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Skordi BBoss
  • Weapons - Whatever he or she desires
  • Defenses - Heavy, thick Powered armor.

Big Bosses are the biggest and most powerful of the Skordi Tribes and their warriors. Partially tribal warlord, partial dictator and, to his or her tribe, a living incarnation or demigod of Kornakk himself. To be a Tribal Big Boss is not a hereditary position, and many Skordi have died, from all walks of life, trying to challenge the Big Boss to a bout of strength and fists in an attempt to command the others. Even children are not safe, the sons and daughters of Big Bosses often trying to kill their parent to get to the number one spot. For this reason, Big Bosses are commanding, authoritative figures, for their society will allow no other way.

A Big Boss' weaponry is limited only by the riches his band has, the imagination of he and his mechanical savants, and the resources at their disposal. Some Big Bosses enjoy fire power above all else from their days in the Lead-Spitters, and will strap many dangerous and brutal fire arms into their arms and armor. Others will seek to have bone splitting power, and replace one hand with a gigantic, over-sized claw. Whatever they choose, a Big Boss is near-impossible to survive against when enraged. Thick heavy plate armor, some of it looted from tanks, adorns their frames and enables them added durability, next to their massive muscled frames' own durability.

The Big Boss commands with aboslute authority, and are often female. Skordi females are much larger, more aggressive and short-tempered then their male counterparts, and their males often fearfully follow them. Be it male or female, Skordi Big Bosses are followed, for any lip will get a whack at best, and a horrible but short death at worst. Inevitably, however, when the Big Boss falls, his or her tribe will fall into infighting and seek to find who will replace him. Over the years, Skordi will amass titles based on their successes and greatest battles, such as the feared Jroyluk the Annihilator of Tork, Butcher of the Mendel Legions, and Master of the Four Tribes.

SkorBigBoss File

Skordi Boss
  • Weapons - Clubs, axes
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

The Boss is the leader of a detachment under a Warboss, massive bullying figures who enforce the tribal hierarchy of the Skordi Clan in question, and make sure other Skordi know what's what and to stay in line. Bosses are trusted to straighten out a Skordi if they slack off in their job, smack one who mouths off about orders, or make sure the Mechanics and such build their gadgets. Not well liked by any, Bosses keep their position through their large size and brutal power, and willingness to fight anyone to prove their spot in the Tribe, a challenge few but hte bravest, strongest or dumbest Skordi will take.

A Boss usually carries a Large Club or Axe to bash and hack targets in a messy, gory display of violence that other Skordi relish the sight of. Many others have the honor of carrying the battle banner, a large pole mounted with trophies taken from all the Skordi's enemies, and used to inspire their allies, and, when the Boss feels like it, bash an unlucky soldier's head in. Battle Banners are robust enough for any use. Their heavy, burly armor, is loaded with spikes, tusk, skulls and other pointy things that catch their eye and also offer heavy protection.

Bosses are sometimes meat-headed bullies with no higher ambition then to bash heads in for the Big Boss. However, Big Bosses also like intelligent veterans of their tribe who can command and direct forces with the precision of the Big Boss Himself, and still know not to try and challenge their leader. Which ever happens, a Boss can either be a helpful advisor, a muscled enforcer or a bodyguard for their Big Boss.

SkorBoss File

  • Weapons - Cleaver, Essence Powers
  • Defenses - Armor

Skordi War-priests all dedicate to themselves to one of their many cruel and temperamental Gods, these ones dedicated to the God of the Everlasting Maw, the God of ravenous hunger, and a celestial object that feasts on the unwary and unprepared that journey into the solar system. They call themselves Butcher-Shamans, and to see the preparation of religious feasts and festivals for the Skordi Kingdoms and Tribes, as well as channeling the Power of the Maw God to use against their enemies. The Butcher-Shamans are "Stout-in-the-gut", and eager to show the power of their god on the battlefield.

Butcher-Shamans carry large Meat-Cleavers on hand as symbols of their office, and have servants carry large metal pots with them. These pots are filled with the boiling blood of heretics, and chunks of meat and even whole foes will be thrown in. By consuming this disgusting soup mix, the Butchers can summon up powers and abilities from their gods. These powers range from sucking the life of their targets and into the Maw, rejuvenating the health of their allies, and sapping the strength of their targets.

Butcher-Shamans are among the most common of the War Priests of the Skordi. The Butcher-Shamans not only help and assist in the breaking and killing of foes in battle. They, after battles, will gather the flesh of their foes, prepare the meat and food of the Tribe and other pieces, and create the great feasts and festivals of the Skordi Tribes, giving them an honored position in the Tribe.

  • Weapons - Polearms, Essence powers
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

  • Weapons - Staff, Essence Powers
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Skordi Mek
  • Weapons - Shotgun, Various Homemade Heavy weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Defensive Rigging and shields.
  • Equipment - Whatever they make or loot.

Frontline Infantry Edit

Skordi Bull
  • Weapons - Side Arms, blasters, Cleavers, choppers, axes
  • Defenses - Armor

Skordi Bulls are the fighting age warriors of the Skordi Tribes, Warbands, and other marauding factions of the Skordi, many of them eager to butcher and bully their way to the top and fight for power amongst themselves. Skordi are tough, go-for-throat types, and are happy to show this to those who get in their way, and throw themselves into a brawl. Due to their natural aggression, tough bodies, and power, the Skordi Bulls are eager to show their "colors" in battle and blast through targets.

Skordi Bulls are armed usually with Cleavers, Choppers and Axes, forged and built by the Skordi themselves. Using these weapons, they often hack and bash through enemy infantry. The Choppers they use, are important status symbols to them. Only adults and full-fighting troops can get the chance to get a Mechanic to build them one, or buy one with their loot. Further, are a number of Side Arms, Blasters, and Slug Throwers that they use to blast and shoot anything that gets in their way. Both of these combine to make them fearsome foes in close combat. Bulls are known to wear scraps of armor on their legs, shoulders and chest that can protect them from the more average attacks.

Skordi Bulls are tough, overly eager, muscule-bound fighters, who represent the most common image in their enemies (Pretty much everyone's) minds when someone brings up and speaks of Skordi. Bulls are known to love to fight, and will charge into the thick of the fight to prove themselves to their leaders and rise up in the hierarchy.


Skordi LS
  • Weapons - Heavy Machine Guns
  • Defenses - Armor.

Lead-Spitters are the ranged experts of the Skordi, roughly the same rank and level of importance as the Bulls. Lead-Spitters are eager and ready to blast away their targets with a barrage of bullets, plasma and other rounds they can get their hands on. Lead-Spitters often get their firearms from the Mechanics and Tech experts from the Tribe who build and construct their weapons, but others include weapons looted and rebuilt from enemy soldiers, or sold to them from those empires that have the patience to deal with them.

Lead-Spitters cart their heavy guns about, blasting apart enemies with reckless abandon. Lead-Spitters are happy to find targets to shred to pieces. Those that rise up in rank, and gain proper respect from the tribe get bigger and bigger gun with higher caliber blasters. They carry the same armor as their Bull Counterparts.

Lead-Spitters are eager to bring their firepower to bare on their enemies. The Lead-Spitters love the sound of their guns going off and firing them at their targets. The Lad-Spitters are among the most common of the Skordi tribe.


  • Weapons - Primitive Clubs.
  • Defenses - Bone Armor.

Among the Skordi Tribes, some of their kin end up on worlds where they lose any industrial capacity, and wind up losing most of their guns, armor and weapons with it. These Skordi become Feral Skordi, and can come about through Skordi crashing on worlds and losing their technology, fighting each other until they blow their civilizations to kingdom come, or simply being the descendants of Skordi invasions to worlds that got left behind. Either way, they remain on their worlds, minding their own buisness. Despite the stereotypes, Feral Skordi are actually rather peaceable, just wishing to live, and, sometimes, have a fun brawl with each other. While they show a willingness to work with other races, hostility from other species, will lead them to violence, and other Skordi will often use them as troops in their own warbands.

Feral Skordi make use of primitive clubs made up of the bone of massive animals, wood and other materials to fight their foes. These primitive weapons often have a lethal effect on impact, and combined with the amazing strength of their users, makes facing them in close combat a risky propitiation. Likewise they ear little armor other then some bone and furs across their bodies, with "Magic" war paint covering their forms that actually can provide some protection from essence.

Feral Skordi are often easy for other Skordi to manipulate, taking advantage of superstitions and local traditions to gain control and command. Feral Skordi usually avoid contact with others, but if their Shamans and leaders believe their sacred sites, tribal rights and other things are violated, they will go to war. Despite stereotypes, Feral Skordi, despite lacking in tech, are no less intelligent or cunning their space-going peers.

Support Edit

  • Weapons - Poisoned claws and fangs, tusks, horns
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

The members of the Skordi Tribes are brutal, savage brutes at heart, who enjoy a good brawl and battle to prove themselves in battle. Despite, this, they are still a superstitious, jumpy lot, and when times of famine or other troubles happen, the Skordi often find trouble finding meat for themselves and their tribe, and often, children will be born deformed and stunted. For this reason, the Tribe often abandons them in them in deep caverns and caves, so the Skordi Tribe does not struggle too much in the times to come. Due to some unknown quirk in fate, these Skordi somehow survive, feeding on anything they can find as they feast on tainted meat, becoming something the other Skordi call Gorgers.

Gorgers are malformed, thin beasts, losing most of their muscle, becoming thin, wiry beasts, with long claws tainted with natural venom, and long teeth jutting from their jaws. These teeth can slash through armor, and allows their twisted, malefic saliva, saturated with diseases, bacteria and other features, leading some to believe their jaws are poisonous, but are just so disgustingly dirty, it might as well as be venom.

Gorgers are fast moving, ravenous beasts, time in the dark depths and struggling amongst themselves and other beasts has made them brutal, savage and barely sentient. Many believe their forms are the result of Darkling essence twisting their frames and biology, leading to their appearance and near-insanity compared to the other Skordi. Skordi Gorgers, due to their hunger for flesh, will join their Tribes and even former siblings and family to fight outsiders and answer the calls of the Big Boss like any other Skordi.

Light Infantry Edit

Heavy Infantry Edit

Skordi IH
  • Weapons - Hammers, Large Axes, two-handed weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Iron-Heads are the biggest of the big in a tribe of hulking brutal powerhouses. Though not nearly as big as the Bosses and Big Bosses of the Tribe, the Iron-heads are picked from the best, most ferocious fighters to clobber anything in their path. These elite fighting guards are often picked to guard the Bosses and leaders, bash through enemy formations as shock troops, or fight the biggest and most elite of the enemy army. To accomplish this, a Big Boss choses the best of his Tribe for this purpose, sometimes his family, sometimes veterans of other conflicts, and sometimes, his drinking and feasting buddies.

Whichever the background, Iron-Heads are a proud, boasting lot, proudly carrying the various large battle hammers, halberds, Great Axes and even pick-axes (If they are eccentric, or just feel like it) to bash and crush their way through enemy formations, while their heavy armor, although looted from other sources and pieced together, bears the brunt of their injuries. Such armor is ramshackle by most standards, but to Skordi, it is a sign of pride and how much they have been through, new pieces added from every new foe they face.

Iron-heads, while powerful, are given to their name, and are often hard-headed and stubborn to prove themselves, and the Bosses and leaders often have to give them a knock on the head to get in line and behave and retreat when ordered. Due to their propensity for violence, it is hard for Iron-Heads to realize that perhaps a retreat is a much better idea then staying and dying and costing the Tribe their best troops, armor and weapons.

Skor Iron File

Shadow SW
  • Weapons - Heavy Axes and cleavers
  • Defenses - Heavy Black Armor.

The Shadow Skordi are an artificial subspecies of the Skordi, Shadow Skordi are massive brutes, even by the standards of their brutish race, and noted for their serious, disciplined attitude compared to their more jovial and boisterous kin. The Shadow Skordi came about from Darkling experimentation, taking members, and using selective breeding, Dark Essence manipulation, creating a new species they hoped would get the species back under control with their larger size, greater discipline and more aggression.

Shadow Skordi, due to their size, make use of massive two-handed axes, cleavers and hammers to bash aside their targets, disdaining ranged weapons unless in important situations. As such, they can be trusted to charge in and throw down their foes with but one or two swings of their massive weapons, for few targets can withstand even a single strike of their weapons. Their massive frames are covered in heavy blackened mail, carefully maintained and built with efficiency in mind.

The Shadow Skordi were meant to control and direct their race, but the Darklings could never erase the independence and surliness of the Skordi, and the Shadow Skordi ended up revolting, and leaving for their people. Though many died, many remain to carry on the race and to fight the foes of the Skordi, becoming such powerhouses in battle, that even Iron-Heads and Bosses would struggle to meet them head-on.

SSkordi File

Elite Infantry Edit

Skordi HC
  • Weapons - Knives, Guns, various explosives
  • Defenses - Light Armor
  • Equipment - Stealth Gear

Hunter-Commandos are those among the Skordi who seem to be more isolated and stoic then other Skordi. Rather then enjoying boasting, battling, feasting and drinking like others, those who come to be Hunter-Commandos are more used to tracking, planning and strategy then other Skordi. While Skordi are far more intelligent then the Loron ad Hermicce, Skordi are still seen as brutish, hard-headed marauders. As such, Hunter-Commandos are a surprise to their foes, as they are less likely to charge in brutally and will often put daggers in the back of their foes, bullets in heads and lay down traps and explosives.

Commandos are armed with guns of various types, some are big guns similar to Lead-Spitters to tear apart infantry, some are silencer pistols meant for assassinations and quick kills. Many of them carry various types of knives, daggers and scalpers to quickly kill and tear apart their foes before they could alert others. Hunter-Commandos also love themselves explosives. Some will use flash bangs to stun targets, mines to trap enemies and surprise, or melter bombs to liquefy vehicles and infantry alike. Their armor is light, and most of their gear is camouflage, along with Stealth Gear to disappear and vanish from physical sight.

Hunter-Commandos are noted to form movable, mobile camps and small, nomadic groups in the hinterlands and outer regions of Skordi worlds, commonly keeping to themselves, and hunting game in the mountains and such to test their ambush skills. When battle calls, the Hunter-Commandos organize in small strike teams, mobilizing to neutralize and eliminate targets silently and quickly in the dead of night, in ambushes, and with traps and trickery. To fight a Hunter-Commando, is to fight a being who is as strong as an ox, and as cunning as a viper.

SkorHunter File

Auxiliaries Edit

  • Weapons - Giant Clubs and Hammers
  • Defenses - Armor

Lu'Braxai Giant are massive beings, who seem to claim they once ruled a mighty, powerful and ancient empire. Whatever became of it is unknown, but the Lu'Braxai have taken to hiring themselves out to the likes of the Skordi and Loron to use their great muscule to smash aside enemy units with their great strength. Though Skordi are disdainful of most, and Loron even worse in attitude, the Lu'Braxai's power impresses and awe-strikes both, making them a beloved part of both armies.

Lu'Braxai giants use massive clubs and hammers to crush their victims with bashes, eagerly bashing aside their foes without difficulty. Though often seen as clumsy, Lu'Braxai are incredibly powerful, tearing apart vehicles and buildings alike with few equals to their power. To protect themselves from injury, the Lu'Braxai will tear apart old, wrecked vehicles to make make-shift armor for themselves.

Lu'Braxai are tough and brutish beings, with little patience for those that get in their way. The Giants are grumpy, savage and disdainful of the smaller races they often call parasites and insects. Often, they will take to brawling with the races they join, drink heavily after looting the alcohol halls and breweries, or both at times.

MLoron troopa
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Blastaz, varies
  • Defenses - Some Armor.

Mirusian Loron often do not like Skordi. The Loron see them as "WANNABE WANKAZ", while the Skordi see the Loron as lacking in "professionalism", causing both to clash, though particularly smart, charismatic and powerful warlords on either side will attract Mercs from both races to their cause. As such, a large number of Mirusian Loron Boyz fight for the Skordi with their bizarre and outlandish weapons and devices. As such, Skordi are willing to tolerate them for further use against their enemies.

Loron are often armed with various Shankaz for close-ranged, brutal melee combat, while using various larger and smaller Blastaz to fire away at their targets. Loron are not very selective about aim or who they hit, so long as their weapons are loud fit their in-your-face attitude. Armor is likewise rarely uniform or even used, as Loron dislike it for being too "posh".

Loron Mercenaries are often a part of the Tribes they join and are hired into, partaking in the drinking, brawling and jovial celebrations of the Tribes, despite many Skordi disliking the Loron. These Mercs are important to beefing up Skordi raids and giving added muscule and fire power to the Skordi.

  • Weapons - Clubs, Acidic Bile
  • Defenses - Some Armor, Regeneration

The Thurs are a large race of powerful, bone-crushingly strong beasts that are often used by the likes of the Loron and Skordi in their armies to increase their muscle and power, and act as easy to use shock troopers against their foes, using their clubs, claws and even their bile to crush their foes. The Thurs are eager warriors, but incredibly unintelligent, most Skordi agreeing that they're little better then a witless child. The Skordi use them to crush opposition, often with the promise of getting the chance to eat their foes and their corpses, tearing apart corpses and the flesh of their foes.

The Thurs use simple to swat aside enemies, or use their incredible corrosive bile to spew onto targets. This bile is a powerful acid, able to melt through anything in the way of the Thurs. Thanks to their mutations and incredible regenerative abilities, the Thurs can survive any number of sword strikes, plasma blasts and other attacks, letting them survive even decapitation. This lets them wade into battle without worry, though Thurs are infamous for their fickle morale and stability in battle, often running or wandering in battle if things go for too long for their interests.

Thurs are powerful beasts, and though many do not have the mutations of the other subspecies of their kind, they are still powerful foes who can survive most things thrown at them. Skordi will hire them with the promise of riches and corpses to eat, and, if they cannot find something to fight, to fight amongst the Skordi against each other when the Tribe has nothing else to fight, even other Tribes.


War Beasts Edit

  • Weapons - Claws, Teeth.
  • Defenses - Armored hide.

  • Weapons - Claws, Teeth
  • Defenses - Heavy Hides
  • Abilities - Ice-based Powers

Yurrzen are large, furred creatures, native to a number of ice worlds, prone to hunting and butchering creatures wander into their hunting grounds, using their claws to tear them apart, before gorging on the flesh of their prey. The Skordi loved the creatures for their brutality and durability, and found they also had essence powers related to ice, making them favored for hunting and ambushes in ice environments and attacks on enemy forces. Though stubborn creatures, once tamed and trained, Yurrzen make ferocious, pugnacious creatures to fight. Mendel Warriors often test their might against them, but most frontier rangers are weary of the beasts because of their ability to sneak upon foes, especially during snowstorms.

Yurrzen use large claws as hard as iron, and able to tear heads and limbs off with ease. They are prone to ambushing foes, preferring to hide away with their snow-colored hides, and wait, before leaping upon their foes, roaring and shrieking, as they smash aside their foes with a few strikes of their paws. This is often all they need, but their muscled bodies are resistant to most forms of injury, even blaster rounds.

Yurrzen are found throughout Mirus, and are a vicious predators on any worlds of snow and ice. Often living high up on the mountains on normal worlds, Yurrzen are notable for their powers over ice and able to bend it to their needs, using it to create weapons of ice to skewer or club their victims, though many prefer the simplicity of their claws and teeth.

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