Research and Information? I'd check with the Collective. After all, it's a very rare event when you start talking and they don't know everything about what you're going to say already. That's how it is with those information-addicted beings.

- Senator Chandrila of the Ghandalorian Republic.

The Collective's emblem, a chronium atom. Chronium was first discovered by the Collective and recognized as the best material for Federation ship hulls

The Spectrum Design Collective, also known as the Spectrum Design Consortium is a Ravenrii governmental organization dedicated to every aspect of scientific research, specifically that of interspace travel and Planetary Manipulation for the Core Federation. The Collective is controlled by the Federation's government, the Silver Ministry, and is one of the Great Five, the federation's five largest organizations, which handle the Federation's largest affairs.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Collective is one of the oldest scientific organizations in the galaxy, created barely in the year 1,020 ,First Age by the Core Federation's royalty as a research institution. Unlike its manufacturing counterpart, CoreFleet Systems,the SDC is only aimed at research and does not manufacture or design military/civilian spacecraft. The Collective is centered in the Core Worlds with over a thousand main research centers, and employs over 3 billion workers per world. Its research has aided the Federation's understanding of Essence, established new space-traveling methods and helped create the technology needed to create T3 worlds for the Federation's crace, the Ravenrii, as tehy can scarcely inhait lower-quality planets. Like its counterpart, however, it has a major share of the Federation's GDP spending, representing a multi-quintillion 16% of the GDP.

Head of the Department[edit | edit source]

Roughly each hundred years, the Spectrum Design Collective's top scientists nominate a member to be Head of the Department of the SDC-the highest position in the Collective. The head of the department, also calle the Director/ess, oversees the administration of the SDC's funds, supervises ongoing experiments and procedures, and participates in inaugurational or official SDC ceremonies. The current Directress is Dr. Regnea Vera of Core World Justymahid.

Biology and Genetics[edit | edit source]

One of the lower branches of the Consortium, the biology/genetics section is dedicated to manipulating the genetic structures of organisms to better survive adverse conditions, the analyzing, collecting and storing of any new organism classified by the Federation (Taxonomy), the study of organisms living in Federation worlds, etc. It represents over 20% of the Collective's budget. The Silver Standard's creatures were all created by the Collectives genetic enhancements and modifications.

Planetary Manipulation[edit | edit source]

Creditted as the single most important colonization science in the Federation, the science of manipulating a planet's climate, ecosystems and location in space to be ideal for any specific sapecies, in the Federatiuon's case, the Ravenrii, was developed by the Consortium in the year 1,460,700,000, F.A.It greatly facilitated the Empire's expansion and introduced the Silver Standard, a protocol that states that only Silver Standard creatures can inhabit Federation worlds, and that Federation colonies have the right to only inhabit T3 Worlds. Planetary Manipulation is a very important science to the Federation, and ongoing impovement research represents over 35% of the budget.

Interspace Travel and Astronomy[edit | edit source]

Interspace Travel and the study of galactic topography is one of the biggest departments,representing over 33% of the Consortium's budget. The studies are responsible for the Federation's excelent maps, which are some of the most complete in the galaxy. Because theu have mapped all of the stars in the Xanthrus Spiral, it is now dedicated to mapping and studying the effects and categories of wormholes, and studying other galactic anomalies and formations as well. the department is also becoming more focused on inter-galactic mapping and developing fast, effective inter-galactic travel.

Chemical and Physics Research[edit | edit source]

This particular department is the smallest in the Consortium, using 17% of the budget. The department is basically in charge of creating chemical and biological elements for use and processing as valuable products, hull coverings, energy components/sources, and even weapons. Most is now dedicated to creating more resistant ship components and identifying new elements and minerals, as well as researching new chemicals that could be useful for mass production and use.'The subdiviion's research and developments are used by CorEnergies, a Ravenrii energy company, as many of the minerals discovered by the subdivision (i.e. Sigma Gas, Clorus Gas, Trinium, Centrinium and Chronium are used in energy creation. Discoveries on elements crucial to starships are handed over to CoreFleet Systems for mass production and exploitation.
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