Rejoice, dear friend! Your destiny is to become one with the void, and avoid the pain of living any longer. You may longer fear the pain brought by the Hegemony's rulership, and be free of your chains. Warriors, fire the canons. Leave a crater in their world.

- Sorcerer-Lord Vratith the Exalted

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Commanded by the Supreme Warlock-King/Witch-Queen, the Rathanii fleet, as of now, is headquartered in the capital of Rathan Nova. Though officially under her command, most decisions and deployments are made by the Supreme Military Commander, Khahoten, who directs most of the fleet's operations, while various Admirals command their fleets with savage resolve. Overall, the highest ranking Sorcerers and Warlords form the High Command, giving direction and orders on behalf of Khahoten against their enemies and in their slave raids.

The Rathanii fleets' smallest organizational number is a Patrol Force, made up of three ships, usually a Frigate and two corvettes, or three frigates. The next highest, is the Task Force, made up of a Cruiser, and four frigates, and kept in "hot-spots" of rebel activity, enemy border regions or trade lanes with their Hegemony masters and other Vassals. The next, is an Occupation Force, a larger, offensive fleet organized and placed over an enemy world during a slave raid or all-out attack, after the main fleet has moved on to more important objectives. It is made up of two Cruisers and 6 Frigates. The largest is the Assault Force, made up of anything from 10, to even 20 ships, usually centered around one or two carriers, or, if they are lucky, a Temple-class Ship.

Rathanii Fleets, especially Assault Forces, are often lead by Warlords, but many Sorcerers will join their personal fleets to test their powers, direct their forces, and, in the case of slave raids, go down to personally find their newest Acolytes and students from the most essence potential. Specialized rooms are built into the frigates, Cruisers and Temple ships to gather and focus their powers.

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Those who command the vessels, are often high-ranking warriors themselves, professional and highly-trained warlords, who have studied the arts of warfare for years, and bring them to the test with their battles against their foes. Lower ranking warriors command a single vessel and all it's crew, while higher ranking ones can command three vessels, then five, before moving to command sections of a fleet, before finally commanding an entire fleet of their own. The only exception is the Incubus-class Raider, which are commanded by independent ravers and pirates. These groups are much less professional and more rapacious, seeking weaklings to raid and attack, and brought to heel by the Fleet Lords to support their forces.

Fleet Officers and Commanders, since they often won't see personal combat, wear a fine uniform that combines aspects of Hegemony uniforms with their armor. Though most of the uniform is a fine, cloth tunic and leather boots, the chest and shoulders are covered in baroque armor, as are the shins and wrists.

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The Rathanii do not see difference between army troops and naval troops. As such, Warriors, Janissaries and Infernal Guard will often find themselves serving on fleets based on their specific skills, abilities and attitudes. These troops perform patrol, policing duties among slaves and prepare for boarding actions, be they hostiles entering the ship, or they entering another ship to take prisoners and slaves for the Pits. As the Rathanii are natural fighters, the Rathanii train constantly for all sorts of situations, from city battles, to boarding actions, using their weapons to lay into their victims without hesitation.

Internal Workings Edit

Command Room Edit

Rath TRoom

A Krallir Officer reports to a Sorcerer-Lord within his throne room

The Command Room is separate from the main bridge, where the onboard Fleet Commander or Admiral oversees operations on behalf of his Sorcerer-Lord. The Command Room is where the Sorcerer in charge of the fleet spends his time, surrounded by his Infernal Ironsworn, Beylik Janissaries, and various other attendants, usually seated upon his Shadow Throne. Shadow Thrones are creations of pure obsidian, night-black seats of power, that is kept afloat by repulsorlift beds and devices, so that the Sorcerer may not walk, or look down upon visitors. The throne is surrounded by walls of pure black stone as well, all of this meant to focus their powers. The mysterious black mineral is used in many Rathanii structures, including the Shadow Crowns on pawns, and various armors and weapons. It focuses their dark alchemy powers, and is used by them to meditate and guide their forces with their powers.

Within a Command room are various personal touches done to allow them access to various things, from arcane tomes and scrolls they have inherited from their old masters and taken from various temples and archives for their personal use, as well as devices to view the stars, and various trophies taken from rivals and such. Here, commanders, captains, and minor Sorcerers, Acolytes and others will meet with the Sorcerer-Lord to discuss very important matters, but usually the Sorcerer merely guides his forces with his powers, not bothering to get involved unless needed.

Meditation Chamber Edit

Rath Egg

Infernal Guards stand watch over their master as they gather power within the Shadow Egg

Hidden within the Command Room, is the Meditation Chamber. A smaller room, this is, at certain times, with no foes to deal with and the like, the Sorcerer-Lord will retreat to recover and truly focus his powers. Over their long lives, the Sorcerer-Lords gain many injuries, and, in general, the continued use of Dark Alchemy ravages their flesh and body, leaving many deformed and gaunt, and continued use of the Meditation Chamber is required to deal with these afflictions. At the center of this grey and black room, is the Shadow Egg.

A structure of pure black stone, similar to their throne, the Egg is a large structure where the Rathanii will sit in, and be bathed in healing substances and oils, and gather and focus his energies. As the stone acts as a focal point for most darker essences, it is here where the Rathanii go to not only heal and slow down their decaying bodies, but also recharge their energies after a long battle. They may even strengthen their ability with enough time spent in the Shadow Egg, though more powerful Sorcerers need more time spent in the egg to see results.

This room is absolutely private to the Sorcerer who uses it, and only a few attendants and Ironsworn are allowed to visit and stand in the room, if only to see to his health and wellness. Any officers who meet with him or her here are bound to be executed, the last thing they often see is a sphere of pure black and void, like a black hole drawing in their souls.

Sorcerer-Lords usually float within the egg, unmoving, and it is without any sensory input, that they are forced to contemplate their pursuits of power, their purpose in the Ways of the Annihilation, and plot their next grabs of power. There is completely no sound or visuals within the eggs, and it acts as a test, often forcing younger Sorcerers to not use it as often, due to how it effects their minds and sanity from the complete lack of any senses they usually use, and teach them to rely on not just their eyes and ears.

Ships Edit

Star Dreadnoughts Edit

Rathanii Temple
  • Weapons - Heavy and Light Hellfire Batteries, Brimstone Batteries, Wailing Doom Missile launchers.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Powerful Ray shielding.

A Temple-Class ship is a testament to all who doubt the will of the Rathanii, and work of decadent art and blasphemous boast to any who look upon it. Few are ever constructed, but most are based on the first Temples built by the Krallir, and act as conduits for power, and rallying points for Rathanii forces. Only 5 or so exist within the Rathanii Warfleets, and each is guarded by the greatest ships to be found. Onboard are whole planet's worth of Warriors, Janissaries and others ready to fight at a moment's notice. Only the highest ranking Sorcerers, such as Crothal, can keep one, and not have his rivals come for it. The Witch-Queen has the strongest one, and these vessels are prized, for they carried the Rathanii into this universe to escape the Black Cancer.

Temple Ships are armed with the most powerful and destructive Heavy and Light Hellfire batteries, meant to burn and destroy enemy ships, reducing even the most powerful defenses to ash and cinder, assisted by powerful Brimstone batteries. Brimstone batteries fire surges of plasma into their foes ships. This plasma takes a form similar into magma and lava, sticking to shields and ships, and slowly eating away their shields before burning away after several seconds. Further, to assist in bombarding their foes, Temple ships further have a number of Wailing Doom Missile launchers.

The Temple Ships have heavy hull armor, as even without their shields, they can maintain their strength and durability even when attacked by multiple ships and whole fleets. Likewise, their powerful shielding can withstand any number of bombardments from enemy ships, and even strong enough to allow the Temple ship to come inches into the surface of a sun.

Temple Ships are not only highly powerful warships, but are also used by Sorcerers as means to meditate and center their powers. These ships have numerous internal mechanisms to hone and develop their powers, allowing the Sorcerers that own them to manifest their powers far more powerful then before, and even use them to influence ships of their own and of their enemies. Likewise, the Rathanii have the highest level forces on board, ready to defend it from any attacks. Likewise, the Temple Ships' internal workings produce auras of Dark Alchemy power that disrupt not only the essence abilities of others, but also cause technology of their enemies to randomly sputter out, leaving them without blasters, or detection technology, or whatever they are using, knee-capping the boarding crews.

Temple file

Carriers Edit

  • Weapons - Hellfire Batteries, Brimstone Batteries
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy Shielding
  • Equipment - Point-Defense Canons.

Balam-class Carriers are another class constructed after the discovery of the Xeranbha's coming storm, and the panic by the Rathanii leaders to escape. The Balam-class carrier was meant to compliment fleets, supporting them with massive fighter arrays, but also lead the way into other dimensions, acting similar to Hegemony Star Destroyers in a sense, though far less powerful in direct combat. However, the latter statement is quite the matter of opinion. To most races, a Balam-class Carrier is just as capable of dealing death and destruction as any other ship used by the Rathanii. Still, due to their size and use, few Baal-class Carriers are ever deployed except in the most important fleets, to preserve their numbers in war.

This means little to the races that do end up facing one of these carriers in battle. A Baal-class may be a tad more frail then your standard Rathanii ship, but for many that means very little. It may have less Hellfire and Brimstone Batteries at it's disposal, but those that it does have are powerful enough to level entire cities within minutes.

Likewise, it's armor and shielding are considered top of the line, but it is not built for slug matches with other vessels in mind. Rather, it is a flying fortress or citadel, a ship meant to launch thousands upon thousands of fighters into the fray and overwhelm them with sheer numbers, while supporting other vessels with their firepower. To counter any attacks on them from other ships, especially those with missiles, the Balam-Carrier houses several point defense canons to target and destroy missiles that get too close to the Balam.

Balam file

Cruisers Edit

  • Weapons - Hellfire and Brimstone Batteries, Wailing Doom Missile Launchers, Deathshrieker Artillery Canons.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy Shielding.

Eligos-class Cruisers are the largest and heaviest ships that most Rathan fleets can afford to bring to bear outside of the Temple Ships. Built late in Rathanii history, these ships were the first to be constructed with Dimensional Jump Drives meant to conduct raids into other universes and bring back slaves and spoils, mostly as tests for their crews and the ships' weapons. It was these weapons that allowed the Rathanii to jump across dimensions and escape the Catharsis, tearing open the holes of reality to escape into the Prime Universe, and begin their conquest anew. As far as ships go, even without their dimensional gear, they are exceedingly difficult to crack and destroy, and outpace other ships in raw firepower, tests of durability and in all around fleet effectiveness.

The Eligos uses a large amount of powerful Hellfire and Brimstone batteries to crush any resistance to it. Due to the strength and range of these guns, and their all-around effectiveness, the Eligos rarely, if ever, has the need to actually deploy any of it's other weapons, but, in the case of a siege, or dealing with foes of equal size, strength and durability, the Eligos can deploy Wailing Doom Missile Launchers to blast away fortifications and ships at long range, or in coordination with their batteries. To further add to their horrific destructive abilities, the Eligos-class Cruisers have four Deathshrieker Artillery Canons, the most of any ship. These canons fire Anti-matter loaded rounds at targets, meant to annihilate them in short order.

The Eligos is more heavily armored then most other ships of similar size, even able to take more punishment then the Crocell Star Destroyer. While not anywhere near the Temple ships in terms of raw power and ability to shell through damage, most fleets will have to give it their all in order to destroy just one, as the Rathanii Commanders prefer. It is much easier to make slaves and victims of their foes when they are depleted of ammo and munitions from trying to Attack an Eligos.

The Eligos is given to the most trusted and venerable of commanders the Rathanii can call upon to serve. Such powerful vessels are not given out to just any, and the Rathanii higher orders have made sure that only the most trusted can receive one. Due to their weakness and loss of worlds and the raw materials to build new ships, they must play every battle carefully, until they have settled a new series of worlds and begun constructing their mighty war ships once more to bring death and carnage to all before them.

Eligos File

  • Weapons - Hellfire and Brimstone Batteries, Wailing Doom Missile Launchers, Deathshrieker Artillery Canons.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy Shielding.
  • Equipment - Point-Defense Canons.

Based on the Star Destroyers used by their Gigaquadrantic Hegemonic masters, especially among the Libertus, the Crocell-class Star Destroyer is a powerful addition to the fleets of the Rathanii, combining the most lethal aspects of both groups into one powerful package. The efficiency and cutting edge design of the Cyrannian vessels, combined with the demonic, horrific fire power of the Rathanii makes these vessels a particularly useful design in subjecting whole sectors of space to prepare for Rathanii slaving operations and subjugation. Though less durable, by a thin margin, then other similar Rathanii vessels, it's fire power more then compensates.

Armed with the heaviest Hellfire and Brimstone Batteries available, a Crocell-class Star Destroyer has far greater damage output then other vessels, due to the canons being forged and built with far greater quality and intensity then other batteries, combined with the power core and energy cells being built to be far stronger and have greater energy output then other ships. Combined with four Wailing Doom Missile launchers, and this vessel can leave very targets still standing. Further complimenting it's anti-ship capabilities, are two Deathshrieker Artillery Canons, hellish devices that fire orbs of pure anti-matter loaded destruction at long range at their targets.

The Crocell-class uses heavy armor and shielding to protect itself, resisting even the worst punishment, and keep going regardless. Further assisting is it's use of point defense canons, focused laser weapons that are used to target missiles and destroy them before they can reach a dangerous zone near the Crocell.

The Crocell Star Destroyer was a hesitantly created design. The Rathanii are extremely prideful of their abilities, and even with their defeat by the Hegemony, refused to acknowledge their loss, believing they simply needed to refit and upgrade their weapons. Others, however, saw the strengths of the Star Destroyer-classes, and sought out their masters for assisting in the construction of a new ship class.

Crocell file

Frigates Edit

Rathanii Malphas
  • Weapons - Hellfire Batteries, Wailing Doom Missile Launchers, Deathshrieker Artillery Canons
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Shielding

Malphas-Class Frigates are the main workhorse and assault of the Sorcerers, used to conduct heavy-hitting raids into defended worlds, and besiege the greatest worlds held by their foes. Commanded by only the most ruthless Commanders and Sorcerers, a Malphas can lay siege to any world, having massive troop numbers and Janissaries to lay down worlds. The appearance of a Malphas often heralds the end of any potential foe. Although lacking the speed and maneuverability of the Haagenti-class, or the sheer firepower of the Valac-class, a Malphas-class is the cornerstone of the Rathanii fleets, and their main mode of laying siege to worlds and conducting slave raids on more defended worlds. While the Incubus can hit lightly defended worlds and steal away some members for their slave pits, it is the Malphas that can bring down punishment on worlds with some defense in place, and remind them who rules the stars.

The Malphas has a number of Hellfire Batteries at it's deposal, allowing it to lay any number of ships to waste with extreme ability. Combined with this is a number of Wailing Doom Missile launchers, allowing it lay waste to any opposite, leaving enemy broken and burning wrecks within the realm of space. Malphas has at least one Deathshrieker Artillery canon to bring to bear against it's targets, firing anti-matter artillery rounds at other ships to absolutely devastate them.

The Malphas has the strong armor expected of a frigate, but with moderate shielding to further help keep it alive in a battle. Malphas-Frigates, even though their shields are not the best, can absolutely stone wall opposition and resist most forms of damage, regardless of what happens with their enemies, and what weapons are brought against them.

The Malphas, due to it's strength, durability and firepower, is the most ubiquitous class of Frigate used by the Rathanii, and one of their most common ships. At least three Malphas Frigates patrol one of their worlds, usually backed up by other forces and ships, but, due to their dependability, these three are usually all that is needed to hold back enemy fleets until reinforcements arrive.

Malphas file

  • Weapons - Hellfire Batteries, Brimstone Batteries, Wailing Doom Missile Launchers
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Light Shielding

Haagenti-class Frigates are the strangest blend of hull armor, granting them greatest durability of any ship within the Rathanii fleet, and power to engine cooling systems and engine cores, giving it unparalleled speed compared to other ships of similar size. This leads to a number of drawbacks compared to other Frigates, but when fast lightning raids are required, and the Incubus-class Corvettes are too light to get the job done, it is the Haagenti-class that sees to the destruction of their foes and the conduction of raids. This reflects even in how fast it can travel, with Haagenti-classes not only having the fastest sublight engines, but the most powerful hyperdrives.

The Haagenti-class is armed with Hellfire and Brimstone batteries for annihilating most shields and hull armor in seconds, this being their main weapons. These batteries are outfitted and modified by their creators and engineers to fire faster, and do more damage, but overheat much quicker, sacrificing long-term fighting ability for the ability to cause short term damage. Likewise, it has two sets of Wailing Doom Missile launchers to devastate targets at long range.

The Haagenti, despite it's speed, has surprisingly strong armor, much better then any other frigate of it's size, but to compensate, has weaker shields. Due to the size of the Engine Cooling systems and Engine Core within, power to the energy shields that cover the hull have much lower output to them, and due to this, standing still and slugging it out is not an option for the Haagenti when it comes to fighting large ships.

A Haagenti sacrifices much in it's battles. They have less troops for boarding actions, less power from the shield generators, and their weapons tend to overheat when overtaxed. Despite this, they are useful additions to a raiding fleet, and make good on their ability to destroy their enemies in battle, with speed and sheer firepower.

Haagenti file

  • Weapons - Deathshrieker Artillery Canons, Wailing Doom Missile Launchers, Hellfire Batteries
  • Defenses - Light Armor, Heavy Shielding.

Valac-class Frigate are the sheer fire power quartertone of the military of the Rathanii. The Valac is built to overwhelm any foe it encounters, blasting and destroying anything that gets in it's way. The Valac does not have much defense outside of it's hardy shielding able to splinter and counter any attack launched against it, regardless of energy weaponry, projectile hits or bombs. Despite this, having the strength of shielding over any other Frigate, it's hull armor is far more frail, fragile and incapable of sustaining any sort of damage compared to other Frigates. Though many Rathanii question the lack of hull armor and strength with their frigate, others believe it balances the Valac, not only as a powerhouse within their fleet, but also on resources, more then enough going into the guns that the armor would be too expensive to actually balance.

The Valac is armed with only four Hellfire Batteries, blasting foes for support and such. The majority of it's weapons are Wailing Doom Missile Launchers. Nearly 20 of these batteries ring the Valac-class, barraging the foes with missiles to blast away any foe, regardless of any shields or hull armor. Likewise, it's most powerful weapons, are the numerous Deathshrieker artillery canons. They yield nearly 6 of them, launching massive anti-matter projectiles at their foes at long range to aboslutely devastate and destroy them with horrific consequences for any that rouse the anger and rage of the Valac.

It is very much a glass canon, however. It's power is limited to it's weapons, but it's armor almost pathetic and flimsy. While out-pacing the average frigate and such of other powers, due to the studious, dedicated nature of Rathanii, but if fails to actually stand up to the weaponry of the Hegemony, Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and other, similarly advanced powers able to cut through it like a knife. However, their Power Generators and Central Cores able to have far greater power output and have greater shields then most other Frigates, putting it on the level of the most battle cruisers and carriers.

Valac file

Corvettes Edit

Rathanii Raider
  • Weapons - Hellfire Batteries.
  • Defenses - Armor, Light Shielding
  • Equipment - Stealth Field.

Incubus-class Raider Corvettes are the smallest ships of the Sorcerers, used to scout out areas, and conduct lightning raids into enemy territory. Small, quick and durable, Raiders carry a large compliment of warriors to raid enemy ship lanes and worlds for slaves. Their brutal Hellfire Batteries make short work of undefended ships and fighter squadrons, and soften up other ships for the larger guns. Many thousands of these vessels are trusted with guarding the flanks of Rathanii fleets, performing stealth recon on enemy fronts, and launching quick lightning raids onto a planet's surface to carry away any victims for the temples, slave pits and Janissary barracks. The Captains aboard are pitiless, ruthless figures, used to a life on the edge, and making quick and brutal decisions when needed.

Their Hellfire batteries are not as powerful or have as much punch as those of larger vessels, but to compensate, have higher rates of fire, and are often used to stripe away fighter squadrons with ease, as well as, when leaving to bombard villages, towns and cities with quick blasts to immolate everything in their path. It is a great joy for the Rathanii to leave their enemies' living spaces in flames, as a testament to their power.

Their hull armor and shielding is light and made more for speed then standing up to a foe. Regardless, an Incubus-class can withstand far more punishment then ships of similar size and strength, allowing the ship to shrug off a little more punishment in order to get away from any potential frigates and capital ships that try and take them down.

Incubus-Class Ships are infamous in the worlds bordering Rathanii space, and even in worlds under Hegemony control, for their propensity for slave raids is near-unquenchable, and seeming has no end. Many worlds fear the day just one Incubus-class Corvette arrives in their space, for it will signal the end of many lives, and the enslavement of many more. For their part, larger Ship Commanders find it difficult to deal with Incubus Commanders, for they are less professional soldiers, and more unary pirates compared to other Rathanii ship leaders.

Raider file

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  • Though based on Mandalorian design aesthetics to keep with their Mendel origins and all, all ships designed for the Rathanii fleets are original vessels and designs.
  • With the exception of the Incubus-class, all Rathanii vessels are named after demons from Christian Demonology.
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