Snargom Bloodthirst is the leader of Orcgrubad and the Warchief of the powerful green quadrantia orcs of Ramalivua. He rules Orcgrubad and his orcs with an iron but just fist, not known to show mercy to his enemies but willing to set aside his pride for the good of his people.

In sight of his believes and to expand the rule and influance of the orcs beyond just Ramalivua, Snargom became a member of the Board of Masters, one of the leaders of the infamous and feared re-formed Syndicate in 07 AQF.


Snargom within his halls at Orcgrubad

Snargrom Bloodthirst was born in the Thirsty Desert of Ramalivua in poverty , his parents were common people who had to thrive in the desert in tents, shunned by the humanoids and other races of Ramalivua. Coming of age, Snargom fought against invading brown quadrantia orcs from the north, he managed to safe many of his people from onslaught and realized to survive his shattered people needed to unite under a single banner. Snargom proposal was met with distaste by elder and traditional orcs, whom Snargom all challenged and defeated in single combat, earning him the nickname Bloodthirst as he drank the blood of his enemies. Under his guidance, the orcs founded Orcgrubad, walled it with a stone wall and wooden watch towers to defend their citizens. Over time Orcgrubad became a well-known city and even had trade relations with Ramalivua Tirith.

The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

For years, Snargrom had an easy and prosperous rule, until in 07 AQF the brown Quarantia Orc, Bolgrash Bloodhammer joined the Hutter Kingdom under the Sinleri prince, Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, an event Bloodthirst feared would shatter the peace and bring war to his doorsteps. During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Snargom allied himself with Gorubla and the slaver Xidan and re-formed the infamous Syndicate. Snargom became one of the leaders at the Board of Masters. He took a personal liking to the personal servant of the Board, the former Cyrandia Alliance president, Aur'Lumniassa. Though fond of her knowledge and looks, Snargom keeps a watchful eye on the clever woman, believing her to be a possible threat.

Board of Elders

In february of 08 AQF, Snargom witnessed the arena fight between the Saurdoshan Hunter and Idris Vanguinar. He relented and agreed with Xidan to spare the Hunter's life after he was defeated by Idris. During the latter's second arena fight, she was saved by the crew of the Falcon, much to his annoyance and frustration.

Personality and Traits[]

Snargom is a large orc, tall, broad shouldered and physically strong. While not particularly described as unattractive, he is not considered handsome either for orc standards. Snargom is often described as serious, stubborn, unforgiving man with an inflexible sense of duty and justice to his people and Orcgrubad. He is an accomplished warrior, commander and is feared for his bloodthirst when facing slights to his people. He is both respected and feared, though not really loved, not even by his own people.

He wears two armored shoulder pads and has his beard in a braid. His armor is colored in gold and black, his belt features an ancient orc skull.



Yellow face.pngPeace is in the best interests to both of us


Red face.pngNo mercy for you, vermin!



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