The Sombrero War was a conflict between the Girdo Empire and the Darkspore in the Sombrero Galaxy, fought shortly after the Girdo Campaigns. The causes of the war are unknown, but it has been suspected that a remnant of the Milky Way Grox Empire, having taken refuge in Sombrero in the aftermath of the first phase of the New Grox Wars, manipulated events for their own purposes by bringing Girdo exploration ships to the attention of the hostile and technologically-enhanced, yet apparently non-sapient, Darkspore.

First Phase (2773-2782) Edit

During the course of the war, the Girdo Empire constructed at least one underground base on one of the galaxy's planets, which at the time was home to a vibrant ecosystem. The purpose of this base was to reverse-engineer Darkspore technology, which was even more advanced that that of the Grox at the time. The base is also known to have contained a Vortex Generator, an experimental metric engineering device much like those involved in "Project Timeship" which was taking place within the Girdo Galaxy.

The war lasted for nine years without coming to any satisfactory conclusion, as the Sombrero Galaxy was destroyed by the Xhodocto in 2782. The aforementioned base planet was ejected in the direction of the Cyrandia Cluster in the process; over the next eight years, all multicellular life on the surface had frozen and the base's buildings were in a state of disrepair, although they radiated enough heat to warm the atmosphere enough for occasional light flurries of snow to fall nearby, while the interiors remained functional enough for the last remnants of Sombreroan life to flourish within their subterranean arcologies.

Last Battle of Sombrero (2791) Edit

In 2971, the Apalos sent a Civilisation Adventurer, codenamed "Arbor Vitae", on a mission to recover information on the Darkspore acquired by the base. In the process, it was discovered that the Grox had used the planet as a base for producing a vast war fleet, and intended to use the Vortex Generator to destroy all "godspawn" life in the universe. An Apalos attack on the planet was launched to stall the Grox fleet while the device was reprogrammed. The plan was successful; the Vortex Generator was instead used to modify the brains of the Grox warships engaged in battle so as to make them renounce the traditional militaristic Grox ideology and join the Civilisation, and the planet itself was destroyed along with the rest of the Grox fleet after the surviving Sombreroan life was beamed out to be taken to nature reserves.

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