the therusist religion in Tuuros following the Congregation's dissolution; the further crimes against the Spiritualist Dominion caused some Mahanayans to flee the galaxy, eventually settling in the Borealis Galaxy and forming the Mahanayan Borealis States as a result. As Hez'Kalka succeeded in converting a large number of Mahanayans, he formed the Dominion of the Xhodocto in the Andromeda Galaxy not long after.



The government of the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya is not well understood by the Tuuros Galaxy. Generally thought of as cryptocratic, the Spiritualist Dominion has no known leader nor political representatives; some in the galaxy tend to believe Mahanayan politics in fact do not exist. In truth, the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya is a coexisting number of smaller governments bound by philosophical tenets - whilst in history this has sometimes proved to be conflicting in nature, much of the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya rarely ever discuss political matters. As Mahanayans are hugely individual entities, the Spiritualist Domonion is self-sufficient down to a personal level. There are numerous studies to explain as to how Mahanayan governance functions and thrives with such little dialogue; many attribute it to the very nature of Mahanayan minds altogether.

It is known that, by the function of several smaller governments, that the Spiritualist Dominion may be governed by clan governance. However, due to a lack of galactic documentation on Mahanayan population censuses, the size of these clans and familial ties within them are unknown.


Stretched between the Oma-Tol Sector (their home sector) and the Xalakk-Xittan Sector, the Spiritualist Dominion of Mahanaya is a notably large government of a system count between 45,000 - 47,000 systems. By no means the largest territory within the Tuuros Galaxy, of which is the Asilaphean Empire, the Spiritualist Dominion covers an expanse of roughly the same volume as the Nanusuloan-Asilaphean Administration Territories. What is known of the territorial distribution of the Spiritualist Dominion is that there are several centres of influence across the region, of which are surrounded by several mining colonies which are now mostly likely no longer used as such.

It is well known that several species live within the Spiritualist Dominion; most of these are thought to be refugee species from both the Asilaphean Empire and Vranntan Order over the millennia. Many of these species do not in fact follow the same doctrines as the Mahanayans and instead live in varying degrees of integration with them. It is thought that whilst their societies and practices differ, some Mahanayans have taken authority over these protectorate races in order to maintain order within their governance.


Most younger Mahanayans tend to live alone.

Mahanayan culture is the subject of much interest among xenoarchaeologists, scientists and historians alike. Some Mahanayans are known to be solitary for much of their extremely long lives, and it is known that some Mahanayans elect to live past their natural lifespan with the use of Essence. For what is known, most Mahanayans are dedicated to ancient philosophies; according to such philosophies, all Mahanayans are born with a zoyanżōḫool which they live to answer and fulfil. Many Mahanayans believe that their lives are bound to the Dominion, whilst others sometimes ascribed as ādmanayōnolĥōolōmyan who believe their answers lay beyond the stars and often live on foreign worlds in meditation. These professions are common among Mahanayans of a younger age; most Mahanayans consider familial ties nearing older age, where they often become teachers to newer generations.

Very little is known about the role of female Mahanayans. As all Mahanayans ever encountered have been male, it has been hypothesised that Mahanayan society is patriarchal in nature. There have been conflicting sources of information regarding female Mahanayans; some indicate that females take a more nurturing role in society whilst others indicate that females have total equality with males.


Mahanayan philosophies indicate that the universe exists in a state of balance; all occurrences both benign and malevolent exist to both test and bring about this balance. Almost all Mahanayans are born into this belief, and in turn practice religious methods of meditation and celibacy for much of their life - some Mahanayans live their entire lives celibate, although such practices are only among more extreme practitioners. Meditation is a frequent activity for Mahanayans; most Mahanayans became lost in thought for hours upon end, with some trains of thought sometimes lasting days. Mahanayan philosophies do not forbid any 'sinful' practice; in fact, some lines of thought encourage more unscrupulous practices as a means of better understanding the balances of the universe. Because of this, Mahanayans do not forbid drinking or recreational drugs, but the mild manners of most Mahanayans do not warrant many instances of these practices either.

As Mahanayans are extremely long lived, several individuals have taken to writing autobiographies, often concerning their interpretations of their own zoyanżōḫool. These are considered important philosophical writings to Mahanayans, and often individuals of the same family tend to hold their own ancestors' writings in high regard, often carrying copies of these writings with them as their own and often personal guidelines for meditation. These autobiographical texts are rarely written in the first person however; most of these texts take on the form of self-written mantra reflecting on events over their lives. There is little insight as to whether the Mahanayans have or once had a universally structured religion, although it is known there are certain prayers in place for certain ceremonial events.

Due to the flexibility of Mahanayan scriptures and philosophy, individual Mahanayans (and in turn certain familial holds) may accept the existence of a deity; most Mahanayan philosophies do not in fact accept the existence of a deity to worship. In more modern times, belief in a deity has diminished greatly due to the civil unrest caused by Hez'Kalka. Most known godforms, such as the Ultraterrestrials and Essentials are recognised as godly beings, but are rarely worshipped, in favour of the belief that they are greater and incarnate devices of balance and imbalance.





  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II