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The Sovereign Mirusain Coalition is a loose coalition of various powers of the Mirus Galaxy formed in the aftermath of the Scramble for Mirus, in which hyperpowers such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets but most notably the Xonexi Allies invaded Mirus and carried out an immense power grab in former Dominatus Mirus. While many nations of the Mirusian Sovereign Coalition found it acceptable that these powers did set up colonies there - after all, they were co-contributors to the fall of the Tyranny - they found it unacceptable that the partitioners claimed all of the former Tyranny's territory for themselves, as some of it had already been claimed by Mirusians who had also fought in the war against the Tyranny.

Thus, headed by Bisarko of the Zarbania Powers, multiple powers native native to Mirus, including the native Mirusian empires of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, the mysterious Pseudopath Empire, and the honorable Xylon Empire, held a meeting that eventually resulted in the formation of the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition. While in attendance, the Waptoria Alliance of Species, wishing to solve the matter via diplomacy, initially denied the membership request, though this would change after the Hegemony betrayal. The Multus Esse, not seeing anything to be gained by a war with the Xonexi, also refused to join.

After recieving word of the upcoming war, Imperator Caligustus would privately message Emperor Ridanax of the Zarbania Powers that the Imperium of War would pledge it's support to the Coalition. Furthermore, within weeks or even days after the formation of the Sovereign Coalition, empires non-native of Mirus but being sympathic to their cause - mostly non-native empires of the Alliance - also asked to join in to protect Mirus. After much, debate, they were allowed in, mainly because the Mirus-natives realized they needed every man and ship they could get to archieve their goal. Thus the Sovereign quickly evolved from a coalition of Mirusian patriots bent on expelling the Xonexi Allies from Mirus into one bent on protecting Mirus in general. However, not all non-native Mirusian allies received this well. The majority of the Vanara Empire came to regard this as an act of nativism and one that could get dragged into a potential war they wanted no part of, with Empress Zuki only showing up to lend support out of an obligation to her allies. However after being snubbed by one of Bisarko's minor officials and finding no support from her allies -falsely believing the Vanara to be devastated after a war that had cost them their previous Empress-, she openly denounced the Coalition and even opened up trade connections with the Draconid Imperium despite the warnings otherwise of Waptoria.

Many members were led to believe that in the age of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, offense was the best defense. As such, the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition gradually started to act more and more actively in the Great Xonexian Schism, often, but not always siding with the DCP due their shared interest to demolish or otherwise pacify the Xonexi Allies, whom they saw as an alliance of imperialists that threatened Mirus' sovereignity. Ultimtely, while short-lived, the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition allowed much of Mirus to find common ground against a foreign foe, and managed to stir up anti-Xonexi sentiment abroad, making the Xonexi Allies lose the moral high ground in the Shism, though it did little to impede an eventual Xonexi victory.


Allied States[]


First Coalition War[]

Warriors of Mirus, hear me! I, Emperor Gridlock of Zarbania, have long stood opposed to many who now listen! But no more! Against these invaders, who seek to take and steal from Mirus, there can be no hatred. Together, we shall stand against the coming darkness, and show them true fury! Though our creeds are different, though we all at one time warred with the other, let us direct our considerable wrath anew! Against these invaders. Be they Andromeda, Tybunsen, Milky Way, it matters not! They shall not sully Mirus with their imperialism! Let us stand as one, to fight back the encroaching darkness!

- Emperor Gridlock to all members of the coalition before the attack

The Coalition made it's first showing in the battles against the Draconid Imperium, Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, and France, when most of these factions where on the back step from repeated battles with the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which where beginning to take their toll on the Xonexi Allies.

The plan was simple; the Zarbanians, Xylon, Hegemony, Mirusian Church and Pseudopath would lead the assault on the Draconid Imperium and the Tybunsen, using the element of surprise. The French would then send their fleets to help their Xonexi allies, and the Mendel, Federation and Scythe would make use of this to quickly push the French back to their originally planned territories. The French starfleet would be forced to return to French territories, leaving the Draconid and Tybunsen without support from the third nation that was ought to help them out when needed. The Pact, the Federation and the Scythe would then force the French starfleet into surrendering, as the others would surround and deal with the Draconid and Tybunsen. After this, all would surround the DCP's territory as well, and try and work an agreement between the factions, or wipe rout them from the Mirus Galaxy completely.

The initial rapid assault against the Xonexi managed to overwhelm the unprepared forces, and was a source of pride for the militant and ever prideful Zarbanians, Xylon, Dragowar and Mendel, to have stood up to an older, far more experienced and advanced power and win. For ages after, Zarbania would celebrate the war in their history books, and the Mendel would record it in their Sagas for the young Clan warriors to listen to as they came of age, while the Dragowar would simply celebrate the war as what their species where truly capable of.

Panicing that the United Alliance of Enlightenment would join the Coalition in full due to the positive war prospects, the Hegemony, then a member of Alliance itself, betrayed it and tried to destroy it's Olympian and Koatria forces in a paranoid attempt to prevent them from linking up with the Coalition, which would further push the war in favor of the Mirusians. The Hegemony, however, did not expect aid to come in the form of the Centurions of Zarbania, a similar Super soldier program they started to counter the Olympians, and certainly not from a small group of Overseers, whom the Olympians had been created to counter, repentant of their crimes and released from the prisons of the Pit due to the emergency. Although uneasy with each other, Olympian, Centurion, and even the repenant Pan-Mirusian Overseers eventually came to fight together, which softened the Hegemony's blow against the Alliance in this field. In their destruction of the Koatria Order, the Hegemony were far more successful, in part because they aquired secret aid from the Brotherhood of Darklings, though they failed to eliminate the Koatria completely. In the blacklash of the betrayal, the Waptoria Alliance of Species finally opted to join the Covenant, and commit themselves to fighting the Xonexi.

With their forces almost entirely overwhelmed, and their situation in Andromeda growing bleaker by the moment, especially with the death of the famed Draconis commander Larnus Vontarion, the Xonexi Allies sold off their territory and it's powerful ex-Tyranny foundries to the natives, cementing Mirusian independence, and letting all know what became of those that sought to steal from a unified Mirus what was rightfully theirs. However, Xonexi High Command had left France and Eldarisia out of the talks, a fact the Mirusians were not aware of, but which would become highly problematic soon afterwards.

Though a hard-fought battle, with many warriors dead, the Coalition as a whole celebrated, Mendel and Zarbanian alike actually coming together to celebrate their victory, and mourn their loses, an event that shocked many observers. Meanwhile, the Imperium of War, on orders of the Brotherhood of Darklings, began making plans to betray the Coalition, and usher in eternal war in the galaxy. The feeling of celebration and victory was not to last.

Second War[]

These fools cannot accept defeat. We have rightfully won! If they wish to have another round, then let them come! We have fought hard for these foundries and our brothers and sisters have spilt blood to keep it! Do not dishonor them! We will maintain these territories, we will keep these lands where our blood was split, and we will not let them cheat us of our victory! Zarbania and her allies, raise the black banners of vengeance! We ride to victory!

- Emperor Ridanax in a speech to his troops.

Refusing to back down, the French Colonial Empire made a daring move. Instead of releasing it's territories to the Coalition, stubbornly held onto them under orders from Emperor Alexandre, the new Emperor of France. Prepared for a long struggle, he was contacted by his comrade, Emperor Sylo of the Eldarisian Empire. Promising to back up the French attack, Eldarisia mobilized it's own forces to the fight.

The Coalition responded with first surprise, then amusement, before settling on anger. The Ugandalorians, Scythe, Pseudopath, Waptorians, and the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode prepared their forces for a bitter fight, while other forces worked behind the scenes. Imperator Caligustus had met Alexandre personally and told him if they could work together, they could divide up the territory. Alexnadre appeared to agree. As the Imperium set up giving territory to allies and working with others, it appeared they where becoming more "socialized". When the forces lined up, it was the Imperium of War that launched the first attack, breaking off from the Coalition. As the Imperium split off, the French launched their own attack as Mirusian commanders under Kiun struggled to hold back the War-Imperial tide.

Many generals and leaders worried of Zarbania. They had gone radio silent and hunkered down. Many feared an attack from them, which would completely eviscerate Mirusian lines down the middle. Instead, they, as silent as death itself, arrived, crushing the first few French-Eldarisian attacks, and introducing a new force, the Draekar Dominion, on the side of the Coalition. Like the members of the Coalition, the Draekar viewed the Xonexi with distrust, but had been unwilling to join as long as the Coalition accepted the Imperium into their ranks. The Xylon Empire, meanwhile, found itself in a state of civil war due to the War-Imperial betrayal, and would have no further role to play in the war.

Afterwards, the Vanara Houses would also join proper, further helping Commander Kiun stem the tide for the moment. The early Mirusian victories collimated in the grand battle of Trinity, which saw Kiun and his Zarbania-Draekar allies soundly defeat Warmaster Brutius. This allowed Coalition commanders to launch Operation:Salvation, which proceeded to push back the French battle line on the besieged left flank and relief several garrison troops. Victory seemed theirs.

That was until Marshal Chartier reorganized the fragmented and disorganized French lines and brought them to heel, making ordered attacks against the Mirusians with his hyper-space batteries, as the Imperium of War unveiled their own, ruthlessy advancing under the cover of their now hyperspacial weaponry to conquer most of the Coalition's holdings in one swoop. With supplies running low, and morale at all time low, even for the disciplined Zarbanians and the exuberant Mendel, the Waptoria launched a relief fleet, meant to strength their resolve and keep them going until the war could be reversed. However, this fleet was intercepted by a "rogue" TIAF fleet under Admiral Draccard and destroyed.

With nothing left, the Mirusians agreed to a peace conference. Alexandre was firm. The Coalition would have to return what meagre territories they had left to allied control, and give up all claims on territories that lied in ex-Xonexi-Tyranny space in advance should they ever be reconquered them from the Imperium of War. Though the natives where allowed to divide non-ex-Tyranny War-Imperial space amongst themselves once the Imperium was defeated, including the War-Imperial mainlands, all ex-Tyranny space would return to the Allies no matter what. Despite all the efforts of the Zarbanian delegation, nothing would stop the French Emperor from his demands. However, the Waptorian delegation sought to create a fair and balanced peace for all sides. While not agreeing to it, Alexandre did agree to help establish a united Mirusian g-overnment to keep extra and native-galactic states in check, though this government would ultimately not be the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. While many of the non-Enlightenment Alliance members agreed, the Mendel and Zarbanians where outraged. This was their galaxy, it was none of the Xonexi's business what went on there, and they should have no say in how Mirus was run. Many Raptoraneans were also enraged that the Alliance would be robbed of it's destiny as the Mirusian galactic government, though the Waptoria as a whole were in a defeatist mood.

The Eldarisian High King, however, wanted to spare no quarter. He wished to take serious concessions of land and territory from the Coalition, which further angered the Mendel and Zarbanians. His goal was to cripple the Coalition from hence forth, and make sure they where never a threat again. However, in the end, Alexandre managed to keep the peace delegation mostly intact. This did stop France from seizing any territory the Coalition captured in the first war, making all their efforts practically null and void. The only thing that lessened the insult was the promise of French and Eldarisian aid against the Imperium of War.

Angered at the loss of life with no gains, Emperor Gridlock began to plot against the Xonexi. His troops had entrusted him, and he had let them down. He would burn the French and Eldarisians to ashes for this. The High lords of the Pact felt similarly, feeling it a great dishonor to their Clans that their troops lives had now been wasted, lost only for the French to reap the benefits. The Persan leaders felt the exact same way as the two others. But all three leaders where uncertain how to approach the situation. Despite the disproportionate causalities the French suffered, the three cared little. In their warrior culture, only victory mattered.

The Scythe and Pseudopath dealing with serious issues and secessionist sentiment over the peace, Gridlock invited Barda Clett for a discussion on "military exercises". When he got there, it instead became a conversation on how to resist the Xonexi. After including Exarch Zuki of the Persan, the three agreed to only support it so they could oppose it later on. With this, they formed an organization in secret, the Mirusian Triumvirate was created to continue the fight, in any way possible.

The majority of the Coalition may have been defeated, but many of it's members still held on to their pride, and in some cases, their hatred, to keep them going. The Coalition Wars may have ended, but the Mirusian struggle was not yet over...


Planets and supply bases[]