As you watch my magnificent form destroy your homes, and devour your race, you ask yourselves, why? Why does this beast take your lives, and your hopes? Because, this beast, this titan, is a god, and like any god, I demand blood. Your blood.

- Slagan

Slagan is the pinnacle of the Zarbanian Kaiju-project. A massive, powerful beast, Slagan is the most intelligent, and most powerful of the monsters made, as well as the largest. Born from the splicing of six genetic donors, Slagan developed faster then most others of his brood, devoured them, and almost killed Lord Kradik in battle, passing his test.

Slagan, as such, proved to be an invaluable member of the Warrior-beast project, and has turned into somewhat of a leader among the monsters. When any step out of line, like any Brutegotos specimens, Slagan is brought in to bring them back in line.

Outside of this, Slagan displays a full personality, and it centers around his god complex and his hunger to kill.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Slagan came to be when The Zarbania Powers where developing a new monster for their Warrior-beast Project, and mixed together several genetic samples, as was procedure. However, the developing monster was exposed to nearly destructive radiation, and mutated, developing quicker, and consuming it's pod-siblings before they could hatch.

With this added power, Slagan developed into what he is now, a gigantic beast of unrivaled power. Like most monsters, he was sent to be tested by Lord Kradik, and almost killed the Domain Lord of Zarbania before being subdued.

With it's baptism in blood, Slagan was approved for deployment in any condition.

Return of THEM Edit

During the later stages of this war, Slagan and the rest of the Warrior-Beasts were finally ready for deployment. Due to the Power's alliance with Xizothano Ada, they were allowed to use Xizothano's realm, the Abyssal Dimension, as their hideout. Overseen by the Volver known as Knight, the Powers began an full-out assault on the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. During many of these battles, rifts to the Abyss formed on the ocean floors of said planets, allowing the warrior-Beasts to join in the fray.

Slagan, however, stayed in the Abyss for most time, coödinating the Warrior-Beasts from there. When the UAE started to develop a project to counteract the Warrior-Beasts, the massive assault force of the Powers was quickly defeated. Slagan blamed Knight for this, and treatened to devour him, before Xizothano used his powers to force Slagan off.

Later on, when Ada's full invasion was slowed to an near-halt due to it's leaders being killed, Ada decided to revive them and launch all his forces at Matrukoris, instead of trying to take their capital worlds one by one. A massive battle ensured, and Slagan himself attacked and rapaged through the Sector Ga of Matrukoris, before being stopped by Lucy. The massive attack on Matrukoris was warded off as well, though with great loses on the UAE's side. In relatiation, the UAE invaded the Abyss, to put an end on Xizothano once and for all. As the invasion furthered, Xizothano was forced to recall his energy back into him, to protect himself, destroying any being he revived to serve him. The Warrior-Beasts were the only thing in the Abyss not affacted, since they were created by the Powers, and not by Xizothano. Wanting to prove their worth, the Beasts, led by Slagan himself, came ot of the fluid darkness of masse, taking down any of the invasion ships. Slagan himself attacked the "Ascon Warship" leading the Invasion, though was blasted off after being hit with the Volver Laser.

In the end, the Power's master, the Dark One, betrayed Xizothano and absorbed his powers, repelling the UAE out. The Dark One then reshaped Xizothano's realm into his own image, and it became a wasteland of pure darkness reather then an bottomless abyss. Slagan himself did not like this change, and promtly left.

He is now waiting for his next deployment.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Slagan is egocentric, sadistic, and above all, has a horrible god-complex within him. Seeing himself as a higher being, Slagan has no problem killing other creatures for sport or amusement, and generally causing mayhem. While the strongest of his kind, Slagan prefers to damage or destroy important enemy positions, before mysteriously disappearing.

Slagan has a strange tendency to eat his victims, despite not needing them to sustain in his body.

Thanks to having more independence then the standard Warrior-Beast, Slagan has intimate knowledge of his foes, specifically the Warrior-Hunters, having witnessed their actions at least from a far. has such, each one has a personal hell awaiting them at his claws, for he has planned his torture of each one well, not to avenge his lost kin, but to enjoy his greatest foe's suffering before the coup'de'grace.

Abilities Edit

Slagan's main ranged weapon is an electric thermal blast from it's mouth. This beam can wipe away most enemies with ease, though if he wants to save on energy, he can simply fire 3 spheres of similar content.

Slagan is also feared for his ability to manipulate weather and control thunder storms and lightning. As such, he can create terrific storms to destroy cities and armies alike. He can also use these to mask his presence when advancing towards cities. Slagan has 3 spiked tails, which allow him to rapidly stab a target over and over. If 1 is severed, then 2 will grow to replace it. Slagan can deploy a telepathic field to control other epics and monsters of the Warrior-Project, as well as seize control of weaker-minded beings. Slagan can speak to others, unlike his kin.

Another side effect of his electric abilities, is his power to conduct electricity off his flesh, sometimes without control. He uses this to make water deadly to enter, particularly oceans and large lakes. He is immune to whatever adverse effects come from this.

Slagan also has mild telepathic powers, being able to project a protective field around himself to absorb damage, and protect himself from minor attacks, and most major ones. This also allows him to enter important target's minds and cause minor psychological harm, that, with the right application, can be crippling.

Appearance Edit

Slagan, like most of his kin, has a blackish colored hide and deep, blue scars running across, which leak out his poisonous aura. Unlike others, he has a thin film of red, much like blood, across parts of his body, and has 3 tails, and several armored spikes across his back.

Relations Edit

Yellow face Masters Edit


  • High Command - Whatever...
    • Gridlock - I shall serve you until my time to leave you behind comes. It will be soon.
    • Kradik - Think your big? 200 tops 50.

Orange face Allies Edit

Servants. Lowly.

  • Other Warrior-Beasts - My brutish kin. They only serve the purpose to die.
    • Galran - Follow your orders, ape.

Red face Neutral Edit

They ask for a god's punishment.

  • Xizothano - I dwell in your abyss now. It has always been a nice hideout.
  • Hive-Mind - You wish you could have a god beside your children.
  • Lord Ne'yon - You failed to wipe out the Volver?...Thanks, they've been sooo helpful.
  • Knight - I do not need your protection, pawn of Xizothano.

Red face Enemies Edit

I do not need to eat, but your flesh shall satisfy.

  • Barda Clett - Hunter. He shall find death.
  • W'tze - Raptor. He shall find rot.
  • Brygon - Abomination. I shall tear the very DNA strands from him.
  • Phase-Hunter - Your Mercury is nothing to me. He was mortal anyway.
  • Lavern - You're a mere titan. I am...a god!
  • Lucy - Pathetic. I am a god, you an half-insane beast. To think that you can defeat me.

Warrior-Hunters Edit

God has come down from his heaven. And he is angry.

  • Baransu - Finally, a rival.
  • 2C Nuy - Your head shall make a fine trophy. To set my foot on.
    • Ibari - I shall break your mind and body.
  • Kando Dorum - Can your art cut through flesh sculpted for godhood?
  • Kenvash - I'm already dead? No, you are. The moment you where born, it was ordained by this very god!
  • Gordaoh - Conqueror of Vior'tal? Amusing.
  • Gatal - Taint purger? Start with yourself.
  • Kalodolom - DIE.
  • Rei'th - What is this creature?! I will take my time destroying it!

Quotes from others Edit

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No matter how tall you are, you are still beneath me, mortal. Mind your place in servitude.

- Xizothano Ada

A powerful creation such as myself...interesting. How well is your immune system?

- Infectant Hive Mind

Abomination huh? You'll learn quickly that I do not take kindly to threats, beast. I'll have your head for that.

- King Brygon

HA! Your strength is admirable...I'll give you that....But you are no match for ME!

- King Lavern

This guy might turn out to be a problem. I'll be watching him very closely.

- King Pulporius V

Despite your God-Complex, you're still a mere beast. And a lowly one at that.

- W'tze

HHHHEEEERRREEEESSSSYYYY!!! I will go Eren Yeager on your ass! For Freddie Mercury and the Queen gods!

- Phase-Hunter


- Lucy

If the Vanara had a concept of heresy this would be it, no doubt a piece of Githra's soul incarnate.

- Empress Besta

Your blood shall fill an ocean, not even a god can escape the wrath of justice!

- 2C Nuy

You believe yourself to be a god, but you are not. I can see that as clear as day

- Singularity Abomination Thanatos

So much mass on one creature. Whether or not you like it, I am going eat you. When I do that, I can finally evolve into my pure form. SO GET IN MAH BELLY

- Bloodlust

I'll break your dillusion of godhood monster. There isn't a single thing divine about you, just a heartless beast that needs to be put down.

- Kryunn

I dream of a kinder more peaceful Powers, and guess what. Your not in it. Any god does not show mercy or kindness does not deserve to be worshiped. Power does not given you the right to rule.

- Carv

Quotes from himself Edit

Your world will fall.

I shall smash these walls of ignorance, and make thee aware of my godhood...before the end.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds!

There is no balance, no one to restore it. There is only my power!

So many false gods. They must be devoured. Then I must purge their disgusting flesh from my stomach.

Notes Edit

  • Slagan was based off the unmade Monster Bagan, and the Pacific Rim Kaiju, Slattern. His name is an anagram of both. Both share similar status, with Slattern being the strongest Pacific Rim Kaiju, and Bagan being able to easily kill Godzilla just by touching him.
  • Roar - [1]
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