Dreams... wishes... achievements... quests... all under his guidance and protection, for eternity to come. For when destiny calls, the chosen ones will come, and they shall be fulfilled.

- Vida'Rranlora

The entity only known as Sonhadromerith is the sapient will of the Realm of Dreams, the master of the Dream Energy essence and one of the great Essential Gods of existence. An avatar of the Realm of Dreams itself, serving as an extension of its infinite will, Sonhadromerith rules over the Thoi'olerthae and all entities originated from the dream energy, leading them into bringing positive emotions and bliss to mortalkind through all of the omniverse.

Many question why one of the deities of the Essence spectrum would bother dedicating themselves to pleasuring mortals, and indeed, the reasons for Sonhadromerith's actions are alien to all but himself and his servants. An omnipotent with a heart of gold, he indirectly improves the quality of mortalkind's life through the actions of his followers and creations, with the most notable of them being the legendary Destined Ones, chosen vanguards of the God of Dreams who are among the most powerful warriors in all of reality.


Archaic History[]

Sonhadromerith is one of the oldest beings in reality, and according to himself, he has "always existed" as a metaphysical manifestation of the Realm of Dreams' sapience and has always acted as a guardian to it. Sonhadromerith and the Realm of Dreams are effectively one of the same, and ever since the birth of the first mortals through the omniverse, the entity has contented himself with spreading positive emotions for the purpose of improving the quality of mortal life. Sonhadromerith populated the Realm of Dreams with creatures such as the Thoi'olerthae, who began acting as the omniverse's equivalent of guardian angels, and the god-being chose an specific number of these creatures to create Thea'Nhirara, a powerful servant who was tasked with those deemed "destined" by Sonhadromerith.

Sonhadromerith's first involvements with the Onuris Universe was by watching over the Vida'Rra when they turned themselves into Dream Energy beings. This race would come to contact Sonhadromerith during the legendary War of Black Fog, where they requested the help of the deity for the purpose of defeating the Corruptus and their leader, the demon god Shu'rimrodir. Pledging allegiance to the Vida'Rra, Sonhadromerith aided them in defeating the Corruptus by ascending the warrior known as Rhigeo Fuerq and allowing the Vida'Rra to imprison Shu'rimrodir in the Realm of Dreams, where he would presumably be trapped for eternity. After the war ended, Sonhadromerith resumed his activities, but began realizing that Shu'rimrodir would start restoring his power inside the Realm of Dreams and start corrupting it, creating the Nightmare Region.

Xhodocto Wars[]

By the time of the Second War of Black Fog, Sonhadromerith lost most of his power to Shu'rimrodir's corrupting influence and slowly died away, sending Thea'Nhirara and the Thoi'olerthae named Mimi to the Onuris Universe to gather allies to fight against the Corruptus. The deity nearly completely control over the Realm of Dreams until the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies managed to save it, and Sonhadromerith would later use all of his power and aid the Dracogonarious and their allies in slaying Shu'rimrodir.

Years later, during the Third Xhodocto War, Sonhadromerith was slain by Shu'ytrogarva and broken down into millions of shards, which were all devoured by the demon assassin in an attempt to merge Sonhadromerith's power with his own. The deity was only brought back thanks to the efforts of Hachiman and Dreamy Hachi, who used their power over dreams to literally dream Sonhadromerith back to life. After being restored to power, Sonhadromerith proceeded to mercilessly slay Shu'ytrogarva and banish the Dominion of the Xhodocto from the Realm of Dreams, cleansing it from all demons.



Sonhadromerith's true form is said to be incomprehensible and instantly fatal to look at to mortals. However, he has taken forms mortals are comfortable with at multiple occasions. His most known appeared is that of a being similar to Laminoula'Fuerq, but with a serpentine lower body, much less body mass and with two pairs of wings on his back. Sonhadromerith emits a constant aura of radiance regardless of the form he takes.


Unusual for an Essence God, Sonhadromerith is a benevolent entity who actively wishes for the well being of mortals. He has a fatherly bond toward the inhabitants of the Realm of Dreams and likes to spend his time watching over them. Despite this benevolence, Sonhadromerith prefers not to directly intervene in the mortal universe, in fear that mortals may grow dependent of him or grow cults in his name, which he heartily disapproves of. Sonhadromerith encompasses all positive emotions including happiness, love, compassion, empathy and generosity, among many others.

Sonhadromerith's most notable participation in mortal affairs is in the creation of the so-called Destined Ones; he presents certain individuals with the opportunity to be trained by Thea'Nhirara in order to achieve a 'destiny', and by successfully doing so, he ascends these individuals into demigodhood. Despite what the name indicates, however, Sonhadromerith does not believe in fate; by claiming it to be destiny, he seeks to encourage his servants into fulfilling whatever goals he is planning, and cases of such 'destinies' failing are known to have happened. While Sonhadromerith's intentions are considered inscrutable to all but his closest confidants, the goals he sets to his servants are always made for the benefit of the universe they inhabit in some manner, often involving the elimination of particularly notable malevolent forces.


Sonhadromerith is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent inside the Realm of Dreams due to effectively being the Realm itself given sapience. While the Realm remains active, Sonhadromerith is completely indestructible, though he can be slowed down through the use of Nightmare Energy. Sonhadromerith refrains from using offensive powers, but he is without a doubt the most powerful Dream Energy being in the universe. His aura can heal non-demonic beings in his vicinity and harm demonic ones.



Green face.pngBalance will be maintained.


Yellow face.pngInteresting.

  • N/A


Red face.pngBegone.


Through my many centuries of studying the alien aspects of our universe, Sonhadromerith is... the most curious. To this day, I cannot explain him. And it is unlikely I will ever be able to.

- Jerkon

The enemy. The antagonist. Nightmares roar in rage at the very mention of his name. You have restricted our freedom for too long, but you no longer hold control of us. Never shall we be your prisoners again, Sonhadromerith. Never.

- Shu'rimrodir

Destiny is a lie. A horrific truth; infinity is not to be beheld. That which is desire of order is a puppet to our strings.

- Angazhar

Why don't you want to have tea with me? I find that somewhat rude.

- Santorakh

So, this is the guy who decided I would be one of his chosen, eh? I gotta say, not too bad of a guy. He's much more likeable than most other deities I've encountered, that's for sure.

- Hachiman

Our existence intertwined, true Order is achieved. I honor you Ancient One.

- Anur'Ctar




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