"Despite all the war and problems the universe may have, it's essential to remember the most important thing to do in life : to have fun."

-Rey'met, Moostake's grandfather, after his father gave him the crown, in 2 653 AD

"The most important duty of a leader is to make the community as happy as possible. An empire is nothing if the people are angry, depressed or sad, and it would only lead to destruction."

-Elow Weeny, a Slukatian leader during the 2 300's

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Slukate Civilian

A Slukatian

The Slukatian Empire, also known as the Slukatian Union is an empire consisting of around 90 000 colonies, though most of them are entirely dedicated to resource production, such as spice extraction or army training, or even scientific research. If you exclude these colonies and keep only the large and developed planets, the empire consists of around 7 000 planets. As the name implies, the dominant creatures of this Empire are the Slukatians, a species of slug-like creatures living on Super-Earths and breathing hydrogen. As such, the Slukatians vehicles tend to move pretty fast, as they need a lot of power to take off the Super-Earths colonized by the empire. The Slukatians originate from Cloytake, a super-earth with a dense hydrogen and nitrogen atmosphere, and over 4G of gravity.

History Edit

The empire was officially founded by the Slukatians when the first colony was established on Karam, the first and only moon of Cloytake, in 1,545 BC. Although not really an "Empire", with only one colony, the Slukatians claimed it was already a full empire. Afterward, the Slukatians had a large problem, as their ships weren't fast enough to reach other planets in time. The slukatians, extremely disappointed, decided that "space isn't really the future after all", and for hundreds of years, no progress was made in the sector of space travel.

Pre-FTL Expansion Edit

One day, in the year 900 BC , an astronomer discovered a large chunk of pure gold on a distant planet. This amazing discovery made the research about space travel skyrocket. Large colony ships were built, and cryogenic technology was invented to solve the speed problem. Tons of volunteers rushed to try to get accepted into this ambitious project. Only a few Slukatians got accepted, and they became known as the original space pioneers. In the following year, tons of ships were sent to all four corners of the solar system, and soon enough, the Slukatians had bases on every single planet and moon of their system.

But the Slukatians didn't want to stop there, as they wanted to colonize more planets. Thus began what is now known as the "Years of research". During several years, thousands of scientists united their efforts to try to find a key to interstellar travel, and, in the year 680 BC, the answer was found. The interstellar spacecraft was going to use a technology similar to the cryogenic pods found in the interplanetary ships. Thousands of Slukatians were frozen inside a large ship, and sent to the nearest star. Unfortunately for them, this star system was actually a Grox outpost. The Grox, angered because of the intruder ship, blasted it into pieces, killing every single frozen crew member. This incident scared the Slukatians so much that they literally never sent a ship near this star again, and instead decided to colonize planets as far as possible from this deadly star system.

For hundreds of years, the empire expanded and colonized planets, always using the cryopod technology. In the year 200 AD, they had an empire with 100 star systems. But, the Slukatians experts deemed that this method of interstellar travel was far too slow, and if they wanted to become a powerful empire, they needed a faster way of transportation. Unfortunately, they couldn't figure out a way to cross the huge distances between stars in a lifetime. In the year 712 AD, when the space race madness was pretty much over due to that speed problem, an alien ship of unknown origin crashed on Cloytake. After a close examination, the scientists found a nearly intact warp drive inside the crashed spacecraft. When the discovery of the strange warp drive was made, thousands of theories began to appear. Some said the warp drive was a weapon of mass destruction, others said it was a pocket dimension machine...After years of research and reverse-engineering, it was confirmed that the device was a FTL engine.

Unfortunately, the engine required some sort of negative exotic matter, something which was impossible for the Slukatians. However, the scientists did figure out a way to accelerate to a large fraction of the speed of light using antimatter found in the warp drive. Quickly, a gigantic particle accelerator was built, and in the year 550 BC, the particle accelerator was complete. Using this device and some sort of magnetic field box found in the warp drive, they managed to create and collect enough antimatter to power an engine. This engine was placed on a ship, and in less than 25 years, the ship arrived at another star. Using more antimatter devices, the empire managed to multiply it's size very fast, and in the year 1 500 , they had an empire with over 4 500 stars systems. Most of these star systems were dedicated to resource production, and the minerals extracted were shipped back to Cloytake using antimatter-powered cargo ships. Most of the time, colonists landing on an exoplanet never came back to Cloytake, as it was deemed unnecessary and resource expensive.

The Great Rampage Edit

This large empire rapidly broke, though, as the lack of a quick interstellar communications prevented decent relations between parts of the empire. Rapidly, different regions rulers decided to cut their part of the empires and become an independent space power. But, the rulers wanted to rule the entire empire, and a war known as the "1 700s-1 900s Great Rampage" began. During this war, entire fleets of starships were sent to capture more colonies. This war killed millions, if not billions, as the enemies used weapons such as prototypes antimatter bombs or superlasers without any regret. This war, however, was stopped when one Slukatian, known as Kleete the Blaster, in 1 923 AD, revealed a new superweapon : The "Dead-End Electroblaster", a gigantic blaster capable, with an extremely high energy cost, of stripping off the crust of a planet. All factions quickly stopped fighting, fearing the deadly blaster. Of course, this Slukatian didn't reveal the fact that it could only be fired once every year. Kleete the Blaster then united most of the enemy factions into a large empire, known as the Slukatian Union. However, one decadent and resilient threat remaining, as one large chunk was not afraid of the Electroblaster, claiming it was fake and mocking Kleete the Blaster, who just ignored them. In 1 954, this rebel faction started attacking some planets owned by the Slukatian Union located near their borders, killing millions of innocent Slukatians. Kleete decided it was time to act, and menaced to aim the blaster at the capital of the rebel faction if the rebels didn't surrender. Of course, said rebels continued ignoring the threat, and kept on attacking. In 1 965, Kleete fired the blaster at the insurgents' capital, stripping the atmosphere and blasting its crust away, killing every life form on the planet and leaving a barren, molten dead planet. Seeing this, the rebels instantly surrendered and accepted to merge with the Union, united it for good.

Hyper-Expansion Period Edit

A few years later, in the 2 000's, the Slukatians managed to create a fully working warp drive. Once this warp drive was built and replicated thousands of times, the empire spread extremely quickly, as the economy was going extremely well, building almost self-replicating probes and ships, and by 2 200 AD, 50 000 systems were colonized, even if most of them were military or industrial colonies. In 2 300 AD, the Slukatians started to need a lot of antimatter to power their power plants, so they started building large particle accelerators in low orbits around stars, powered by large solar panels. Unfortunately, these particles accelerates tended to fail very often, as the antimatter produced created a large explosion severing the ring and destroying the structure. In 2 400, new technologies emerged and solved this problem, by simply preventing matter-antimatter contact using power magnetic field generators. To this day, there are over a thousand accelerators in orbit around various stars.

The Great Explosion Edit

One day, a large accelerator was built in a very low orbit around a large star, and a few years later, a solar eruption occurred, critically damaging the structure, which caused the vast amount of stocked antimatter to detonate. This detonation quickly spread throughout the ring, gaining more and more power as it went. Eventually, the entire structure was destroyed, and the remaining bits of antimatter fell into the star, exploding and starting a powerful chain reaction which resulted in the star's core becoming unstable and ultimately exploding, causing the star to collapse on itself, along with a supernova so powerful the shockwaves shook the nearby star systems, causing earthquake on several colonies and killing millions. The black hole created by the supernova sucked in another star which happened to be pretty close to the former blue star, and unfortunately had several inhabited planets, killing even more Slukatians. This dramatic event scared the Slukatians, slowing down the empire expansion a bit. Because of it, fewer antimatter rings were built, and made Slukatian scared of large, blue stars nearing the end of their lives.

Modern Slukatian Union Edit

It's not until 2 750 AD that Moostake the Hairy decided to start building a gigantic Dyson Swarm around Cloytake's star, a red dwarf. This project costed so much that the quick expansion of the empire was stopped very rapidly, to focus all the workforce on the building of the swarm. The Slukatians decided, because of the swarm's huge cost, to focus on the exploration and charting of exoplanets. From 2 770 AD onward, many starships were sent to explore the galaxy to chart and learn about exoplanets and the ecosystems of these strange worlds.

The Dyson Swarm was recently finished, and, every single satellite deployed large solar panels, entirely covering the star in several layers of solar panels and solid structures. Moostake decided to build more Dyson Spheres around more stars, official making the Slukatian Empire Type II on the Khadarshev scale.

Starships Fleet Edit

The Slukatians' fleet is not very large, and consists mainly of cargo ships and other peaceful vessels, as the Slukatians aren't a war-based species, but they still possess an army of starships in case they needed to fight. (Most pictures will be redone)

Fighter Ships

The Slukatians' fighters are fast and mobile, but they lack a strong armor, so they cannot stand a continuous assault. Fighter ships always fly in swarms, so they can assault the enemy on every side when attacking. The first fighter ships were created in the 1,600s. They are usually twice the size of an Earth car.

Cargo Ships

Slukatian cargo ships are entirely dedicated to transport things from a solar system to another. 90% of a cargo ship volume is actually empty space to put merchandise, resources or even troops in it. Even though the cargo ships do possess small guns, it is always found with an escort of smaller fighters.

Carrier Ships

Carrier ships are large, slow and bulky ships made to carry smaller starships such as fighters to the battlefield safely. Carriers possess six hangars, three on each side, from which fighters can enter or exit the carrier. Inside the hangar are robotic arms made to repair damaged fighters which came back to the carrier. The bigger carriers can reach up to 2 km long, and the smaller ones are usually around 400-700 meters long.

Destroyer ships

Slukatian destroyers are massive and expensive ships made to annihilate the enemy fleet. Only an handful copies of this ship exists in the Slukatian army. Nevertheless, a fleet comprising of a destroyer and other ships will most certainly dominate in battles. Theses ships even include a landing area for smaller ships, so they can be repaired. The downside of these beasts is that they are extremely expensive and slow to produce, so the destruction of a destroyer means billions of Sluros are lost. A destroyer is about 10 km long.


A.A.S.S.D.'s, Automated Attack Semi Sentient Drones, are tiny, cheap and individually weak attack robots, equipped with 4 Slukatium-Ejectors (weapons which throws ignited bolts of Slukatium which splatters on the target and melts it) made to swarm and distract the enemy while the rest of the fleet attacks and deals the real damage. They are equipped with wings to facilitate the neutralization of hostile targets on atmospheric planets. These drones are almost sentient and can make decisions by themselves, although most of the time a Slukatian is controlling them. Carriers are able to build them in bulks.

Thermonuclear antimatter ships

A slow and bulky ship, made for close-range combat. It's equipped with two Thermonuclear Antimatter Annihilators, large weapons able to blast off entire ship sections and melt everything around the blast. These weapons create a large antimatter-induced explosion in a cone shape, and anything inside the blast radius is obliterated. The size of the blast is about 50 meters, so these starships need to get very close to their targets in order to do anything. They are very, very expensive and fragile, as most of the power is dedicated to the weapons. Another downside is that the weapons have a small change of annihilating themselves during an attack, destroying the ship.

Construction ships

These ships are made to build things in orbit or on the surface of planets. The claws are used to pick up the materials, while two welders on both sides of the ships weld things together. There is also a space in which the minerals necessary to build are placed.

Colony ships

Colony ships are large, several hundred meters long ships made to carry an entire population of Slukatian from an area to another. The large dome on the ship contains trees, liquid ammonia and air and is protected by a force field allowing the inhabitants to survive when the ship is in outer space. When landing on a planet, the ship is dismantled and the resources are used to set up a colony. The force field persists after landing, and allows the colonization of unsuitable planets, like planets with water and an atmosphere containing oxygen.

Main resources Edit

These resources are the main products of the Slukatians. If you want some of them, a trade route can be established. Of course, they aren't unlimited.


Slukatium is an uncommon resource found exclusively in the crust of planets similar to Cloytake, Super-Earth with a dense atmosphere. This powder is capable of releasing incredible amount of power, because if it's ignited, Slukatium will create a very large and hot flame, which can melt many things. Ingesting Slukatium will kill all known forms of life. The slukatians use Slukatium to create powerful energy-based weapons.


Antimatter is a scarce and hard to produce substance, capable of generating tremendous amounts of energy, which can then be used in weapons and power plants. In order to generate reasonable amounts of this substance, the Slukatians built large particle accelerators around stars, which collide particles at speeds just below the speed of light, creating antimatter particles during the impact, which is then collected and stored in special containers. There might be other ways of creating it, but the Slukatians aren't aware of any other method. Of course, the Slukatians are not the only empires using antimatter, as many more advanced civilizations uses it.

Slukatian Crystal

Kylternis crystals are a very common resource on Cloytake and other super-earths. They are mainly used as armor plating for the Slukatian ships, due to the fact that they are common and resistant. They are also used in jewelry, even thought these crystals are not rare at all.


A rare spice found in asteroid belts. This spice tastes extremely good (To the Slukatians), and is often used when cooking. It creates water when it reacts with Slukatium. Can also be used as a fertilizer for plants living on Cloytake.

Location in the galaxy Edit

The empire is located in the C2 supersector, near the frontier between C2 and C3. The colonies are spread out in a 1 000 light-year radius, but of course, not all stars in that radius are colonized. It can be noted that a Grox outpost exists in that radius, and no colonies exist in a 10 light-years radius around this outpost.

Milky Map

The red arrow show the location of the Empire

Technology Edit

Slukatian technology is known to advance quickly, as they tend to use data extracted from foreign technologies to speed up the research. They know antimatter quite well, and it's used very frequently in weaponry.

Weaponry Edit

The Slukatians possess mainly laser-based turrets and firearms, as this kind of weapon is able to quickly melt critical parts of an enemy structure. All ships are equipped with "Funny Lasers", which, unlike what the name could imply, aren't so funny. This kind of laser consists of a chamber filled with a very explosive gas, mixed with small amounts of antimatter, producing large amounts of energy, mainly in the form of plasma. The plasma is then pushed into a second chamber, where it is compressed using tiny gravity fields, and then propelled into a small hole, passing directly through a Slukatium lens (Slukatium is known for releasing significant amounts of energy while being much more stable than antimatter, the downside is that it's consumed very quickly), creating a dense and energetic beam capable of melting most alloys. From a technical standpoint, this weapon is not actually a laser, but just an energy-based weapon, although the Slukatians call it a laser. A few projectile-based weapons also exist, dubbed "Smile Rockets", but they are much less common. They are only used against very strong hulls, in case a laser isn't powerful enough. A Slukatian explosive shell is basically a small, bullet-shaped iron container, filled with a bit of antimatter, held by a magnetic field. Upon impact, the antimatter explodes and punches a large hole in the target. The big downside is that these weapons are very slow, and they are not effective against agile ships. Most of the weapons have silly names to trick the enemy into thinking it's only harmless weapons incapable of dealing any damage. Since the Slukatians are really weak fighters (Their arms aren't very developed, since most of the energy goes to the "crawling muscle" to help them move on high-gravity worlds) they also equip firearm on soldiers and most of these weapons are basically plasma throwers.

FTL Travel Edit

The Slukatians mastered interstellar travel a few centuries ago, after having reverse-engineered a crashed alien ship, containing a miraculously intact FTL drive. Unlike some empires, the Slukatians' method of FTL travel isn't Hyperspace, instead, warp drives able to distort space around the ship to a certain degree are used to cross the huge gaps between the stars. This form of movement makes crossing the galaxy in a few weeks possible, and the gap between the galaxies of a cluster is covered in about 2 months. The Slukatians are looking forward to developing hyperspace too, but they lack any real knowledge on the subject. A few prototypes have been developed, capable of breaching the hyperspace dimension, but only on the atomic level. Some scientists speculate that "wormhole travel" could be possible, but the Slukatians are miles away from developing any wormhole-based transportation method. According to theories emitted by the top scientists, wormhole travel could allow crossing the galaxy in minutes. The Slukatians recently got hold of a few Hyperspace engines and schematics, thanks to a trade route between them and the Talven Empire. They plan to develop an hybrid Warp-Hyperspace engine, capable of reaching tremendous speeds.

Miniaturization Edit

Slukatians aren't particularly advanced in the domain of miniaturization, as such, they only possess very limited robotic micro technology, which is only used for medical purposes, such as curing cellular diseases. However, the Slukatians are pretty good at making miniature, non robotic, mechanical static structures, such as microscopic lasers beams in some forms of antimatter weapons.

Interstellar Communications Edit

To overcome the dreaded light speed delay, the Slukatians uses Tachyon beams emitters. These emitters consists of an antenna emitting Tachyons, particles capable of going faster than light, which contains information encrypted in them. Upon arrival at the destination, the information can be decoded, translated and turned into meaningful text. This technology was developed around the 2000's, and allowed communications on a scale and pace never seen before.

Government Edit

Slukatians use a Monarchic Democracy. This means that there are several (6) councils taking decisions, with some decisions (Usually the ones directly related to the population) submitted to the public, and the council members being elected every 5 years, and the king isn't elected. This way, a only the king is permanent, while all the other members of the government are changed every few years. When interacting with other empires, the leader itself sends the message, but in order to facilitate things, it can ask the councils for help. For example, a trade route proposal will be reviewed by the Trading and Relations Council, which will then advise the leader on what to write. Every adult Slukatian possess a small handheld electronic device allowing them to quickly vote for or against a decision taken by a council and submitted by referendum.

The Military and Fleet Council takes care of anything relating to wars, armies, starships design and production. Any declaration of war would be decided by this council. They also manage the internal conflicts of the Slukatian empire, such as small civil wars which occasionally happen, and can send troops anywhere in the empire to deal with various problems. This council very rarely does that, and focuses on the production of military ships.

Members : 20

The Science and Exploration Council monitors the scientific progress of the empire, as well as the exploration and charting of exoplanets. The members are all famed scientists. If a new discovery is made, it's the Science and Exploration Council's job of deciding what to do with said discovery. They also manage technological trades, along with the Trading and Relations Council. It can decide to construct science ships.

Members : 25

The Expansion council simply manages colonization and the expansion of the empire. It is in charge of searching for suitable exoplanets, and setting up colonization plans. It can build colony ships, and can recruit the populations necessary to colonize a new world. Of course, only willing Slukatians are sent to new planets. This council often collaborates with the SEC to find new worlds to colonize. They look for planets with around 2-4 G of gravity, a dense hydrogen atmosphere and seas of ammonia. Of course, this kind of planet is quite rare, and since the Slukatians do not have terraforming, or cloytakeforming, since they cannot survive on Earth-like planets, technologies, specialized habitats with an artificial atmosphere are used very often.

Members : 15

The Trading, Economy and Relations Council is a very important council, as it manages the relations with other empires, as well as inter-empire trading and in-empire economy. When a trade offer is received, it's this council's job to decide whether or not the trade is worth it, same goes with embassies. In case of an hostile relation with another empire, this council and the military council decide together if a war is needed. This council also manages the economics of the empire, and makes sure poverty is as low as possible. The military council must first get this council's authorization to build new ships.

Members : 35

Population Management, Construction and Culture Council manages all the things related to populations, such as leisure, movements and colony populations. Since most of this council's decisions are directly related to the people, most of these decisions are submitted by referendum before being accepted. This council is also in charge of building the necessary infrastructures to make the people happy and help the empire, such as power plants, mining facilities, leisure centers (Movie theaters, amusement parks...)...Anything related to culture and ethics is discussed here, too.

Members : 40

The royal council finalizes the other councils' decisions and submits them to the people if needed, and also manages all the things not covered by a specific council. Its current leader is Moostake the Hairy. It can also submit ideas to the other councils, which will then discuss it before submitting their opinion back to the Royal council.

Members : 10

Leadership is transmitted from father to son, as when the old ruler dies or give up his duty, the crown is given to his oldest son. A particular leader trait is the presence of hair on their body. Most leaders only have facial hair and "head hair", but the current leader, Moostake the Hairy, is entirely covered with a dense layer of fur, hence his name. Due to the rarity of hair, owning a piece of it is said to bring luck and fortune to the owner. A king's reign usually lasts for around 70 to 90 Earth years, although the longest reign lasted for 130 years (Achieved by Kitio the Young) ! Monarchs usually die at an older age than regular Slukatians (Around 20 years older). The Slukatian leader lives in a large castle-like building located on Cloytake, guarded by defenders equipped with the latest technology in terms of weaponry.

Political Divisions Edit

Since the Slukatians empire is quite large for one leader, it is divided into 8 "Slukate Sectors", each containing about 7 thousands planets. The remaining planets are located in the capital region of the empire, and are controlled by the main councils. A Slukate Sector is ruled by a leader elected for 15 years, called a "Sectorian Director". This director is in charge of the sector, and is able to take decisions by himself, helped by a few assistants, since most sectors are just for resources mining. Occasionally, the king himself might give an order to a Sectorian Director, who is then forced to obey. Each planet outside the capital sector also has a Slukatian in charge of applying the orders given by the Sectorian Director, and they can also suggest things to said director. Each sector is named after a leader, and name changes are pretty common.

Culture Edit

The Slukatians are similar to the Scientist and Bard archetypes, as they want to know as much as possible about everything they see. As such, they are very inquisitive about their environment. This curiosity for the universe is shown by the numerous vessels they sent to explore the Milky Way. This species is very light-hearted and cheerful, and they tend to smile most of the time. They only frown when subjected to extreme sadness or a deep emotional trouble. The Slukatians live together, in large cities. Slukatians hate being alone and separated from the group, so it's very rare to see a lone Slukatian.

Leisure Edit

Leisure and amusement are prominent in Slukatian culture. In fact, Slukatians spend most of their time enjoying life and having fun. Because of this, many Slukatians have jobs related to amusement. Slukatians are almost never grumpy, or in a bad mood. If one or a group of Slukatians are depressed, they usually go to special "Anti-Depression" centers, and everything is done to try to cheer them up. Slukatian leaders always try to make the population as happy as possible, an empire is nothing without an happy population.

Behavior toward other species Edit

The Slukatians are very, very open-minded to learn about foreign cultures and technologies, even sometimes integrating parts of a foreign culture into their own. The Slukatians are only aggressive in case the other species attacked them first, and will never attack an empire if not provoked. They believe that democracy can solve many problems, and that violence and force should only be used in extreme cases. As such, their fleet consists mainly of cargo ships, colony starships explorations crafts, and vessels used for diplomatic purposes. However, they do possess some mighty "Destroyers", massive kilometer-long ships capable of destroying an entire fleet of vessels, but they are very expensive and the Slukatians only own a few of them. A fleet consisting of multiple destroyers is nearly unstoppable, but very slow and costly.

Relationships with other empires Edit

Allies Edit

Let's share a laugh, friends!

Green face

Nobody, so far (But we're trying!).

Friendly Edit

We are happy to know you exist!

Blue face

Cephalodians : We like their biologic technologies and their culture! We also agree to the fact that life should be protected, and that they aren't a warlike, violent, brutal species. They have an embassy on Cloytake.

Neutral/Curious Edit

Great relations can await us!


Talven Empire : Make good use of our resources. We hope for great relations later in time!

Azzinothe Empire : Seems like a nice empire! The future looks promising!

Drodo Empire : Thanks to them, we will finally be able to complete our Hyperdrive program.

Stellar Union : They agreed to give us a Wormhole engine in exchange for some materials. We are extremely thankful for that.

Unfriendly Edit

That is not funny.

Orange face

Nobody, so far.

Enemy Edit

We all share the burning desire of eradicating these empires.

Red face

The Grox : How did such unfunny creatures came to be? They do not deserve a spot in the galaxy.

Map Edit

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