Strength in union

- Common mantra

The Solonese Confederacy (SolCon, SC, Solon Fed, the Confederacy) Is an alliance of the five major economic powers of the Solona cluster of the Andromeda galaxy. Known as the G5 these states work to build an ever-expanding trade network, gaining influence and sophistication along the way.


The Confederacy is a fledgeling state formed from five key empires - the Razziti Heirachy, Deshindese Federation, Val'Kar Imperium, the Coalition of Hextotinoz and the Ryketian Star Empire. Originally it was an alliance bound to protect each other from whatever terrors existed out in the void of space. Over time this coalition the grew into a powerful trade alliance as the five fledgeling powers colonised more and more systems, eventually absorbing other minor races as time went on. Calling themselves the solonese confederacy after the globular cluster they originated from they became a major power within their part of space.


The confederacy as a whole is run by the five most influential economic powers within the Solona cluster. Each world is controlled and governed by a single party, maintaining a state of independance and defining political boundaries. While each member of the confederacy helps each other out, each member state builds and maintains its own fleets and military for security's sake although other every member is expected complete freedom of information, meaning that many weapon technologies are found as standard on all member states.


The core worlds respresnt the homeworlds and initial colonies of the G5. Due to the empire's size this region is comparatively small and consists of 25 systems. The populations of non-homeworlds has only reached more than 2 billion for many of these worlds. Further out and colonies become more sparse with the most distant colonies, established within the last decade, sometimes supporting less than one million.

Transportation mainly relies on warp drives between clusters, more distant and well-travelled journeys are aided by accelleration gates found near important worlds which connect established trade lanes. These gates (based on relics found witin the inner-rim worlds) generate a warped spacetime tunnel, allowing a craft to travel light-years in just days or even hours. Acceleration gates are also used for FTL communication since the funnel provides a shorter travel-time for information. Unsurprisingly these gates are uncommon and highly prized by the coalition and they often place more than one fleet to defend them.

The Great 5[]

Left to right: Ryketian, Razzit, Val'Kar, Solinkidor, Colmar

The great 5 (commonly reffered to as the G5 or the five) is a council that consists of three representetives of each of the five most powerful races. Each race provides their own strengths to the confederacy and cooperates with the other four to create, as the G5's policy states, "a galactic power with no weaknesses".

  • The Razzit primarily provide espionage intelligence and often send their scouts on reconnissance missions to surrounding systems. Their knowledge on keeping suble means that they are the premium suppliers of stealth field technology. They are often jittery and shy, making excellent spies
  • The Colmar are primarily scientists and thinkers but also work to strengthen the confederacy's economy. Their diminuative site means that they often prefer using mechs, supersoldiers or other, larger, SolFed members for when they have to get their hands dirty. Many innovations in confederate space are frequently based on their designs and inspirations.
  • Val'Kar are frequently called upon as the confederacy's muscle. Their large size proved pivotal to defending the confederacy in its early days. A highly marial species, they take pride in a Code of Honour. More recently their role is slowly phasing out in collaborated operations as the colmar field more and more of their supersoldiers. Despite this the confederacy still holds the Val'Kar military in high regard and they still remain at key command positions along with being a popular mercenary choice.
  • The Solinkidor are mechants by profession and they are the member that is responsible for the greater confederate economy. They were the member who suggested the Solon credit as standardised currency and place complete faith in corporations for governance. They are shrewd negotiators and ambitious industrialists, often becoming CEOs of powerful mining or trading companies within confederate space.
  • Ryketians are primarily diplomats and spiritual guides. Ryketian adepts are often therapists, advisors and dignitaries for many confederate worlds. Their calm demeanor can be misleading for some and they have a reputation for keeping calm in even the most chaotic of situations. Recent rumours and urban legends persist that a number of psionics are emerging within their population. Whether or not such stories are true, such abilities have garnered interest from the colmar for study.

The Supreme Chancellor[]

While the idea of a single head of state goes against the concept of a confederacy, the G5 elects one representetive to the position of supreme chancellor. Apart from maintaining order in G5 meetings, the chancellor acts as a figurehead for the confederacy and their prescence is considered a morale booster during foreign meetings or operations. As stated in the confederacy's charter the chancellor is not allowed to sway the G5's verdicts nor is he allowed to make descisions without their approval. Each chancellor serves for a decade and is elected by popular vote.

On rare occasions the chancellor has the power to veto the verdict of the G5. When that happens both the chancellor and the current G5 representetives must resign and new representetives are chosen by popular vote, these new representetives must then choose a new chancellor. During this time each governemnt will send temporary represntetives from each state to govern in the G5's abscence (chosen by each state's parliament). Beacuse of the political hassle, no matter how tempting, having the chancellor veto the G5 is very rare since it can take several months to successfuly elect a new G5 board.

Currently the supreme chancellor is Alioth'Kar a Ryketian who has served his first tirm for the past four years. A shrewd negotiator and mediatior, he has so far been resopnsible for adding three information-age cultures into the confederacy.


Each member state fields it's own navies and armies who may be called for support at any time. All comissioned fleets are automatically registered for the confederate starfleet and adopt the initials SVH (Solon Vectra Hakantotha. Translation from Solon basic: Solon Ship Starfleet when syntax is ignored). When a fleet is not called to support the greater confederacy it will retain the initials of it's patron state's fleet.

Sapient forces are somewhat different. The confederacy uses a universal ranking system that all member states adopt for simplicity's sake and when on duty for the greater confederacy are recognised as regiments under the United Confedorate Guard. Each member fields its own armies and confederate law states a general simply cannot 'demand' a regiment, they must request one and the closest appropriate regimant will be sent if that regiment's planetary government accepts the transition.


The confederate economy is based on the concept of free markets: Prosperity is measured by financial success and if someone wants to start up a business they can (so long as they register) and the government has little involvement outside of dealing with contraband, forbidden articles and ensuring fair trade. Each member has the option of two currencies; keep their own form or adopt the Solon Credit. The benefits of adopting the credit are primarily that inflation is dictated by the coalition's economic succes and uses the credit as a benchmark. Societies using the credit benefit from stable prices since the credit's value is the standard value.

Prices are still dictated by supply and demand - if something is plentiful it becomes cheap while scarcity will ramp up the price - and the value of the credit is tracked by the Central Banking Group based on Hextotinoz Prime. It is also on this world that the Confederate Trading Standards Group is based who keep trading standards fair.

Many merchants are pertners or members of the Free Trader's Guld (FTG), one of the largest mechant guilds in the cluster. The guild's reputation and welath allows it to field its own defencive force made up of multiple mercenary groups.




Green face.png"We are proud to be on such good terms"


Yellow face.png"At least their credits are good"


Red face.png"United we stand against a common foe!"

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