The Sons of Urzgov are a chaotic band of former Korkonid slaves that broke free of the Draconid Imperium. They have declard a vendetta to bring the Imperium to it's knees for its many acts of slavery. In principle their goal is somewhat noble but it is offset by the fact they would simply use this as an excuse to raid and pillage Imperial worlds, frequently bringing them into contact with the Imperial Talon Navy. They are just as happy to raid planets owned by factions the Imperium considers allies.


The origin on the Sons is obscure, lost in countless reports filed by the administration after one hundred millenia. One thing remains consistent about their origins: A Korkonid by the name of Urzgov the Mighty rebelled against his overseers, liberating several other Korkonid slaves. he founded the sons to liberate other Korkonid and find a place to lay low, he died of age shortly after finding what he considered a suitable sanctuary.

Over time his idealistic vision was obscured by other members' desire to simply enact vengence on the Draconis. In ID.65413 the Imperial Talon Navy eventually discovered the sanctuary on the fringes of their territory (now deep inside the Axah-0 sector) and after clearence was granted decimated the planet via orbital bombardment, leaving a lush jungle world a charred and barren wasteland. This act, which was performed to set an example that rebels cannot hide from the Imperium forever, ended up sending many Korkonid over the edge and the Sons settled on only one desire: Complete destruction of the Draconid Imperium.

Thir focus changed dramatically and from then on have been seen as pirates. occassionaly a rival empire would entice them to attack with generous sums of money or weapons. They eventualyl became so widespread that complete eradication was almost impossibe and the sons themselves have been attacked and exterminated only for other liberated slaves to rise up to continue what Urzgov started.


The Sons are very decentralised with warbands patrolling almost every corner of the Imperium. There is a noticeable inward fringe distribution of them, with Axah-0 being Sons-free and the border colonies fearing an attack. Clusters frequently have a Big Boss in charge of the others who are responsible for ruling their own personal empires, raiding Imperial colonies and fighting other Big Bosses to prove who is better. Overall the Sons are ruled by a Mighty Warlord who is seen by others as being comparable to Urzgov himself (who has since been venerated and considered "Strong an' powerful enuff ta punch Alcanti flat!").

Out of constant fear of discovery the Sons live either on roving fleets or obscure space stations which, no matter the condition, look like they could fall apart. The Mighty Warlord rules over several Big Warbaosses who each have the influence to keep other Big Bosses in line to a certain degree.


The Sons have three main sources of technology: Scavenging and looting, the black market, and bribes from other factions. Black Market technology is often reserved for the leaders snace they often have personal hoards. Since the Imperial economy is driven by digital transfers they would barter either with looted cards or try to flog off other items they have found. Even their ships come from these sources and are often patched up with bits of scrap from a previous battle.



Blue face.pngyou iz very helpful


Yellow face.pngWho are you supposed to be wiv?


Red face.pngWe'z gonna smash you all!

  • Draconid Imperium - We will smash you flat for wot you did!
    • Any of their allies - You are stupid for thinking they are nice!


They seem nice.

- Ka'zun of the Dagorians

dese peepz look propa dum

- Fre'kloar


- Master Br'klakkon


- Warboss Gar'dakkra

Disgusting, barbaric, primitive, uncultured, impudent, witless, nitwitted, savage brutes.

- Warboss Gar'dakkra


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